30 Best Places to Visit in India in August - 2021 (with Photos)

Places to Visit in August in India

Coorg, Munnar, Cherrapunji, Ladakh, Goa, Mount Abu, Andaman and Nicobar, Wayanad, Khajuraho, Jim Corbett, Ooty, Athirapally, Lonavala, Pachmarhi, Kodaikanal and many more.

India is one of the most precious gems in the treasure box of the universe, known for its diverse and unique spectacles. And you will be left surprised with the
Places to visit in India in August and what every inch of this majestic land has to offer.

Be it the exuberant hill-stations like Wayanad in Kerala, Auli in Uttarakhand, Ooty in Tamil Nadu, that are just booming with lush and viridescent naturalness. To the beauties and vibrancy of the cities in Rajasthan. There is no dearth for exploring the unique Indian soil.

Besides these, there are still a plenty of villages, towns and cities in regions like Jammu and Kashmir, the Deccan Plateau, and the Northeast that will be a great fit for your monsoon travel plans in the country. So, don't think too much and pick any of the listed out places to see in India in August and go on an expedition to make joyous memories.

Here are some of the best places to visit in India in August:

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Famous with the name of Scotland of India, Coorg is settled as a hill-station in the Western Ghats that is so far very much green and verdant. As August comes up with its downpours, the charm of Coorg reaches at its peak and freshness come alive with water dripping on coffee and tea plantations.

The picturesque hills, dense green zones and monsoonal waterfalls make Coorg one of the top rated places to visit in August.

Things to do: One can have a perfect treat of wildlife at Nagarhole National Park, make a picnic with friends or family and delve in water sports like river rafting. At Bylakuppe, you can also see the second biggest Tibetan settlement, a visit here is not to be missed.

How to reach: If your hometown is not in Karnataka, you can opt for flight and Mangalore airport is the nearest, approx 145 km from the town. You can also catch up bus either from Bangalore, Mangalore or Mysore or opt to drive down for a perfect vacation.

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Rolling tea gardens induced by mist and raindrops make Munnar a gem in God’s own country, Kerala. The hill-station gets extremely scenic in August when one can drive on all-weather roads, seek the beauty of lush green gardens, interact with locals plucking the tea leaves and have a stopover for some’idli-chutney’.

Things to do: A bike or scooter ride on gentle slopes, visit TATA museum and taking a shikara ride in Kundala lake will surely make your monsoonal visit more memorable than ever. Do not forget to enjoy the local tea at tasting centre or local cafe.

How to reach: If opting for flight, Cochin airport is the nearest, about 120 km from the town. One can also reach here by local bus that runs directly from Kochin, Ernakulam and Aluva.

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Wettest place on the earth, second in the row lands one at Cherrapunji. One of the most amazing places to visit in India in August, this spot is a regular visit for torrential rains that surely gains its pace in monsoon, making the town wetter.

One can notice the vast green areas, high waterfalls, living root bridges and closeness to nature like never before.

Things to do: Do not miss the chance to explore caves at Krem Phyllut! Take a walk across the living root bridges which will make you go awe with strongness mother earth carries and a treat to wildlife enthusiasts could be noticed at Nokrek National Park.

How to reach: Guwahati airport is the closest airport to the town at a distance of 180 km. If opting for a train journey, then also Guwahati station will be marked closest. So, one has to surely take a road trip to reach here that connects major cities like Shillong and Guwahati via local bus or hired taxi.

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Ladakh luckily falls at a location that is quite a rain shadow zone, making it a suitable place to visit in India in August. The sky remains comparatively clear and shows a small range of downpours while making the trip rather pleasant.

Though the sign of green areas in Ladakhi monsoon is almost nil, one can have a great road trip with awesome sightseeing experiences.

Things to do: Attend the monastery festivals that perform infamous masked dance, trek to the challenging routes and enjoy white water rafting at Indus or Zaskar river.

How to reach: Ladakh welcomes all the bikers with open arms in this pleasant season. Along with that, one can land at Leh airport and take a visit to major attractions with local rented vehicles.

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An all-season hit spot, Goa invites its guests for parties and exciting activities, even in the month of August when one cannot take part in water sports due to water level swell.

People love to be here to explore the marvels of culture, shopping zones and relax at the beachline when the dizzying crowd is much less than ever thought.

Things to do:
A perfect time to visit Dudhsagar falls is a monsoon, for sure. Visit attractions like Aguada fort, charming churches etc. and party at popping spaces like Titos to chill and relax in this once Portuguese invaded zone.

How to reach:
 Drop down at Goa airport that is connected with direct flights to major cities of India. One can also reach here by trains, buses, or self-drive, depending upon the preference.

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Mount Abu

With a title of one and only hill station of Rajasthan, the place gains its prominence in the monsoon for taking a respite from the scorching heat of plains of nearby cities.

The city is famous for architecture classic of Dilwara Jain temple apart from the lush green valleys and sky-high mountains. One can enjoy the breathtaking sunset and lovely weather making the location a beautiful place to visit in India in August.

Things to do:
Offer your prayers at Diwara Jain temple, meditate at Brahma Kumari ashram and pop up some vendor food while boating at Nakki lake.

How to reach:
 At a distance of 185 km, Udaipur airport is settled which is nearest if one is choosing flight as an option.  One can easily pick a bus or local taxi that connects Mount Abu to all the major cities via good conditioned roads.

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Andaman and Nicobar

This beautiful island is marked by clean and blue beaches with other major attractions like cellular jail and Phoenix Bay Jetty.

If August is your plan, then you will not be disappointed to be at Radhanagar beach, Dolphin’s show and amazing resorts to stay and chill at. The rains remain on and off, keeping the pace of water activities go up and low as well.

Things to do: Take some time to catch limestone caves at Baratang island, sip coconut water at beaches when it rains and delves in snorkelling at elephant island when the weather is clear.

How to reach: Port Blair airport is the easiest option to land in this faraway island.

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Wayanad and monsoon share a surreal connection as monsoonal showers make the place worth a visit while presenting itself with green plantations, cool winds, distinct flora, and fauna.

The green paradise offers caves, trekking trails, waterfalls, rivers, and dam to delve in natural beauty. Now you can imagine all of them in the rainy season!

Things to do:
Take a jungle walk with raincoats and umbrellas on, relax in camps with the bonfire and enjoy some boat ride when the sun shines a bit from the clouds.

How to reach:
 Calicut airport is nearest at a distance of 65 km from Wayanad from where a taxi can be availed to reach here. Kozhikode is the nearest railway station from where once again, taxi is required to reach the town. State buses connect the destination with major cities Bangalore, Mysore, Kochi, Chennai, and Trivandrum.

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A centre of attraction and titled as UNESCO World Heritage site, Khajuraho group of temples presents the rich style of art and architecture, not seen anywhere else easy. The erotic carvings and detailed structures make it interesting and show fine art in a new manner.

The place required a good walk within the campus and good weather is an added advantage for the same, making it an ideal place to visit in India in August and its wonderful rain showers.

Things to do:
Click some of the best fine art forms, watch light and sound show in the evening and sit in the gardens while soothing your eyes with the mesmerizing view of temples.

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Jim Corbett

A wonder on its own and a major attraction point for wildlife enthusiasts draws thousands of nature lovers to Jim Corbett National Park every year. And as monsoon springs up, it becomes an essential place to visit in India in August due to the density of greenery it acquires.

Rich in flora and fauna, you get to spot tigers, elephants, and leopards quite easy during the jungle safari and camping.

Things to do: Do not miss any chance to take jungle safari and click wildlife. Stay within the protected zone at designated resorts or camps and feel the jungle aura closely.

How to reach: The one and only railway station are Ramnagar which is closest to the park. Roadways are the easiest options as it connects major towns and cities via taxi, bus or self-driven cars.



Lying smartly amidst the Nilgiri range, Ooty is an admirable beauty on its own. As the rain showers knock the doors of the town, it just blossoms with greenery of forests and plantations and the aura goes so soothing that you cannot settle in your mind in just a quick snap. Dams, gardens, lake and tea factory drives you to come and visit in this beautiful weather that August brings to the town.

Things to do: Pay a prayer visit to Mariamman Temple, have a tea session at the tea factory, take a scooter ride on the wavy roads and do not forget to ride in Nilgiri Mountain Railway.

How to reach: The nearest airport known is Coimbatore from where a road trip is required to be at this splendid town.

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List of Bollywood movies will give you a back knock once you reach the place. Happens to be one of the most spellbinding places to visit in India in August, Athirapally houses majestic waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, tea gardens, and forest gardens.

Overall, a perfect concoction of nature gets a boost in monsoon when the green zones get greener and waterfalls rise their sprinkling like anything.

Things to do:
Swim in the plunge pools safely, get some photography done, trek the trails and enjoy some river rafting in gushing waters.

How to reach:
 Athirapally is well-connected with other cities of Kerala and is only 55 km away from Kochi. If wishing to choose airways, Kochi is the nearest airport and one needs to pick the roadways to be here. Chalakudy is the nearest railway station, at a distance of 28 km from where again, roadways need to be caught.

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