10 Places to Visit in Karjat 2023, Tourist Places & Attractions
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Luxurious Resorts In Karjat
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Karjat Tourist Places

Kondana Caves, Kothaligad (Peth) Fort, Jain Temple, Ulhas Valley, Kondeshwar Temple, Bhor Ghat, Bahiri Cave, ND Studio, Blackwaters of Pali Bhutivali Dam and Bhivpuri Waterfall.

To beat the boredom and to indulge in spine-tingling activities; just include places to visit in Karjat to your wish list. Karjat, a mini hill station is a perfect getaway from the daily chaotic routine.   

Being based along the Konkan coast, Karjat holds a very fascinating location, in the Raigad District of Maharashtra. It proffers varied activities like river rafting, trekking, hiking and mountain climbing for all you adventurers.  The best time to visit this hill station is during the monsoon season.   

Encompassing the Bhor Ghat in its milieu and also the blossoming green vegetation, Karjat has become a quaint tourist destination. It is also a gateway to another hill station, Matheran. Karjat is very well known because of its innumerable health resorts and also for being the largest chain of farmhouses in India.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Karjat:

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Kondana Caves

Image Credit : wikipedia

Do not forget to visit the antiquated rock-cut Kondana Caves in Karjat.  These are age old Buddhist caves and thus they attract several tourists who follow or are intrigued by Buddhism and it is one of the famous Karjat places to visit. To reach the Kondana caves one has to trek for an hour from the main town of Kondana, this makes the visit even more exciting and adventurous. Tourists are spellbound by the natural beauty around these caves. 

Being situated at the base of a waterfall, amidst the lush green, Kondana caves become a perfect destination to enjoy with friends and family. The best time to visit this place is during the rainy season. The caves are abode to several specimens of the Buddhist architecture like sculptures, vihara, chaitya and stupas.


Kothaligad (Peth) Fort

The Kothaligad fort is based in the eastern part of Karjat, Maharashtra and is a must amongst all the places to visit in Karjat. The fort is conical in shape and has a temple and a cave at its foothill. The magnificent view from here, which encompasses the Konkan field, the ghats, Bhimashankar, Padar Killa, Tungi, Wandre Khind pass, and the whole Matheran range is highly fascinating.

 It is uncommon that one gets such an astonishing view after a simple ascension, thus making Kothaligad an extraordinary tourist spot. One can visit Peth both in rainy and in winter season, yet the ideal time is to come soon after the rainy season, when there is no visibility issue. For all you thrill seekers, Kothaligad is one of the popular treks in the Karjat region, on account of its little stature and simple climbing.



Jain Temple

The Jain temple is a significant place of worship for the Jain community in Karjat. It is an architectural marvel made of white shimmering marble and it is one of the famous Karjat tourist places. The passage is splendidly embellished with carvings of figures symbolize the beliefs and devotions of the Jain community. The staircase that takes you to the temple is designed utilizing multi hued stone, making it a treat for an eye. 

The most conspicuous element of this sanctuary is the Swastika cut wooden entryway. The jain temple is built as a tribute to Lord Neminath, the 22nd Jain Tirthankar and also to Lord Shantinath, the 16th Jain Tirthankar. Their beautifully decorated idols in the temple look mesmeric. The Jain temple is open from 6 AM to 6 PM, everyday.




Ulhas Valley

Image Credit : wikipedia

The Ulhas Valley lies in close proximity of Rajmachi and the Karjat-Khandala course. If you are looking forward to relax amidst the divinity of nature, then the Ulhas Valley is one of the best places to visit in Karjat. It is blessed with an enticing panorama full of sparkling streams and waterfalls that spout through the thick greenery of the valley. There are various passages in the Ulhas valley that cut through the mountains, helping the trains to go through the valley. 

For all the adventurers it proffers some gutsy exercises like, Hiking, trekking and camping. River rafting in the Ulhas River is also an exhilarating activity that allures several tourists.


Kondeshwar temple

Image Credit : wikipedia

Based in Sanshi, the Kondeshwar temple is very well known for its magnificent structural design. It is very popular Karjat places to visit and several visitors from all around the country come to explore this pristine sanctuary. Kondeshwar is an age old temple of Lord Shiva and has been engineered and built in the old Hemadpanthi style. The main sanctum of the temple is encompassed by various little shrines.

The festival of Mahashivratri is the principle celebration at this temple and it is advisable that one must visit the temple then. Even otherwise , one can visit the Kondeshwar temple on any day, from 6 AM to 6PM.


Bhor Ghat

Image Credit : Dinesh Valke-Flickr

Traverse on the roads of Bhor Ghat when in Karjat and admirer the spellbinding beauty of nature.The age old Bhor Ghat is situated along the Konkan coast on the Deccan Plateau and it is one of the best places to visit near karjat. It is a mountain section situated amongst Karjat and Khandala. 

Arranged on the peak of the Western Ghat mountain ranges, Bhor Ghat is noted for its picturesque panorama and thick woods. It is extremely important from the historical perspective as it connects the ports at Choul, Revdanda, Panvel and many other places.

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Bahiri Cave

Image Credit : wikipedia

Bahiri Caves is a special traveller destination in Karjat city of Maharashtra state, as it pulls in an equivalent number of pilgrims and adventurers. The caves not only serve as home to Lord of Bahiri but have also risen as a standout amongst the most looked for trekking options. The Bahiri Caves oversee the Ulhas Valley at are based at an elevation of 600 meters and it is one of the famous Karjat tourist places.

The route treaded while trekking is full of challenges, so it is advisable that the trekkers must be watchful while climbing or diving. During the event of Chaitra Purnima innumerable faithful pilgrims visit the caves. From the caverns, we can see the magnificent crests of Sahyadri and also the lovely twin posts of Rajmachi, Shrivardhan and Manranjan. One can visit the Bahiri caves on all days between 6 AM to 7 PM.

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ND Studio

Image Credit : wikipedia

ND studio is a standout amongst the most well known places to visit in Karjat. It is a film and TV generation studio utilized for shooting movies, promotions, and TV serials. The shooting of famous TV serials and movies were led at this studio. 

The studio is blessed with open spaces, havelis, strongholds and two colossal floors measuring 240/100 ft for indoor shootings. Jodhaa Akbar, Slumdog Millionaire and Devdas are the prevalent movies that shot here. ND studio has become one of the popular tourist attractions, being situated at just an hour away from Mumbai.

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Blackwaters of Pali Bhutivali Dam

If you are wondering what to do on a weekend, then a visit to the Blackwaters of the Pali Bhutivali dam would add spice and excitement to your routine and it is one of the best places to visit near karjat. The Pali Bhutivali Dam has been under construction for last 25 years and is situated in Diksal, a tiny town in Karjat.

The dam lies in close proximity of Bhivpuri and the hill station Matheran. The scenic panorama here proffers stunning visuals of the green vegetations and the gigantic mountain ranges in the milieu. The picturesque waterfalls flowing out of these mountains are extremely mesmeric. This destination makes a perfect weekend getaway for tourists and explorers. 

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Bhivpuri Waterfall

Image Credit : wikipedia

Bhivpuri, a residential area situated in Karjat is very well known for its waterfalls. It pulls in a ton of visitors amid the rainy season. The Bhivpuri waterfall is a delightful sight during the monsoons. It is around 20 feet high and is a very dynamic sight as the water drops down energetically. There are several food outlets in the vicinity of the waterfall, which serve tasty icy beverages and snacks like corn, chips and sandwiches, etc and it is one of the famous places to visit in Karjat.

You will also find villagers offering home cooked meals to the visitors, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.  People of all age group can enjoy a fun outing at this waterfall. Waterfall rappelling is another attraction for adventure seekers.

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People Also Ask About Karjat

  1. What are the places to visit in Karjat during monsoon?

    Best places to visit in Karjat in monsoon season are:

    1. Kondana Caves: Being one of the famous places to visit in Karjat, Kondana Caves are a formation made by cutting rock and are located on the bottom of a waterfall. Around the monsoons, the streams of this waterfall start getting huge, thus offering a beautiful sight to behold.

    2. Kothaligad Fort: Located in the Matheran range, this fort is surrounded by lush green and seasonal flora and fauna that flourishes around the monsoons. To reach this fort, one needs to trek for 2 to 3 hours and the trail is filled with many rocky terrains.

    3. Jain Temple: Made with white shimmering marble, this architectural masterpiece is a holy pace for the Jains. The staircase to this temple is surrounded by some of the best wonders of nature which can be best experienced when it rains.

    4. Ulhas Valley: Providing an opportunity to enjoy a quaint time amidst lush green sceneries, this valley is dotted with many waterfalls and seasonal flora. From hiking to trekking and from camping to river rafting, everything can be done here.
  2. What are the places to visit in Karjat for couples?

    Best Karjat places to visit for couples are:

    1. Kondeshwar Temple: A couple's trip must include a visit to some sacred places, and when in Karjat, Kondeshwar Temple is the one. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and houses a gushing waterfall and a pond too.

    2. Sondai Fort: What can be more fun than conquering a peak with your love. The path towards Sondai fort requires you to trek for 2 hours and as soon as you reach the top, the scene is purely blissful.

    3. Bhivpuri Waterfall: Enjoy a dynamic sight of water being dropped from high above while camping and resting around its area. A couples trip here will be filled with loads of fun adventures.

    4. Ulhas Valley: This scenic location provides one of the best spots to enjoy a quaint vacation. Ulhas Valley is known for its gushing waterfalls and widespread greenery, thus a trip here will let you enjoy the best of nature while sitting in comfy stays.
  3. What are the best resorts in Karjat?

    Best resorts in Karjat are:

    1. Rivergate Resort: One of the best luxurious resorts in Karjat, a stay here will let you enjoy in its huge swimming pool while admiring the countryside peace. Every modern amenity can be found here in addition to comfortable stays.

    2. Hotel Raj Cottage and Resort: Settled along a slope, this resort is surrounded by some of the best green lawns. This place is heaven for kids and offers water slides, rain dance area and outdoor activities along with well equipped rooms.

    3. Radisson Blu Resort and Spa: In the case of this resort, the name explains it all. In addition to some of the best facilities, this Radisson also provides you with top class services.

    4. Mohili Meadows Resort: Located in a close proximity to all major Karjat places to visit, this resort offers some of the best luxurious amenities like duplexes, swimming pool, 24 hour cold and hot water and obviously the comfiest stay.
  4. What are the places to visit near Karjat?

    Best places to visit near Karjat are:

    1. Bhor Ghat: Known to be one of the best Karjat tourist places, Bhor ghat connects Karjat with Khandala. This scenic route is dotted with many spellbinding sceneries of Deccan Plateau.

    2. Bahiri Cave: Attracting pilgrims and travellers equally, this cave houses a temple of Lord Shiva. To reach this cave, one needs to trek an elevation of 300 meters having many rocky and steep slopes.

    3. Pali Bhutiwali Dam: A perfect weekend getaway for tourists this dam has been under construction for the last 25 years. Serving as a perfect picnic spot, this place offers some of the most stunning views of manicured gardens and huge hills.

    4. Bhivpuri Waterfall: Surrounded by the hills touching the clouds, this dramatic waterfall is around 20 feet high. Around its surroundings, you will find many small vendors offering local foods and beverages.
  5. What is the best time to visit Karjat?

    Indian Monsoons are the best time to visit Karjat and experience its vivid beauty. In the months between March to June, the waterfalls and river streams can be seen at their best, thus making it an appropriate time to plan a trip here and the temperature stays between 25 degrees to 28 degrees.
  6. What is Karjat famous for?

    Karjat is mostly famous for its scene beauty which is reflected through its mesmerizing hills and lush green and manicured garden. This small town is dotted with many spellbinding waterfalls which make people always come for more. Some famous attractions include Kondana Caves, Kothaligad (Peth) Fort, Jain Temple, Ulhas Valley, Kondeshwar Temple, Bhor Ghat and Bahiri Cave.
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The amazing place must visit, the camping here was very good with enough tents and the tent looks good and very spacious, the place has very beautiful scenery, a very friendly environment, and the river was just amazing and really suitable to do camping with loves ones. We had a good memory there. The price is okay and worth it.

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