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Karjat Villas

Sadh Villa, Aarambh villa, Vista Dazzle Villa, Villa Serene, Anjee’s Chalet By Vista, Livingstone Villa, AB Villa, Countryside Villa, Vista Sekhri villa, Mukti Villa and many more.

Are you looking for a spacious Karjat villa to stay in for your trip? Blending luxury and comfort effortlessly, these villas in Karjat offer you an opportunity to relax amidst the unfiltered beauty of nature. Most of these villas are absolutely stunning and have numerous amenities at their disposal. If you and your partner are craving some alone time, then booking accommodation in these villas will offer you the privacy you need. However, if you are visiting with your group of friends, you won't be disappointed either.

The villas on rent in Karjat have incredibly gorgeous natural backdrops. You can admire the beautiful views from the rooms. Moreover, they are far away from the chaotic buzz of the city.  If budget is not an issue, then you can stay at the SaffronStays One Tree Farm. But, if you have a limited one, then you can opt for the Red house. At Sadh Villa, the rooms are well-decorated and come furnished with numerous items. You will also find attached bathrooms. Other vital aspects include the presence of a garden, terrace, swimming pool, outdoor games room, etc.
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Countryside Pool Villa In Karjat
14 guests
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128 Ratings


128 Ratings

₹ 39,000

₹ 31,000 per Villa

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A Cozy Villa Amidst the Lush Greens of Karjat
10 guests · 3 bedrooms
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Stay Included

29 Ratings


29 Ratings

₹ 20,000

₹ 17,500 per Villa

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A Luxurious Villa Amidst The Lush Mango Trees In Karjat
14 guests
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23 Ratings


23 Ratings

₹ 46,287

₹ 40,250 per Villa

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A Luxury Escape In a Quaint Village, Karjat
20 guests
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27 Ratings


27 Ratings

₹ 21,160

₹ 18,400 per Villa

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A Traditional Cozy Homestay With Swimming Pool, Karjat
10 guests
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29 Ratings


29 Ratings

₹ 61,000

₹ 50,600 per Villa

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A Luxurious Villa Surrounded By Lush Greens, Karjat
8 guests
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34 Ratings


34 Ratings

₹ 23,000

₹ 16,500 per Villa

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A Luxurious Countryside Vacation Retreat in Karjat
9 guests
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29 Ratings


29 Ratings

₹ 22,539

₹ 16,252 per Villa

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A Weekend Escape In The Heart Of Karjat
15 guests
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25 Ratings


25 Ratings

₹ 19,895

₹ 17,300 per Villa

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A Traditional Bungalow With Private Pool In Karjat
15 guests · 3 bedrooms
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38 Ratings


38 Ratings

₹ 16,000

₹ 13,999 per Villa

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A Peaceful Getaway Amidst Lush Greenery In Karjat
20 guests · 4 bedrooms · 4 bathrooms
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26 Ratings


26 Ratings

₹ 35,000

₹ 27,600 per Villa

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Luxury Homestay Amidst Nature in Karjat
16 guests
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Meals Included
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31 Ratings


31 Ratings

₹ 21,160

₹ 18,400 per Villa

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Waterfront Villa With Swimming Pool In Karjat
24 guests
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25 Ratings


25 Ratings

₹ 27,103

₹ 23,568 per Villa

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A Quaint Villa Amidst Dense Greenery Of Karjat
14 guests · 3 bedrooms · 3 bathrooms
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Stay Included

23 Ratings


23 Ratings

₹ 15,000

₹ 12,000 per Villa

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28 Ratings


28 Ratings

₹ 30,000

₹ 25,000 per Room

Hillside Villa near Karjat | Flat 26% off

31 Ratings


31 Ratings

₹ 9,498

₹ 6,999

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A Vacation Retreat Amidst Dense Greenery Of Karjat
22 guests · 5 bedrooms · 5 bathrooms
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34 Ratings


34 Ratings

₹ 40,000

₹ 34,500 per Villa

People Also Ask About Villas in Karjat

  1. Which are the famous Villas in Karjat?

    1. Sadh Villa
    Perched at a distance of 9 Km from Bhivpuri Waterfall, Sadh Villa is an opulent property that features spacious rooms, huge corridors, and tall pillars. If you wish to spend a day indoors, there are ample amenities here to keep you entertained.

    With several indoor games such as table tennis and pool tables to outdoor sports like volleyball and cricket, the property will spoil you for choices. Sadhi Villa also boasts of 2 lush green lawns that overlook the lake and if you wish to spend some peaceful hours in laps of nature, this is an ideal accommodation for you.

    Price: INR 29991 per night
    Location: Borgaon Phatta, Karjat East, Wavarle, Maharashtra
    Amenities: Free parking, Terrace, Garden, Air conditioning

    2. Aarambh Villa
    A luxurious getaway situated amidst 5 acres of lush green space, Aarambh is a 3 BHK villa nestled in Karjat. The villa can easily accommodate around 15 people and hence it is a perfect stay option for large families. From antique furniture and spacious living rooms to its artificial pool, Aarambh Villa in Karjat is truly a paradise for art lovers.

    What makes it unique from the rest of the properties in this area is its serene surroundings where you will get to see around 100 species of migratory and resident birds.

    Price: INR 16500 per night for 6 persons.
    Location: Murbad Road, Karjat
    Amenities: Television, Heater, Refrigerator, Air conditioning, Filtered water, Kitchen, Car parking, Caretaker

    3. Vista Dazzle Villa
    Are you someone who loves to live every moment in a royal manner? If yes, then Vista Dazzle must be your go-to place. Whether you are planning a family trip or an outing with your office team, this place can easily accommodate 30 people.

    The property features a pool and an attached room balcony from where you can relish the most amazing vistas. Adding to its impeccable beauty is its antique furniture which reflects the old world charm and it is one of the best villas with private pool in Karjat. Vista Dazzle Villa also have enough arrangements made to offer you some indoor entertainment in the form of sports activities such as billiards, carom, and volleyball.

    Price: INR 29500 per night.
    Location: Bamnolital, Karjat
    Amenities: Free parking, Daily maid service, Shared lounge, Outdoor pool, Private pool, Air conditioning

    4. Villa Serene
    Set in tranquil surroundings, this villa in Karjat welcomes its guests with pristine views of hills. Villa Serene is a well-furnished 3 BHK villa that flaunts its modern interiors and spacious lawn. The property also comprises of balcony areas and plunge pool where one can unwind and soak in the charm of the natural surroundings.

    Apart from its 3 air-conditioned rooms, this villa also features a living area and an open kitchen. The property has all the arrangements made to entertain its guests through enthralling activities such as bonfire nights and indoor games. If you are looking for a romantic getaway, this is the place to be.

    Price: INR 12980 per night.
    Location: Kalote Mokashi, Karjat
    Amenities: Lawn, Television, Air conditioning, Free parking, Music system, Pool, Lake view

    5. Santoni Farms
    Blessed with ethereal surroundings and natural charm, this variant of villas in Karjat is truly a dream getaway for nature buffs. With the river at its one end and lush green valley on the other, Santoni Farms takes you away from the fast paced city life.

    This is a 3BHK villa which boasts of modern day furniture and world-class amenities. Its most unique feature is the alluring river flowing outside the property where one can unwind and spend peaceful moments with their loved ones. One can also relish the taste of lip-smacking local delicacies at its nearby restaurants and cafes.

    Price: INR 15340 per night.
    Location: Santoni Farms, Tata Road, Karjat
    Amenities: Lake view, Mountain view, Television, Air-conditioning, Lawn, Music system

    6. Anjee’s Chalet By Vista
    Bearing an uncanny resemblance with the epitome of beauty, Switzerland, Anjee’s is a wooden chalet which is known for its splendid vistas of rivers and mountains. The surreal surroundings of this villa along with its luxurious amenities come together to offer a wonderful stay experience to the visitors.

    Whether you want to stay here for a while or host a private party, the property has something for everyone. Situated at a distance of 19 Km from Bhivupuri Waterfalls, Anjee's Chalet offers spacious rooms, a seating area, a kitchen, and a balcony with panoramic mountain view.

    Price: INR 11800 per night
    Location: Lobhewadi, Karjat
    Amenities: Free parkingm, Free internet, Air-conditioning, Pets allowed, Picnic area

    7. Livingstone Villa
    Situated 12 Km away from Bhivpuri Waterfalls, Livingstone is a beautiful property featuring an outdoor swimming pool and shared lounge. Every room of the resort has a private balcony from where one can enjoy the charismatic view of the mountains.

    Livingstone villa also houses a restaurant where guests can treat their taste buds with scrumptious local food. Not to forget that it is one of the best villas in Karjat with swimming pool and its in-house entertainment activities such as table tennis and darts, which will keep you entertained even without stepping outside. If you are looking for comfortable villas in Karjat, booking your stay in Livingstone villa would be your best bet.

    Price: INR 4129 per night.
    Location: Nagwekar Farms, Sanghvi Village, Karjat
    Amenities: Free parking, Garden, Terrace, Food & drink, Swimming pool, Outdoor pool, Indoor play area, Board games, Breakfast

    8. Nivaant Farms
    Exuding an essence of serenity, Nivaant Farms is a place covered with a blanket of nature. Cradled in Karjat city of Maharashtra, this villa is dotted with plants, trees, and seasonal vegetables. The property boasts of a 3-acre lawn, private swimming pool, and well-furnished rooms.

    Each bedroom of Nivaant Farms comprises of attached balconies, bathroom, AC, and television. With all the rooms situated on the ground floor, this on in the lost of villas in Karjat is a convenient stay option for old people, as well as, youngsters. Nivaant Farms also houses 2 kitchens among which one is situated in the exteriors and another one is located inside the villa.

    Price: INR 41300 per night.
    Location: Bhivpuri Tata Power Plant Road, Karjat
    Amenities: Free parking, Bonfire, Free internet, Air-conditioning, Television, Lawn, Driver, Lake view

    10. AB Villa
    Conveniently situated in the enticing city of Karjat, AB Villa comprises 3 bedroom villa and 3 outhouse cottages. Whether you wish to steep into its natural surroundings or enjoy some private time with your dear ones, this villa has everything to set the holiday mood on.

    The property also boasts of a private swimming pool where you spend as much time as you want. AB Villa provides a special caretaker to its guests and hence, you need not to worry about your safety and comfort. If you are looking for some decent villas in Karjat, AB Villa can certainly be not missed.

    Price: INR 46,250  per night.
    Location: Aamrai, Karjat, Maharashtra
    Amenities: Free parking, Cable television, Private swimming pool, Cook, Air conditioning

    11. Countryside Villa
    Cradled amidst natural surroundings, Countryside Villa is an exclusive property in Karjat. Whether you are planning for a birthday celebration or a weekend getaway, this place will welcome you with one of a kind experience.

    With opulent facilities such as plunge pool, rain dance, dance floor, sports room, and library, this villa is no less than a luxurious resort. Though the property is well-equipped with all modern day amenities, it has still managed to preserve its countryside charm. If you wish to form some everlasting memories on your Karjat holiday, this villa is one of the best villas in Karjat with swimming pool and is an idyllic accommodation for your next stay.

    Price: INR INR 14536 per night.
    Location: Old Mumbai-Pune Highway, Near Chowk, Raigad, Maharashtra
    Amenities: Garden, Swimming Pool, Veg/non-veg meals, Free parking

    12. Vista Sekhri Sadan
    Private pool, mountain views, and well-furnished rooms-this one in the array of Karjat villas stand as an epitome of comfort and style. The villa features 3 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, kitchens and an outdoor pool. Set in the heart of the city, this villa lies in close proximity to several local points of interest.

    To make your stay a comfortable experience, the hotel authority provides incredible services in the form of 24-hour security, car parking, and room service. Even if you are heading back to the villa after a hectic day, the hotel has enough activities to help you unwind. It is one of the best villas in Karjat with private pool.

    Price: INR 20,700 per night.
    Location: Sekhri Villa, Vadap Village, Karjat
    Amenities: Swimming pool, Breakfast and meals, Terrace, Free parking, Garden, Board games, Kid’s pool, Barbecue

    13. Saffron Stays Villa
    Boasting spectacular mountain views, Saffron Stays in Karjat is an ideal accommodation for people who wish to enjoy a luxurious holiday. This is a 3-bedroom villa which comprises a television, a living room, and air-conditioning. Saffron Stays also has an outdoor pool where you can sweep away your stress after an action-packed day.

    From scrumptious food to world-class service, enthralling in-house activities to scenic backdrops, this villa offers everything that one can ever ask for. If this is your maiden visit to Karjat, you can also utilize their car rental service for local sightseeing and tour.

    Price: INR 5512 per night.
    Location: Kashele, Karjat
    Amenities: Swimming pool, Air-conditioning, Backup generator, Restaurant, Parking, Car rental

    14. Mukti Villa
    A perfect getaway for family, couples, and friends, Mukti Villa offers a blend of luxury and independence. On your stay in this villa, you can relish your private space, cook your own meals, and explore the surroundings in leisure hours.

    The property shares close proximity with tourist destinations such as Rajmachi Fort and Shrivardhan Fort and if you wish to explore these historic landmarks, there could not be a better accommodation than Mukti Villa for you.

    Price: INR 24,375 per night.
    Location: Murbad Road, Karjat
    Amenities: Bed, Breakfast, Meals, Garden

    15. Tanmay Farms
    Just 2 hours drive away from Mumbai, this Karjat Villa is a perfect destination to chill out with your friends and family. A well-equipped holiday home with barbeque, private swimming pool, and steam room, Tanmay Farms has everything to make your holiday memories everlasting.

    Sprawled over 10-acre area, Tanmay Farms can accommodate around 15 people at a time. The property is surrounded by lush green lawns and tall trees which gives it a countryside touch. Whether you want to arrange an outdoor picnic or relax in its outdoor pool, this villa will help you customise your holiday the way you want.

    Price: INR 41,255
    Location: Mothe, Vengaon Road, Karjat.
    Amenities: Air conditioning, Swimming pool, Meals, Free parking, DVD Player
  2. Which are the best villas with a swimming pool in Karjat?

    1. Karjat Villa: This majestic white Karjat Villa is encompassed with ravishing views of nature. It offers an outdoor pool, games area and also allows weddings, picnics, and other formal events.

    2. Sekhri Villa: Located amidst the picturesque beauty of nature, the Sekhri Villa is a private villa that boasts of a private pool that enhances the appeal of the place. Apart from that, the well-furnished rooms and the availability of modern amenities will please you. It is one of the best private villa with pool in Karjat.

    3. Red house: If you are looking for a budget-friendly villa that still offers numerous luxurious facilities, then the Red House is the ideal option and is one of the best budget villas in Karjat. You can lounge beside the pool or admire nature from the terrace.

    4. Sadh Villa: If you are interested in experiencing a luxurious stay, then booking accommodation in Sadh Villa will fulfill your desire. There are 7 bedrooms along with an attached private bathroom and the iconic outdoor pool that is equipped with an instilled waterfall.

    5. Countryside Villa: Offering the perfect mix of comfort and luxury, the Countryside Villa comes with well-maintained lawns and an alluring rustic view.
  3. Which are the best luxury villas in Karjat?

    1. Santoni Farms: Are you eager to surprise your partner with a Karjat vacation? Then booking this villa will give you loads of solitude along with unmatchable mountain views and luxurious amenities at your disposal.

    2. SaffronStays One Tree Farm: One of the best luxury villas in Karjat is the SaffronStays One Tree Farm. It comes with air-conditioned bedrooms, a private bathroom, seating area, terrace and offers incredible views.

    3. Tattva: With numerous facilities such as well-decorated bedrooms, free private parking, and terrace, the Tattva offers an amazing experience when you tour Karjat.

    4. Elevar Villa: Offering various views of mesmerizing nature, staying at this Karjat Villa is an absolute delight. You can even make your own food in the kitchen that comes with a microwave.
  4. Which are the best villas in Karjat with a private pool?

    1. SaffronStays One Tree Farm- This is one of the most luxurious villas in Karjat located near Bhivpuri Waterfalls. The villa has a garden for nature lovers to stroll and a highland picturesque scene. It has 3 bedrooms with an attached bathroom with all the modern-day amenities that include air conditioning, television, music system, private pool wifi, etc.

    2. Santoni Farms- This 3bhk villa is surrounded by thick lush green vegetation and is known for its mesmerizing view of the river. The rooms are huge with classy furniture, modern interiors and the best of amenities. It also has a barbeque to take care of your taste buds during your pool parties.

    3. Elevar villas- If you’re looking for a home away from home, where you can unwind and enjoy to the fullest then this could be the perfect place for a weekend getaway. Though the exteriors of the villa are quite exciting the interiors are calm and serene. The balcony gives you access to mountains, a pool, garden, etc making it one of the best Villas in Karjat with a private pool.

    Nivaant Farms- If tranquility or cool breeze flowing all over the place excites you, then Nivaant Farms are your dream holiday homes. To make the most of your vacation you can sit on the terrace, which has a common lounge, and make new friends or just admire nature. The only noise you can hear here is the chirping of birds and the winds blowing by.
  5. Which are the best budget villas in Karjat?

    1. Tattva- If you’re looking for budget villas in Karjat with close proximity to the Bhivpuri Waterfalls then Tattva could fulfill your requirement. This is a 3 bedroom villa which has a separate living room, kitchen, dining and a common bathroom with a hot water tub. 

    2. Ashirwad farms- This two-bedroom villa is known for its scenic vistas. If you are an introvert and looking for a calm and serene place away from the daily hustle-bustle of life then Ashirwad farms could be the ideal spot for you.

    The villa has all the basic amenities to give you a comfortable living which includes a garden, patio ensuite bathroom, flat-screen tv, etc.

    3. Saffron Stay Greystone- If nature excites you then you are surely going to fall in love not only with the surroundings but also the villa. This grey-colored mansion might look quite simplistic from the outside but the interiors here are lovely. The villa has three lavish bedrooms with attached bathrooms that include all the modern amenities and a common dining area.

    4. Serenity Farm - The villa stands true to its name as it is dotted by a number of trees. The villa has a beautiful garden where you can walk to find your solace or just admire the beauty of nature while sitting in the common space on the terrace. It also has a barbeque arrangement on request.

    The villa has two bedrooms, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, and one bathroom. If you’re carrying your kids along with you then, they can enjoy at the kid’s playground.

  6. What facilities will I get in Villas in Karjat?

    - Air conditioning
    - Free Wi-Fi
    - Barbecue
    - Breakfast
    - Gym
    - Activities for kids
    - Complimentary drinks
    - Outdoor games like basketball, volleyball, football, cricket, etc.
    - Power back-up
    - Indoor games like pool, cards, ludo, etc.
    - Lounge area
    - Dance floor
    - Library
    - Bar
    - Jacuzzi and hot tub
    - Daily housekeeping
    - Free parking
  7. What is Karjat famous for?

    Karjat is famous for its scenic vistas which include the mighty mountains, emerald green vegetation, and breathtaking gardens. The most loved attractions here are Kondana Caves, Kothaligad (Peth) Fort, Jain Temple, Ulhas Valley, Kondeshwar Temple, Bhor Ghat and Bahiri Cave.
  8. What is the best time to visit Karjat?

    The best time to visit Karjat is during the months of June to October. The rainy season fills up the streams and cascades which makes them even more mesmerizing. The temperature is also favorable during these months which lets you explore the city to the fullest.
  9. Are there any riverside villas in Karjat?

    Yes, there are ample riverside villas in Karjat that offer a tranquilizing stay amidst the most serene surroundings. The best ones are SaffronStays One Tree Farm and Santoni Farms.
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