10 Things to Do in Portland Victoria 2021: Updated list

Activities to Do in Portland Victoria

The Cape Nelson Lighthouse, Bird Watching at Point Danger Gannet Colony, Whale Watching, Portland Botanical Gardens, Portland Maritime and many more.

Planning a trip to Portland, and unsure about the things to do, we are here to help. Portland, one of the earliest European settlements in Australia, is a dream destination for hodophiles. This beautiful coastal town in Victoria is known for its natural beauty and serenity. Every year this city witness thousands of globetrotters due to the sheer number of things to do at Portland Victoria. This city is well connected to all the major cities and hence, reaching here will not be a problem.

Portland has always been a major tourist attraction and is known for its magnificent architecture and pleasant weather. Snuggled away from the hassles of town life, itinerants come here to find tranquility. If you are a first-time visitor to this extrinsic city, you might want to know about what to do in Portland Victoria, and this article is the perfect place where you can find in-depth information on some of the best places to visit in Portland.

Here's the list of best things to do in Portland Victoria

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The Cape Nelson Lighthouse

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A 10 to 15 mins drive from the city, The Cape Nelson lighthouse is just 13 km away from Portland. When looking for things to do in Portland at night, this could be the best choice. Located on the rugged cliffs of Cape Nelson, this 35 m tall lighthouse has attracted many travel buffs in the past couple of years.

Constructed in the year 1884, this lighthouse has a cozy Isabella's cafe and keeper's accommodations turned into two exquisitely renewed cottages. You can easily rent out these cottages and enjoy the whole view of the city from this tall lighthouse.

Cape Nelson Rd, Portland, Victoria, Australia 

$15 for an adult
           $10 for a child
           $40 for a  family
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Bird Watching at Point Danger Gannet Colony

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If you are an ornithophile, you would not want to miss the opportunity of being to go to this place. Also, if you are visiting Portland with your family and looking for things to do in Portland for kids, this is a perfect place to go for. Point Danger is Australia's only gannet colony that witness more than 6000 birds.

When looked from a distance through the naked eye, all you see are white Lawrence Rocks, but when looked at via binoculars, you can see thousands of birds sitting, undisturbed. These Gannets feed on small sea creatures and are a treat to watch.

Point Danger Coastal Reserve
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Whale Watching

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When talking about things to do in Portland Victoria, watching whales cannot be missed. The southern right whales and the blue whales attract tons of tourists every year.  However, the best time to visit Portland if you are interested in watching these humongous mammals is from May to October. This is when thousands of southern right whales, distinguished with a while bump, migrate towards Australia from Antarctica.

Also, if you are planning your trip between November to May, do not dishearten, you still have chances to visits hundreds of blue whales that can be seen from Cape Nelson and Cape Bridgewater.

Portland Visitor Information Centre
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Portland Botanical Gardens

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Wondering about what to do in Portland Victoria next, consider gallivanting in these botanical gardens. Portland Botanical Gardens are one of the oldest botanical gardens in Australia, designed by William Allitt in the 1850s. This 170 years old garden exhibits majestic diversity of plant species grown in such a temperate climate of Victoria.

This beautiful spot is perfect for taking a stroll or enjoying yourself with your family. Also, this place is a perfect picnic spot. From facilities like BBQs, toilets, picnic tables to croquet lawn and even lawn tennis courts are available for people to have fun.

Glenelg St, Portland VIC 3305, Australia
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Portland Maritime Discovery Centre

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Take a step closer towards knowing the history of Portland and witness some amazing artifacts from the past in this Portland Maritime Discovery Centre. A 14-meter Sperm Whale skeleton is the main center of attraction for this museum. If you are here in Portland on a school or college trip, this place must be on the top of the list of things to do in Portland Victoria.

Constructed in the year 1998, this museum encompasses permanent displays showcasing the region’s rich maritime history that includes whales, boats, and the history of the local fishing industry.

Apart from the skeleton, there are various other attractions like: Portland’s 1858 lifeboat one, the Admella story, the popular Couta boats, and a lot more.

Lee Breakwater Rd

$7.60 for Adults
           6.60 For Students
           Free for Children below 15 yrs
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Portland Cable Trams Depot Museum

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Another activity to add to your list of what to do in Portland Victoria is the Portland Cable Trams. It is one of the best ways to start your journey in Portland is by boarding a tram in Henty Park depot. This restored version of the 1886 cable tram that runs now with diesel, runs four to five trips a day.

Running on a 7.4kms of the circular route, this tram covers major tourist attractions like the botanical gardens, vintage-car museum, WWII memorial water tower, and Maritime Discovery Centre. Travellers can easily hop on and off to any of these destinations and enjoy the vicinity of this city on this tram. 
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Great South West Walk

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Great South West Walk is another on the list of things to do in Portland Victoria. Established in the year 1981, this 251 km track is perfect for hiking. While walking on the Great South West Walk one can enjoy the spellbound beauty of the southwest coast of Victoria.

This trail covers numerous tourist spots and three national parks including the Cape Nelson State Park and the Discovery Bay Coastal Park. One can view ancient lakes, cliffs, sandy bays, and even the limestone gorge of the Glenelg River. This is a must-to-go place in Portland Victoria.

Western District, Victoria, South Australia
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Portland Powerhouse Motor and Car

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One of the most visited places in Portland, this 1930s Portland Powerhouse Motor and Car Museum houses an unparalleled collection of vintage cars, tractors, bikes, and stationary motors. This is a dream place to visit for motorheads around the globe.

A few models like the 1960 Messerschmitt KR200, a 1927 Essex, and a 1919 Overland Roadster Model 4 are exclusively found here. If you have a love for cars, especially in rare vintage and classic cars, you will surely love this place.

Friendly Society Reserve, 23 Glenelg St, Portland VIC 3305, Australia

$8 for Adult
           $1 for a child
           $16 for a family
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Cobboboonee National Park

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Next in our list of what to do in Portland Victoria is a popular national park. Formerly known as the Cobboboonee State Forest, this was turned into a national park in November 2008. Spread in the area of 18,510-hectare, this national park is loved by travellers for camping and hiking.

The Cobboboonee National Park is home to thousands of engendered and unique species of animals and birds and offers a plethora of activities to the people coming here. The Great Cobboboonee Horse Trail is another reason why people visit this place. You can enjoy the tour both by vehicle or on foot.

Mt Deception Rd, Greenwald VIC 3304, Australia
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Cape Nelson State Park

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Remember the Cape Nelson lighthouse that we earlier mentioned, it is situated in this 243-hectare state park. For wandered who love exploring new places, this is a perfect spot. People come here to look for Red-necked Wallaby, Heath Mouse, and Echidna.

Cape Nelson State Park also has a cliff which is a 3 km walk-along and one can witness south right whales in summer and winters from this cliff. 

Cape Nelson, Cape Nelson Rd, Portland West VIC 3305, Australia
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  1. What are the popular things to do in Portland with kids?

    When planning a trip with kids, things get a bit tough as you want to take them to places that keep them enticed. However, Portland has a lot of things to do in Portland Victoria with kids so that both you and your kids can have fun to the fullest.

    1. The Cape Nelson lighthouse: A popular lighthouse situated in The Cape Nelson State Park is loved by kids. This 35m tall lighthouse has a cozy cafe and cottages so that you can comfortably enjoy your stay.

    2. Botanical Gardens: Another place to visit in Portland with kids are the famous Botanical Gardens. You can go on a family picnic and be around nature.

    3. Portable Cable Trams: Children love trams and trains. So next on our list of what to do in Portland Victoria with kinds is the Portable Cable Tram. Spread across 7.4 km of the circular path, children love enjoying the vicinity of the city in this cable tram.
  2. How far is Portland Victoria from Melbourne?

    Talking about the distance in terms of kilometers, Portland Victoria is nearly 357 km away from Melbourne and it takes approximately 4.5 hrs of a journey to reach there from Melbourne. However, the city of Portland is very well connected and travellers never find any difficulty reaching there.
  3. What are the free things to do in Portland Victoria?

    Not many people are willing to pay a hefty amount while visiting tourist attractions. The good thing is there are plenty of things to do in Portland Victoria for free like:

    1. Cape Nelson State Park: If you love camping or hiking, this is a perfect place in Portland that you can access for free. You can also be a witness of some amazingly rare flora and fauna like heath mouse, echidna, wet heath, etc.

    2. Cobboboonee National Park: This is one such place in Portland famous for horse riding, camping, and a great picnic spot that you can go for free. However, you might have to pay for some of the activities there.

    3. Great South West Walk: When in Portland, you can always take a stroll along the coastline on this 251 km track for free. People love walking on this trail and admire the beauty of this city.
  4. What are the things to do in Portland Victoria at night?

    For all our nocturnal creatures, Portland is a wonderful place to be. People in Portland love to enjoy especially at night. In our list of things to do in Portland Victoria at night, camping and clubbing are on the top.

    1. Camping: Portland is known for camping and there are many places like Cobboboonee National Park, Cape Nelson State Park, and more where you can enjoy your stay.

    2. The Cape Nelson Lighthouse: This is a wonderful place to be at night. You can surely book a cottage in the lighthouse itself and enjoy the view of the city at night.

    3. Clubs and Bars: This city has some amazing clubs and bars that offer a variety of recreational facilities like karaoke. Some of the best bars include Watch House Lounge Bar, Iron Bar, No Worries Entertainment, and many more.

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