Gold Coast Tourism, Australia: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2022
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Best Attractions In Gold Coast
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Best Water Sports In Gold Coast
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Gold Coast Cruise Experiences
Adventure Sports In Gold Coast

Tourist places in Gold Coast are both plenteous and varying in kind. Located in Queensland, Australia it sports some of the most awe-inspiring beaches. It is the center of watersports like surfing and kayaking. One can also experience underwater sea life here like nowhere else. One can go underwater sea diving or snorkeling and look at the beautiful reefs and swarms of fish in the clear blue ocean water. One can also go to one of its many beaches with friends and family and lie down on the pristine golden and white sand beaches and just relax or go to the numerous nighttime parties to have a wild and exciting time! In addition to beaches, the Gold coast has myriad other tourist activities as well. It has theme parks like Dreamworld where both the young and the old have a magical time! It also has water-based theme parks for tourists to spend some quality family time together having fun. It has several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks where one can visit the exotic wildlife of Australia.


Nature walks across rainforests and woods also abound here. The nightlife in Australia has always been very exciting. Gold coast exemplifies this too. There are several interesting bars and clubs peppered across the city where tourists can go in for a quiet drink or for an exciting dance! There are also tonnes of resorts and hotels here for the comfort of the tourists. These charge varying prices and thus fit the budget of an economic tourist as well as that of a luxurious one. A perfectly comfortable weather coupled with welcoming residents and availability of commodious accommodation make it a very luring holiday destination for many travelers. Gold coast is the perfect destination for a relaxing as well as exciting and adventurous holiday and must be visited as soon as possible.

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People Also Ask About Gold Coast

  1. Travel Advice

    • Gold Coast is a tourist hub and hence, there are a lot of scammers who will try to dupe you by different means. Hence, try to avoid speaking to strangers.

    • If you are planning to stay at a bag-packers hostel, verify the details before booking and paying for it.

    • Have fun on the beach, but take care of your belongings.

    • Carry your passport copy and other identity proofs wherever you go.

    • Get maximum fun from clubbing and night life, but stay away from drug related situations.

    • Take care of safety measure while surfing and other water sports activities.

  2. Drinking Laws

    The legal age to consume alcoholic drinks in Gold Coast, Queensland is 18 years for all types of alcoholic drinks.

  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Main Beach: 

    Gold Coast is most famous for its golden sand beaches and out of these, the Main Beach, Nobby Beach, Palm Beach, Duranbah, Currumbin and Coolangatta are the most famous ones. They are a paradise for tourists who love to surf and relax while basking under the sum. These beaches are exceptionally clean and hence, you need not worry about anything expect ways of relaxation on the beach.

    Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

    This is a place where you will get to be close to some of the most exotic animal species. It has reasonable price tickets and is a family friendly place. It shows you native Australian exotic wildlife and features a lot of interactive displays in a rainforest atmosphere.

    Click Here To Book: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Tickets

    Sky point Deck

    Most of the tourist places are famous for iconic towers and in Gold Coast, the Q1 Building and a view from its 77th floor is mesmerizing beyond limits. It offers a 360 degree view of the golden coastline, sparkling Blue Ocean and lush green lands. When you see the endless stretch of the deep blue sea, you will get a sense of what real paradise is!

    Click Here To Book: SkyPoint Observation Deck Tickets


    Hinterland is a 45 minute drive from the main areas of Gold Coast. This place is a little different from the beach paradise as it has some mesmerizingly beautiful glow worm caves, cascading waterfalls and mountain views along with a cool rainforest climate. This place is a tourism hub mainly because of the unique greenery and forest atmosphere it pampers its tourists with.

    Club Hopping

    The vibrant nightlife in Gold coast is famous all over Australia. You can find clubs of different types, music and themes and you can unwind yourself at one of these, after spending a long relaxing day on the beach. Right from small bistros and clubs on the streets to luxurious affluent clubs at resorts, you can choose your piece of cake and enjoy it.

    Cruise Trip

    Your trip to Gold Coast is not complete unless you go for a trip on a cruise. Ranging between different budgets, prices and themes, cruise facilities at Gold Coast are one of the most luxurious and revitalizing experiences you will ever have. There are different agencies from where you can book your cruise tours, depending upon your travel preferences.

    Whale Watching

    Who wouldn’t want to see a whale in the see, right? Well, Gold Coast, being one of the most famous destinations for whale watching offer you trips and sites which provide you access to whale watching. They take you to spots from where the sighting is most frequent, and you can watch this giant yet humble fish establishing its supremacy over the sea.

    Click Here To Book: Whale Watching Cruise

  4. What you will like there?

    Energetic atmosphere

    If you are missing out on fun and excitement in life, all you need to do is plan a vacation to Gold Coast, so that you will get the required pumping and rejuvenation in your life which you need to spice everything up.


    The nightlife in Gold Coast is very vibrant and energetic. From small bistros located on streets playing thumping music to sophisticated clubs at luxury resorts and grand hotels, you will have a lot of options to enjoy your nightlife while being on the vacation.

    Tourist luxury

    Because of being a tourist hub, it offers all the convenience as well as luxury facilities for tourists. Right from resorts, help centers, adventure activities, entertainment facilities, restaurants, night clubs and family friendly places, there is no end to the facilities this place has.

    Golden Beaches

    The beaches indeed are the most special thing about Gold Coast, and you will never forget the serenity you get while looking at the crystal clear blue waters, while relaxing and breathing the sea breeze. The beaches are also a hub for surfers, boat adventure seekers and beach activity enthusiasts, because of which you will never forget the Coast.

  5. When is the best time to visit Gold Coast?

    Gold coast is favorable to tourists in all months of the year. However, depending on the weather and month experiences and activities available to tourists might vary and hence the best time to visit gold coast will depend on what are you looking for when you actually go there.

    Sep-Nov: this is the season where Gold Coast is packed with party going students and tourists. The weather is as comfortable as spring can be.

    Dec – Feb: The weather is a tad too hot at this time. So if you’re looking for a time spent in the water and getting tanned on the beach this is it.

    Mar-May: The weather is the most conducive for tourists at this time – not too cool and not too hot.

    June-Aug: Winter weather is soothing and not too cold. But more importantly, this is the season for whale watching and thus, an ideal time to visit!

  6. How to reach Gold Coast?

    Being one of the topmost tourist destinations in Australia, Gold Coast is easily accessible via all three modes of transport to both international and national tourists.

    By Air – Brisbane airport has incoming flights from all parts of the world and thus makes Gold Coast easily accessible via air for international tourists. An Airtrain can take you from the airport to the city
    By Road – Surfside Buslines provide convenient conveyance to reach Gold coast via road. Its buses are budget-friendly and get you here via the Gold Coast highway.
    By Train – Monorail is a great option to get to Gold Coast from suburbs and surrounding regions.

  7. Which are the major tourist attractions in Gold Coast?

    Gold Coast has several interesting and attractive tourist locations that include the following:
    •    Queensland Scuba diving tour
    •    Dreamland
    •    Wet ‘n’ Wild
    •    Warner Bros Movie World
    •    Sea World
    •    Mega Pass
    •    Paradise Country
    •    Gold Coast Sky Dive
    •    4WD Rainforest Eco Safari
    •    O'Reilly's Tree Top Walkway
    •    Cardamom Pod
    •    Shopping center Pacific Fair
    •    The Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove
    •    The RACV Royal Pines Resort
    •    Burleigh Brewing Company

  8. What are the things to do in Gold Coast?

    Gold Coast has a host of interesting activities for tourists to engage in. They vary from relaxing at the beach to sweating out in rainforests.

    •    Beaches – Relax on the pristine white beaches along the coastline of Gold Coast or engage in water sports like surfing that is widely prevalent in this area.
    •    Theme Parks – There is a theme park for movie lovers, water lovers and someone looking for just any kind of adventure here! Enjoy at any one of them.
    •    Sky Diving – if you’re an adrenaline junkie and are looking to do something really exciting, fall for 12 thousand feet at the Gold Coast Skydive! There is no other experience like this one.
    •    Safaris – Australia is famous for its lush rainforests and exotic wildlife. Experience it first hand at the myriad different rainforest tours and safaris here in Gold Coast.
    •    Biking – If you wish to enjoy the scenic beauty of the region you can just hire a bike and ride off into the sunset.

  9. What is the local food of Gold Coast? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    When in Gold Coast, one simply must experience its local food. It’s a treat to all the sense organs you possess. There are several local delicacies that will blow your mind, not to mention the locally brewed beer which should be one of the wonders of the world. Following are a few eateries which you must visit to enjoy some of the local cuisines.
    •    Elk Espresso
    •    Barefood Barista
    •    The Fish House
    •    Burleigh Brewing Company
    •    Gemellini

  10. What is the best public transport to commute around Gold Coast?

    Gold Coast is interlinked via various modes of transport the primary of which are trains, trams, and buses. The government formed a contract with Translink that has ensured that connectivity is never a problem in Gold Coast. The G light rail system has been recently introduced here and this has made public transport even faster than before. You can get a ‘go card’ that’ll let you use all three modes of transport and save you a lot in conveyance costs.

  11. What is the local language in Gold Coast and which are the most commonly used greetings?

    The common language here is English. Other than that there are also Japanese, Korean and a few other vernacular languages that are prevalent here.
    The common greetings thus remain the same – Hello, Thank You, Goodnight.

  12. Which are the best shopping places in Gold Coast and what are they famous for?

    Gold Coast has a host of shopping centers that include both local shops as well as malls with several brands present there. Handicrafts and interesting souvenirs might be found in the former type of shopping centers. Following are the best places to go shopping in Gold Coast.
    •    Pacific Fair Shopping Center
    •    Chevron Renaissance Shopping Center
    •    Australia Fair Shopping Center
    •    Paradise Center
    •    Marina Mirage
    •    Harbor town outlet shopping center
    •    Robina town center
    •    Westfield Helensvale
    •    Sporty’s Warehouse
    •    The Strand at Coolangatta

  13. Which are the famous beaches to visit in Gold Coast?

    Australia is famous for its white sand beaches that are widely prevalent in Gold Coast. One can go and relax there or engage in numerous water sports like surfing or swimming. Following are the best beaches to visit in this region.
    •    Broadbeach
    •    Palm Beach
    •    Burleigh Heads Beach
    •    Main Beach
    •    Coolangatta Beach
    •    Surfers Paradise Beach
    •    Currumbin Beach
    •    Nobby Beach
    •    Duranbah Beach
    •    Kirra Beach

  14. Where can I enjoy adventure activities in Gold Coast?

    There are a lot of exciting adventure activities that tourists can engage in, in Gold Coast. They range from safaris and hikes across rain forests to surfing on beaches and taking hot air balloon rides over the entire city. Following are a few places one can go to do these.
    •    Numinbah Valley – Horse riding across trails that last as long as 2 hours and take you across scenic landscapes is an adventurous ride alright!
    •    Moreton Bay Marine Park – watch dolphins perform tricks here and also go jet boarding!
    •    Hot air balloon rides – online bookings can be made for these unimaginable hot air balloon rides that take you across the entire coastline and let you enjoy the skyline of the city.
    •    Surfers Paradise – Jetboard rides can be taken from here that will make you to 360 degree turns in water, a thrill you will never have experienced before!

  15. Which are the famous places to visit wildlife in Gold Coast?

    Australia is famous for its exotic wildlife. From Kangaroos and koalas to marine animals like dolphins and whales! It has them all. Gold Coast, a part of Australia, has its own fair share of wildlife and these can be witnessed in the numerous safaris and national parks this region has. Following are the best of the lot.
    •    Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
    •    David Fleay Wildlife Park
    •    Sea World
    •    Burleigh Head National Park
    •    Springbrook National Park
    •    Nicoll Scrub National Park

  16. How is the nightlife in Gold Coast?

    Gold Coast has an exciting nightlife from pubs and bars to parties on the beach – it has them all. Tourists looking to let it loose and just dance it out have various options here. Following are some of the best places to experience Gold Coast’s nightlife
    •    Love Nightlife
    •    SinCity Nightclub
    •    D’Arcy Arms
    •    Escape Bar & Club
    •    Palm Beach Surf Life Saving Club
    •    Melbas on the Park
    •    Central Lounge Bar & Dining
    •    Stingray lounge
    •    Strike Bowling Surfers Paradise
    •    House of Brews

  17. Where can one enjoy Cruising in Gold Coast?

    Cruises along Gold Coast’s coastal line across the scintillating blue ocean water are a relaxing experience. One can sip beer on the deck of the ship while the kids enjoy the various activities that are present there and enjoy the oceanic views. Following are some of the best places in Gold Coast to take a cruise from.
    •    Surfers Paradise River Cruises
    •    Wyndham Cruises
    •    Cruise Gold Coast Pty Ltd
    •    Gold Coast Canal Cruises
    •    Tweed Endeavour Cruises
    •    Sanctuary Cove Boats and Cruises
    •    Cruise Traveller
    •    Getaway Sailing on the Gold Coast

  18. How is Gold Coast for Honeymoon Couples?

    Gold Coast is a beautiful honeymoon destination with romantic beaches and exciting tourist activities. Luxurious hotels and resorts where couples can relax and unwind before beginning the hustle bustle of the usual married life, make Gold Coast the perfect destination for honeymoon couples. Following are the best resorts to stay for honeymoon couples in Gold Coast.
    •    Marriott Surfers Paradise
    •    Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Resort
    •    Palazzo
    •    Crown Plaza

    If the honeymoon couple doesn’t want to spend all their time within their resort there are a number of activities for them to engage in. Following are a few suggestions.
    •    Couples Spa therapy to relax your body muscles and get rid of all tension
    •    Hot air balloon rides to enjoy champagne as you watch the skyline of Gold Coast
    •    Sunset Cruises to relax on the deck of a cruise as you watch a beautiful sunset across the beach
    •    SkyPoint Observation Deck for a romantic walk
    •    Jupiters Casino to let loose and gamble

  19. What are the best water sports in Gold Coast that we can book through Thrillophilia?

  20. What are the best adventure activities in Gold Coast that we can book through Thrillophilia?

Newly Added Gold Coast Experience

Gold Coast Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Gold Coast

Gold Coast Travel Guides

We chose jet ski and flyboarding option on this tour and are very happy with the experience. Flying above the waters and in the middle of beautiful views added a cherry to the cake. Thank you thrillophilia for providing Gold Coast water sports combo ticket at cheap prices
60 metres above the ground gave me chills. The instructor was very good and he gave me all the necessary information. After he helped me wear all the safety gears, I was confident. I am glad I was able to do it and I am glad I choose this.
Adventurous zipline and too above most beautiful views, it was a perfect combination. Going above the greenery at a great speed and winds blowing on my face refreshed me. Gold Coast canyon flyer zipline tour was better than perfect.
The driver was very friendly and he helped us reach the airport without letting us miss the flights. It was a budget transfer option that we could choose and value for money as well. The vehicle was clean and air-conditioned. Thanks to the driver and thrillophilia
Shared Gold Coast airport transfers was a comfortable and convenient package. We did not have to worry about being transferred to the hotel as the driver was at the right time. Would recommend this over taxis
Alex took care of me while I was surfing. He was so friendly and knowledgable and helped me learn from scratch. He even showed us his skills which were amazing. I would recommend beginner surf experience in Gold Coast to all.
Being a beginner I was worried about availing this tour at first. But Thrillophilia did what it promised. I was so excited when the experience started. I could learn the basics of surfing and show off my moves to all. Thank you Thrillophilia for this package.
It was a thrilling time. From booking tickets to availing it everything was very easy. This was my first time and at first I was scared but then I I started to get the hold of it, I enjoyed it throughly.
this experience in Gold Coast was one the most memorable . Driving a jetski gave me goosebumps and being an advance one, we could do so many things. At that moment I could feel the adventure reaching at max level.
The ground staff which helped us throughout this package was super friendly and supportive. We enjoyed thoroughly and had a great overall experience. I personally liked parasailing and will recommend to all the travellers.

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