30 Offbeat Places in Australia: 2021 Updated
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Unusual Places to Visit in Australia

Daintree Rainforest, Nitmiluk National Park, Broome, Port Macquarie, Western Australian Nambung Desert, Umpherston Sinkhole, Pink Lake, Daly Waters Pub, Port Arthur Ghost Town, Devils Marbles, Horizontal waterfalls in Talbot Bay, Squeaky Beach, Wycliffe Well, Ningaloo Reef and The Pinnacles.

Australia has always been one of those places that travellers always dote on. The sandy white beaches, the sky-high buildings, and the historical places in Australia have so much to offer to its visitors. The backpacking trips, friends trips or family trips to offbeat places in Australia are favourite kinds of so many tourists.

It gives them the liberty to explore all the places without experiencing too much crowd. Unlike the popular destinations in Australia like the Sydney Opera House, Port Arthur, Ubirr, these offbeat places are fairly clear of huge crowds. 

There are too many unexplored and unusual places to visit in Australia that normally tourists avoid for some reason. However, not to mention that these places are also an integral part of Australia. Some of these places hold real natural beauty; some of them hold unexplored ancient history while many other places are so out of touch with the modern world that it brings serenity and joy to the souls of visitors.

Far away from the bustling cities and fast-moving lives, these places are hidden away just like some valuable treasure. We have compiled a list for some of those offbeat places.

Here are some of the best offbeat places in Australia:


Daintree Rainforest

Spanned over 1200 square km, Daintree Rainforest remains one of the largest continuous tropical rainforests in Australia. Just like many other offbeat places in Australia, it is unsurprising to see that this tropical rainforest remains untouched by modernity and artificial structures.

The flora, fauna and other panoramic views that Daintree rainforest provides to each one of its visitors are jaw-dropping. The serene aura of the rainforest would leave you wondering if you could spend your remaining life amidst nature. 

Location: 2333 Cape Tribulation Rd, Cape Tribulation QLD 4873, Australia

While in Daintree, you could explore the rainforest on foot, cruise on the Daintree River. You could also witness, Estuarine Crocodile, Cassowary birds, Golden Orb Spider, Rufous Owl, Musky Rat-Kangaroo, etc.

Nitmiluk National Park

Sharing the Northern edge border with the famous Kakadu National Park, this park surprisingly receives very fewer visitors. The majestic beauty and the sheer size of the magnificent Nitmiluk Gorge, however, manage to receive some of the adventurous visitors or people who are craving to take sunrise and sunset cruises to enjoy the mauve and hues in the sky, as the sun parks itself on the horizon.

If you are into canoeing, there are canoeing for hire, with which you can truly soak in all the natural beauty, as you slowly go past the soaring cliffs.

Location: Gorge Rd, Nitmiluk NT 0852, Australia

Highlights: River cruise, helicopter flight, walk on the tracks along Katherine river, meeting with aboriginal owners., Jatbula Trail, Crystal Falls, and many other falls and pools.


If you are into the rich and colourful history of a town that welcomes its visitors welcome with warm open arms, then Australia's Broome town is the one that should be on your must-visit list. With 22 kilometers long Cable beach giving an extraordinary view of the sunrise and sunset, as you sit on the soft sand warm waves touching gently your feet.

The town is also well known for being a coastal tourist town, which means you would find an abundance of beach resorts and clubs where you could unwind. You could also get a taste of local cuisine, taste mango craft beer at the local brewery. It is not, however, as unusual places to visit in Australia, like some others in this list.

Location: Kimberly, Western Australia, North of Perth, Australia. 

Highlights: Beach resorts, Cable Beach, Roebuck Bay, various pearl farming enterprises.
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Explore All (200)

Port Macquarie

Situated amidst the lap of immensely pretty nature, greenery, providing various fun games activities, Port Macquarie used to be one of the offbeat places in Australia. However, recently this coastal town has started getting some serious attention from both local and international visitors because of the developments made by the local government.

The developments are regarding the fun activities, adding hydro golf, up keeping the local gallery that tells the history of the town. The town is located on the Tasman Sea coast, at the mouth of Hastings rivers, providing the best view of the water bodies when one stands at the Tacking point lighthouse. 

Location: Mid North Coast of New South Wales, North of Sydney, Australia.

Highlights: Tacking Point Lighthouse, Kayaking, Hydro Golf, Glasshouse Regional Gallery, Middle brother National Park, surfing, Hastings Fine Art Gallery, Driving range and mini-golf.

Western Australian Nambung Desert

When talking about the continent, a desert is definitely not one of the unusual places to visit in Australia. In the small coastal town of Cervantes, there is a national park and desert with thousands of limestone formations known as pinnacles. The desert is, that’s why it is also called the Pinnacle desert sometimes.

The Nambung rivers flow through the Nambung National Park into the limestone caves. If you are looking to have some of the greatest photographic moments to remember your trip, visit the Nambung desert during the sunset. At this time the sun rays hit the limestone to exhibit a breathtaking scenery of orange and yellow look.

Location: Wheatbelt region, Western Australia, 200 km Northwest of Perth.

Highlights: The scenic view, Pinnacles, Western grey Kangaroo, Honey Possum, silver gull, red-capped plover, etc.

Umpherston Sinkhole

From the name itself, it sounds like it is one of the most unusual places to visit in Australia, however one could not be more wrong about it. On the contrary, Umpherston Sinkhole is a unique garden, in a sunken area, created by corrosion of limestone rocks by waves of seawater.

When the roof collapsed, the sinkhole was naturally created, which now turned into a beautiful garden. Today the Umpherston Sinkhole allows the visitors to just sit by the garden, relax and just enjoy a breathtaking view. It was named after James Umpherston, the person who made the garden out for the limestone sinkhole.

Location: Jubilee Hwy E, Mount Gambier SA 5290, Australia

Highlights: Fountains, hydrangeas, and tree-ferns, palm trees around the area, once you descend the sinkhole.
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Explore All (199)

Pink Lake

As much of a beautiful country Australia is, it also has some of the most bizarre offbeat places in Australia and the world. Australia never fails to surprise its visitors. It was previously known as Lake Spencer, Pink lake is a salt lake. Due to various weather conditions and external changes, the water of the lake turns pink.

However, the lake has not been pink for over a decade now. So if you are ready to witness some pink lake, you might want to halt that thought. The surrounding area of the pink lake is just as beautiful too. So if you are planning on soaking in some natural beauty of the place you can always visit the region.

Location: Goldfields-Esperance, Western Australia.

Highlights: Important bird area, BidLife International, salt production, etc.

Daly Waters Pub

With thousands of restaurants, pubs, and clubs emerging every year, Daly Waters Pub can be listed as offbeat places in Australia. However, Daly Waters pub has a very interesting story behind it. It started in the 1980s, as a bet between a coach driver and female passengers.

Along the way, the pub has had some great moments, with all the memories and treasures lined up in the wall. The moment you enter the pub it will take you to a whole different time, as you walk down the halls and stop at each of the memoirs, sipping the amber nectar to quench your thirst.

Location: 16 Stuart St, Daly Waters NT 0852, Australia

Highlights: The beer, the shrimps, open-air pub, the surrounding view.

Port Arthur Ghost Town

Located in the Tasman Peninsula, overlooking a beautiful natural view is Port Arthur. It is a small town, that was used as a penal settlement by the Europeans in the 1800s. The walls of the settlement still scream of the horror and pain the prisoners went through.

It is a part of history that brings nothing but pain when one visits the place. Today, Port Arthur has been transformed into a historical site. During the night tours, the whole is turned into a ghost town. So if you are looking for some adrenaline rush, and scream your lungs out, a tour at Port Arthur Ghost town is what you need.

Location: 6973 Arthur Hwy, Port Arthur TAS 7182, Australia.

Highlights: Paranormal Investigation experience, Isle of dead cemetery tour, Port Arthur Ghost Tour.
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Explore All (63)

Devils Marbles

Like many other offbeat places in Australia, Devils Marbles also remains free of huge crowds. However, that fact doesn’t diminish the elegance of the place. It is believed that Aboriginal people have fossilised the eggs of Rainbow Serpent, which later named as Devils Marbles.

However, these Devils Marbles are just massive granite boulders standing tall at 6 metres. Located at Tennant Creek, the view at sunset is a sight to behold. The authority also offers different sunrise and sunset specials, which allows the visitors to enjoy a relaxing time, as they watch the splashes of colour spread over the humongous sky.

Visitors, who are eager to catch the first light of the morning- even before the sun rises- are also allowed to camp on the site.

Highlights: Barbeque, Caravan, Campsite, camp vans, Picnic area, etc.

Horizontal Waterfalls in Talbot Bay

Just so that human beings never forget how much power the moon holds over us, the horizontal waterfalls are a reminder. Not as offbeat places in Australia as others, Horizontal Waterfalls receives hundreds of visitors every day.

As a result of tidal movements, the water at Talbot bay creates an effect that of a waterfall, as it banks upon one side of a narrow cliff passage. Apart from being the proof of moon over tides, it is also one of the greatest natural wonders, that will leave you speechless. The waterfall can reach up to 5m high on a spring tide.

Location: Buccaneer Archipelago, Talbot Bay, Western Australia, Australia.

Highlights: Explore the seawater in a canoe, seaplane, take a swim, visit over 1000 islands.

Squeaky Beach

When you walk on the whitest of sands on the beach, you will hear it squeak, giving it the name Squeaky beach. Unlike many other beaches in Australia, this one receives very less crowd. So if you are for some peaceful time and relax under the glorious sun, Squeaky beach is ready to welcome you.

The beautiful blue water brings you calm and peace, as you could just walk on the sands, the water touching your feet time and again. The facilities available are a car park, only a five-minute walking distance from the beach making it easily accessible. There is not much to do around it, other than walk, or laze around soaking up some sun after a long week.

Location: Wilsons Promontory National Park, Victoria, Australia.

Highlights: Swimming, surfing, rock climbing, exploring rock formations.
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Explore All (35)

Ningaloo Reef

Australia has a world within it. Especially when it comes to diving, swimming, and surfing, Australia offers countless amounts of options. If you have ever dreamed of swimming along with the gentle whale shark, Ningaloo Reef is the best option out there. Located at Ningaloo Marine Park, one of many world heritage sites in Australia, this reef is the world's largest fringing reef, with its length of a startling 260 kilometer.

Apart from swimming along with the most beautiful marine creature, you could also fly above migrating whales in a microlight flight. However, there are some special measures to be taken during swimming to protect the marine and not to disturb their peace. Only five swimmers are allowed at a time to swim with the whale so that it stays protected and safe.

Location: Western Australia, Australia.

Highlights: Swimming with a whale, flying above whale sharks, humpbacks and dolphins, boating on the coral bay.

The Pinnacles

The pinnacles in Western Australia are one of the most beautiful sights one could ever experience. A natural formation of limestones, when the sun rays hit the rocks it exudes the orange and yellow colour making the whole region look like a part of Mars.

Perfect for photographers and explorers, the pinnacles are sacred to the local tribes. It is amazing to see, how over time, something as small as a seashell could form some of the exotic views. The Pinnacles are one of the major attractions of the Nambung National Park and receive quite a big number of visitors every day. 

Location: Nambung National Park, Western Australia.

Highlights: Barbeque facility available but no camping is allowed, exploring the pinnacles, native animals and birds.

Wycliffe Well

For all the lovers of UFOs and aliens, this place is Australia's UFO hotspot. Although it has only a very few permanent inhabitants, the visitors and tourists visiting the place keep it lively and upbeat. According to the brochure, UFO sightings are very common in Wycliffe Well and anyone that stays up late enough at night can witness the ascending and descending of a UFO.

It said that you would not be considered lucky if you see a UFO, because of how common it is. Spanning over 60 acres of land, Wycliffe Well is an oasis in a desert.

Location: Can be reached from either North or South of Stuart Highway or Alice Springs in the Red Centre.

Highlights: Visit a local restaurant to find a book of records about UFO sightings, watch sunrise and sunsets, stargazing at night, Wycliffe Well Railway.
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Newly Added Australia Experience

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Australia Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Australia
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People Also Ask About Australia

  1. What should you not miss in Australia?

    Visiting the national parks, snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef, Surfing in the oceans, Sydney Harbour, Sydney Opera House, Walk along Bondi beach. However, all the world heritage sites, the museums and historical places are must visit to learn more about the history and culture of Australia. There are so many places where you could get the feel of what Australia was and how it turned to be what it is today.
  2. What food is famous in Australia?

    Vegemite, Fairy bread, meat pies, Pavlova, Chicken parmigiana, kinds of seafood, the national dish of Australia – Roast Lamb, beers, Barramundi.
  3. How much does a week trip to Australia cost?

    Depending upon the packages you choose and the number of persons in the group the prices may start from anywhere INR 55,000 to INR 99,000. However, depending upon how many places you plan to visit in that week and the season, the cost may vary. Package deals offered by travel agencies vary from company to company. At times, some of these companies offer huge deals and offers.
  4. What is the best month to go to Australia?

    The best months to visit Australia are September through November and from March to May when the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold.

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