Skypoint Observation Deck, Gold Coast: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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Skypoint Observation Deck Tours & Activities

About Skypoint Observation Deck

Housed on the top floor of the Q1 building in Gold Coast, SkyPoint Observation Deck is a beachfront Observation deck, and the highest one of its kind. Situated at a staggering height of 230 meters above sea level, the Observation Deck commands a 360-degree view of the surrounding landscape, and offers the most scenic vantage point in all of the city and this is one of the best places to visit in Gold Coast.

The Observation Deck looks down directly on the Pacific Ocean, and on the Surfer’s Paradise beach that surrounds it. If one is lucky enough, one might even spot some of the whales and narwhals swimming in the ocean at some distance! Sprawling across two levels, SkyPoint Observation Deck features a lounge bar, a spa and massage center and a bistro of its own.

The Observation Deck is best known for its adventure sport option- the SkyPoint Climb. 
The SkyPoint Climb is an external building climb that takes climbers along a walkway fitted to the exterior of the building. This extreme adventure experience is one of the most sought-after attractions in Australia, and is especially popular for the stunning landscape views that the climb offers.

The attractions at SkyPoint all have specific passes allotted for them, which must be purchased either online or on-site prior to the entry. The best time to visit the building would be during the sunset hours, when one can see the sun setting over the waves in the horizon.

The Observation Deck offers a number of interesting opportunities for grabs, including live music sessions and specially themed dance parties. On Fridays and Saturdays, SkyPoint Observation Deck transforms into an 18+ venue. With popular music and a dance floor to offer, SkyPoint then becomes an ideal party venue.

How to Reach Skypoint Observation Deck

1. By Bus: One can take any of the buses travelling directly from the Airport to the Observation Deck. It would take around 52 minutes to cover the distance on Bus. Alternatively, one can take a Line 777 Bus from the Airport to Broadbeach South Station, and then take a Line 705 Bus from there to the Observation Deck.

This journey would take around 1 hour to complete, but would be a cheaper option than the previous one. 
The cheapest option would be to take a Line 777 to Broadbeach South Station, and then take a Tram to the Observation Deck. This would take around 42 minutes.

2. By Car:
One may choose to drive from the Airport to the SkyPoint Observation Deck, or to take a taxi, a shuttle or a town car to the destination. Driving from the Airport would be the quickest option, as the journey would take around 21 minutes. However, taking a taxi or a shuttle would be extremely heavy on the pocket, and is not a recommended route.

Best Time to Visit Skypoint Observation Deck

The best time to visit SkyPoint Observation Deck would be between the months of May and October. During this time, the weather remains calm and pleasant, and the temperature remains moderate enough to enjoy the open beachside. Precipitation is rare during this time, if not completely absent.

Participating in the SkyPoint Climb during this season would also be a far more comfortable option.The Best time of the day to visit the Observation Deck, however, would be during the twilight hours at the time of sunset.

The panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean towards the east offers a picturesque vantage to the sun setting over the rolling blue waves. Alternatively, visiting the Observation Deck during the night time would also be a good option, as one can then observe the completely lit up under the open stars.

What Not to Miss at Skypoint Observation Deck

With a splendid vantage of the city of Gold Coast, the SkyPoint Observation Deck offers a number of opportunities to be exploited by its visitors. Whether you’re looking for an adventure, or to simply enjoy quality music sessions against a backdrop of the setting sun, SkyPoint caters to all.

1. Take Part in the SkyPoint Climb
: The SkyPoint adventure is the most sought-after attraction in the Gold Coast. Crafted especially for the brave hearted who enjoy a taste of thrill, the Climb involves an ascent to the tallest point of the Q1 building via an exterior walkway.

The final summit then commands an excellent bird’s eye view of the cityscape, and offers a scenic lounging spot under the open skies. A number of Climb sessions are conducted throughout the day, and the price of tickets vary with the time of day opted for.

2. Unwind with a spa at the Royal Thai Massage at Q1
: Located in the heart of Surfers Paradise is the Royal Thai Massage, a pocket friendly massage and spa center. The massage center offers a number of different massage packages, such as facials, foot spas or full body massages.

The expert masseuses governing the place offer a superbly relaxing experience to help you unwind after a long and tiring day. Royal Thai Massage also offers a number of beauty products for sale.

3. Enjoy Live Music Sessions
: SkyPoint Observation Deck offers live music sessions every Sunday afternoons, offering an enviable lineup of artists from all over the city. The artist line-up is generally uploaded on the website of the menu a few weeks prior to the event.

Most of these live music sessions take place during the afternoon hours between 01.00PM- 05.00PM, although some of them may even take place during the early evening. The lazy, laid back atmosphere of the music sessions is a perfect way to relax and unwind as you watch the sun set in the horizon.

3. Enjoy the evening at SkyPoint Nights
: After 08.00PM every Friday and Saturday, SkyPoint becomes an adult venue. The lounge bar, with its amazing views of the cityscape, offers an electric party atmosphere

A combination of ultra-fusion beats with a wide variety of drinks to choose from makes the venue a popular choice among party-goers. SkyPoint Nights witnesses a new and different DJ every evening, and the DJ line-up is uploaded on their website far in advance. Identity proof is mandatory for entry.

4. Salsa Under the Stars
: Organized on a regular basis, SkyPoint often organizes special dance parties for visitors. The Salsa sessions are one of the two most frequently organized dance sessions in SkyPoint. These sessions are generally themed, and offer a number of exciting prizes at the end of the night, such as the Best Dressed Award or the Best Dancer Award

These dance parties are generally held late into the night, and are a strictly 18+ venue, with identity proof required for entry. Most of the tickets to these sessions are sold online. A limited bunch is sold on-site at the gate on a first come first serve basis.

5. Attend a Tango Session
: The Tango party sessions are held at SkyPoint throughout the year. These sessions are hosted by Milonga Para Los Niños, a charitable organization working to improve the condition of children in South America.

If you want to enjoy a charismatic celebration of Latin music and dance under the glittering lights of the Gold Coast while assisting a greater cause, then the Tango sessions here is definitely a must visit for you.

Other Essential Information About Skypoint Observation Deck

- Location:
Level 77, Q1 building,9 Hamilton Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia

- Timings:
Open between:

07.30AM-11.00PM on Fridays and Saturdays.

07.30AM-10.00PM on all other days of the week.

- Facilities for visitors:
There are washrooms available for the use of visitors within the Q1 Building. Visitors can also enjoy the services of the spa and massage centre housed here. SkyPoint provides free parking space for its visitors.

- Distance from Gold Coast Airport:
The Q1 Building, which houses SkyPoint Observation Deck, is located around 21 kilometers away from the Gold Coast Airport. It takes about 21 minutes to drive between the two places under regular traffic conditions.

Facts and History about the SkyPoint Observation Deck

With its imposing figure towering over the city of Gold Coast, this unique West Australian attraction stands out for its distinctive features and history. Here is a brief look at the history and specifics of the SkyPoint Observation Deck:

1. The SkyPoint Observation Deck is located 230 meters above sea level.

2. It is the only beachside Observation deck in Australia.

3. The Observation Deck can accommodate up to 400 people at a time.

4. The Observation Deck commands a 360-degree view of Brisbane to the north, the Gold Coast hinterland to the west, Byron Bay to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the east.

5. The attraction is operated by Ardent Leisure.

6. The Observation Deck was inaugurated in the year 2005.

7. During its initial years, the Deck was known as the QDeck.

8. The Deck got its name as the SkyPoint Observation Deck only after its refurbishment in the year 2010.

9. The construction of the SkyPoint Climb adventure commenced in the year 2011, and the attraction was officially inaugurated in January 2011.

10. SkyPoint has one of the fastest elevators in the world, that can scale 77 levels in just 42.7 seconds.

11. The architecture of the building draws inspiration from the Sydney 2000 Olympics Torch and the Opera House in Sydney.

Types of Tickets in SkyPoint Observation Deck

1. SkyPoint One Day Ticket
: Includes one entry to the Observation Deck during the general public open hours.

- Cost: $17

2. SkyPoint Three Day Ticket
: Allows unlimited entries for three consecutive days from the first day of entry during the general public open hours.

- Cost. $21

SkyPoint Seven Day Ticket
: Allows unlimited entries for seven consecutive days from the first day of entry during the general public open hours.

Cost $27

Annual Rewards Pass
: This is a one-year membership allowing unlimited entry for 12 months. The Pass also entails a number of discounts offers and other membership benefits.

Cost: $35

SkyPoint Deck and Dine
: This includes an entry to the SkyPoint Observation Deck Along with a $20 voucher for the SkyPoint Bistro + Bar.

Cost: $29

The Ultimate SkyPoint Adventure
: Mandatory ticket required to participate in the SkyPoint Climb.

Cost: $77

SkyPoint Bistro + Bar

Commanding a 360-degree view of the Gold Coast cityscape, SkyPoint
Bistro + Bar offers a luxury dining experience at the highest point of the city. The Bistro + Bar has buffet options as well as an a la carte menu, and serves meals throughout the day, starting with breakfast.

The accommodating menu of the
Bistro + Bar offers all day dining options as well as a variety of specialty pizzas. The diner also has a separate menu for kids, and a variety of vegetarian options. The SkyPoint Bistro + Bar is known for its value for money and the hospitality of its staff members. The best time to dine here would be during the twilight hours, when you can watch the sunset over the waves while enjoying an afternoon tea.

The Bar boasts of an expansive beer and wine menu. On Fridays and Saturdays after 8PM, the Bistro and Bar region becomes an 18+ venue, giving way to chic music and dancing. The lounge bar also often hosts themed dance party sessions during the evening hours.

A number of Passes and Tickets at SkyPoint offer dining vouchers for the Bistro and Bar. Please note that the kitchen closes an hour before the advertised closing time, and the Bar closes half an hour before it. The last ticket for entry into the SkyPoint Bistro + Bar is sold at 10.30PM.

Monday-Thursday: 7:30am - 9:00pm
Friday and Saturday: 7:30am - 10:00pm

SkyPoint Climb at SkyPoint Observation Deck

The Observation Deck’s SkyPoint Climb is the highest external building climb in Australia. The SkyPoint adventure is one of the most sought out attractions in the country. The summit of the climb commands an excellent 360-degree view of the Gold Coast landscape, and the climb itself involves a series of extremely complex steps.

The climbers must arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the climb. The process begins in the Ground Floor of the building, where the participants are fitted with a full body harness and a specially designed Climb Suite. A safety briefing is conducted in the
SkyPoint Climb Mission Control room, where the participants are provided with safety instructions.

The participants are then taken to Level 77 of the building in a high-speed elevator, and then transferred to the exterior of the building in a fully enclosed glass airlock. A short step ladder from here would lead one to a platform situated 240 meters above street level, and from hereon will begin the actual climb to the summit.

The summit is located about 30 meters above this point. Harnessed to a rail system, the participants are guided up a walkway by the expert Climb leader, who points out the various historical and cultural landmarks of Gold Coast as spotted in the horizon. An interior handrail is provided as a security measure to help guide one up as they climb the towering spire. Once at the summit, enjoy the stunning cityscape of Gold Coast with its rolling sands, towering mountains and beautiful open sceneries.

The entire climb, from beginning to end, takes around 90 minutes to complete. A minimum height requirement of 130 centimeters must be met in order to participate in the adventure. Children aged between 12 to 15 cannot venture on a climb alone and must be accompanied by an adult. Any adult may choose to accompany and take charge of a maximum of 2 children. Children below the age of 12 are not permitted to climb.

The SkyPoint Climb takes place in all weather conditions, with the exceptions of hail storms or electrical storms. Under such exceptional conditions, the climb is usually rescheduled. It is of vital importance to dress well for the climb. Climbers must wear fully covered shoes that offer good grip, such as running shoes or hiking shoes.

Open-toed sandals and slippers are not allowed. All climbers will be asked to wear a Climb Suite over their own clothing. Loose jeweler items such as necklaces, earrings or rings are not allowed in the climb, and must be deposited in lockers prior to that.

It is best to avoid the climb if one has any serious medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart disorders, vertigo and others, or if one is beyond their 20th week of pregnancy.

Tickets required for SkyPoint Climb:

1. SkyPoint Climb Sunrise:
For climbs during the sunrise hours, available on Saturday mornings only.

- Cost: $107

2. SkyPoint Climb Day: For climbs during the general daytime open hours.

- Cost: $77

3. SkyPoint Climb Twilight: For climbs during the sunset hours.

- Cost: $97

4. SkyPoint Climb Night: For climbs during the late evening and nighttime hours. Available on Fridays and Saturdays only.

- Cost: Depends upon the date of booking.

5. Morning Climb and Dine: Includes a SkyPoint Climb pass as well as a complimentary breakfast option in Level 77 of Q1 Building. Available on Saturday mornings only.

- Cost: $97

6. Day Climb and Dine: Includes a Skyping Climb pass as well as a $20 voucher for the SkyPoint Bistro + Bar.

- Cost: $87

Traveler's Tips Before Visiting Skypoint Observation Deck

The plethora of opportunities at SkyPoint each come with their own set of rules and requirements. To ensure a fun and safe visits, here are some tips to keep in mind while visiting the SkyPoint Observation Deck:

1. Visit the SkyPoint Observation Deck just before sunset hours, so you can watch the sun setting while lounging on the deck.

2. If you want to enjoy a live music session here, check the timings and the line-up for the sessions on each Sunday before you go.

3. Proper clothing is required to access entry to the Observation Deck. Even children below the age have to be properly and fully clothed.

4. Check all the medical requirements before participating in the SkyPoint Climb. Please do not attempt the climb if you do not fit the health bill or are unfit during your visit.

5. Please inform the management of any persisting health factor or allergies before climbing
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People Also Ask About Skypoint Observation Deck

  1. How high is the viewing platform?

    The viewing platform is located 230 meters above street level, and is the highest Observation platform in all of Australia.
  2. Is there access for wheelchair/disabled people?

    SkyPoint Observation Deck offers free and open access for wheelchair bound or disabled individuals. Assistance and facilities are provided on request.
  3. Are there any smoking areas at SkyPoint?

    There is a designated smoking area on the ground level. Smoking is not allowed in Level 77 or 78 of the building.
  4. Can I bring my own food and drinks into SkyPoint?

    No. No outside food or beverage items, including alcoholic drinks, are allowed into the SkyPoint Observation Deck. For safety reasons, outside glassware and cutlery is also not allowed inside.
  5. Are SkyPoint Souvenirs available for purchase?

    Yes, there are multiple places in the Q1 building to purchase souvenirs from. One of the stores is located right at the entry of the Observation Deck. Souvenirs can also be purchased from the Mission Control Room.
  6. Is SkyPoint for all ages?

    Visitors of all ages may access the SkyPoint Observation Deck. However, SkyPoint becomes an adult venue every Friday and Saturday evening after 08.00PM, and requires identity proof for entry.

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