Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Gold Coast: How To Reach, Best Time &
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About Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Among the many attractions that lure people to Gold Coast, a visit to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary makes it to the top of the itinerary. Encased in around 27 hectares of protected rainforest, it is not less than a haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife buffs. This wildlife sanctuary is a non-profit organization that has been enriching and replenishing biodiversity and wildlife at a rapid speed since the last seventy years and this is one of the best places to go in Gold Coast.     

You can spot here a prolific variety of birds, reptiles, insects, and mammals. It offers an unrivalled opportunity to watch the native species of animals in their natural bushland setting. The best thing about this wildlife sanctuary is that you can have an interactive session with the birds and animals that you haven’t even heard of before.

You can hand-feed the kangaroos, cuddle up with a koala and get up close with the crocodiles and fishes here. You can also spot the koalas curled up in the trees, pelicans lying by the lake, wallaby and kangaroo feeding, and a hungry skippy looking for food here. 

If you’re someone who is not just happy wandering along the well-marked paths and gazing at the wildlife species, then you can even take part in the adrenaline pumping tree-top challenge course here. A wildlife hospital is also located in the sanctuary to ensure the good health of the wildlife species.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has recently added a new section to its vast expanse known as the Lost Valley. Here you can collect information about the supercontinent of Gondwana, and you can witness here distinct species of flora and fauna.

How to Reach Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is located at a distance of 4km from Gold Coast Airport. You can choose the following options to commute from Gold Coast Airport to the sanctuary.

By Bus:
This is one of the cheapest options to reach Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary from Gold Coast Airport and costs between $4 - $7. You can take bus number 760 right outside the airport. It will drop you directly to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in around nine minutes.

By Taxi/Cab:
This is the quickest way to reach Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary from Gold Coast Airport. You can board a cab or taxi outside the airport, and it will drop you at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in around four minutes.

Best Time to Visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

The best time to visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary would be spring when the weather is extremely pleasant. Currumbin usually experiences warm weather with average rainfall all around the year. Here is the breakdown of other seasons when you might visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

December-February (Summer)
The average temperature during summer is between 28-20 degrees Celsius in Currumbin. You can visit the sanctuary during this season, but the weather might be a bit harsh to enjoy the wildlife expedition and activities to the best.

March-May (Autumn)
The days are neither too hot nor too warm during autumn in Currumbin, which offers you the chance to explore the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in the best manner during this season. The average temperature in Autumn ranges between 24-14 degrees Celsius in Currumbin.

June-August (Winter)
The weather is dry and humid during this time of the year. The average temperature ranges between 21-11 degrees Celsius and is an ideal time to visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

What Not to Miss at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

There are several entertaining shows lined up every day at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Some notable ones are:

1. WildSkies Free Flight Bird Show
It is an experience filled with exquisite exhibitions of birds of prey that freely fly through and across audiences, so you can enjoy the wondrous sights of these majestic birds in flight. The entire concept of allowing the audience to witness these birds in motion enriches their ability to visualise these birds in their natural habitat. 

- Timings: The show happens every day, at 11:30 AM and 2:30 PM.

2. Lorikeet Feeding
It is a great chance to interact with the colourful and graceful wild lorikeets intimately. The colours on these birds shine and meld together in a heart-warming, almost kaleidoscopic manner. These birds are certainly not averse to human contact either and will eat what you feed them right off your hand and will rest against your head or shoulder.

Looking at these lovable creatures peck away at your offerings is a calming experience and is guaranteed to melt your heart with joy.

- Timings: The show happens every day at 8 AM and 4 PM. 

3. Eel and Pelican Show
This is the absolute favourite of the tourists who are paying a visit to the sanctuary. Though similar in concept to the Lorikeet feeding, it is no less fascinating in character. The entire experience is extremely informative, and watching the Pelicans come to the spot to take food in their gullet is an amusing experience in itself. 

- Timings: The show happens every day, at 9:30 AM. 

4. Blinky Bill’s Studio Adventure
Blinky Bill’s Studio Adventure is a great outlet to get a family-friendly experience of being a part of a Television Show. Parents and kids can all sit around as audience to Blinky Bill, who is the star of the show. Here you can rehearse and shoot videos of a fast-paced musical show with a presenter. Audiences get to sing and laugh, and children get to click photos with Blinky Bill after the show is over. 

- Timings: The show happens every day, and the time gets notified every day after 9:30 AM at the park. 

5. Big Fang Theory
Big Fang Theory is a thrilling experience where audiences get to see a number of venomous snakes and other reptiles. Brave and skilled presenters showcase these creatures while giving fascinating information about the natural habitats, histories and contemporary facts about these creatures. You can also take a picture with these awe-inspiring creatures. 

- Timings: The show happens every day at 10:45 AM.

6. Aboriginal Dance Show
It is a unique celebration of the many aboriginal tribes that inhabited the lands of the great Australian continent long before Thomas Cook first showed up at their shores from England. These tribes have left an indelible imprint on the continent’s history. This sanctuary aptly celebrates their culture and history with a taste of Yugambeh language, dance and stories.

- Timings: The show happens every day at 3:30 PM. 

7. Australiana Show
Get the authentic Australian experience by enjoying this wonderful show where the Gun Shearer along with his working dogs and Merino woolly sheep, injects the dose of laughter in your life.  This is an absolute favourite show of international visitors as it gives them a chance to have some good laughs with the funny acts.

After the show, you can even meet the gun shearer appreciating his skills. You can even click a picture holding a snake in your hand after the show is over. 

- Timings: 2 PM every day

Encounters and Experiences at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

A visit to the Wildlife sanctuary is a multi-faceted experience. It is a great outlet to explore the natural flora and fauna residing in their natural environment. It is also a great outlet to witness contemporary cultural staples and also celebrate historically significant cultural identities. Some notable experiences lined up here at the sanctuary are:

1.Koala Experience
This is something that each one of you should definitely experience when you’re at the park. You can cuddle and play with the koalas that are present in the park. These adorable creatures have for long captured the attention of the social media stratosphere, and so a majority of visitors find themselves gushing and fawning while having a gala time with them.

The experience in itself is extremely holistic too; as you get the opportunity to learn about the habitat. You also get to know about a number of amusing and quirky facts about the features, reproductive patterns, gum species preferences and a number of other aspects of the lives of these critters. 

2. Koala Photo Session
It is a unique opportunity for all who visit the sanctuary to carry a memory of it with them forever. The photo session with koalas allows you to get completely up close with these lovely creatures. You can hold them close to you and get clicked to preserve this moment as the memoir of your life. 

3. Croc Feeding
It is a great opportunity to see crocodiles up close in their natural habitat. This is an opportunity that is available to all those who visit the crocodile behaviours show. You also get an opportunity to feed a 5-meter long saltwater crocodile here. 

4. The Capybara Encounter
It is a fun experience where you get to interact with the World’s largest rodents. These incredibly cute creatures love being around humans, and visitors get to scratch them and help them feed as they playfully wrestle with each other and nibble at pieces of food.

At the same time, experienced presenters tell you all about these delightful creatures, including interesting facts that make them unique from all other rodents. Get ready to enthral your senses as you get to meet the largest rodents in the entire world at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Enter the enclosures of the Capybara and get to know more about them and their swanky behaviour. 

5. The Cotton Top Tamarin Encounter
It is an experience that you’ll cherish forever. There are three Cotton-top tamarins one can meet - Toro, Arami and Pablo. These long tailed tree-hugging creatures love to prance about with their small hind legs as they play with each other.

These creatures are also incredibly inquisitive, as is evident from the fact that they don’t have to be goaded into getting up and curiously observe their surroundings as visitors walk through the door. 

6. The Sanctuary Surprise Tour
This is an exclusive ninety minutes tour that is held daily at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. The tour is organized before the gates open for the normal opening hours of the sanctuary. Those who visit get the opportunity to witness the varied surroundings of the sanctuary, untouched by the raucous bustle of the visitors.

People are portioned off in small groups for the visit, and they get to meet the cheeky sun conures, Eastern Grey Kangaroo and the lorikeets. You also get to learn about the history of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on this tour. 

The Dingo Walk is a concept that sounds fun in theory and is just as exhilarating in reality. There are three of these creatures that you can go on a walk with - Marrok, Seff or Cailen. These creatures love taking a walk, and they have their favoured haunts that you will be able to experience while simultaneously marvelling at the majestic aura of these creatures.

The Bird Training is a unique inside-perspective on training birds that visitors must experience. Not only does one get to learn how to train these birds, but rather they also get the opportunity to fly some of these feathered birds here. 

7. The Treetop Challenge
It consists of 81 challenging adventure courses, including a number of exciting zip-lines designed to excite your senses to the fullest. All courses are preceded with a quick but holistic training on the proper usage of equipment and experienced trainers guide. There is a ton of adventure stored in the nearly 3.5 hours long adventure that this entire experience provides. 

8. Echidna Encounter
Get ready to enthral your senses as you get to meet the short-beaked Echidna at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. You’ll really enjoy their company as they are not only harmless but are also very friendly with humans. Each one of them has their own traits and behaviour pattern, and they love to feed from your hand. 

9. Possum Encounter
The visitors also get a chance to meet a kind natured and friendly possum at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. These little creatures love to snuggle new people and show immense love and affection to the visitors. You can hold them in your hand for a priceless experience.

Other Essential Information About Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary


28 Tomewin Street, Currumbin, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

8 am to 5 pm, daily

Facilities for visitors:
Washrooms, food stalls, play area, parent’s room, kitchenette, baby change area

Distance from Gold Coast Airport:
4.7 km via Gold Coast Hwy

Tickets Passes of at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary:
You can get an annual membership or you can buy a single day pass or a gift certificate to enjoy the endless avenues of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Here is a detailed outline of the Tickets Passes of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary:

- Adult: $49.95

- Concession: $39.95 (in possession of full-time study or a government pension)

- Child 4-14 years: $39.95(Children under the age of 4 receive free entry)

- Online special kids: $39.95

- Online Promo: Adults@Kids: $39.95 ((Must be used within thirty days from purchase)

- Online Promo: Adults@Kids Concession: $39.95 (Must be used within thirty days from purchase)

- Family (2 Adults + 2 Children): $149.95

- Family (2 Adults + 3 Children): $172.00

- Household Membership: $240.00

- Household Concession Membership: $220.00 (Covers 4 children and 2 adults the age of 14 having the same residential address)

- Household Membership Renewal: $240.00 (Covers 4 children and 2 adults the age of 14 having the same residential address)

- Household Concession Membership Renewal: $225.00 (Covers 4 children and 2 adults the age of 14 having the same residential address)

- Gift Certificate - Adult Admission: $49.95

- Gift Certificate - Child Admission: $39.95

- Gift Voucher - Family (2A + 2C): $149.95

Animals at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is home to hundreds of native Australian animals and Gruffalos. The heritage zoo located here hosts a diverse range of native birds and mammals. The major highlight of this park is the koalas who can be spotted cuddled up on the trees and branches.

You can also spot here Wombats, Dingoes, Echidnas, red panda, kangaroos, emus, Tasmanian Devils, friendly lemurs, and much more.  There is a huge aviary also located here where you can witness a breeding pair of Black-Cockatoos.

This sanctuary is also home to many birds such as Eclectus Parrots, Mandarin Ducks, Satin Bowerbirds, Chiming Wedgebill, Emerald Doves, and Golden Pheasants. There is a huge enclosure also located here where you can walk along with the wallabies and kangaroos.

Apart from these scintillating animals and birds, you can also spot here crocodiles, Lorikeets, Cotton-Top Tamarins, Pelicans, Red Pandas, reptiles, and Lemurs of Lost Valley. There is a stack of opportunities to get close and personal with the animals here. You can feed the lemurs and the kangaroos, cuddle up with the koalas and watch the colorful species of birds taking a flight in the sky.

Wild Island Adventure Splash Zone at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

The newest addition to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is Wild Island Adventure Splash Zone, where you can head for a fun day out with your kids and family. The mesmerizing subtropical flora and fauna and sculptures of Australian wildlife welcome you at Wild Island Adventure Splash Zone.

This is an amazing spot to cool off during your enthralling visit to the sanctuary. It has a water play area that offers a wide range of waterfalls, streams, and timed water jets to splash into the water. The Wild Island Playground that is located within the precinct gives the kids a chance to play adventurous games like flying fox and spiders' web.

The slides are also located in the playground area to help the kids enjoy to the fullest. Once your kids finish playing here, they can change and dry off their clothes in the big change rooms that are located within Wild Island precinct.

You can also find here centralized bathrooms and a five-star parent’s room where you can feed your baby and relax. It also has private areas for ladies, play areas, a kitchenette to warm up baby milk, and three baby change tables.

Dining Options at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary 

If you’re looking for a scrumptious binge at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, then you can find multiple dining options here. Here are some of the best dining options at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary:

1. Sanctuary Café
This café is located at the entrance point to the sanctuary, and it offers a wide range of café style staples and traditional delicacies. The ambiance over here is extremely relaxing and casual apt for a joyous lunch and breakfast. The best thing about this café is that it also offers to the visitors grab and go items. You can also enjoy here a wide range of hot and cold beverages as per your preference.

2. Kangaroo Outpost
This is an exotic spot to feast your taste buds with a huge selection of local and international delicacies. It is located amongst the breathtaking surroundings of Kangaroo paddocks. Your eating spree further amplifies over here as you can have your meal gazing at the emus and the big red kangaroos here. Bathroom facilities are also available here.

3. Aussie Scoop Ice Cream Parlor
If you’re an all-time ice cream lover, then Aussie Scoop Ice Cream Parlor should be your ideal spot. You can have sundaes; Peter’s scooped ice cream and other creamy delights here. It has a very pulsating and lively ambiance to recharge yourself. 

4. Sawery Room
This is the ideal halt for pre-booked and tour groups, as it is known to offer group set menus. You can also have an international buffet here for a scrumptious dining experience. You can also have cold beverages over here to freshen yourself.

Traveller's tips before Visiting Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

If you really want to have a joyous experience at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, then you must follow these tips.

- Reserve a complete day to encounter the best of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes while visiting the sanctuary.

You can find a handy dispenser close to every animal enclosure where you can clean your hands after every animal interaction.

You can book the tickets either from their official website or from the entrance. A day will cost AUD 50 for an adult.

The animal encounters are quite safe until you follow all the rules and regulations.

The photo session with birds and koalas are chargeable. You can purchase the photographs during your exit at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.
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People Also Ask About Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

  1. On which days of the year the sanctuary closed?

    Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is open all around the year except on Christmas and Anzac Day that is celebrated on 25th April. On Christmas, it is only closed on the main celebration day, ie, 25th December; otherwise, it is functioning on all other days of Christmas too.
  2. Can I hold a Koala, is it included in the entry price?

    Yes, you’re allowed to hold a koala at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. But the cost of this experience is not included in the entry price. For koala cuddles and photographs, you’ll have to pay $29.00 per photo. You can also take a group photo, but in that case, only one person is allowed to hold the koala. You can also book this activity while arriving at the visitors' center or on the official website of the sanctuary.
  3. Is there wheelchair access throughout the sanctuary?

    You can witness an extensive range of ramps and boardwalks throughout the sanctuary. The assistance of a carer might be required on the steeper walks. It might be difficult to avail wheelchair access on the steeper areas, so you should sign for this service accordingly. The sanctuary does not offer wheelchair access currently on the miniature rail system. But if the guests can be comfortably transferred into the train’s seat, then their wheelchair can travel along with them in the storage carriage.
  4. Do you have a Platypus?

    You won’t find a platypus currently on this sanctuary, but there are tons of other mammals, birds, and insects to allure your senses.
  5. You take food into Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary?

    Yes, you can bring your food into Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary also offers picnic and seating tables to help the visitors enjoy their own meal in the shade.

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