10 Water Sports in Alibaug 2021: Starting from ₹ 200 Only!
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Alibaug Water Sports

Alibaug Water Sports

Kayaking, Parasailing, Speed Boat Ride, Scuba diving, Banana Boat Ride, Dolphin's sightseeing trip, Stand up paddle Boarding, Kite Surfing, Jet Skiing, Bumper Ride and many more.

Wish to experience w
ater sports in Alibaug? This segment of Maharashtra boasts an exceptional amount of water activities. Right from the ones for the faint-hearted to the ones for the daredevils, this place owns a wide platter of all such activities.

Be it parasailing at the Nagaon beach with which you can take the 360-degree view of the coastal town to nerve-wrenching jet-skiing, here you can have all such experiences. Apart from this, you dive deep inside the ocean depths and unveil the wonders of underwater with scuba diving or remain on the upper segments with snorkeling.

Famed for the black sand beaches and sparkling waters this is a perfect place to witness more such activities like quad biking, banana boating, and kayaking along the sea. This is not it, at this quarter can hop on from one island to another and add a new dimension to your Alibaug vacation!

Here are some of the best water sports activities in Alibaug:

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Latest Information on Travelling to ALIBAG?

Entry to Alibag is open from all domestic states. However, a negative RT-PCR test report is required to enter the state borders.

  • Wearing masks is compulsory for all in public areas.
  • Adhering to social distancing is compulsory for all in public areas.
  • Lockdown in the state has been extended till 31st May
  • All essential and non essential shops are open till 12 noon
  • A health declaration form needs to be submitted on arrival.
  • All travellers must have the Aarogya Setu app downloaded in their phones
  • Travellers will have to quarantine for 14 days at home after arrival if they show any symptom.

The nearest airport to Alibag is Mumbai airport. Flights are functional to Mumbai from Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and 10+ other destinations.

Local Transport

Local transport is functional including taxis and buses.

Thrillophilia recommends you to follow all guidelines issued by the government and practice good personal hygiene to stay extra safe.

A negative RT-PCR report is needed for all tourists entering Maharashtra Updated: 15 May 2021

Every incoming tourist is required to bring a negative RT-PCR report to enter the borders of Maharashtra.

Inter-state travel open in Maharashtra with certain restrictions. Updated: 15 May 2021

Travellers can now travel to different districts of Maharashtra without much restrictions. However, tourists are required to present a negative RT-PCR report on arrival.

Lockdown in Alibag Extended till 31st May Updated: 15 May 2021

Lockdown in Maharashtra has been extended till the 31st of May. Although the newly issued guidelines in Unlock 4.0 has eased some inter-district travel restrictions in the state.

All famous landmarks and tourist attractions closed Updated: 03 May 2021

All famous landmarks and tourist attractions closed till further notice to curb the rising cases of covid-19

Passengers arriving in Maharashtra to fill a self-declaration form and undergo screening Updated: 08 Feb 2021

The arriving passengers will have to fill a self-declaratory form and undergo screening at the Mumbai airport. Passengers who are found to be symptomatic will be taken to the quarantine facility directly.


Jet Skiing

Image Credit : wikipedia

Riding the waves of the Arabian Sea on a jet ski can be too much fun. Yet another famous watersport in Alibaug, jet skiing can be enjoyed by anyone. The best way to enjoy this great watersport is to rent a jet ski from the local vendors.

Each jet ski can comfortably accommodate two passengers with a combined weight of around 200 kg. There are professional guides, which will guide you systematically if you are a novice in jet skiing. 
You also enjoy the water sports activity in alibaug with your children as all the safety measures are followed properly and hence, there is no question of an accident.

Nagaon beach and Alibaug Beach, Alibaug

The price of jet skiing can be anywhere from INR 200 to INR 500 for two people.



Image Credit : pixabay

Parasailing is one of the most loved water sports in Alibaug, giving you the elegant bird's eye view of some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. While high in the air, you can also have a beautiful view of Mumbai city. Sports are totally safe and can be enjoyed by everyone.

There is nothing to learn and remember, just sit back and relax and enjoy the activity. One place where you can enjoy parasailing in Alibaug is Mandawa Beach, where various experienced professionals offer parasailing activity.

Nagaon Beach, Alibaug

The price of parasailing activity will be approximately INR 1000 per person. 

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Banana Boat Ride

Image Credit : Flickr

The banana boat ride is one of the most loved water sports in Alibaug. Zooming across the clear blue waters of Arabian sea on the top of an inflatable banana boat ride is a fun experience. If you are unaware of this ride, then this is a ride where you will be sitting on an inflatable banana boat and will be pulled behind the jet skis.

In Alibaug, you can enjoy this activity at Mandawa Beach. To enjoy this activity, there is no age bar and can be enjoyed by anyone. Whether you are a group of friends or the whole family, the banana boat ride will be fun for everyone. They are extremely easy to do. The only thing you have to remember is to hold the boat tight during the activity.

Nagaon Beach, Alibaug

The price of a banana boat ride may cost approximately INR 100 per person.

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Alibaug Water Sports Explore All (7)

Bumper Ride

Adults or children, bumper ride is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by anyone and is yet another loved watersports in Alibaug. If you are not aware of bumper ride, it is a small rounded boat on which you sit with a small group of people and is tied behind the speed boat, which is then pulled by it at high speeds, giving riders a feel of flight.

The ride is totally safe and is carried out by experienced professionals with all the safety precautions. There are various vendors in Alibaug, offering this amazing watersport to the visitors.

 Nagaon beach, Alibaug

The price of a bumper ride may cost up to INR 200 per person.

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Sea Kayaking

Image Credit : wikipedia

If you are wondering, where to go for kayaking in Alibaug as there are no calm waters? The answer to the question is, kayaking can be performed on any surface of the water. Though the sea kayaks are a little different from the regular ones. A sea kayak can be up to 15 feet long and has enough volume in the stern to keep it moving.

Another reason for the sea kayaks being longer is to keep extra gears, which you might need during emergency conditions while traveling long distances and the design of the same is done in such a way that it is easy to maneuver over rough ocean waters. It is a good alternative for a surfboard. 

Mandwa Beach, Alibaug

The price of sea kayaking may be up to INR 300 per person. 

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Dolphin Sightseeing Trip

Alibaug is one of the best locations in the country to witness the beautiful dolphins. There are various vendors who conduct a daily dolphin sightseeing trip amidst the clear waters of Arabian Sea in speed boats where the dolphins swim along the boat and you can have a clear sighting of the same.

Kashid Beach, Alibaug

The price of dolphin sightseeing may be up to INR 250 per person.

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Stand Up Paddle-Boarding

Thinking about which water sports activity in Alibaug to choose? Then try out this new and exciting Stand-up paddle-boarding at Mandawa beach in Alibaug. This adventure sport will give you quite an idea of Paddle-boarding. All one has to do is just take part in the introductory class held at Mandawa Beach itself, lead on with instructions and become a well-trained SUP boarder.

Also, after a day of the SUP program, one can become a registered SUP’er at the club and attempt this fun sport whenever you visit the beach back again. This thrilling water sport will prove to be the most memorable life experience for you.

Location: Mandawa Beach, Alibaug, Maharashtra

Price: Starting from 1200/- per adult.


Scuba Diving

Image Credit : wikipedia

Scuba Diving is one of the newest water sports in Alibaug and has attracted a lot of new visitors who used to go to other locations for scuba diving. Whether you want to learn scuba diving or you are a professional diver and want to go for divings, Alibaug is the place where your diving dreams may become a reality.

All the trainers here are P.A.D.I. trained divers who conduct courses for the beginners. You can go for scuba diving in Alibaug near Murud Janjira.

Near Murud Janjira, Alibaug

The price of scuba diving may cost around INR 4500 for a single dive.


Kite Boarding

Known to be a surface watersport, Kiteboarding combines all aspects of wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, and gymnastics into a magical breathtaking sport. By harnessing the power of the gushing wind, a kitesurfer or kiteboarder controls a large kite and propels it across the humongous ocean.

Kiteboarding is also quite relatable to kite surfing in many ways. One should not miss a chance to consider trying out this uniquely satisfying watersport in Alibaug, making your weekend getaway the most memorable one. Explore the fun of learning to deal with the raging winds through this thrilling sport called Kite Boarding.

Murud Janjira, Alibaug, Maharashtra.

Starting from 3000/- per adult.

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Speed Boat Ride

Image Credit : pixabay

Riding the waves of Arabian Sea on a speed boat ride, feeling the thrill of whistling winds and breaking waves can be too much fun. During the trip, the speed of boats may reach up to 50 mph, which can be immensely exciting, making speed boat rides one of the most loved water sports in Alibaug.

Group of friends, colleagues, or family, anyone can go for the enthralling speed boat rides in the beautiful waters of Arabian Sea and is totally safe. All the safety precautions are taken care off before the activity takes place and every passenger is provided with safety jackets. 

Mandwa Beach, Alibaug

The price for speed boat rides may cost up to INR 100 per person.

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Newly Added Alibag Experience

Alibag Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Alibag
"The beach camping at Alibaug hosted by Santosh Konde is simply amazing. Although the actual location is at Revdanda beach it was totally worth. The location is secluded and a perfect getaway from the hassles of city life. Apart from the barbecue being slightly limited. The overall experience was good. They have music speaker available and travellers get to play music all day long. It's perfect weekend destination for groups of friends. The washrooms were okayish. The was homely and delicious. And the overall experience was great. The place is also good for solo travellers. "
27 December 2020
Beach camping alibaug hosted by Sanktosh konde was awesome. His team was very supportive. Location of the camp was awesome where you can enjoy sunset from your camp. Dinner specially chicken curry was too good and it reminds me of home made. Live music, movie screening, beach walk in the night and morning is like cherry on the cake. Overall nice experience and highly recommeded.
19 November 2020
The beach camping at Revdenda beach hosted by Himanshu is simply amazing. it was totally worth. The location is secluded and a perfect getaway from the hassles of city life. Apart from the barbecue being limited. The overall experience was good. They have music speaker available and travellers get to play music all day long. It's perfect weekend destination for groups of friends. The washrooms were okayish. The was homely and delicious. And the overall experience was great. The place is also good for solo travellers. The total area was decorated very nicely and place was peaceful and pleasant.
"Very awesome place, good food, Music system also present"
23 December 2019
Had a great experience. Amazing night light and barbeque. Enjoyed the music. Tent were all wet due to dew at the night. But they made good arrangement.
"Outstanding experience . Well done by organizer service . Mr Santosh eknath konde . Nice view peace full place."
11 February 2021
It was awesome. The view the clamness and the brach everything was perfect Love the camping Loved the ambiance Loved the night
21 January 2021
It was a good Experience I am 42 did this with my family never did so in my young age but was worth the risk i took by planing this trip. Had fun thanks
19 January 2021
The experience was awesome. They had clean tents and bathrooms. The package include evening snack with tea, following up with dinner with both the options veg and non veg. In the morning the breakfast was served with tea. The camping was at Revdanda beach and the Revdanda fort is very near from the beach.
13 January 2021
Beach is very clean and safe, staff is also co-operatve

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People Also Ask About Alibag

  1. What is the best time to visit Alibaug for water sports?

    A place with pleasant weather throughout the year makes Alibaug and its beaches a great place to be visited at any time of the year. Nevertheless, to enjoy the calmness of its beaches and fulfilling the fun of Alibaug beach water sports thoroughly, one should plan a trip during the months from November till July.

    Whereas if you wish to explore the lush greenery and ravishing beauty of nature, you can take a trip between the months of August and October which is the monsoon season. However, one should keep in mind that during the monsoons watersports are not that preferable and hence are shut down due to the unpredictable weather conditions. In fact, the ferry service that shuttles between Alibaug and Mumbai also remains shut for safety reasons.

  2. Which beach in Alibaug has water sports?

    Looking out for some amusing water sports adventure? Well, then beaches in Alibaug got you covered with that part of the fun. Although there are many beaches scattered around in this gorgeous location and many of those beaches will offer you the exciting thrill of water sports adventure.

    Among this plethora of breathtaking beaches, here goes a list of beaches that give you a mind-boggling experience for a lifetime:

    - Nagaon beach
    offers you the fun of Parasailing.
    - Alibaug beach provides you with the options of Sea Kayaking, Banana Boat Ride and Jetski.
    - Murud beach has now introduced the thrilling wonder of Scuba Diving.
    - Mandawa beach will surely provide you with the best of Quad Biking adventure.

  3. Is there scuba diving in Alibaug?

    There are various Water sports in Alibaug like sea kayaking, parasailing, banana boat ride and many more. However, for a while now, Alibaug has also made Scuba Diving available for people. Scuba Diving is provided to you in Alibaug in the Murud Janjira beach.

    There will be trained divers on the beach who will guide you by conducting courses for the people interested to choose Scuba Diving as a sport. The ones who wish to go just for a joyful introductory experience of the majestic underwater world are also welcome. The instructors will make sure you have an impeccable experience for a lifetime.

  4. What is the minimum age required for water activities in Alibaug?

    Although many Watersports in Alibaug are of such kinds which can be attempted by anyone from age 10 till 40 years. Senior citizens and children younger than age 10 are advised not to attempt such adventure sports like scuba diving, sea kayaking, jet ski ride, etc.

    In fact, people and children of the age between 10 to 18 are also not allowed to go for the activities without proper supervision and guardians permission. 

  5. Can we do water sports in the monsoon also?

    No, Watersports in Alibaug cannot be done during the monsoon season specifically. The weather conditions from August till October are quite obscure and hence the beach activities become quite risky during that time of the year. One can go for the watersports activities during the months of November till June when the weather is also pleasant.

  6. What should I wear for water sports in Alibaug?

    For all kinds of Alibaug beach Water sports, there is proper safety wear that helps your body to be comfortable around water. There are compulsory life jackets, helmets, and in some of the watersports knee/elbow pads that are also necessary. While we look for what to wear for different variants of watersports, let's check some of them given below:

    1. Sea Kayaking-
    A layer of shirt above which one has to wear a life jacket that is lightweight and waterproof. Along with the jacket one should wear quick-drying shoes and shorts that complete your sea kayaking ensemble.

    2. Scuba Diving-
    The safety wear for Scuba Diving in the case of males is a  Wetsuit under which they can wear board shorts whereas women can wear their one-piece swimsuits or speedos under their Wetsuits. 

    3. Stand Up Paddle Boarding-
    For this particular watersport one has to wear a life jacket, helmets and be introduced to the safety pieces of equipment like buoyancy aid motorized rescue, and paddles.

    4. Jet Ski Ride-
    For a jet Ski ride, one can wear their wet suits or swimsuits along with a pair of water socks and aqua shoes as well as a pair of tight goggles with a tight water cap.

    5. Banana Boat Ride-
    Just make sure to wear life jackets and helmets.

    6. Bumper ride-
    For this ride, you can just simply wear your swimsuits and a life jacket above that.

  7. Which are some of the places to visit in Alibaug with friends and family?

    The list of Alibaug tourist places is endless and this magnificent place is more than just a picturesque place. Check the list of amazing places in Alibaug given below:

    Murud Janjira Fort - Located 54 km from Alibaug
    Alibaug Beach - Located 2.2 km from Alibaug
    3. Kolaba Fort - Located 2.3 km from Alibaug
    4. Akshi Beach - Located 8.4 km from Alibaug
    5. Mandwa Beach - Located 19 km from Alibaug
    6. Brahma Kund - Located 20 km from Alibaug
    7. Kashid Beach - 
    Located 33 from Alibaug
    Vikram Vinayak Temple Located 22.7 from Alibaug
  8. Which are the best beaches in Alibaug for spending your weekends?

    Whether you are looking for an escapade away from city life or just wish to admire the scenic views of nature, these beaches in Alibaug are the best for spending weekends.

    1. Kashid Beach - Famous for 
    horseriding. scuba diving, parasailing and many more.
    Kihim Beach - Famous for  Banana Rides, Jet skiing, Parasailing, Bumper rides, Kayaking, and many more.
    3. Nagaon Beach - Famous for 
    Banana Rides. Dolphin Trips. Parasailing. Jet Skis. Fishing Trips. Light House Trips.
    4. Mandwa Beach - Famous for 
    Jet Ski, Banana boat, Kayaking, Bumper Ride, Quad Bike Ride, Wake Boarding, parasailing, Power Kite, Kite Surfing, Swimming.
    5. Murud Beach - Famous for 
    Ferry Rides, Scuba Diving, Camping, Watch Sunrise and Sunset and many more.

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