Nagaon Beach, Alibag: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Nagaon Beach

Situated along the beautiful Arabian Sea, the popular Nagaon Beach happens to be a clean and unpolluted beach lying cozily in the city of Alibaug. Packed with suru, betel, and palm trees, the shoreline of the beach is known for its mesmerizing greenery. The silky and shimmering golden sand of this beach offers an amazing place for visitors to relax, sunbathe, and enjoy interesting beach games.

Tourists can also try various thrilling water activities here such as Jet Skiing, Parasailing, Bumper Ride, Banana Boat Ride, Boating, and Swimming. Nagaon Beach forms the central spot for a number of other surrounding beaches such as Murud Beach, Akshi Beach, Kihim Beach, Mandwa Beach, Alibag Beach, and Kashid Beach.    

Nagaon Beach features a long shore, stretching up to three kilometers and meeting the Arabian Sea waves. The sunset sights form the best attraction at the beach and propel a host of people to do evening walk here. A number of professional photographers also flock to the beach to take some stunning pictures during this time.

The shores of Nagaon Beach are also lined with a plethora of bustling beach shacks that serve lip-smacking seafood to visitors. The beach also offers visitors the soul-stirring opportunity to experience horse riding and camel riding. 

All these unique elements propel tourists from nearby cities like Pune and Mumbai to visit the beach for a weekend getaway.

How to Reach Nagaon Beach

Once you reach Alibaug, you can be assured that Nagaon Beach is just a few minutes away. Nagaon Beach is located at an average distance of about 9.2 kilometers from the city of Alibaug and is conveniently connected to the place by various public transports.

After you arrive at Alibaug, you can easily hire a local taxi or an auto-rickshaw to reach the beach in no more than 20 to 25 minutes. Almost all public transport facilities in the city are well-maintained and clean, offering tourists a nice and comfortable travel.

Best Time to Visit Nagaon Beach

Nagaon Beach in Alibaug is incredibly beautiful throughout the entire year and can be visited anytime. That being said, October to June is considered as the best time to head to the place.

March to June:

The summer evenings are considered as the most ideal time to unwind and relax at the beach. In the evening hours of the summer season, visitors usually prefer strolling, taking pictures, and playing beach games.

July to September:

The monsoon time usually keeps away visitors from the beach as not much activities can be experienced during this time.

October to February:  

During this time the beach welcomes maximum visitors. 

What Not to Miss at Nagaon Beach

Activities to do at Nagaon Beach

1. Watersports:

Owing to its low tides and calm waters, Nagaon Beach offers visitors the scope for trying a broad spectrum of exciting and hair-raising water activities. Some of the common and most-loved watersports tourists like to try on this beach include parasailing, bumper ride, jet skiing, banana boat ride, and kayaking. Visitors to the beach can also indulge in other interesting water activities like boating and swimming.  

2. Camel and Horse Ride: 

Riding on the back of a horse or camel is a lifetime worth experience, which everyone wants to enjoy. Thankfully, Nagaon Beach offers you the opportunity to experience riding on horseback and camelback. Tourists flocking to this beach make it a point to experience this activity and capture some great pictures riding boldly on a horseback. 

3. Strolling and Photography:

The mesmerizing shoreline as well as the clear waters lure photo fanatics to visit the beach and capture some excellent pictures. Visitors to the beach like strolling along its shoreline during the morning and evening hours and clicking some breathtaking pictures of the awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset.  

Tourists also love to just unwind and relax on the clean shores of the beach and admire nature. 

4. Relishing Seafood:

There are a number of small shacks on the shores of Nagaon Beach that sell delicious and aromatic seafood to visitors at very low prices. Tourists flocking to the beach make it a point not to miss out on trying the seafood offered by these shacks.

In addition to seafood, many of the shacks also sell popular local snacks of Maharashtra, such as Vada Pav, Bombay Sandwich, Pav Bhaji, and Misal Pav.

Places to Visit near Nagaon Beach

1. Akshi Beach:

Situated at a distance of about 3.6 kilometers from Nagaon Beach, Akshi Beach is one of the most visited destinations in the city of Alibaug. The tranquilizing waters and surreal shore lined with coconut and palm trees, make this beach a true delight. Tourists visiting the beach usually indulge in swimming, sunbathing, boating, and bird watching.

Akshi Beach can be visited anytime between sunrise and sunset. 

2. Jai Bhavani Temple:

Lying at a distance of around 8.7 kilometers from Nagaon Beach, Jai Bhavani Temple is a beautiful shrine dedicated to the goddess of strength Bhavani. Located atop a lofty hill, this temple shelters a figure of the goddess, holding different weapons. The temple witnesses a heavy influx of devotees on all days of the week. 

3. Undheri Fort:

Located at an approximate distance of 15.4 kilometers from Nagaon Beach, Undheri Fort stands beautifully on a small island. This fort has stood strong in the face of multiple battles and invasions made to conquer it. Undheri fort forms one of the major attractions in Maharashtra and can be accessed by a local boat.

4. Kihim Beach:

Situated at a short distance of 18 kilometers from Nagaon Beach, Kihim Beach happens to be the most popular and most beautiful beaches in Alibaug. Surrounded by an unpolluted atmosphere and packed with coconut trees, the beach looks amazingly stunning. The shore of the beach flaunts shimmering white sand and umpteen varieties of seashells.

Tourists visiting Kihim Beach love to take a stroll along the shoreline, relax on the shore, watch migratory birds, and experience various water activities like Jet Skiing, Fishing, Speed Boat Riding, Kayaking, Banana Boat riding, Bumper riding, and Parasailing.

5. Rewas Jetty:

Located at a distance of around 30.6 kilometers from Nagaon Beach, Rewas Jetty is popular for the Mumbai Launch service. Many celebrities have their huge residences along this place. 

Other Essential Information About Nagaon Beach

Location: Nagaon Beach is located at an approximate distance of around 9 kilometers from the city of Alibaug and 113 kilometers from the city of Mumbai.

Timing: Nagaon Beach can be visited at any time of the day. The beach is open for visiting on all days of the week.

Places to Stay near Nagaon Beach

1. Ganesh Villa:

Located at an approximate distance of 0.1 meters from Nagaon Beach, Ganesh Villa is a wonderful beachside property. Offering a peaceful and calm environment, this accommodation facility is suitable for friends, couples, and family stay. The property is well-equipped with all the basic amenities and comfortable rooms starting at INR 2511 per night.

2. Shubhshruti Vishwaprabha Cottage:

Situated at a very short distance of 0.1 meters from Nagaon Beach, Shubhshruti Vishwaprabha Cottage happens to be a decent beachside accommodation facility. The property has all the fundamental facilities coupled with spacious and comfortable family rooms. Per night stay at Shubhshruti Vishwaprabha Cottage starts from INR 3181. 

3. West Coast Alibaug:

Located at a distance of around 930 meters from Nagaon Beach, West Coast Alibaug offers an amazing accommodation with different types of rooms, like Wooden Cottage, Deluxe Garden Apartment, and many more. Boasting basic and luxury amenities like swimming pool, in-house restaurant, play area, and dining area, this hotel promises its guests a pleasant stay. Rooms at West Coast Alibaug start from INR 3502 per night.

4. Nilaya Beach Resort:

Situated at a distance of about 811 meters from Nagaon Beach, Nilaya Beach Resort happens to be a very cozy and comfortable accommodation facility. Well-equipped with a swimming pool, conference room, dining area, and public restrooms, the resort has Deluxe and Super Deluxe rooms starting from INR 4489 per night.

5. Royal Paradise Alibaug:

Lying at a distance of around 390 meters from Nagaon Beach, Royal Paradise Alibaug is a beautiful accommodation facility with all the fundamental amenities, including a well-maintained swimming pool. Equipped with Deluxe AC, Standard Family AC, and Deluxe Family AC rooms, Royal Paradise Alibaug offers stay starting from INR 2022 per night.

Tips for Visiting Nagaon Beach

1. Nagaon Beach is public property and it is the responsibility of every visitor to keep the beach clean. Keeping this in mind, avoid littering the beach during your visit.

2. Take extra clothes and towels along with you if you want to indulge in water activities at the beach

3. If you are visiting the beach on a sunny day, consider carrying sufficient water, a good sunscreen lotion, a pair of sunglasses, and a good moisturizer.

4. Do not go too deep into the water for a swim or to take photographs.

5. Follow the instructions of the guides religiously while trying out water sports at the beach. 

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People Also Ask About Nagaon Beach

  1. How far is Nagaon Beach from Pune?

    Nagaon Beach is located at an approximate distance of about 148 kilometers from the city of Pune. Conveniently connected to the city, the beach can be reached within 4 hours from Pune. This is the reason why a host of Pune dwellers visit the beach frequently for a weekend getaway. Nagaon Beach also forms the best beach holiday destination for a short escape from the chaotic city life.
  2. Is Nagaon beach clean?

    Nagaon Beach has its name among the cleanest beaches in the city of Alibaug. Its untouched natural beauty and non-polluted environment makes it the perfect destination for a peaceful and serene holiday. The municipality as well as the locals are putting constant efforts to keep the beaches free from litter.
  3. What things should be carried while visiting Nagaon Beach?

    Here are some of the important things you should remember to carry on your trip to Nagaon Beach:

    • Extra clothes and towels, if you want to try water activities

    • Your sunglasses

    • Your sunscreen lotion

    • A pair of flip-flops

    • Your moisturizer and lip balm

    • Water bottles

    • A sunhat 

    • Cameras

    • Frisbee, kite, and volleyball, if you want to play some beach games