Mandwa Beach, Mumbai: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Mandwa Beach

Mandwa Beach is located near the popular town of Alibag in Raigad district of Maharashtra. Mandwa Beach is located in Mandwa village which is well connected to Mumbai by ferry services operating directly between Mumbai and Mandwa. Many visitors visit Mandwa Beach to know about the rich history of the place and enjoy the natural beauty.

The beach is free from pollution and is very far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Mandwa Beach is quite popular in Bollywood movies as it has been picturized in Agneepath (1990) and its remake in 2012. 

One can experience the best sunrise and sunsets on the Mandwa beach. The clean weather and the beautiful and tall coconut trees make Mandwa beach a perfect spot for a mini-vacation. For people who are looking for some adventurous water-sports in the cleanest waters, Mandwa is the perfect spot for adventure seekers as it has water rides like kayaking, banana ride, water scooters, jet skis, etc.
Located around 12 km from Alibaug, Mandwa beach is known for its exotic charm and its serene environment and can be reached via buses and private taxis.

How to Reach Mandwa Beach

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Mandwa beach can be easily reached by road, sea, railways, and airways. 

By Road: The Mumbai-Goa highway is the perfect route to reach Mandwa from Mumbai. Take the highway and drive till Pen. From Pen, some directions will take you to the beach. If you are from Pune, you can reach Mandwa Beach via Mushi or Lonavala. 

By Rail: Pen is the nearest railway station to Mandwa and can be easily reached there from Mumbai and Pune. The pen is around 85 km far from Mandwa Beach and is easily connected by buses and private cabs. 

By Sea: One can take a ferry from Mumbai that directly runs between Gateway of India and Mandwa beach. There are ferry services that run daily from 6 AM to 6 PM. The ferry service is closed in the monsoon season due to high tides in the Arabian Sea. 

By Air: Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai is the closest airport to Mandwa beach. The airport is well-connected to all the major airports in the country. It is around 150 km from Mandwa Beach and one can take a cab or ferry service to reach Mandwa beach. 

Best Time to Visit Mandwa Beach

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The best time to visit Mandwa Beach is during the winter season (October to February) as the weather becomes pleasant and also one can enjoy the various water-sports. It is advisable to not visit the beach during the summer season as the climate becomes hot in the region and one can experience the dry winds on the beach. During the monsoon season, the water rides and the ferry services are not available as the beach is located in the high-tide zone. 

Also, the best time to visit Mandwa Beach is during the early morning or the evening. One can enjoy the best view of the beach and the silver water during sunrise and sunset. With the sanguine sun and crystal waters, the beach becomes more and more picturesque.

What Not to Miss at Mandwa Beach

Places to Visit Near Mandwa Beach

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There are many forts, beaches, etc near Mandwa Beach which attracts visitors. Among them, some of the places are as follows:

1. Chaul and Kihim Beach
One can visit the ancient temple and other places like the Buddhist caves, the church in Chaul. Kihim Beach is a very popular beach that is located near Chaul. Kihim Beach is at a walkable distance from Chaul and there are many hotels and restaurants near Kihim Beach where one can stay and have the best food in the region. After having a hectic day, one can enjoy the mild breeze and the beautiful sunset on Kihim Beach. 

2. Kolaba Fort
Maharashtra is known as the State of Forts as there are many ancient forts in the state that were built by the mighty Marathas. Among those forts, the Kolaba Fort or Alibaug Fort near Mandwa Beach is a very popular one. With many cannons on the roof of the fort and the ruins of the fort from the battles, Kolaba Fort is the perfect spot for adventure seekers. 

3. Alibaug 
The very popular Alibaug town is located close to Mandwa Beach. One can enjoy the best seafood, Malwan food, and Konkani food in various restaurants of Alibaug. Alibaug Beach near Alibaug is very popular for its various water-rides and cleanliness. Alibaug is the main town near Mandwa Beach and is known for the various places of historical as well as cultural importance. 

4. Murud-Janjira Fort
The mighty and the beautiful sea fort of Murud-Janjira is one of the finest forts of India. Located around 13 km from Mandwa beach, Murud-Janjira beach is one of the most popular forts. Many tourists visit the fort to know about its magnificent architecture and the history of battles fought here. 

5. Karmarkar Museum
Karmarkar Museum is around 20 km from Mandwa Beach and located close to the town of Alibaug. The museum is very popular for its various sculptors made by Late Nanasaheb Karmarkar. The museum is open throughout the day and houses many beautiful sculptors. 

Water Sports at Mandwa Beach

The serene and calm Mandwa Beach is not only known for its beauty but is also known for its various adventure sports. Many tourists visit Mandwa Beach from all over the country to enjoy various water sports and rides at the beach. With breathtaking views all around and the mild-cool climate, Mandwa Beach is the perfect spot for water sports. 
There are various water sports and rides in the Mandwa Beach and they are as follows:

1. Banana Ride
The popular Banana Ride is a family ride. With protection jackets, you will be taken to the banana-shaped boat and boat then goes into the sea and takes a dive into the water. Trench yourself in the clear water of the Arabian Sea and enjoy the beautiful sunshine of the golden sun.

2. Jet Ski
This speedy and adventurous ride is only for speed lovers and adventure seekers. A very thrilling ride, Jet-Ski is one of the finest rides on Mandwa Beach.You will be seated on a Jet-Ski alongside a trainer. After that, you will be riding the fast and amazing jet-ski on the waters. This ride is for around 15-20 minutes and takes a big round of the beach. 

3. Water scooters
These attractive scooters are one of the finest rides and attract many tourists. One can ride these scooters on the clear water of the Arabian Sea and enjoy the mild breeze.

4. Paragliding
Paragliding is one of the newest sports on Mandwa Beach. Paragliding is a very amazing adventure sport in which the person is harnessed to the paragliding wing. After that, the pilot is set off in the air. Fly among the birds and enjoy the finest view of the sea and fort from above.

Other Essential Information About Mandwa Beach

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Mandwa Village, Alibaug, Raigad.

Timings: Beach is open 24 hrs and the water rides are available from 10 AM to 6 PM

Distance from Alibaug City Center: Mandwa Beach is located around 19 km from Alibaug City Center. 

Places to Eat in and Near Mandwa Beach

Mandwa Beach has many restaurants and cafes that serve some of the finest seafood and fast food. Below are some of the places to eat in and near Mandwa Beach. 

1. Boardwalk by Flamboyante 
Located near the Mandwa Jetty, this restaurant serves the perfect food and gives the finest view of Mandwa Beach. Along with the finest seafood served here, the restaurant is also known for its molten cake and special chicken pizza. 

2. Kikis Cafe and Deli
The cafe is known for its Mediterranean food and Vegan food. The cafe also serves various items like Apple Pie, Caramel tarts and a variety of bread items like Sandwiches, Hot Dogs and Pizzas. The restaurant also serves the widely popular Tandoori food items.

3. Sagar Darshan Hotel 
Sagar Darshan Hotel is a very popular hotel and restaurant. One can stay in the hotel and have the best view of the beach and also enjoy the finest mouth-watering dishes. 

Places to Stay Near Mandwa Beach

1. Shaant Beach Resort
As the name says, Shaant Beach (meaning Quiet beach) is a very popular spot near Mandwa Beach. With spacious parking, free breakfast and an amazing swimming pool, Shaant Beach resort is the finest place to stay near Mandwa Beach.

2. Sadguru Krupa Beach Resort
One of the most popular places to stay near Mandwa Beach, Sadguru Krupa Beach Resort is the perfect place to stay. Sadguru Krupa Beach Resort is known for its special home-cooked food. The place is the perfect spot for family stay as there are various services like ample parking space, private beach villas, and an amazing swimming pool. 

3. Sansare’s Weekender Farm 
Located on the Alibaug-Mandwa road, Sansare’s Weekender Farm is located in the middle of Alibaug and Mandwa. Both the places are close to Sansare’s Weekender Farm and this makes it a very popular spot for people who wish to visit both the places. 

4. Jogalekar Cottage
A perfect spot for friends group, Jogalekar Cottage is located on the Alibaug road which is close to the highway.  

Travelers Tips Before Visiting Mandwa Beach

1. Avoid visiting Mandwa Beach during monsoon as the water sports are not available during rains.

2. Make sure that you warm-up a little before going for the various water sports

3. Always opt for those rides operators that provide you full and best protection and safety gear. 

4. For people with medical conditions, it is advisable not to participate in the water sports

5. In the case of mild weakness, carry a bottle of water with electro powder in it and take small sips.

6. For people traveling by private vehicle, park your vehicles in the perfect spot as there is limited parking space near the beach. 
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People Also Ask About Mandwa Beach

  1. How can I go from Mandwa to Alibaug?

    Alibaug is around 17 km from Mandwa and is well connected by road. If you are traveling in a private vehicle, drive on the Alibaug-Mandwa road. There are auto services that run between Mandwa and Alibaug. They charge nominal fees and take you directly to Mandwa.
  2. How many beaches are there in Alibaug?

    Alibaug is a coastal town and it has many beaches. Among the many beaches, the most popular and widely visited beaches are:
    -Alibaug Beach
    -Varsoli Beach
    -Mandwa Beach
    -Nagaon Beach
    -Korlai Beach
    -Rewas Beach
    -Akshi Beach
    -Kashid Beach
  3. How far is Mandawa from Delhi?

    Mandwa is around 1500 km from Delhi. There are many options for traveling from Delhi to Mandwa. One can take up flights that fly from Delhi to Mumbai and then take cabs or train. If you wish to travel by train then reach Roha (near Mumbai) and then take cabs.
  4. What is Mandwa famous for?

    Mandwa is famous for its clean beaches and various water sports. People from all the states of India visit Mandwa to experience popular water sports and sit beside the golden sand of the Mandwa beach.
  5. Which is the cleanest beach in Alibaug?

    Varsoli Beach is the cleanest beach in Alibaug. It is located around 3 km from Alibaug and is a very popular beach. There are many resorts and stay options that range from supreme hotels and local style living.