30 Places to Visit in Alibaug 2024, Tourist Places & Attractions

Tourist Places to Visit in Alibaug

Murud Janjira FortKihim BeachKolaba FortNagaon Beach, Kanakeshwar Forest, Khanderi Fort, Akshi Beach, Rewas Jetty, Magnetic Observatory, Raigad Bazaar, Vikram Vinayak Temple and many more.

Being an ideal place for a weekend getaway or a short trip, there are so many beautiful places to Visit in Alibaug. The captivating natural beauty and the joyous vibes make you visit here more and more. While Alibaug tourist places like Kihim Beach and Alibaug Beach let you soak in the cool breeze and enjoy the scenery of swaying palm trees, the stops like Khaderi Fort and Revdanda Fort let you delve deep into the history of this town.

Many places to see in Alibaug refresh your day with the array of adventurous activities and entertainment options. Head to Mandwa beach if you wish to indulge in a blissful session of boating or just visit the Raigadi Bazaar to enjoy a shopping spree. Get mesmerized by the scenic views of the sunsets from the many beaches of Alibaug and spend a loaded vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Alibaug:

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Murud Janjira Fort

Murud Janjira fort is around 54 km from Alibaug and is spread in the area of around 22 acres. The fort was originally a wooden structure, which was later renovated by Sidi Sirul Khan in the 17th century.

Fort is an architectural masterpiece. The fundamental passage has a stone cutting, delineating six elephants caught by a solitary tiger, an image of the courage of the Siddis. The fortification has 23 tremendous bastions around 30-40 ft high, still in place. Amongst them are the three noteworthy guns, 'Kalal Bangadi', 'Landa Kasam' and "Chavi" worked from five metals.

The primary door of the fortress confronts Rajapuri on the shore is masking, covered up and exceptionally tremendous. There is a little door towards the untamed ocean for to escape from the adversaries. The 5-storied old royal residence is presently in a demolished condition. There are shrouded ways for crises.

Murud, Alibaug.

All day.

How to reach: 
Reaching the Murud Janjira fort is easy. There are various state transport buses run throughout the day from Alibaug, Pune, and Mumbai and take you to the fort.

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Alibaug Beach

Image Credit : Pranay Rao-Flickr

If you love exploring the beaches and is planning for a trip than Alibaug beach is one of the best tourist places in Alibaug. The best thing about this beach is that you can enjoy the sight of the Colaba Fort. Take a short boat ride to the popular fort which gives a magnificent view.

One can also visit the Ganesh temple which is 400 years. Witness the majestic sunset while you are at this beach. The best thing about this beach is the fresh air and the cool sandy beach. Delight in Coconut drink or a Vada pav which is the special dish of Alibaug. One can also find a beach resort where you will find a variety of vegetarian dishes.


All day.

How to reach
: Alibaug town is 108 km from Mumbai and the fastest way to travel is through a ferry.


Kolaba Fort

There is no doubt in that exploring the fort is something which everyone loves to try once in a lifetime. The hidden stories of the forts always beckons us to explore these places. One such place in Alibaug which you would love to go is the Kolaba Fort which is located at a distance of 1-2 km from the shores of Alibaug.

The average height of the fort walls is 25 feet and has two main entrances one on the seaside and the other towards Alibaug. If you are visiting this fort during the monsoons you will have to wade through water at low tide. Another attraction about this place is Siddhivinayak temple inside the fort.

Alibag, Maharashtra 402201

Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM

Entry fee: INR 5

How to reach:
Kolaba fort is at an accessible distance of 7 km from Alibaug via Varsoli Road and can be traveled by car.

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Nagaon Beach

Image Credit : photosinframes-Flickr

If you are looking for some adventure water sport activities then this beach is the best option for you. Get amazed with the enchanting beauty of the cypress grove and the sandy beach with its crystal clear water.

The beach is around 3 km long and is an ideal place for the tourist where they can indulge in some activities like snorkelling and scuba diving. Dive deep into the clear blue water and witness the coral reefs.

Enjoy the amazing sunset with its orange hue as you walk in this beach in the evening. The beach is at a distance of 7 Km from Alibag. This beach is also known as Satad beach. For that ultimate experience, this is one of the best 
tourist places in Alibaug,

Nagaon Village, Alibaug 402201

All day.

How to reach:
The best way to reach the beach is through Alibag via Panel to Pen which will be around 30 km by car. The nearest railway station is at Pen which is connected with Panvel and to Mumbai.

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Kihim Beach

Dusk, cool wind and is searching for some photography than Kihim Beach is one such beautiful place to see in Alibaug that one should visit. The shoreline is best known for its encompassing with the perfectly clear water and the thick vegetation up and down the shore. Make some noteworthy minutes with your adored one while you visit the calm Kihim goan and appreciate scrumptious Indian cooking.

Kihim shoreline is around 12 km from S.T. Stop. This shoreline is additionally popular for the types of uncommon butterfly, feathered creatures and blooms. The beach is also known for its sandy beach and the coconut trees which grow in abundance in this region.

Alibaug, Raigad 402201

Timings: All day.

How to reach
: The easiest way to reach Kihim beach is by state transport buses. If you are in Alibaug than it is accessible by autos.

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Kanakeshwar Forest

Kanakeshwar Forest stands out as one of the famous tourist places in Alibaug, since it is a dense forest with a collection of rare flora and fauna. In addition to it, the climate is always cool and the place gets enough breezes for it is located on the Konkan coast near to Alibaug.

Another attraction of the place that keeps tourists to come there is an old Shiva temple on a small hill near the Mapgaon village and the hill locates at a height of 1200 feet and there are 700 to 750 steps to reach the temple.

Kanakeshwar, Alibaug.

Sunrise to sunset.

How to reach: 
From Mumbai International Airport, If one travels by car, it will take 3 hours and 16 minutes to reach Kanakeshwar and the distance covered will be 102 km via Maharashtra State Highway 104.

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Murud Beach

For beach lovers, Murud Beach is a visual treat with a vast stretch of black sand along the coastline. New-age travellers, who search for exciting tourist places in Alibuag, should add this location in your go-to list. Here too, tourists can delve into various water sports and boat rides and feels the picturesque beach scenery at ease.

In order to accentuate the beauty of the beach, a 300-year old fort by name Murud-Janjira Fort is present with traditional architectural design. When it comes to climate, it is mostly warm and humid, but the cool breezes from the sea lessen the temperature and make an ultimate place for nature enthusiasts.

Dapoli, Alibaug.

All day.

How to reach:
 You can get a cab, taxi or bus from Alibagh to visit Murad beach.

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Brahma Kund

Image Credit : wikimedia.org

Brahma Kund is one of the most popular Places to visit in Alibaug that was constructed in 1612. It has been one of the most visited religious spots located at a distance of 20 km from Alibaug. There are two kunds -  Shiva Pool and Brahmas Kund, which are surrounded by steps on all sides. As per the beliefs, the water in the kunds were collected by construction of walls when Lord Brahma bathed Lord Krishna.

: Hilltop Raigarh District, Alibaug 402201 India.

: 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM.

How to Reach:
It is located at a distance of 20 km from the city centre of Alibaug. It takes about 45 minutes to cover the distance. You can easily get public transport to reach this place. It would however be wonderful if you can take your own vehicle to enjoy the scenic route.

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Mandwa Beach

Image Credit : wikipedia

Located on one of the finest and exceptionally beautiful beaches, Mandwa is a must visit family tourist place in Alibaug. All day long, the visitors can enjoy the enchanting weather and beautiful birds along the Mandwa. 

The mesmerizing view of Gateway of India from its bay is one of the most unique experiences visitors can have. Moreover, the lively village life and the spell bound beaches have a lot to offer to its visitors. Adding more charm is the gigantic and beautiful orchard of coconut trees.

Location: Alibaug.

Timings: All day.

How to reach: 
Mandwa is just 14 km from Alibaug and is one of the best places to visit in Alibaug. Reaching Mandwa is easy. There are two ways to reach Mandwa. Either you can take the local transport from Alibaug or you can even hire a commuter ship or boat from Mumbai to Mandwa Jetty.

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Kashid Beach

Image Credit : wikimedia.org

Are you frustrated with the poor maintenance of beaches? Don’t worry. Kashid Beach gives you a clean and healthy ambience to play, enjoy and adore the sea-view. Interestingly, Kashid Beach is considered one of the cleanest places to visit in Alibaug where you can embrace the fresh water and clean air.

This alluring beach is covered by shrubs, trees called Casuarina which complements the existing landscape and entices tourists to stay long. It is located 30 km away from Alibuag, and it is heavily crowded during Saturdays and Sundays. However, this 3 km stretched beach promises you an ample amount of water sports to play and create memories.


All day.

How to reach:
You can get a cab, taxi or bus from Alibagh to visit Kashid Beach.

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Khanderi Fort

Khanderi Fort is an ancient but a famous tourist spot that can be listed out as one of the important places to visit in Alibaug. It is officially called as Kanhoji Angre Island built by Shivaji located 5 km away from the coast of Maharashtra and 20 km south of Mumbai. Underi which is known as the sister fort is termed as another eye catcher built by the Siddis.

Location: Alibaug, 4 km from Main Town, Raigad.

Timings: Sunrise to sunset.

How to reach: You can reach Khanderi Underi Island Port in Thal from Mumbai International Airport via Maharashtra State Highway 104 in a car after traveling for 3 hours and 25 minutes covering 103 km. Then you will get a ferry to reach the island and the travel takes up to 30 minutes.


Revdanda Fort

Revdanda Fort is located in Revdanda village, 17 km away from Alibaug and 125 km away from Mumbai. It overlooks the Revdanda beach and the breezes coming from there keep the fort always a nice location to spend time.

Around Revdanda fort there are plenty of coconut tree and beetle nut plantations and the place gets beautified with the fragrance of a rare species of flora which is called Bakuli in the local language.

Location: Revdanda, Maharashtra 402202

Timings: All day.

How to reach
: Board a cab from Mumbai International Airport to reach Revdanda fort which will take almost 3 hours and 34 minutes via Maharashtra State Highway 104 and the distance covered will be 115 km

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Akshi Beach

Situated close to the town of Alibaug in Raigad district in the Konkan region, accompanied its long stretch of pristine golden beach rowed with suru trees, it one is the most isolated beach in Alibaug and if you are looking for a perfect getaway places to visit in Alibaug, then Akshi shoreline shouts to you!

A standout amongst the most segregated shorelines in the country, it lies amongst Nagaon and Alibag shorelines and does not see much inflow of tourists because of its area and isolation. Populated by the locals, it is an ideal spot where you witness the local shoreline culture of the inhabitants.

Raigarh District, Alibaug 402201

Timings: All day.

How to reach:
Tourists can easily reach with frequent transport buses to Alibaug from Mumbai Central, Parel and Panvel state transport depots.

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Varsoli Beach

Located at a distance of approximately 3km from the main Alibaug Bus Depot, it is a popular tourist destination that is blessed with bountiful natural sights with stunning white sandy beach and the unmistakable sea of joy to watch, the beach is equipped for giving the most shocking perspectives of nature.

The view here is pleasant and faultless. The coconut trees and the Casuarina trees influencing in the cool wind leave the guests spellbound. The entire environment is so De-focusing and reinvigorating. The tourists revive themselves and feel relaxed here.


Timings: All day.

How to reach:
Tourists can easily reach with frequent transport buses to Alibaug from Mumbai Central, Parel and Panvel state transport depots.

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Rewas Jetty

Locates just 23 km from Alibaug, the Rewas Jetty which is a famous for its Mumbai Launch service to utilize the dispatch administrations of the Rewas jetty to travel. The jetty is most famous for its weekend retreats where the rich and famous personalities own their bungalows along the shoreline.

The jetty serves as the vital life of transport to the city. Vacationers swarm along these shorelines in huge numbers to board the ferry and to witness the confronting shoreline of Uran.

Location: 6 km from Kihim Beach, Alibaug.

Timings: All day.

How to reach:
Taxis are another way to get around town. They can be hired from nearby cities and used for local transport as well.


Magnetic Observatory

The Alibag Magnetic Observatory was established in the year 1904 and is one of a few British establishments that can be found here. What makes it very unique is that not only is it the only kind in Asia, but one of only 13 such observatories in the world. It provides geomagnetic data and has been among the foremost magnetic observatories in the world.

The observatory has 2 buildings. The first building has magnetometers that record geomagnetic field change while the second has precision recording instruments that provide data with geomagnetic storms.

Police Line, Alibag, Maharashtra 40220

10 AM to 5 PM

How to reach: 
There are various state transport buses running throughout the day from Alibaug, Pune, and Mumbai and taking you to this place.


Raigadi Bazaar

An all-in-one store to satisfy your shopping needs is the Raigadi Bazaar. Situated within a kilometre from the Alibuag beach, this place is ideal for shoppers. This big place serves as a mini-market for all travellers where they can buy diverse small items such as handicrafts, sandals & shoes, accessories, food, and so on.

Right from ethnic wears to branded shoes, mouthwatering sweets to evening snacks, cosmetics to handicrafts, you can purchase all forms of products at your ease. People flock together to grab the best-selling gifts for their loved ones and to taste the delicious cuisines for the first time.

This attractive, busy, crowded bazaar is one of the leisure places to visit in Alibuag where one can get the top-selling items at cheapest prices.

Koliwada, Alibag, Maharashtra.

10 AM to 9 PM

How to reach:
 If you are in Alibaug than Raigadi bazaar is accessible by autos.

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Vikram Vinayak Temple

Give your family an awe-inspiring feeling by taking them to Vikram Vinayak Temple. This beautiful pilgrim with admirable construction is placed nearly 20 km away from Alibaug. The different idols worshipped by devotees are Shiva-Parvati, Durga, Shree Radha-Krishna, and Surya (the Sun).

The temple looks splendid for its great tomb, built by white granite along with the rooftop which is made open from all directions. This temple serves twin purposes like a religious place for followers and a symbol of India’s supreme art and architecture. With its magnificent outlook, Vikram Vinayak Mandir is not only acknowledged as one of the best
tourist places in Alibuag but also in Maharashtra.

 Nidi, Maharashtra.

6 AM to 9 PM

How to reach:
One can take a cab from Alibaug bus stand to reach Vikram Vinayak Temple.


Awas Beach

Are you ready for one of the coolest places to visit in Alibuag with friends or family? Awas Beach guarantees you 100% beachful bliss with its casuarina and Suru trees surrounded on its seashores. This beach is famous for less crowd and self-enlightenment. It is also quite a place for couples and romantic partners who seek to cuddle and stroll on beach sand.

Located at the outskirts of Alibuag, this beach is provided with beautiful houses and resorts having the beach-side view. Thus, tourists who want to feel an aesthetic pleasure of nature should come here at least one time.

Location: Alibaug.

Entry fee: None.

How to reach
: The easiest way to reach Awas beach is by state transport buses. If you are in Alibaug than it is accessible by autos.


Birla Mandir

Located at a distance of 20 km from Alibuag on the Alibuag – Roha route is the beautiful Birla Mandir. Lord Ganesha is worshipped as the main idol, followed by ‘Riddhi and Siddhi’ on both sides. Here, people enjoy the very atmosphere and cleanliness which best suits for meditation. 

For family trippers, this is a one-stop destination where you can spend hours with your family and kids. The perfect time to visit this temple is during the sunset, where lights will be turned on, Aarti will be performed, and you can witness the true beauty of the marble.

Revdanda-Murud Rd, Salav. 

9 AM to 7 PM

How to reach:
One can take a cab from Alibaug to reach Birla Mandir.

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Undheri Fort

Undheri Fort is one of the most popular tourist attractions that is located at a distance of around 300 m from Khanderi and 9 km from Alibaug towards Kihim. This is one of the best places to visit in Alibaug. 

This island fort was built by Siddi Qasam in 1680 and was under the realm of several rulers like Peshwas, Siddis and Angres and the British. The fort is a relic and with the help of a guide, you can learn the history of the fort as well as some of the key principles behind its layout of the fort.

Location: Near from Khanderi, Alibaug.

Timings: All day.

How to reach: Tourists can reach this fort by hiring local fishing boats after seeking permission from the Bombay Port Trust.

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Karmakar Museum

Karmakar museum, named after Padmashree VP Karmakar, is where the work of its namesake is displayed. Padmashree Karmakar was a sculptor and his life’s work is displayed here, thus making it a place to visit in Alibag.

Sculptures ranging from those of Shivaji to Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri, to sculptures of animals and people, this is a one of a kind display open throughout the year. For art enthusiasts and students of art and sculpture, it is an excellent place to study the influence of early 20th century Art in his work.

Sasawane, Maharashtra 402201

All day.

Entry fee: 

How to reach: 
It is located in Bodani, which is approximately 18 km North from Alibaug, and near Sasawane beach. You can take a cab or public transport.

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Saswane Beach

It is a very serene beach which is relatively lesser-known to the people and that is why it should be considered as one of the best tourist places in Alibaug on weekends. Groves of coconut trees align this beach enhancing the beauty of the beach which is edging a small village.

Having all these beautiful features this beach also provides a range of water sports. Unfortunately, the water sports are not available in monsoon season as the tides get very aggressive in those months. You should not miss the sun drowning in the ocean behind the colourful fishing boats on the beach.

Location: Saswane Beach, Alibag, Maharashtra, India.

Timings: 24 Hours


Kasim Beach

With shining silver sand and aligned with gorgeous palm trees, Kasin beach is one of the serene attractions in Alibaug. This unexplored and offbeat beach is silent amidst the sound of waves, trees and birds.

It has got a long stretch of coastline which is perfect for walking while the waves play hide and seek with your feet. Taking your loved one with you will be the perfect thing to do. Or you can simply sit back and watch the sun drowning in the sea.

Location: Kasim Beach, Alibaug, Maharashtra, India.

Timings: 24 Hours


Korlai Beach

Korlai Beach edges a relatively quiet extent of the Arabian Sea with a stretch of sand which has a unique blend of white and dark sand patches. It is not a regular sandy beach, rather you will find green-yellow weeds, beautiful oxalis flowers and green meadows during monsoon.

This offbeat beach has a bridge which directly joins the land to a fort built in the sea making space among amazing Alibaug sightseeing places. It is a good example of Portuguese architecture. Not only this, the village people are also Portuguese speaking. It is a good weekend getaway to escape regularity.

Location: Korlai Beach, Alibaug, Maharashtra, India.

Timings: 24 Hours

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Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple

It is one of the religious Alibaug tourist attractions which is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Settled on the hilltop requires you to climb up the stairs. This journey could be tiring but will keep rewarding you with beautiful views of the village.

Once you reach there, you can pay your tribute to the Lord Shiva. If you are not a devotee then you can admire the finest example of the Hoysala style of architecture which was built in 1674. You will see finely sculpted lions on either side of the gate unlike the regular gate. The temple also has a tank called ‘Pushkarni’ with freshwater fish, which is unfortunately not open for tourists.

Location: Kanakeshwar Devasthan Mandir, Alibaug, Maharashtra, India.

Timings: 24 Hours


Someshwar Temple

Someshwar temple is a beautiful architectural structure but it is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva located in Akshi, just 3 kilometer away from Alibaug. The artistic extravaganza displayed on the structure has a history to be told that Satavahana rulers built it during 4th Century.

The temple is being nurtured by the cool breezes all the time because it is very near to the Akshi beach. There is a huge pond is located inside the temple premises which exists as a nourishing sight.

Location: Akshi, Alibaug.

Timings: 6 AM to 7 PM

How to reach
: From Mumbai International Airport, you can reach Alibaug by cab after traveling for almost three hours and from Alibaug, it is only 3 km to Someshwar temple.


Nagoba Mandir

Nagoba Mandir is hidden in the woods where you will find an idol of a hooded snake which is worshipped. According to legends, a man was bitten by a snake and once he came here, he was magically saved. It also has a samadhi of a saint who is believed to possess divine powers.

Although the temple is small but it is made with utmost detailed architecture. Moreover, it is a well-maintained architecture which falls among the significant places to visit in Alibaug near Saswane Beach. Tourists are attracted towards it because of the hanging bunch of countless bells and serene environment. It is suggested to have plenty of time in your hand as you will be fed with panoramic views on the way.

Location: Nagoba Mandir, near Saswane Beach, Alibag, Maharashtra, India.

How to reach: Walk from Saswane Beach

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Vrindavan Farm

Vrindavan farm is a place for trees, plants, fruits, and herbs to get birth, grow and flourish freely. In order to enrich the motherland, the workers here use a combination of indigenous knowledge and modern understanding. This slow yet determined practice gradually builds a self-sustained, diverse, and healthy food forest.

Other than fresh produces from the farm, it is also famous for the art and craft museum where you can purchase highly organic products like honey, spices, wax candles, etc. Moreover, if you’re planning to kick-start your business in organic farming, you can get the best advice here.

In this fast-evolving world with genetically-modified seeds, this farm aims to spread the ancient art of natural farming which stands unique from other tourist places in Alibaug.

 Kankeshwar Phata | Dist. Raigad, Alibaug, India, Alibaug.

All day.

Entry fee:
 Free for sightseeing. And for a one-day package, it starts from Rs. 750/- per head.

How to reach:
You can reach Vrindavan Farm by taking cab from Alibaug bus stand.

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Hanuman Temple

Hanuman Temple or Maruti Mandir is yet another popular Tourist place in Alibaug that you visit with your loved ones. The temple is located within the premises of the Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple, which is located at a distance of 13 km from the city centre of Alibaug.

The best part of this temple is its mesmerizing scenic beauty on the top of the hill which will surely tranquilise your senses.

: Shribag No.3, Alibag, Maharashtra 402201.

6:00 AM - 9:00 PM.

How to Reach:
It is located at a distance of 13 km from the city centre of Alibaug. You can cover the distance within 30 to 45 minutes by taking public transport. If you are travelling by private transport, you can reach the place much quicker.

People Also Ask About Alibag

  1. Which are the places to visit in Alibaug for couples?

    1. Alibaug Beach: Gaze into the crimson sunset while walking hand in hand on the paths of sand. Visit Alibaug Beach and spend a day enjoying the vibes of a dream like destination.

    2. Kanakeshwar Forest: Being one of the most famous places to Visit in Alibaug, this area is a go to destination for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. The forest has various waterfalls as well where you can camp around and enjoy a fun filled evening.

    3. Kashid Beach: If you want to spend some joyous time with your partner while indulging in various activities then Kashid Beach is the place for you. From horse riding to parasailing and scuba diving, various activities are done here.

    4. Raigadi Bazaar: No couples’ trip is complete without indulging in some shopping and the Raigadi Bazaar will provide an array of shopping options. From small shops selling handmade goodies to high end brands offering products at sale, many things can be bought from here.

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  2. Which are the places to visit in Alibaug for 1 day?

    1. Nagaon Beach: Offering an array of adventures like parasailing, banana boat ride, bumper ride and jet skiing, the Nagaon Beach is undoubtedly one of the best places to Visit in Alibaug.

    2. Karmarkar Museum: Padamshree Karmarkar was a very famous sculptor of the gone times and his work can still be seen in this museum. From life sized statues to miniature sculptures, a wide variety of items are showcased here exhibiting the brilliance of his carvings.

    3. Birla Mandir: Gaze into the awe inspiring architecture of Birla Mandir and spend a day offering prayers to the Hindu Gods. The cleanliness and the pious atmosphere offered here make it a go to spot for yoga enthusiasts and the ones indulging in meditations.

    4. Magnetic Observatory: Being the only such observatory in Asia, this place is known for calculating the geomagnetic field change. The building houses various fascinating equipment providing much more information about the earth.

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  3. What is the best time to visit Alibaug?

    The best time to visit Alibaug is between the months of November to March. Around this time, the sun is not very hot so you can enjoy sightseeing easily. Also, this is the time where the beaches here experience the highest footfall of tourists, thus resulting in some grand parties and events.
  4. Which are the best beaches in Alibaug?

    Whether you are looking for an escapade away from city life or just wish to admire the scenic views of nature, these beaches in Alibaug are the best for spending weekends.

    1. Kashid Beach - Famous for 
    horseriding. scuba diving, parasailing and many more.
    2. Nagaon Beach - Famous for 
    Banana Rides. Dolphin Trips. Parasailing. Jet Skis. Fishing Trips. Light House Trips.
    3. Murud Beach - Famous for 
    Ferry Rides, Scuba Diving, Camping, Watch Sunrise and Sunset and many more.
  5. What is Alibaug Famous for?

    Alibaug is famous for the tourist places in Alibaug which includes serene beaches where people like to come and spend some rejuvenating time away from their monotonous life. You can watch the sun drowning in the mighty Arabian Ocean. If you are a fan of photography then you have a few nice options like fishing boats, palaces amidst the ocean, flora-fauna and lot more. You can also engage in watersports offered near beaches. Moreover, Alibaug is known for architectural beauty in forts, temples and more.
  6. How can I go to Alibaug?

    By Air: You can catch a flight to Mumbai Airport which is the nearest airport in Alibaug and later hire a cab to ALibaug.

    By Train: Kasu, Pen and Hamarapur are the nearest railway station to alibaug and you can find a train to these stations and later hire a cab to the tourist’s places.

    By Road: Alibaug is well connected to major cities like Mumbai and Pune so you can board a bus to Alibaug easily. You can also hire a cab to Alibaug or drive your own car.

  7. How can I go to Alibaug from Kalyan?

    By Air: There is no option to commute via air.

    By Train: You can take a train to Kasu and reach Alibaug in 3 hours. However, you will have to hire a cab for further commute.

    By Road: Alibaug is well connected by road so you can drive from Kalyan to Alibaug and it should just take 3 hours.

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Prathiksha Divyananda Alibaug Beach Camping
"The beach camping at Alibaug hosted by Santosh Konde is simply amazing. Although the actual location is at Revdanda beach it was totally worth. The location is secluded and a perfect getaway from the hassles of city life. Apart from the barbecue being slightly limited. The overall experience was good. They have music speaker available and travellers get to play music all day long. It's perfect weekend destination for groups of friends. The washrooms were okayish. The was homely and delicious. And the overall experience was great. The place is also good for solo travellers. "
27 December 2020
Sanjeet Verma Alibaug Beach Camping
Beach camping alibaug hosted by Sanktosh konde was awesome. His team was very supportive. Location of the camp was awesome where you can enjoy sunset from your camp. Dinner specially chicken curry was too good and it reminds me of home made. Live music, movie screening, beach walk in the night and morning is like cherry on the cake. Overall nice experience and highly recommeded.
19 November 2020
Lewis Chandra Alibaug Beach Camping
The beach camping at Revdenda beach hosted by Himanshu is simply amazing. it was totally worth. The location is secluded and a perfect getaway from the hassles of city life. Apart from the barbecue being limited. The overall experience was good. They have music speaker available and travellers get to play music all day long. It's perfect weekend destination for groups of friends. The washrooms were okayish. The was homely and delicious. And the overall experience was great. The place is also good for solo travellers. The total area was decorated very nicely and place was peaceful and pleasant.
Akshay Kale Alibaug Beach Camping
"Very awesome place, good food, Music system also present"
23 December 2019
Had a great experience. Amazing night light and barbeque. Enjoyed the music. Tent were all wet due to dew at the night. But they made good arrangement.
Ashok Pandey Alibaug Beach Camping
"Outstanding experience . Well done by organizer service . Mr Santosh eknath konde . Nice view peace full place."
11 February 2021
Prashant khapre Alibaug Beach Camping
It was awesome. The view the clamness and the brach everything was perfect Love the camping Loved the ambiance Loved the night
21 January 2021
Lalit Bhatija Alibaug Beach Camping
It was a good Experience I am 42 did this with my family never did so in my young age but was worth the risk i took by planing this trip. Had fun thanks
19 January 2021
Yashasvi Mahajan Alibaug Beach Camping
The experience was awesome. They had clean tents and bathrooms. The package include evening snack with tea, following up with dinner with both the options veg and non veg. In the morning the breakfast was served with tea. The camping was at Revdanda beach and the Revdanda fort is very near from the beach.
13 January 2021
Madhav Shelke Alibaug Beach Camping
Beach is very clean and safe, staff is also co-operatve

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