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Rafting In Kolad

River Rafting in Kolad

Browse through a wide range of Kolad river rafting packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book Now the best  Kolad river rafting with exciting deals & offers to pamper you on your Kolad trip.

Quite beautiful with an umpteen number of waterfalls, lush greenery, and the captivating Sahyadris, Kolad is a major tourist destination in Maharashtra, especially due to its approach towards water-based adventure activities and similar activities. Kolad is a peaceful yet vibrant location that offers adventure sports like rafting, rappelling, kayaking, rock climbing, and many more but of course, Kolad River Rafting has gained prominence in the tourism sector in the recent year.

This tiny village in the Raigad district presents the picturesque nature before the visitors with utmost happiness and excitement. The Kundalika River is the major factor behind people’s choice to do white water rafting in Kolad. It is one of the fastest flowing rivers in the south that makes it water ideal for adventure-filled rafting along with other adventure sports and activities. Mind-blowing forts, dams, waterfalls, etc have their own influence on the mindset of people coming here as they are competing with each other to grab attention from the visitors.

There are hundreds of tour planners to offer you the best and authentic rafting adventure. Experienced raft guides will give you proper instructions and training before the activity. The tricky rapids in the river will promise you adventure at its best. Kolad water rafting can be done any time during the year since the river will remain intact throughout the year but of course, monsoon has special interest in Kolad so that many of the adventure lovers admire being at Kolad during the rainy season when the rapids may grow up to another level of adventure.
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Explore All (16)

Best Selling Kolad River Rafting Packages

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About the Activity:
  • Pack your bags for one of the most enthralling weekend getaway trips near Mumbai and Pune with this rafting package in Kolad river amidst picturesque landscape and cloud touching peaks.
  • There are different price for the weekday and the weekend.
  • Report at the starting point of rafting around 08:45 am and the activity ends at 12:30 Noon. Have an enthralling experience doing the 12 KM rafting.

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Location: Kolad
Timings: Between 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM 

Activity Duration: 
Bungee Jumping: 10 Minutes
Rafting: 2 Hours

Kolad is a small town in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, right along the Kundalika river. Bungee jumping is an activity that involves a person jumping from a great height while connected to a large elastic cord. The launching pad is usually erected on a tall structure such as a building or crane. Rafting and white water rafting are recreational outdoor activities which use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water.

You'll have thrilling rafting in Kolad along the rapids for two hours. You are provided with high-quality safety equipment and will be accompanied by experienced swimmers. One can enjoy an adrenaline rush in the spectacular waters of the Kundalika river then after some rest you will go for Bungee Jumping in which Team head ensures safety with a highly experienced crew, high level of training, good quality bungee jumping cords, the best equipment and procedures in place.

Rapids: 10 ranging from Grade 2 to Grade 3

Suitable For: Age group between 15- 60

Kolad River Rafting & Bungee Jumping Package offers: 
River Rafting and Bungee Jumping in Kolad

How to Reach:
It is around 112 km from Mumbai and around 120 km from Pune. You can easily take any public or private transportation to the location.

People aged 15 years and above can book the package.
Minimum weight and maximum weight allowed to book the package is 35 kg and 120 kg for River Rafting and 100 kg for bungee jumping respectively.
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About the Activity:

  • The most exciting of water adventures awaits you at Kolad, situated over the Kundalika River, just about 121 Km from Mumbai. Flowing over the mountains of the Sahyadris, it indeed makes up for a stunning getaway adventure!
  • Post your arrival at the rafting campsite at around 08:30AM, you will be briefed about the dos and don’ts of water sports in Kolad. Post this, by 09:00 in the morning, get you rafting gears, hop into the enthralling waters of Kundalika.
  • Employ your adventure spirit and  witness the rapids crushing against the raft and increasing the thrill of the day. Continue On completion of this vigorous journey, return to the campsite by around 02:00 PM for a delicious lunch.
  • Post  lunch, you can also embark on various other adventures such as  kayaking, jet skiing and dart games.
  • After such an exciting day beside the Kundalika River and adventures like river rafting in Kolad, check-out from the campsite around 06:00 PM.

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₹ 2,384 ₹ 1,884
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Why Kolad should be your next trekking destination this monsoon?

Rafting is a high adrenaline sport of navigating a river in an inflatable raft. If you ever get into a mood for some good river rafting adventure, head straight for river kundalika in western Maharashtra which is open for the sport throughout the year. River kundalika is fed by the excess waters from the hydroelectric projects and dams, which makes river kundalika ideally suited for white water rafting, and other water-based adventure and leisure activities.


  • Thrilling River Rafting adventure

  • Know the techniques from expertise

  • Raft amidst lush green forests

  • Surreal greenery and blissful environment while Rafting

  • Panoramic view of several mountains

  • Mesmerizing views.

River Rafting Distance: 12 km on the water

Rapids: Grade 2 to Grade 3

Duration: Approx. 2 hours

Group Size: 50

Age Group:18-45

  • Breathtaking beauty.

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Alibag, popularly known as “mini-Goa”, which is a famous getaway holiday destination, especially for beach lovers. This river rafting activity package offers you the opportunity to get some adrenaline rush in the Kundalika river, so let's do it!

About the tour
The Kundalika River is the major factor behind visitor’s choice to do white water rafting in Kolad. It is one of the fastest flowing rivers in the south that makes it water ideal for an adventure filled rafting along with other adventure sports and activities. Rafting in Kolad can be done any time during the year, but yes monsoon has something special in Kolad and that’s why a number of adventure lovers admire being at Kolad during the rainy season when the rapids may grow up to another level of adventure.

Lunch is included in the package. 

Maximum Occupancy:
20 Pax
Minimum occupancy: 4 Pax

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Essential Information About Kolad River Rafting


Best Time For Kolad River Rafting

Image Credit : Himanshu Sarpotdar - flickr

Weather is throughout the year ideal for rafting in Kolad. The weather in the region is humid all through the year and holds not many surprises for the visitors. When it comes to Kola rafting expedition, however, visitors mostly prefer the monsoon season (June to September). Rafting in this region during monsoons is an amazing experience. The surroundings are all the greener, the cascading waterfalls and roaring water in the river strives for a thrilling rafting experience.

Considering similar weather conditions throughout the year, Kolad water rafting can be experienced at any time of the year. People who are not much accustomed to ‘heavy’ rainfall can participate in rafting during the winter season (October – March). While for those who head to the water spots just with the aim of beating the heat can head straight to Kolad during the summer season (March – June). No matter what time of the year you chose - the lush greenery, stunning waterfalls and roaring river strive for a thrilling rafting experience.


Kolad River Rafting Cost

Image Credit : Jim Kelly - Flickr

Enjoy rafting in Kolad for approximately 2hours, at a very reasonable cost. The cost depends on factors like the route chosen, the group size, and the season.

The cost also varies depending on whether it is a weekday or a weekend. The price for Kolad river rafting per person is as follows.

Weekdays: - Approximately Rs.800/-

Weekends: - Approximately Rs.1200 /-


Types Of Rapid

Kundalika River is a dam-controlled river, the Kolad water rafting activity is conducted over the water released into the river. What started only a few years ago has now developed into a potential rafting destination in India after Rishikesh.

Kolad River rafting promises you with a nerve thrilling experience by taking you through different levels of grades. While here you will be facing following grade levels:

Grade II : Get ready to glide your raft through rough waters. Build up your team and prep up with all the safety gears as while rowing through these grades you might need to work on your manoeuvring technique because the adventure is just about to get a little rough from here.

Grade III: The moment you enter this level, you will be welcomed by raging white water. Brace yourself as you are likely to meet sudden drops. Beat the small waves rising high in order to lead forward without any tumbling. While manoeuvring through these grades, make sure you have a better technique planned in mind - build up your team for a thrilling rafting experience.


Things To Carry

It is always advisable to be well decked up with all necessary things that could come handy while you prep up for Kolad rafting excursion. Below listed are some of the essential that you should carry so as to avoid any unannounced peril.

- Valid Identity Proof – It is always advisable to carry a valid Identity proof, since rafting is an adventure sport, you will be required to provide your valid identity.

- All luggage to be packed in a sturdy sack bag – Pack light and travel light is the mantra of travelling. Make sure that you pack everything in a backpack, so that your hands are free.

- A handy water bottle – Adventure sports may lead to dehydration so ensure you have adequate amount of drinking water to keep you going.

- A Swiss/knife– For a perfect adventurous experience, be prepared with all handy gears.

- A Good quality and sturdy pair of walking shoes/ chappals/floaters – For adventurous activities, the first rule is to wear comfortable shoes and while rafting there is danger of waves pulling you out of the   raft. Ensure your feet are properly tucked in comfortable shoes.

- Extra pair of clothes – There is no second guessing that you will be getting thoroughly drenched; pack some extra clothing that you can put on post your rafting in Kolad.

- Sunglasses and a cap/hat – Though Kolad maintains a cool-humid climate throughout the year but it is advisable to have a proper head gear so as to protect yourself from harsh sun.

- Rain jacket – If you are willing to go river rafting in Kolad during Monsoons, ensure that you have a good-effective rain gears packed with you.

- Waist Pouch – Instead of hunting for small-small things in your backpack, make sure you carry all your money, phones and other tiny things in a waist pouch. Also, a waist pouch reduces risk of losing things.

- Camera – Who wants to miss such thrilling activities? Store all your lovely memories of Kolad in a camera so that you can relive the moment anytime and every time later in life.

- Any personal medication – Travelling might take a toll on your health. It is always suggested to pack all your personal medication with you.
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  • 2D/1N
692 Ratings
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₹ 3,100 ₹ 2,835 per Adult

Camp Location: Near Sambhe Bus stand, Kolad

Check-In Time: 1:00 PM (Day 1)

Check Out Time: 2:30 PM (Day 2)

About Camping And Rafting in Kolad:

Bestowed with unbounded natural beauty, the Kundalika River flows through forested hills and lush greenery, offering a golden opportunity for a weekend getaway. Not just a stay experience, but you get a chance to enjoy adventurous activities at the same time. The river is prominently known across the vicinity, as on the international scale it is rated as a grade IV river, making its rapids cast a challenge for the ardent water sports lover. Located just a couple of hours' drive from Mumbai, it is the preferred hotspot for all those eager to escape the mad rush of the city.

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How To Reach Kolad

Image Credit : Danial Chitnis - Flickr

From Mumbai –


The distance from Mumbai to Kolad is approximately 122 km.

- In case you are travelling via Kodambakkam - Mumbai Hwy and Khopoli - Pali Rd. Then you will reach Kolad in approximately 2 h 26 min.

- If you are travelling via MH SH 104 and NH66, you would reach Kolad in approximately 2 h 48 min.

- In case you plan to travel from Mumbai to Kolad via NH66, then you would take approximately 3 h 27 min.


One can take a day train from Mumbai (Dadar and CST) railway station to Kolad railway station. The time taken to reach Kolad from Mumbai by train is approximately 2 hours

From Pune –


The distance from Pune to Kolad is approximately 144.4km.

- If you are travelling through the Mumbai –Pune Expressway, you would reach Kolad in approximately 3 hours.

- If you are travelling via Tamhini Ghat Rd, then you would reach Kolad in approximately 2 h 50 min.


One can take a train from Pune railway station to Kolad railway station. The time taken to reach Kolad from Pune by train is approximately 3.5 hours. The train passes via Lonavala. 


Safety Measures

Image Credit : Himanshu Sarpotdar - flickr

- It is advisable that you hire a guide or an instructor. It is wise to listen carefully to the guides instructions and abide by them to fully enjoy your rafting trip.

- Avoid rafting if you are physically unfit. Paddling the raft needs strength and energy. Feel free to consult a doctor before indulging in this activity.

- Consuming alcohol during the expedition or prior to the rafting trip is strictly prohibited.

- Wearing lifejackets or the personal floatation devices during the water rafting session is mandatory.

- It is recommended that you stay hydrated during the rafting trip, in order to deal with the heat. Hence carry drinking water along with you, to avoid dehydration. 

- Do carry a handy first aid kit, with basics like painkillers, antiseptic lotions, Band-Aid, etc.

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₹ 2,939 ₹ 2,250

Location: Kolad, Maharashtra

Kolad Bungee Jumping Timing: 1 hour (Between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM)

Kolad, famous for unbounded scenic beauty and lush greenery along with waterfalls and green meadows, offers an adventurous destination for nature lovers. Located in the Raigad district in Maharashtra, the location implies a great spot for carrying out adventurous activities which lets you experience fun-filled moments and gather memories for the entire lifetime.

Experience a thrilling Kolad bungee jumping with letting your body jump from a height of 40 meters. Get a chance to become a daredevil heart and enjoy this adventurous activity with great enthusiasm and energy. There is a fixed platform above where people are fixed with a safety harness and then jump below.

Kolad bungee jumping is conducted with a highly experienced crew which ensures great safety You shall be provided with high level of training, good quality bungee jumping cords, the best equipment and procedures in place.

Requirements for Kolad Bungee Jumping:
Minimum Age: 18 years
Minimum Weight: 40 Kg
Maximum Weight: 110 Kg

Suitable for: Age group between 18 to 50. 

How to Reach:
The location of the activity shall be conveyed to you on successful booking by our travel partner and you can reach with the help of private and public transportation.

Kolad Bungee Jumping Packages offered:
Click on 'Book Now to find the following options:

Only Bungee Jumping:
 Bungee Jumping with Guide
Bungee Jumping with Lunch: Bungee Jumping with Guide and Meals

Children are not allowed for this activity.  

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144 Ratings
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144 Ratings Ratings
  • 1D
  • Kolad
  • 1D
144 Ratings
Superb 144 Ratings
144 Ratings Ratings
₹ 1,930 ₹ 1,625 per Adult

Activity Location: Kolad, Maharashtra

Activity Timings: 7:30 AM- 4:00 PM / 07:30 AM- 06:00 PM

About Empower Camp Kolad Day Out:

The Empower Camp Kolad caters to all the nature lovers that compel them to experience life beyond the ordinary. The beautiful place, surrounded by lush greenery, majestic valleys, and picturesque backdrops makes Kolad a treat to the eyes and peace to the mind. Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a fun-filled day out at Empower camp Kolad. Immerse yourself in unlimited fun, thrill and excitement with activities, make the day out even more exciting with sumptuous buffet meals.

Suitable for: Family, friends and corporates.

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152 Ratings
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152 Ratings Ratings
  • Kolad
152 Ratings
Excellent 152 Ratings
152 Ratings Ratings
₹ 523 ₹ 350
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Location: Kolad

Timings: Between 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM 
Duration: 45 Minutes

A thriving tiny village in Maharashtra, Kolad is one of the best places to avail adventure activities like rafting, rappelling, and kayaking. The village offers the best of the views to all the visitors and hence, it is one of the places people wish to go. The crystal clear waters of Kolad are waiting for your presence to help you have a thrilling experience. Kayaking in kolad is one of the most exciting activities which lets the adrenaline rush.

Reach Kolad and treat yourself with an exhilarating experience nestling amidst the beauty of nature. These forty-five minutes of Kayaking in kolad is unbeatable and is unparalleled. For your safety, get life jackets and be safe from drowning. If you are a thrill-seeker or an adventure lover, Kayaking In Kolad is the solution to all your questions. Book now and come along with your friends, family members or office colleagues who are crazy about action-packed experiences.

Suitable For: Adventure Lovers

How to Reach:
The site is around 112 km from Mumbai and around 120 km from Pune. You can easily take any public or private transportation to the location.

The minimum age to participate in Kayaking in kolad is 7 years.
The minimum and maximum permissible weight is 35 kg and 110 kg respectively.
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52 Ratings
Excellent 52 Ratings
52 Ratings Ratings
  • Kolad
52 Ratings
Excellent 52 Ratings
52 Ratings Ratings
₹ 600 ₹ 350
Location: Kolad
Timings: Between 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Duration: About 15 minutes
Distance: 150 meters

Famous for housing in adventure activities like rafting, rappelling, and kayaking, Kolad is one of the best places to visit and have fun. Kolad owns the scenic beauty that is a true treat to the eyes and is like the paradise to all the visitors. It is one of the places, if you are a nature lover, you will fall for this place. Availing an adventure activity amidst such a beauty feels like a dream come true for all the visitors.

Avail a zipping experience in Kolad and create a lot of memories for yourself. Let the adrenaline come into action and you make your day a memorable one with Kolad ziplining experience. You will be able to avail ziplining activity with a high-quality and strength harness. All the safety measures are ensured at the location so that you have a safe and exciting experience. There are a set of gloves and helmet included in the package as well. Book this experience now to be left enthralled and with a lot of memories.

How to Reach Kolad Ziplining Location:
It is around 112 km from Mumbai and around 120 km from Pune. You can easily reach the destination by public or private transportation.

Children under the age of 15 years are not allowed to avail the activity.
A minimum and a maximum weight of 35 kg and 100 kg, respectively, are permitted to avail the activity.
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53 Ratings
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53 Ratings Ratings
  • Kolad
53 Ratings
Excellent 53 Ratings
53 Ratings Ratings
₹ 2,750 ₹ 1,999
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Location: Kolad
Timings: Between 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Duration: About 15 minutes

Situated along the Kundalika river, Kolad is a small town in the Konkan region. It is one of the places that is home to the natural beauty that is impressive and picturesque. The village is famous for white water rafting and has provision for many adventurous activities including rappelling, kayaking and more. Availing Paragliding in Kolad will help you surf on the air over the views that beats none and will help you to gaze create memories that are unforgettable.

If you wish to feel like you are flying in the sky like a bird and if you wish to gaze the panoramic views of the beautiful village, Paragliding in Kolad is the activity to choose. The people who will be helping you to know the process of the activity are professionals. Your safety will be the primary concern by using high-quality equipment and trained professionals. Book now and feel the adrenaline coming into action as you glide down.

How to Reach Kolad Paragliding Site:
It is around 112 km from Mumbai and around 120 km from Pune. You can easily reach the destination by public or private transportation.

Children under the age of 8 years are not allowed to avail the activity.
A minimum and a maximum weight of 35 kg and 90 kg, respectively, are permitted to avail the activity.
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Jet Skiing

Image Credit : Michael McCarthy - flickr

With its diversified options, Kundalika River is certainly one stop destination for all adventure junkies out there. Besides adventure activities get captivated with the stunning greenery and picturesque landscapes of Kolad region.

Indulge in a heart racing Jet Ski experience at Kundalika. Suitable for even beginners, you will be provided with required briefing for this water adventure. Hop on to your ride and get ready to race with other group members. Cruise over the calm water and let the fun begin.



Image Credit : Luigi Mengato - flickr

Kundalika River has all required ingredients to make a spicy getaway story ready! For water enthusiasts, water adventures are an easy option to quench their adventure thirst. For other rock climbing and canyoning are the most preferred options.

Boost your adrenaline as you carefully descend down while clinging to the rope. Beat your fear as you combine your mountaineering and rafting techniques in this one activity. Take a break from routine life and indulge in some amazing fun-filled canyoning while in Kolad. In addition, you can have a tryst with the historical legacy of the Mumbai, chill by the Arabian Sea as you munch on some delectable street food, study about some legendary arts, ride on the most epic amusement park, etc. So, one should never miss out to visit best places to visit in mumbai along with friends as well as family.


Rock Climbing

Image Credit : Deep Hazarika - flickr

If you though Kolad is all about water adventures you need to give a second though. The entire region is made up of amazing rock formations and cliffs. For people who are not much of water sports lovers can indulge in some thrilling rock climbing adventure while in Kolad.

Satiate your thirst of adventure by participating in this thrilling activity. An ideal place for this particular excursion, beat your fear of heights and get ready to face some challenges. Test your skills as you slowly balance yourself on tiny foundations while conquering gigantic rocks here.


Kundalika River Crossing

Image Credit : Kiran Jonnalagadda - flickr

Unlike the fame white water rafting in Kundalika River has achieved in all these years, Kundalika river crossing is comparatively less known but those who have undergone through the adventure offered by the rope based water adventure have recommended it as one of the best activities that can be done in Kolad due to the excitement is hidden throughout the rope. You get the twin feeling of being above water but with the endurance, a rope activity can promise. And here, you are alone, balancing on the rope yourself where as other adventure activities will have instructors around.

This is the best time to feel the river on your feet as you will touch it hanging on the rope. Kundalika is in Kolad, around 3 hours of drive from Mumbai. As everyone knows, this is one of the most favorite adventure spots in Maharashtra. Kundalika River is the pivotal attraction in Kolad for offering different water sports. The river is originating from a village called Bhira and acts as the major water source to Kolad and the neighborhood.

For the rope activities as well, there are multiple tour providers and adventure clubs. Proper safety gears and training sessions will be given to you before you head out to indulge in the activity. The instructors may be at the other end of the river checking you throughout the activity and there is nothing to worry about as you can find plenty of visitors doing this amazing river crossing multiple times. Yes, this is not for faint hearted ones but for those with ultimate courage.


Bumper Boat Ride

This is one activity that is suitable for families as well. Enthrall gliding over a boat shaped like banana that is ties behind a speed boat. Feel your heart racing as you race behind the jet. Experience real joy in this child-like-activity.

Delight yourself in an adventure pumping experience as you feel the cool splashes falling on you while you race your bumper boat on the calm waters of the Kundalika River. Enjoy a weekend getaway in this ideal destination. Also, there are numerous places to visit in pune along with your friends and dear ones.


Mountain Biking

Image Credit : David French - flickr

Kundalika River, is a perfect weekend getaway destination lying in the proximity of Mumbai and Pune. Enjoy the stunning greenery wrapping the surrounding mountain ranges by indulging in an adrenaline boosting mountain biking experience in Kolad region.

Take a break from all available water adventures and get enthralled in a biking experience like never before. With its uneven and challenging trails – this is a perfect biking place near Kolad. Ride through rugged terrains and challenge your limits as you smear mud all over while racing with other group members.


Waterfall Rappelling

Image Credit : Wilma Compton - flickr

While touring this region of Maharashtra, brace yourself for some heart racing activities. Kolad Waterfall is a perfect destination for water adventures. Waterfall rappelling is a controlled descend through a waterfall using a rope. With your arrival at Kolad, begin your waterfall rappelling, experience the thrills as you carefully descend!

Enjoy this thrilling activity that requires your mountaineering skills, watch your step as you carefully place your foot while descending through the stunning waterfall. Enjoy the scenic landscape provising a perefect backdrop while you cling to the rope. Explore yourself with this fun-filled activity.


ATV Ride

Image Credit : Sungwon Kim - flickr

Unleash the devil in you with an amazing quad biking experience in Kolad. A quad bike also known as an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), is a customized three/four wheeler that is driven on low pressure tires and are suitable for any kind of track. It is one sporting activity that has travelled its way right from US to all other parts of the world.

As soon as you arrive, you will be briefed about some dos and don’ts of the game. Post this briefing session – get ready with your safety gears before riding your beast. Prep up for some mud-splashing, heart racing experience with rest of the group members. Show others your strength as you ride your ATV on rugged terrains.



Kundalika River is gradually becoming a favourite adventure destination among ardent adventurists and enthusiasts. No matter, whether you wish to enjoy the beautiful surroundings or get a taste of water adventures, this place has all.

While you stay here! Get ready to gather your wits for some thrilling activities. Since Kundalika is a dam controlled water thus making it ideal spot for water activities. Apart from all firm water adventures available here, there is one activity that is loved by almost everyone. Experience a fuecnfilled boating in Kundalika river, sip in the surrounding environs while pedalling your way over the placid waters. Moreover, Pune is banked beside river Mutha and is blessed with an ambient weather throughout the year, which make one of the best places to visit in pune ever in a lifetime with your family and friends. 

People Also Ask About Kolad

  1. What is the best time to go for river rafting in Kolad?

    Water rafting can be enjoyed all year round in Kolad since the activity is organized on all 365 days. This is since, the water in the Kundalika river is released from a nearby dam, resulting in the river having a good flow and rapids in every season. However, the most popular time for river rafting in Kolad is the monsoon and winter season.
  2. What is Kolad famous for?

    Kolad is a popular tourist destination blessed with green meadows, cascading waterfalls, and picturesque backdrops of mighty Sahyadris. Apart from its natural sightseeing adventure, Kolad is famous for its river rafting adventure. Paragliding and parasailing are amongst other adventurous activities to enjoy here in Kolad.
  3. What should I wear for Kolad river rafting?

    During the Kolad river rafting activity you can wear the following clothing items. Shorts/track-pants, Cotton t-shirt, Sandals or Shoes Moreover, it is best to avoid wearing jeans or traditional outfits like suits and sarees.
  4. How much does Kolad river rafting cost?

    The cost of Kolad river rafting varies on the basis of the day of the week on which you plan to do the activity. During weekdays, the cost is around INR 800 and on weekends, it will cost you about INR 1200 per head.
  5. Is there any weight or age limit for Kolad river rafting?

    Yes. There is an age and weight limit for Kolad river rafting. The minimum age allowed for a person to join the activity is 14 years and above. The weight limit pertains to a minimum of 40 kgs and maximum of 120 kgs where one should be able to fit in the life jackets.
  6. Is December a good time to go for Kolad river rafting?

    Yes, winter is one of the best periods of the year to go for Kolad river rafting. During this time, the water of the river is relatively calmer, which makes it perfect for even the beginners.
  7. How far is Kolad from Pune?

    Kolad is at a distance of 120 km from Pune. You can either opt to travel by road (bus or private car) or by train.
  8. What are the tips to keep in mind while experiencing river rafting in Kolad?

    Here are some tips and details about the Kolad river rafting activity:
    The river rafting ride in Kolad will cover 12 km in a duration of 2 hours.
    All the safety gear is provided at the Kundalika River Rafting Start Point which includes Helmets, Life Jackets & Paddles.
    Rafting can be done by people of all ages except individuals with chronic asthma, physical disabilities and pregnant women.
    The mobile network may be turbulent due to the river being around a forested area.
    Bring a bag with extra clothes and zip-lock or waterproof pouches to keep valuables.
    Non-swimmers and people with no prior experience in rafting can also attempt the activity.
  9. Is River rafting in Kolad safe for non swimmers?

    Yes, river rafting in Kolad is a safe adventure activity for non-swimmers as well as first-timers as proper safety gear and life-jackets are provided. Besides, the water for rafting is released and controlled from a dam into the Kundalika River and an experienced staff member joins the activity who helps guide and maneuver the raft.
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11 November 2015
An amazing experience. For the first time, I got the chance of river rafting and I loved it alot. Thanks you my lovely friends for insisting me to go on this trip.
In spite of the heavy rains and floods, there wasn’t any lack of hospitality. Rahul, Vaibhav, Gitanjali, Sadu and team took good care of us. We were provided with the suite which was quite spacious and well maintained. Toilets were clean. Overall the entire area was very well maintained. The food here is delicious. Loved the bhaaji served during snacks, chicken curry during dinner and the amazing missal pav in the morning. Coming to the activities- Kayaking - Enjoyed a lot. Though it wasn’t in the river (the river was flooded when we went), we enjoyed the experience in the backwaters. The river crossing is not actually in the river. It was also in the backwaters (small pond). Maybe because of the flooding. We didn’t try it. Whitewater rafting - Really worth it. The rapids were good. Especially Johnny Walker (name of a rapid). Had a great time swimming in the river at the end. Our guide Suraj was pretty calm and chilled out. Jet skiing - This was more like a formality as you get just one round and only get to sit in the front and not operate the jet ski yourself. The speed and thrill during the rains are however quite good. I wouldn’t have done it had it not been included in the package. Overall, we had a great time and will definitely come back again. Thanks & Regards, Suraj
"Before starting any review I want to say a big thank you to the whole thrillophilia team for making this trip as my best trip. So now let's start .....if you want to have a weekend getaway but want a adventurous getaway then give it a chance to thrillophilia, you'll definitely remember.I booked this kundalika rafting camp for two people from Pune. You just have to reach the camp by your own and that is also not difficult. From Pune via train you can go panvel and from there you can reach Roha and from there you can have a taxi to camp. Now , let's talk about host and camp. The whole camp is at the best location and all around the nature and river. I am not telling you more then this ,let it be the surprise. The hosts there gave us whole information and gave us a very warm welcome. On that day we did some activities,had some conversation with different people and finally we had a very classy Indian thali dinner. Next day was D'Day , the river rafting . The photos and videos which we saw was not as good as what we actually saw there. It was much more beautiful then the photos and videos. If you're doing River rafting first time then this will be hell exciting for you. If I could have given more than 5 star if more stars were there. Go pack your packs and add a adventure to your trip. You can reach camp via bus also from Pune. Bus is there from Pune to Roha from shivaji nagar. \n#adventures=thrillophilia"
12 January 2016
amazing rafting experience. The flow in the river was so fast and sometimes we really felt that we will fall of the boat, but the instructors and guide were so good in managing it during the rough flows.
Due to my fear of water I have always refrained from river rafting however attractive it sounds. But this time my friends encouraged me to give it a shot and accompanied me on this experience. I'm thankful to my friends and even more thankful to the instructor who made me feel safe while I was shaking with fear. Looking forward to trying rafting with Thrillophilia once again soon.
15 February 2021
I really liked the experience of Kayaking, Definitely gonna try again. The most important thing I liked the Experienced and the Super Cool Crew members who really managed the event well and make the Visitors acclimate with the environment.
08 January 2021
it was an fantastic experience with rafting and water sportes. location very good and takes you deep inside Nature. food was good, hospitality superb. enjoyed my stay and looking forward to visit again with friends soon.
One of the activities!!! I participate which gave me a shiver without a jump but when watching at the view from the station was breathtaking which make me forget that I was at a very thrill place. I was shiver like anything but expert of this activity inspire me that the safety gears would save me and I am gonna make a jump with the expert only. The jump was Wow with excitement at-last. I would try again next time.
The location was nice. This 45-minute experience was truly a fun and very special experience. The boat and the life-jacket provided to us were very good and nice. Kayaking process was not hard which I had an enjoyable ride paddling by myself. The whole journey was a very nice and very happy moment it was. People do remember to take the extra clothes because at the end of this activity you would definitely get wet. Everything went perfectly worth participating.
Zipline is really a fun activity that you must try it at least once, don't miss it when you around Kolad, the place really good for this activity, we really enjoyed alot, the staff was friendly and supportive, the price is not that expensive and the activity was safe and suits for everyone... Great experience with lifetime memory to cherished.

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