10 Things to Do in Cockatoo island 2021: Updated list

Activities to Do in Cockatoo island

Do Camping, Have fun playing Corn hole, Explore Convict Precinct, Take a ferry ride, Enjoy a game of Chess, Take a walking tour of Island and many more.

Cockatoo Island things to do offer an immensely exciting experience to the visitors. The tourism of the island provides an insight into the deep history of Sydney and events that have contributed to the reformation of the Australian Navy. Visitors from around the world come to enjoy, relax and recreate camping activities on the waterfront cafés. You can even enjoy the distinctive landscape, heritage buildings, and spectacular views. There are a considerable number of things to do in Cockatoo Island.

Some of the famous activities of the island include enjoying the serene heritage and campground accommodations, diving deeper into the guided historical and mesmerizing views, and taking part in fascinating seasonal events like New Years' Eve and music concerts. You can just take a ferry ride to the island. Take your kids and family and enjoy the one-day trip to the island. Hence, don't forget to grab a coffee from the Marina Cafe and Bar before you move ahead to the fascinating island surprises.

Here's the list of best things to do in Cockatoo island:

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Do Camping

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Camping is a different experience altogether. One of the best things that you can do is bring your tent and enjoy the campfire on the wonderful island of Cockatoo. However, it doesn't matter which location you choose, every waterfront campground provides you with the basic facilities.

Located in the heart of the world's best harbor, there are various picnic spots and cafes to hang out with your friends and family. The school children can also enjoy various camp activities around the serene landscaped gardens with beautiful views. Thus, it is one of the best things to do in Cockatoo Island.

Cockatoo Island Campground, Woolwich NSW 2110, Australia
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Explore Convict Precinct

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Another place to explore on the list of Cockatoo Island things to do is Convict Precinct. Popularly known as one of the 11 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Convict Precinct features remarkable examples of remains of convict structures.

When you reach Convict Precinct, you will get a view of the stunning landmarks well-suited to exhibitions, including the enclosed central yard, the sandstone Mess Hall, and the Military Guardhouse with mesmerizing views of Parramatta River. You can roam around the eerie remains of Convict Precinct. Therefore, it is the best place to have an experience of the fascinating Australian Precinct.

Balmain NSW 2041, Australia

7 am-11 pm
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Check out the Industrial Precinct & Docks Precinct

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Industrial Precinct & Docks Precinct is also one of the best Cockatoo Island things to do. You can experience some of the oldest remaining industrial workshops here. Furthermore, there are various instances to learn about how federations on Cockatoo Island improved working standards in Australia.

Both the precincts have some historical importance that dates back to the Australian Navy until 1860. The workshops conducted in the precinct also offer access to people with a mobility impairment. Thus, if you love the history of the reformation of the Australian Army, it remains the best place for visitors.

Balmain NSW 2041, Australia
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Have Fun Playing Corn Hole

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Corn hole is a game of hand-eye coordination and depth understanding. You can have fun playing this game in Cockatoo Island, where players take turns to attempt heaving bean bags of corn kernels into the raised hole. The bag weighs around 16 ounces. If you hit the bag into the hole, you will score three points. But if they land on the board, the score is one.

It is indeed one of the best things to do in Cockatoo Island for kids. The students are taken on a school trip to this island where they enjoy camping, playing games, and learning about the history of the Australian Navy.

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Watch a Movie at Campground Cinema.

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Located in the Convict Precinct, Campground Cinema offers a stunning experience to the campers. You can just lie down on the bean bags and a free selection of movies. You can also choose from a collection of movies for kids.

The Campground Cinema can accommodate up to 30 people comfortably. Moreover, you can also arrange group cinematic experiences through the Accommodation Team.  Hence, watching a movie with your favorite popcorn at Campground Cinema is one of the best Cockatoo Island things to do. 

Cockatoo Island Campground, Woolwich NSW 2110, Australia
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Spend an Evening at the Campground Fire Pit

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Campground fire pit gives an unusual experience of the world's best harbor under the evening stars. You can celebrate the unbeatable sights of Sydney Harbour. You can even go for a family picnic to these magical spots around the Campground fire pit. There are numerous cafes and BBQs to hang out with as well.

The Campground offers five options for camping, catering to several group sizes, budgets, and occasions. The firepit includes romantic waterways and family vacations for visitors. Hence, dive into the Great Outdoors with homely comforts. If you want to have a luxurious experience of the Campground, select a Deluxe Package for grand fulfillment.
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Take a Ferry Ride

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Another thrilling experience that you can add to your list of Cockatoo Island things to do is enjoying a ferry ride. Often called F8 Cockatoo services, Cockatoo ferry rides take you beneath the iron curves of the Harbour Bridge. You can have a look at the majestic rounded edges of waterside backyards, the Opera House, and the corporate skyline shrink.

While entering the island, you will have a glimpse of the history of Sydney. Therefore, it is the shortest and spectacular ride to the largest and most dynamic island.

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Dine out at Marina Cafe and Bar

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Situated next to the Camber Wharf, Marina Cafe and Bar is a relaxed setting located outdoors to set up a root for the day. Furthermore, you can take a break and plan your next activity on the Island at the cafe and bar. The Marina Bar and Cafe offers a wide range of tasty foods and drinks in a family-friendly environment.

The cafe presents an exotic range of wines, beers, soft drinks, and one of the best coffees on the island. The menu of the cafeteria includes pizzas, wraps, muffins, fish and chips, ice creams, and a lot more.

Location: Unnamed Road Camber Wharf, Docks Precinct Cockatoo Island Sydney, NSW 2039, Australia
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Take a Walking Tour of Island

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One of the picturesque things to do in Cockatoo Island is to take a walking tour of the island. Enjoy the view of the Sydney Harbour. Capture the beautiful moments at the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Walk your walk through the tunnels and disciplinary structures that date back to 1850.

Spend your evenings at the Campground and enjoy camping by the waterside. Delve into the mesmerizing sights of Cockatoo Island in a 1.5-hour walk. You can also book a self-guided audio tour to stroll on the island.
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Enjoy a Game of Chess

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Add the game of chess to your list of Cockatoo Island things to do. Surrounded by Sydney Harbour, you can enjoy the game of chess on a large, outdoor chess board. You can show your skills against other chess experts in a game of giant knights and pawns. The harbor offers a marvelous setting to the game where travelers can chill out after a long walk of the island. You can sip your favorite coffee and delve deeper into this game of chess.
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  1. Which are the best places to visit on Cockatoo Island?

    1. Sydney Opera House: Located in Sydney, this Opera House is a performing arts center. It is home to the world's greatest artists and performances. Hence, it must be on the top list of Cockatoo Island things to do.

     Darling Harbour: Situated on the western outskirts of the Sydney central industrial sector, Darling Harbour is home to several public facilities and tourist attractions. You can dine out the sunshine in the restaurants, bars, cafes, and temptations by the sea.

    3. Sydney Harbour Bridge: It is a landmark to one of the finest harbor landmarks known to mankind. You must include this place in Cockatoo Island things to do. You can stroll, cycle, or even climb up on the bridge for remarkable views. Moreover, you can also choose from the exotic range of delightful cuisines, including high tea, lunch, cocktails, or dinners.

    4. Luna Park Sydney: It is the most iconic amusement park on Cockatoo Island. You can discover the thrilling rides and attractions with your family and friends. Hence, it is a major attraction for kids.
  2. Is Cockatoo Island worth visiting?

    Yes, Cockatoo Island is worth visiting as it is relatively fascinating to have a glimpse of the views across the harbor. It is also interesting to explore the history of the island with the schools and shipbuilding.
  3. How long does it take to walk around Cockatoo Island?

    It takes around 1.5 hours to walk around Cockatoo Island. You can explore the well-preserved history of the island. Start walking clockwise around the island, and you will see a lot of things to do in Cockatoo Island.
  4. How do you get to Cockatoo Island?

    The simplest way to reach Cockatoo Island is by public ferry. You can take F3 and F8 ferry services that operate daily from Circular Quay and Barangaroo and also from wharves along the Parramatta River. Another way to reach Cockatoo Island is by a private charter.
  5. How much is the ferry to Cockatoo Island?

    The cost of a ferry to Cockatoo Island is around USD 6.12 to USD 7.65 for adults, while it is around USD 3.06 to USD 3.82 for children.
  6. What is Cockatoo Island famous for?

    Cockatoo Island is famous for its fundamental role in Australia's maritime and industrial history. The island is a dockyard of the Australian Naval Army. Thus, it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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