30 Waterfalls in Maharashtra: With Photos & Best Time
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Maharashtra Waterfalls

Malshej Falls, Pandavkada waterfall, Randha Falls, Chinaman's Falls, Dhobi Waterfall, Sahastrakund waterfalls, Zenith Falls, Vihigaon Waterfall and many more.

If you believe nothing can comfort your soul the way a touch of nature does, there is a long list of waterfalls in Maharashtra that are just the right places where you should be spending your off days at. Majestic cascades falling off of towering cliffs enveloped in almost all shades of green, these striking waterfalls easily qualify for wonders of nature.

In addition to the mesmerizing sights, the soft roar developed by the falling of these streams into pools is figuratively a plunge into a world of serenity. Some quiet moments at these waterfalls promise a memorable experience regardless of who accompanies you here.

Though most people prefer to frequent these Maharashtra waterfalls for admiring the artistry of nature on picnics, there are surprises in store for adventure lovers as well. Some of these waterfalls like Zenith and Lingmala have trekking trails around that take you through lush forests.

And some waterfalls like Vihigaon Waterfall allow you to indulge in rappelling. Besides, since all of these waterfalls are extremely charming, photography enthusiasts are also guaranteed an enjoyable time visiting these sites.

Here are some of the best waterfalls in Maharashtra:

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Explore All (318)
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Malshej Falls

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Malshej Ghat is counted among the most beautiful nature spots in the state of Maharashtra, and the place owes its fame to the countless cascading falls located within its realm. From long streams plunging from great heights in full fervor to small cascades you could enjoy a cool bath standing under, these waterfalls look absolutely stunning irrespective of what season you choose to witness them.

Have snacks with your family sitting by a gushing waterfall, immortalize the enjoyable moments in your camera, or sing songs at the rhythm of nature – there are multiple ways to enjoy your time at Malshej Falls.

Location: Malshej Ghat, Thane – Pune Road.

Timings: Always open.

Entry Fee: Free.

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Pandavkada waterfall

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A quick nature getaway from major cities of Maharashtra like Mumbai and Thane, Pandavkada Waterfall is famous for the scenic landscape it is part of. A number of people get out of their concrete dwellings over the weekends to feel a touch of mother nature and soak in the natural splendour of Pandavkada Waterfall.

It is a great site to enjoy a family picnic and even a cool bath under the cascade if the flow is frail enough to be called safe. Plummeting from a verdant cliff on a rocky surface 107 metres below, this waterfall feels absolutely magnificent in its grand appearance and roaring noise.

Height: 107 Metres.

Location: Khargar, Navi Mumbai.

Timings: 8 am to 6 pm.

Entry Fee: Free.

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Randha Falls

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If you are on an expedition to explore the most spectacular waterfalls in Maharashtra, Randha Falls should be somewhere on the top spots. Endless stretches of green vegetation surround this milky waterfall that plunges into a 170 feet tall gorge, creating the kind of sight that would take your breath away.

Owing to the pristine nature and pure atmosphere one gets to experience here, Randha Falls is counted among the best popular weekend getaways from Mumbai and Pune. Visit this scenic location during the monsoon season to find the plunge in its full strength and the vegetation at its vibrant best.

Height: 170 feet.

Location: Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

Timings: Always open.

Entry Fee: Free.

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Chinaman's Falls

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If nature and landscape photography interests you, Chinaman’s Fall and the dramatic landscape around it promise some extraordinary frames. The waterfall was named Chinaman’s Falls because there is a garden close to it which was earlier managed by Chinese.

A perfect location for a family picnic, a romantic date, and a day full of rejuvenation in the company of nature – Chinaman’s Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Maharashtra. Even the presence of majestic waterfalls, namely Dhobi Falls and Lingmala in close proximity does not diminish the charm of this elegant cascade that attracts thongs of nature lovers throughout the year.

Height: 500 feet.

Location: Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra.

Timings: 6 am to 6 pm.

Entry Fee: Free.
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Dhobi Waterfall

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A popular one among Maharashtra waterfalls, Dhobi Waterfall offers a perfect amalgamation of serenity and exquisiteness which becomes a perfect balm for tired souls. If you are planning to spend a memorable day relaxing in the fairy-like realm of Mahabaleshwar, the soothing sound of a voluble stream brushing against rocks at Dhobi Waterfall will definitely rob you off, your tiredness.

You will find a mix of tourists, local picnickers, and youths when you visit this scenic site. Though this waterfall can be visited during all seasons, the intensity of the flow increases manifolds during monsoons.

No Information.

Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra.

6 am to 6 pm.

Entry Fee:

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Sahastrakund Waterfalls

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Not plummeting from a great height but scenic nonetheless, Sahastrakund is another spectacle of nature in Maharashtra. The vigorous stream of Penganga River meanders through rocky terrain in the middle of lush greenery, creating Sahastrakund Waterfall – an ideal nature getaway for everyone.

Since this waterfall is not known to too many tourists, you can visit it to enjoy some moments of seclusion without any interruption. Even though you cannot really enjoy a bath under this waterfall due to its forceful flow, sitting by it and soaking in the beautiful scenery will delight your heart. You can also visit a few prominent Hindu temples located near the waterfall.

Height: 50 feet.

Location: Near Islapur, Maharashtra.

Timings: Always open.

Entry Fee: Free.

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Zenith Falls

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A popular weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune due to a short distance, Zenith Falls is counted among the most sought after waterfalls in Maharashtra. Several streams pour down from a height and crash against the rocky canyon to create Zenith Falls. Whether you just want to gaze at its beauty or you want to let it wash away all of your fatigue, there are many distinct ways to create lifelong memories here.

Sadly, Zenith Falls is not a perennial water stream so you can only relish this visual delight during the monsoon season. The surrounding hills also tend to be shrouded in various shades of green, making the entire region look like a fragment of a painter’s imagination. You need to take a small trek in order to reach the waterfall.

Height: 80-90 feet.

Location: Khopoli, Maharashtra.

Timings: Always open.

Entry Fee: Free.

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Vihigaon Waterfall

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Your hunt for a place where you could spend some quality time with your dear ones in the company of nature ends at Vihigaon Waterfalls. Without a doubt one of the most fascinating waterfalls in Maharashtra, Vihigaon Waterfall is surrounded with verdant forests that add a sense of purity to the overall atmosphere.

There is also a pool where you can take an energizing dip. Visit this cascade during the rainy season and add some hot snacks to spice the experience up. Moreover, if you are an adventure enthusiast, do not miss the opportunity of indulging in a rappelling experience when you visit Vihigaon Waterfall. It is exhilarating and definitely worth a try!

Height: 100-120 feet.

Location: Vihigaon, Maharashtra.

Timings: Always open.

Entry Fee: Free

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Lingamala Falls

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You get an opportunity to get face-to-face with ecstasy when you visit Lingamala Falls located in the pretty town of Mahabaleshwar. Whether you are a nature lover, a landscape photographer, or someone who just wants to escape the hubbub of city life – you can take refuge in the sanctity of Lingamala Falls.

Relishing delicious snacks on a misty day by the falls will make your experience all the more enjoyable. Reaching the waterfall needs a short walk of approximately 1 km which feels refreshing owing to the breathtaking vistas all around. Furthermore, you can also visit a couple of other beautiful waterfalls located in close proximity to Lingamala.

Height: 600 feet.

Location: Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra.

Timings: 8 am to 5:30 pm.

Entry Fee: INR 20 per person.

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Amboli Waterfall

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Amboli is a quaint hill station in the state of Maharashtra, and one of the major reasons why you should choose it for a weekend getaway is Amboli Waterfall. All of your worries will be absolved as soon as the cool water touches your skin in the magical aura created by this picturesque cascade.

Nature lovers, shutterbugs, explorers – they all visit Amboli and end up falling in love with this spot because it is a perfect recipe for joy ideal for everyone. Visit with your family and friends to experience an unusual combination of matchless scenic beauty and pure tranquility which will be etched in your memory forever.

Amboli, Maharashtra.

8 am to 6 pm.

Entry Fee:
INR 10 per person.

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Dabdaba Falls

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Not only this is among the most underrated Maharashtra waterfalls but even the drive to this place is a pleasant experience with natural scenery on both sides of the road. The stream gushes its way through verdant terrain after ultimately plummeting into a vast pool of water. This scene is definitely worth treasuring by clicking it on camera.

Masses of people visit Dabdaba Falls during weekends to seek respite from the monotony of life and spend some quality time at this mesmerizing spot.  Apart from a day outing with family, Waterfall is also a great choice of destination for spending a lovely day with your lover.

Location: Thane, Maharashtra.

Timings: Always open.

Entry Fee: Free.

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Tamhini Falls

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One of those waterfalls in Maharashtra that enjoy equal fame among locals and tourists, Tamhini Falls is worth a visit. This picturesque site is just a 3-hour drive and 2.5 hour drive away from Mumbai and Pune respectively. From birdwatching to a nature walk, there is a wide range of ways to enjoy some laid back moments here.

In order to catch the waterfall in its true glory, plan a visit on a rainy day when the entire region tends to turn misty. And you can make your experience all the more exciting by covering Kansai Waterfall and hot springs, too, located a short distance from Tamhini Falls.

Location: Tamhini Ghat, Pune, Maharashtra.

Timings: Always open.

Entry Fee: Free.

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Thoseghar waterfalls

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The best thing about choosing Thoseghar over the other waterfalls in Maharashtra is that there will be natural in your sight as far as your eyes can see. When the gushing streams cascade down the slope, the sparkling water under the sunlight appears extremely striking.

The 2.5-hour of the place is further enhanced with green hills and ravines all around the falls. The waterfall encompasses a range of plummeting streams one of which is as high as 200 metres. It is recommended that you carry your camera along when you visit this place so that you can revisit the moments spent here through photographs. There is a platform where you can stand and soak in the surrounding beauty.

Height: 15-200 metres.

Location: Satara, Maharashtra.

Timings: 9 am to 6 pm.

Entry Fee: INR 20 per person.

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Nangartas Falls

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If your idea of an ideal nature getaway is to spend a couple of days in the hill station of Amboli, Nangartas Falls awaits you with the glory of nature. Counted among the most promising Maharashtra waterfalls, Nangartas Falls is a nature lover’s delight because the place is far away from all kinds of pollutions and offers an experience that will revive your senses.

The stream falls from a height of 40 feet into a ravine that is 10 feet in height. Since it is located just off the highway, you can reach here without much struggle. The best time to visit Nangartas Falls is from July to October when green environment and roar of the stream will leave you speechless.

Height: 40 feet.

Location: Sawantwadi Road, Amboli.

Timings: Always open.

Entry Fee: Free.

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Umbrella Falls

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Just like the name suggests, a downpour of water falls from a cliff in such a way that it looks like an umbrella. Below the fall there is a bridge where you can stand and look up to see the stream cascading right next to you to form a river that flows from underneath the bridge.

This experience of being too close to nature will leave you mesmerized and will give you much-needed escape from concrete jungles. This fall guarantees you with spectacular views of the surroundings from where you can see the lush green hills in the backdrop of the fall. Nature lovers, photo fanatics, as well as adventure enthusiasts, will thoroughly enjoy a visit to this waterfalls.

Location: Bhandardara, Maharashtra.

Entry fee: Free.

Timings: Always open.

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Vajraj Waterfalls Bhambavali

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Vajraj Waterfall is India’s second highest waterfall with height measuring to 853 feet. The sight of this three tier fall that comes cascading down from the cliff to form a pond at the bottom will take your breath away. The source of this waterfall is River Urmodi and it is situated in the Sahyadri Hills of the Western Ghat.

The atmosphere is serene, so you can spend your time here peacefully and feel closer to nature. The silence that envelops the place adds to the exquisiteness of the fall. Vajraj attracts many tourists from all over India with its matchless beauty that makes it one of the best among Maharashtra waterfalls.

Location: Bhambavali, Maharashtra.

Height: 853 Feet.

Entry fee: Free.

Timings: Always open.

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Paabal Waterfalls

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When we talk about best waterfalls in Maharashtra, Pabaal Waterfalls is one of the names that pop up instantly on everyone’s mind. To visit Paabal Waterfall you are supposed to take a walk in the wild nature as it is hidden in the deep wilderness. The pouring waterfall makes a pool below where you can take a dip and enjoy swimming in the middle of dense jungles of Sahyadri Valley.

It is an ideal spot in the region to enjoy picnics and walks in the deep jungles if you are visiting with family. And when you visit this waterfall with your friends, you can also indulge in activities like photography as well as hiking. All in all, Paabal Waterfall is an excellent spot which you can visit with anyone and make memories for a lifetime. 

Location: Paabal, Maharashtra.

Entry fee: Free.

Timings: Always open.

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Bhivpuri Waterfall

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Bhivpuri Waterfall drops down from a height of 20 feet and attracts many tourists, qualifying for one of the best waterfalls in Maharashtra. Though you can visit this site throughout the year, it appears most charming during the rainy season. Breathe in the fresh air around you, take a dip into the cold water and enjoy the tranquility of this place.

If you like an adventure than it is a great spot where you can try your hands at water rappelling and trekking. Bhivpuri Waterfall, being a perfect mixture of natural beauty and thrilling adventures, will amaze you with its charming aura.

Location: Karjat, Maharashtra.

Height: 20 feet.

Timings: Always open.

Entry fee: Free.

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Devkund Waterfall

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A trail that takes you into the deep jungle and lush green valley where the renowned Devkund Waterfall is located. The trail is an adventure in itself and the view that unfolds before your eyes while you walk to reach the fall is mesmerizing. From the height of 55 meters the stream comes tumbling down and merge into a big striking pool.

You can take a plunge in the pool and enjoy the fresh cool water. The environment is really the kind that allows you to relax and rejuvenate in the lap of nature. If you are planning a nature getaway where you can also indulge in some adventure, then you should not miss a chance to visit Devkund Waterfall.

Location: Bhira, Maharashtra.

Height: 55 feet.

Timings: Always open.

Entry Fee: Free.

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Malavali Waterfall

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A nature getaway from Pune is not hard to pick since you have an excellent choice in the form of Malavali Waterfall – a great spectacle of nature not far from the city. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to reach here from Pune, and the long drive is a delight with views of verdant hills on both sides of the road.

Though not very popular among waterfalls in Maharashtra, Malavli is definitely worth a visit for the very reason that you will not find tourists swarming the place. It is a small-medium sized waterfall that can be conveniently coupled with a tour to the ancient Bhaja Caves. The environment is really peaceful which makes the waterfall a good place to spend some quiet moments at.

Location: Malavli, Near Lonavala.

Timings: Always Open.

Entry Fee: Free.

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Marleshwar Waterfall

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Marleshwar Waterfall is a hidden gem in the lap of nature with views that will sweep you off your feet. In order to reach this waterfall, you will have to climb 530 steps but the rewarding view of the fall makes the effort worth making. The landscape is truly picture-perfect, and as far as your eyes can see there is lush green foliage.

There are multiple small streams that flow from the hill which then merge into one big waterfall. A stream and small temple is located just beneath the waterfall and which adds to the beauty and prominence of this place. To make your experience a truly memorable one, take a dip in the cold and clean water of the falls.

Location: Marleshwar, Maharashtra.

Timings: Always open.

Entry fee: Free.

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Ellora Caves Waterfalls

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Ellora Caves Waterfall is a wonder of nature which comes cascading down from the top of the cliff and creates a pool at the bottom. It is unique owing to the ancient caves that dates back to 10 AD century located right next to the fall. There is a narrow path that will help you reach the caves and the fall drops down right next to it.

A unique amalgamation of history and nature, Ellora Caves Waterfall caters to a variety of visitors and offers a delightful experience. Come to this site with your friends to spend an eventful weekend. History buffs, photographers, nature enthusiasts as well as adventure seeker will love this spot.

Location: Ellora, Maharashtra.

Height: No information.

Timings: Sunrise to Sunset.

Entry fee: INR 10 per person.

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Someshwar Waterfall

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Someshwar Waterfall also known Dudhsagar Waterfalls is formed on the holy River Godavari. The fall offers a picturesque view of the surrounding which makes it even more captivating. The flow is usually quite strong and the waterfall looks dynamic and spirited. Get drenched in the spirit of adventure by indulging in rappelling here and descend the fall while the water is rushing past you.

Rappelling experience is the ultimate treat here for thrill seekers. Besides, this spot is also perfect to enjoy a picnic with your loved ones. Someshwar Waterfall is a treasure for nature lovers and a delight for photographers owing to its breathtaking scenic beauty. A visit to this charming waterfall promises you with some pleasant moments in the company nature.

Location: Nashik, Maharashtra.

Height: 32 feet.

Timings: Always open.

Entry fee: Free.

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Savdav Waterfall

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Sandav Waterfall is a fascinating waterfall which also serves as a popular picnic spot to the locals. Due to the uneven settings of the rock the water comes flowing down from multiple directions to merge into the stream and this enhances the beauty of the fall. Stand under the pouring water and enjoy a natural shower because this will surely delight your senses. As the pool is not quite deep, you can also enjoy swimming.

The views from the fall are incredible as it is settled in the middle of dense vegetation. There is a cave nearby where you can enjoy a picnic in an unusual but exciting scenario while gazing at the magnificence around you.

Location: Kankavli, Maharashtra.

Timings: Always open.

Entry fee:

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Barki Waterfall

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Bakiri Waterfall is an alluring waterfall nestled in the middle of wilderness featuring astonishing landscapes. The fall comes pouring down from the height of 150 feet and brushes against the rocky ravine and makes a roaring sound. A thrilling 4 Km trek will take you on a ride to explore the wildlife, flora, and fauna of this region which is covered with verdant greenery.

The waterfall and scenery all around it will be the ultimate reward that you will cherish throughout your time here and even afterward. It is a delight for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and photographers. Do not miss visiting this exceptional waterfall which is easily one of the finest in the region.

Location: Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

Height: 150 feet.

Timings: 9 am to 5 pm.

Entry fee: INR 15 per person.

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Kune Waterfall

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Sight is so spectacular that it will render you breathless to lay your eyes on the majesty of Kune Waterfall – the favourite weekend spot of Pune. Celebrated as the 14th highest waterfall in India, this waterfall in Lonavala claims a total height of approximately 650 metres which is divided into three tiers.

Whether you want to indulge in nature photography, enjoy a picnic with family, or get away from the pollution and cacophony of the cities, Kune Waterfall makes for one of the best spots around.

The waterfall can be seen at its ferocious best during the monsoon months when the stream falls from the cliff with a strong roar, and the mist around it shelters the plush vegetation gracefully.

Location: Khandala, Lonavala Valley

Timings: Always Open

Entry Fee: Free Entry

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Dugarwadi Waterfall

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Located at a short distance of 30 km from Nashik, Dugarwadi Waterfall is a quiet site with incredible scenery, apt for spending a delightful day in the company of nature. Plummeting off a great height from a cliff shrouded in lush greenery, Dugarwadi Waterfall looks spectacular with its milky water, surrounded by acres of pristine forests.

Whether you are running from boredom or from the restless grind of your schedule, Dugarwadi is made by nature to offer a pleasant respite. What makes being here all the more enjoyable is the sound of nature which features a mix of the water’s crashing noise and the chirping of birds.

Location: 30 km from Nashik, Maharashtra

Timing: Always Open

Entry Fee: INR 10 per person

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Dabhosa Falls

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If you like adventure, nature, or adventure in nature, you are likely to make a visit to Dabhosa Waterfall a regular pilgrimage. Snuggled calmly in the verdant hills of Jawhar Tehsil in Maharashtra, this waterfall is best known in the region for its grandeur as it plunges from a height of 300 feet, creating a spectacle worth losing one's heart too.

The arrival of monsoons adds a heavenly touch to the dense forests that surround the cascade. In addition to people visiting the site for the purpose of taking in the freshness of the surroundings, it is widely known among thrill seekers, for exciting experiences like trekking, camping, rafting, and valley crossing can be undertaken here.

Location: Jawhar, Maharashtra

Timings: Always Open

Entry fee: Free Entry

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Ashoka Falls

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A popular getaway spot near Nashik, Ashoka Waterfall got its name from Bollywood movie Ashoka whose few scenes were shot here. Not just the cascade but the entire scenery, which it is a part of, has a certain kind of charm about it.

Bring your camera along because you will certainly find some fascinating frames to capture here. There is a pool below the waterfall that collects the crystal clear, cool water of the stream which is apt for a rejuvenating bath. Hang out with your friends over the weekend, spend a romantic evening with your partner, or give yourself an opportunity to introspect in nature's lap – Ashoka Waterfall is the destination for you.

Location: Vihigaon, Maharashtra

Timings: Always Open

Entry fee: Free Entry

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Chinchoti Falls

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Take some time out of your off days and visit Chinchoti Waterfall located near Vasai to get a considerable dose of thrill along with a sense of revival. If you ditch your partying and shopping plans to spend a day here, you will not regret it for a moment.

Apart from the bewitching site of the cascade, the music of nature created by the sounds of gurgling, rustling and chirping will surely mesmerize your senses. It is advisable to avoid taking bath here during peak monsoon months as the flow of the stream tends to grow wickedly intense.

There is a serene trail through the woods near Kaman Village that takes you to this lesser known waterfall, making it a must visit spot for adventure lovers in Maharashtra.

Location: Chinchoti, Maharashtra

Timings: 6 am t 6 pm

Entry fee: Free Entry

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We were 5 people and went on the next day of Christmas. It was the best experience so far in lake side camping. The staff namely Ramrao Rathod and Baldeo were very much helpful. He alloted our tents. Tents were clean and bedsheets and woolen blanket were provided. After checkin we had our evening snacks which was Tea and Maggi. We went back to our tents. Ramrao fired up bonfire around 7. We sat around and after an hour he brought kebab sticks for BBQ. The weather was very good. Got to see both sunset and sunrise. The food was great. Veg and Non Veg both options were provided. Lightning was dim which was just perfect. Can't get better. We danced till 12 am midnight. Went to the lake in evening. Clicked some great photos. The trip was memorable and will surely visit next year in winter season.
11 November 2015
An amazing experience. For the first time, I got the chance of river rafting and I loved it alot. Thanks you my lovely friends for insisting me to go on this trip.
"one of the best Trek celebrated Independence Day at top, enjoyed a lot by exploring new peoples, I would specially thanks the best ,caring and friendly host Atit and Smith team who assured me that I m solo traveler while coming to trek but while going I will be hand full of memories, and really the same thing happened with me and these guys kept their words . \nfinally I will conclude it was really awesome day thank you thrillophilia for making my day. "
19 February 2019
It was my husband bday and I wanted to give surprise to him and whole family .. As my mother in law and father in law was with me I was really scared how the place will be will they be comfortable but Mr Anirudh gave me surety that visit once and sees the experience he gave me the number of host who is really awesome she made all the arrangement I request her for decoration & cake . As soon as I reached there she welcome whole my family with warm-hearted and arrangement. Tents were neat and clean, she made my family and me so comfortable she explained about the place in detail then we went to sunset it was really beautiful and feel peace to see that, as soon as we Came back evening snacks was ready Taste was awesome and it was unlimited. Barbeque with born fire was really pleasant with cold weather .. my family really enjoyed and especially I want to thank camp manager she really made them feel comfortable and it was Home away from home.
"Rajmachi trek was an amazing experience, of course given its beauty any nature lover would get mesmerised, BUT what matters more in such trekking experience is the trekking companions. Sagar Shinde is a great guy and true professional, he went beyond and make us have a great experience even though our trekking group reduced to just a couple of us. I am posting some pics that would be just glimpse of trek and the one with the trek guide Sagar who helped us trek such beautiful place."
It was altogether good 1 day trip. Organizer Shailesh and Driver Mukesh organized the trip very well.
"One of the best Camp I have ever witnessed, best arrangment with best food, Trip organizer - Subham was very professional and approachable. "
"Excellent host, good food... "
enjoyed. well organised - thanks
Excellent trek. Organised well

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People Also Ask About Maharashtra

  1. Which are the best waterfalls near Lonavala?

    1. Malshej Waterfalls: One of the best natural spots in Maharashtra, Malshej Ghat is home to several cascading falls across its length. From long streams gushing down from great heights to mini sprays, the falls at the Ghat are all equally bewitching.

    2. Randha Fall: Falling from a height of about 170 meters above sea level, Amedhnagar’s Randha Falls is a sight to watch out for. The lush, forested surroundings of the falls make it an ideal visit for nature lovers and photographers alike. The falls are always open for visit, although they are best visited during the monsoon months.

    3. Dhobi Waterfalls: Offering a serene getaway into the very heart of nature, the Dhobi Falls are known for its quiet ambience. Although the cascading falls can be visited throughout the year, it is best witnessed during the monsoon season, when the water flow is strongest.
  2. Which are the best waterfalls in Maharashtra to visit with family?

    1. Chinaman’s Waterfall: Located close to a Chinese garden, the Chinaman’s Waterfall is one of the best locations in Maharashtra for a family visit. Apart from its stunning natural locale, there are plenty of picnic spots around the falls, making it a perfect place for family picnics.

    2. Dabdaba Waterfalls: One of the many offbeat waterfalls hidden away in the nooks of Maharashtra, the quaint little Dabdaba Falls is ideal for family picnics and short getaways. Apart from the scenic drive to the spot, the open spaces near the falls are ideal for picnics and other activities.

    3. Kuhe Waterfalls: Falling across three tiers, Kuhe Waterfalls are a sight to behold. The majestic waterfall is surrounded by expansive open faces, which are ideally suited for family picnics and gatherings.
  3. Which are the best waterfalls in Maharashtra near Mumbai?

    1. Pandavkada Waterfall: Falling from a height of about 107 meters, this gigantic waterfall is a sight to behold. The jagged rocks of the falls makes it appear quite daunting, and offers a thrilling hiking experience. The pool at the bottom of the falls is also ideal for a quick dip.

    2. Zenith Falls: One of the most sought after weekend getaways near Mumbai, Zenith Falls is known for its distinctly unique beauty. The falls consists of several layers of cascading rocks, with several little streams falling from different heights and meeting at a common stream . Unfortunately, Zenith is not a perennial stream, and can only be enjoyed during the monsoon season.

    3. Vihigaon Waterfalls: Offering a quiet retreat in the midst of nature, Vihigaon is known for its serene charm. The daunting falls are surrounded by thick forests on all sides, adding to the natural charm of the place. The little pool at the bottom of the lake is also ideal for a dip on a hot summer’s day.
  4. Where is Devkund waterfall located?

    The majestic Devkund Waterfall is located in the town of Bhira, in Maharashtra.
  5. What is the cost of Devkund waterfall trekking?

    One of Maharashtra’s most picturesque waterfalls, Devkund is a perfect location to enjoy trekking at. Trekking at Devkund will cost around Rs. 1,2390/- per person, if booked through Thrillophilia.
  6. Which is the biggest waterfall in Maharashtra?

    The biggest waterfall in Maharashtra is the Thoseghar waterfalls. The falls consists of several different streams falling from different heights, with the tallest one falling from a height of about 200 meters.

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