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Khandala City is a hill station that is located on the Western Ghats Mountain Range of Maharashtra. It is about 3 km from Lonavala, 12 km from Khopoli and about 33.4 km from Karjat region. Located at the top of Bhor Ghat, this place serves as the main link between the major cities of Maharashtra - Mumbai and Pune.

Khandala is a beautiful place and has got a good share of nature’s alluring beauty. As it is surrounded by lush green forest covers, misty valleys, and cascading waterfalls, this place serves as a great weekend getaway as well as adventure hotspot for travellers from various parts of the country. Khandala is mainly famous for hiking tours to sight panoramic views of the Sahyadri mountain ranges in Western Ghats.

Khandala is home to some of the wonderful tourist attractions in Western India. You can visit the vantage spots like Rajmachi Point and Sunset Point, dramatic three tiered Kune waterfalls, serene Tamhini ghat mountain pass, and ancient caves of Bhaja and Karla which are adorned with the etchings of Buddhist religion. You can also visit Lohagad which is known for its serene environs, Bhushi Lake for its peaceful ambience, Duke’s Nose for its impeccable beauty and many other brilliant attractions.

Khandala is also a dream destination for adventure lovers. You can trek to the summit of the Tiger’s leap to sight pristine sunrise and sunset views, trek to the top of the Rajmachi fort to sight alluring natural beauty, relish the mesmerizing ambience at the reversing station, and trek up to the Shrivardhan Fort to glance the beautiful Sahyadri Mountain ranges.

As Khandala lies about 571 meters above sea level, the climatic condition here remains tropical. Khandala receives significant rainfall in most months with a very short dry season. The average temperature of this place is 24.3 degree celsius and the annual rainfall is recorded at 4541 mm per year.

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People Also Ask About Khandala

  1. Which are the places to visit in Khandala?

    1. Lohagad Fort: Lohagad Fort is not only famous for its ancient heritage but it is widely held for its serene environs. The fort stands tall in Khandala with a rich historic significance as it was used to capture prisoners and it is considered to be made of iron.

    The fort was constructed by the great Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj during his reign in Maharashtra. The fort is located at an elevation of 1000 meters above the sea level and at the present times offers beautiful panoramic views of the Sahyadri mountain ranges. Exploring this place is surely one of the best things to do in khandala.

    - Location: Lohagad Fort, Lohagad Trek Rd, Maharashtra 410406

    2. Kune Waterfalls: The refreshing Kune Waterfalls in Khandala can be considered as a visual retreat for nature lovers and peace seekers who wish to spend time in a serene location. The waterfalls are located at a height of 200 meters above the ground and it is the 14th largest waterfall of India.

    The falls are again divided into two segments nestling in the midst of thick green forest covers. In the course of your visit to this place, you can also think of visiting the Kune Church which is located just a few minutes away.

    - Location: Khandala, Lonavala, Maharashtra 410301

    3. Shingroba Temple: The ancient Shingroba temple in Khandala is considered to be a sacred place of worship for the Hindu followers and it is a must visit for all. The primary deity of this temple is Lord Shiva and it has got a strong connection with the Hindu Mythology and history of India.

    - Location: Old Khandala Ghat, Khopoli, Maharashtra 410203

    4. Bhushi Lake: Bhushi lake is a famous tourist location in Khandala because of its peaceful ambience. This place is very much famous for picnics and exploration tours. Located close to the Bhushi dam, it is a perfect place for relaxation with family and friends. Mumbaikars love to visit this place on weekends to perfectly escape from their daily routine life and indulge in some fun filled activities in the midst of alluring nature.

    - Location: Khandala, Lonavala, India

    5. The Tiger’s Leap: The tiger’s leap is a popular place for adventure seekers and nature lovers as well. Climbing to the top of the hills one can witness panoramic views of the beautiful Sahyadri hills. This place is popularly known as echo point and it is a must visit during the monsoon season if you wish to rejuvenate your spirits. Heading over to this place, you can try out a lot of interesting things with your loved ones.

    - Location: Khandala, Lonavala, India

    6. The Bhaja And Karla Caves: The Bhaja and Karla Caves is considered to be an Archaeologist's delight. Situated a bit away from the city centre of Khandala, the caves have been constructed in Buddhist style of architecture with numerou Buddha carvings depicted all over the walls and pillars. The caves have got special halls that were used by the monks for prayers in the times gone by.

    - Location: Bhaje Caves Road, Near Bhaja Village Maval District, Lonavala, 412106

    7. Duke’s Nose: Duke’s Nose is a famous tourist attraction in Khandala among the tourists. This place is named as such because of its resemblance with the Duke of Wellington’s nose. It is very much popular for its adventure offerings like trekking and rock climbing. You can head out to this place in the morning hours to stroll around the lush greenery. The peaceful vibe of the place will surely make a mark in your mind.

    - Location: Duke’s Nose Trail, Chavani, Maharashtra 410402

    8. Shooting Point: Shooting point of Khandala happens to be one of the most sought after spots at the hill station because of its serene beauty and picturesque views. This place has been used as a set for a number of television serials and movies. When coming over to this place, you must click numerous snaps of the attraction and take home as an everlasting memory.

    - Location: Kurvande, Maharashtra 410401
  2. Which are the best things to do in Khandala?

    1. Head out on a trekking expedition at the age old Rajmachi Fort: Rajmachi Fort is not only a place for nature lovers but it is also a beautiful trekking spot for adventure lovers. Located in between Lonavala and Khandala, the majestic fort stands on top of two mountain peaks namely  Manaranjan and Shrivardhan.

    You can start trekking from the foothills of these two mountains to reach the fort and experience scenic views of many other nearby hill stations such as Lonavala, Karnala, Matheran, and Duke’s Nose.

    - Location: Village Udhewadi, Khandala, Lonavala 410401, India

    2. Enjoy nature at its best at Lion’s Point: Located at a distance of 7 to 8 km from the Malavli railway station, the Lion’s point is a true wonder. It is situated in between Bhushi Dam and Aamby valley in Lonavala. It has been attracting zillions of tourists all through the year to offer picture perfect views of cascading waterfalls, lush green hills, and lagoons. If you are a die hard nature lover or a professional photographer, then this is one of the best places to visit in Khandala.

    - Location: Lonavala – Aamby Valley Road, Dattawadi Road, Lonavla, Maharashtra 410401

    3. Sight panoramic views: Visapur Fort is yet another iconic destination in Khandala that offers wonderful panoramic views of alluring nature. The fort was constructed in the early 18th century by the first Peshwa of the Marathas, Balaji Vishwanath.

    This place is very less crowded and you can come over with your loved ones to unveil the impeccable beauty of the grand fortress. This place is usually visited by adventure seekers as it is located at an altitude of 1084 meters above the sea level. The fort is known to offer pristine views of the green covers of Western Ghats.

    - Location: Malavli, Maharashtra 410406

    4. Explore the treasures of the past at Bedsa Caves: Bedsa caves in Khandala is believed to be one of the oldest caves in Maharashtra that dates back to almost 60 BC. The caves are located on a sloppy location attracting wanderlust travellers from various parts of the country through its exquisite carvings.

    The primary cave at this palace is named as Chaitya and it is home to a large prayer hall and an enormous stupa. In the course of your visit, do remember to witness the ruins and traces of the past era. 

    - Location: Maval taluka, Maharashtra 410405

    5. Enjoy the mesmerizing ambience of Reversing Station: Reversing station is one of the most interesting places to visit in Khandala. This place used to be a railway station in the past but at the present time it is serving nature lovers from various parts of the country with its panoramic sights. You can come over to this place to click selfies and snaps for those social media profiles.

    - Location: Hill Station, Khopoli Town | Outside Tunnel No. 26, Khandala, India

    6. Glance at Sahyadri region: Shrivardhan fort in Khandala happens to be a wonderful place for tourists. It is known to offer mesmerizing views of the great Sahyadri region and once upon a time it was used as a watch tower to keep an eye on the happenings. The fort is located in the Rajmachi village exhibiting Maratha Style architecture and armory. The best part of this place is a cave that dates back to the Buddhist period.

    - Location: Rajmachi Village, Maharashtra
  3. Why is Khandala famous?

    Khandala is very much famous for its exquisite formations of rocks which attracts adventure seekers as well as travellers to show off their rock climbing skills. It is also home to some of the alluring natural beauty in terms of gardens and waterfalls which create a mystical charm on the tourists.
  4. What is the best time to visit Khandala?

    The best time to visit Khandala would be from the month of October to the month of May. You can come over to this place all through the year except the peak monsoon season because of very heavy rains.
  5. How far is Khandala from Mumbai?

    Khandala is located at a distance of 79.7 km from the city centre of Mumbai. You can reach Khandala taking Bengaluru - Mumbai highway /Mumbai highway /Mumbai - Pandharpur road/Mumbai - Pune highway in just 2 hours and 15 minutes.
  6. How far is khandala from Pune?

    Khandala is located at a distance of 69.6 km from the city centre of Pune. You can reach Khandala taking Bengaluru - Mumbai Highway/Mumbai Highway/Mumbai - Pune Highway/Mumbai - Pune Expressway in just 1 hour 35 minutes.
  7. Is Khandala worth visiting?

    Khandala is definitely worth visiting in the course of your tour as it is home to a serene environment, luxurious nature resorts, and a city rich with historical significance. Visiting this city, you will get a chance to travel back in time at the Lohagad Fort, head out on an exploration tour to the Bhushi Lake, climb up to the Tiger’s Leap and shop to your heart’s content in the modern shopping destinations.
  8. Which is a better Matheran or Khandala?

    Both Matheran and Khandala are really incomparable from the tourist point of view as both the places have their very own way to attract tourists and wanderlust travellers from various parts of the country.
  9. Is one day enough for Khandala?

    Spending one day in Khandala would not be enough to cover all the important places of tourist interest. You would at least need to spend two whole days to cover all the significant places of attraction that includes forts, places of worship, waterfalls, and adventure destinations.
  10. Which are the best resorts in Khandala?

    1. Della Adventure Resort : Della Adventure resort can be considered as a place where elegance is personified. Located close to Mumbai, this place has got a perfect mix of all the bells and whistles which make up for a perfect holiday vacation. You will not only get to enjoy ultimate luxury but you will also get to enjoy a host of adventure activities in the course of your stay.

    2. The Dukes Retreat: The Dukes Retreat happens to be a five star property that offers unparalleled services to its guests all through the year. Located in the heart of the city, this place is just a delight for young couples. The main highlight of this place is its honeymoon offerings and splendid views of the remarkable outdoors.

    3. Fariyas Resort: Notable for its recreational activities, this resort is another popular resort that would lure you into a visit in the course of your holiday vacation. This resort has got something for visitors and you will just love the buffet dinner and impeccable service during your stay.

    4. Krushnai Resort: Krushnai Resort in Khandala is very much famous for its regal hospitality. With top notch amenities, outdoor swimming pool, and lush green surroundings, this place is one of the most sought places of accommodation. The staff members of this place are very courteous and they would offer you highly personalised services in the course of your stay.
  11. Which are the best places for rock climbing in Khandala?

    1. Duke’s Nose: Located at a distance of 7 km from the city centre, this is a well-known hill station in the shape of a nose or thumb. Once you complete climbing to the top of the hill, you will be able to see mesmerizing views of the unique scenic beauty all around. This place is very much famous for rock climbing, rappelling, and flying fox activities.

    2. Della Adventure Park: Della Adventure Park is a home to a wide range of extreme adventure sports including rock climbing. It has got special arrangements for taking part in this activity on the weekends. You will be assisted by expert guides who will give you all the necessary knowledge for taking part in this activity.

    3. Lohagad Fort: Lohagad Fort is yet another popular rock climbing and adventure trekking spot in Khandala that dates back to a considerable time in the past. Built to capture the prisoners in the past era, this place serves as an adventure arena for adventure seekers at the present time.
  12. Which are the best trekking places around Khandala?

    1. Trek To Tikona Fort: Tikona Fort or triangle fort is a great place for adventure activities in Khandala. You will not only get to enjoy the adventurous trail but also get a chance to capture the spectacular views. Taking this trek, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the Pawna Dam, Tung, Visapur Gad, and Lohagad Fort.

    2. Trek To Tamhini Ghats: Tambini ghats is a popular trekking spot in Khandala as it sits on the top of the Western Ghats. The ghats are home to some of the gushing waterfalls and lush green misty valleys which adds to the beauty of this place. You can also get to see some rare and endangered wildlife at this place during your visit.

    3. Trek to Lohagad Fort: Lohagad Fort happens to be one of the popular trekking spots in Khandala for adventure lovers. Constructed at an elevation of 1033 meters above the sea level, this place is visited by thousands of trekkers all through the year to enjoy beautiful scenic beauty. You can come over to this place in the monsoon season to sight serene views and enjoy the freshness of the surroundings.

    4. Trek to Duke’s Nose: Duke’s Nose which was also known as Nagphani happens to offer breathtaking views of nature and this attracts trekkers all through the year to climb up to the summit. You can plan to visit this place in between the month of October to the month of March for trekking as the climatic condition remains moderate and pleasant.

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