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Scuba diving Places in Maharashtra

3.Konkan Coast
4.Mirya Beach
5.Vengurla Rocks

Scuba diving in Maharashtra takes you towards the deep reaches of the sea where you can gaze into the perfect amalgamation of silence with colourful sceneries. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will be provided with proper guidance and certified divers will accompany you at various locations like Malvan and Tarkarli. The scuba diving in Maharashtra is different at each diving spot, thus making this experience a must try.

The experience is enthralling and is accompanied with the unique sight of blue water, various species of sea mammals and underground corals all around, most of which you might have never seen before. Every dive in the beaches of Maharashtra will provide you with a newer experience. While the Dandeshwar Beach will let you enjoy a very rare night diving experience, the Mirya Beach on the other side lets you dive in the clearest waters.

Whether it’s Tsunami Island or Malvan water sports, the picturesque ambience of the blue world are perfect for your memorable photoshoots. To ensure your safety, proper guidance is provided and you are required to adhere to several guidelines. With all these features combined, the experience of diving here will surely be unforgettable.
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Scuba Diving In Malvan


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797 Ratings

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520 Ratings

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23 Ratings

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People Also Ask About Scuba Diving in Maharashtra

  1. Which are the best places to scuba diving in Maharashtra?

    1. Scuba Diving In Malvan: Malvan is one of the best locations to enjoy scuba diving in Maharashtra and is known to offer a diverse range of marines. From corals to marine plants, once you dive into the sea, the following scenery is truly mesmerising. Your experience here begins with proper training by the expert divers who then accompany you towards the sea. Many diving schools in Malvan also let you shoot videos and pictures to cherish this memory forever.

    Location: Malvan Beach, Malvan, Maharashtra
    Best time to visit: Summers are the best time to dive in into the place for scuba diving. The combination of warm and cool waters provide the much needed relief.

    2. Tarkarli Scuba Diving: The exotic flora and of the underwater at Tarkarli will amaze you for every second as you go deeper and deeper into the sea. There are professional trainers ready to help you at all times who will make sure that this adventure of yours gets documented. Considered to be one of the best locations to enjoy scuba diving in Maharashtra, Tarkarli offers the clearest waters in and around Maharashtra, thus your diving experience is enhanced.

    Location: The location of this Maharashtra scuba diving in Malvan, Maharashtra.
    Best time to visit: 9:30AM to 3:30PM is the best time to visit this place in order to cover all adventures and have utmost fun.

    3. Konkan Coast: Get delighted with the mesmerising views of the underwater as you opt for a session of  scuba diving in Maharashtra. The Konkan Coast is home to some of the most splendid beaches, most of which let you opt for this thrilling experience. From proper gears to well equipped boats, many facilities are provided to make this experience perfect for you. The diving tour here begins with hopping on a boat which takes you deeper into the sea from where you can commence your dive.

    Location: The location of beaches near Konkan is situated at Dapoli, Maharashtra.
    Best time to Visit: Winters is the best time to visit the beaches of Konkan in order to experience temperatures of less humidity and cooler degrees.

    4. Mirya Beach: Making your experience even more wholesome, Mirya Beach remains deserted and away from the hustle and bustle of crowds. A session of scuba diving here will take you deeper into the sea where you can experience dead silence being mixed with colourful corals. Even if you do not know diving, several diving instructors will be accompanying you to ensure safety as well as maximum fun.

    Location: Mirya Beach is near Ratnagiri, Pune, Maharashtra.
    Best time to visit: The best time to enjoy diving here is in winter.

    5 Vengurla Rocks: Vengurla Rocks are known for their dramatic structures which further add the much required thrill to your diving experience. Once you take a dip into the sea, several scenic as well as thrill formations of the rocks can be observed around which schools of fishes swim. The place is mostly famous among diehard divers, however many non divers can also be seen enjoying here at their best.

    Location: The location of Vengurla Rocks is Sindhudurg, near Goa border, Maharashtra.
    Best time to visit: Winters are the best time to experience scuba diving in Vengurla Rocks.

    6. Dandeshwar: Dandeshwar is a lesser known place for scuba diving, but it is an amazing place for special night sea diving sessions. Proper equipment is offered to all the divers including a torch using which you can gaze into the uninterrupted views of marine life. Various rare species of aquatic plants and schools of fishes can be found around here.

    Location: Malvan, Maharashtra
    Best times to visit: winters are the best time to visit Dandeshwar beach.
  2. Is scuba diving safe in Maharashtra?

    Scuba diving in Maharashtra is an exhilarating activity which will truly set your adrenaline pumping If you are worried about the safety measures while enjoying this water sport, here comes the good news for you.

    All the scuba diving tours are conducted under the close supervision of expert divers who not only give you primary lessons related to diving but also provide you with the necessary equipment to ensure your safety.

    From breathing masks and gauges to fins, there are several diving equipments which helps you to explore the underwater world without any major difficulty.

  3. What is the best time to do scuba diving in Maharashtra?

    Winters, from October to March, are the best time to do scuba diving in Maharashtra. Around this time, the heat waves are low, thus ensuring that you stay away from the scorching sun.
  4. Can a nonswimmer dive in Maharashtra?

    The beaches in Maharashtra are safe enough for experienced divers, as well as, newbies. So, if this is your first-hand experience in diving, you need not to worry as the clear waters of Maharashtra welcomes everyone with love.

    Just pack your bags and embark on a journey to enjoy Maharashtra scuba diving tour.

  5. What are the medical conditions that impede diving?

    Though diving is a sport loved by many, it might prove to be risky for people with certain health conditions. The foremost health issue which impedes diving is asthma. If your asthma is uncontrolled, it is advisable to keep away from such water sports. However, you have mild asthma symptoms, you can manage well with safety equipment and breathing masks. Some other health conditions which restrict one from scuba diving are diabetes, heart diseases, and pneumonia. If you have any of the above conditions, consult your doctor before planning any diving vacation.
  6. Is there any age limit to do scuba diving in Maharashtra?

    According to the rules and guidelines, the minimum age to try scuba diving in places such as Tarkarli Beach is around 8 years. If your age is below this, you can just engage in other water sports such as snorkeling and boat rides.

    However, in other diving spots such as Vengurla and Konkan, the age bar is slightly high and any person who has attended 10 years of age can indulge in this enthralling sport.

  7. Are there any prerequisites to scuba diving?

    There was a time when scuba diving was considered as a physically demanding activity. Though the sport has truly evolved over the years and is now enjoyed by all kinds of people, there are still a few things which you need to consider before exploring the underwater world.

    Before trying this enthralling sport, one must know if he/she is physically fit for the sport. If someone is suffering from heart or lungs related issues, it is better for them to refrain from such water sports.

    Another major concern in scuba diving is the age of the diver.If your kids have not attended 10 years of age, you certainly should wait for a few years more before introducing them to scuba diving world.

  8. Are there any special qualifications or considerations to participate in a scuba class?

    The first and foremost thing needed to be a scuba diver is a passion for adventure. Apart from this, one also needs to be at least 10 years old to practice this water sport. Students who have not attended the age of 15 years are given a PADI Junior Open Water Diver certification.

    All the people who have registered for diving classes are supposed to fill a brief scuba medical questionnaire. This questionnaire asks about your medical history that could be a threat while diving.

  9. What equipment do I need before I take scuba lessons?

    If you want to adapt to the underwater world without any major obstructions, scuba gear comes as your savior. Each scuba equipment has its own function that helps you enjoy this water sport. The basic scuba gears include snorkel, fins, and mask.

    Apart from these equipments, you might also need tropical scuba gear, cold water scuba diving equipment, temperature scuba equipment, and technical diving scuba equipment.

  10. What is the cost of scuba diving in Maharashtra?

    If you compare Maharashtra scuba diving cost with other water sports, it might not look that expensive. The package starts from anywhere between INR 2500-INR 3000 per person.

    This cost covers diving, as well as, photography, food, pick & drop, and video. There are certain packages which are inclusive of other water sports such as parasailing & boating and the cost of such packages are on the higher side.

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