15 Best Waterfalls in Munnar - 2021 (with Photos & Reviews)
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Waterfalls in Munnar encircles Valara waterfalls, Cheeyapara waterfalls, Thoovanam waterfalls, Attukal waterfalls, Lakkam waterfalls, Kuthumkal waterfalls, Chinnakanal waterfalls, Nyayamakand waterfalls, Pallivasal waterfalls, Keezharkuthu waterfalls, and many more.

A place that is already stunningly beautiful, the fact that it is dotted with so many scenic waterfalls, further accentuates the charm of Munnar. Surrounded by dense forests and luxuriant tea plantations these waterfalls offer peace and solitude away from the hustle-bustle of the city.

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Adventure enthusiasts love to trek and go mountain biking around the rugged trails around these falls. Some of these offer a glimpse into the wildlife and tribal settlements native to this region. 

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Waterfalls in Munnar are best visited just after the monsoon season. This is the time when they are surrounded in silvery mist and are at their voluble best.

Here are some of the best waterfalls in Munnar:

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COVID-19 : MUNNAR is in Orange Zone
Last Updated: 06 May 2021
Latest Information on Travelling to MUNNAR?

Entry is open from all domestic states for all kinds of travel.

  • Wearing a mask and adhering to social distancing is mandatory for all in public areas.
  • Theatres and multiplexes remain shut while open air theatres are permitted to open from September 21
  • Cinema halls, swimming pools, entertainment parks will remain shut
  • Containment zones will remain shut and under lockdown
  • No e-pass required for entry
  • Travellers entering Munnar will have to register on the Jagratha portal or register manually at entry points.
  • All supermarkets, malls and shops are open
  • A 14-day home quarantine will be mandatory for all travellers arriving in Munnar
  • Travellers must be registered at the Jagratha prortal or register themselves at the borders on entry points.

Cochin airport is the nearest airport to Munnar. Flights are functional to Cochin airport from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and 10+ other destinations.

Local Transport

Buses and taxis are functional in Munnar

Thrillophilia recommends you follow all guidelines issued by the Kerala government and tourism board and practice good personal hygiene to stay extra safe.Register on the Jagratha portal before leaving for Munnar.

Kerala restricts entry to places of worship, malls, restaurants from June 8 under strict conditions Updated: 06 May 2021

Kerala has restricted entry to religious institutions, hotels, dine-in restaurants and shopping malls that stayed shut for more than two months due to the lockdown in India.

Tourism in Munnar To Resume By October Updated: 23 Sep 2020

The Kerala government is planning to reopen tourism in the entire state by October. This includes the reopeneing of hotels, resorts, home stays and all wellness centers across Kerala.

Entry to Munnar no longer requires an e-pass Updated: 23 Sep 2020

Entry to Munnar and other cities & towns of Kerala no more requires an e-pass. Although, travellers will need to register on the Jagratha app or register at the checkpoint when entering the state borders.

Travel restrictions & curfews lifted in Munnar Updated: 23 Sep 2020

As per the Unlock 4.0 guidelines, most travel restrictions and all curfews have been lifted from Munnar.


Valara Waterfalls

Considered to be amongst the most beautiful waterfalls in Munnar, Valara Falls never fail to enthrall visitors. One needs to make a short trek through dense and mossy forests abundant with wildlife to see this 300 meters high towering fall created by the Deviyar River. 

Famous picnic spot with lush green hills surrounding the waterfall.

Distance from Munnar Bus Stand:
38 km

How to reach:
 Ernakulam Railway Station is at 97 km, Aluva Railway Station is at 76 km. Cochin International Airport (COK) is at 74 km. Following which, a bus or cab can be hired.


Cheeyapara Waterfalls

Tucked on Kochi - Madurai Highway, between Neriamangalam and Adimali, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls near Munnar, the Cheeyapara waterfalls. The waterfall is famous for its seven-tiered cascading structure and is truly a sight to behold. 

The water gushes down over seven different rocks and the sound of water falling force down cannot be described in words. For those of you looking for an adrenaline rush, the waterfalls are also famous for trekking along the rocky terrain and difficult to navigate pathways in the 2 acres of forests surrounding the area.

Attractions: Trekking, mountaineering and rock climbing among the green hills encircling the waterfall.

Distance from Munnar Bus Stand: 38 km

How to reach: Nearest railway station, Aluva is about 112 km. The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport, via Aluva - Munnar Rd, about 108 km from Munnar.

Thoovanam Waterfalls

One of the most gorgeous Munnar waterfalls includes the Thoovanam waterfalls, the heart, and soul of the quaint little town Chinnar. The waterfalls offer a striking view of natural splendor around – water gushing down and striking the rocks with full force, lovely green hills singing with the water, and turquoise waters of the River Chinnar buzzing next to you.

The trek to the waterfalls is calming in its own right – moderately difficult yet calming, and the sight of the falls at the end of the trek is enough to take away all your fatigue.

Attractions: Trekking to the falls from Alampetty Check post. It is a guided programme which usually takes 3 hours from the check post and offers stunning views of natural beauty sprinkled all around.

Distance from Munnar Bus Stand: 60 km

How to reach: Cochin Airport is about 150 km from Chinnar and the railway station is 130 km.
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Attukal Waterfalls

A popular spot for locals as well as travelers, the picturesque Attukal Waterfalls are nestled amidst rolling hills thick with vegetation. During monsoons, these 1000 meter high falls are covered in mist and are surrounded by seasonal flowers, making them even more enchanting. 

Swimming in the pool, trekking, dirt biking, photography etc.

Distance from Munnar Bus Stand:
Approximately 10 km.

How to reach: 
The nearest railway station is at Aluva which is at a distance of 108 km.


Lakkam Waterfalls

Lakkam waterfalls are one of the most captivating Munnar waterfalls that offer the perfect spot for spending a fun-filled picnic day with your family. The falls also features a freshwater pond beneath them where you can dip your feet into the icy cold water and go swimming if you are the adventurous kind. 

The lush green hills lend a segregated feeling to the whole place and it is easy to lose oneself in the serenity and tranquility offered by the place.

Attractions: Plan your trip to Lakkam along with a visit to the nearby Eravikulam National Park. Distance from Munnar Bus Stand: 25 km

Distance from Munnar Bus Stand: 27 km

How to reach: Nearest railway stations to Munnar are Aluva (110km), Ernakulam Jn (130km), and Madurai (135km). By road, you can reach here easily from Munnar town. You can also take a cab from Munnar town to Lakkam.


Kuthumkal Waterfalls

Located in the Idukki district is one of the most dazzling waterfalls near Munnar, the Kuthumkal falls. The awe-inspiring fall of pristine white waters over a rock, after winding and slithering along the rough landscape is truly mesmerizing. The natural brilliance sprinkled around paired with the pollution free environs and serene ambience make it a hotbed for tourists every year. 

Whether you are visiting for the sheer rush of trekking through the difficult terrain to reach the falls or looking to get away from city life and all that is entails – you will be pleasantly surprised at Kuthumkal.

Attractions: Picnic spot, trekking, an ideal spot for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

Distance from Munnar Bus Stand: 24 km

How to reach: Nearest Airport is Kochi, 130 km from Munnar. The nearest major railhead to Munnar is Kochi, around 120 km from the city.
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Chinnakanal Waterfalls

The Chinnakanal falls are one of the most scenic Munnar waterfalls, located near Chinnakanal village after Devikulam. The falls are considered sacred by the locals, as the water is said to originate from the sacred Devikulam hills. Experience calmness and serenity like never before as you take a walk along the green forests around the fall. 

Or get an adrenaline rush trekking along the steep slopes of the hill. The gorgeous pool at the bottom is ideal for a day of splashing around in the water with your partner or enjoying a fun-filled day with your family.

Attractions: Devikulam Lake is 2 km from Chinnakanal Waterfalls / Power House Falls and can be visited together.

Distance from Munnar Bus Stand: 16 km

How to reach: The nearest railway station is located in Angamaly, located 120 km away from Munnar. The nearest airport to the city is Cochin International airport, located 125 km away from Munnar.

Nyayamakad Waterfalls

This gigantic 1600 meter high waterfall, nestled amidst the majestic Western Ghats, is one of the most visited waterfalls in Munnar. They are situated amidst fragrant tea plantations and forests of sandalwood letting you into the amazing tranquillity of nature. 

 Picnic spot, trekking, Eravikulam National Park.

Distance from Munnar Bus Stand:
10 km

How to reach:
The nearest railway station is 90 km away from Munnar. The nearest airport to the city is Cochin International airport, located 92 km away from Munnar.


Keezharkuthu Falls

Also known as Rainbow Falls for the striking play of sunlight, Keezharkuthu Waterfalls is one of Munnar’s most beautiful attractions. This 1500 metre fall, cascading down unique step-like rock formations are surrounded by dense forests known for their medicinal plants and housing porcupine and elephants. 

Trekking, camping, and rock climbing. Around Keezharkuthu Waterfalls, one can find plenty of sightseeing places like Thommankuthu waterfall, Kalvari Mount, and Ramakkalmedu Peak.

Distance from Munnar Bus Stand:
52 km

How to reach:
The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport, 70 km. Ernakulam Railway Station is the nearest railway station which is about 58 km away.


Pallivasal Falls

Being one of the smallest waterfalls in Munnar, does not take away from its beauty of silvery white waters rustling almost at the ground level. Surrounded by mist-covered fragrant tea plantations, these falls are quite a sight to behold. You can spend plenty of time near these falls soaking in the soothing sounds of the nature around you. 

 The falls are in close proximity to Sita Devi Lake, which is yet another attraction in Devikulam.  It is an also ideal location for a nature walk, sightseeing, and trekking.

Distance from Munnar Bus Stand:
8 km

How to reach:
The nearest railway station is in Kottayam tucked 149 km away from the district. The closest airport is in Cochin which is about 150 km away. Taxis and Buses are easily available from Cochin to Devikulam.


Power House Falls

This waterfall derives its unique name due to its proximity to an old powerhouse and is amongst the most popular tourist attractions in Munnar. Locally they are also known as Chinnakanal falls. Gushing down from a height of around 2000 meters over steep rocks they are said to originate from the sacred Devikulam Lake. 

Attractions: Discover exotic orchids like Wintergreen and Aerides in the surrounding forests. Spot birds like Whistling Schoolboy, Kestrel, and Quails. Hiking and mountain bike riding are popular activities. 

Distance from Munnar Bus Stand: 16 Km

How to reach:
Located around 17 kilometers from Munnar, they are reachable through Munnar-Udumalpet Road and Munnar Bypass onto Anachal-Kunchithanny Road and Vayanasala Road. 


Thommankuthu Falls

Image Credit : keralatourism.travel

As a part of the seven-step waterfall circuit, Thommankuthu Falls are famous for their natural beauty and are amongst the most charming waterfalls in Munnar. This 40-meter high waterfall, named after the well-known hunter Thommachan Kuruvinakunnel, was discovered in the 1920s. The Forest Department manages tourist activities in the region like trekking, forest tours, and bird watching. 

Explore nearby caves, tribal villages, and untouched nature trails as you walk amidst lush forests surrounding the falls. Spot wild elephants, sambar, and dragon-tailed flying lizards in the forests. 

Distance from Munnar Bus Stand: 
17 km

How to reach:
Located around 35 kilometers from Munnar, they are reachable via Munnar Bypass, Anachal-Kunchithanny Road, and Rajakkad-Kuthumkal-Mailadumpara Road. 


Periyakanal Waterfalls

Their location amidst lush and fragrant tea plantations, make Periyakanal Waterfalls one of the most visited tourist attractions in Munnar. It is a great spot to spend time amidst the tranquillity of nature listening to the soothing sounds of the gushing waters. 

The spot is perfect for nature photography and long leisurely nature walks. Visit the nearby tea gardens. Take a shower in the cool waters of the fall. Visit the nearby Aanayirangal Dam.

Distance from Munnar Bus Stand: 
23 km 

How to reach:
Located around 27 kilometers from Munnar, they are reachable through Munnar-Udumalpet Road towards General Hospital Road.


Ripple Waterfalls

The rushing curtains of water of this scenic waterfall surrounded by colorful wildflower are an amazing sight. Known as one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Munnar, Ripple Falls is an idyllic spot to detach oneself from the chaos of the busy city life and spend time amidst untouched beauty of nature. 

Attractions: This is the perfect spot for taking pictures of the pristine surroundings. Hike amidst the luxurious forests and spot exotic orchids and trees. Have a picnic with the family. Take a long cooling dip in the plunge pool beneath the waterfall. 

Distance from Munnar Bus Stand: 14 km

How to reach: The waterfall is located around 20 kilometers from Munnar. They are reachable through Munnar-Udumalpet Road via Anachal-Kunchithanny Road.

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11 July 2019
It Was an Awesome Trip To Munnar , Pros: Traveling On Month Of July (monsoon Season) Make The Place More Special . The Place Where The Camping Held Has Given Stunning Panoramic View Of The Western Ghats and the Valley of Theni. On Way To Campsite You Can Also have A Chance To Encounter With Wild Animals Which is also an Thrilling Experince. The Dinner and Breakfast Which Provided By the Tour Company Was Quiet Decent. Memorable Moments And FunFilled Trip Is Guarantee . Cons : Food are Really Expensive on Outside Of The Campiste Residency If You Are Planning A Other Activities Than Camping Beware Of The Activities You Pick bcoz In Some Places( Example :Elephant Safari,Etc..) They Charge You More Than It Deserve Since I Had Private Tour I Did Not Have Problem With Restroom Facilities (because Campsite Was Near The Building Of The Tour Company ) I havn't Seen Any Restroom On The Places Of Group Tour Camp So Please Enquire Before The Begging Of Your Camping. --- At Last One Line Decrption --- " Nature Always Wears The Colors Of The Spirits " Live In The Moments In Munnar Have A Good Life :)
"If you are new to munnar then it is the best package for you to explore munnar... In this package the guide will pick you at 9 and will take you to around 10 sight seeing places in munnar around 72 kms up and down ... "
"Simply Amazing. If you love adventures , this is a must try. There's Jeep safari, off-roading through the tea estates, Fog covering the way when you reach the top, Mesmerizing view, Quechua Tents, Tasty food, Campfire, 2 km trek to the top of the mountain and last but definitely not the least breathtaking sunrise and feel of heaven on the top. The team organizing this is super helpful and super friendly. Had some difficulties contacting the vendor in the beginning but once we met things went super smooth and the team at the top (Oscar and team) definitely deserves an applause.\nP.S.: Don't miss the Sunrise from the top of the mountain for which one has to trek for 2KMS. "
11 February 2018
For anyone who loves camping, this is the place to be. In the midst of mother nature - at Kerala's highest resort, what else can you ask for. A bunch of dedicated and professional tour guides who ensured that your stay is a memorable one. These guys are indeed the best :)
16 March 2015
My three days trip to munnar hills is unforgettable....It was my first trekking expedition ever and i completed it with so ease and comfort ... And all thanks goes to our tour guide who were very experienced trainers... Apart from that camping moments were also very sweet for me.
04 November 2020
Arun is really a gem of a person. He is very informative, really kind and soft spoken. He shared knowledge about tea plantation and Munnar history too. Arun is also a good photographer and he captures amazing shots. The view is lovely as fog passes by. Also the trek is amazing given the distance and route. Arun also managed to provide a light snack and lunch on our way and we spent a fantastic time. The seven hills Lakshmi trek is really beautiful way to look at beauty of Munnar. Highly recommended.
The trip to Kerala was so good, I went to Kerala with my friends and we enjoyed a lot there. We explored 2 beautiful cities of Kerala- Kochi, and Munnar. We went to so many places and the waterfalls in Munnar was beautiful and mesmerizing. The stays were comfortable and the food was also tasty. The cab facility was also good.
The trip to Munnar was an amazing experience we had a lot of fun during the trip. The city is so beautiful and calm. The waterfalls and tea, coffee plantations make it more charming. It was fun bathing in waterfalls and visiting the Eravikulam National Park, We even enjoyed playing and feeding the elephants. It was a wonderful trip!!!
Excellent budget stays, the manager and the whole staff were nice and helpful, my family and I were appreciated it.
Once heard the name Munnar what came to our mind were tea-garden, lust-greenery, mountains, valleys, and lake, Yes, the place has what we expected...we did some research before we booked and we were glad that we get exactly as we expected...Beautiful place which takes our stress away...Our tour guide was very informative and make sure that we enjoyed the tour...

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People Also Ask About Munnar

  1. Which are the best trekking trails in Munnar?

  2. Which is the highest waterfall in Munnar?

    The Valara waterfalls stands as the highest waterfall in Munnar. It is actually a cascade of waterfalls spreading across the densely forested Valara Mountains. Shimmering water course gushing down a height of above 1000 metres from the mountain peak and nose-dividing into a gorge amidst the forest gives you an experience of joy and thrill. Although the site is located a bit far (42 Km approx.) from Munnar, a journey to Valara Falls is worth every bit of your effort.
  3. Which is the most popular waterfall in Munnar?

    Located on the Madurai-Kochi Highway between Neriamangalam Adimali, the Cheeyappara waterfalls is the most popular waterfall in Munnar. Its seven tiered cascading feature from a lofty height of about 1000 ft. is a real attraction for tourists. Sparkling water plummeting down seven rocks of different heights with thunderous sound will take away your breath at the very first sight.
  4. How do you get to Lakkam waterfalls in Munnar?

    Lakkam waterfalls in Munnar is located about 14 Km from Marayoor and 26 Km from Munnar. It is located just 200 metres from the main road which can be travelled by hired taxis. You can also walk up to the waterfalls through the woodlands.
  5. What are the places I can visit in Munnar in 2 days?

    Some of the places worth visiting in 2 days in Munnar:

    1. Cheeyappara Waterfalls: One of the most acclaimed waterfalls in Munnar, Cheeyappara Falls is a paradise for adventure and nature lovers. Massive volumes of water cascading down the rock in seven tiers amidst dense forest render a mystic charm to the eyes.

    2. Eravikulam National Park: In a 2 days' trip to Munnar this place has to be in your bucket list. The park is home to some of the rarest and endangered species of animals and exotic flora. The famous Neelakurinji flower also blooms in this region.

     3. Kundala Lake:  A not-to-miss tourist spot in Munnar is the Kundala Dam and Lake where enjoying sunrises and sunsets across the lake waters is itself a priceless experience. You can also enjoy boating and photography in Kundala Lake.

    4. Rose Garden: A sprawling meadow abounding fruit orchards, spice herbs and a number of other plantations is a popular gateway for naturalists. You can also participate in cooking classes, trekking, and other engaging activities.

    5. Echo Point: The natural echo phenomenon of the place makes it one of the most famous tourist spots in Munnar. The Echo Point is located at the trisection of three mountain ranges offering an awe-inspiring vista of the turquoise Nilgiris. Pothamedu View Point- A tranquil escapade for nature and adventure buffs. From the hilltop, you can bask in soft sunrays and witness the bewitching landscapes of the Nilgiris.
  6. What is Munnar famous for?

    Munnar is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India and a major hill station in Kerala which has earned its name and fame for its abundant scenic beauty and exotic biodiversity. Munnar is most famous for being home to the world famous Neelakurinji flower which blooms once in every 12 years on the slopes of the Nilgiris exuding a deep blue hue to the surrounding landscape and making it look divinely attractive.
  7. Where can I go shopping in Munnar?

    There are roadside stalls where local products viz. Tea, spices, coffee, handicraft items, and handloom clothes are available.
     You can try visiting these places in Munnar to pamper your shopping spree:

    1. Abbas & Co. Tea Merchants
    2. Aranya Naturals Munnar Market
    3. Deeja Gift House
    4. Krishna's Shopping Mall
    5. Neelakurinji Chocolate Hub & Saree Centre
    6. Marakkar Shopping Centre
    7. Mattupetty Dam Market
  8. What is there to do in Munnar at night?

    There is not much about nightlife in Munnar. The High Range Club is the choicest entertainment hub in Munnar town for locals and tourists where you can enjoy a gala time with varied range of amusements. There are also spa and yoga centres in the hotels of the town where guests can enjoy a relaxing therapy by trained professionals.
  9. Is Munnar worth visiting?

    Munnar is worth visiting at any time of the year because of its pleasant climate and unbound natural beauty. But, right after monsoon the region takes on a surreal charm being drenched in rain and covered under a thick blanket of greenery.

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