20 Unique Places in Thailand Only Avid Travelers Know About!
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Offbeat Places in Thailand

Sam Phan Bok, The Grand Canyon of Thailand, Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew, Red Lotus Sea, Koh Hingham, Mo Hin Khao, Sra Morakot, Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat Phra Chom Klao Rachanusorn, Death Railway and many more.

Visit the most unique places in Thailand to take home some adventurous and unforgettable memories of your vacation. Presenting an eclectic list of offbeat places, Thailand excels in captivating the tourists. Some of the popular offbeat places in Thailand that should be on the itinerary of every adventurer include Sam Phan Bok, Sra Morakot, Thi Lo Su Waterfall, Wat Rong Khun, Red Lotus Sea.

These unusual places in Thailand offer an experience which one may not witness in the famous places of Thailand which are usually flocked with tourists.Thailand is full of unusual places which range from peculiar formations of nature, interesting architecture of temples to many breathtaking cliffs where eyes will never get tired of looking at the stars and skies. 
These places in Thailand are a must visit if you like to take an off the beaten path and love to explore some amazing places which are not so easy to find on any usual itineraries of Thailand.

Here are some of the best unique places in Thailand:

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Thailand reopens for travel for all countries including India Updated: 08 Feb 2021

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Thailand Soon To Introduce a 90-Day Long Visa For Tourists Updated: 22 Sep 2020

Thailand will soon be introducing a 90-day long Visa for tourists. The Visa will be extendable to 180 more days and will require an accommodation booking proof for 90 days in the country.Read more.

Luxury Resorts in Thailand reopens for domestic tourists Updated: 19 Aug 2020

Luxury resorts like Cape Nidhra and Anantara Hua Hin in Thailand have reopened for domestic tourists.

State of emergency extended in Thailand to curb COVID-19 Updated: 19 Aug 2020

Thailand cabinet has extended the State of Emergency for the fourth time till 31 August. The decision was made with an objective to curb the spread of COVID 19 and keep the infection count as low as possible.

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Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa reopens with various safety measures in place Updated: 19 Aug 2020

Aleenta Luxury Resort in Phuket has been reopened to tourists with appropriate social distancing enablers and enhanced safety and sanitization protocols to keep the tourists safe.


Sam Phan Bok, The Grand Canyon of Thailand

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One of the most fascinating rock formations in Thailand, Sam Phan Bok is a must visit during the rainy season. Showcasing natural splendour, these volcanic rock formations is a place where you can roam around and witness something beautiful in every nook and corner of the Mae Kong River.  It literally translates to 3000 holes and offers the visitors a landscape that appears like large mountains in the middle of a river.

Location: Ban Pong Pao, Lao Ngam Sub-district, Pho Sai District, Ubon Ratchathani Province

Price: Free

Highlight: It is also called the Grand Canyon of Thailand due to the presence of so many basins of different shapes in the small islet making it a very photogenic place to see here.

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Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew

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An initiative by a group of monks, Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew is one of the most unusual places to visit in Thailand. The temple is a beautiful symbol of an environment-friendly initiative as it started with the monks encouraging the visitors to bring along their beer bottles which eventually turned out to make the beautiful exteriors of this temple. The unique temple presents a wonderful creation of art and waste.

Location: Si, Khun Han District, Si Sa Ket 33150, Thailand

Timings: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Price: Free

Highlight: The temple complex is made up of more than 1.5 million bottles which differ in shapes and sizes and used in different places to decorate the temple complex. Even the bottle caps are being used to make mosaics and designs in the temple.

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Red Lotus Sea

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Gear up to see millions of lotuses in one place when you visit the Red Lotus Sea in Thailand. Counted among the unusual places in Thailand where one can see the brilliant spectacle of nature, Red Lotus Sea is where you can enjoy a relaxed morning with your loved ones and explore a hidden gem of Thailand. The quiet lake is a nice getaway for a picnic among the lotus blooms.

Location: Unnamed Rd, Tambon Chiang Wae, Chiang Haeo, Kumphawapi District, Udon Thani 41110, Thailand

Timings: 6 am to 12 pm

: The place hosts a Red Lotus Sea festival and offers one of the most unique things to do in Thailand during the Valentine weekend in Thailand when one can witness the peak blooms.

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Explore All (12)

Koh Hingham

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Adorned by beautiful stones, Koh Hingham is a beautiful uninhabited island associated with many stories. There is a legend that the island was cursed by the Thai deity, Tarutao that anyone who takes the pebbles from the island will be cursed forever.

One can see thousands of pebbles scattered on this island and always have to stop the urge to pick and carry them home as they are too beautiful. You can look forward to having fun in the miniature chedis built on the island or you can just write cute messages on the rocks and leave it there to be seen by tourists in future.

Location: Koh Hingham, Thailand

Price: 800-1000 THB (1800-2260 INR)

Highlight: The island is replete with stones and people keep sending it by post or mail if they ever take away the stones along with them from the island

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Mo Hin Khao

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Witness some of the most beautiful stone sculptures at Mo Hin Khao in Thailand. It has some interesting rock formations which boast of interesting shapes like mushrooms, boats, elephants, turtles and Chedis. The place is definitely a treat for the eyes and a must-visit for those who are interested in camping in the realm of nature.

Location: Ban Wang Kham Khan, Moo 9, Tha Hin Ngoam Sub District, Muang District, Chaiyaphum Province

Timings: 08:00 am - 5:00 pm

Highlight: The place is called the Stonehenge of Thailand as it is said that there are five extraordinary rocks from which a white light would appear during Buddhist Sabbath nights (full moon, 8th day of waxing moon, 8th and 15th day of waxing moon)

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Sra Morakot

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Located in the middle of a tropical forest, Sra Morakot is one of the most unusual places to visit in Thailand to treat your eyes. It is known for its crystal clear waters where you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of nature when the day is full of sunlight.

One can see the bubbling water when you are there as a result of minerals being settled down in the pool. The place is a surreal escape when you are tired of the daily worries of life.

Location: It is located about 60 kilometres (36 miles) outside of Krabi Town

Timings: 08:30 AM - 05:00 PM

Price: 20 Baht / 44 INR

Highlight: This pool is created with the runoff natural spring water that comes down to form a pond of crystal clear blue waters.

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Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat Phra Chom Klao Rachanusorn

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One of the famous temples in Lampang, Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat Phrachomklao Rachanusorn is a must visit to see the breathtaking vistas. The place has been relatively unexplored and recently emerged on the tourist map of Lampang despite being a Buddhist pilgrimage site for 2000 years.

It is known for its floating temples on the mountains built as a result of the hard-hitting efforts of the monks who carried the pagodas to the top with the help of 50 workers.

: Wichet Nakhon, Chae Hom District, Lampang 52120, Thailand

Timings: 7:30 am - 6:30 pm

Price: 200 THB / 450 INR

: It offers some of the most mind-blowing views of the surroundings from the top as you can see the gentle mountain slopes of the Thung Thung Valley and the beautiful stupas on it.

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Death Railway

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Built in the Second World War, Death Railway narrates one of the most horrific stories of Thailand’s history.  With many labourers dying because of various reasons, Death Railways is among the most interesting but unique tourist places in Thailand also resonating with its history.

The Siam Burma Valley is called the Death Valley since its associated with the death of more than 12,000 Allied prisoners of war (POWs) and tens of thousands of forced labourers during its construction.

Location: Ban Pong, Thailand to Thanbyuzayat, Burma

Highlight: Along with the railway line, tourists can look forward to seeing the memorials and museums that are built in Kanchanaburi to know more about of Death Railway.

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Blue Maze Canyon - Sra Nam Pud, Krabi

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If you are a water baby, one of the must-visit unusual places in Thailand is the Blue Maze Canyon in Krabi. Encompassed by dense green foliage, this is a spot where you should brace yourself to be enthralled as you will get to see a lagoon boasting of sparkling blue color. It makes a panoramic landscape and offers a pleasant respite when you are visiting Krabi.

Location: Khlong Thom Nuea, Khlong Thom, Krabi 81120 Thailand

Timings: January to April, November to December; From 10 am to 3 pm

Price: 930 THB / 2100 INR per vehicle

Highlight: On the surface of it, the pool appears to be glowing in the sunlight making it appear like a mystical landscape.

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Doi Mon Jong

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Featuring some of the most exotic and endangered species of Thailand, Doi Mon Jong is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand. It is known to present a scenery which leaves the beholder speechless with a land covered with rhododendrons and a starry escape seeing the Milky Way in the sky. The rolling meadows of Doi Mon Jong are a must visit to enjoy some serene moments by yourself. 

Location: Doi Mon Jong, Omkoi Wildlife Sanctuary, Musoe Forest Protection Unit, 131 Moo 2 Tambol Yangpiang, Amphur Omkoi, Chiangmai 

Timings: 8.00 am - 5.00 pm

Price: Free

Highlight: It is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Thailand which is a delight to witness when the rhododendrons bloom in the winter sunlight on the mountains.
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Sao Din Na Noi

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Wander amidst the most offbeat places in Thailand which showcase the beautiful vestiges of history at Sao Din Na Noi. It is replete with some of the most unique and amazing rock formations and offers plenty of birdwatching opportunities.

The landscape of Sao Din Na Noi is believed to be 10000 to 30000 years old and could have been at the bottom of the sea before it was a place of habitation for the dwellers in Paleolithic period.

Location: Sao Din Na Noi, Amphoe Na Noi, Chang Wat Nan, Thailand

Timings: 6 am to 6 pm

Price: 100 THB / 230 INR

: Some of the interesting exhibits like stone axes and bangles which were found here can be found on display at the Nan National Museum.

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Tham Phra Waterfall

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Enjoy one of the most unique things in Thailand when you visit the Tham Phra Waterfall in Thailand. Surrounded by green forests, Tham Phra Waterfall is an enjoyable getaway where you can witness a large waterfall with many big stones.

It is believed that the biggest natural slide is located at Tham Phra Waterfall. It can be reached by a serene boat ride and offers a pleasant respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Location: Sok Kam, Seka District, Bueng Kan 38220, Thailand

Timings: 8 am to 5 pm

: It is one of the most preferred spots in Thailand to enjoy the serenity of nature. Some of the activities which one can enjoy here include swimming, playing in the water or just having a refreshing time in the surroundings.

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Wat Mae Kaet Noi

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If you are searching for the most unusual places in Thailand, Wat Mae Kaet Noi should definitely be on your list. Also called the Temple of Hell, this place showcases numerous sculptures and paintings which symbolise numerous concepts associated with Buddhism and a vivid description of Naraka as discussed by Buddha.

Apart from depicting what constitutes Hell, the temple also describes Nirvana showcasing those who have attained enlightenment.

Location: Highway 1001, Tambon Pa Phai, Amphoe San Sai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50210, Thailand

: 10 THB / 22 INR

: This place is a must visit if you want to have a dose of adventure with some unusual experience of Hell on earth.

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Wat Rong Khun

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Wat Rong Khun, also called the White Temple is one of the most offbeat places in Thailand. The temple is known for its interesting architecture which stands for the unique imagination of the architect Chalermchai Kositpipat and the teachings of Buddha and Buddhist symbolism on various aspects of life, heaven, hell, karma etc. The temple is known to house many relics of Buddha, has a meditation hall and an art gallery which is open to the visitors.

Location: Off Highway 1 (Phahonyothin Road), 15 kilometres South West of Chiang Rai town

Timings: 8 am to 6 pm

Price: 50 THB / 110 INR per person

Highlight: The whole temple is built in white colour which symbolises the purity of the Buddha.

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Thi Lo Su Waterfall

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It's one of the most gorgeous limestone waterfalls in Thailand which is known to enthral you with its rumbling sounds and a picturesque vista. Thi Lo Su is one of the biggest waterfalls in Thailand in terms of the cumulative amount of space containing water. It is located amidst the pristine landscape of Umphang Wildlife sanctuary and offers a pleasant respite from the hustle and bustle of life.

Location: Amphoe Umphang Tak Province, western Thailand

Timings: 8.30 am - 5.00 pm

: It is believed that the spread of Thi Lo Su Waterfall is equal to an area of five football fields.

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Mokoju Peak

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Explore some rejuvenating trekking trails and watch the variety of wildlife when you visit Mokoju Peak in Thailand. One can be accompanied by a park ranger to visit the summit of the peak when doing one of the most electrifying and unique things in Thailand here and then witness the mind-blowing views which nature has to offer.

The place is an unmissable attraction for birdwatchers who can look forward to seeing a number of birds here like rufous-necked hornbill, Burmese yuhina, coral-billed scimitar babbler, grey peacock-pheasant, mountain hawk-eagle.

Location: Mokoju Mountain, Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand

:  Located in the national park, Mokoju Peak is one of the most unique places in Thailand for the offbeat visitor to enjoy activities like birdwatching, swimming, rafting, canoeing, kayaking etc.

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Mae Klong Railway Market

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For the shopaholics, visiting the Mae Klong Railway Market is one of the most unique things to do in Thailand. Located on a train line, this is a market in the middle of which a train runs directly through. This traditional Thai market is known to pose a unique spectacle for every visitor and sells a variety of items ranging from vegetables, food and fruits.

Location: Kasem Sukhum Alley, Mae Klong, Samut Songkhram, 75000

Timings: 6:00 am to 5:00 pm

Highlight: Among the locals, the market is known as Talat Rom Hoop which translates to ‘’Market Umbrella Close’’ as every time the train has to cross the market, the vendors lower their umbrellas pull back their wares just within few minutes.

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Lam Khlong Ngu National Park

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Surrounded by the serenity of hills and valleys, Lam Khlong Ngu National Park is one of the most unusual places in Thailand known for its exquisite caves. These caves are a must visit if you crave a dose of adventure on your Thailand trip as it can only be enjoyed by those who fulfil a minimum requirement of physical fitness.

Some of the popular attractions which should not be missed when visiting here are Nang Kruan Waterfall, Kliti Waterfall and Monolithic Cave.

Location: Chale, Thong Pha Phum District, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand

Timings: 08.00 am to 16.00 pm

Price: Foreigner: Adult 200 THB / 450 INR, Child 10 THB / 22 INR Thai: Adult 40 THB / 90 INR, Child 20 THB / 45 INR

Highlight: The major attraction of Lam Khlong Ngu National Park are its caves which are an enticing scene for the tourists along the valley and cliffs.

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Doi Chang Cliffs

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Visit the Chiang Dao to enjoy one of the most beautiful nights of stargazing when you are there in Thailand. Literally meaning ‘at the level of the stars’, Doi Chang Cliffs is a renowned place to capture the most impressive views of the Milky Way.

It is also a delight for trekking lovers who wish to have a strenuous climb in order to see the most gorgeous views of the stars to be rewarded after a tough climb.

Location: Doi Chang Cliffs, Muang District, Phrae Province, Thailand

Highlight: If you are a trekking lover, Doi Chang Cliffs is one of the must-visit places to witness the 360-degree views of the surroundings after a rugged climb through a scenic landscape.

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Talay Whag

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The beach is called the Golden Scale Dragon Spine as the stretch that glimmers during the sunlight take the shape of a spine of a dragon in the colour of gold.  It appears like a swimming sea dragon and one of the most unique places to see in Thailand on your vacation. The curve stretches for about 3 kilometres and showcases the mysterious and enthralling beauty of nature with its creation during the day.

Location: Khao Khaung, Moo 1 , Tambon Ton Yong Po, Muang, District  Sa-Tun.

: Free

Highlight: One of the famous legends associated with the beach says that anyone who takes a walk on this dragon spine will obtain pure energy from the sea that will help to enhance your inner self.

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Newly Added Thailand Experience

Adventure in Thailand

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Explore All (102)
23 January 2020
It should be a must in Bangkok visit, specially with kids. Hotel pickup service was fantastic, in time. Children enjoyed most the orangutan and dolphin shows. Better to skip the river cruise which I felt like wastage of money. The last part of coming out through the open zoo was fantastic- all openly moving animals including lions and tigers were roaming near the bus.
The best experience of sea life till date. It overseeded my previous experience at underwater world pattaya. Getting tickets was hassle free - just show the QR code and get your ticket from Information Desk. Best feeding shows observed here. The sea otter feeding show was specially enjoyable with the otters asking for more food by shaking their hands above their chests. Next the penguin show, diver show, sea life 3D show, shark feeding show, etc. were awesome. You can chill around as it is cool inside with cafeteria everywhere. Those sharks in giant aquariums really amazed me and they are living in harmony with other fishes for the past 10 years (as learnt). The ambience was great with dim lights everywhere. A great place for kids to enjoy. There were numerous fishes as well, including the famous Giant of Siam - an Amazon fish.
"awesome experience. with good food, breeze views. loved it."
13 May 2019
Best jungle tour ever! Safari world is great where you can observe wildlife closely that includes birds, giraffes, rhinos, etc. The main attractions are tiger feeding and lion feeding inside safari world (which we were lucky to see) where a woman in the rear of the car inside a cage feeds the tigers and the lions from inside. As learnt only she can come near to them as they know her scent. It was nearly a half an hour tour through the jungle life and it was a thrilling experience. The Marine park was also great with many human and animal shows such as Orangutan show, Cowboy stunt show, Spy war, Bird show, etc. and the notable Dolphin show which was best among all. Guys please do not miss this show. The international buffet was also great with varieties of dishes though you can try out Indian buffet as well. Thanks to thrillophilia for making this trip memorable.
This was a great experience and I found the cheapest ticket on Thrillophilia. There was no admission issue. When showing the voucher printout at ticket window, we found that they already had a list of online bookings and they verified our names against it and let us enter. The ocean tunnel was great - we saw sharks, sting rays, large fishes and "giant of siam" - huge fishes bigger than humans. the feeding shows were awesome! the sting rays were cute and the diver hugged them and fed them small shrimps. The fishes were fighting for the bread crumbs and small fishes that the diver was feeding. It was worth visiting and truly a memorable experience. It may not be as big as the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World in Bangkok but the price is really very cheaper than it. A must visit for anyone visiting Pattaya.
09 November 2020
A beautiful piece of island standing Rock solid as if it's the admirer of every one else staring at him. The place is beautiful yet remote and hence it closes by evening and the island becomes completely out of reach.
09 November 2020
A very wonderful place to spend half day taking pictures & selfies with our famous actors, actresses, politicians,social activists, freedom fighters of all time. Try to allocate half day as you will be busy with taking pictures & videos of real life wax statutes.
Great service and it was fun 2 hour speed bpat ride from Koh Samui To Koh Tao
The place is just lit with people and colours and the food is mindblowing. Thanks a lot to Thrillophilia for making my trip comfortable and truly memorable!!”
It was a totally amazing experience. Everything was very well coordinated and arranged. All thanks to Thrillophilia for this amazing trip.

People Also Ask About Thailand

  1. What are the unique places in Thailand to go with friends?

    1. Sam Phan Bok: Known as The Grand Canyons of Thailand, Sam Phan Bok is one of the most beautiful places you can explore with friends. It is a great place to trek, as well as to take stunning photos against the yellow rocks and breathtaking sunset.

    2. Thi Lo Su Waterfall: 
    If you are looking for more beautiful attractions to explore with friends, this is definitely a top choice because of its ethereal natural beauty.

    3. Mae Klong Railway Market: 
    Few places are as interesting as this market, where you can see a train running through the very middle of the stores. It is an exciting and unique place to explore with friends.

    4. Lam Khlong Ngu National Park: 
    This is the ideal place to visit with friends, boasting of high rocks and beautiful sceneries where you can participate in adventures such as rock climbing and trekking.

  2. What are the unique places in Thailand for couples?

    1. Koh Hingham: One of the most romantic things to do with your partner in Thailand is to explore this beautiful beach that is filled with unique rocks and blue waters.  

    2. Mo Hin Khao: 
    The stone sculptures at Mo Hin Khao are only part of the attraction of this place. You can catch the sparkling stars of the Milky Way from this secluded natural attraction, which is an incredibly romantic way to spend the evening with your partner.

    3. Mokoju Peak: 
    One of the most memorable things to do with your partner in Thailand that is also unique is to trek to the top of Mokoju Peak from where you can see the rolling, cloud-strewn hills of Thailand.

    4. Red Lotus Sea: 
    The place is filled with hundreds and hundreds of lotus leaves and flowers and floating through these idyllic waters in a typical Thai boat is a wonderfully intimate and romantic thing to do with your partner.
  3. What is the most visited place in Thailand?

    Bangkok is one of the most visited offbeat places in Thailand. Popular for a bustling nightlife, scenic rooftop bars and lounges, it is also a place of religious significance to Thailand for many Buddhist temples around the city. Tourists can enjoy the aromatic Thai cuisines, and relax in famous luxury resorts in this city.
  4. What is the famous food in Thailand?

    Thai curries are the most tasty and famous dish in thailand. Thailand is particularly famous for making aromatic food, which has a perfect balance of sweet, spicy, creamy and salty tastes. Thai spices do wonders, and thus Thai curries with chicken’s satay remain the peoples’ favourite dish in Thailand.
  5. How do I plan a trip to Thailand?

    A perfect tour should cover all of the offbeat places in Thailand. Arriving at the Bangkok airport, tourists can take a day or two in Bangkok, followed by visiting the beach at Pattaya. Tourists should add water sports and sunbathing at the coral island in their itinerary. A day or two should be devoted solely to shopping and enjoying Thai cuisine at local markets.
  6. What is the best time to visit Thailand?

    The best time to visit Thailand is between the dry seasons of April to November. During this time the temperatures are ideal for participating in beach activities, and tourists don't have to worry about rain showers, and can enjoy the best of this tropical beach island.
  7. How to reach Thailand?

    - By Flights: You can reach Thailand by air taking a flight to Suvarnabhumi Airport which has connectivity to almost all major countries in the world.

    - By Ships: Tourists can also reach by ships, which leave from Singapore and many other southeastern countries.

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