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The thrilling adventure Sports in Thailand takes you to a whole new side of this island destination. On your trip, you will get a chance to embrace this heaven of natural beauty and vibrant nightlife in a whole new way. You can try out white water rafting that will give you a chance to jump in the mighty rivers of Thailand or go scuba diving with whale sharks. If this doesn’t satisfy your thirst for adventure, you can opt for Kiteboarding along the shiny coasts on a sunny afternoon for a refreshing vibe as well as rock climbing over man-made climbing walls or natural cliffs.

If you are wondering about some of the best Thailand Adventure Sports, then you can try your hands at wakeboarding to experience the electric waves on the beach, skydiving to test your guts in the freefall, and surfing to witness the turquoise waters and the shiny beaches of Thailand. Many tourists choose to indulge in mountain biking activities to explore the unexplored side of Thailand which is again filled with adventure amidst nature.
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10 May 2019
This was a great activity and one of the most budget friendly options for water sports. There was parasailing, sea walking, jet ski, banana boat ride, water slide, glass bottom boat and snorkeling activity. Sea food lunch was good - 1 fried chicken leg, 1 crab and 1 prawn for each, and noodles, rice, lettuce, chicken soup with medium chicken pieces, and a fish to be shared on the table with 5-6 people. Please note Free hotel pick up is only provided if you stay along North Pattaya road, Central Pattaya road, South Pattaya Road or along the beach near these roads. Otherwise you have to pay 200 THB per person (so better to take taxi/Grab/songthaew tuc-tuc if more than 1 person). Also for snorkeling, if you have glasses and high negative power (Mine is : -3.5), you would not able to see much as you have to leave your glasses to wear the snorkeling mask. If you know swimming it is better, they do provide life jackets to all (it keeps you afloat always) and net rafts to non-swimmers. Since I was a non-swimmer I had to hold the rope and row the net raft with my hands to roam. If you know swimming you can roam around and view the corals properly. For snorkeling your nose is covered in mask and you have to breathe through mouth with a pipe. My father was uncomfortable with it and came out of water soon. Just take a note. This was a great experience.
This experience made my Pattaya visit the most memorable one. The activities were highly organised with staffs taking care of each tourist personally. There were many activities like Parasailing, Sea walking, Banana boat, Jet ski, Glass boat, etc. apart from Snorkelling and the views were great with fishes and corals living in harmony. In addition to it there was sea food (the other option was Indian food) which was delicious after day long activity of 4 hours. The experience was worthwhile and something to remember for a very long time.
This was my first-time experience of zip-lining in Phuket and visited here with my husband. The guides were helpful and Highly recommend.
09 November 2019
It was an amazing day trip of 6 hrs. I took the early morning slot. I enjoyed alot and we did so many acitivities with elephants like we had done swimming with them also we had experienced Mud spa with the elephants and also clicked their beautiful photos. Everything was very well organised by Thrillophilia. Snacks provided were also very tasty and healthy. It was a satisfying Tour. Thank You Thrillophilia....
02 November 2019
This place is a little Elephant Village where you can enjoy your day with the elephants. Here you can feed the elephants, play with them, click countless photos (The sanctuary also has an in-house photographer who captures every moment of your day all the snaps are later posted on the sanctuary's Facebook page from where they can be downloaded for free), and enjoy bathing with them. The elephants at the sanctuary looked healthy & happy and were very well taken care of. We had a fantastic time & an incredible experience while feeding, bathing, and playing with the giants. I would consider this a must do for all ages while visiting Phuket. The Guide & Mahout's were very friendly, knowledgeable, and were very passionate for what they do. They educated us with many unknown facts about Asian/African Elephants. Cherry on the cake- Free Elephant Sanctuary Souvenir & Lunch Buffet! It was an absolutely phenomenal experience from start to finish. Let's stop the abuse of elephants & help sanctuary's like this ? *During your visit, do not forget to bring your sunscreen lotion, hat/cap, swimming costume (this would be used while bathing with the elephants), a towel (Rental Option @ 50 Tbh) and a pair of clothes to change after the bath. Not to mention- the sanctuary does not offer any sort of elephant ride. Pros: Free Pick & Drop Services Free Water & Meal Inclusions Souvenir Shop Clean Restrooms & Showers Facility In-house photographer to capture every moment (Later they share a Download Link on Sanctuary's Facebook Page) Energetic/Friendly/passionate Guide & Mahouts Most important- You can find the elephants in their natural habitat Keep Calm & Love Elephants!
Thrilling! This is a once in a lifetime experience and we loved the seamless before and after sales service that we got. We took this trip for our 25th wedding anniversary and we couldn’t have made a better choice regarding the destination. The desert safari is a simply must-do part of the Dubai trip and should not be missed. Definitely looking forward to another trip with our children and grandkids, hopefully.
Delicious food! This was an evening to remember and totally made the trip seem worth it. We did not face any delays in transfers or stay thanks to Thrillophilia and its dedicated team which made our Dubai trip a ‘happy’ one. As an adventure freak, I especially enjoyed the quad biking along with my family. Our photos have made me nostalgic to take another trip to this sunny paradise again!
We had an excellent experience the whole trip was made very memorable thanks to the hassle-free booking experience made possible by Thrillophila. We felt that it was really worth the price we paid for the unforgettable moments of enjoyment we got during this trip. We had a very decent and friendly guide who catered to our needs and was very friendly.
We managed to get a cracker of a deal through Thrillophilia and had no issues in booking our trip. Almost felt it was a bit of a steal considering the prices. Cannot recommend our trip without special mention to our guide during the desert safari who made the experience memorable. Great trip for families to take. Also enjoyed the Dhow ride in the morning hours and all the shopping that I managed to do.
Had a hassle-free booking experience with Thrillophilia. Enjoyed it at a good price as well. The guide was friendly and accommodating and ensured that we had a good time. Will definitely recommend this if you are looking for a good family outing.