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Thailand has been at the crux of the travel industry with so much to offer in one place. People of all ages and all interests seek this place out in their list of must visit places. This Island is also home to one of the best water sports activities in Thailand, that it has to offer to all tourists who come here to soak in a little sun, sand and surf. Get yourself geared up for all the fun and frolic at Thailand, so much so that you would consider moving here. Thriving mainly on the tourism industry all the locals are super friendly and give quite a considerable amount of your time in case you are the kind who likes to know about the local history and their way of life. The popular places like Pattaya, Phuket, offer the best water sports tours in Thailand. Whether it is Kite Boarding on the beaches of Karon and Patong at Phuket or Pattaya, the experience of trying out the equipment and getting a hands on lesson on kiteboarding, makes it an interesting experience.


There are many PADI diving courses being offered throughout the Islands and you can try some at Mygenesis 1 to the Northern Islands at Phuket and explore the clear water dives at various diving points to experience the world down under as you take the different the corals and vibrant colours. You can have a tour of the 40 Islands of Phi Phi in an express boat and try out various water activities like snorkeling, swimming and kayaking in various parts of these islands. You can also try Flyboarding in Pattaya which is a very new age water sport and takes a lot of practice to master or standing paddling at Phuket. With so many water sports in Thailand your days will never be short of things to do.

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People Also Ask About Water Sports in Thailand

  1. What is the best time to visit Thailand for water sports?

    Most of the water sports are based in Phuket; therefore, the best time to visit Thailand for water sports tours in Thailand is from November to April, when the sea is tranquil and imperturbable. Therefore a lot of water-related activities have come up in Thailand. These can be enjoyed by people, starting from kids to adults. Therefore visiting Thailand is a good option during a vacation.

  2. What are the essential items one must pack while traveling to Thailand?

    Light clothes if one has travel plans in summer and warm clothes if one has planned to travel in winter. Also, slip-on shoes are to be packed because one has to take off shoes frequently. Apart from that, water bottles, bug spray, sunscreen, rain jacket, sweater or sweat shorts are to be packed. For water-based activities, swimsuits, floaters etc. are necessary.

  3. Which all water sports are must to do in Thailand?

    Phuket and Pattaya are attractive destinations for water-sports tours in Thailand. Kite surfing, snorkeling, fly boarding, scuba diving, coral island tour, open water diving, stand up paddling, river rafting, and other water-based sports are definitely worth trying. In fact, there are other beaches in Thailand where a lot of water-related sports are carried out. Like in Kho Tao, Samae San Islands etc.

  4. I am pregnant, can I do water sports in Thailand?

    Water sports are definitely not a good option for pregnant women. Water sports are energy consuming and pregnant women are not advised to go through it as the erratic jerks can be dangerous for the baby. So water based activities are not a good option for pregnant women. Although they can enjoy a lazy boat ride. But other rough activities are not advisable for pregnant women.

  5. What is the minimum age required to do water activities in Thailand?

    The minimum age for a water sport like scuba diving is 10 years. Children below 10 years are not allowed to engage in such water sports. But this hasn’t stopped children from enjoying water sports. A number of age-friendly water activities have also come up to satisfy the expectations of children. There are a number of water parks where children are allowed and can enjoy themselves.

  6. What can all water activities small kids do in Thailand?

    Phuket has some attractive water-based destinations for youngsters who wish to indulge iiin water-sports tours in Thailand. Splash Jungle Water Park at Mai Khao Beach, paddle boats in Nai Ham Lake are good for kids aged 4-8. Sea canoe in Phuket town, private snorkeling trip, wakeboarding at Anthen Wake Park is good options for kids aged 8-12. Sea canoeing in Phang Nga Bay, Aquarium at Cape Panwa are good options for pre-teens and teens aged 12-16. In fact, there is something called an Underwater World in Pattaya. This is like a huge aquarium where people can visit along with kids. A very attractive destination for youngsters. The Vimantaitalay Tourist Submarine is a good option for parents to take their children for a real submarine ride. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  7. What happens in case of any medical emergency during water sports? Are there any good hospitals in Thailand?

    In case of any emergency, calling 1554 is the best option. In fact, Thai people are extremely generous and will reach out if there are any casualties. They will help one to take care of the patient until paramedics arrive. Therefore, in case of any casualty, calling Thai people for help is a safe option.

    Bumrungrad International Hospital, BNH Hospital, Aek Udon Hospital, Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospitals are some of the good hospitals in Thailand and are ready for care and aid. Also, the price of any medical service is extremely fair.

  8. Which beaches are famous in Thailand for water sports?

    Pattaya beach, the Northern Islands, Phuket beach, Samae San Islands are famous in Thailand for water-related activities and sports like snorkeling, scuba-diving etc.

  9. Where can I do scuba diving in Thailand? Is it safe to do scuba diving in Thailand?

    Scuba diving at Pattaya, Samal San Islands, adventure diving trip in Phuket are extremely popular.

    Scuba diving is very much safe in Thailand. Professional divers are present with the client during diving sessions. In case of any functional error, these professionals readily take collective action. Therefore, serious harm is prevented. Also in case of an emergency, good hospitals are present in Thailand where one can seek medical aid, help, and support.

  10. How much will it cost me to do scuba diving in Thailand? Can I have photographs clicked during scuba diving?

    Scuba diving sessions generally cost between 3400 Baht to 4000 Baht.

    Yes, photographs are allowed during water-sports tours in Thailand. Underwater photography is very much popular and can help tourists to click pictures underwater while scuba diving. However, a separate amount is charged for it. It is generally around 7700 Baht.

  11. Where can I do river rafting in Thailand? Is it safe? What is the grade of rapids?

    White water rafting, rafting at Chiang Mai and Phuket, in Maetang River are extremely popular amidst all water-sports tours in Thailand.

    Yes, it is safe as a professional is always present. The professionals make sure of the safety of the clients. In case of any accident, these people readily take action to prevent any major casualty. If by chance, an accident occurs, the person in question is immediately rushed to the nearest hospital for medical aid and assistance.

    The rivers in Thailand are rain-fed. And rain falls in July through October here, so during these months the grade of rapids is high but eventually lowers down after. The grade of rapids marks when is the right time for engaging in river rafting. If the grade of rapids is high, then it is immediately pre-informed to the clients.

  12. Can a non-Swimmer indulge in water sports in Thailand?

    Water-based activities are meant for all. But what about non-swimmers? In fact, they can enjoy a number of water-based activities. Non-swimmers can enjoy water sports like snorkeling but with necessary and proper protective gear. Non-swimmers definitely can enjoy water sports, with the help of a professional.

  13. Which is the best place to do snorkeling in Thailand? How much will it cost me?

    Phi Phi Islands, Ko-Tao, Ao Mae Yai Bay. Kata Beach is some of the best places to do snorkeling in Thailand.

    It will generally cost between $28.16-$131.25, depending on the particular amount charged in that river rafting service.

  14. Can I wear spectacle/contact lenses during water sports in Thailand?

    Try to avoid wearing spectacles or contact lenses during water sports in Thailand, to prevent bacterial infections in the eyes. Therefore spectacles and contact lenses are generally not advisable when one is engaging in any sort of water-based activity.

    Thailand is an attractive option for the next trip abroad. With its dynamic water-based activities and sports, people of all ages will enjoy what it has to offer. Fun, satisfaction and of course safety is promised by the country. So it is very much recommended to visit Thailand at least once in a lifetime, to make a full worth of one’s money and satisfaction.