15 Beaches in Melbourne (Location, Best Time & How to Reach)
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Melbourne Beaches

St Kilda, Elwood Beach, Half Moon Bay, Brighton Beach, Mothers Beach, Williamstown Beach, Sorrento, Altona Beach, Mornington Peninsula, Hampton, Sandringham Beach, Edithvale Beach and Ocean Grove Beach.

The universal appeal of the beaches in Melbourne Australia lies in the fact that they are wonderfully isolated, and offer a perfect escape for anyone that looks forward to reinvigorating themselves. From the shore-side diners and popular spots of swimming at the St Kilda Beach to the vibrant and signature bathing huts of Brighton, the beaches in Melbourne are unquestionably the best getaway outlets.

These spectacularly windswept beaches have good weather and are superb for leisure breaks to indulge in summer sunning, and skim-boarding. The vast expanses of golden sand are lined up with palm trees and have substantial foreshore reserves offering ample play, picnic and barbecue facilities. In these exotic waterfront destinations, whenever you feel peckish, you can grab flavours chips and calamari in the lauded restaurants known for serving incredible seafood. Moreover, after an exuberant day in the seas, you can let your hair down in the indoor spas with saltwater bath complexes, present here. 

The serene Melbourne Beaches also have a thriving marine life where you can spot exciting creatures like octopuses, anemones, and sea-urchins. So, if you are in for days filled with wholesome whoopee, then head to one of these incredible beaches for an endless water sporting sesh in the calm waves. 

Here is the list of some of the best beaches in Melbourne:


St Kilda

One of the most colorful  beaches in Melbourne Australia, which is a pure paradise on planet earth and a beachside playground, has to be St Kilda.  It is a very safe beach where you will find people sunbathing, swimming, sailing, windsurfing, playing beach volleyball, and jet skiing.

Gorgeous sunsets on the beach are fetching and extremely impressive. It is well renowned for Port Philip’s expansive view and houses old fabulous buildings, cafes, bars, great restaurants, and gardens. You can taste the cakes from the popular cake shops here while experiencing the Luna Park rides.  

It is located six kilometers south (3.7 miles) from the city center of Melbourne, at Port Phillip in the Australian state of Victoria. 

Best time to visit
The two suggested best times for a visit to the St Kilda Beach are- around early morning, preferably two hours before the sun rises if you wish to see the little penguins, and the other is around 11 PM at night. 

How to reach
You can reach the beach from Bourke Street or the Southern Cross station boarding Route 96 trams. These are the fastest trams with a travel time of approximately twenty minutes.

Elwood Beach

Elwood Beach is one of the popular bayside Melbourne beaches Australia during sunny times of the day. It is a great shore for big families as the kids have a good time and the water is calm and clean to indulge in swimming. It is an ideal spot for picnics and is particularly attractive because of the light-colored sand, and gentle swathing waves it has. 

It lies almost nine kilometers south of the CBD of Melbourne in Australia’s Victoria.

Best time to visit
The best time to visit Elwood Beach is during a warm day in the summer. It is in the course of summertime that this beach becomes one of the prime swimming, fishing, and windsurfing spots. 

How to reach
You can reach the beach by 246, 600, 606, 923, and 922 (number) buses, Sandringham train, and tram.

Half Moon Bay

The Half Moon Bay beach is one of the most fantastic metropolitan Melbourne beaches Australia and has been named because of the crescent shape it has. It draws aquatic life as it is snugly set in an inlet below the grass-covered cliffs, serving as an embankment, and is also the perfect spot for divers.

The bay draws swimmers, boating enthusiasts and has plenty of eating places. This beach is three hundred fifty meters long hence the ample space is home to jetties, and launching boats that tourists can hop on for short vessel rides. To feel the romance as an add-on, you must stay until the dusk time to behold the slow sinking of the sun. 

It is located at Beach Road, Melbourne in Australia’s Victoria state.  

Best time to visit
The best time to reach the beach is during the late afternoons, and mid-morning because you get to feel the sea breeze and witness the ultramarine hue of the water. 

How to reach
You can get to Half Moon Bay, Black Rock by either boarding a train or bus.
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Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is particularly famous for its eighty-two eye-catching bathing boxes that make this beach home and one of the iconic tourist locations. When the wind starts picking up, you can see some decent waves. This one being one of the popular Melbourne beaches Australia draws scores of locals and tourists from all across the globe.

It is a suitable spot for surfers, sunbathers, and swimmers alike. This beach is very close to exotic cafes, galleries, and restaurants that make it one of the most well-liked beaches.

It is located at 134 Esplanade, in Victoria, Australia. 

Best time to visit
The best time to visit the beach around 10 AM when the sun rays are not that hot and you can click some beautifully bright pictures. You can also opt for late afternoons or evenings to catch the view of the sun setting over the ocean. 

How to reach
You can either take a car and drive from the city or board a Sandringham line train. Both the train and the car take twenty minutes to reach.

Mothers Beach

This Mornington beach presents the travelers with not just the safest atmosphere but a family-friendly space that makes it one of the hot favorite Melbourne beaches amongst locals. There is a wide range of picnic facilities available here alongside BBQ, and sky-high cypress trees providing shelter that makes it a perfect spot for a family day out.

To set forth on sea exploration, you can either rent a kayak or a canoe because the water is shallow and safe. 

It is located at Schnapper Point Drive in Victoria’s Mornington. 

Best time to visit
The best time to hit the beach is from 11 AM in the morning and stay up till the late afternoon. There are the sky-high cypress trees that let the sea breeze flow and offer shade as well.

How to reach
If you want to get to Mother's beach in no time then it is advisable to board a taxi that will charge you around 140 to 110 Australian dollars to reach in less than an hour. However, if you one of the cheapest ways to get to the beach is to board the line 781 bus or train.

Williamstown Beach

Williamstown Beach lies very close to the principal city, and is the very first sea-port of Melbourne. It is one of the most popular and most visited Melbourne beaches that has transformed into a trendy suburb at the seaside having a hamlet-like feel to it.

Locals fondly address Williamstown Beach as the Willy beach that presents visitors with breathtaking sights of the city’s skyscrapers, and is replete with plenty of restaurants, and cafes that allow everyone to while away their sundays.  

It is situated between Bayview Street, and Thompson Street, at Williamstown in Hobsons Bay, 3016 Victoria. 

Best time to visit
You can visit the trendiest suburb on the seaside when the sun is about to set as it offers stunning views. 

How to reach
You can reach the beach by boarding the Williamstown-line train, and line 472, 223, and 220 bus.
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One of the most breathtakingly beautiful Melbourne beaches and a complete gem of a coast has to be the Sorrento Beach. It lies between the Bay of Port Phillip and the Straight of Bass, with this location making it the ideal sunset spot for the tourists to flock.

The beach is backed by scenic foreshores, popular jetties are docked before the waterfront, with walking trails making it complete . Sorrento Beach is a total natural extravaganza with an incredible coastline, clear-water rock pools, and an evening visit to the beach makes you experience the elegance in its full glory. 

It is located at 780 Melbourne Road, Sorrento in Australia’s Victoria.

Best time to visit
The best time to visit the beach is during the evenings to catch a glimpse of divine sunsets. However, snorkelers frequent the beach during summers when the water is crystal clear. 

How to reach
There are about four ways to reach Sorrento beach from Melbourne. You can reach this location via car, taxi, bus, and train.

Altona Beach

Altona Beach is one of the serene beaches of Melbourne where people frequent the most to experience tranquility and peace. It is a clean beach that showcases yellow soft sand, crystal-clear water, and is home to many cafes, and restaurants that lie along the beach, besides being an excellent picnic spot.

This beach has tree-lined parks, free parking spaces, and is the most pristine suburb of western Melbourne. The beach is fully accessible as it offers access to people of varying abilities, and is one of the first beaches that presents beach matting that is ideal for wheelchair-bound visitors.

Lush pines of Norfolk shade the beach that make the walking trail (part of the coastal trail of Hobson’s Bay) an ideal spot for walking with your pet, while inhaling fresh air.

It is located at Esplanade, Altona, at Victoria’s Hobsons Bay in Australia.  

Best time to visit
The best time to visit the beach is during summers as people sunbathe here and indulge in a host of water activities. 

How to reach
The best way to reach the station is by boarding the Werribee line train.

Mornington Peninsula

If you wish to breathe the fresh air of the sea, sample innovative Melburnian cuisines and douse up a relaxed Mornington Peninsula alfresco lifestyle then this is the beach you must head to. Summer at the Mornington Peninsula has a fun vibe as you get to rejuvenate and relax at a coastal oasis  and natural hot-springs.

Along the stunning coastline of Bass Strait, you can take a two-hour long ride on the horse, beside visiting the winery of Crittenden Estate that serves vermentino, moscato, saluto, and the premium pinot gris. 

It is located in on south-eastern part of Melbourne in Victoria. 

Best time to visit
You can visit the Mornington Peninsula between February to April however the ideal weather window is from October to April as well. So, you can choose accordingly between the two times. 

How to reach
You can easily reach the peninsula by road by driving a car through the Nepean Highway. You can also choose to travel by bus or jump on the metro services that run every fifteen to twenty minutes.
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Explore All (10)


One of the most ancient and pristine Melbourne beaches has to be Hampton Beach. There are coastal cliffs present at the Hampton beach’s southern end that present breathtaking views. The kids can easily swim in the safe waters here and you can have memorable times with your family. 

It is located at Beach Road, Hampton in 3188 Victoria's Bayside.

Best time to visit
On the basis of the score of tourism, the ideal time to pay a visit to this beach is from June to the middle of September. That is because you can indulge in some warm-weather activities during this time. 

How to reach
You can reach the beach by boarding the Sandringham line train or boarding the 828, 923, and 922-line bus.

Sandringham Beach

Sandringham Beach is 2.5 kilometers, straight beach facing towards the south-west. Steep bluffs back the southern part and you can find some constructed groyne, and seawalls here. There are ample facilities to park and conduct picnics here. The beach is usually calm but is well-exposed to waves, and westerly winds.  Local shops and walking trails make it an ideal location for trippers. 

It is located at 3191 Victoria’s Sandringham. 

Best time to visit
The best time to visit the beach is during low tides as it gets a fair share of strong westerly winds. However,  you can come here at a given time of the year to take long walks.

How to reach
You can reach the beach by boarding either a bus or train. If you are keen on taking public transport then board the 923 or 922 line bus. However, if you want to travel via train then board the Sandringham line train.

Edithvale Beach

A visit to the Edithvale beach can be a persisting memory for you, because this lesser-known treasure with its memorable bathing boxes, and pure-white sand, is sure to make a place in your mind. During the hot summer days, it becomes one of the most popular spots for hanging out as the beach is majorly cleaner, and relatively quieter than its other famous counterparts.

When the sun goes down during summer, it imparts spectacularly glistening views, and because the beach is flat, it is a favorite spot amongst those who want to indulge in cricket, volleyball, and beach sports. Edithvale beach promises you superlative evenings, and thus by sundown, crowds retreat here as everyone enjoys the serene sunset or a stroll along the shore. 

It is located at 19 Somme Parade, 3196 Victoria’s Edithvale

Best time to visit
The best time to hit the shore is after 7:30 PM if you want to feel the breeze or in the mornings during low-tide conditions, when you want to capture stunning photographs. 

How to reach
You can board the Frankston line train to reach the location. Alternatively, you can also board the line 903, or 902 bus.

Ocean Grove Beach

Soak up some sun and take a much-needed break in the pristine, kid-friendly Ocean Grove Beach, which is located in one of the most popular surf towns, surrounded by golf courses, and celebrated wineries. You can explore the unimpaired, long stretch of golden sand that extends till the opening of the Barwon River.

This wide, beautiful surf beach encourages the visitors to sign up for the bodyboarding, and surfing lessons. So, to spend a relaxing and slow afternoon, you can dawdle in the thriving nature reserve here, build sandcastles with children, refuel by grabbing a bite in some of the most popular cafes, burger joints and eateries, or hit the waves in the ocean.

It is located at 55 Hodgson Street in 3226 Victoria’s Ocean Grove. 

Best time to visit
The best time to visit this flourishing reserve of nature is during the average conditions of summers. 

How to reach
If you are boarding a train then you can reach Marshall, take a from there and board a line 55 bus. Alternatively, you may also rent a car from Melbourne that will make you reach Ocean Grove through Geelong, in just three hours eight minutes.

Bushrangers Bay Beach

Some of the best wineries of the state, organic farms, and rolling hills dominate the story-book landscape of Bushrangers Bay Beach, with it being one of the top-shelf options of swimming. You can spend an entire day just climbing up the headlands or exploring the pools, and, you may also discover new rock arches or swim, for every single visit you pay here.

One of the most prominent features is the Elephant Rock, with some gorgeous pools spread on its left-side around the base. There are natural baths galore with the water being crystal-clear but warmer than the water in the ocean so you are going to love Victoria’s own variety of the spa-bath that comes with million-dollar views.

The slowly warm deep pools filled during high-tide, the basalt coastline, and black volcanic rocks emerging from the blue, clear water are enough to send you into a tizzy. 

It is located in 3929 Victoria’s Flinders. 

Best time to visit
The best time to come head to the Rockpools of Bushrangers Bay is on a hot day during summers when the north-easterly winds are blowing, and there are low-tide conditions. So, you can come here between 7:00 AM to 11 AM to hear the birds calling, see herds of kangaroos, or click brilliant shots under the morning sun. 

How to reach
You must park your car at the Parking Area of Bushrangers Bay and follow signs until you reach the location. It is a forty-minute walk roughly, along a path with stairs on the way.

Sunnymead Beach

On the Sunnymead beach, you get to witness insane formations of rocks, that offer views of the beach and it also has a swimmable tunnel. It is one of the hidden gems that deserve a mention. If you are an adventure, and photography enthusiast then you must come here to let your hair down.

It is located at 10 Boundary Road, in 3231 Victoria’s Aireys Inlet. 

Best time to visit
The best time to visit Sunnymead Beach is from March to May and from September to the end of November. These are the seasons that feature low airfare rates and moderate temperatures.
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People Also Ask About Melbourne

  1. Which are the best beaches near Melbourne?

    1. Brighton Beach: Brighton Beach in Melbourne is the most picturesque beach in the city. The vibrant colored 82 bathing boxes are unique to the beach and add up to its beauty. This beach is ideal for surfing and swimming.

    2. Williamstown Beach:
     This beach is known for its great view of the historic Williamstown. The beach looks most lively during the hours of dusk when the nearby skyscrapers, restaurants, and cafes are lit.

    3. Half Moon Bay: Talking about the best beaches in Melbourne, Half Moon Bay cannot be ignored. This beach in Melbourne has a great history associated with it and is known for its structure. The beach has rich marine life which makes it a great spot to dive for.
  2. Which beaches are famous for water sports near Melbourne?

    1. St.Kilda Beach: St.Kilda beach, one of the most popular among tourists and locals for water sports, is known for sunbathing, swimming, sailing, windsurfing, playing beach volleyball, and jet skiing.

    2. Edithvale Beach:
    If you're an adventurous person and looking for some games around the beaches in Melbourne, don't forget to visit Edithvale Beach. This beach is a well-known spot for swimming, fishing, surfing, cricket, and volleyball.

    3. Sorrento Beach:
    This is the most mesmerizing beach in Melbourne. It has a colourful coastline and a vibrant underwater world. Snorkelling is a popular activity here.
  3. Which is better, Cocoa Beach or Melbourne Beach?

    Cocoa Beach is much better than Melbourne Beach as it lets you surf better. The beach is also surrounded by a no. of cafes and restaurants, making it easier to spend most of your day at the beach.
  4. Can you surf at St. Kilda Beach?

    Yes, you can surf at St.kilda Beach as the waves here are smaller, making it safe even for kids to surf.
  5. Is Brighton beach good for swimming?

    Yes, the water in Brighton beach is generally calm, making it a perfect place to swim. This beach is relatively safe for new swimmers too.