20 Fairs Of Rajasthan You Cannot Miss
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Celebrate the fairs of Rajasthan to savor the rich legacy and traditions of this interesting state. There are numerous fairs organised in the stunning state of Rajasthan that serve as the most fascinating exhibit of merry making and festivities. In most of these fairs, one can spot colorful stalls, elegant artifacts, lip-smacking delicacies, traditional Rajasthani attires, folk songs, folk dance and various interesting competitions.

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One can find the electrifying displays of the state’s legacy in the fairs here, where tourists get an opportunity to witness the rich culture throughout the year. Some 
popular fairs and festivals of Rajasthan include Mewar Festival, Camel Fair, Pushkar Fair, Kite Festival and Desert Festival. The locals of Rajasthan celebrate every fair and festival with a lot of fun and enthusiasm. Bringing alive the age old traditions, beautiful rituals and giving it a modern twist with numerous exciting events, the fairs are bound to enthral every passer-by.

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round the year, Rajasthan seems to be embedded with colours and brightness provided by these amazing fairs and celebrations. These fairs have infused a new life in the folklores and the folk songs of Rajasthan and will showcase the rustic charm of the state. Unless you have visited a fair or two in Rajasthan, you are still unknown to the electrifying celebrations and extravaganzas that define the state of Rajasthan. If you are wondering where to find the best list for fairs of Rajasthan, do not worry as we have curated a handpicked selection for you. 

Listed are famous fairs of Rajasthan:

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Beneshwar Fair

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Perhaps one of the most memorable fairs of Jaipur is the Beneshwar Fair which is held in the month of January and February during the time of Shivarathri at Dungarpur.
This tribal celebration is held on the banks of the Mahi and Som rivers and offers a multitude of song and worship, folk songs, magic and animal shows. The Nagaur Fair is celebrated in January and February every year and here, you can see the farmer community come in hordes to buy and sell their cattle.
One of the many attractions of this fair is the selling of animal hides in attractive shapes and patterns during the fair.  
If you get excited in the name of festivities, then one should check out festivals of Jaipur
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Gogaji Fair

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Among some of the other well-known Jaipur fairs is also the Gogaji Fair which is held at the Goga Medi in Ganganagar district. This is usually held in the month of August .

During this Fair, the Snake God is worshipped and many devotees gather here to pay homage to the Samadhi at Goga Medi.  By doing so, the superstitious folk of this region, believe that they can be cured of snake bites and other diseases.
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Ramdevra Fair

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Another important Fair is the Ramdevra Fair in Jaisalmer. This small village gets its name from Baba Ramdev. Many devotees attend this Fair and pay homage to him with ‘bajans’ and ‘kirtans’ that are sung late into the night
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The Marwar Festival

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The Marwar Festival which is held in the month of October is yet another important event  in Jodhpur that lets you into a  great display of the art and culture of this region.

During this festival, folk dancers display scenes from battle and enact the brave acts of warriors of those times. A camel tattoo show and polo matches are also played as a part of the festivities, adding a touch of gaiety to the shows. The Umaid Bhavan Palace comes alive during the festival and is a sight to behold.
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The Kaila Devi Fair

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The Kaila Devi Fair is another star attraction in these parts. Held during the months of April and March in the Kaila village of Rajasthan, it is celebrated for almost a fortnight. This fair is held on the banks of the river Kalisil in Kaila village. You can see a steady flow of devotees here all year round who gather here to pay homage to the shrine of goddess Devi.

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The Kolayat Fair, Bikaner

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The Kolyat Fair held in Bikaner is another important festival in these parts. This Fair lasts for a whole 10 days. It is believed that Kapil Muni was in deep meditation here making it a sacred site. 

At this important place, you can see a lake with several ghats surrounded by banyan trees. Here ‘aarthi is performed for the devotees and lamps are set afloat in the lake making it a truly resplendent site. During the festival one can also visit the famous places of Bikaner.

At this auspicious fair, cattle like camels and horses are also paraded and sold and breeders are given special awards for the pride that they take in their fellow creatures.

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Pushkar Fair

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One of the famous fairs of Rajasthan, the Pushkar Fair is an annual five-day event which is considered as the largest platform to buy and sell camels, cattle and horses. It attracts thousands of tourists who come here to witness the unusual festivities that involve activities like camel dancing, bump riding, neck shaking and a number of other things. It is one of India’s largest cattle and camel fair. This Pushkar camel fair has made Pushkar an important tourist destination because of this fascinating festival. 

Celebrated every year in the month of Kartik in Pushkar, this festival plays host to various competitions and trading activities. Some of the popular events include horse and camel races, Tug-of-War, traditional rural games, wrestling, turban and moustache competitions and showcases. The Pushkar Fair is an exciting even made distinctively beautiful with a plethora of colourful activities that spellbinds the travellers. 

Month of Celebration: Pushkar fair is celebrated in the Hindu month of Kartika that falls in the month of October or November. 

Attractions of Fair: Some of the cattle competitions arouse the curiosity of visitors such asthe "matkaphod", "longest moustache", and "bridal competition”. Other attractions are cultural programs, acrobats, folk music and dance, traders, comedians, etc.

Location:  It is held at Pushkar in Rajasthan

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Camel Bikaner Fair

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Organised by the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture, of Bikaner, Government of Rajasthan, the Camel Bikaner Fair is an exciting event to witness the showcase of the ‘ship of the desert’. The two-day festival celebrates the camels and often cited as one of the most vivid and vivacious festivals of Rajasthan.

The festival offers an opportunity for the locals to race their camels which often takes a lot of serious training since these events are highly competitive. There are interesting activities like camel dances, camel acrobatics, best-decorated camel, camel milking etc. The fascinating competitions will leave the onlookers captivated at how these camels get decked up to be the number one in this festival. 
The Camel Bikaner Fair is an altogether different experience if you wish to explore the vibrant colours, euphoric performances and magnificent fireworks that will light up your day on a vacation in Rajasthan. 

Month: Camel Bikaner Fair takes place every year in the month of January.
Attractions of Fair: Spectacular and unusual camel performances.
Location:  Bikanerplays host to this amazing festival held in Rajasthan. 
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Mahaveerji Fair

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Celebrated to honour the memory of Shri Mahavir Swami, the 24th tirthankara (saint) of the Jains, is one of the most celebrated fairs of Rajasthan. The temple is located in an enclosure called the "katala" where a large number of devotees gather to take part in this festival. The wonderful festival is not only a popular attraction for voyagers but also assembles many local traders who get the opportunity to sell their commodities at the fair. 
One of the exciting feature of this fair is the Rath Yatra boasting of great pomp and show where the processions goes for Kalash Abhishek, where the statue of Mahavirji is taken to the bank of river Gambhiri.
All throughout the procession, the atmosphere is filled with bhajans (religious songs) along with alternating slogans of "Shri Mahavir Swami ki jai".After the ceremony the procession heads back to the temple where a puja is performed and lamps lit illuminating the area. If you get excited in the name of festivities, then one should check out this fair on heritage tours of Rajasthan

Month of Celebration: Shri Mahavirji Fair of Rajasthan takes place in the Hindu month of Chaitra that is between March and April. The duration of the fair is from Shukla Ekadasi (11th day of the lunar month) to Baisakh Krishna Dwitiya (2nd day of the next month).
Attractions of Fair: The golden chariot procession of Mahavirji at this fair remains the most amazing spectacle to behold for the tourists. 
Location: The fair is organised at Chandan Gaon, located about 176 km away from Jaipur 
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Gogamedi Fair

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This renowned traditional Rajasthani cattle and handicraft fair is one of the most appealing fairs of Rajasthan.The fair offers an interesting perspective of the rich culture and tradition of Rajasthan. The excellent festival is actually held to commemorate the regional hero, Goga Veer the snake god to all the inhabitants of Rajasthan who consider Gogaji as their hero. 

The event is an exciting opportunity to enjoy the ancient traditions of Rajasthan. The annual fair is also famous for the selling of livestock, handicraft, village crop and attractive handicrafts by local craftsmen and businessmen. The fun event is marked by singing and dancing, talent shoes and colourful ambience adding a unique appeal to the festivities. 

Month of Celebration: It is celebrated annually, in the months of August and September.
Attractions of Fair:  One of the popular attractions of this festival is the cattle and handicraft fair, where Rajasthani artisans, craftsman and farmers showcase their pieces and crop produce for sale. Fun games, rides and cultural performances by local musicians and dancers further adds to the lively vibe of the fair.
Location: Gogamedi fair is celebrated in the city Ganganagar in Rajasthan
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Shilpgram Crafts Mela

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Shilpgram Crafts Mela is essentially a fair to celebrate the distinct craftsmanship of Rajasthan in which diverse sorts of hand woven garments, weavings, reflect works, handiworks are exhibited. One of the objectives of this fair is to accentuate the production of handicracts by giving an opportunity to local businessmen.  One of the unique fairs of Rajasthan, Shilpgram Crafts Mela is an attempt to portray the condition of weavers in Rajasthan and also a platform for them to display their handicraft work.
The fair offers tourists a glimpse into the life of these hardworking traditional craftsmen and the hardships they face. In order to celebrate the talent and rich legacy of traditional crafts of Rajasthan, this fair is one of the most notable fairs to visit while traveling in Rajasthan and also let travelers explore some of the best places of Udaipur. This fair is a perfect destination to explore a colourful world of the hand-woven clothes, embroideries, mirror works and handicrafts. 

Month of Celebration: The fair is usually held in the month of December every year. 
Attractions of Fair: The hand-woven clothes and camel leather items are one of the most exquisite things that one can find on display when visiting this fair
Location: Udaipur plays host to this notable fair held in Rajasthan. 
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Nagaur Fair

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Nagaur Fair is the second biggest cattle fair in India held each year in Rajput town of Nagaur. This fair serves as a big stage for exchanging cows, sheep, bullocks, bulls, camel and horses in Rajasthan. The fascinating fair witnesses numerous visitors every year and catches the embodiment of Rajasthan which makes it so much culturally, historically and socially unique. 

To add zest to the celebrations in Nagaur Fair, fun occasions like tug of-war, camel and bullock races and cockfights alongside captivating rural music of Jodhpur add a dreamlike appeal to the entire festival. One of the most astonishing component of Nagaur Fair is the energetic red-chilly market that is solely set up at the celebration areas for the tourists. 

Month of Celebration: The fair is held every year during the months of January and February. 
Attractions of Fair: The most interesting part of this fair is cattle fair and the markets which sell Methi&Mirch (chillies)
Location: Nagaur Festival is held at Nagaur  that is located 137 km from Jodhpur towards Bikaner
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Dusshera Fair

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To commend the triumph of over evil, Dusshera is an important festival that showcases vibrant fairs and exhibitions visited by scores of people. This day additionally symbolizes triumph of Goddess Durgaover Mahishasura and the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. One of the important destinations for Dussehra Fairs in Rajasthan is Kota. 

To commend the triumph of Lord Rama, paper statues of Ravana alongside Meghnath and Kumbhkaran are put to flame at the fairs where the spectacular event is trailed by a gigantic jamboree where individuals indulge in desserts, foods, rides, dances and melodic exhibitions. Ramlila or performances based on the entire life of Lord Rama are held during this fair. People congregate in huge numbers to witness these performances and celebrate the victory of good over evil as the slogans of 'Jai Siya Ram' echoes through the air. 

Month of Celebration: The months of October or November generally witness the festivities of Dussehra. 
Attractions of Fair:  For the visitors, the popular attraction of this fair is the carnival and various rides. 
Location: The spectacular festival is held at many places in Rajasthan. However some of the most exciting locations to celebrate this festival are Kota and Jaipur
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Kalaji Fair

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One of the exciting fairs of Rajasthan to check off from your bucket list is the Kalaji Fair dedicated to Kallagi Deity. Well known among the locals and people of nearby areas, this colourful fair attracts a lot of tourist who visit in large numbers. The fair is held at three places in Banswara which are Gopinath ka gadha, Padoli Govardhan and Bodla. The fair is filled with entertainment  and fun activities and also showcases the rich culture and tradition of the place. 
There are several stalls which put up great food, fine handicrafts, art work and leather work produced by local merchants. In all, the fair is an exciting opportunity to catch a glimpse of the colourful celebrations that will captivate your imagination on a trip to Rajasthan. 

Month of Celebration:  It is usually held on the first Sunday of Navratri every year that falls during the months ofSeptember and October. 
Attractions of Fair: The myriad stalls showcasing traditional items and cultural performances are some of the top attractions of this fair. 
Location: Kallaji fair is held with gaiety and fervour in the city of Banswara. The fair is also held in Durgapur, Vorda district at Kali Kalyau Dham.
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Kaila Devi Fair

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The popular Kaila Devi fair is held in the well-knownplace of worship of Kaila Devi arranged on the banks of the Kalisil River in Karauli, 2 km from Kaila town. This fair is  organised to respect Kaila Devi,   to honor Kaila Devi, who is believed to be a form of Mahalakshmi, the goddess of wealth and Chamunda, the goddess of death. People visit this fair from distant states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi and Haryana as the Kaila devi is worshipped as the guardian deity by the Yadavas, the Khinchis, and the princess of Karauli. 
There are vibrant performances that mark the occasion of this fair as people celebrate in the courtyard of the temple. Seeing these different exhibitions will be an incredible affair for the travelers as they will get a genuine vista of the Rajasthani culture.

Month of Celebration: Kaila Devi fair is annually held in the months of March and April. 
Attractions of Fair: There are a large number of shops selling variety of articles and Mina tribal people perform dances of happiness and sing songs in the praise of the deities lending the gaiety to the environment
Location: The famous fair is held in the city of Karauli in Rajasthan. 
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Banganga Fair

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Often cited as one of the biggest events of Rajasthan, the Banganga Fair is considered to be a popular event holding wide historical significance. Having its origins in the Mahabharata, it is believed that it was the Banganga Lake where Arjun shot an arrow to spring up water when Bhishma Pitamah was wounded. On the full moon day of the month of Vaisakh, thousands of devotes throng this place to take a dip in the holy waters of this Lake. Besides the devotees, traders come here to sell their articles. These articles can be anything from toys, household items and handicrafts to rural equipments.

The fair is also very significant for the dealers and traders who come to this place to sell the products. If you fond of shopping then you will truly have a great time in the bazaar organised here where a wide array of items can be found and even here is a guide for shopping in Jaipur. The presence of a number of entertainment and recreation facilities in the fair also add to the zeal and enthusiasm of visitors to this fair. 

Month of Celebration: It is held every year in the months of April-May (Hindu month of Vaisakh).
Attractions of Fair: Taking a holy dip in the sacred Lake is considered to be the most popular activity of this fair. 
Location: The fair is organised at Bairath, Jaipur
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Chandra Bhaga Fair

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Chandrabhaga Fair is held each year in Rajasthan in the city of Jhalarapatan which is dedicated to the river Chandrabhaga. It attracts a lot of tourists who come here to witness the colourful arts and crafts. The fair also showcases a large cattle fair held on the last day of Kartik.  Merchants from far territories like Maharasthra and Madhya Pradesh come here and partake in the exchanging of these creatures. 
The exquisite display of handicrafts and various competitions like Matka race, Tug of War, Turban Tying, Rangoli Making, Cattle competitions, Moustache Competition offer an exciting opportunity to entertain the tourists at the Chandrabhaga Fair. The famous fair additionally draws in voyagers who get a chance to connect with local people and acquaint themselves with their ceremonies and traditions. 

Month of Celebration: The fair is held generally during the months of October and November. 
Attractions of Fair: The folk music and colourful art and crafts are the biggest attraction of this fair. 
Location: The famous fair takes place at Jhalrapatan which is just 6 kms from Jhalawar
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Bundi Utsav

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The terrific blend of conventional craftsmanship, Rajasthani royalty, traditional crafts, colourful attires, and home stylistic themes are some of the interesting displays that adore the event of Bundi Utsav. Organised by the Rajasthan State Tourism Department, this fair is one of the exciting events to add to your itinerary when visiting Rajasthan. Filled with astonishing exhibits of Rajasthani culture, the two days of Bundi Utsav are sure to enthral its spectators. 
At a young hour in the morning after the full moon night of Kartik Purnima, ladies and men are seen clad in alluring bright ensembles lighting diyas or lights arranged by them from flour batter on the banks of River Chambal and looking for favours by offering prayers.

Month of Celebration: The months of October and November generally witness the annual celebrations of Bundi Utsav. 
Attractions of Fair: Some of the popular attractions of this fair are Shobha Yatra or procession, ethnic sports, cultural programs, fold dance performances, and bridal attire competitions.
Location: Bundi in Rajasthan plays host to this brilliant festival.
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Desert Fair

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In the beautiful city of Jaisalmer, one can witness the beautiful Desert Festival held in the Hindu month of Magh, three days prior to the full moon. Celebrated in the midst of sand dunes of the Thar Desert, the event showcases the real extra extravaganza of the delights of the desert.

Commencing with a procession from the Jaisalmer Fortto the Shahid Poonam Singh Stadium, the Desert Festival plays host to numerous exciting events like camel polo, camel races, tug-of-war, turban tying etc. Tourists can also take delight in various gymnastic stunts in camel backs. The grand finale of the festival is the Rajasthani folk concert following an Air Force display, cricket match and parachuting. Wonderful food, fascinating stalls displaying artefacts, handicrafts and other souvenirs are also available at the festival. Jaisalmer Desert camps can be also enjoyed if you are going to be a spectator of this amazing festival.

Month of Celebration: January and February are the months which witness the occasion of this fair in Rajasthan. 

Attractions of Fair: The Gair and the fire dance are highlights of the festival. Some other interesting sights of the fair include numerous snake charmers, puppeters, acrobats and folk performers.

Location: The Desert Festival is one of the important events held in the city of Jaisalmer. 

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Urs Fair

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Organized on the death anniversary of the great Sufi Saint, KhwajaMoin-ud-din Chishti, one of the important religious fairs of Rajasthan is the Urs Fair, It is held at the memorial of the holy saint in the city of Ajmer is at times which is often called Ajmer Sharif (Holy Ajmer). Millions of devotees from various parts of the country flock to the city on the eve of Urs Festival during the first six days of Rajab (seventh month of the Islamic calendar).
People come to the sacred shrine to pray to the Khwaja and seek his blessings make offerings (nazrana) at the place where the remains of the Saint now rest. The offerings include rose and jasmine flowers, sandalwood paste, perfumes, incense, etc. Those who get their wishes fulfilled, along with those who come to pray, offer chadar, ghilaph and neema at the Dargah. Outside the sanctum sanctorum of the dargah, professional singers called qawwals can be seen singing the praises of the saint which is an exhilarating sight to behold. 

Month of Celebration: The famous Urs Fair of Rajasthan is held during the month of July/August. 
Attractions of Fair: The most mind-blowing spectacle to behold on the occasion of Urs Festival is the Qawwalis (musical extravaganza) and Mushairaas (evening of poetic verses).
 Location: Urs Fair takes place in the city of Ajmer in Rajasthan. 
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