15 Things To Do Near Fateh Sagar Lake 2024, Updated

Activities to Do near Fateh Sagar Lake

Explore the City Palace, Take a boat ride at Lake Pichola, Enjoy at Nehru Garden, Taste the delicacy at Charcoal By Carlsson, Pray at Jagdish Temple, Walk along Doodh Talai, Shopping at Hathipole Bazaar, Visit Lake Palace, Enjoy at Rajiv Gandhi Garden, Pay a visit to Karni Mata Temple and many more.

Visitors going on a trip to Udaipur will find several things to do near Fateh Sagar Lake. This artificial lake is situated to the north of Lake Pichola across Moti Magri Hills and has a magnificent view of Aravalli hills on three sides. Visitors visiting Fateh Sagar have several options of enjoyment. Those who love nature can take a boat ride at Lake Pichola or visit one of the beautiful gardens  - Nehru Garden or Rajiv Gandhi Garden. In the evening, there is a musical fountain show at Doodh Talai.

Amongst the places to visit near Fateh Sagar Lake, there are several palaces such as City Palace or Lake Palace for those who love places of historical interest. Car lovers must visit the Vintage Car Museum to see a grand collection of well-known vintage cars. The trip will not be completed without a meal at Charcoal by Carlsson and a shopping expedition to Hathipole Bazaar.

Here is the list of best things to do near Fateh Sagar Lake:

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Explore The City Palace

One of the things to do near Fateh Sagar lake is to explore the beautiful City Palace situated on the eastern bank of Pichola Lake. The magnificent palace boasts of an architecture which is a blend of European, Medieval and Chinese style.

The awe-inspiring palace has 11 palaces in its complex with enchanting courtyards, pavilions, hanging gardens and a lot more. The inside is beautifully decorated with antiques and exclusive paintings.

Location: Tulsi Marg, Gangori Bazar, J.D.A. Market, Rajasthan

Open every day (9:30 am to 5:30 pm).

Price: Rs. 30 for adults and Rs. 15 for children.

Take a boat ride at Lake pichola

Taking a boat ride in the magnificent Lake Pichola can be delightful and is one of the things to do near Fateh Sagar lake. Visitors can take a boat for an hour and roam around the four islands of the lake - Jag Mandir, Jag Niwas, Mohan Mandir and Arsi Vilas.

The ride becomes even more enjoyable when the beauty of the lake enhances during setting sun when the last rays of the sun leaves a glimmering reflection in the lake. The boat ride also offers a lovely view of the town which is more enjoyable in the evening when the city lights up 

Location: Pichola Village, Udaipur, Rajasthan 

Timing :
  Open on all days (9:00 am to 6:00 pm)

Boat Ride: Rs. 300 per hour for adults & Rs 150 per hour for children

Enjoy at Nehru Garden

A beautifully landscaped garden in Fateh Sagar lake is Nehru Garden is a must inclusion in the places to visit near Fateh Sagar lake . This garden is a perfect mix of beauty and history with displays of enthralling pieces of art from every part of the country.

The vast garden spread across 4.5 acres has an ovular structure with lush green garden punctuated with swaying palm trees.

Location: Fateh Sagar Lake, Vasupujya Complex, 5, Mewar Motor Link Rd, Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur, Rajasthan, 313001, India

All days 9 AM to 6 PM 

Indians- Rs. 30, Foreigners - Rs. 125 per person 

Stroll at Vintage Car Museum

One of the things to do near Fateh Sagar lake for vintage car lovers is to watch out for the car collection at the Vintage & Classic Car Collection Museum. The museum has many famous cars such as the 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom used in the Hollywood movie Octopussy and many others.

Visitors can enjoy a rare insight into the upkeep and maintenance of these famous cars by the museum.

Location: Gulab Bagh Rd, nearby The Garden Hotel, Old City, Shakti Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan 

Timing: Open all days from 9 AM to 9 PM

Price:  Adults - Rs. 350 per person and  Children - Rs. 250 per person

Spend Some Quality Time at Ambrai Ghat

Spending some time at Ambrai Ghat must be included in the list of Things to do near Fateh Sagar lake. Popularly known as the Majhi Ghat, the place has gained popularity due to its view of Lake Pichola.

The ghat is filled with local people in the morning who come for yoga or walk. The evening view of the lake with the dazzling city lights in the background is beautiful and enjoyable.

Location: Chandpole Maji Ka Mandir corner of Lake Pichola, Pichola, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Timing: Open on all days from 12 AM to 12 PM

Visit Saheliyon ki Bari

Saheliyon ki Bari or the Garden of the Maidens is a marvel, a king designed for his beloved wife.  The place has a serene atmosphere that draws those tourists who want to escape the bustles of the city for a while. The beautiful garden has an enchanting view with carved marble pavilions, lotus pond, rain fountains and kiosks in the pool. 

Location: Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal, Lake City, Near Science Museum, Panchwati, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Timing: Open on all  days from 9 AM to  7 PM

Price:   Rs. 10 for Indians and Rs. 50 for foreigners.

Taste the Delicacy at Charcoal By Carlsson

One of the things to do near Fateh Sagar lake is to taste some delicious food at the barbecue restaurant Charcoal By Carlsson. The specialty of this place is that meats and vegetables are cooked on charcoal grills.

The restaurant serves foods with authentic Rajasthani flavors which can be relished while watching the stunning view the restaurant offers. The restaurant offers cold and refreshing drinks by the lake at 5 pm especially for those who wish to enjoy the sunset.

Location: 12, Lal Ghat Road, Near Jagdish Temple

8–11am, 1–3:30pm, 6–11pm

Walk along Doodh Talai

Dudh Talai, a beautiful lake surrounded by hillocks, is one of the places to visit near Fateh Sagar Lake. The lake has its own garden called the Dudh Talai Musical Garden. The garden with its musical fountain offers an enchanting view of the city of Udaipur.

The lake can be delightful for a walk, especially in the evening, when the main attraction of this place, the musical fountain show of the garden is held. 

Location: Dudh Talai, Pichola, Udaipur, Rajasthan, 313001, India

All days 9 AM to 10 PM

Rs 20 per person for Adults, Rs. 10 per person for Children.

Shopping at Hathipole Bazaar

One of the things to do near Fateh Sagar lake is to shop at Hathipole Bazaar. This bazaar is a shoppers paradise with handicraft objects, embroidered leather shoes, Rajasthani dress, home decors, Rajasthani quilts, and so on.

The place attracts tourists from all over the world with its beautiful Rajasthani art displayed everywhere in the forms of miniature paintings, colorful footwear, handicrafts, and so on. 

Location: G N P * LACE (Girdhar Das Nathu Lal Parikh) 179, Bada Bazar, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Monday to Saturday: 09:30 AM – 09:30 PM


Explore Bagore ki Haveli

One of the places to visit near Fateh Sagar lake is Bagore Ki Haveli, situated near Pichola Lake. Built-in the 18th century as the residence of Maharana of Bagore, the place has now been converted to a Museum. The antique collections at the museum such as jewelry boxes, copper vessels etc in some of the 100 rooms of the museum are interesting, especially for those visitors interested in history. There are some special shows conducted in the evenings which visitors can enjoy.

Location: Gangaur Ghat Marg, Hotel Gangaur Palace, Silawat Wadi, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Timing: Open All days  from 10 AM to 6.30 PM

Price: Rs. 60 per person

Pay a Visit to Karni Mata Temple

Paying a visit to Sri Mansapurna Karni Mata temple should be included in the list of Things to do near Fateh Sagar lake. Dedicated to hindu goddess Karni Mata, the temple is located on the Machla Magra Hills.

Visitors can either reach the place by climbing the 1050 winding stairs or can enjoy a ride in a rope way.The view of the Udaipur city along with Lake Pichola from the top of the hill is breathtaking.

Location: Jawahar Nagar, Pichola, Rajasthan

Timing: 4 am to 10 pm

Visit Lake Palace

One of the must things to do near Fateh Sagar lake is to visit the 18th-century historic palace floating in the middle of the Pichola lake. The place earlier known as Jag Niwas is now a luxury hotel, Taj Lake Palace.

The grandeur of this beautiful palace has made it a stunning location for many Hollywood and Bollywood movies and also for destination weddings. The beautiful glasswork, detailed art, and ornate carvings on the white marble of the palace makes it worth a visit

Location: PO Box No. 5, Lake Pichola, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Open every day.

Pray at Jagdish Temple

One of the places to visit near Fateh Sagar lake is Jagdish Temple, Udaipur’s largest temple. Built-in a stunning Indo-Arya architecture, the temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple also houses shrines dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Goddess Shakti, and the Sun God.

The beautiful wall carvings, stunning architecture and elephant structures makes the place worth a visit. Some visitors would also love to visit this beautiful temple to offer their devotion to the gods and goddesses in the temple.

Location: 1 Jagdish temple, Rajasthan

Timing: Open every day (5 am to 2:30 pm & 4 pm to 10 pm).


Visit the Neemach Mata Mandir

Neemach Mata Temple is situated on the top of Dewali hill on the banks of the Fateh Sagar Lake. Dedicated to Neemach Mata, the temple also houses an idol of Lord Ganesha. Visitors can reach the temple by climbing the stairs or by walking 900 meters. The view from the top of the view looks spectacular, especially during the dawn.

Location: Fateh Sagar Rd, Shilpgram, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

06.00 am - 08.00 pm. Open on all days.


Enjoy at Rajiv Gandhi Garden

Those looking for having some good time with family must include Rajiv Gandhi Garden in their list of things to do near Fateh Sagar lake. One of the biggest parks in Udaipur, this park has something on offer for everybody.

While Kids can enjoy at the children’s park, couples can take a stroll enjoying the beautiful architecture of the park with its lush green garden with fountains. Older people can simply relax and enjoy the serene atmosphere

Location: Rani Rd, Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur, Rajasthan, 313001, India

Timing: Every day from  8 AM to 7 PM

Price: Rs. 10 per person for Adults, Rs.5 per person for Children 

People Also Ask About Udaipur

  1. Which are the best places to visit near Fateh Sagar Lake?

    1. Lake Pichola:  A boat cruise in the magnificent Lake Pichola with its four beautiful islands is one of the first Things to do near Fateh Sagar lake. The ride is especially enjoyable during sunset.

    2. Bagore Ki Haveli:  A mansion turned museum gives a glimpse of Rajasthani tradition and lifestyle to the visitors who visit this place.

    3. Vintage Car Museum: A must inclusion in Things to do near Fateh Sagar Lake. This place is especially recommended to those who love to look at vintage car collections.

    4. Taj Lake Palace:  For visitors who want a peek into Rajasthani grandiose, a visit to the floating Taj Lake Palace which has been turned into a luxury hotel is a must.

    5. City Palace: This beautiful palace with the fame of being the filming location of not only Bollywood but also Hollywood films is one of the best places to visit in Udaipur. The blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture of this place leaves visitors mesmerized. 
  2. Which are the best cafes near Fateh Sagar Lake?

    1. Vinod Fast Food & Multi Cruise Cafe: This open cafe is a part of the Mumbaiya Bazar of Fateh Sagar and is famous for its delicious cold coffee and kulhad wali coffee.

    2. Sai Sagar Coffee House: A coffee hotspot with a view of Fateh Sagar Lake. Famous for its cold coffee with ice cream and hot coffee in kulhad.

    3. Cafe Brewman: A cafe whose lounge is always full of coffee lovers, chess players, selfie taker,s and artists, all sitting with their laptops while sipping their favorite coffee with delicious sandwiches.

    4. Mundra: The lounge Bar: A cafe bar near Fateh Sagar lake known for its beautiful interior and delicious snacks available. 
  3. What are the romantic things to do near Fateh Sagar Lake?

    1. Musical Fountain Show at Dudh Talai Musical Garden: Visit this place in the evening to watch the enchanting musical fountain in this lake garden.

    2. Watch Cultural Show at Bagore ki Haveli: Watch the mesmerizing Dharohar dance performance and cultural show at Bagore ki Haveli in the evening.

    3. Go Dining at Charcoal by Carlsson: Go for a romantic dinner. Enjoy Rajasthani flavored barbecue food cooked in a charcoal grill while watching the beautiful sight of the Pichola lake.

    4. Ride a Ropeway to Karni Mata Temple: Enjoy a ropeway ride together while visiting Karni Mata Temple. Pay your respect to Mata together and then enjoy the view of the city from the top of the hill.
  4. Is Udaipur worth visiting?

    The beautiful city of lakes, Udaipur is definitely worth a visit. The city is well known for its beautiful lakes, palaces, forts and temples. Udaipur is also known for its traditional Rajasthani culture which can be seen in its local cuisines and art and handicrafts sold in the local markets.
  5. What is the best time to visit Udaipur?

    The best time to visit Udaipur is between October to March. These months constitute the winter months and the weather is very pleasant. This makes it ideal for enjoying visiting various outdoor places such as lakes, temples and palace gardens for which Udaipur is famous for.
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I am so glad to share my thrillophilia reviews of Udaipur Trip.It was a wonderful experience for the day. Driver was quite polite and took us to all the places mentioned in the tour guide. Even the tour organiser was quite helpful in arranging the cab as it was a last minute booking. This trip will be remembered for a long time and will surely recommend it to others (infact already recommended)
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We recently booked this trip and it was fun exploring the beautiful cities. We came to Delhi from Bangalore and then we explored Delhi for a day we went to see Qutub Minar, Red fort, Jantar Mantar and even tried street food which was so delicious, after that, we went to see the mesmerizing Taj Mahal and Agra Fort, After that we explored Jaipur and then we went to the city of lakes Udaipur, the city is so beautiful, the sunset was so alluring. We even explored the palace in Udaipur and even went shopping. It was a fun experience. The trip was well organized, the stay was comfortable, meals and transportation facility was also nice. Thanks for the great experience.
Wonderful experience! Rajveer was well equipped, accommodating and flexible as well. Views were lovely and we learnt a lot about local life and had a chance to try home cooked food too.
11 February 2020
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Its a beautiful place to stay, you will feel like staying at home. Staff is very polite. Food is amazing. We experienced activities like birdwatching and also visited farm. Food was delicious and the stay was very comfortable. All thanks to Thrillophilia for our instant booking confirmation with discounted rates.
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We booked Devra from Thrillophilia. It's a beautiful property with gorgeous scenery. The rooms are lovely, spacious and clean while the food is simple and delicious.
18 December 2019
It is a very beautiful resort with Lake & Mountain view. Hospitality, Room Service, Food, Cleaning, Bar everything is perfect. The spa session was great and relaxing. Looking forward to visit here again.
13 February 2020
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I went to the resort via Lakhela with my family. It was recommended by my friend. The room was very spacious and clean. Staff behavior was amazing. The view from the lake facing rooms is awesome. We all enjoyed our spa sessions it was relaxing taken all our tiredness away. Also, the pool was clean. Overall a great stay. Thanks to Thrillophilia for such a pocket-friendly stay with activities for our 12 members family with instant booking confirmation.
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I recently went to Udaipur with my family and it was a fun trip. We explored many places in Udaipur, we went to Fatehsagar Lake, City Palace Museum, Lake Pichhola, Sajjangarh Fort. The trip was well planned everything was good from stay to meals, transport facilities and even the driver was very humble and kind. Thanks, Thrillophilia for memorable trip.

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