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Luxury Resorts in Pushkar

Secret Garden, Ananta Spa & Resorts, The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa, Clarks Resort Serene Aravali, Dera Masuda, Pratap Palace Resort, Bhanwar Singh Palace Resort, Aaram Bagh Resort, Nature Village Resort, The Glorious Hills Resort Pushkar and many more luxury resorts in Pushkar.

There are many 5 Star Resorts in Pushkar, guaranteeing travellers a luxurious and memorable stay in this pristine city. Exuding tranquillity, serenity and comfort, the resorts in this city also offer world-class hospitality and top-notch services to their guests. They are complete with a wide range of amenities, from infinity pools, opulent swimming pools and Jacuzzis, to well-manicured gardens, spas facilities, desert and camel safaris, as well as multicuisine restaurants, among other things.

Book a stay at luxury resorts in Pushkar, such as the Ananta Spa & Resorts, which is known to offer world class facilities to guests, including a spa, sauna, gym and more. Or, for a more tranquil stay right in the middle of the Aravallis, overlooking the picturesque natural landscapes, The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa should be your choice of accommodation here.

Other properties, such as the Pratap Palace Resort, Aaram Bagh Resort, Bhanwar Singh Palace Resort and others are sure to take you back to the times of the Maharajas, with their top-notch hospitality, regal décor and stunning architecture, in addition to their luxury and grandeur.

Here is the list of luxury 5-star resorts in Pushkar:

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Location: Ganahera, Pushkar

About Garden of Dreams, Pushkar:

With backdrop of hills on one side, lush green lawns on the other, your luxury stay at the 'Garden of Dreams' is much like having a fortress all to yourself! As its name suggests, it is a discreet, elegant, six-bedroom boutique property set in a picturesque spot in the heart of Pushkar. The property has 3 beautiful and spacious terraces, two of which come private with 2 of its rooms. The place can be rented as an entire unit or as individual rooms. 

The rooms offer absolute comfort. To keep the rooms warm in winters, high-quality heaters are available. The backside of some rooms features lush green forest areas that add to the overall beauty of the boutique property. All the rooms have a balcony to laze around and sip some hot tea and coffee.

One of its rooms called Suraj is on the second floor and it has an exquisite private terrace. On the terrace, we offer a double bed and a bonfire. A romantic private dinning set up can be arranged on this terrace. With Yoga-shala on the property, one can try out a few asanas with some birds chirping in the background

The property is beautifully and dimly lit in the night making it nothing less than a wonderland heard of only in fairytales.

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Ananta Spa & Resorts

The Ananta Spa & Resorts is one of the best 5 Star Resorts in Pushkar, known primarily for its magnificent architecture, elegance and royalty. A one-of-a-kind property in this quaint city, this resort offers guests a beautiful blend of comfort and luxury, and sprawls across a staggering 11 acres of land.

With the Aravalli Hills acting as its backdrop, the resort boasts of wooden flooring, elegant yet plush upholstery, and the best-in-class amenities throughout the property. There are 52 cottages, 21 luxury rooms, a games room, children’s playground, as well as an outdoor pool here, in addition to an inhouse spa where guests can indulge in luxury wellness therapies and treatments.

Furthermore, guests can also indulge in local sightseeing from here, as the resort is located in close proximity to attractions like Pushkar Lake, Varaha Temple, Brahma Temple, Pushkar Fort, etc.


The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa

Amongst all the luxury resorts in Pushkar, The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa probably ranks at the very top. Being surrounded by the scenic Aravallis, the resort overlooks the rest of Pushkar and offers guests a great place to relax and unwind. The property boasts of rich interiors, and is complete with rooms and suites that could cater to royalty.

In addition to the best modern amenities, guests can also enjoy a relaxing spa experience here, or spend some time at the large swimming pool within the property. The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa also has a rooftop bar and lounge, wherein you can indulge in delicious snacks and drinks whilst catching the soothing sunset behind the hills.

Some of the other amenities that guests can enjoy during their stay here includes activities like sightseeing and cycling, well-manicured lawns, multicuisine restaurants as well as a fully equipped gym.


Clarks Resort Serene Aravali, Pushkar

The Clarks Resort Serene Aravali is another one of the top 5 Star Resorts in Pushkar, designed for all kinds of travellers, ranging from those traveling to the city for business, or for leisure. Situated along the foothills of the Aravalli Hills, the resort is flanked on all sides by a lush and peaceful ambience, verdant greenery and overall tranquillity.

Offering guests the feeling of staying like royalty, the resort also has several different spa rooms where one can indulge in ayurvedic treatments, massages and more. Both the villas as well as the tents within the property come completely equipped with beautiful interiors as well as private balconies, along with other amenities. Besides that, guests can also enjoy other amenities like a badminton court, complimentary wifi, and great food here.


Dera Masuda

Owned by Dushyant Singh, a scion of the Masuda ruling family, Dera Masuda is one of the best luxury resorts in Pushkar. Overlooking the majestic Aravalli mountains on one side and the famous Savitri Temple on the other, the resort is also known to offer some of the most picturesque views of the sunset from its garden and poolside. It is also a great place for those looking for a rejuvenating weekend getaway.

Designed as a hotel resort, the property is surrounded by a wide range of attractions in the city, from ancient forts and age old Havelis, to quaint restaurants, art deco villas as well as royal kothis. Besides that, other attractions of the resort include its lush interiors, complete with litho prints and fresco paintings, the opulent swimming pool as well as the huge sundeck.


Pratap Palace Resort

Another one of the popular 5 Star Resorts in Pushkar is the Pratap Palace Resort, which is essentially a palace that has now been turned into a heritage resort. Blending the ethnic royal lifestyle with modern amenities, this resort still retains its age-old heritage, and is surrounded by the Aravalli Hills, which adds to its beauty.

The service here is personalised, the rooms huge, the interiors elegant and the entire experience here is sure to be memorable. Ranking as one of the finest resorts in all of Pushkar, this property is also in close proximity to the Ajmer Sharif Dargah as well as the Brahma Temple.

In addition to a stunning architecture exuding the influences of the Moghul and Rajasthani design styles, the resort also has high arches and domes, lush gardens and courtyards as well as its own multicuisine restaurant.


Bhanwar Singh Palace Resort

Another one of the top 5 Star Resorts in Pushkar is the Bhanwar Singh Palace Resort, a perfect heritage property located a short distance from the Pushkar Sarovar. Popular amongst locals and tourists alike, this resort is also located only 15 minutes away from the Ajmer Sharif Dargah and other attractions in the city.

Exuding luxury and opulence, this property boasts of elegant interiors with delicate Rajasthani art, spacious rooms and suites, as well as verdant gardens. Besides that, the property has lawn and garden spaces that can accommodate up to 10,000 people at a time.

One can also enjoy other amenities here, including lush meadows, a private swimming pool, yoga and spa rooms, multicuisine restaurant, jacuzzi and steam rooms, bar facilities, etc.


Aaram Bagh Resort

Want to experience luxury and comfort during your Rajasthani holiday? Head over to Aaram Bagh Resort, one of the best 5 Star Resorts in Pushkar. Located on the outskirts of the town, this resort exudes a quaint and tranquil ambience, and offers top notch service and hospitality to guests.

It is also one of the best glamping properties in the country, with its luxury tents. Situated in the foothills of the Aravallis, the resort has an impressive blend of Persian, Greek, Chinese, Indian, Arabian as well as the Egyptian styles of architecture. You can choose from a wide range of themed villas to stay here, from luxury rooms and lodges, to tents, as well as Arabian, Egyptian, Tribal and Persian cottages.

Other attractions of the resort include its hammam swimming pool and spa, its multicuisine restaurants, camel safaris and cultural entertainment in the evening.


Nature Village Resort

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Not sure about which of the many 5 Star Resorts in Pushkar you should stay at? Simply head over to the Nature Village Resort in the town, situated along the Aravallis and offering verdant views of the town. Surrounded by verdant natural beauty, this property is a perfect place for a weekend getaway, where you can relax, unwind and rejuvenate.

With warm hospitality, great service and a soothing ambience, the resort is a great place to stay with your friends and family. The resort features huge rooms with modern amenities, a restaurant, free parking, well-manicured garden as well as a fitness centre, along with a separate playground for children. Guests can also enjoy complimentary breakfast every morning here, and indulge in local sightseeing which the property organises.

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The Glorious Hills Resort Pushkar

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The Glorious Hills Resort is yet another one of the top 5 Star Resorts in Pushkar, where guests can enjoy a camp-style vacation amidst beautiful and serene natural landscapes. Located a short distance from attractions like the Pushkar Lake, Pushkar Fort, Brahma Temple and others, the property is home to various amenities, including manicured gardens, private terraces, lawns, coffee shop, as well as a multicuisine restaurant.

The accommodations here are huge and spacious, and are complete with modern amenities, thereby guaranteeing travellers a comfortable and memorable stay here. The property also has a separate playground for children, car rental and bike rental facilities available. Furthermore, guests can enjoy activities like camel safaris, horse riding, cycling and sightseeing here.

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People Also Ask About Pushkar

  1. Which are the luxury resorts in Pushkar?

    1. Dera Masuda Resort: This is one of the best luxury resorts in Pushkar, where you can enjoy viewing the sunsets from the huge sundeck, or take a stroll in the gardens, or even enjoy a splash in the swimming pool. From great rooms and amazing service to lip-smacking food, this resort has it all. 

    2. Rawla Pushkar Resort:
    One of the most elegant luxury resorts in the city of Pushkar, the Rawla Pushkar Resort offers travellers a one-of-a-kind royal experience, with the best-in-class fine dining, top notch service, as well as amenities like sightseeing, horse riding and camel safaris. 

    3. Bhanwar Singh Palace Resort: 
    When visiting Pushkar, book a stay at the luxurious Bhanwar Singh Palace Resort and enjoy views of the verdant gardens and Aravallis from your rooms, while also tucking in to delicious meals, enjoying the swimming pool and more.

    4. The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa: 
    Amongst the best 5 Star Resorts in Pushkar, it is at Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa where you can relax and unwind completely, while enjoying good food, luxurious stay and de-stressing activities like swimming or spa therapies and treatments at their in-house spa.

  2. Which are the resorts in Pushkar with private pools?

    1. Pratap Mahal Resort & Spa: This is one of the best luxury resorts in Pushkar with a private pool. In addition to that, guests can also enjoy a luxurious vacation here, amidst lush green surroundings, and amenities like fitness centre, restaurant, lounge, bar, etc. 

    2. Dera Masuda Resort: 
    This resort is one of the best resorts in Pushkar with a huge private pool and sundeck area. Your stay at this property is sure to be memorable, and complete with the best-in-class Rajasthani hospitality, personalised service and more.

    3. Ananta Resort & Spa: 
    Amongst the most famous of all resorts in Pushkar, this resort is also known for its private pool, along with other modern amenities like spa, fully functional fitness centre, multicuisine restaurant, outdoor games, etc. 

    4. The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa: 
    Another famous Pushkar resort with a private pool is the Westin Resort, spread across multiple acres of land, boasting of all the modern amenities and facilities that one could ask for during a luxury holiday here.

  3. Which are the best resorts near Pushkar lake?

    1. The Country Side Resort: Located in close proximity to the Pushkar Lake, the Country Side Resort is surrounded by verdant natural landscapes, and exudes a serene atmosphere. From huge rooms, great food and modern amenities to spa and yoga facilities, and more, the resort has it all. 

    2. Jagat Palace Resort: 
    Amongst the best 5 Star Resorts in Pushkar located near the Pushkar Lake, the Jagat Palace Resort has elegant yet tasteful interiors, opulent rooms with traditional Rajasthani artwork and décor, as well as some of the best views of the desert dunes and Snake Mountain from its rooms. 

    3. Sajjan Bagh Resort: 
    This resort is located a few short kilometres from the serene Pushkar Lake, and is flanked by the Aravalli ranges on one side. Guests can also choose from suites, deluxe rooms or cottages here for their stay. 

    4. Green Heaven Resort: 
    Offering a wide range of accommodations to choose from, the Green Heaven Resort is also situated quite close to the Pushkar Lake as well as other famous attractions in town. The rooms here are well-equipped and complete with modern amenities.

  4. What is Pushkar famous for?

    Located in the Ajmer District of Rajasthan, the city of Pushkar is famous all around the country for its annual Pushkar Camel Fair which is held during the month of November here. Besides that, the city is famous for its wide array of rustic markets, ghats and temples, in addition to quaint cafes and restaurants scattered all around. 

  5. Is Pushkar worth visiting?

    Yes, Pushkar is definitely worth visiting. Home to a number of tourist attractions and places, the city is the abode of the world-famous Camel Fair held here in the month of November every year. Additionally, when visiting Pushkar, one can also explore the many different temples, ghats, markets and other attractions here, including the Pushkar Lake, Savitri Temple, Brahma Temple, Man Mahal, Pushkar Bazaar, Rose Garden and more. The colourful cafes here serve mouth watering dishes including pizzas, falafel, pita, hummus, etc.

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"very nice experience Full marks to royal pushkar canps "
19 November 2019
One of the best stays I have experienced. The resort was very modern, well maintained with a nice pool, clean restaurant and situated in pleasant surroundings. I loved their candle light dinner arrangements. Me and my wife had a great tie at the resort.
01 January 2020
Ranjeet Bharadwaj Jagat Palace
Booked Jagat Palace stays from Thrillophilia. I checked on the different sites and Thrillophilia was the only company that was providing the resort at the lowest price. The stay was comfortable, the food was delicious. Various activities we enjoyed like nature walk and visiting Pushkar Lake. The property amenities were also very good. We even opted for Spa and it was an one of the best spa experiences.
20 November 2019
Charuvrat Ahluwalia Jagat Palace
My partner and I stayed here for 2 days and we love it here, the gardens are amazing and lovely swimming pool and all the popular attractions were close to resort. Great staff made it feel home from home. Spotlessly clean, food was excellent and fresh.
19 February 2020
Aadi Chaturvedi Pushkar Resorts by Sewara
Nice resort at a short distance from the town of Pushkar. Rooms are cottages which are spacious, clean and well equipped. The staff was helpful and friendly. They have helped us in handling our kids, and also provided us the food needed for them on request. Various activities we enjoyed like Camel kafila rides & jeep safaris. Ths spa was also very relaxing. All thanks to Thrillophilia providing the best prices online with a timely confirmation.
15 January 2020
Gaurang Varma Aaram Baagh Pushkar
Our experience was marvelous at this resort. The villas are comfortable and the view from the resort was refreshing with a soothing spa therapy. Thank you Thrillophilia looking forward to traveling with you again as the booking was very easy and time-saving.
14 December 2019
Mahesh Chopra Aaram Baagh Pushkar
We have visited Pushkar to celebrate my friend's birthday. We booked this property through Thrillophilia and yes it was our best decision with the best offer online. We had a lot of fun at this property with such cooperative staff and the manager. Highly recommended
17 December 2019
Ekaksh Kakkar Bhanwar Singh Palace
Located outside of Pushkar city, surrounded by hills and lush green surroundings. A very friendly warm welcome with smiles on every staff's face which has taken away our traveling tiredness. Though there was a corporate party going on I was still given attention. Best rooms with relaxing spa treatments which was arranged on special appointment for the later same evening as requested. I had a special Rajasthani cuisine/dish ordered for dinner without prior notice and it was happily provided as requested and was delicious. Staff is very caring pleasant and friendly. Grounds are huge so can easily walk around a lot. I would like to thank Thrillophilia for instant booking confirmations of best stay deals.
11 February 2020
Chandani Guha Bhanwar Singh Palace
The stay at Bhanwar Singh Palace was a royal experience, the palace was so beautiful from inside out. The rooms were well maintained, clean, and comfortable. The food was also amazing. Everything was perfect and well managed on time.
02 January 2020
Trilochan Varrier Green Genius Resort Pushkar
We had a great experience staying at the Green Genius Resort Pushkar. The interiors of the stay are so beautiful. The staff was very helpful and the food provided was delicious. We enjoyed the bonfire and spent our last day in their infinity pool with serene views. Thanks to Thrillophilia for the beautiful experience at pocket friendly price with instant booking.

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