25 Things to Do in Pushkar 2021: Upto 40% Off

The best things to do in Pushkar are as wide a range as the Aravallis themselves! Its hippie-indie vibes, sensuous mirages among sand-dunes, the festive Pushkar mela and the dance-culture of its rustic Kalbeliya tribes, make Pushkar a truly enchanting experience for travellers from India and across the globe. A dip in the Pushkar lake or a boat-ride on Lake Foy Sagar can be fulfilling. Pushkar is a famous pilgrimage site, known for its vast majority of temples and the neighbouring town of Ajmer. The Savitri Mata Temple, Shri Brahma Temple, Pap Mochini Temple are some of the most-visited houses of worship here. On the other hand, Pushkar is also teeming with an array of adventure activities. From the thematic camelback rides and desert safaris in jeep, to hot air balloon riding and ropeway swinging, Pushkar is the harmonious marriage of free-sprit and adrenaline.

Hiking up Ratnagiri Hills and the various ghats in this land of rolling hills, contoured landscapes and steep mountain slopes, should be on every tourist’s list of things to do. Evening aarti at Varah ghat is another mystifying experience where you witness thousands of diyas lighting up the limpid waters of the lake, as devotees lose themselves in haunting chants of prayers. However, the highlight of Pushkar remains the Pushkar mela. It is organised every year in late October and lasts until the first half of November. It is a week-long fair, with a plethora of lively performances, games, races and food sessions. It is tantamount to living the raucous, fun-filled Rajasthan experience in a capsule. A lot of foreigners frequent Pushkar during this time. Watch out for the entertaining live bands and dance performances. Finally, the markets of Pushkar are alive with colours and decorations reflective of the Rajasthani vibe. Shopping at the Main bazaar and the Sarafa bazar should definitely feature on your list of best things to do in Pushkar!

Places to Visit and Things to Do in Pushkar

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People Also Ask About Pushkar Things To Do

  1. What are the best things to do in Pushkar?

    Some of the must-do’s while here include:

    •    Camel Safari

    Take an exclusive camel safari through the sand dunes of Rajasthan. It’s a thrilling ride full of bumps and the experience is worth it. You can hire a camel straight from your hotel or from the mela ground.

    •   Pushkar Lake

    Watch the mesmerising sunset across the limpid waters of Lake Pushkar. The waters reflect the myriad hues of the sky and it is truly a breathtaking experience to witness the same.

    •    Hot Air Balloon Ride

    This is available around the time of the Pushkar fair. You can glide above the throngs of people and watch the festive atmosphere of Pushkar from an elevated level.

    •   Collector’s Paradise Museum

    A trip to Pushkar is incomplete without a tour of this museum. Marvel at the heritage and cultural gems of Rajasthan at this museum cum art gallery in Pushkar.

    •   The Kalbeliya Dance

    Move to the rhythm of the lively folk music and watch women dressed in vibrant attire as they dance to tribal songs.

    •      Pushkar Market

    Shop colourful bandhini material, quaint souvenirs and quirky door hangings at the ethnic Pushkar bazaar.

    •      Hike To Ratnagiri Hill

    Take a hiking trip to Ratnagiri Hill and pay your respects at the Savitri Devi Temple located on its peak.

    •     The Ghats

    Visit the famed Gandhi Ghat, were Gandhiji’s ashes were sprinkled and Brahma Ghat, dedicated to Lord Brahma, while in Pushkar.

  2. What are the best adventure activities to do in Pushkar?

    Pushkar is a delight for adventure tourists. Some of the adventure activities here include:

    •     Hiking

    Hiking up the Ratnagiri hills and the ghats here, is an adrenalizing experience.

    •    Hot Air Balloon Ride

    This is a truly mesmeric way of witnessing the ambience of Pushkar from a vantage point. Hot air balloon rides are organised towards the end of the Pushkar mela.

    •     Camel Safari

    A slow camel safari through the sand-dunes of Rajasthan is by far, the most unbeatable adventure activities in Pushkar. Camel safaris can be intra-town or even take you to the holy city of Ajmer Sharif nearby!

    •    Camping

    Imagine staying in tents, under the starry night sky with the wind playing with your hair and face! Pushkar is famous for its night desert camps.

    •    Horse Riding

    A horse ride across the stunning country side of Pushkar is an alternative to the famed camel-back tour.

    •      Jeep Safari

    Unleash your inner nature lover on this exclusive tour of Pushkar. Witness the laidback countryside, engage in bird watching and animal spotting while driving down in a jeep.

  3. Where can I enjoy a hot air balloon ride in Pushkar? How much will it cost?

    A hot air balloon ride in Pushkar is available at the Pushkar mela ground during the fair, which is usually held in late Oct/first week of Nov. It takes you over the expanse of Rajasthan in the entirety of ethnic Pushkar and is truly exhilarating. It usually takes you about 1200 ft high.

    Price per head is approx. INR 15,000 for a duration of 1 hour.

  4. Where can I experience a camel safari in Pushkar?

    Camel Safaris are available in and around Pushkar. There are many tours and agencies that offer this safari.Trekking tours are offered within Pushkar and also from here to Mandawa, Ajmer, Nagpur and Jaisalmer.

    Camel Safaris through the rolling hills of the Aravali range, the glistening sands of the Thar and the coral skies of Rajasthan, offer a glimpse at the tribal lifestyle and should be on every Indian’s bucket list.

  5. Which are the best campsites in Pushkar?

    Pushkar is known for its exotic desert camps. Most camps are arranged amongst the haunting Aravalli range, in the semi-sand dunes. While here, you can enjoy the picturesque sunrise and sunset and wake up to the quaint sight of farmers going about their day and gardeners maintaining the beautiful rose fields nearby. In addition, you can watch birds taking flight, deer frolicking around and women dancing to the rustic music in their traditional attire. Most camps are luxurious, popularly for ‘’glamping’’, which is a combination of glamour and camping.However, there are modest camps as well.

    Ghanehara, Brahma Temple Road and Sawaipura are popular campsites in Pushkar.

  6. Which are the best places to visit for a spiritual experience in Pushkar?

       Pushkar is a pilgrimage site that houses many temples. Some of the best places for a spiritual experience here include:

    •   Varaha Temple

    This temple was rebuilt by Raja Sawai Man Singh II in the 18th century and is dedicated to Lord Varaha.

    •  Shri Brahma Temple

    This temple is located near Pushkar Lake and is one of the most revered Brahma temples in the world.

    •   Savitri Mata Temple

    Culminate a hiking trip on Ratnagiri Hills at this house of worship, dedicated to Mata Savitri Devi.

    •  Gurudwara Singh Sahab

    This Gurudwara was built to commemorate the visits of Guru Nanak and Guru Govind Singhji.

    •  Sri Panch Kund Shiva Temple

    Located on the eastern side of the town, this house of worship is supposed to have been built by the Pandavas.

    •    Pap Mochini Temple

    This temple is famously known as a place where people come to confess and absolve themselves of their sins. Not only does it boast majestic architecture, it is also deeply soulful in spirit.

    •  Varah Ghat

     The evening Aarti at Varah ghat, resonant with chants of the devotees, is a jaw dropping experience you must not miss. The subdued brilliance of the sun at dusk enlivens the sky, while its counterparts, the diyas, light up the lake.

    •  Ajaypal Ji

    Ajaypal Ji temple, is situated 10 kms from Pushkar and is surrounded on all sides by boulders of marble!

    •    Ajmer Sharif

    The holy city of Ajmer, home to Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti’s shrine, should be on your bucket list. It is 45 min away from Pushkar.

  7. What are the timings to attend Aarti at Varaha ghat in Pushkar?

    Aarti at Varah Ghat is conducted in the evening. During summer, it commences at 7.30 pm and 5.30 pm during winters.

  8. Which are some famous markets to shop in Pushkar?

    The famous shopping haunts in Pushkar include:

    •       Sarafa Bazar

    Pick up artefacts, colourful handicrafts and quirky souvenirs at this lively bazaar.

    •      Kedalganj Bazaar

    This market is known especially for its vibrant leather goods and for small idols and religious statues.

    •      Main Bazaar

    This is thronged by people from all over the world and sells everything under the sun.

    •     Sadar Bazaar

    This bazaar is replete with a variety of tribal textiles, handicrafts and silverware and jewellery.

  9. Where can I enjoy a ropeway ride in Pushkar?

    Savitri Temple, at the peak of Ratnagiri, is an ideal site for ropeway riding in Pushkar. The ropeway is not just a tourist activity, but also helps devotees reach the temple atop the Ratnagiri hill. The ropeway is situated at a height of 200 mt and is 720 mt. long. It offers a sweeping view of the entire town.

  10. Which are the best locations for hiking in Pushkar?

    Best locations for hiking in Pushkar include Ratnagiri Hills, Gandhi Ghat and Brahma Ghat. All these hiking sites offer panoramic views of the city, while letting you bask in the glorious sunset decorating the encircling valleys and hills.

  11. When can I attend the Pushkar camel fair? What are the things to do there?

    Pushkar Mela begins in the last week of October and ends in the first week of November. Its famous for its camel safaris, hot air balloon rides, eclectic shopping, thumping rustic music, Kalbeliya dances and Rajasthani food sampling. The mela culminates with a Maha Aarti on the Pushkar lake, followed by a live show of spectacular firework on the High Level Bridge. There are day-to-day highlights of this ethnic fete.

    Day 1: Hot air balloon rides, Harmony marathon and a live Indian band.

    Day 2: Camel decoration and dance contest and interaction with foreigners.

    Day 3: Horse dance contest, Shilpgram Handicrafts market.

    Day 4: Spiritual walk from Gurudwara to fairground.

    Day 5: Lagaan-inspired cricket match, kite flying and turban tying.

    Day 6: Games and races

    Day 7: Adventure Activities

    Day 8: A splendid closing ceremony.