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Pushkar not only brings to mind a sacred, spiritual and a religious place, but you can also find one of the best adventure tours in Pushkar. Teeming with local and foreign tourists, who have been specially vying to discover all aspects of Rajasthan, the many adventure spots comes as a big relief and a change from the ordinary. One of the main attractions in Pushkar is their “PushkarMela” or the “Pushkar Camel Fair” near the PushkarLake which happens every year from 5th to 15th November, during their Kartik Purnima festival and draws a big crowd. Filled with music and camel races, with musicians coming from all over the world, and an eclectic mix of friendly competitions, cultural programme and big shopping fair, this place is lit. The foreigner travellers also revel in the festivities and it is a joy to see them devour the local Rajasthani food with such gusto, along with playing a friendly match of cricket with the locals. You can choose the package for your stay there and enjoy the guided tour to the Mela with your friends and family for an experience of a lifetime.

With the myriad activities and sightseeing Rajasthan has to offer, staying at Orchard tent in Pushkar is also a great experience, wherein you live in the lap of luxury combined with a rustic camping experience. There is a plethora of activities to do like camel cart rides, kite flying, lazing in the hammocks, culinary sessions by chef and local Rajasthani family, visiting the neighbouring towns and villages to get the local feel of the place, etc. To explore the city of Pushkar and all that it has to offer, a hiking tour package is worth considering. This 4 hour trek is a journey of scenic exploration along the hills of the Savitri, Gayatri and Naag, with a mouth-watering lunch at the rooftop restaurant. Soak yourself in the beauty that this place has to offer and take back immense memories of a lifetime. With adventure sports rampant, the attraction for Quad biking tours are suddenly on a rise and rightly so. Serving the adrenaline junkies and high adventure flyers, this tour ensures exploring the amazing cityscape and scenic view through the desert and the colourful city in your 90 cc, 200 cc or 300 cc ATVs. The thrill of exploring the different terrain in the quad bikes pumps your adrenaline into fourth gear and leaves you with an enthralling experience. You will love discovering Pushkar and its many layers.

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Best local guide, Prashant. Very keen about climbing and mountaineering. Approach was very professional. Informed us well about the procedures and how to climb. Safety harness was well maintained and of good quality. This activity was singled out just for Thrillophilia, by the way! That’s great, for it is truly unmissable. Great price for this too. Cost effective, fun and adrenaline packed. Thank Thrillophilia. Will highly recommended to friends and colleagues.
I was travelling with children and worried about booking an online tour, cause even though the company might be good, there might be some issues with the people at the venue, and I was fearful of that. But I have to say, the operators there were very kind and professional and handled the tour really well. The kids had a fun time at the camel tour and we got to see one of the most beautiful sunsets there!
Great experience, overall. Got a great deal for zip lining, with best safety harness and procedures. Our instructor Giri was very attentive and professional. He gave us a briefing before letting us go for the activity. Apty priced, I think. A memorable experience throughout. We even had money back guarantee, so I was very carefree about going in. Thank you Girl and team Thrillophilia.
Thrilled and satisfied with myself. Thank you everyone, who made it easier for me at the age of 50.
It was an amazing day out with my team members. Never expected Pushkar had such good tours for adventure lovers… Rappellling was just so fun and I am too glad I tried it without my fears.
"safe and nice tour...."
Came across this activity online while searching for what to do in Pushkar, and my husband being an off-road enthusiast, really wanted to try this out! The experience lasted one hour and it was quite a thrilling ride going around through the sandy dunes of Pushkar. This is an experience that’s definitely worth the money and is also very safe, when it comes to the quality of the jeep and the staff.
Total value for money. Went with my cousins for a fun day out, and ended up having the time of our lives. The local operator, Subhash ji was very supportive and skilled. He taught us many tips and hacks about rappelling as well as rock climbing. We got an amazing deal through the website, along with a money safe guarantee. Great work, guys. Will keep coming back for more. Thank you.
Who doesnt love paintball?This is my favorite fun sport and I never like to miss it when paintball is offered at such a price in Pushkar. Never expected will get to try this in Pushkar, but it was there and totally worth it. We were a group of six friends and enjoyed it very much. Thanks and highly recommended
Took my team out for an office outing near Pushkar, and had a great experience. The package is very well suited to corporate outings, while the local instructor and guide Jigar made sure everything was right. The team had a really fun time with quad biking, and the services provided were very professional. Safety was also ensured, and the staff made sure we had no complaints. Great service, Thrillophilia. The price was also amazing. Thanks Jigar, thanks, Thrillophilia. Will definitely recommend this.