Bangalore to Pondicherry - A Detailed Travel Guide 2024

Complete Travel Guide From Bangalore to Pondicherry

The southern part of our beautifully complex and diverse country is like a little piece of heaven tucked away into the lap of beaches, peace, tranquillity, and adventure, everything rolled in one. Pondicherry (or Puducherry) is one such place, nestled by the lapping waves of the Bay of Bengal with sun-kissed beaches silently unfolding with the rising sun hitting the sands in an array of vibrant colours.

Rich in its history and heritage, yet culturally diverse Pondy (as it is affectionately known), is steeped in a distinctly French flavour and has a nouveau riche vibe to it. Quaint with modern architecture, aromatic cuisine, rustic yet pristine lanes surrounded by the French colonial buildings, this place has a little something for everybody. There are many languages spoken here like Tamil, English, French, Telugu and Malayalam.

The best part is that Pondicherry is one of the few cities which enjoys the tranquil away from the city hustle bustle and is laid back due to the influx of travellers who have also come to enjoy the same laid back and relaxed lifestyle while enjoying all that the city has to offer. Know what the city is offering with our 
Full Day Sightseeing Tour of Pondicherry.
  1. Before we delve into the know-how and guide-to-where-to-go, let us delve a little about the rich history of this place, which is tucked away like a jewel in the southeast coast of our country. This little French Township is an epitome of bohemian meets chic.
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  3. The French settlement from the early 1600s up until 1954 had a huge impact and hence the influence on the lifestyle and architecture of the city as well. Most buildings in Pondicherry are heritage buildings and makes for an educational insight. Experience the Cultural insights of Pondicherry
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Quick Facts


Bangalore to Pondicherry Distance

Bangalore is the central hub and it is well connected and can reach most places by either road, rail or air. Bangalore to Pondicherry distance is around 317 Kms through Krishnagiri via NH 77.

Bangalore to Pondicherry Route Map

The journey down south is a sight for sore eyes. Beautiful scenic view on the way makes traveling to Pondicherry a very memorable and an exhilarating experience. 

One can reach Pondicherry via National Highway (NH) 77 in about 6 hours 35 minutes. Alternatively, it takes 7 hours, 6 minutes to reach Pondicherry via NH 75.

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Best Time to Visit Pondicherry from Bangalore

Although anytime is a good time to visit the beautiful Pondicherry, it helps to know the ideal season to visit if you are on a crunch time and at mercy of good weather to explore everything in and around the city under your checklist. 

Pondicherry is usually a place with a warm climate and the ideal time to visit is anywhere between October and March. But there is a charm to visiting in different seasons as well. Here is a breakup of the months in which to visit:

October to February:

This being a cool season, it also makes for a popular time to visit, since the weather is conducive for outdoor activity, adventure sports and beach binging. The weather also does not get too nippy, not going below 17 degree Celsius and at maximum, you will need a light jacket or a cardigan to keep you cosy.

March to June:

If you want to beat the tourist crowd in Pondicherry, this is the best time to venture in the city. Being the hottest during these months, not going above 41 degree Celsius, the crowd doesn’t get pulled in as much and you can enjoy the vacation at peace and leisure.

July to September:

This being the monsoon season, the city enjoys light to heavy rainfall. And if you are the kind to enjoy soaking in the rain and letting your hair down, then this is the perfect time to enjoy the lush green surroundings.

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How to Reach Pondicherry from Bangalore


Bangalore to Pondicherry by Bus

Image Credit : highwaytourisms

The best journeys are made when you don’t have to make deep indents in your pockets to have leisurely travel. Bus travels have never been this easy.There are several travel options including AC and non-AC sleeper buses. There are at least 10 travel operators in this popular route including Indira Travels, Sharma Travels, Greenline Travels and Holidays, and SRS Travels.

Starting Point (Bus Stops):

The buses originate from several convenient pickup points at Bangalore, some of the common boarding points are Marathahalli, Indiranagar, Anand Rao Circle, Old Airport Road, Kalasipalyam, Domlur, HSR Layout, Bommanahalli, Electronic City, Bommasandra and Attibele, Madiwala, and Hosur.

Timings of buses: 

Most of the buses leave Bangalore late in the evening, usually around or after 9 pm.

Number of hours journey: 

It can take anywhere from 8 to 10 hours to reach from Bangalore to Pondicherry, depending upon the number of stops during the trip.

Approximate Fare:

The fares start from INR 450 and go all the way to around INR 850 depending upon the type of bus and services offered.

With convenient sleeper coach options, the overnight bus journey tends to be a favourite mode of travel for many travellers.

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Drive to Pondicherry from Bangalore

Another travel option is to drive in your own transport or carpool with friends. There are two travel routes, one by NH 75 which is the slightly longer route via Kolar and Chittoor and the alternate route is by NH77 via Hosur and Krishnagiri. 

Road conditions are considered much better in the longer route of Bangalore– Hosur– Krishnagiri– Vellore– Arcot– Cheyyar– Vandavasi– Tindivanam- Pondicherry. Although the alternate route via NH 77 is approximately 50 KM shorter, the road conditions there are not great for driving pleasure.

Number of hours:

The distance from Bangalore to Pondicherry is approximately 350 KM and can be covered in around 8 hours by road.

Approximate Cost:

The cost of travel in this option includes primarily the cost of fuel which is estimated to be approximately INR 1000 for a one way journey. However, if you are travelling with friends, this cost can be pooled amongst the group. Moreover, you have the convenience of leaving at your own schedule and take rest stop during the scenic drive. It is always advisable to check for the most recent traffic and road conditions just before your trip.


Bangalore to Pondicherry by Train

If travelling on the road is not your cup of tea, there are a couple of convenient train travel options from Bangalore to Pondicherry.

Number of trains:

There are 2 long distance trains between these two stations- the 11005 Puducherry Express which leaves Bangalore Cantt at 9.50pm on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday and arrives at Pondicherry at 07.15am the next morning, covering the distance of approximately 439 KM in 9.5 hours. The 16573 Puducherry Express leaves Yesvantpur station at 9pm on Fridays and arrives at Pondicherry at 07.15am the next morning. If you need to travel on the other days of the week and prefer the train journey, you will be required to transfer trains during the journey as there are no direct trains from Bangalore to Pondicherry on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. For additional information on this option, please visit the Indian Railways website.

Nearby Railway Station:

The nearest railway station is the Puducherry station (code name PDY) and is nearby the main city area.

From nearby Railway station to bus/other mode of transport – The Pondicherry bus stand is a short distance away from the railway station. It takes less than five minutes to travel from the railway station to the bus stand. In addition, there is a taxi stand at the railway station to take you to your desired hotel.

No. of hours journey:

The train journey covers the distance to Pondicherry within 10 hours.

Approximate cost:

The approximate current fare is INR 300 for sleeper class and INR 750 for AC 3 tier.

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Bangalore to Pondicherry by Air

For those who prefer to travel by Air, unfortunately Pondicherry currently doesn’t have an airport that connects with major Indian cities on commercial passenger operations. The current airport only caters to charter flights and flight training duties at the moment, although that might change in the future with the central government regional airport connectivity program being launched.

The nearest airport from Pondicherry is Chennai which is a good 150 KM and 3 hour drive away from there. However, if you still prefer the air route, you could take one of the several short flights from Bangalore to Chennai, which would take about an hour and then cover the remaining distance by road, either in a rental car or by bus. Know more about resorts near airport road in Bangalore.

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Places to Visit and Things to Do in Pondicherry


Promenade Beach

The beautiful 1.5 Km stretch of this beautiful coast is the pride and joy and your own personal serenity hole in the small city of Pondicherry. People come in hoards throughout the day to sit and relax by the beach and enjoy the scenic view or just take in the sight and the sounds of the beach. The big stretch of the Bay of Bengal witnesses myriads of activities from early morning until the end of the day.

People indulge in walks on the beach, friends get together for a match of beach ball, kids enjoy playing in the sand, finding shells, making sand castles, hawkers trying to peddle handicrafts and much more. You should must add this in your itinerary if you searching for places to visit in Pondicherry.

From healthy fruit juice vendors early in the morning to finding late evening sumptuous hot snack items to titillate your palate, food can be found galore in and around the beach. With charming little French cafés which serves you everything from patisserie items, sea food to full blown traditional meals, Promenade never fails as an all-encompassing place to be at.

You will also find magnificent landmarks on the sea front like the War Memorial that reminds you of the chilling past, the statue of Joan-of-Arc which inspires, and the heritage town hall situated on it. You can also find the remains of the old pier, statue of Mahatma Gandhi, Dupleix statue and the old customs house located on the beach. The Tourist Information Centre of PTDC is right across the beach for all your enquiries. The entry to the beach is free.

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The beautiful Auroville, also known as the city of dawn (established on 28th Feb 1968, under the full encouragement of UNESCO) is a universal township in the making for a population of about 50,000 people who reside there coming from all over the world. 

Located 10 Kms north of Pondicherry, the concept of Auroville was conceived by Mirra Alfassa in collaboration with Sri Aurobindo as a research into the ideal of human unity and to attain a level of higher consciousness, called the Supermind or Supramental.

 Architected and designed by Roger Anger, during inauguration almost 5000 people gathered at the centre of this future township and representatives of 124 nations and all the Indian states brought a handful of their soil and placed it in a marble clad structure in the form of a symbolic lotus bud. This rests at the centre of the amphitheatre marking the “humanity in unity” concept. The Aurovillian population is constantly growing and currently stands at 2,500. 

The moment you enter Auroville, its energy and the positive vibes are quite palpable. It is not a place just to “see” but to breathe and live. People ditch the lives they have lived and come and live the lives they have always wanted. 

Anyone can go and stay for as long as you like, as long as you contribute towards its vision. Don’t forget to visit the Matrimandir which lies at the heart of Auroville and remember to do prior booking for visitations.

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Go for Scuba Diving

Up until ten years back, our coastlines were just considered beaches where you could go soak in the sun and the sand. Despite having a coastline surrounded by three oceans, Indians indulged in a very few water sports. Our beautiful oceans have only been admired and not explored. After research into the oceanic world, the ocean off the coast of Pondicherry has been found to be rich with marine life and amazing reefs. Scuba Diving in Pondicherry is one of the most loved activity by tourists.

This led Temple Adventures to open a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Dive Centre in Pondicherry with the hope to encourage more Indians to explore their oceans and its amazing life. With more and more locals now encouraged to give vent to their adrenaline rush and try out new adventures, there is no dearth of diving off from Pondicherry. Few things to remember before you head out on your scuba adventure:

Best time to Scuba dive- October to March,

Cost of the first level of training- INR 6500-INR 8000 per person and various packages of scuba diving will vary in costs.

One of the best companies and the only one which has a PADI Instructor Development Centre, Temple Adventures offers many courses and level certification in Scuba Diving. The top diving places in Pondicherry are 4 corners, Temple Reef (an artificial reef), Coral Shark Reef, Aravind Wall, Ravines, The Hole and the PADI Dive Centre (a place where you can pick up levels and become a diver and instructor as well). So go and catch the new wave.

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Paradise Beach

A must place to visit if you are in Pondicherry, Paradise Beach also goes by its local name, Chunnambar. The beach is not only pristine but offers a host of benefits from restaurant shacks, restrooms, showers, beach lounging chairs etc. The lovely rustic view, the greens of the coconut trees swaying in the breeze, the lilting sounds of the waves crashing against the coastline, makes you want to soak it all in. 

The shoreline makes for an amazing view with fine grains of warm sun-kissed sand shifting under your feet and the clear blue water splashing you with a coolness that is so refreshing and heavenly. You can swim in the ocean as long as you stick near the coastline as the currents can get stronger deep inside. Bring a change in case you want to dip in the ocean and be sure you are well hydrated and have yourself covered with a good sunscreen.

Timings: The beach remains open from 9 am to 5 pm only and there is no provision for you to stay on. It is located 8 Kms from the town along the Cuddalore main road and can be accessed only from the Chunnambar Resorts via a boat.

Cost: The resort charges a nominal fee for the entry, boat rides, food etc. which can turn out to be a quite a dent in the pocket. So if you want to fuel yourself before hitting the beach, the boathouse has a café which serves food for much more nominal prices.

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The Pondicherry Botanical Garden

If you want to experience rare exotic flowers and plants, and enjoy the calm and beauty of the huge expanse of colourful flora, then this definitely is a sight to behold in Pondicherry. This Botanical Garden is one of the best in the South and should not be missed. What started as an experimental garden by the French colonists to tests the crops for cultivation soon turned into a full blown Botanical Garden in 1831 under Perrottets’ guidance. 

The gardens have beautiful French style architecture on the entrance gate and the layout also is reminiscent of the same in its flower beds, the gravel-lined paths and fountains.  It has many varieties of exotic plants from all over the world, many of which has thrived in the steady warm climate of Pondy. There are over 1500 species of flora which makes its home in this huge expanse of landscape. 

The beautiful floral layout makes for an amazing vision to hold. The garden adds an old world charm and is a great educational and recreational value to Pondicherry. All the plants and trees have their own placard stating its origin, age, botanical name, medicinal value, usage, benefits to the environment, etc.

Tickets: The tickets are very nominal, with INR 10 for adults and INR 5 for kids. The foreign tourists have to dish out a little more, but this makes it worth it.

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Sri Aurobindo Ashram

A vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (Mirra Alfassa), the Ashram came into existence in 1926. Many a visitors flock here for spiritual awakening and for realigning of their energies. The Ashram is a well-run society and has many in-house accommodations and guesthouses for visitors to reside in. Do book in advance since rooms get booked very early on.

In case you do miss out on Ashrams accommodation, there are plenty of hotels and guest houses spread out in the city where you can stay. There are certain rules and decorum to follow in the Ashram, which you will need to follow. After getting signed into the guesthouse you are given an Ashram pass which you can use for activities like collective meditation on the playground and a dining room pass. If you are staying in a hotel the Bureau Central can help you to get the ashram passes.

Timings: The Ashram opens from 4.30 am to 11 pm and you can enter anytime during those hours and offer your free prayers at the Samadhi. You can also join in the collective meditation which is free for all. There is an exhibition which offers a glimpse into the life of Sri Aurobindo and the Ashram and its activities.

Regular video presentations are also shown depicting the Ashrams rich history and information on its origin and the thought behind the same. There are conducted tours of the Ashram as well.

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Pondicherry has grown into a new wave destination for divers and surfers equally.  What started with just out of the country travellers indulging in the sport has now grown into a proper surfing destination with a few of the beaches like Serenity being hounded during the peak season by surfers.

Beginners alike get sucked into the beauty and the adventure of the sport. The thrill of feeling the ocean breeze blowing through your hair while the surfing waves splash against your body cooling you off instantly, makes you want to surf for life.

Best time to visit: The best time to go surfing is in the early mornings either during pre-monsoon or monsoon when the tides are at its highest with the seawater swells up to 18 feet high.

The surfing opportunities are found near the village of Tandry Kappam, between Auroville and Pondicherry. There are adventure sports portal who can guide you to the best surfing schools for discounted prices. The first surfing school in Pondicherry called Kallialay Surf School was started by a couple of brothers who are also Aurovillian.

Cost: If you already know surfing it costs you nothing but that you need to carry your board or rent one. But if you need to take surfing lessons, it can cost you anywhere from INR 1000 depending on your surfing package.


French War Memorial

Located near the Promenade Beach, the French War Memorial is reminiscent of the dark era gone by. The memorial is a cynical, cold and dispassionate reminder that all was not this beautiful and compels us to not take our beautiful surroundings for granted. 

The memorial has 4 stark white columns around it and a brass statue of Dupleix behind it and was built in 1937, and inaugurated in 1938 in memory of all the French soldiers who lost their lives fighting in the World War 1. On the memorial there is an inscription that says “Aux Combattants Des Indes Françoises Morts Pour La Patrie, 1914-1918' which means French fighters of India who died for their country in 1914-1918.

It is at a distance of 3.5 Kms from the Pondicherry bus station and just 100 meters walkable distance from the Promenade beach at Goubert Avenue in the French Quarter (White Town). Although the immediate ground around the memorial is not open to visitors, the surroundings can be accessed and on the 14th of July the memorial is lit up in celebration of St Bastille day.

Opening and closing hours: The visiting hours are from 10 am to 5 pm and is free for all.


Raj Nivas

Raj Nivas or the Government House is an old French building which has been renovated over the years and is now an eclectic mix of the French and the Indian architecture. It was erected on the foundations of the Hotel De La Compagnie which was built around 1733. It is a prominent landmark and a heritage building, and the recent news of it opening its gates to the general public was received with much appreciation and applause. 

It was an effort made by Lt. Governor Kiran Bedi to make the place “People Nivas” as a way of educating and informing the visitors about the history of the place. There will be guided tours provided during the visiting hours.

Speciality: The 18th century Palais du Gouvernement is a brilliant example of exemplary town planning and in its centre, surrounded by a beautiful garden, stands a well sculpted water monument.
Tamil and Latin inscriptions describe the story behind the existence of the now Lt. Governor’s residence. Tall and exquisitely carved monolithic pillars adorn the building, which was brought from Gingee fort after its capture in 1751. It makes for a royal and prime attraction for many.

Resorts to Stay in Pondicherry


Ocean Spray

When you think of luxury, Ocean Spray is bound to come to your mind. The beautiful 4 star hotel is located on the east coast of the city right next to the gorgeous Bay of Bengal. The expanse of the hotel is surrounded by lush green and cool blue water. The resort villas are interlinked in an array of walkways which is bound by the rippling man-made lake gushing all over the place bringing a sense of tranquil and calm. 

The rustling of the coconut trees and the green foliage along with the gentle lull of the ocean waves crashing against the coastline brings about a serenity which cannot be matched by any spa.  The eco-friendly man made paradise spreads across 23 acres of nature and plays host to a lot of animals and birds and it is a wonderful sight to behold for kids and adults alike. 

The huge pool is located centrally, with all the modern amenities to make life comfortable and luxurious for its guests. Ocean Spray offers huge discounts in season and off seasons both. Most of the travel sites offer a bunch of discounts for family and groups, which you should look into before making your bookings.

Cost: The tariff varies anywhere from INR 4,500 to INR 17,000 for one night stay depending on the rooms booked.


Le Pondy

One of the newest hotel ventures to have opened up, Le Pondy has already become the crème-la-de-crème of all hotels for its fantastic location and the myriad variety of rooms to choose from. Located on the beach front, the resort offers a little of something for everybody. From families, to honeymooners, to backpackers, to group travellers, they cater to one and all in terms of facilities and luxuries that they offer. 

Le Pondy boasts of 70 rooms spread across a 14 acre land including lake view rooms, ocean view rooms, luxury villas and presidential suites. They have an amazing spa where you can relax and rejuvinate yourself with massages and other spa and beauty treatments. Le Pondy, in tandem with the city’s spiritual inclination, also has an ayurvedic center called Anandam Ayurveda, where it offers a variety of therapeutic packages for your relaxation, rejuvenation and health treatments.

Cost: The tariff varies from anywhere between INR 6000 to INR 18,500 during weekdays and depending on which rooms you are booking. On weekends these tariffs are a little higher and can go upto INR 20,000 for a presidential suites. And if you want to get the room and breakfast package, they are slightly on the higher side with an additional INR 500 per day stay.


The Windflower Resort & Spa

Located in the little town of Veerampattinam, 10 Kms away from Pondicherry Airport, tucked away between the backwaters and the vast ocean, this little resort in Pondicherry is a dream getaway. For anyone looking for quiet and solitude and also wanting to be one with the nature, this is a place to be. The resort offers French style rooms and luxury villas facing the backwater and the ocean and makes for a heavenly stay. 

It prides itself in having one of the best spa and wellness centres called the Emerge which offers a variety of award winning spa-treatments inspired by the Ayurvedic and Balinese schools of therapeutic massage.

Cost: The tariffs can vary anywhere from INR 7,000 to INR 17,000 per night depending on the room.


The Promenade

Built right on the Promenade beach, this hotel is resplendent with French style along with a heavy influence of Balinese style architecture. It is centrally located in the heart of the town and close to many attractions in Pondicherry. The hotel provides a great view of the vast seemingly endless ocean. So if you don’t mind a little hustle bustle of the crowd while visiting in season, then this place is perfect by all means.

The ambience of the hotel is breath-taking and boasts of amazing amenities like their spas, Balinese motif pool, in-house reflexology and spa treatments and their four restaurant spaces. Pondicherry is a mini melting pot of various cultures and Promenade promises to satisfy all different kinds of palate with their amazing array of food spread. 

They serve not only mouth-watering local dishes, but a huge variety of Pan-Asian cuisine, continental and European food fare. The prime location boasts of a wide vista of sights like the old lighthouse close by, the Mahatma Gandhi Statue on the beach and the lovely little French roadside cafés teeming with crowds hanging in and around the place. 

The hotel sees a lot of traffic throughout the year and gives great discounts through its website itself. You can check out their offers before booking from other websites.

Price: You can book their rooms on their website for as low as INR 3,500 per night stay.


St. James Court Beach Resort

Walkable distance from Sri Aurobindo Ashram, St. James Court Beach resort is a three star hotel and offers all the luxury and amenities that are needed for your stay to be comfortable. Located close to the Pondicherry beach, the resort charms you with a relaxed elegance and exquisite French style décor. 

It scores with honeymooners, families, business travellers alike with its varied recreational activities around Pondicherry and high standards of hospitality meted to its guests. Surrounded by green lush forest, the oceanic view adds to the charm of the hotel. You can go take a dip in the ocean or relax by the beach and soak in the sun and lounge about by the hotel if your day is riding on easy, relaxed with no plans for sightseeing.

This place is comfortable and easy and if you are traveling on a no frills budget than you can indulge in this place while ensuring your comfort.

Cost: The tariff in this rooms vary from INR 3,900 to INR 7,700 per night stay.

Best Places to Eat in Pondicherry


Café des Arts

Located in White Town, Café des Arts is a beautiful concept store selling French cuisine in a comfortable and laid back ambience. The interior decor of the store reminds you of the Indian colonial era and has a retro vibe filled with burst of colours. The breakfast is by far their most popular time of the day for food here and people crowd by the dozens to sample their signature dishes.

One of them is their Ratatouille Sandwich akin to their dish back home called the Ratatouille which is prepared with a bountiful of colourful vegetables.

Cost: The café is reasonably priced with the bill coming to INR 500 approximately for two people.

Address – 10, Suffren Street, White Town, Pondicherry


Le Dupleix

Also located in the White Town, Le Dupleix hotel is a heritage property as it used to be the mayor’s residence.  Their restaurant, Courtyard, offers casual dining with Indian, French and Continental cuisine. Their Governor’s Lounge bar offers a relaxed atmosphere to casually hang out with your friends over drinks.

Their menu is wide spread and customers are spoilt for choices. Their French cuisine borders on the eclectic and high-end and it gives you a feel of fine dining.

Cost: Restaurant gets a little pricey costing at about INR 1500 for two, but the delectable food makes it worth it.

Address- 5, Rue de La Casarne, White Town, Pondicherry

La Maison Rose

This charming colonial bungalow, offers a wonderful natural ambience with the restaurant in its courtyard. So for those who want to enjoy a drink or two lapped up in nature, this is the perfect place. The beautiful bungalow is up for exploration.

So if you want to take your drink and stroll inside to ponder over rare beautiful decorative items, or sit outside under the mango grove and hang out with your friends, then this is your chill zone.

Opening and closing hours: The quaint old French villa remains open from 10 am to 11 pm, but its kitchen opens at noon. The restaurant offers a delectable menu ranging from beef fillets, to club sandwiches, grilled fish etc.

Location:  Address- 8 Rue, Romain Rollan Street, Pondicherry


Lighthouse Rooftop Grill

This lovely restaurant is a grill restaurant on the rooftop of the Promenade hotel and leaves their guests breathless with its view. Serving only dinner and drinks, the Lighthouse is an open restaurant cum bar facing the oceanic view and offers a spectacular variety of Oriental, Continental and Indian cuisine. 

This place is extremely popular since it's right on the beach and so pre-booking is advised. The dim lighting makes for a very romantic ambience and appeals to the senses of all travellers with the cool breeze marinating with the delectable aroma of their grilled dishes.

Location: Address- Goubert Avenue, White Town, Pondicherry.
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Things to Keep in Mind


Things to Carry

Any travel aficionado would know how to pack and what to carry while making a trip to Pondicherry. However, there are times when the plans go awry and your checklists are not ticked off when it is time to head out. So, while, for novice travellers, a checklist is a must and a handy tool, it doesn’t fail to do the same even if you are a travel expert. 

While you may carry the essentials and the basic necessities to survive a holiday here are a few reminders that come in handy while traveling.

- Make sure that you travel light and carry summer wear. Unless you are traveling during off season, then you should pack in a light jacket for the nippy night times and early cool mornings.

- If you plan on vegetating in  the beaches or biking through the roads during daytime, then carry a couple of swim wear and pack in a beach hat or a visor, and sunscreen lotions.

- Carry an umbrella to be ready for errant rains or make sure your hotel will provide you one when you visit. Call in advance for weather forecast and other travel tips.

- Don’t forget to pack in a mosquito repellent, especially for evening to late night visits to Auroville or while strolling in the expanse of nature. Some of the restaurants also have outside seating making it bug and mosquito friendly. It is always better to be prepared to give you the much-needed relief.

- If you have plans to explore some French fine dining then do pack a casual appropriate clothing for the same.

- Make sure you carry your driving license in case you plan to bike your way or rent a car to go in and around Pondicherry. There are tons of attractions that are quite close to each other and although walking to some of them is feasible, a few of them are some distance away and biking your way through the French colonial buildings in Pondy doesn’t seem like such a bad fair. The beautiful rustic lanes and the French designs catches your eyes and makes one drive slowly around to soak it all in.

- Pack some coolers to carry your drinks and food. The heat can beat down and a chilled drink along the way doesn’t make for a bad addition to the journey.

- Remember to check with your local friends or authorities as to what are the regulations for carrying liquor (if you plan on it) into the city and outside of it. Most people making road trips like to carry alcohol with them, sometimes the police patrols in the border are very strict and do regular checks. Please ensure that you don’t fall prey and are well informed. Or else there goes some part of your holiday.

- Carry your portable chargers, well charged in advance from home in case of emergencies. No one wants to end up in the middle of nowhere with no batteries left on their phones to call for an emergency.

- Once you are all stocked up, make sure to smile and laugh a lot and to enjoy the peace and carry the tranquillity in your hearts while visiting the beautiful quaint city of Pondy.


Travel Tips For Pondicherry Trip From Bangalore

- There are a few interesting places to consider stopping by while you plan your road trip from Bangalore to Pondicherry and if you are comfortable on time. If you take the shorter route via Thiruvanamalai, you might want to stop by and visit the Gingee fort which is surrounded by hills. If you take the longer but more comfortable route via Vellore, you might want to consider taking a detour after Vellore to visit the UNESCO heritage site of Mahabalipuram, famous for its temples, arts and crafts.

- While there are quite a few petrol/diesel stations along both routes, it is advisable to plan bio breaks to coincide with food breaks at places such as Cafe Coffee Day, McDonalds, Dominos’, Pizza Hut etc. which you can conveniently find on highways.

- There are several toll roads along the route and it is advisable to keep loose change while making these payments. The highways are good but be prepared to see potholes and poor road conditions intermittently.

- Needless to say, most road trips including this one should be accompanied with Google Maps and driving directions as these can make all the difference towards a happy and safe trip. Be aware to marry both the google maps and the physical map to get the optimum travel distance via road. Sometimes google has a way of taking you through a much longer route. The one positive that you can take away from that, in case you do get stuck in the longer route, is to enjoy the beautiful scenic view.

- Due to the relatively limited number of train options from Bangalore to Pondicherry, it is advisable to book train tickets as early in advance as possible.

- If your travel plans include train/bus/airfare while traveling and includes staying at hotels and resorts at your destination, and you do not have the luxury of time at hand then the best thing to do it get yourself one of those Bangalore to Pondicherry packages from the travel agencies giving you the best deals possible. Not only do they make an itinerary for you to follow but everything else gets taken care of for you. Your local travel, your entry fees to the attractions and the must to do items also gets checked off.

- The most important thing that we take for granted while trying to give ourselves this gift of travel is that we forget to relax and be happy. Smile in anticipation of what this journey might mean to you. The trip to Pondicherry may not be a once in a life time opportunity for you, but the memories you make are definitely going to be a lifelong one. Happy Travels.

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"One of the best experience of my life even though my ears are still blocked due to high pressure but the overall xperience was just awesome. Best Instructors provided to us. Not only they are good in their work, they are fun loving, crazy kinda guys & gel up very well.\nPool demonstration & training was more than good as compared to other personnel who provide scuba diving."
"Great tour, and on time start and completion, covered more than what was in the itinerary and never felt hurried. Thanks to shabbeer and thrillophilia for making the day memorable... "
animesh mukharjee Scuba Diving In Pondicherry
"The facility was good. the best part was that there were only two of us. instructors were friendly and extremely helpful. only problem is that you can't be sure of under water visibility in Pondicherry. someday it is clear, sometimes you can't see anything."
26 June 2019
Bhanukiran Paravastu Scuba Diving In Pondicherry
This was my first scuba diving experience, and it was just awesome. I have no words to express my happiness here. All credits goes to the instructor Mike and Khushboo and other team members, they very calm composed and teaching all the important things we have to take care during the dive. I had my best experience. I will definitely do this again here.
"Really nice and complete tourist tour of Pondichéry. \n\nWe booked for 2 just the night before! The service is very reactive. The car was comfy and with A/C. The driver was on time and flexible. He shared some knowledge about different places while driving. \n\nWe strongly recommend this tour as its price is definitely worth it. Check the different places that you'll visit to plan and make the most out of this great 8 hours."
15 March 2021
We had a very nice experience with the vendor. Great trip, on time completion and driver was also very nice, polite and courteous. We had a great time with local sight seeing package.
Prem Asan Pondicherry Tour Package from Bangalore
Pondicherry is so beautiful and different from other places in India. I went to Pondicherry with my friends and we enjoyed a lot. We went to the church, Aurbindo Ashram and we even did boating in Chunnambar backwaters. Promenade Beach was so beautiful and alluring. We had a great time on the beach. The stays and food included in the package were very nice. Even the driver was so kind and nice.
We went to Pondicherry for a family vacation and we had a lot of fun there. The place is so beautiful and clean. Weather was also pleasant and soothing. We enjoyed a lot on the beach and w even visited the Church and Aurobindo Ashram. The trip was well organized and the facilities provided were amazing. Thanks for the great experience!!
03 February 2020
So much thrilling adventure and what a view. Inside a water. I did this when I was on Pondicherry tour. The instructor was kind person, it was my second experience, first I have done this in goa but it was so different and like it was whole different world inside the water. Fun activity must do if you are in Pondicherry.
10 March 2020
Very beautiful place with so enjoyable weather and such an amazing instructor. We were 4 friends and had his. Thrillophilia arranged it nicely for us and with good instructor it became possible. Thanks

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