12 Places to Visit in Almora 2023, Tourist Places & Attractions
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Luxury Deals In Around Almora
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Experiences In And Around Almora

Tourist Places to Visit in Almora

Zero point, Katarmal Sun Temple, Kasar Devi Temple, Chitai Temple, Kasar Devi Temple, Bright End Corner, Kalimath, Martola, Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum, Gobind Vallabh Pant Museum and many more places

Almora is a small district situated on the Kumaun hills, which belong to the state of Uttrakhand. The township is located on a crescent shaped hilltop, surrounded with magnificent sceneries and panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges. This district is a part of the state, which that is also called as Devbhoomi and hence possess a number of religious attractions that surround it.

Almora’s tourist places are quite popular for its cultural heritage sites, handicrafts, luscious cuisine and exquisite wildlife. This place is of great value to the tourists and travellers as it offers a variety of things for them to explore. 

Almora is surrounded by other famous tourist holiday destinations, like Dehradun, Mussoorie and Rishikesh that add to the list of places that you can cover in one holiday around this township. All these destinations can be reached over night from Almora. Nested amidst the nature’s beauty, there exist wonderful places to visit in Almora that you can explore time and again. 

Here are some of the best places to visit in Almora:

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Zero Point

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Within the premises of Binsar village and in close proximity to Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is located one of the most amazing viewpoints of Almora. Zero Point is a calm and mind soothing destination that will allure you with the never ending terrains of greenery of Almora. The tourist spot is famous for picnics and its lush green sceneries and is also one among the great places to visit in Almora.

It is one of the must visit view point of this picturesque city that will add to your holiday experience at this hamlet. Zero Point peak gives a majestic view of the Himalayan Ranges, Kedar Nath peak and Nanda Devi. It is also famous for the one of the most blissful sunsets in Almora district.  
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Jageshwar Temple

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Located around 30 kilometres from the centre of Almora and dating back to the 7th century, the Jageshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and is amongst the cluster of 200 Hindu temples hidden in Almora. Built in the exquisite Nagara style of architecture, this temple houses one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. Moreover, the temple is situated along the Jata Ganga river and is surrounded by thick dense forests of pine and oak trees, and the famous rhododendron flowers.

Timings: 06:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.

Entry Fee: Free

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Katarmal Sun Temple

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Located about seven kilometers away from the city of Almora, Kartarmal is considered to be one of the hidden gems of Almora district. The village is popular for the per-historic sun temple located amidst the beautiful trails of the Almora. This temple is dated back to 800 years and is believed to be built by the Katyuri kings. It is the second most famous temple in Almora and also backs the sun temple in Odisha. Adding to the list of places to visit in Almora, Katarmal Sun Temple is a blissful visit. 

The magnificent view of the city from the temple is an add on experience to the tourists that plan to visit this temple. Unlike the Kasar Devi temple, this temple is not a standalone, but a temple complex. The temple complex consists of a main temple for sun God which otherwise called as Burhadita or Vraddhaditya. It is then surrounded by almost 44 shrines dedicating to sun God. The temple architecture and sculptures are major attraction of the place and engages its tourists well. 

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Kasar Devi Temple

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This abode is considered as one of the hippie trails and most exciting of Almora’s tourist places. Its history is traced back to second century. The temple is dedicated to a goddess called Kasar Devi and is considered one of the most popular temples in this township. Every year there are a number of devotees that visit this temple during the special annual festival organised by the villagers and temple authorities. 

The temple is located on the edge of a ridge on the Almora- Bageshwar highway on Kaashay Hills. Kasar Devi temple became famous after Swami Vivekananda visited the place while he was in Almora. Since then the temple is adored for its importance and history that walks back till the second century. Just outside the village is located Crank’s Ridge which was one of the popular destination during the hippie movement. This also is one of the reasons for major tourist attraction of this temple.

The temple has an annual feast organised by the villagers. The most exciting part of the festival is the ‘Kasar Devi fair’ which is like icing on the cake. This festival also attracts several tourists to the village. 

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Gobind Vallabh Pant Museum

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Gobing Vallabh Pant Museum is named after one of India’s freedom fighters, Gobind Vallabh Pant. It is an easy place to find in the small city as it is located on mall road in Almora. The museum has exquisite collection of artefacts and ancient items from the times of Chand and Katyuri dynasties that ruled this region. The museum has a collection of paintings, historic things and is a mirror that represents the culture, diversity and rich heritage of Uttarakhand. It is one stop destination and one among the desirable places to visit in Almora.

One can learn about the state the state of Uttrakhand, its culture and traditions. The best part about this destination is that there is no entry fee for tourist; one can walk in any time, free of cost and trace the history of the wonderful hill station in Uttrakhand. 
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Chitai Temple

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Image Credit : Eileen Delhi - Flickr

Chitai temple, also called as Golu Devta temple is one other tourist attraction spot in Almora. It is located approximately 15 kilometres away from the city of Almora and is one of the popular tourist destination among the devotees of Lord Shiva. The temple was constructed dedicating it to the incarnation of Lord Shiva in the form of Gaur Bhairav. 

It is also believed that this temple grants its devotees all the wishes that they ask for. These beliefs of the devotees make the temple one of the popular tourist destination in Almora.

Situated on the foot of the majestic Himalayan ranges, Almora, a small hamlet was sure to have been the best of nature’s hubs in India. The small district not only possess some of the extremely beautiful landscapes, but quite surprisingly is a home for historic and cultural heritage sites as well. 

The exuberant tourist destination is a serene get away for bag packers and nature lovers. 

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Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

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Image Credit : AniGupta - Flickr

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is a famous wildlife abode to explore in Almora. It is approximately 33 kilometres away from the city and is situated on top of Jhandi Dhar Hills within the district premises. The sanctuary is surrounded by dense forests and is an absolute thrill to watch animals here from a distance. If you trace the history of this place, you can find that Binsar was once a summer resort of Chand Kings during 11th to 17th century. 

The wildlife sanctuary was constructed in the year 1988 with an intention to protect the vegetation and animals of the central Himalayan region. The place gained its fame back then and it still continues to be one of the most famous tourist location in Almora. The sanctuary has a variety of flora and fauna that are of major attraction to the tourists. 

Some of the animals you can witness here are leopards, jungle cats, barking deer’s, langur’s, wood peckers and so on. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is a great start to tick off the list of different places to visit in Almora. The sanctuary is spread over about 45 kilometres and is of great educational value to its visitors.  

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Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum

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Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum belongs to the Kumaon Regiment, which is known to be the most decorated infantry that traces its history back to the 18th century. It is also popular for being a part of every campaign of the British Indian Army and the Indian Army. The museum is located in the city premises and is a reflection of the glory of Kumaon regiment. The museum showcases several military memorabilia, medals and weapons conquered during the wars that were fought pre and post-independence of India. 

The museum is also a face for the majesty of the regiment and its importance to the Indian Army. Built in the year 1974, the museum is also a face for several soldiers and officers that are a part of this regiment. The museum also consists of the coffin of General T N Raina which is exhibited respecting his commitment and service to the nation. The entry to the museum is paid and it is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on week days, weekends and on national holidays.

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Located about 520 meters above the sea level, Martola is one of the most picturesque destinations that surround the Almora city. There may be numerous places to visit in Almora, but Martola is something that no tourist can miss out on. The place is best known for the lush greenery around it and mesmerising hill top view. It is also said that a number of tourists that visit the place desire to stay here permanently because of the beauty it is surrounded with. 

The alluring view of the city with mesmerising backdrop of Himalayas make this destination much more than desirable and set a reputation for Almora’s tourist places. The escapade is about 10 kilometres away from the city and a best spot for family getaways. The scenic wonder is one of its kind and the best among all the other places to visit in Almora.  

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Kalimath is yet another place to visit in Almora, which is tailor made for family trips and picnics. Nested in the hills that will hypnotize its visitors with its beauty, the wonderful location is known for being nature’s true escapade.

Kalimath is located at a distance of about three kilometres from the city of Almora and is known for the greenery that surround it. It is a perfect destination to do nothing but relax in the soothing lap of Mother Nature.
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Deer Park

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Located just 3 kilometres from Almora, the Deer Park is a great way to explore the rich wildlife of this city. Known as one of the most beautiful and must-visit places in Almora, the Deer Park is a place where you can spend a relaxing time amidst lush green nature. From the usual deer, you can also catch a glimpse of other exotic wildlife at this park, which includes the leopard as well as the Himalayan Black Bear.

Timings: 10:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m.

Entry fee: Free

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Bright End Corner

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Image Credit : Gautam Dhar - Flickr
Adding to the list of places to visit in Almora, Bright End Corner is another exciting nature hub that attracts visitors of this city towards it. With the most enchanting view of sunsets and sunrises, Bright End Corner qualifies to be called one of the best places to visit in Almora. The place also marks the beginning of mall road in Almora and is known for its scenic beauty.

There are several meditation centres around this destination that makes it all the more interesting to pay a visit. The place is also known to be dedicated to Swami Vivekananda as he spent several days in meditation here. Bright End Corner is just around the corner of the city and is surely something you cannot miss spotting. 
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People Also Ask About Almora

  1. What are the best places to visit in Almora in winters?

    Here are some of the best places to visit in Almora in winters:

    1. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary: It happens to be a famous abode for spotting a wide range of wild animals. Tourists love to witness the animals in their natural environment located on top of Jhandi Dhar hills. 

    2. Martola: It is one of the most picturesque locations in Almora that can be characterized by lush green gardens, mesmerizing hilltops, and scenic natural beauties.

    3. Kalimath: Kalimath is very popular for being a perfect spot for carrying out family trips and picnics in the course of the winter season.

    4. Bright End Corner: It is an exciting natural hub that stands as a testament for the scenic beauty of Almore. It is also dedicated to Swami Vivekananda, as he had spent more than a few days in meditation here.
  2. What are the best places to visit in Almora for couples?

    Here are some of the best places to visit in Almora for couples:

    1. Zero Point: If you wish to sight some of the amazing views of Almora, then you would need to climb to the top of zero points and then get allured by the never lush greenery.

    2. Jageshwar Temple: This temple is constructed in the Nagara Style of architecture and also houses one of the 12 jyotirlingas.

    3. Katarmal Sun Temple: It is an ancient sun temple that dates back to more than 800 years. The architecture of the temple has close resemblances with that of Konark.

    4. Kasar Devi Temple: Located on the edge of Kasshay Hills, this is a popular place that has also been visited by Swami Vivekanand. It is visited by numerous tourists during the annual festival.
  3. Why is Almora famous?

    There are a lot of things that make Almora famous. Some of these include the scenic beauty of the region, the scintillating view of the majestic Himalayas as well as the stunning landscapes. The other things also include the rich cultural heritage of the place, along with the beautiful yet unique handicrafts and the delectable food.
  4. Is there snowfall in Almora?

    Yes, there is snowfall in Almora during the winter months of December and January. Winters in Almora can get extremely cold and chilly, which can result in the region being covered in a thick blanket of white snow all around.
  5. Which is better: Nainital or Almora?

    If you are looking to spend a relaxing holiday, with less crowd and more leisure, then Almora is a better destination as compared to Nainital. Almora is more idyllic and tranquil than Nainital, where you can also enjoy a lot of sightseeing as well as activities.
  6. How far is Almora from Nainital?

    Almora is located around 62 kilometres from Nainital. This distance can easily be covered by road. You can take a private taxi or state buses which take anywhere between 2 to 3 hours to cover the entire distance.
  7. How can I reach Lucknow to Almora?

    The distance between Lucknow and Almora is around 87 kilometres. As of now, there are no direct modes of transportation (flights, trains or even buses) between Almora and Lucknow. However, you can still reach Almora when you are travelling from Lucknow very easily. The Bagh Express from Lucknow can take you to Kathgodam, from where you can easily avail a private taxi to Almora.
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Places To Visit In Almora
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