35 Places to Visit near Jaipur: 2024 (Updated with Distance)
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Best Activities To Do In & Near Jaipur
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Jaipur In City Experiences
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Night Life Experiences In Jaipur
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Weekend Getaways near Jaipur

Sambhar Lake, Bhangarh Fort, Ajmer, Sariska National Park, Pushkar, Neemrana, Alwar, Mandawa, Ranthambore National Park, Bharatpur, Bundi, Vrindavan, Chittorgarh, Rishikesh, Mount Abu, Haridwar and many more.

Enhance your Jaipur tour with visits to nearby treasures like Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort, and Jal Mahal, exploring the region's rich history and architectural wonders.

Surrounded by pristine lakes, colourful markets, ancient temples, age old castles and fortresses and a rich vibrant heritage and culture, there are many places to visit near Jaipur. The royal lifestyle and mesmerising culture and experiences that these places boast of is one of a kind, that will transport you back to the times of the royalty, and make you want to come back for more.

There are a myriad of amazing places near Jaipur, which you can travel to by road. Be it for a long holiday or a small weekend getaway, you can find all kinds of places near Jaipur. From exploring the traditional art of block printing in Bagru, to soaking in the stunning architecture of the ancient Achrol Fort, there are a lot of places and experiences waiting for you near Jaipur.

These weekend getaways near Jaipur, such as Pushkar, Samode or Deeg, are all great for some time away from your busy lives. What is even better is that you can customise your Jaipur holiday according to the places that you wish to visit in and around.
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Places to Visit Near Jaipur Within 200 Km



Famous beyond the national boundaries for its annual camel fair called Pushkar Mela, Pushkar is a quaint town located at a distance of 15 km from Ajmer and 145 km from Jaipur. Pushkar is a place of religious and cultural importance and is visited by tourists and pilgrims during all seasons. 

The major attraction in the town apart from various temples is Pushkar Lake, The ghats of this lake are believed to be sacred, so devotees take dips into the lake to wash their sins away.

Best time to visit: During Pushkar Mela in November

Things to do & Places to See: Camel Ride, Horse Ride, Pilgrimage, Brahma Temple, Pushkar Lake

How to reach from Jaipur: To reach Pushkar from Jaipur, you can either take a direct bus or travel till Ajmer in train and cover the rest of your journey in a bus or taxi.

Distance: 145km from Jaipur.

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Sambhar Lake

 Located at a short distance of 96 km from Jaipur, Sambhar Lake is the largest inland salt lake in India. Due to its proximity from the city, the lake is quite popular as a weekend getaway among the residents of Jaipur, especially youngsters. When you reach Sambhar Lake and lay your eyes upon the unending stretch of white landscape, you will realise you have never seen something like this before. 

The lake surrounds Sambhar Village which is a great option for a day of culture trip.

Best time to visit: October to March

Things to do & Places to See: Photography, Village Tour, Salt Lake, Archaeological Excavations.

How to reach from Jaipur: The best way to reach Sambhar Lake from Jaipur is by car or motorbike.

Distance: 81.5km from Jaipur.

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Bhangarh Fort

Arguably the spookiest place in the country, Bhangarh Fort, located in Alwar District, has always been a popular destination for thrill seekers. This 17th Century fort is almost in ruins now, but the tales of paranormal incidents and folk tales associated with it make it one of the best places to visit near Jaipur.

The popular belief that the fort is haunted attracts Indian and foreigner tourists in large numbers all through the year.

Best time to visit: July to January

Things to do & Places to See: Photography, Exploration, Fort Ruins, Hindu Temple.

How to reach from Jaipur: You can easily reach Bhangarh from Jaipur by car or bike. No train runs between Jaipur and Bhangarh.

Distance: 84.9km from Jaipur.

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Located on the Jaipur-Ajmer road, Bagru is a small village near Jaipur. Bagru is known all around the country for being home to the classical wooden Block Printing style of clothes. Popularly known as “Bagru Prints,” this is a style that is quite unparalleled.

The village is also a popular tourist destination, where travellers from all around the world visit to see this traditional craft using natural dyes. 
Apart from that, the people here are also very warm and welcoming, and offer you a chance to savour in the traditional culture and day to day life of a Rajasthani village.

Distance from Jaipur: 35 kilometres.

Best time to visit: Between October to March.

Things to do & places to see: Bagru print, block printing, eat with a local family.

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Achrol Fort

Located in Achrol Village near Jaipur, Achrol Fort is one of the oldest forts in Rajasthan. Surrounded by quite a few more havelis, the fort was home to the Achrol Thikana family, who were distant relatives of the Kachhawa rulers of Jaipur.

Dating back to the 1500s, this fort was erstwhile used for military and strategic purposes by the rulers.

As of today, one can visit the fort and soak in picturesque views of the surrounding villages and nature, in addition to revelling in the fort’s stunning architecture. This fort is one place where you can actually see history.

Distance from Jaipur: 34.5 kilometres.

Best time to visit: Between October to March.

Things to do & places to see: day trek, picnic, local sightseeing.

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Located in the Shekhawati region of Jaipur, Samode is one of the larger towns near the Pink City. Known as the ideal desert getaway, Samode is home to the famous Samode Haveli, fort and garden, and offers stunning views of the surrounding Aravalli hills.

Surrounded by hills and lush green gardens, Samode boasts of a lot of activities that will keep you engaged. From one of a kind restaurant offering lip-smacking Rajasthani food and friendly locals, to sightseeing and more, there is a lot that Samode has to offer to you for a memorable weekend getaway.

Distance from Jaipur: 42 kilometres.

Best time to visit: Between September to April.

Things to do & places to see: Sheogarh fort, local sightseeing, nature walk.

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Sariska National Park

If you enjoy bird watching or watching tigers in their natural abode, a visit to Sariska is a must whenever you are in Rajasthan. Located in Alwar District of Rajasthan, this tiger reserve cum bird sanctuary is a delight for all nature lovers. 

The beautiful landscapes of Sariska, veiled in different shades of green will soothe your senses with their natural charm. Home to a wide range of wildlife species, Sariska is majorly known for being a temporary home of migratory birds.

Best time to visit: October to February

Things to do & Places to See: Migratory Birds, Tigers, Garh Raror temple, Photography, Jungle Safari.

How to reach from Jaipur: Alwar is 122 km away from Jaipur and is well connected via roadway and railway. The recommended way to travel is to travel by car.

Distance: 122.7km from Jaipur.

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Ranthambore National Park

This national park is a gift of nature to the state of Rajasthan which is generally famous for its deserts. Since Ranthambore National Park, located in Sawai Madhopur is just a 3-hour drive away from Jaipur, it can be conveniently visited during weekends. For being the home to a dense population of tigers, this park is counted among the most recommended options in the country for spotting the exotic animal. 

Besides tigers, you can also spot animals like bear, leopard, wild boar, deer while exploring the forest on a jungle safari. Holding the best of thrill and adventure, Ranthambore is among the best places to visit near Jaipur.

Best time to visit: October to January

Things to do & Places to See: Jungle Safari, Photography, Wildlife Park, Ranthambore Fort.

How to reach from Jaipur: Sawai Madhopur is well connected with Jaipur via roadway and railway. You can either travel by bus or car from Jaipur or take a train as regular trains are available.

Distance: 185km from Jaipur.

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Ajmer is a place well known for having majestic beauty. One often wants to know that what all are the tourist places in Ajmer. The place has an offering to people in which they can explore the whole of Ajmer. Pushkar is one such option. It has desert camps and natural boundaries which makes it look astonished. Discover the spiritual allure of Ajmer in your Rajasthan tour, seamlessly woven into our comprehensive Rajasthan tour packages for a memorable experience.

Tourists come here especially to have an experience of Aravali Hills. Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Sufi shrine of Moinuddin Chistietc will take you to the ambiance of rituals and tradition. The commoners or localities are very down to earth. Even today the traditional customs are followed here. All this makes the person feel peaceful. 

The wooden work, the furnishing, and the architecture work are so amazing that the person could not stop himself to be attached to this place. A day trip to the place gives a soothing experience. Pushkar is just 15 km from Ajmer. The Pushkar Lake and Jagatpita Brahma Temple etc. are some of the best tourist places in Ajmer. 

The whole day can be spent travelling in this place. But the memory one makes is what makes it up for fatigues. Once you are done with all the layouts and night outs, one can do all the popular activities in Ajmer.The common things to do in Ajmer comprise camel safari, trekking, camping and many more adventurous things. 

Camel Safari is a beautiful ride to be done in the desert. Pushkar is a beautiful place to be visited to experience the rustic lifestyle. Camel safari is known to offer the trip to sandy place and thus it is must to do the thing in Ajmer. The ships of desert compensate for every flaw Ajmer has. 

The things to do in Ajmer consist ofa visit to a lot of places like Lake View Stay at Pushkar Palace, Bijay Niwas Palace in Ajmer etc. Well ventilated, airy, furnished rooms etc are the features of rooms in Ajmer. Some of them have traditional paintings as well to connect the families. 

There are rooms matching with the needs of people as well. It consists of families, friends, new weds and even live in partners. All this makes the place a must visit a place. New Delhi, Jodhpur, Gurgaon, Udaipur etc. are the nearby gateways from Ajmer. 

Once planned a trip to Ajmer, one can also go to these places as well. Pilgrimage, spa, rejuvenation, rituals etc are some of the things to be done in Ajmer. Have a great experience in Ajmer.

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Due to its ideal location, Neemrana is easily one of the most sought after weekend getaways near Jaipur as well as the national capital Delhi. A popular site from the tourism point of view, Neemrana is frequented by youngsters over weekends for partying as it is also an ideal destination for long drives. 

The major attraction in Neemrana is Neemrana Fort which has been developed into a heritage hotel. The fort cum hotel boasts a magnificent structure built in the 15th Century by Prithviraj Chauhan III.

Best time to visit: Months of August to March

Things to do & Places to See: Zip Lining, Sightseeing, Neemrana Fort.

How to reach from Jaipur: Neemrana is 150 km from Jaipur and 122 km from Delhi. The most recommended means of transport is a private vehicle.

Distance: 156.5km from Jaipur.

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Once a forgotten city, Alwar today teems with numerous tourist attractions and flocked by travellers across the globe. There is no place for boredom as the sightseeing options, travel activities and tourist places in Alwar are plenty.

One of the top tourist activity which a traveller must do during a visit to Alwar is embarking on a jeep safari at Sariska National Park. Deep inside the park flanked by gentle slopes and greenery, one can come face to face with Indian leopard, striped hyena, Indian jackal, chital, sambhar, nilgai, wild boars and more.

It is a perfect holiday trip to indulge with friends and family. For adventure and daring souls, a spooky visit to the most haunted place in India, Bhangarh Fort promises to be enticing. Get lost amidst the ruined buildings at the fort and admire stunning architecture. In and around Bhangarh, there are the havelis, shops, temples, mosques and old streets that are best explored by foot or bicycle.

Some of the other popular sightseeing places in the city are Alwar Museum, Alwar fort, Siliserh Lake Palace, Sariska Palace and Bala Qila fort. Visit Sainthal dam to watch the wild crocodiles. For some adrenaline rush, take a banana boat or bumper tube ride in the Siliserh Lake.

The other adventure activities that are popular and can be tried out at the lake premises include jet-skiing, pedal boating and crocodile sighting. There are many forts in the city that offers luxurious staying options. Neemrana fort for instance offers vintage car ride, multimedia tour, camel ride and other fun activities to make one’s stay more fulfilling and exciting. At Neemrana fort palace, enjoy the exhilarating ride down the mountain, on a zip line. The Flying Fox Neemrana enables one to enjoy a panoramic view of the Aravalli Mountains.

There are totally five ziplines operating at the fort, each taking you to different scenic routes in and around the location premises. To capture some good photographs and cool your heels, check out the Garbhaji Falls. A popular place among locals as well as tourists, the waterfalls cascade down beautifully.

This place is located 7 kms away from Siliserh Lake and one can enjoy village life on way to falls. The best time to visit the place is in the month of July and August. For historical lovers, there is Government Museum situated at City Palace. The museum houses huge collection of historical swords, pistols, guns and canons, historical paintings and sculptures. All these places are the best tourist places in Alwar.

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Mandawa is a small town in the state of Rajasthan and lies in the Shekhawati region. It lies approximately 190 kilometers away from the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur, and approximately 240 kilometers from the National Capital, New Delhi. The town was essentially occupied by traders in the late 18th and the early 19th Century, which has now been transformed into a tourist attraction due to its beautiful history.

The town of Mandawa is also known as the open-air art gallery due to the numerous architecturally and artistically beautiful historical structures in the town. Most of the Havelis of Mandawa are famous for their paintings, murals, and various other beautiful artifacts. This amazing town is a must-visit for all the history, architecture, as well as art lovers out there.

The major attractions of the city are its iconic Havelis, most of which have now been restored into Heritage Hotels. Some of the Havelis that you can not miss out on your visit to Mandawa include the Murmuria Haveli, Chokhani Double Haveli, and the Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli. Some other beautiful attractions of Mandawa are the Harlalka Well, Saraf Haveli, and the Bansidhar Newatia Haveli.

There are a whole lot of amazing and exciting activities in Mandawa that a tourist can indulge in. The first and foremost thing that one needs to do is take a walking tour of the historical lanes of this small town and explore its ancient palatial residences, some of which have been restored, whereas, others still remain unattended. Tourists can also try out making a wish at the Harlalka Well, which is believed to come true by the local residents.

The city experiences hot and dry weather, which does not make it comfortable to be visited during the summers or monsoons. The best time to visit this art hub is during the winter season that starts from the months of October and stretches till March.

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Owing to numerous factors, Bharatpur is one of the most famous tourist places in the state. If you are travelling by car, you can easily reach Bharatpur from Jaipur in 3 hours, hence it is an ideal choice for a getaway from the city. When you visit Bharatpur, you will find amusement in the form of history, architecture, and culture. 

The city also houses some prominent Hindu temples. Besides, you can explore some exotic species of fauna and avifauna at Keoladeo National Park and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary located in Bharatpur.

Best time to visit: October to March to spot migratory birds

Things to do & Places to See: Photography, Bird Watching, City Tour, Lohagarh Fort

How to reach from Jaipur: Roadway and railway connect Bharatpur and Jaipur. Though regular trains and buses are available, the most preferred means of transport is a car.

Distance: 186.9km from Jaipur.

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Located in the Bharatpur district near Jaipur, Deeg is a small town in Rajasthan. It is known for being situated along the parikrama path of Lord Krishna. The town also has its name mentioned in the epic Skanda Purana, and was the first capital of the state of Bharatpur, ruled by Maharaja Badan Singh.

Known for its stunning forts, palaces, fountains and gardens, Deeg is also where many films have been shot. One of the major attractions of Deeg is the three-day fair which is held in the month of September every year. This is when all the forts come to life, with candles, flowers and a lot of pomp.

Distance from Jaipur: 198.8 kilometres.

Best time to visit: Between September to April.

Things to do & places to see: Gopal Bhawan, Roop Sagar, Deeg Palace.

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Places to Visit Near Jaipur Within 300 Km



If you are on a lookout for the most exciting weekend getaways near Jaipur, Bundi is a pretty town located in Hadoti region. What make this town a major tourism hub in the state are various specimens of brilliant architecture in the form of historical forts and palaces. And since there are some revered Hindu temples in the town, it is called ‘Chhoti Kashi’. 

With so much on offer for explorers, Bundi is definitely one of the best places to visit near Jaipur.

Best time to visit: October to February

Things to do & Places to See: Raniji ki Baori, Sukh Mahal, Nawal Sagar, Temples.

How to reach from Jaipur: You can take a train to Kota and cover the distance of 36 km to Bundi in a taxi. Direct buses and cabs also ply between Jaipur and Bundi.

Distance: 217.9km from Jaipur.

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Located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Vrindavan is a holy city nestled on the bank of the Yamuna River and is considered to be a famous pilgrimage site. Possessing the deity of Lord Krishna, Vrindavan city allures the tourists from around the world who are spiritual and seek contentment and peace. 

With a perfect fusion of beauty, religion and history, Vrindavan tourism has grown over the years. With scenic beauty surrounding the elegant architectures made of beautiful white marble, it is a sight you cannot afford to miss. The enchanting beauty of this town will calm your soul and fill your heart with spirituality and joy. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Vrindavan is your go-to for a blissful getaway.

Visit the famous attractions in Vrindavan, including Banke Bihari Mandir, which is one of the major attractions along with witnessing the classic beauty of Prem Mandir. You can also head to the Radha Raman Temple that dates back to 1542 and deity here is known to have self-manifested from the shaligram-shilas and the Iskcon Vrindavan that aims at increasing the awareness about the scriptures and Bhagavad Gita. Sri Ranganatha Temple is another historical temple to visit in this city of temples which is considered to be the largest temple here. There are several other essential temples to be seen while in Vrindavan. 

With multiple activities to do in Vrindavan, you should not miss out on the Yamuna Puja on Keshi Ghat, which is a beautiful experience. You can also visit the sacred lake of Kusum Sarovar, a breathtaking sight to feast your eyes on or go shopping in this wonderful town. 
The weather is perfect for a visit to Vrindavan in winters from September to March for a comfortable experience. It is also ideal for visiting all the places of interest and the admirable view of the temples. 

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Agra is a major tourist destination in North India because of its many Mughal-era buildings, most notably the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri, all three of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The tourist places in Agra speaks volume about the rich culture and heritage of Agra.

The city is known for its historic sites, architecture, and ambiance of being in the Mughal era. Agra is also included in the Golden Triangle circle with Delhi and Jaipur and hence people travelling to the north, usually visit these three cities together.

The city is not only important to the Mughal dynasty but also has its mentions in the Mahabharata, which makes it a strategic location for both Hindus and Muslims in India and in the Indo Aryan Plains. Agra is, thus, full of legacies, history, period horizons and more.

Among the top tourist places in Agra is Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal is showpiece architecture of fine Mughal craftsmanship. It was built under the aegis of Shah Jahan as a memorial for his beloved wife Arjumand Bano Begum. Her body is enshrined in the tomb at the Taj Mahal.

The designs of this structure incorporate Persian and Mughal architecture. The highlight of the structure is the tomb which is a large structure made completely of marble. Another is Agra Fort, also called the Red Fort, this structure dates back to the 16th century.

It is situated near the gardens of the Taj Mahal. Made of red sandstone, Agra Fort has walls that surround for at least two kilometers and more. Inside are many splendid palaces such as Jahangir Palace and Khas Palace. It is over here that you will find the grand hall of audiences called Diwan-i-Khas. Also on the location are a couple of magnificent mosques.

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Kota city which was previously known as Kotah is located in the southeast of North Indian State, Rajasthan. The city is located at a distance of 240 km from the state capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur. With a total population of about 1.2 million, the city of Kota is the third populous city of Rajasthan after Jaipur and Jodhpur.

Despite the fact that it is one of the best places in the country for competitive examination preparation, it is also home to some of the beautiful forts, palaces, and heritage sites that speak about the royalty of the bygone times. Adding these tourist places to your bucket list, you will surely get a chance to learn more about the indian history as well as peep into the antiques of the bygone times.

Kota is not only home to beautiful man made structures, but it is also known for its alluring natural beauty. There are a number of places like the Kishor Lake, Kota Barrages, and chambal garden where you can truly treat your senses. The city speaks about the beauty of Rajasthan through its ancient heritage, modern attractions, historic monuments, beautiful scenic views across the river Chambal.

In the course of your visit to Kota, you must make sure that you have enough time to marvel at places like Kota Barrage to admire the surrounding lush greenery, Kishore Sagar Lake to watch the reflection of lights, seven wonders park to watch all the wonders of the world at a single palace, Jag Mandir Palace to explore the queen of Kota, Garadia Mahadev Temple to gape at the amazing views, chambal garden to watch the giant trees kissing the sky.

Apart from all these places, you can also visit Umed Bhavan palace to get a royal feel, Maharao Madho Singh Museum for an offbeat experience, Ganesh Udyam to admire the natural beauty, chambal handing bridge to capture beautiful snaps, Godavari Dham Temple to attend the special Aarti, and city Palace to know more about the blend of Mughal and Rajasthani art.

The climate of Kota remains hot and dry all through the year. The summers are characterised by a dry season and it becomes a bit difficult for outdoor activities, monsoons are known for their downpours and winters are bit cool with the temperature range remaining in the range of 12 to 27 degree celsius. The climatic condition of Kota can be considered to be a semi arid kind of climate. The best time to come over to the city of Kota would be from the month of October to the month of March.

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The financial and technological hub of India, Gurgaon is a place situated in Northern India near the capital city of India. Amongst the tourist places in Gurgaon, Kingdom of dreams is a must go place in Gurgaon which is the first live entertaining place of the country. It has museums, shopping malls and many places for sightseeing. It also has bird sanctuaries named Sultanpur National park which is a place to stay for many migrating birds. Nautanki Mahal and Epicentre are very traditional and entertaining events which take place in
the city.


It has routes in Bollywood also as famous Bollywood actor Rajkummar Rao was born in Gurugram which is situated near Gurgaon. The people of Gurgaon, belong to Hinduism and this the Hindu religion is strongly followed in Gurgaon. But it has not confined itself only
to Hinduism; it has Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity etc.


In order to dedicate respect to Guru Dronacharya, a famous temple has also been constructed and taken care of in Gurgaon. This place is called Sheetla Mata Mandir which is very famous and tops the list of religious tourist places in Gurgaon. Tau Devi Lal stadium and Nehru stadiums have been constructed to promote cricket, football, basketball, athletics and also football. It has so much interest in sports and games and that's why is also titled as “The heart of India’s golfing country.” Before planning a trip to Gurgaon, some of the pre-trip preparation should be done which is as follows:

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Delhi, the capital of India is one of the perfect cities to enjoy the best of Indian culture. It is a city filled with must see landmarks, attractions and numerous other best places to visit in Delhi. It is a clean, neat and tidy city with wide roads.

However, the beauty of the city often gets hidden behind the awful traffic jams and exhausting climate, especially during the summer season. But despite all these factors, the city welcomes the travellers with some scenic views and deep history. There are many cultural attractions that depict Indian traditions and customs.

Since the city was designed by Britishers, you see the entire city as a symbol of British power. Having said that, this same reason also led to the establishment of various cultures and splendid architecture that can be witnessed in the city today. Delhi has extreme climates, so it is necessary to plan your trip according to your convenience.

You should try and avoid visiting this city during the months of April and June as the uncomfortable heat rises up to 40°Centigrade. Similarly, December to January experiences an extreme cold climate with cold snaps dropping temperatures down to zero. You may plan your trip anytime between February and March or October and November to make the most of it.

The New Delhi part is one of the liveliest areas of Delhi. Here, you can find the best city life with many restaurants, cafes, nightlife, and fancy attractions. Whereas, on the other hand, Old Delhi depicts a rather cluttered old style of living with small raw style houses, many bazaars and everything historic.

To take a better understanding of various parts of Delhi, you can browse through the best places to visit in Delhi, that are customized keeping in mind every need and choice. Explore Delhi at its best with us with our adventure, sightseeing, trekking, and many more tours.

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Places to Visit near Jaipur within 400 Km



Historically this has been one of the most significant places in the region. The landscape of the city is dotted with some remarkable structures that give you a glimpse into the glorious past of Chittorgarh. The most fascinating delight for tourists coming to Chittorgarh is Chittorgarh Fort that encompasses palaces, lawns, temples, and much more. 

The fort was built by Mauryans in the 7th Century. It takes approximately 6 hours to cover the journey between Jaipur and Chittorgarh which makes it an ideal weekend getaway.

Best time to visit: Monsoon and Winter seasons

Things to do & Places to See: Sightseeing, Temple Visit, Chittorgarh Fort, palaces, Temples.

How to reach from Jaipur: Chittorgarh is connected with Jaipur by railway and roadway. Travelling by train is the most preferred means of transportation.

Distance: 309.7km from Jaipur.

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Easily one of the most beautiful cities in Rajasthan, Jodhpur is one of the best places to visit near Jaipur. Easy connectivity between Jaipur and Jodhpur makes it an ideal destination for vacationing in Rajasthan. Jodhpur, like any other city in Rajasthan, has a rich cultural history, palaces and forts to boast of. 

These tourist attractions in the city are excellent to amuse architecture and history buffs. Sitting on the edge of Thar Desert, this pretty city is also known as the “Gateway to Thar”.

Best time to visit: Monsoon and Winter seasons are the most ideal time

Things to do & Places to See: Photography, Sightseeing, Temples, Palaces, Forts.

How to reach from Jaipur: Roadway, railway, and airway connect Jodhpur with Jaipur. The cheapest way to reach Jodhpur from Jaipur is by train and the fastest way is taking a flight.

Distance: 335km from Jaipur.

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Renowned for its historic temples and palaces, Gwalior is a wonderful retreat for tourists to live an overwhelming experience. The city boasts of architectural galore that can be witnessed everywhere when you are in Gwalior. The historic city founded by King Surajesan has been hosting royalty since ages and is known for its regal structures that adorn the city.

One of the most impressive structures of the city is the Gwalior Fort which is often cited as the ‘pearl among the fortresses’ in India. The fort attracts a number of history lovers from all over India and its imposing architecture leaves a lasting impression on the minds. The remarkable fort has seen various events of history and has many temples, water tanks and palaces inside the complex making it a splendid place to visit for everyone.

When it comes to palaces, Gwalior is one of the best places to appreciate the cultural heritage of India. The Jai Vilas Palace is a breathtaking structure where one can look forward to seeing the art extravaganza of Gwalior. The place boasts of showcasing some interesting items like swords from the times when Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb lived and the library which has a collection of more than five thousand books. Currently serving both as a museum and residence of the royal Maratha Scindia family, Jai Vilas Palace is a fascinating place for culture vultures in Gwalior.

Another palace to enthrall you with its historical ruins in Gwalior is the famous Man Mandir Palace. Associated with many interesting stories, Man Mandir Palace is a must-visit to see the famous place where Aurangzeb imprisoned his brother Murad. It also features Jauhar Kund where Rajput women committed mass suicide to avoid rapes by the forces of Iltutmish. Some of the famous monuments which can be visited here are Jahangir Mahal, Shah Jahan Mahal and the Gujari Mahal.

For the lovers of archaeology, Gujari Mahal is a prominent attraction in Gwalior. Built by Man Singh, this place is a must visit to see various sculptures, statues and other remains that are as old as the 1st and 2nd century BC. If you want to enthrall yourself with the excellence of Indian architecture, Padavali is an impressive fort that can be visited about 40 kilometers from Bangalore. Comprising a number of ancient temples that boast of erotic carvings, the archaeological site belonging to the 8th-10th century AD is famous as Mini Khajuraho.

For those who cannot complete a vacation without filling their bags with multiple souvenirs of the city they visited, Gwalior is a wonderful place to be. If you want to indulge in some high-end luxury, Dindayal City Mall is a place where you can find multiple outlets that sell international brands. The place is a popular hangout spot among the people of all generations and one can find the plethora of showrooms, restaurants, bazaars, etc.

Gwalior also offers multiple items for shopping if you are interested in buying from the local markets. Some of the popular items to shop for when you are in Gwalior are traditional handicrafts, artifacts, handlooms and other attractive items. The handloom industry of Gwalior is famous for Maheshwari and Chanderi silk sarees. The best place to look for these attractive sarees is the popular Kothari shop in Sarafa Bazaar. Other famous markets in Gwalior to buy clothes are Naya Bazaar, Dahi Mandi, and Gandhi Bazaar. Gwalior is also known for its wonderful designer jewelry that showcases the vibrant culture of the place. Topi Bazaar is also a great place if you want to shop for sneakers, designer handbags and small purses and leather sandals.

For shopping handicrafts, Jiyaji Chowk Bazaar is a great place to go and spend your money. Another famous market to buy handloom products, carvings, artifacts etc. is Patankar Bazaar. Mrignayani Emporium is also a famous place in Gwalior to buy handicrafts and clothes. For buying Gwalior style silver boxes to add to your collection of souvenirs, Arihant Emporium is a famous shop that is a must visit for all the shopaholics.

One of the popular attractions of Gwalior is the Gwalior Trade Fair. The famous fair draws in a number of tourists and offers many fun memories that you will cherish forever. Usually held in the month of January or February, Gwalior Trade Fair boasts of many interesting activities like hasya kavi sammelan, qawwali, cultural performances, Mushairas, music nights, etc. 

Gastronomes in Gwalior can spice up their taste buds with a number of delicacies like kachoris, Samosas, Poha and bedai, kebabs, bhutte ki kees, Dal Bafla, Jalebi, Imarti, Rogan josh, mawa-bati and Malpua and traditional sweets such as the Morena Gajak. Gwalior also has various places to enjoy some tantalizing nightlife with some notable bars and pubs. A few of the popular ones are DnD Discotheque and Bar, Spectrum Discotheque and Pub and Barcode Discotheque and Bar.

Gwalior is also an amazing destination for those who have an inclination towards spirituality. The Sun Temple is one of the most beautiful shrines in Gwalior where one can admire the striking architecture and spend some peaceful moments in the serene ambiance of the temple. Teli Ka Mandir is another popular temple that dates back to the 9th century and known to be the highest building in Gwalior. Attracting a number of devotees, Saas Bahu Temple is an impressive temple that is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Among offbeat places, Roop Singh Stadium in Gwalior is a delight for sports lovers which is known for being the stadium where Sachin Tendulkar hit the first double hundred in the history of ODIs. And, if you are looking to indulge in a serene escape from all the hustle and bustle, boating at Tigra Dam is a wonderful getaway from Gwalior. Gwalior Zoo is a place where you should go to see many rare species and add an adventure with some enthralling wildlife in your holiday experience in Gwalior. It is a must visit if you are planning a vacation with kids and family.

One of the popular places to not miss while sightseeing in Gwalior is Sarod Ghar that is the ancestral house of the legendary Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan. Another interesting attraction of the city is Shyam Vatika that boasts of having the world’s largest indoor mural. For those looking to treat themselves with some luxury, Usha Kiran Palace Hotel deserves a visit to feel like a royal and bask in the regal ambiance.

Full of interesting attractions and heritage places, Gwalior will captivate you every single minute on your vacation. Especially those who are history fanatics, Gwalior will not fail to leave them mesmerized.

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One of the most visited tourist destinations in Rajasthan, Bikaner is a treat for explorers. When you visit this beautiful city, the cultural differences between Jaipur and Bikaner will become apparent, and you will enjoy every single bit of your stay here. 

Though the most iconic structure the city holds is Junagarh Fort, there are also some other fascinating sites like Lalgarh Palace, Karni Mata Temple, Rampuria Haveli, etc. When you are in Bikaner, do not forget to munch on its famous snacks.

Best time to visit: Nov to Feb.

Things to do & Places to See: Camel Ride, Temple Visit, Sightseeing, Desert, Junagarh Fort, Palaces.

How to reach from Jaipur: Bikaner is connected with Jaipur by railway and roadway. However, as it is not located in the immediate vicinity of Jaipur, travelling by flight is recommended to save time.

Distance: 342km from Jaipur.

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Rajasthan is the land of royal forts, and the list is incomplete without the mention of Kumbhalgarh Fort, which also one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Located in Rajsamand District, the fort was built in the 15th Century by Maharaja Kumbha.

 You can reach Kumbhalgarh from Jaipur in 6 hours if you are travelling by car, and that is why it is one of the most recommended weekend getaways near Jaipur. If you are interested in history, culture, and architecture, you will definitely enjoy your visit to this majestic fort.  

Best time to visit: October to February

Things to do & Places to See: Photography, Architecture, Temples, Fort.

How to reach from Jaipur: If you wish to travel by train, take Ashram Express from Jaipur to Falna, and cover the rest of the distance by taxi. Or you can take a taxi from Jaipur to Kumbalgarh.

Distance: 344km from Jaipur.

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Osian must be among the most underrated places to visit near Jaipur for an eventful weekend. Located in Jodhpur District of Rajasthan, Osian is an ancient town with a lot on offer for tourists. Surrounded by an unending stretch of barren land, Osian is an oasis in the Thar Desert.

 The town is dotted with some marvellous ancient temples, and that is why it is fondly called “Khajuraho of Rajasthan”. These Hindu and Jain temples dating back to the 8th and 11th centuries. Apart from enjoying a camping experience in the golden sands, you can also indulge in camel safari here.

Best time to visit: October to March since all other months are quite warm here

Things to do & Places to See: Camel Ride, Camping, Hindu & Jain Temples, Desert.

How to reach from Jaipur: You can reach Jodhpur by train or bus, and take a cab to Osian from there. Otherwise, you can also hire a cab from Jaipur to reach Osian.

Distance: 376km from Jaipur.

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Last but not the least, Udaipur is arguably the prettiest city in Rajasthan which can be conveniently visited on a weekend. The former capital of Mewar Kingdom, Udaipur was founded in the 16th Century by Maharaja Udai Singh II. 

Apart from a series of breathtakingly beautiful courtyards, palaces, forts, temples, etc., the fame enjoyed by Udaipur among tourists is attributed to the vast lakes the city is set around. The scenic city also has various options for adventure lovers.

Best time to visit: July to March

Things to do & Places to See: Boating, Photography, Sightseeing, Trekking, Badi Lake, City Palace, Pichhola Lake, Fateh Sagar Lake.

How to reach from Jaipur: Udaipur is well-connected with Jaipur by airway, railway and roadway. While travelling by car and train takes 7 to 8 hours, flight between the two cities takes 55 minutes.

Distance: 396km from Jaipur.

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Places to Visit near Jaipur within 600 Km



The ancient city of Haridwar in Uttarakhand has been a major Hindu pilgrimage site for centuries. Located where the sacred River Ganga emerges from the base of the Himalayas, it’s considered one of the 7 Sapta Puri. The Kumbh Mela, which is held every 12 years, is also celebrated here. The sacred city of Haridwar offers a colourful and fascinating blend of culture and offers the best tourist places in Haridwar. Being one of the seven holiest cities in India, Haridwar often bustles with devotees. It propitious location near the holy River Ganga has made it gain more popularity.

With the passage of time, it has become more than just a religious city, where people thronged to perform immersion of the ashes or took a dip in the water to wash away their sins. It has in fact evolved into Yoga, cultural and spiritual centre and has also become a prime hub for learning Sanskrit language The modern day, Haridwar is the reflection of the culture of India and thus offer much to its visitors. Here is the list of best 12 places that one must see in this holy city.

While religion plays an important role in Haridwar – many visitors are pilgrims and devotees – there’s more to this holy city. The cuisine is excellent and food lovers eager to try authentic Indian fare will find their palates satiated many times over. Travelers in search of yoga ashrams and centers hoping to improve their physical and mental health won’t be left wanting either. If you’re eager to experience the tourist places in Haridwar, read on to know the best time to visit, how to get here and where to stay.

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Mount Abu

Taking pride of being the only hill station of the state, Mount Abu is a very beautiful place located in Rajasthan, India. Located on a high rocky plateau, this city experiences colder climates and offers pretty amazing sceneries. Well connected to other parts of the country, this city has been a popular tourist destination for various adventures and sightseeing. Experience serene escapades at Mount Abu with our Rajasthan travel packages, blending nature's beauty seamlessly into your Rajasthan exploration.

Located on the beautiful Aravali Plateau, the city of Mount Abu is adorned by lush green forests and loaded with pristine beauty of lakes, architecture of temples and heritage of ancient forts and havelis. Exhibiting the best royalty of bygone times, this city is home to numerous marvels loaded with artistic features and picture worthy craftsmanship. Amidst this enchanting surroundings, the life here is very calm and the locals are friendly as well.

Home to various entrincing landmarks, the Mount Abu city has been exciting its visitors and tourists since ages. Be it the reflection of the starry sky on the Nakki Lake or the flawless ornamental carvings of Dilwara Jain Temple, here you will find some of the best sceneries which will soothe our eyes as well as souls. Here, you will find various serene spots like the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, Peace Park, Guru Shikhar Peak, Sunset Point, Abu Road, Trevour’s Tank Toad Rock and many more.

Haven for the adrenaline junkies, the city of Mount Abu has been blessed with beautiful surroundings as well as a plethora of adventures. Attracting flocks of tourists, one can try their hands on a number of adventures here. From camping below the starry nights to rowing the boat in Nakki Lake, Mount Abu is bestowed with some of the best adrenaline rushing activities.

The climate of Mount Abu remains comparatively colder than the other parts of the state. Being a state of Rajasthan, Mount Abu also experiences some hot days even after being a hill station. The average annual temperature here stays around 20 degree celsius and can fluctuate with change in the seasons.

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Rishikesh is a tehsil located in Uttarakhand’s Tehri Garhwal region right on the banks of the holiest of Indian rivers, the Ganges. This ancient city has several mythological and religious legends associated with Lord Vishnu, Lord Bharat, and various prominent sages and is said to have been established in the 9th-century AD by Adi Shankaracharya.

The scenic beauty of Rishikesh is due to its location at the foothills of the lofty Garhwal Himalayas is accentuated by the mighty Ganges cutting right through the city. The picturesque city looks suspended between the stunning riverside promenades, acres of forests, lush mountains, and clear blue skies lending it a surreal appearance.

The city is synonymous with its grand temples, rituals, architectural marvels and yoga ashrams. Every temple here, be it the Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, Raghunath Temple, or the 13-storey Trimbakeshwar Temple, has its own beautiful legend that attracts people from all over the world. The twin Ram & Lakshman Jhulas are outstanding architectural feats in themselves. These suspension bridges span for over 750 ft. over the Ganges. There are numerous ashrams here that lead people into the spiritual world of ancient forms of yoga, meditation, and vipasana to cleanse their soul and de-stress.

Rishikesh has its share of offbeat and adventure activities too. If you are not enjoying the adrenaline rush of white water rafting available up to grade 6, you can spend time enjoying amazing experiences like cliff jumping, kayaking, body surfing, etc. There are picturesque waterfalls here like Patna fall and Neer Garhi fall, etc. that are perfect to escape into the raw wilderness of nature. If you are the spiritual kind, you can’t miss attending the jaw-dropping spectacle of the Maha Aarti.

The summer months (March-June) here are extremely hot & humid with temperatures reaching up to 36°C. Winter months (October-February) are cold and sunny with temperatures dipping to a low of 6°C, making them the best months to visit. Monsoon months (June-September) see a lot of rains accompanied by humidity.

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When one speaks about a family vacation, the first few things that strike one’s mind are green trees, blue skies, chilly weather, great food and a place where you can forget all your woes and calm down. This holiday destination is among those that fall under the category of delivering this experience to its visitors.

Lying at the foothills of the Himalayas, Dehradun which is the capital of Uttarakhand is known for its beautiful climate and the lovely landscapes it encompasses. One of the most astonishing facts about this place however, is that it is also one of the most important education hubs in the whole of India. How a place so small and petite be able to give a tough competition to other financial sectors of India is truly unimaginable.

Dehradun lies in Doon Valley which is located on a varying height of approximately 410m. The region is especially known for its climate. While one will experience a pleasant cool weather in Dehradun, the city is often times referred to as the ‘Rainy city of India’ due to the continuous rainfalls especially during monsoons.

Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand. In the recent years – there was a sense of construction boom that took place wherein endless residential property emerged in the city. Modern buildings have gradually been constructed making up for the good portions of Dehradun.

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We do not need to describe Mussoorie because great author Ruskin Bond has already done that in his immortal novels and short stories. He used this amazing town and the tourist places in Mussorie as the backdrop of his stories and the natural beauty of this town has created many landmarks in the field of “nature’s romanticism.”
If you are in love with nature’s romanticism and follow literature for that then the enchanting beauty of Mussoorie is your wonderland waiting for you. Sir Sachin Tendulkar, the demigod of the cricketing world loves this place as his regular hideout in a great climate and pleasant city.

Located at the height of almost 1900 meters from the sea levels this landscape of nature has become a paradise for the tourists with a passage of time. This advantage point of nature has a history dating back to
19th century when the officers of ruling East India Company developed it as a holiday paradise in the hills. Located at the distance of 40 Kilometers from the state capital of Indian state of Uttranchal, Dehradun, Mussoorie also won this moniker of being the “queen of the hill stations.” More than 15 attractions full of nature, religion and culture are at your disposal when you are planning a stay in Mussoorie Resorts. This hill station also serves as a gateway to the glaciers of Yamunotri and Gangotri and we can consider it as an ideal place to spend summer vacations.

The year of 1991 brought this town into the spotlight because of certain cultural events and movements of political celebrities. We can term this phase as the beginning of the modern history of "Mussoorie the tourism Destination." Now this hill station has become a modern town where nature and modern day amenities are developing a new eco-system of fun, frolic, and entertainment for all age groups and honeymoon couples in particular. With
passage of time, Mussoorie has also become an educational hub because of the presence of some premium educational institutes and convent schools. The presence of these tourist places in Mussoorie also added a youthful spirit in the ambiance of this hill station.

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Nainital, the hill resort town in the district of the same name, derives its name from the emerald, glassy, eye-shaped lake (tal) which the town is built around. The British Sugar trader, P. Baron, founded the town in the year 1841 and thank God that he did! There could not be a better getaway spot from the hustle and bustle of the cities. The moment you enter Nainital district, you step into a new, parallel world. With the best tourist places to visit in Nainital, the transition to scenic splendour of the likes of the place is a treat to the senses, a characteristic balming bliss of an experience that one can only understand through live experience.

No wonder then that the Kumaon Himalayas are regarded as “devbhoomi” ( land of the Gods), a divine manifestation of the most intricate natural laws, working for millennia, to carve out the perfect cradle in the arms of the lofty peaks, who remain standing as sentinels, offering solace and inspiring awe in humanity. Nainital’s appeal comes across as no less than a dreamscape. The British elites had used the location as a retreat during the harsh summers of the Indian mainland once upon a time, and the tradition remains alive for native Indians, as well as our foreign guests to this day.

With the changing climatic patterns ushering in harsher summers, Nainital as an easily accessible and highly affordable getaway vacation spot appears as no less than a prayer answered. With the best tourist places to visit in Nainital, the Naina Devi temple, St John in Wilderness, Hanuman Garhi for the pious ones, Mall road market,Tibetan market for the spendthrift ones, Naini Lake, Nainital Zoo, Jim Corbett National Park, Snow Viewpoint for the nature and adventure lovers, Nainital has a very inclusive agenda in terms of provisions - there is something for everyone.

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Kasauli is a beautiful, picturesque town and cantonment, situated in the district of Solan, in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Even though there are a lot of unique attractions in Kasauli, it is primarily known for its scenic beauty and serenity. This town is accessible both from Chandigarh, which is 65km away and Shimla, which is 77km away from Kasauli.

The most convenient way to travel to Kasauli is by train since it is a railway junction itself. The Kalka Mail, which is one of the most important trains in the country connecting cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Amritsar, is a great way to reach Kasauli, as the town is a mere 40 km away from the town of Kalka in Haryana. If one wants to reach by air, then Chandigarh Airport is the nearest airport from where you can easily hire cars or avail buses to take you to Kasauli. Buses are also frequently available from Delhi and Chandigarh, making trips to Kasauli easy and convenient.

Despite Kasauli being a small town, it has many spectacular places to visit, which has made it a popular tourist destination. The main attractions of Kasauli are Manki Point (a Hanuman Temple), the Gilbert Trail on Kachcha Road, Sunset Point, the Gurkha Fort, Baba Balak Nath Temple Christ’s Church, Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, and the Central Research Library which is famous for its virological research and studies in the fields of immunology.

Since the town is located in the foothills of the Himalayas, it experiences moderately cool to humid climate throughout the year. Therefore, the best time to visit this beautiful town is from March to June, and again during September, October and November. The town has several comfortable hotels and lodges that range from moderately priced to luxury accommodations, depending on the budget and requirement of the visitors.

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Jaisalmer holds a major place in the tourism landscape of Rajasthan. Located in the northwestern part of the Indian State, it is popularly called as the golden city because of its bounteous golden sand dunes and castles built with golden honey sandstones.

The city is adorned with a number of lagoons, ornamental Jain places of worship, and lavish havelis. This is however one side of the coin. Jaisalmer is also known for its offbeat desert safari
experience. The city offers pleasant stays in the middle of the vast spread Thar desert and loads of adventure activities to give you a completely unforgettable experience. The city is also packed with colorful handicraft marketplaces that will take you back in the timeline to offer you an experience of Indian culture and heritage.

Jaisalmer is home to some of the most sought after attractions of the nation like the majestic Jaisalmer Fort, full of live desert national park, ancient Kuldhara Village, beautifully designed Jain temples, surreal Gadisar Lake, rustic Sam Sand Dunes, artistic Tazia Tower and Badal Palace, intricately designed Patwon ki Haveli, glorious bada bagh, and many more significant places of tourist attractions.

In the course of your visit to the city of Jaisalmer, you can indulge in a number of desert experiences which are not only adventurous but also filled with fun. Heading out on a safari tour on a jeep or camel and traversing your way through the sands is certainly a great experience. The desert camps have also got loads of other fun for you. You will be spending amazing evening hours at the campsite witnessing the traditional performances of music and dance. The campsites are also known to offer the best ever authentic Rajasthani dishes to delight your taste buds.

Jaisalmer remains hot all through the year. It experiences very hot summer days from the month of April to the month of July, rainy season from the month of July to the month of August, and milder winter days from the month of December to the month of March.

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People Also Ask About Jaipur

  1. What are the best day trips from Jaipur?

    1. Jaipur to Bhangarh Fort: One of the most intriguing places that you’ll visit in your life, Bhangarh Fort is located around 80 kilometres away from Jaipur. This stunning fort complete with intricate temples, small ponds, and hilly terrain is said to be haunted making it one of the top road trip destinations here.

    2. Jaipur to Sambhar Lake: Visit the largest saltwater lake, located around 95 kilometers, in the country that finds a mention in the Mahabharata. See huge salt pans, temples, migratory birds, and Naliasar, which is an archaeological site to see centuries-old coins & terracotta pottery items.

    3. Jaipur to Ajmer: This holy city, around 130 kilometers away, is famous for the Ajmer Sharif Dargah. Besides, see the two beautiful lakes and the Jain Temple to see the golden chamber made of 1000 kilograms depicting Ayodhya.

    4. Jaipur to Ranthambore: Visit the National Park here to see the Royal Bengal Tiger, jackals, tigers, marsh crocodiles, etc. See varieties of exotic birds like nightjars, painted sandgrouse, sandpipers, serpent eagles, etc. 

  2. What are the best places to visit near Jaipur within 300 Kms?

    1. Pushkar: Considered to be one of the oldest cities in India, Pushkar is famous around the world for its annual cattle fair, the largest in the world. Besides, it is popular for the only Brahma Temple in the world, the beautiful Pushkar Lake, and other ancient temples like Rangji Temple, Savitri Temple, Pap Mochan Temple, etc. Don’t miss to enjoy cycling tours, sunset camel safaris, zip-lining, etc. here.

    2. Kota: Famous for the magnificent Garh Palace, the garden-side Chambal gardens, and temples like Dad Devi Temple, Charan Chauki. Don’t miss to enjoy boating at the beautiful Jagmandir Palace located in the midst of the Kishore Sagar Lake, shopping for terracotta pottery & Kota sarees, and tucking in delicious Rajasthani food.

    3. Karauli: Perfect for an offbeat getaway, this ‘Land of Red Sandstone’ has majestic sprawling 18th-century havelis like Bhanwar Vilas Palace & City Palace and spectacular temples like Shri Mahavir Ji Temple, Madan Mohan Ji Temple, and Kaila Devi Temple. It houses huge red sandstone quarries, the source of the world-famous ‘lac’ bangles.

  3. What are the best places to visit near Jaipur for long drives?

    1. Alwar: The royal city, nestled amidst Aravalli ranges, dates back to 1500 BC is famous for its regal forts & palaces like Bala Qila, Neemrana Fort, Alwar City Palace, and Moosi Maharani Chhatri. Don’t miss to see the beautiful Siliserh Lake and the nearby hunting chalet, Tijara Jain Temple, and explore Sariska Tiger Reserve for the Royal Bengal Tiger, Javan mongoose, Golden jackals, etc.

    2. Mandawa: Known for its regal old-world havelis and baolis, this 18-century city is perfect for an offbeat day-long drive from Jaipur. This place was where the merchants halted while traversing the Silk Route and is a great place to pick up traditional clothes and handicrafts.

    3. Nawalgarh: Often referred to as the Golden City of Rajasthan, Nawalgarh is famous for its quintessential Rajasthani royal charm. Its 18-century havelis like Chokhani Haveli, Anandilal Poddar Haveli, etc. have stunning frescoed architecture. The gorgeous Sheesh Mahal is a must-visit for its interiors studded with a million mirrors

  4. What are the best resorts to stay near Jaipur?

    1. Samode Haveli: Located in Samode, Samode Haveli is one of the best luxury resorts where you can stay near Jaipur. With an elegant architecture and a quaint, serene ambience, the resort is home to many opulent, spacious and intricately designed rooms.

    2. Indra Villas Hotel Aslisar: 
    Located in the small town of Alsisar, Jhunjhunu, a few hundred kilometres from Jaipur, is the stunning Indra Vilas Hotel. Boasting of 100 rooms, with ancient and traditional art and hospitality, this hotel is amongst the best to stay near Jaipur.

    3. Chokhi Dhani Resort: 
    This resort is great if you wish to have a village-like experience. It is known for offering guests the perfect Rajasthani hospitality, culture and experience, away from the busy monotonous city life.

    4. The Kuchaman Fort Resort: 
    Located in the heart of Ajmer, this resort is one of the best resorts in all of Rajasthan. In addition to many extravagant services and facilities, this heritage resort also boasts of high ramparts, bastions, defences and gates, all dating back hundreds of years in history.
  5. What are the best places to visit near Jaipur with friends?

    1. Pushkar: Located around 147 kilometres from Jaipur, this is a great place you can visit with your friends. From colourful markets, old temples and bathing ghats, to quaint cafes, stunning architecture and serene lakes, there is a lot you and your friends can do in Pushkar.

    2. Sariska
    If you and your friends are wildlife enthusiasts, then Sariska Wildlife Reserve is the place to be. One of the most adventurous places near Jaipur, Sariska is the home of the Royal Bengal Tigers, along with many other exotic wildlife species, such as striped hyenas and leopards.

    3. Alwar
    For history buffs, Alwar is one place near Jaipur that you must definitely visit with your friends. Decorated with Mughal architecture, fort ruins, temples and mosques, Alwar is where you and your friends can enjoy yourselves to the most, by enjoying wildlife safaris, boating, exploring haunted forts and more.

    4. Kumbhalgarh: 
    For a more relaxing getaway with your friends, you can pay a visit to Kumbhalgarh, which is home to the famous Kumbhalgarh Fort. Home to the biggest wall of the country, you can also enjoy light and sound shows, jungle safaris and picnics here.
  6. What are the places to visit near Jaipur for couples?

    1. Pushkar: The small city of Pushkar is a great place you can visit with your significant other. Boasting of immense natural beauty, serene lakes and quaint cafes, you can relax, rejuvenate and spend some much-needed alone time with your partner here.

    2. Sambar Lake
    If you and your partner are nature lovers, then a visit to the pristine Sambhar Lake is a must. Boasting of serenity, peace and tranquility, this lake is a great spot to enjoy a picnic, watch birds and the ever changing colours of the sky.

    3. Ranthambore
    If you and your significant other are wildlife lovers, then a visit to this famous wildlife sanctuary is a must. Offering a choice from many resorts, forts, palaces and hotels, Ranthambore is known for its exotic yet comfortable accommodations. The natural wonders here are an added bonus.

    4. Vrindavan: 
    For a more religious couple, visit the holy city of Vrindavan and seek blessings from Lord Krishna. Known for the famous Vrindavan temple, along with many pristine gardens and natural surroundings, Vrindavan is a great place to spend some time relishing in the tranquil ambience.
  7. What are the famous weekend getaways near Jaipur for family?

    1. Vrindavan: Known as the land of Lord Krishna, Vrindavan is one of the most famous weekend getaways near Jaipur for families. Home to many famous temples, gardens and pilgrimage spots, it is a great place to spend the weekend in serenity, while relaxing and rejuvenating.

    2. Ajmer: 
    One of the most beautiful weekend getaway places near Jaipur is Ajmer. Home to the world-famous Dargah Sharif of Moinuddin Chishti, the Ana Sagar Lake and the Taragarh Fort, Ajmer is a place that exudes divinity, calm and peace.

    3. Pushkar: 
    Also known as the land of temples, Pushkar is one of the holiest places in the country, home to many Hindu temples and the prominent Pushkar Lake, where people from all around the world come to take a dip in. In addition to the temples, you and your family can also enjoy shopping in the local bustling market here.

    4. Ranthambore: 
    Home to the Ranthambore Fort as well as the Ranthambore National Park, this quaint town near Jaipur is known for its natural beauty, majestic architecture and rich cultural heritage.
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Explore All (14)

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