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Activities to Do in Bir Billing

Paragliding, Camping, Trekking, Hang Gliding, Mountain Biking, Shopping at Bir Bazaar, Walking by Bir River, Travelling by Toy Train, Visiting Bangoru Waterfall, Deer Park Institute, Experience Spa With Arya Marga, Explore the Cafes of Bir, Worship at Chokling Monastery  and many more.

A small village in Himachal Pradesh, there are so many enthralling and unique activities to do in Bir. Widely known as the ‘Paragliding capital of India’, Bir is a heaven for all adventurers seeking a weekend to quench your thrill thirst.  

Not just muscle-wrecking adventure sports, Bir is an amazing place for you if you wish to rejuvenate your weary soul and break away from the worldly worries. If you are seeking an escape from your 9 - 5 monotonous life and craving to spend some quality time with your friends and family, this is just the right place to hit.

Spend an adventure laden vacation including various activities like, hand gliding, trekking, and hiking or indulge in a quest to seek peace, a trip to Bir Billing will render you all. Make sure you choose an appropriate time to visit the destination according to your to-do list.

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COVID-19 : BIR - BILLING is in Orange Zone
Last Updated: 08 Apr 2021
Latest Information on Travelling to BIR - BILLING?
  • Entry is open for domestic travellers from other state. However, thermal screening will be conducted by state health authorities upon arrival.
  • No e-pass required to for Inter-state travel to Bir Billing.
  • Entry/Exit from state borders will be allowed only from 6am to 8pm.
  • Face masks are compulsory when going out in public. Fine of Rs 1000 to be imposed on those not wearing masks.
  • COVID-19 test is not required on entry to the state. However, thermal screening shall be done for all passengers entering the state.
  • Night curfews (8pm-6am) declared in Mandi, Kangra, Shimla and Kullu till Jan 5.
  • All supermarkets, parks, malls and attractions are open with strict COVID-19 prevention norms in place.
  • Social distancing to be followed mandatorily when out in public.
  • E-passes/ permissions not required for inter-state travel.
  • For passengers arriving from red zone districts outside of Himachal Pradesh, carrying a COVID-19 negative test report from ICMR authorized lab, not older than 48 hours from the date of departure,14 days of Home Quarantine is allowed.
  • 14 days of institutional quarantine is required for passengers arriving from any Red Zone district outside of Himachal Pradesh or passengers having ILI (Influenza Like Illness) symptoms irrespective of the zone from where they are arriving.
  • All passengers must download Aarogya Setu App.

Dharamshala Gaggal Airport is the nearest airport to Bir Billing. Domestic flights are operating to the airport from Delhi and Chandigarh.

Local Transport

Local transport services, like taxis, autos and buses are functioning in the state.

The government of Himachal Pradesh has taken several steps to curb the spread of Covid-19 while allowing travellers and tourists to visit the state. Thrillophilia recommends you follow all guidelines and safety measures issued by the government and practice personal hygiene to keep yourself safe.

Entry from other states open in Bir Billing, thermal screening to be done upon arrival. Updated: 17 Dec 2020

Travelling to Bir Billing does not require a Covid-19 negative certificate. There is no need for home/ institutional quarantine. However, thermal screening shall be done for all the passengers. Night curfews (8pm - 6am) extended in the district till Jan 5, 2021. People advised to maintain social distance and keep an eye on their health.

Must Things to Do in Bir Billing


Paragliding in Bir Billing

Bir Billing does not invoke any second thoughts when it comes to paragliding. Being the best place to enjoy this aero sport, Bir Billing is on top of every adventure seeker’s wishlist. March-May and October - November are considered the ideal months for this sport as the climate is quite pleasant this time for paragliding. 

If you are wondering about what time to take up this activity then you must consider the evening and watch the changing hues of the sky as you fly from Billing to Bir. At an elevation of around 2,000 metres in the sky, this is something you must try at least once in your life.



If you visit Bir and stay inside the four premises of a hotel you are surely missing out an exquisite experience of enjoying your vacation in the lap of nature. If you want to enjoy the unadulterated beauty of the place, go for camping. 

It is a divine experience that is beautiful way beyond words can express it. Camp Oak view in Bir helps you to enjoy an explicit experience of camping. It is situated at a distance of 3 km from the town of Bir. Camping at Bit will provide you with a magnificent opportunity of enjoying the raw beauties of nature without any disturbances. 



What can be a better and exciting activity other than trekking when you are in the mountains?  Bir Billing is the perfect place for you if you are an adventure enthusiast and trekking has always been your dream. 

There are a number of tours and travel packages which offers a complete trip of Bir and its surrounding places at reasonable prices, which starts from eight thousand rupees per person. You can stay at tents and go for early morning treks under trained supervision and proper guidance. 

These packages offer you trained guides who are experts in the field of trekking and other mountain adventure activities. So you don’t need to worry if you are a novice in the activity of trekking. You can put your faith in them for a holistic experience.


Visit the Take off Site

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The takeoff site - Billing is a village 14 Km away from Bir which you ought to cover by the paragliding flight. Lying amidst the scintillating suburbs of the surreal mountains and flora and fauna, this place is one destination to sit for a while and entice the eye-soothing view of the surrounding.

You can also indulge in taking a stroll around this place and later on take up the training sessions for the aero sports.
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Shop at the Bir Road

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A haven for shopaholics, Bir Road shimmers with a range of goodies that you would love to take back. Rich in Tibetan culture, the place has so much to offer for quenching your shopping thirst. From clothes, handicrafts, mushrooms, and whatnot, you cannot return empty-handed from you Bir vacations.

The modest colourful market of Bir will put your bargaining skills to test. Ladies! Doesn’t that count as an opportunity?

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Hang Gliding

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Image Credit : airtribune.com

After paragliding, hand gliding is the most popular activity to do in Bir. This aero-sport need training before, here it is advisable to choose the operator wisely and take the lessons properly before you actually indulge in it. Also to mention that physical fitness is very crucial for this activity hence you must start training yourself a month or two prior. 

Starting from Billing, the flight lands at Bir amidst the scintillating mountains. If you wish to get a better view of the surrounding scenic beauty, then you must take this activity in the evening to witness the best sunset you will in your life ever.

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Travel by Toy Train

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Travelling by a toy train has been everyone’s childhood fantasy. The toy train starting from Joginder Nagar gives you the opportunity to experience this unusual thing to do in Bir. Crossing ten stations and covering a distance of around 160 Km against the backdrop of the magnificent Dhauladhar ranges, the toy train will give you views that will not let you blink your eyes for a second.

A dream come true, travelling in the adorable toy train will make you pinch yourself as the train moves by the scintillating villages, wooden bridges, and flowing streams. Though the trains ply on a regular basis, you must keep a cheque on the prompt updates as well.
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Mountain Biking

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Mountain biking is one of the most adventurous sport you can undertake in this hill station. Riding in the mountains and hilly areas can be an uproarious task.  There are especially skilled drivers who are trained to drive in the hills because driving in the mountains is far more difficult than driving in the plane areas. 

However, if you are a brave-heart and want to enjoy your trip to the mountains to the fullest do try out the mountain biking. There are agencies and shops in Bir Bazar which rent out bikes. There are expert riders who can even accompany you if you want them to. Biking through the serpentine rocky mountain roads is a lifetime of an experience and should not miss out on it at any cost. 

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Take a Leisure Walk by Bir River

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If you’re too tired for a muscle-wrecking expedition and returning to the hotel isn’t something that you want, then taking a walk along the banks of Bir River is the first and foremost important thing to do in Bir. Let the tranquillity of the flowing water seep in and calm your weary soul.

The serene surrounding and soothing sound of the gushing water will certainly make you feel at ease, rendering you the apt escapism you’ve been looking for.
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Experience Spa With Arya Marga

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What better thing to do in Bir after indulging in those muscle-tiring activities than spend a few hours relaxing at the yoga retreat - AryaMarga. Commemorating the old principles of yoga, this place features programmes associated with the four stages of yoga separately, namely Hatha, Mantra, Kundalini, and Samadhi.

There are different courses based exclusively on specific techniques based on physical, mental and sensual health. Here you will understand the basics as well as the advancements of Yoga, and get the know-how of how to amplify and channelize your energy. Make sure you experience this unusual retreat when in Bir.
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Visit Bangoru Waterfall

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Apart from many waterfalls that Bir has, Bangoru waterfall is one such place in Bir, you definitely can’t miss out. Located at a distance of 4.5 Km from Tibetan Colony, you are required to take up a small trek to reach the waterfall. The path to this waterfall is quite easy, all you have to do is walk towards the Billing Junction in Bir or towards the Gunehar Village and then walk straight.

In case you still mess up with the directions, you can ask the locals who are widely known for their warm and welcoming nature. Make sure you take your camera along as this pristine setting will give you amazing pictures that you could flaunt over your social media.
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Other Things to Do in Bir Billing


Visit Deer Park Institute

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Instilled with zeal and zest of the ancient Nalanda commingles with the fresh contemporary expression, the Deer Park Institute is a centre for the study and practice of classical Buddhist traditions, patronage by Dalai Lama. Established in 2006, this institute organises various programmes concerning meditation, philosophy, yoga and healing arts, Buddhism, art and culture.

Giving you a chance to widen the horizons of your knowledge and learning, this institute also organises occasional meditation retreats for the visitors who are here for a limited period of time. Make sure you take up this activity to do in Bir as it will be an actual relaxing experience that you would want to encounter.

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Explore the Cafes of Bir

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Grab pancakes at the Garden Cafe, Tibetan Cuisines at the Nyingma Kitchen Restaurant, South Indian dishes at the Aura’s Cafe, Continental & Italian cuisine at the Tricky food corner, wooden baked pizzas at the Glider’s Pizzeria or light snacks at the Vairagi Cafe, the list of cafes serving varieties are endless in Bir.

A haven for food lovers, this place will savour your taste buds to the fullest. Something for everyone, the cafes in this place will certainly lure your inner foodie. Make sure you try the local dishes and get a whiff of the authentic flavours of this place.
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Worship at Chokling Monastery

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The Chokling Monastery is situated in Bir and is the epitome of beauty and cultural exuberance. A short visit inside the premises of this monastery is sure to leave you to spellbound and will enhance your yearning to leave the city and reside here amidst the peaceful ambiance. 

There is also a retreat center inside of it, where you can take refuge, far away from your hectic city lives. The entrance to the monastery is decorated with sculptures and painted stones which bears the stories of numerous Tibetan monks and their lives. 

A sprawling lush green lawn in front of the meditation center with multicolored flags fluttering in the air create a symphony of beauty and divinity, which is too unique to be true.

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Visit Dharmalaya Institute

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Among other places to visit in Bir Billing, Dharmalaya Institute is a popular one. It is a charitable organization which is devoted to education and empowerment for a compassionate and peaceful living.

 It is an eco-campus which offers numerous environmental programmes which teaches about the conservation of the environment and how to safeguard it from any kind of disaster. It is located at a distance of 4kms from Bir Bazar.

It offers programmes like sustainable development and organic farming. It offers both short-term workshops and long tenure programmes. It also offers a number of vocational courses along with courses and classes in yoga and meditation.

Here is a huge list of best sightseeing tours in Bir-Billing. Explore more!

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Bow your Head at Sherab Ling Monastery

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Bir Billing is a place which is splurged with monasteries displaying the Tibetan culture and its influence on the place and its people. Among other monasteries, Sherab Ling Monastery is the one which is highly popular because of the meditation courses that it offers to the tourists as well as to the local people. It offers both long term and short term courses in meditation and yoga. 

The local people say it is very valuable and significant for restoring ones mental peace and for maintaining good mental health. The monastery is surrounded by beautiful clusters of colorful flowers and lush greenery which adds to the flamboyance of the place.

If you follow a comprehensive guide to Bir Billing you will see the various monasteries are the best places to spend your day amidst sheer peace and solitude.

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Take a Tour of Bir Tea Factory

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A guide to Bir Billing cites the spectacular beauty of the tea gardens and tea factory of Bir. The Bir tea factory is located in the central area of Bir Bazar. The climate of Bir Billing makes it an ideal place for the tea plantation and tea growth. 

The slopes and the hilly region is perfectly apt for tea manufacture. Varied kinds of tea are grown and are processed under particular conditions in the Bir Tea factory. It is famous for organic tea plantation. 

It is also a visual treat to the tourists visiting Bir to look at the slopes nurturing the tea plantations and women and young girls in rows plucking them with the huge baskets tied to their heads.

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Stay at Karyashaala

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A boon for the freelancers and solo travellers, Karyashala is a unique co-working as well as living space set up against the backdrop of the beautiful suburbs of Bir. it is an initiative of Experimental Living Project featuring a modern dwelling considering the new trends of work culture.

An indoor space with 30 seaters set up in a creative way along with intricate infrastructure surrounded by farms and mountains. You will also have an active internet connection due to the leased line speed of 20 MBPS.

Inclusive of all the basic and modern amenities, Karyashaala also helps you meet more people with the same vibes, making you gain more perspectives through regular talks and events.
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Explore the Tibetan Colony

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Established in the early 1960s It is a Tibetan refugee settlement in the Himalayan village of Chowgan. It is situated on the outskirts of the town of Bir. It was established after the exile of Dalai Lama and other refugees from the land of Tibet. It is a major spot of tourist attraction in Bir as it is a place which is filled with many monasteries. 

It also has a handicraft center which has a varied range of handmade products by the locals of the place. They are sold at a reasonable price. You can buy various products from there and carry it back as a souvenir for your friends and relatives. 

Many tourists put up here because it has a lot of guest houses and pretty little cafes where you can spend a quiet evening sipping a hot cup of coffee in the chilled weather and chat to your heart’s content.

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Pray at Bajinath Temple

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Baijnath is a town in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It is about 50 kilometers from Dharamshala. A guide to Bir Billing says that the town got its name from the very famous and an ancient temple of Lord Shiva (Baijnath), which is situated there. 

History says the temple was constructed in the prehistoric era of 1204  AD and has been continually taken care of by several different devotees since then. There are long inscriptions on the walls of the temple which are now almost ineligible but bear testimony to the historic glory of the temple.

Being such an old temple it has a lot of ferie stories associated with it which interests tourists visiting the place.

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Take Blessings at Drukpa Kagyu Monastery

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This monastery resonates with the Tibetan culture and teachings of the Tibetan heritage that the Tibetan colony of Bir Billing is famous for. It has a lot of inscriptions and stone sculptors which has documentation of various sects and sub-sects of Tibetan culture. 

It bears lineage to the culture of the Tibetan monks and the tradition has been carried forward by the next generations of Tibetan monks. A visit to this monastery will accustom you with the place’s historical and aesthetic significance. 

Besides this, it is also a place of angelic beauty which will soothe your mind and rid you off from any mental turbulence.

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Visit Chowgan Tea Garden

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The hills are always the perfect place for tea plantations. Bir Billing is also no exception in this regard. The hilly terrains and the weather and climatic conditions of the place make it an apt place for extensive tea cultivation. 

Chowgan tea gardens are one such tea plantation area where different varieties of tea are grown and nurtured. Tea grown in this garden is being packed and exported to different parts of the country.

Tourists paying a visit to Bir especially go to Chowgan Tea plantation to buy huge amounts of packed tea which are sold at a very reasonable price and are a guarantee of money and taste.

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Visit the Himalayan Film School

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Triggering your inner movie buff, the Himalayan film School organises various movie-making workshops, adding to one of the mandatory activities to do in Bir. Coming with various unique film festivals, the Himalayan film school is a must-visit place when in Bir. If you’re up for getting acquainted with something new, this is indeed something that would lure your interest. 
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Other Essential Information About Bir Billing


How to Reach Bir Billing

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Bir has located approximately at a distance of 50 km southeast of Dharamshala. It is 14 km south of Billing, which lies on the way to the Thamsar Pass leading to Bara Bhangal. Kullu Manali Airport at Bhuntar is the nearest airport from Billing. The nearest railway station is at Joginder Nagar, from where Billing can be reached by a half an hour taxi ride. 

Bir can be reached by an hour ride from Dharamsala too. You can also access the Pathankot junction, which is about 85 km away from Dharamsala. There are Volvo buses which ply from Delhi to Dharamsala and take an approximate time of about ten hours. You can reach Bir from Dharmasala within 2 hours by road.

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Best time to Visit Bir Billing

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Being a hill station it has a moderately cool climate throughout the year. However, the best time to visit the place is in the summers, during the months of April-June. The winters are not a good time to visit the hill station because of the chilly weather and the temperature which drops down to negatives. The monsoons are also not a good idea because of the heavy rainfalls which result in landslides.

So if you are planning for your next holiday destination, you should definitely explore the pristine valleys and the lofty mountains of Bir Billing. It will give you the much-needed break from the cacophony and listlessness of the everyday life where we hardly have time to admire nature and its relentless beauties.

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Bir - Billing Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Bir - Billing
Always wanted to do paragliding in Bir Billing as it is one of the best place in India to experience this activity. I was looking for a website which is offering paragliding in low price then I found that Thrillophilia is not just offering paragliding but also other adventurous in cheap price so I booked it quickly & I have no regrets with my decision. Amazing Experience.
I recently did this trip with Thrillophilia and had an amazing time at the trip, On day 1 we explored the Bir village and the local market there and witnessed the beautiful sunset and next day we went for the paragliding, which was so thrilling, One should surely try this once in a lifetime.
"Awesome camps.. trekking as well as bonfire. Paragliding was amazing too.."
31 January 2019
A picture speaks more than a thousand words. So what about a motion picture. My review for you guys is here. Thank you for everything. I will see you guys soon. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2115860068453425&id=100000883574093&anchor_composer=false
27 October 2016
I recently did the same trip and i am more than happy to share my experience with Thrillophilia. Everything was managed professionally Be it the trekking part, the paragliding, the Transfers. Now comes the most exciting part of this trip, TREASURE HUNT- It was one of the best group activities i've ever done. I was super Excited for this one and it was worth it. P.S. I won a Selfie Stick and a Power Bank. ;) The location of the campsite was really good, i woke up, unzipped my tent and saw the sun rising from behind the mountain which was right in front of my eyes and I captured that moment in my heart for lifetime.
04 January 2020
It was a short weekend trip. Camping, Trekking and Para Gliding experience was amazing. The camp guides were very polite and helpful. The only disappointing thing was the bus transport. But it was a peak season so can't blame much.
02 January 2020
Hey, it was an awesome trip, we got the worth we paid for. Thanks for the memories
15 December 2019
It was awesome experience. Loved it!
This adventure and fun-filled package for 2 days let you to enjoy the maximum amidst the snow-covered peaks and valleys of Bir- Billing in Himachal Pradesh. ove the sea level with paragliding and extensive camping in Bir Billing. Delicious food was served in breakfast and lunch or dinner.
Can't describe the actual experience in some words. I felt thrilled nothing could match this flying experience so close to nature. I recommend all to try your hand on it whenever possible. Thanks Thrillophilia.

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People Also Ask About Bir - Billing

  1. Which are the best things to do in Bir Billing?

    There are so many enthralling and unique activities to do in Bir. Check out the list of best things to do in Bir with upto 40% discount offered. 

    Paragliding In Bir Billing, Flat 21% Off
    2. Camping Paragliding, Short Trekking in Bir Valley
    3. Trekking Paragliding and Camping in Bir Billing with Flat 20% off
    4. Have a Thrilling Experience of Hang Gliding
    5. Thrilling Mountain Biking Experience
  2. Where can one book Paragliding in Bir Billing?

    Bir Billing is a tempting destination for all paragliding enthusiasts. Book now Thrillophilia's Paragliding Tour Package Under Rs 2000/- for a fascinating paragliding experience.
  3. Where can one book trekking and camping in Bir combo package?

    Camping and trekking in Bir Billing can prove to be the next best thing that you can do in the Paragliding Capital of India. Click here to Book Thrillophilia's Camping and Trekking tour Package under Rs 1000. 
  4. How to reach Bir?

    Since there is no direct train or flight, the only option left to reach Bir is via road. The roadways are well connected to the network, hence it is not at all tough to reach the place. The nearest airport, Kangra Airport is around 67 Km away whereas Ajhu railway station is the closest one, around 4.5 Km away from Bir.

    Pathankot is the nearest broad gauge airport, around 142 Km away from Bir. Getting to Bir from Pathankot won’t be tricky as the regular buses ply all day and night. Also to mention that the Himachal Road Transport Corporation provides direct bus services from all the major cities, further easing the transportation.
  5. What is the best time to visit Bir?

    The best time to visit Bir is the summer season. The months of April to June experience pleasant weather while the monsoons likely experience landslides due to light to heavy downpour. If you’re a person looking for an adventure trip amidst the snow-capped mountains then the winter season is your time to visit Bir.

    October- November and March to May are the months that are ideal for flying.
  6. How is the weather of Bir?

    At an altitude of 5,000 feet, Bir experiences pleasant weather which fluctuates according to the changing seasons. The summers here are quite pleasant and considered the best time to visit the place, monsoons experience heavy to light showers whereas the chilling winter season experiences sub-zero temperature.
  7. Can we go on a road trip from Mcleodganj to Bir? What is the distance?

    Yes, you can definitely go on a road trip from Mcleodganj to Bir. It takes around two hours and a half journey covering a distance of 72 Km. You can hail a cab in case you do not wish to drive on your own.
  8. What is famous in Bir?

    Knowns as paragliding capital of India, Bir has earned the reputation of an enthralling destination among adventure seekers. Not just paragliding, it is also famous for mountain biking, monasteries, rich Tibetatian culture and an ecotourism destination.

    Challenging your inner adventurer, this place also has amazing trekking trails that you must take up if you’re looking for a thrill-filled vacation.
  9. Is Bir worth a visit?

    The adventure hub of India, Bir is definitely worth the last penny of your visit. Offering exhilarating adventure aero sports like paragliding and other activities including mountain biking, trekking, and camping, Bir will make your heart thump louder as the adrenaline surges down the veins.

    Not just an adventure sports the place is an enticing experience for the ones looking for peace and tranquillity. The serene surrounding will surely give you a soul-soothing experience.
  10. How many days do we need to visit Bir?

    If you take up all the tourist attractions as well as adventure activities including paragliding, trekking, camping and mountain biking, a weekend vacation would be just fine for an enthralling trip.

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