25 Beaches In Greece To Feel Sun, Sea And Sand Closely
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Greece Beaches

Elafonisi Beach, Mylopotas Beach, Plaka Beach, Platys Gialos, Ornos Beach, Myrtos Beach, Paleokastritsa Beach, Stafilos Beach, Koukounaries Beach, St. Paul's Bay and many more. Make the most of your European adventure by including these pristine beach destinations in your Europe tour package.

With their stunning emerald waters and sandy coves, the beaches in Greece are some of the best in Europe. From water sports to diving expeditions- these beaches promise a fun day out for people of all ages. Whether you're on a family outing or enjoying a day out with your loved one, you are bound to find your home in one of these Greece beaches. From enjoying romantic sunsets at Plaka or Myrtos Beach to taking a dip in the azure waters or Elafonisi- one can never run out of things to do at these beaches in Greece. Greek taverns, beach bars and eateries by these Greece beaches offer a host of dining options as well.

Shallow, current-free waters at the Greece beaches offer an ideal destination for swimming, while snorkelling and scuba diving expeditions can be held here as well. Several beaches in Greece, such as Platys Gialos or also offer a host of sporting opportunities, such as yachting, windsurfing, parasailing and much more.

Here are some of the best beaches in Greece:

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Elafonisi Beach

Located on the southwest coast of Crete, Elafonissi Beach, with its azure blue waters and vast stretches of white sand, is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

Ending in a rocky outcrop, this island-beach is littered with tiny pink shells that line the sea floor. Several species of rare flowers can also be seen here, such as the summer flowering sea daffodils. The warm shallow waters at the sandbar are ideal for swimming. Some watersports can also be tried here, such as windsurfing.

Location: Elafonisi lagoon, Crete, Greece.

Highlights: Rare flowers, beach bars, water sports.

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Mylopotas Beach

Located by the quaint village of Chora in Los, Mylopotas is one of the quietest beaches in Greece. Among the best Greece beaches for watersports, a number of different activities can be tried here such as boating, snorkeling, windsurfing and more.

Food joints and drinking holes lined at the beach offer plenty of dining destinations. At night, the beach comes alive as a thriving party spot. Outdoor dance clubs and late night bars at Mylopotas promise a happening evening that goes on until the early hours of morning.

Location: Chora, Los 840 01, Greece.

Highlights: Water sports, snorkeling, beachfront clubs.

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Plaka Beach

With its stunning, crystal-clear waters, Plaka Beach is said to be one of the most visually appealing beaches in Greece. Umbrellas and sunbeds like the golden sands here, offering plenty of scenic spots for lounging or sunbathing.

Snorkeling and diving can also be done here. The beach is known to command excellent views of the sunset as well, making it a popular tourist destination among holidaying couples. Beachfront cafes, bars and taverns add to the general charm of Plaka. Late night clubs and music gigs also make Plaka Beach a thriving nightlife destination.

Location: Naxos, Greece.

Highlight: Horseback rides, sailing, snorkeling, beachfront clubs.


Platys Gialos

Located at the edge of Mykonos, Platys Gialos is among the most popular beaches in Greece. Stunning beachfront hotels, bars and taverns promise a luxury vacation by the waters of Aegean sea.

The beach offers plenty of activities to keep tourists busy throughout the year- while water sports such as yachting, windsurfing and parasailing are popular in the summer months, winter finds sunbathers flocking to the sunbeds at Platys Gialos. Clubs and late night bars also makes the beach a popular nighttime destination here.

Location: Platys Gialos, Mykonos 84600, Greece.

Highlights: Water sports, yachting, beachfront resorts.

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Ornos Beach

A popular family friendly destination, Ornos is often regarded as one of the trendiest Greece beaches. Boutique resorts by the Ornos beach offer some of the best stay experiences in Mykonos. Sunbeds and umbrellas pull crowds of sunbathers to the beach throughout the year.

A number of water sports can be tried at Ornos; in fact, the beach is home to a diving school, as well as training facilities for sea skiing and windsurfing. Beachside bars and eateries offer a variety of dining options here.

Location: Mykonos, Greece.

Highlights: Water sports, diving school, beachfront restaurant.

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Myrtos Beach

Dramatically positioned between the two towering ranges of Agya Dinati and Kalon Oros, Myrtos Beach is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world. The electric blue waters, lined with Sandy shores and pebbles, offer a bewitching sight.

The shallow waters of the beach are ideal for a casual swim, although snorkeling and diving can also be done here. Myrtos Beach is fairly unpopulated, and suitable for those looking for a little peace and quiet. The cliffs by the beach are ideal for hiking destinations, and are known to command some of the best sunset views.

Location: Pylaros, Kefalonia Island, Ionian Sea of Greece.

Highlights: Hiking possibilities, diving and snorkeling, beachside tavernas.

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Paleokastritsa Beach

Its name literally translating to 'Old Fortress', this stunning little beach near Corfu offers a stunning sandy refuge amidst verdant green cliffs.

The spectacularly clear waters at the beach are suitable not only for swimming, but offers superb snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities as well. Greek taverns, restaurants and cocktail bars by the beach offer outstanding spots to simply lounge on the sands while enjoying the stunning sunset over the Ionian Sea.

Location: Paleokastritsa, Corfu, Greece.

Highlights: Greek taverns, snorkeling, scuba diving.

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Stafilos Beach

One of the least explored beaches in Greece, Stafilos promises a charming getaway in the heart of nature. The beach is named after the legendary Minoan King Stafilos, who had supposedly disembarked on this cove.

Shallow and free of currents, the ocean here is ideally suited for swimming. The stunning emerald waters of the bay also offer a perfect destination for diving and scuba explorations. Few beach bars, eateries and taverns promise a happening day out at this Sandy shore.

Location: Statilos, Skopelos Island, Greece.

Highlights: Snorkeling and diving opportunities, fish taverns, beach bars.

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Koukounaries Beach

Bustling with local and tourists alike, Koukounaries is one of the most crowded beaches in Greece. Extreme fine white sand and aqua blue waters offer a delightful escapade in the heart of Skiathos.

Umbrellas and sunbeds at the beach invite tourists to Koukounaries throughout the year, while swimming, diving or snorkeling can be done here as well. Relaxed beach bars with a chilled vibe add to the laid back atmosphere of the place. Several late night joints at the beach also make it a popular nightlife designation in Skiathos.

Location: New Port of Skiathos 37002, Greece.

Highlights: Water sports, beach bars, taverns.

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St. Paul's Bay

Located at the edge of the historical town of Lindos, St. Paul's among the most popular Greece beaches. Despite its small size, the beach serves as a much sought-after tourist destination for housing the remains of the ancient Acropolis of Lindos.

The shallow, warm water at the Bay is ideal for swimming and snorkeling, and a lot of colourful fishes can be spotted here as well. Greek taverns by the cove offer modest dining options at the beach.

Location: Lindos, Rhodes, Greece.

Highlights: Acropolis of Lindos, Greek Orthodox chapel, snorkeling opportunities.

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Faragas Beach

Lines with sun beds and beach umbrellas, this happening beach in Paros promises a fun day out for the entire family. Sandy coves and clear azure waters offer an enchanting site here. Water sports, diving and snorkeling adventures are common at Faragas.

Several upscale bars and resorts add a certain classy charm to the beach. Adventure enthusiasts travelling to Faragas can also try their hand at canoeing, kayaking, water skiing and water tubing. Well trained experts are always available at the beach to offer assistance to first-time rowers.

Location: Paros, Greece.

Highlights: Adventure sports, expansive beach bar.

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Sarakiniko Beach

Littered with volcanic rocks shaped into amazing forms by the northern waves, the beach at Saraniko is often compared to a moonscape. Frequently described by locals as being 'lunar', the stunning landscape at Sarakiniko comprises this startling white rocks set against the backdrop of clear teal waters.

The lazy lagoons at Sarakiniko is perfect for a laid-back swim. Close by the beach is the famous Sarakiniko shipwreck spot, where snorkeling is a pretty popular activity. Although beach bars and eateries are not available in plenty here, a stray food truck or two might be spotted along the beach.

Location: Milos Island, Greece.

Highlights: Volcanic rocks, cenotes, shipwreck sites.

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Kamares Beach

A perfect destination for family outings, this quiet port in Sifnos offers one of the cleanest and quietest of Greece beaches.

Long stretches of golden sand capped by shallow waters offers plenty of swimming opportunities here. Close to the beach are several bars and taverns where you can grab a drink after an eventful day. Boating tours and water sport facilities can be availed here as well.

Location: Sifnos 74003 Greece.

Highlights: Boating tours, water sports, Green taverns.

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Matala Beach

Nestled by the magnificent Asterousia mountains in Crete, Matala is among the most well organized beaches in Greece. Beach umbrellas, snack bars, volley courts and camping sites make the beach a happening holiday destination.

The area is best known for its huge collection of caves, including underwater ones. The huge cave sprawling across the northern part of Matala Beach is an especially popular spot for diving excursions. Every year in June, the renowned Matala Beach festival is held here, which is often regarded as one of the world's biggest hippie festivals.

Location: Heraklion, Crete Greece.

Highlights: Matala Beach Festival, grave ruins, caves, diving expeditions, water sports.

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Shipwreck Beach

Also known as the Smuggler's Cove, Navagio Beach or Shipwreck Beach nestled on the coast of Zakynthos. With its azure blue waterway making their way through the towering limestone cliffs on both sides, Shipwreck Beach offers up some of the most picturesque sights in Greece.

The beach can be reached by a short boat ride from the city centre. It is best known to house the remains of one of the world's most popular shipwrecks- the wreck of the MV Panagiotis in 1980. The idyllic beach is ideal for enjoying a lazy swim. Alternatively, you may also choose to hike along the cliffs by the beach, and enjoy stunning views of the sunset from the top.

Location: Zakynthos, Ionian Islands of Greece.

Highlights: Shipwrecks, swimming opportunities.

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Vai Beach

Home to the largest natural palm forest in Europe, Vai is one of the most renowned of Greece beaches. Flanked by date palms on all sides, Vai offers a scenic respite in the very lap of nature.

Beach restaurants, bars and sun shades offer enough spots for lounging on the golden sands here. Vai offers a perfect location for snorkeling expeditions, while water sports such as windsurfing, jet skiing and banana boating can also be tried here.

Location: Vai, Toplou 72300, Greece.

Highlights: Palm forest, water sports, snorkeling.

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Perissa Beach

Sprawling at the base of the Mesa Vouno mountains, Perissa Beach, with its black lava sand contrasted against the clear blue waters of the Aegean, is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

Comfortable lounging chairs and beach umbrellas invite sunbathers to Perissa throughout the year. The beach is home to two separate diving centres, while several water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, surfing and boating can be enjoyed here. Hiking enthusiasts may also choose to scale the Mesa Vouno, atop which one can explore the ancient archeological site of Thera.

Location: Santorini, Greece.

Highlights: Archaeological sites, diving centres, watersports, playgrounds.

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Red Beach

Probably the most unique of Greece beaches, Red Beach is famed for its titular red sand and rocks. The flaming crimson of the shores contrasted against the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea offers a resplendent sight.

Although there are no water sport facilities available here, the beach waters can be explored by snorkeling. You may also choose to swim in the shallow bay waters, or lounge under the multiple sunbeds and umbrellas on the shore.

Location: Santorini, Greece.

Highlights: Snorkeling facilities, beach umbrellas, beachside eateries.

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Vouliagmeni Beach

Featuring upscale resorts and facilities, Vouliagmeni is among the best organized beaches in Greece. Apart from a host of beach bars and restaurants, the beach is also home to a volleyball court, a tennis court, a playground for children and water slides.

Tourists may choose to take a dip in the beautiful turquoise waters here, or simply lounge on the various sunbeds by the shore. The beach also offers easy access to handicapped and disabled persons, offering walkways and wheelchair facilities.

Location: Athens, Greece.

Highlights: Beach sports, children's playground, cafeterias, wheelchair facilities.

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Agios Prokopios Beach

A quiet refuge on the island of Naxos, Agios Prokopios is best known for its natural beauty. A variety of resorts and restaurants of every budget and taste can be found by the beach.

Agios Prokopios is pretty popular among swimmers and sunbathers, although water sports such as banana tubing and windsurfing can be enjoyed here as well. If you want to avoid the sea entirely, you may also choose to explore the beach on rented bicycles, or simply enjoy  a game of volleyball on the beach court.

Location: Naxos Island, Greece.

Highlights: Water sports, volleyball court, bicycle rentals.

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Balos Beach

With its vivid blue waters and pink-tainted sands, Balos beach is well known for its exotic beauty. Shallow, calm waters are ideal for a lazy dip in the lagoon.

The Beach is also home to a number of rare plant and animal species, such as falcons, shags and cormorants. Balos beach also houses a sheltered nesting area for the protected monk seal and loggerhead sea turtles. Hikers may also choose to explore the cliffs around the beach for some fantastic panoramic views of the lagoon

Location: Crete, Greece.

Highlights: Rare fauna, sea turtles, birdwatching, hiking.

Porto Katsiki Beach

Located by a pale conclave cliff, Porto Katsiki Beach is famed for its natural beauty. The name translates to "Port of the Goat", as formerly only mountain goats could reach the secluded area.

Now, Porto Katsiki is visited by swimmers and sunbathers throughout the year. Summer months at the beach generally remain crowded. You can add to your experience at the beach by scaling one of the nearby cliffs here, which offer stunning views of the Ionian Sea and the sunsets over it.

Location: Lefkada, Greece.

Highlights: Hiking activities, sailing opportunities, water sports.

Pisina Beach

Nestled on the islet of Mourtos, this remote beach is regarded as one of the most idyllic beaches in Greece. The beach can be reached by a short boat or yacht ride from Sivota.

Although Pisina lacks in water sport facilities, the beach offers a stunning destination for day picnics and swimming. The crystal clear waters at the beach are also ideally suited for snorkeling trips.

Location: Sivota 46100, Greece.

Highlights: Snorkeling, swimming.

Voidokilia Beach

Its name literally translates to "A place of particular natural beauty", Voidikilla occupies a monumental place in the history of Greece. According to popular myth, this semi-circular beach is presumed to be that same "sandy Pylos" described by the Greek poet Homer, where Telemachus was welcomed by King Nestor during his quest for his lost father.

The Cave of Nestor, closely associated with the myth, still stands at the edge of the beach. With its clear blue waters and gentle sand dunes, Voidikilla is a delightful place to swim in. The lack of any commercial development has left the beach pure and clean.

Location: Messinia, Greece.

Highlights: Cave of Nestor, swimming possibilities, hiking.

Preveli Beach

One of the most popular beaches in southern Crete, Preveli Beach nestled at the edge of the Kourtaliotikos Gorge, along the Grand River. Beautiful palm groves by the river add a tropical charm to the place. The beach is a protected area, and lacks any proper commercial development. However, you may find a few snack bars and taverns by the shore.

Location: Lefkogia, Greece.

Highlights: Greek Tavernas, palm forest, beachside snack bars.

People Also Ask About Greece

  1. Which are the most beautiful beaches in Greece?

    1. Sarakiniko Beach: With its stunning white rock formations set against bright blue cenotes, the lunar landscape at Sarakiniko is definitely one to watch out for while traveling to Greece.

    2. Red Beach: This unique red tinted beach in Santorini offers some of the most picturesque photographic views around Greece.

    3. Elafonisi Beach: Widely regarded as one of the most magnificent Greece beaches, the beauty of Elafonisi, with its golden sands, turquoise waters and lovely floral growth, must be experienced to
    be believed.

    4. Navagio Beach: With its shipwreck remains, crystal clear waters and towering white cliffs on both sides, Navagio offers a stunning respite in the very heart of nature.
  2. Which beach in Greece has the most luxury resorts for vacation?

    1. Platys Gialos: Platys Gialos is home to some of the best luxury resorts in Greece. Overlooking the stunning blue ocean, these beachfront resorts come with world-class amenities. Some of the best luxury resorts here are the Grecotel Mykonos Blu, Kensho Psarou, and Dionysus Luxury Hotel.

    2. Ornos Beach: Beachfront accommodations at Ornos Beach comes in all forms, from luxury resorts to villas. Upscale resort accommodations by Ornos Beach include Santa Marina, Mykonos Ammos, and Kensho Ornos among several others. Private pools, terraces overlooking the ocean and spas are some of the luxury facilities available at these resorts.

    3. Elia Beach: Greece's Elia Beach is one of the best places to avail luxury accommodations at. Overlooking the clear turquoise waters of the ocean, these beachfront resorts offer an idyllic experience to their guests. Popular options here include the Elia Mykonos Resort, Royal Myconian, and Katikies Villas Mykonos among several others.
  3. Does Greece have white sand beaches?

    Greece prides in some of the most beautiful white sand beaches across the world. Here are some of the best beaches to be explored here:

    1. Voidokilia Beach: Although the west coast of Peloponnese is blessed with beaches, none can compare to the beauty of the Virgin beach of Voidikilla, with its fantastic stretches of white sand against azure blue waters. Flamingoes can sometimes be spotted at the beach as well.

    2. Voutoumi Beach: Flanked by forested hills on both sides, the dazzling White sands at Voutumni are embraced by varying shades of blue and green.

    3. Shipwreck Bay: With its towering cliffs, white sands and clear blue waters, Shipwreck bay is one of the most attractive white sand beaches in Greece. Ancient Shipwrecks add an enigmatic charm to the sandy coves here.

    4. Myrtos Beach: One of the most romantic Greece Beaches, Myrstos is known for its astonishingly blue waters capped by stretches of clear white sand. This happening beach also abounds in water sport facilities, beachside bars and sunbeds.
  4. Which island in Greece has the best beaches?

    The island of Crete in Greece has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. While travelling to Crete, do not miss out on exploring the beaches at Elafonisi, Balos, Vai Preveli and Chania.
  5. What activities can be done on beaches of Greece?

    The beaches in Greece, with their shallow waters and easy currents, are ideal for swimming. Most of the beaches here also support scuba diving and snorkeling activities. Several beaches, such as Elafonisi Beach, Kamares Beach and Matala Beach offer water sports facilities as well.

    Windsurfing, parasailing, jet skiing and yachting are only some of the adventure activities that can be explored in Greece beaches. Beaches located by cliffs or hills, such as Porto Katsiki or Myrtos also offer hiking possibilities. Some beaches feature beachside volleyball and tennis courts as well.
  6. What is the best time to visit Greece?

    The best time to visit Greece is during the late spring months, between May and April, or during autumn, between September and October. Warm and dry weather during these months allows tourists to explore the beaches in a leisurely manner, and also try out the water sport opportunities offered by them.

    Although Greece can also be visited during the summer months, the beaches here generally remain overcrowded during this time.
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