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There are many Adventurous Things To Do in Greece no matter whether you are travelling there solo or in a group with friends and family. Greece is a popular tourist destination, given that there is no dearth of activities to enjoy indoors as well as outdoors. To take a break from daily routine, there are many exciting activities like exploring the historical monuments in Greece, engaging in power sports and riding on the wild waters to enjoy sports activities.

Among the many adventure Things To Do in Greece is to go on a hiking trip to a popular mountain peak, such as Mount Olympus which takes you through a stunning trekking path and brings you to face the astounding beauty of nature. Also not to be missed while exploring Greece are water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, paddleboarding, kayaking and windsurfing.

The exhilarating list of Adventurous Things To Do in Greece does not end with these and if you are in the mood to experience even more fun, you can set out for rock climbing, skiing and mountaineering among the abundant natural landscapes available to you in this wonderful travel destination.

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Scuba Dive in Santorini, Book Now @ Flat 19% off
Scuba Dive in Santorini, Book Now @ Flat 19% off



Scuba diving is a mesmerizing experience in itself but scuba dive in Santorini will take you to the active volcanic underwater environment. You get to explore the immersed volcanic environment in Santorini under the guidance of professional scuba diving instructors with top-notch quality of scuba gear. Begin your Santorini scuba diving Greece tour with the stunning Bay of Ammoudi, the place where to boats are moored. A team of professionals will assist you with the right sized diving suit and necessary gear equipment.The selection of the site will be done according to the level of experience you have and the weather conditions from the best sites around the volcanic islands and Caldera. The boat ride will take you to two different diving spots and you can dive in deep and immerse yourself in the beauty of the seaside in Santorini. Discover the expansive sea life and swim around reefs, lava formation, sea creatures, and cliffs.You can even experience the cave diving and wall diving around the sites and return to Amoudi day after a whole day filled with aquatic adventure and serene beauty of Santorini. You are sure to experience a day full of underwater beauty and scenic views around in Santorini. What to expect from Scuba Dive in SantoriniExperience the deep blue sea Indulge in the mesmerizing seaside beauty of Santorini and take the scuba diving experience in one of the most beautiful diving areas in Greece. The pristine beauty of Santorini waters will leave you astonished. Visit all the beautiful diving spots There are a couple of scenic underwater spots open for scuba divers. The professionals will choose between the spot depending on your level of expertise and the weather conditions.Explore the underwater wrecks and reefsDiscover the underwater beauty with Santorini scuba diving Greece. Not only will you get to witness the underwater beauty of Santorini but will also swim amidst the coral reefs, volcanic wrecks, and steeps.Enjoy the personalized scuba diving experience Santorini scuba diving Greece will give you a surreal experience for your life under the supervision of professional divers and using the top-notch quality of scuba diving gear equipment.Know before you go:Location: Post Office square, Oía 847 02, Greece. The local partner's office is located at the crossroads.Time: 9:00 AM (4 hours)

37 Ratings


37 Ratings

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₹ 10,850

Santorini Quad Bike Experience, Book Now @ Flat 15% off
Santorini Quad Bike Experience, Book Now @ Flat 15% off



Santorini Quad Bike Experience will let you discover the beautiful and diverse landscapes of Santorini with the help of expert and well-experienced tour guides. On this tour, you will be able to visit some of the amazing islands, beautiful locations and sight panoramic views of nature. On this tour, you will also be able to sight the windmills and vineyards on the way to the most traditional village in Santorini. Come over for this wonderful quad biking experience in Santorini with your loved ones and take home loads of cherishable memories. What to expect from Santorini Quad Bike Experience Get a chance to ride ATV through diverse terrainTaking this santorini quad bike ride you will be able to pass through a varied landscape doubling the fun and excitement levels. Press the start button and get going on your dream ride along with many other riders. Sight the famous volcanoOn this santorini quad bike, you will be able to view the famous volcano and capture the amazing moments of the same. The guide who will be assisting you in this trip will let you know about all the facts and figures of this volcano. Witness panoramic views of the magnificent calderaOn this quad bike hire santorini, you will be visiting the famous and magnificent Caldera where you will be able to relish the panoramic views. The views will surely tranquilize your soul and give you a once in a lifetime experience. Explore the heart of the island in a small groupOn this quad bike hire santorini, you will be taken out for a guided tour around the group of islands. You will be visiting the islands in a small group, which will be headed by expert guides and experts. Know before you go:Timings: The Santorini Quad Bike Experience takes about 3.5 hours to complete. Insider Tips: This tour is not at all suitable for pregnant women and individuals with any kind of physical disabilities and back problem. Traveler pickup is offeredPlease provide your accommodation details for the free pick-up service.:

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29 Ratings

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Scuba Diving in Nea Makri Athens


Tick off another adventure from your bucket list by experiencing the Scuba Diving in Nea Makri. Be a part of the scuba diving lesson in Nea Makri and go ahead and explore the underwater sea life in Athens. You will be under the supervision of professionals who will instruct you thoroughly and will teach you the techniques on how to use scuba equipment.You will be given the training by none other than Dmitiris Kanelkis, a renowned professional scuba diver who has over 40 years of experience in the field of scuba diving. While you are out there in the water, feel the adrenaline rush and calm your senses by diving into the deep waters of Greece.Discover marine life and come face to face with many sea creatures like goldfish, octopuses, cuttlefishes, and more. Take back tons of memories, scuba diving skills, and pictures as souvenirs from the Scuba Diving in Nea Makri.What to expect from Scuba Diving in Nea Makri, AthensEmbark on a world of sea adventure Experiencing scuba diving in one of the world’s most popular and beautiful scuba diving region is a holiday achievement in itselfGuided by the world-famous scuba diverLearn from the expert Dmitri Kanelakis, who has been doing scuba diving for the past 40 years and along with the top-notch scuba diving equipment.Witness the mesmerizing sea creatures.The experience of underwater marine life will rejuvenate your soul and give you once in a lifetime experience of wilderness.Take the tone of pictures underwaterCapture the beautiful moments of life and take back Instagram worthy shots from your scuba diving experience along with a bag full of memories to cherish for a lifetime.Know before you go:Ticket variantShore DiveBoat DiveTime: 10:00am/5:00pm, dailyMeet Up Information:Time: 9:45am/4:45pmLocation: Scuba Diving Center in Nea MakriPlease be at the meetup location 15 minutes before the lesson beginsAddress:Scuba Diving Center in Nea Makri. How To Get There:By Taxi: You may ask the driver to take you directly to Scuba Diving CenterBy Public Bus: Ride a bus going to Nea Makri and get off at the bus stop. The center is just a few minutes walk from there

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33 Ratings

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Horseback Riding in Santorini Book Now


There’s no better way of exploring the beautiful city of Santorini than doing it on a horseback. Witness the scenic beauty of Caldera while riding on gorgeous horses. Caldera is famous for the cliffside with the volcanic crater and unmatched view of the island. Take the horseback riding Santorini tour and discover the spending natural escapades of Greece and experience the most beautiful sunset of your life.Commence your tour at the Megalochori village stables and ride along the old traditional pathways of the village towards the Caldera cliff. You will be taken aback by the mesmerizing views and cliffs. Ride through the rim of the Caldera and see the gorges and ravines created due to the volcanic eruption thousands of years ago.Admire the scenic beauty from the cliff top and watch the sunset on the sea turning the water into a sparkling view. You will also cross the old quarry carved on the Cliffside and notice the unique geology of the island, understanding the history of the volcanic effects on the Santorini area. What to expect from Horseback Riding in Santorini Witness the most beautiful sunset of your life Explore the beautiful city of Santorini while the horses, get up to the top of the cliff and witness the most marvelous sunset of your life. Horseback riding on the rim of CalderaRide along the rim of the Caldera and through the traditional pathways of the Megalochori, the most traditional and culturally rich village of Santorini.Discover the age-old gorges and ravinesWhile on the horseback riding Santorini, you can also discover many age-old leftover ravines and gorges formed with time due to the volcanic eruption that took place a thousand years ago.Soak in the breathtaking views Santorini horseback riding will take you all the way upwards on the clifftop where you can soak in the majestic views of the nearby islands and the volcano detailing.Know before you go:Time: 6:00 PM (2 hours duration)Meeting point: The Family, Eparch. Od. Firon-Ormou Perissis, Megalochori, 84700. The bakery is located on the main road through Megalochori. Look for the horse riding sign in front of the shop.How to reach there: You have to take a bus to Fira first. Then, take the bus from Fira in direction to Perissa and ask the driver to stop you at Magalochori. Age: 4 to 75 Years 

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37 Ratings

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Santorini Snorkeling Tour with Stand up Paddle, Book @ Flat 19% off
Santorini Snorkeling Tour with Stand up Paddle, Book @ Flat 19% off



Santorini Snorkeling tour With Stand Up Paddle lets you get to the best of the stunning coastline. This is surely going to be a once in a lifetime experience that you will on no occasion forget in the entire lifetime of yours. Taking this tour, you will get to spend time close to the crystal clear waters and relish paddling as well as snorkelling around to witness the brilliant sea life under the waters. You will also get a chance to soak in all the glorious sunshine sitting on the deck. What to expect from Santorini Snorkeling tour With Stand Up PaddleExplore Santorini's magnificent coastlineSantorini has got a magnificent coastline that happens to lure any nature lover in the world. And taking this santorini snorkeling tour, you will be actually marvelling on the stunning coastline with your loved ones. You will not only find the brilliant coastal landscape amazing but also fall in love with every single natural element over there. Discover the ocean floor while snorkelingTaking this santorini snorkeling tour, you will be able to take on the underwater adventure as you dive deep into the waters and snorkel all around the brilliant sea world. Learn a new skill as you paddle around on your stand-up boardOn this snorkeling in santorini, you will get a chance to learn paddling as well as snorkelling from our expert guides. Before the start of the activity, you will be provided with training and introductory lessons about these water based activities. You will be given all kinds of safety harnesses to keep you safe. Admire the beauty of nature beneath you.Taking this snorkeling in Santorini, you will be able to get close to nature and be able to gaze at the amazing looking ocean bed packed with various sea creatures as well as coral reefs. Know before you go:Timings: The Santorini Snorkeling tour With Stand Up Paddle Starts at 8:00 AM in the morning and takes about 2 hours to complete. Insider Information: If you are pregnant then you must not take part in this Santorini Snorkeling tour With Stand Up Paddle. 
Very Good

39 Ratings


39 Ratings

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Sea Kayaking in Athens | Book Now @ Flat 20% off
Sea Kayaking in Athens | Book Now @ Flat 20% off



If there’s a palace in the world that you absolutely must visit for Kayaking, it has to be Athens in Greece. Sea Kayaking in Athens is famous among tourists who travel from all over the world to experience the thrill in the azure blue waters of Athenian Rivera. Go out in the ocean and taste the wilderness of the water all by yourself. Kayak your way to the Cape Sounion, which is popularly known as the temple where Poseidon resides. Explore the national treasure which is regarded as one of the renowned monuments from the times of the Golden age of Athens. Watch the stunning transition of scenery from enormous picturesque cliffs to beaches. The sturdy Kayak vessel will help you sail across the gorgeous Mediterranean sea. Conclude the eventful day on the ocean by hogging on a delicious lunch/dinner spread of typical Grecian cuisine.What to expect from Sea Kayaking in AthensKayaking experience on the Athenian RivieraGo Kayaking in Athens and unwind yourself as you kayak your way through the beautiful Athenian Riviera.Soak in the beauty of natural escapades Greece is overall a complete visual delight as a holiday destination. While you Kayak your way through the ocean. Experience the thrill of aquatic adventure After a relaxing kayaking experience, you can even go ahead and indulge in some aquatic adventure activities. Delicious traditional Grecian lunch/dinner After the fun yet tiring day on the ocean, indulge in the delicious meal experience with a huge Grecian spread.Know before you go:Timings:Morning Experience9:00 am hotel pick-up in Athens, head to the Athenian Riviera10:30 am arrive in Cape Sounion beach10:30 am-11:00 am equipment fitting, start kayaking11:00 am-1:00 pm sea kayaking session with stops for a swim and refreshing snacks1:00 pm-2:00 pm return to Cape Sounion beach and visit the Temple of Poseidon2:00pm-3:00pm lunch at a nearby tavernSunset Experience3:00 pm hotel pick-up in Athens, head to the Athenian Riviera4:30 pm arrive in Cape Sounion beach4:30 pm–5:00 pm equipment fitting, start kayaking5:00 pm-7.00 pm sea kayaking session with stops for a swim and refreshing snacks7:00 pm-8:00 pm return to Cape Sounion beach and visit the Temple of Poseidon8:00pm-9:00pm dinner at a nearby tavernHow to reach there: Pick up includedLocation: Hotels/hostels/residences within Athens city centre only

29 Ratings


29 Ratings

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Oia Fira Night Hike in Santorini Book Now


The city of the Santorini with its whitewashed villages on a clifftop, the islands and sea around is simply breathtaking to look at during the day. But when darkness sets it after sunset, the whole place becomes illuminated with lights which gives a different but still breathtaking view of the city. Have the privilege of going for the only night hiking experience in all of Santorini. Go for hiking the world-famous Oia fira hike with an expert guide.The guide will take you through the world-famous Fira-Oia trail to the best sightseeing spot from where you will get an amazing view of the Grecian sunset in the horizon. As the sun sets, the Santorini city and its iconic volcanos will lit up giving an awesome view. Once your 4-hour hike is cover, join the evening festivities with a mouthwatering traditional Greek dinner with the famous Santorini wine. What to expect Oia Fira Night Hike in SantoriniEnjoy a night hiking A hike at night away from the city buzzing with tourists will make you feel privileged. This hiking adventure is the only night hiking experience in Santorini where you will be taken on the world-famous Oia fira hike trail. An expert guide will accompany you to take you to the vantage point to look at the sun setting on the horizon and then the view of Santorini at night. Gaze into the Grecian sunsetThe Grecian sunset on the horizon looks magical from the best sightseeing spots on the trail.Watch the night view of SantoriniThe view of the illuminated Santorini city along with its iconic volcanos looks breathtaking at night, especially from the viewpoints along the trail.Relish homemade Greek dinnerRelish a delicious traditional Greek dinner along with the renowned Santorini white wine Know before you go:Timings: 6:30 pmDuration: 4 hoursMeet Up Information:Time: 6:30 pm Location: You will be picked up from your hotel lobby

24 Ratings


24 Ratings

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₹ 8,870 per Adult

Croatia to Greece Road Trip Adventure
Croatia to Greece Road Trip Adventure


About the Activity:Fixed Departures between June to August 2016Set out on a fun road trip from Croatia to Greece.This 6 day 5 night trip starts from Split and finishes at Athens.Cross through destinations such as Dubrovnik, Kotor, Tirana, Saranda and Kalambaka.Explore Croatian and Greek history on the way as you pass through magnificent places and learn about the 2 cultures in one trip.It's a beautiful trip for those who love history and architecture as you get to explore the best of both.

39 Ratings


39 Ratings

₹ 58,039

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People Also Ask About Adventure in Greece

  1. What are the best adventure things to do in Greece?

    1. Rock Climbing: To experience one of the most Adventurous Things To Do in Greece, you will need to visit the quaint island of Kalymnos. For experienced rock climbers, as well as for beginners, it is one of the best things that you can enjoy while visiting Greece.

    With more than 2000 climbing routes established across the multiple rock formations on this island, you will find no dearth of opportunities for adventure in this relatively unexplored region. You will find numerous limestone cliffs which are challenging to conquer at different levels but offer just as much action and adventure along with mesmerizing views of the surrounding environs.

    Kalymnos, Aegean Sea, Greece

    2. Windsurfing: 
    Beaches in Greece receive a generous breeze almost all around the year, keeping them cool and perfect for sunbathing. Windsurfing is thus, one of the best Adventurous Things To Do in Greece along with kite surfing, which is also among the fastest-growing sports in the area.

    For those who find it thrilling to experience adventure and adrenaline rush, the location of Rhodes and Paros are among the best with ample guides and trips to join. Visitors can also choose various local clubs to stay at and enjoy the views.

    Rhodes, Lefkada and Paros

    3. Mountaineering: 
    Among the most Adventurous Things To Do in Greece is to visit the wild and alive slopes on a rocky mount like Olympus. Although it is no less than a daunting task to brave the adventurous peak, being able to reach the top is more than an achievement.

    The rich natural beauty of the mountain invites visitors to come and spend time across the landscape. Tourists can plan their routes beforehand to decide which slopes they are going to brave while trying out this high rush activity.


    4. Skiing: 
    When you visit the area around Northern Greece, you will find a number of skiing slopes where visitors experience great snowfalls and hearty landscape scenes. You can ply between mountain slopes by visiting local stops or else, try the challenging peaks and test your skiing skills.

    Location: Northern Greece

    5. Caving: There is a whole different world right below the surface of Greece which offers many Adventurous Things To Do in Greece. With over 8500 caves all over Greece where explorers can find numerous anthropological artefacts and so much more.

    At the same time, they can also explore the caverns and underwater lakes where you can venture by boat. The off-grid adventure brings you to a mesmerizing location that is no less than something to feel amazed about.

    Location: Kefalonia

  2. Which are the water sports activities to do in Greece?

    1. Kayaking: If you are looking for Adventure Things To Do in Greece, then kayaking is something that should not escape your list. Several operators will provide you with a wholesome package that you can avail yourself to enjoy not only kayaking but several other water sports activities as well.

    For anyone who enjoys adventure activities, experiencing kayaking will be an exciting proposition. The thrill of riding between the blue waters will make your trip to Greece a memorable one. So, if you are waiting to experience fun and adventure in Greece, then this is one activity that you should not miss.

    2. Jet Skiing: Break the fast with an adventure-packed ride amidst the turquoise blue waters at Falassarna Beach, a haven for those who want to experience fun and Adventurous Things To Do in Greece. Among the most popular water sports activities in Greece is Jet Skiing, where you can balance yourself on the waves to enjoy jet skiing.

    This is also a good way for you to spend quality time with your friends and family where you can enjoy a memorable day with them and spend time riding on the waves and experiencing extreme water sports activities.

    Location: Falassarna beach, Greece

    3. Parasailing: If you are intent on making the most of your trip, you should not miss the one Adventurous Things To Do in Greece that will give you a high adrenaline rush, and that is to go parasailing. The mere mention of water sports in Greece entices visitors to try parasailing which gives you a chance to enjoy scenic views of the surrounding environs while riding on the back of a speeding boat.

    As you nearly float in the air, heading out to the open ocean, parasailing brings you the sheer excitement and joy of true adventure.

    4. Snorkelling: Exploring the underwater world is one of the many Adventurous Things To Do in Greece that you should not miss while you are here. Dive alongside experienced divers who will take you through the charming depths of the currents below the surface of the sea and get a chance to see the myriad of aquatic life and coral reefs that reside here.

    You wouldn’t want to miss out on this exotic chance to witness the world that exists in the underwater sea. The availability of assistance ensures that even newbies can take a dive in the waters to enjoy the activity.

    5. Scuba Diving: One of the most Adventurous Things To Do in Greece is to experience Scuba diving in the open sea. Many locations in and around Greece are revered for water sports activities such as Scuba Diving. New Makri is one of the famed spots to enjoy this wonderful sports activity, among other top spots.

    For a place that is as famous as Greece for Scuba diving, you cannot miss the fun and adrenaline that it brings to you. So, get into one of those diving costumes and ride along the blue currents to reach the depths of the ocean and experience a moment of resplendent adventure like none before.

  3. Which are the best hiking places in Greece?

    1. Samaria Gorge, Crete: The 10-mile-long hiking trail is considered to be one of the best Adventure Things To Do in Greece. On this trail, you will find a company of people headed out to experience the adventure in full fun.

    The raw and scintillating beauty of Samaria brings you to face to face with vertical walls of rocks, trees and plants, often apart by only 3.5 meters at its narrowest point. You should visit the scenic trail during the months of April and May when it is bright with flowers and bloom.

    2. Mt Ohi Summit Hike, Evia: 
    Spend hours of pure adventure exploring this 8-kilometre-long trail which offers not only a huge joust of natural surroundings but also brings you a bouquet of historical establishments which you can explore.

    You can even stay here overnight to catch the early morning sunrise, which is no less than a magical experience. Crowned by dragon houses and Stonehenge dwellings, this trail will bring more surprises to you than imaginable.

    3. Delphi To Kirra Walk, Central Greece: 
    Interestingly, this is one of the best Adventure Things To Do in Greece since it is a downhill trek that follows a century-old pathway. On this trek, you will get a chance to walk along the dotting landscape surrounding the Delphi, right up to the ancient port of Kirra.

    The 14 km long trail can be covered during a span of 3 to 4 hours starting from Hotel Acropole and crisply touching the boundaries of Village Crissa. While you are here, you can also explore various activities like swimming and enjoy a scrumptious lunch.

    4. Tomb Of Kleoboulos, Rhodes: 
    This is a relatively easy and fun hiking trip for those who do not want to undertake a strenuous hike. The 5-kilometre-long trail can be covered in under 2 hours from Lindos to the Tomb.

    The bare and flat landscape offers wide and scenic views of the surrounding area, ending in a rocky hilltop location. Reaching this spot, you will be thrilled to discover the undulating beauty of the barren hilltop. You will also find a circular tomb that dates back to the 2nd century.

    5. Melinda Paleochori Trail, Lesvos: 
    A little over a kilometre, this short trail will take no more than 30 minutes of your time, making it an excellent retreat for nature lovers who can visit it frequently. The olive trails include local paths and roads that are interspersed all over the island.

    The seemingly short but excitingly scenic stretch rides along the Selandas River and a passing spring. Paved in white stone, springs and vineyards, the old charm of the rustic trail invites visitors to explore Adventurous Things To Do in Greece.

  4. Where can I scuba dive in Greece?

    1. Alonnisos: Home to a large natural marine park, Alonnisos offers one among the many Adventurous Things To Do in Greece. With ample space to dive and observe the natural surroundings, you can swim in and out of the caves that are located underwater here to get your chance to spot monk seals and some rare flora and fauna. While scuba diving at this spot, tourists can also spot some of the most remarkable remains of shipwrecks.

    2. Crete: 
    With waters as clear as gin, visiting Crete is one of the best Adventure Things To Do in Greece. Divers will enjoy exploring the treasures that lie beneath the surface of the water while being visited by numerous moray eels. The most prominent reef here is the Amphorae reef which is believed to be home to numerous ancient treasures from where visitors can also head to Lasithi for some more wild nature and adventure.

    Eastern Mediterranean, Greece

    3. Zakynthos: 
    If you are looking for Adventurous Things To Do in Greece, then you must take a dive in the waters here, to get a chance to see various migratory birds, rare Mediterranean monk seals, moray eels and violet aeolid. You will also get a chance to see an undersea arch 12 meters below the surface, which is often surrounded by many octopuses, lobsters and lurking groupers.

    Ionian Islands, Greece

    4. Pavlopetri: 
    Surrounded by deep blue waters, you can take a dive underwater to reach the oldest known underwater town in all of the world. It is believed that the town has been resting here since the 4th century under the seabed and at present, it is filled with numerous water-filled alley chests filled with rocks and treasures carpeting the seafloor. Broken pots, regular day to day items and cooking utensils are among the few artefacts that you can discover here.

  5. How many days are enough in Greece?

    It is recommended that you should plan a minimum seven-day trip to experience all the adventure Things To Do in Greece. During this time, you can visit prominent tourist spots such as Santorini, Athens and the Greek islands. This trip will give you enough time to experience the stunning beaches in Greece, enjoy its lively nightlife and stop at major destinations to live a splendid journey.

  6. Why is Greece so famous?

    Greece is famous for a number of historical, administrative as well as political reasons. It is the birthplace of the Olympic games, enriched by a rich history and emboldened by the presence of magnificent temples. Several Greek cuisines such as Fava, Dolmades and Saganaki are also quite varied and popular all over the world.
  7. What should we not miss in Greece?

    Among the many Adventure Things To Do in Greece, there are a few special events that tourists should not miss. These include watching the sunset at Santorini, experiencing a cliff jumping adventure at the Hydra islands, climbing Mount Olympus and enjoying the Mediterranean countryside while trying Greek wine and wine tasting experiences.
  8. What is the best time to visit Greece?

    If you want to enjoy the myriad of adventure activities that are available to explore in Greece, it is best to visit the place during the spring season that occurs between the months of April to June and the Autumn season which occurs between the months of September to October.
  9. How much does a trip to Greece cost from India?

    A basic travel package to Greece can cost INR 80,000 per person for a span of 7 days. The cost of the package includes charges for meals, accommodation, transfers and sightseeing. 

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Haitian Gourde
HUF - Ft
Hungarian Forint
IDR - Rp
Indonesian Rupiah
Israeli New Sheqel
JMD - $
Jamaican Dollar
Kenyan Shilling
KGS - som
Kyrgyzstani Som
Cambodian Riel
KYD - $
Cayman Islands Dollar
Kazakhstani Tenge
Lao Kip
LBP - ل.ل
Lebanese Pound
Sri Lankan Rupee
LRD - $
Liberian Dollar
Lesotho Loti
MAD - د.م.
Moroccan Dirham
Moldovan Leu
MKD - ден
Macedonian Denar
Myanmar Kyat
Mongolian Tögrög
Macanese Pataca
Mauritian Rupee
Maldivian Rufiyaa
Malawian Kwacha
MXN - $
Mexican Peso
Malaysian Ringgit
NAD - $
Namibian Dollar
NIO - C$
Nicaraguan Córdoba
NOK - kr
Norwegian Krone
NPR - Rs.
Nepalese Rupee
NZD - $
New Zealand Dollar
PEN - S/
Peruvian Sol
Papua New Guinean Kina
Philippine Peso
Pakistani Rupee
QAR - ر.ق
Qatari Riyal
Russian Ruble
SAR - ر.س
Saudi Riyal
Seychellois Rupee
SEK - kr
Swedish Krona
SLL - Le
Sierra Leonean Leone
SOS - Sh
Somali Shilling
Salvadoran Colón
Swazi Lilangeni
THB - ฿
Thai Baht
TTD - $
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
TZS - Sh
Tanzanian Shilling
UYU - $U
Uruguayan Peso
UZS - so'm
Uzbekistan Som
Yemeni Rial
South African Rand
JPY - ¥
Japanese Yen