Greece Tourism: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2023
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Encircled by azure blue waters, Greece is home to 2,000 islands, out of which 160 are known to be inhabited. Popular all over the world as the magnificent land of Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates, this iconic country is famous for its rich cultural heritage, colourful festivals, and glorious history. The ever-charming beauty of Greece is credited to its pristine beaches, picturesque islands, spectacular mountains, intriguing ancient ruins, and magnificent monuments.

Greece is home to a plethora of interesting places to visit that have always formed the prime attractions of the tourism here. From the architectural brilliance of Santorini and the spectacular beaches of Mykonos to the archaeological sites of Athens and the breathtaking gorges of Crete, this peninsular country has got every exciting sightseeing destination you will want to treat your eyes with on your Greece tour.

No matter if you want a laid-back holiday or an action-packed thrilling vacation in Greece, the country can offer you exactly the kind of tour you want. While the super luxury hotels here and the soothing white sand beaches can offer you a relaxed vacation with your loved ones, the adventure seekers can go indulge in a plethora of exhilarating activities, such as watersports, caving, hiking, cable riding, and food touring.

Not to forget, packed with open street markets and hosting popular local and international brands, Greece also offers the tourists an excellent scope to enjoy shopping like never before. Furthermore, the elegant and swanky clubs and restaurants add to the flamboyant nightlife culture of the country, letting you enjoy evening activities like partying, boozing, fine dining, and pub crawling.

Greece experiences a Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures and usually dry summers and wet winters. While winters are sometimes marked by snowfall, the country remains mostly sunny all year round, favoring tourist activities.

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People Also Ask About Greece

  1. What are some famous tourist attractions in Greece?

    1. Epidaurus Theater: Located in Argolis, the magnificent Epidaurus Theatre is a ceremonial ground dedicated to Asclepius, who is known as the “God of Medicines”. Dating back to the 4th century, this theatre has served as the stage to many wonderful plays and performances in the times gone by.

    2. Acropolis Museum: 
    Established back in 2009, the beautiful Acropolis Museum makes for one of the most well-known landmarks in Athens. Made of steel and glass, this museum is home to many interesting Greek artifacts. Some of the primary attractions of this museum include the Parthenon marbles and the Moschophoros.

    3. Delphi: 
    Tucked aside Mount Parnassus, Delphi is a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once attracting devotees to seek blessings of Apollo, an age-old Greek god of prophecy, light, music, and healing, the site is now home to a theatre, a stadium, some ancient ruins, and many temples.

    4. Palace of Malia: 
    Having been renovated several times, the Palace of Malia dates back to 1900 BC. This huge palace is home to a number of beautiful photographic galleries and exhibition halls. One of the signature pieces of the palace is the Kernos Stone, a disk having 24 holes on it.

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  2. What are the different activities one can do in Greece?

    1. Soak in the Magical Sunset Views in Santorini: Head to the flamboyant island town of Santorini one evening and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the gorgeous sunset. While you are here, you can also enjoy photographing the elegant houses of the town that are uniquely painted in blue and white colours.

    2. Enjoy Spelunking at Melissani Cave: 
    Go on an exploration tour of the craggy Melissani Cave that extends up to a length of around 4 kilometers. Dedicated to Melissani Nymph, this age-old cave shelters the charming Melissani Lake, which is an underground lake discovered back in 1951. The turquoise waters of this lake offer an excellent scope to enjoy boating inside the cave.

    3. Marvel at Hephaestus Temple: 
    Pay a visit to the magnificent Hephaestus Temple, perched on the top of Agoraio Korona Hill. Dating back to 450 BC, this Greek temple is dedicated to the “God of Fire”, Hephaestus and the “Goddess of Poetry”, Athena.

    4. Walk through History at Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki: 
    If you are a history fanatic, go educate yourself with some history at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, which dates back to 1962. The museum is home to spectacular artifacts from Macedonia, which is an age-old civilization of the country.

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  3. When is the best time to visit Greece?

    • The best time to visit Greece is from late May to early October when the weather is sunny and warm with little or no rain.
    • The months of June to September make for a great beach holiday as the temperature is just warm enough to go swimming, suntanning and taking a stroll around at the beautiful beaches.
    • The months of April, May, October and November are great times for sightseeing with the weather being warm and pleasant with occasional rains. If you are in Greece for the nightlife then July and August are the main months.
    • The time from late June to early September is excellent with multiple ferries running between routes, seawater at its warmest and good for swimming and nightlife at its best.

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  4. How I can reach Greece?

    There are many ways to reach the commercial Islands in Greece.

    By Air: The two main Airports in Greece in Athens city and Thessaloniki city receive direct flights from all the major cities in the world. Several domestic and international flights run between the 15 international airports located on the most popular tourist destination islands in Greece.

    By Sea: Greece is accessible via ferries from Italian ports like Trieste, Venice, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi that take a stop at Corfu or Igoumenitsa on the way.

    By Road: You can take a bus to reach Athens but there are very limited International bus services available. These can be availed for nearby countries including Albania, Macedonia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey.

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  5. Which are the best shopping places in Greece and what are they famous for?

    1. Central Market: Also known as Varvakios, Central Market lies on Athinas street and dates back to the 19th century. Divided into 2 parts - wet and dry - this colourful market has small stalls selling out fragrant spices, fresh olives, cured meats, yummy cheese, and exotic seafood.

    Famous For: Local cheese and fish.

    2. Piraeus Flea Market: 
    Making for one of the best destinations for budget-friendly and bargainable shopping, Piraeus Flea Market is hosted every Sunday. The market starts early morning and continues until evening, selling out beautiful bedsheets, utensils, shoes, and home decor.

    Famous For:
    Cheap bags and shoes.

    3. The Plaka: 
    Making for one of the ancient localities of Athens, Plaka is known popularly for its elegant restaurants, cozy cafes, and colourful gift shops. This place is also home to a plethora of jewelry stores that sell out classy gold ornaments at lower prices, since gold in Greece is relatively cheaper.

    Famous For: Antiques, jewelry, souvenirs.

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  6. Is vegetarian food easily available in Greece? Where can I enjoy veg meals?

    Yes, most of the restaurants and cafes in Greece serve delectable vegetarian delicacies alongside other food.

    1. Lithos Restaurant: 
    Known popularly for its charming interiors and unique setting, Lithos makes for a paradise for the vegetarians with its flavoursome assortment of delicious veg dishes. This quaint restaurant will not only serve you authentic Greek cuisine, but will also ensure it's cheap on your pocket.

    2. Tudor Hall: 
    Shelters on the 7th floor of the splendid King George Hotel, Tudor Hall is famous for its contemporary Greek delicacies and neoclassical dishes. Here, you can also get a chance to soak in the panoramic views of the Acropolis as you sip one of their signature cocktails.

    3. Spondi: 
    Boasting the award of 2 Michelin star restaurant, Spondi will impress you with its rich ambiance and palatable dishes. Designed with stones and brick, the interior of this restaurant will offer you an amazing historic and rustic feel. Lit up exquisitely, the restaurant offers the perfect setting for an intimate fine dining experience.

    4. Matsuhisa: 
    Tucked inside Astir Palace Resort near Aegean Sea, Matsuhisa is known for its amazing menu, curated artistically by Nobu Matsuhisa, the renowned celebrity chef. You can soak in the panoramic sea views through the magnificent see-through walls while you relish some richly blended cocktails here.
  7. Which are the must visit islands in Greece? What are they famous for?

    1. Santorini: Santorini is known for its Cycladic architecture and the unique whitewashed buildings with blue doors that reflect the sea and the sky. Tourists visiting this island town spend time relaxing, dining, cable car riding, and exploring historical attractions including the Archaeological Museum of Thera, the Santorini Volcano, and the Akrotiri Archaeological Site.

    Famous For: Cycladic architecture, historical sites.

    2. Mykonos: 
    The idyllic and charming island town of Mykonos is known popularly for its picturesque sandy beaches, lively nightlife scene, and lavish hotels. While you are on this island, you can spend time sunbathing at the beaches, exploring the age-old remnants at Delos, and taking some great pictures at Little Venice.

    Famous For: Luxury hotels, nightlife culture.

    3. Crete: 
    Known as one of the most cost-friendly Greek islands, Crete offers cheap food and hotels to the travelers. This island offers diverse experiences, starting from sandy beaches and lively seaside towns to adventurous hiking and intriguing history.

    Famous For: Budget-friendly accommodation, Bronze Age history.

    4. Naxos: 
    Considered to be Cyclades’s largest island, Naxos has gained a lot of popularity for its spectacular beaches, bustling nightlife, and charming villages. This island is also home to a plethora of popular archaeological sites, such as Portara and Temple of Demeter. Naxos also offers you the chance to enjoy umpteen varieties of water activities including windsurfing and kitesurfing.

    Famous For: Archaeological sites, watersports.

  8. What are romantic things you can experiences in Greece?

    1. Hike through the Corfu Trail: If you call yourself an adventurous couple, hike together through the beautiful Corfu Trail on the famous Corfu Island. This trail is 220 kilometers in length and if you choose to hike the whole of it, it will take you about 9 to 10 days. The trail will take you through stunning turquoise lagoons and scenic landscapes.

    2. Stroll through History at the Museum of the Kalavryta Holocaust: 
    Visit Greece’s only holocaust museum, the Museum of the Kalavryta Holocaust, which has been built in the memory of the city’s residents, who were killed during the Second World War by the Nazis. The museum is home to many personal belongings of the deceased victims and a number of intriguing pictures of Kalavryta city over the ages.

    3. Admire the Ruins of Phaistos: 
    History fanatic couples should remember to pay a visit to the ruined palatial town of Phaistos and walk through the ancient remnants of palace buildings, the crypt, and the theatre. Lying around 60 kilometers away from Iralkio, Phaeos also offer spectacular vistas over Mount Psiloritis and Messara Plain.

    4. Enjoy Canoeing at Lake Plastira: 
    Pay a visit to the scenic and serene Plastira Lake and soak in the bountiful natural beauty with your beloved. Lying in the country’s Karditsa region, this enchanting manmade lake is encircled by towering chestnut and oak trees and offers the visitors a plethora of fun-filled activities, such as canoeing, rafting, hiking, and horse riding.
  9. Is Greece expensive?

    Although this is relative, yet Greece can be rated as moderately expensive. If you are on a backpacking tour to Greece, you should have a budget of 40 to 60 EUR per day. If you are on a mid-range budget, your expense will be between 60 to 90 EUR per day and if you are on a luxury holiday, your budget should be about 170 EUR per day.
  10. Is it worth visiting Greece for a honeymoon?

    Yes, the historical country of Greece is totally worth visiting for a honeymoon tour. The country’s romantic beaches, swanky restaurants, colorful shopping destinations, photogenic streets, picturesque lakes, and intriguing galleries, make Greece one of the most recommended destinations for every honeymooner.
  11. Which destinations are famous for nightlife in Greece?

    Greece nightlife offers you different types of experiences from dancing your night away at hip nightclubs to sipping some exotic cocktails in bars. You can also go shopping and get your hands on some very good local items at the night markets. Some of the most popular nightlife destinations in Greece include Gazi, La Maison Restaurant, Baba Au Rum, and Monastiraki Flea Market.

    1. Dance all Night at Gazi: 
    Head to Athens’s nightlife district Gazi and enjoy pub crawling through the night. As you party the night away with some exotic cocktails, shake your leg to some cool music played by renowned DJs from across the globe.

    2. Relish an Exotic Drink at Baba Au Rum: 
    If you are in search of fine quality alcoholic drinks in Greece to celebrate your night, pay a visit to Baba Au Rum. Here, you can get a wide collection of high-quality beer and premium rums from a plethora of luxurious alcohol brands. You can also enjoy new forms of spirits here that will leave you impressed by Baba Au Rum’s art of mixology.

    3. Shop Your Heart Out at Monastiraki Flea Market: 
    If you call yourself a shopaholic, go for a night shopping experience at the Monastiraki Flea Market. Here, you will find bustling streets dotted with small shops selling handmade jewelry, antique pieces, and umpteen varieties of fabrics at dirt cheap and bargainable prices.
  12. Is it safe to travel to Greece?

    Yes, Greek is absolutely safe to travel to and roam around in. You just need to make use of the same old common sense that you would want to use anywhere else in the world - avoid going out alone late in the night and stay alert of pickpockets in the bigger cities, such as Athens.
  13. Which are the must visit beaches in Greece?

    1. Acharavi Beach: Showcasing grey pebbles and soft brown sand, Acharavi Beach is known for offering spellbinding sunrise and sunset views. Featuring crystalline waters, lush greenery, and golden sand, this beach offers you a verdurous landscape to soak in.

    2. Elafonissi Beach: 
    Tucked on the beautiful Crete Island, Elafonissi Beach has gained a lot of popularity for its spellbinding natural pink corals. Showcasing soft white sand and turquoise-white waters, this beach forms the perfect hub for indulging in fishing and snorkeling.

    3. Psarou Beach: 
    Located in Mykonos, Psarou Beach is known popularly for its unique blue sun loungers. Packed with elegant restaurants and bars, this beach offers a flamboyant party atmosphere all through the day. Psarou Beach also offers the visitors the chance to enjoy many adrenaline-fuelled watersports, including swimming, jet skiing, and scuba diving.

    4. Balos Beach: 
    Lying on the spectacular Gramvousa Peninsula, Balcos Beach makes for an excellent destination for relaxing and enjoying surfing. The azure water of this beach is so clear that it allows the divers the opportunity to witness the exuberant underwater life here. Tourists visiting Balos Beach can also enjoy swimming and sunbathing by renting parasols and sunbeds.
  14. What is the local food of Greece? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    The local food of Greece is Greek Cuisine or Mediterranean Cuisine which includes Souvlaki, gyros, pita, olives, cheese, bread, yoghurt and wine.

    The best places to taste Greek Cuisine are:

    • Silence of the Fish, Paros, Naoussa
    • Strofi, Athens
    • Nammos, Mykonos, Psarrou
    • Etrusco, Corfu
    • Bratsera, Hydra Town
    • Kuzina, Athens
    • Archipelagos Restaurant, Santorini, Fira
    • Alefkandra Restaurant, Mykonos
    • Barbarossa Restaurant, Paros, Naoussa
    • Varoulko restaurant, Piraeus
  15. What all destinations are must visit in Greece during honeymoon?

    The beautiful beaches, breathtaking Greek sunsets, remarkable ancient architecture and crisp Santorini wines makes Greece one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations. Here is a list of must-visit destinations in Greece during Honeymoon.

    • Thission Open Air Cinema, Athens
    • Lighthouse of Akrotiri, Thira.
    • Kamari and perissa beach, Santorini
    • Fira, Santorini
    • Caldera cliff, Santorini.
    • Philopappou Hill, Athens.
    • Samariá Gorge, Crete Island.
    • Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia Island
    • Mount Athos
    • Lindos, Rhodes Island.
    • Kolymbithres Beach, Paros
    • Delphi Theatre, Delphi, Sterea
    • Island of Palea Kameni.
    • Santo Wines Winery, Thira
      The Kamari Open Air Cinema, Thira
  16. Which are the famous hiking destinations in Greece?

    Greece is all about beaches and mountains which makes it a hiker’s paradise. Here is a list of Famous Hiking Destinations in Greece.

    • The Menalon trail, Gortynia, Arcadia
    • The Viros Gorge, Peloponnese
    • Pelion Peninsula, Pagasetic Gulf
    • Vikos Gorge, Pindos Mountains
    • Corfu Trail
    • Mount Olympus, between Thessaly and Macedonia
    • Samaria Gorge Trail, Crete
    • Hiking on Tilos, Agios Ioannis, Ghera.
    • Andros Hike, Cyclades.
  17. Which are some best places for vineyard tour in Greece?

    Best places for Vineyard tour in Greece.

    The wine culture of Greece can be best experienced by taking a Wine tasting tour to the popular vineyards. Here is a list of best places for Vineyard Tour in Greece:

    • Lyrarakis Winery, Crete
    • Douloufakis Winery, Crete
    • Anoskeli Winery, Crete
    • Manousakis Winery, Crete
    • Hatzidakis Winery, Santorini
    • Domaine Sigalas, Oia, Santorini
    • Gaia Wines, Santorini
    • Manalis Winery, Sikinos Island
    • Moraitis Winery, Paros Island
    • Santorini Wine Tour, Fira
  18. What all water sports can be done in Greece?

    Greece with its wonderful sea beds and emerald blue seas, is a paradise for watersports fanatics. For all those who are bored of sunbathing, suntanning and swimming, Greece offers a variety of watersports like Jet Skiing, wakeboarding, Parasailing, Stand-Up-Paddling, Windsurfing, Catamaran sailing, snorkeling, Tube or Banana Riding, Scuba Diving, Yachts Surfing, Diving and Canoeing. Almost all the islands of Greece offer water sports facilities that are reliable and uses the latest equipment. Whether you are a first timer or experienced, the certified staff makes your activities safe and fun.

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It was such an amazing tour that i booked from thrillophilia. Visiting places brings so much peace. I visited Greece and we thoroughly enjoyed the tour where we visited the famous sights and Our guide was very helpful and very knowledgeable
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A safe and comfortable tour we had in Greece. Right from the begining of the tour it was well managed. Picked-up and dropped-off were on time and very comfortable. We really enjoyed the place for both days and nights as the place didn't bore us not even once... Lots of beautiful sightseeing, rich in culture, heritage, and adventure. We have no complaint at all for the accommodation, food, transfers and the whole planned of this trip. Everything was extremely excellent. Would strongly recommend the same to all my family and friends, whenever they plan their next vacation. Thank you Thrillophilia.
An unforgettable trip, We took this trip for our first honeymoon and we really glad that we choose the correct destination and also really thankful that we choose the trustful website for our booking. Planning, mode of payment, and services were tip-top. The selection of places was really good which we enjoyed every bit of the tours which each place & each moment hold a different place in our heart. The hotel was very cosy, the meals were delicious, the transport was amazing and the experience we get each day as per itinerary was huge and would be remembered always.
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We booked this tour and the team had supported us throughout the trip being anything. It was a good and careless trip for us, as we were completely depended upon the team and they managed it so well, willing to travel more.
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