10 Waterfalls In & Near Rishikesh That You Shouldn't Miss: 2021
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Visiting Waterfalls In Rishikesh

Waterfalls in & near Rishikesh

Neer Garh Waterfall, Garud Chatti Waterfalls, Patna Waterfall, Phool Chatti Waterfall, Himshail Waterfall, Bhatta Falls, Kempty Falls, Tiger falls, Corbett Falls, Vasudhara Falls,  and many other falls.

On your next travel, you must plan on visiting the beautiful Rishikesh waterfalls, one of the most exciting things to do here. Reachable by exciting trekking routes through dense forests, cliff drops, and meadow-like fields, they also offer the settings for some of the best photographs. Synonyms with the atmosphere of the place, the waterfalls and their surroundings here are like an oasis of peace and quietude.

Venture a little afar to the towns of Mussoorie, Badrinath, and Chakrata and the waterfalls near Rishikesh are equally unique and enchanting. Be it the famous falls of Kempty or the thunderous Tiger Falls and Vasundhara Falls, you are never too far from the magic of these majestic cascades of water. Their plunge pools, charming cafes, and activities like boating, promise to keep you enthralled for hours. Read on to know more about the best waterfalls to see and other tips.
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Waterfalls in Rishikesh


Neer Garh Waterfall

Also known as ‘Neer Gaddu’, this is amongst the most visited waterfalls in Rishikesh. The route to the falls takes one through a charming and adventurous trail, filled with butterflies and wildflowers, surrounded by dense forests and down a cliff. The falls look beautiful as they gush down a rock face surrounded by greenery.

There are small wooden bridges built near the falls for people to admire the beauty of the place. Don’t miss to take a dip in the cool waters of the plunge pool below the falls and enjoy a cup of hot coffee and Tibetan food from the nearby cafes. There is an entry fee of Rs. 30 per person for the waterfall.

Location: Near Lakshman Jhoola, Rishikesh-Badrinath Highway. 

Best Time to visit: Post monsoon starting mid-September to November. 

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Garud Chatti Waterfalls

Considered to be one of the best natural attractions of Rishikesh, Garud Chatti Waterfall is quite a mesmerizing natural attraction. Though this waterfall is not huge, it makes up for it in its intriguing charm. The water drops from seven different levels down in misty curtains to a plunge pool, perfect for a cool refreshing dip.

Else, spend time near the rocks to admire the charm of the place and take photographs. This waterfall also has two ancient temples at both its ends. The falls start from the Garud Temple and end near the Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, close to Lakshman Jhoola. 

Location: Neelkanth Road, Rishikesh.

Best Time to visit: Post monsoon starting mid-September to November.

Patna Waterfall

Named after the Patna Village in Rishikesh and located in the midst of Rajaji National Park, this waterfall offers an escape into the beautiful nature away from the noise of the busy streets. The trails to the falls pass through the Rajaji Forest and are loved by adventure enthusiasts for its challenging gradient. Though this waterfall is not voluminous, especially in summers, its natural beauty is unsurpassed.

Its plunge pool surrounded by thick mossy greenery, fresh cool air, and sounds of chirping birds is a great place to spend time in the tranquillity of the dense forest. Also, don’t miss to explore the nearby limestone caves. Legend says that there is a hidden temple inside the caves, which has an idol of Lord Vishnu. With all this, it is definitely one of the best waterfalls in Rishikesh to be visited on your next travel. 

Location: Neelkanth Bridge Road, Patna, Uttarakhand. 

Best Time to visit: Post monsoon starting mid-September to November.

Phool Chatti Waterfall

Phool Chatti Waterfall, one of Rishikesh’s best-kept secrets, is absolutely mesmerising. The thundering curtains of water, hidden by dense thickets and cliffs, rushing down the cliffs present a beautiful sight. Phool Chatti falls, one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Rishikesh, are surrounded by greenery full of colourful flowers and birds.

A visit here offers a respite from the noise of the city. Spend time just soaking in the misty beauty of the place and clicking landscape photographs. The trek to the Phoolchatti falls is slippery and a little tricky in some places and it is best to take a guide along.  

Location: Neelkanth Temple Road, Phoolchatti, Rishikesh. 

Best Time to visit: Post monsoon starting mid-September to November.

Himshail Waterfall

Located in one of the calmest and most serene parts of Rishikesh, Himshail Waterfalls are your best bet when you want to rejuvenate and reconnect with yourself and nature. The rushing curtains of pearly white water surrounded by mossy greenery and flowers is an amazingly soothing sight. Due to the place’s quietude, it is visited by those who want to practice yoga and meditation surrounded by the calming sounds of water.

Take a long dip in the waters of the pool beneath or just feel the mist cooling you down as you sit on the nearby rocks. There is also an ancient cave near the falls, which according to legend was used by the sage Tat Baba to pray and meditate. 

Location: Rishikul Yogshala Road, Swarg Ashram, Rishikesh. 

Best Time to visit: Post monsoon starting mid-September to November.

Waterfalls Near Rishikesh


Bhatta Falls (71 Km from Rishikesh)

Lying in the picturesque Mussoorie, Bhatta Falls are ranked top amongst the most charming waterfalls near Rishikesh. This 30 ft. fall is nestled amidst steep rocks and trees abundant with colourful birds. People love to cool themselves in the freshwater here and spend a day picnicking with friends and family.

There is a nearby Children’s Park, which has swings and sand pits for children to enjoy. Also, don’t miss to ride the ropeway that connects Bhatta Village to the falls and offers a bird’s eye view of the stunning natural scenery. Else, you can opt for a shared cab or self-drive. There are even some local food shops nearby that offer steaming cups of coffee and delicious snacks.  

Distance from Rishikesh: Approximately 71 Km

Best time to visit: Post monsoon starting mid-September to November.
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Kempty Falls (93 Km from Rishikesh)

These towering 50 ft. falls are one of the most popular places near Rishikesh. The name Kempty is  derived from ‘camping and tea-party’. This popular British-era place now ranks top amongst the must-visit places in the area. Kempty Falls is a pair of two rushing cascades of water one over the other.

The falls, surrounded by greenery & the lively chatter of tourists, is a great place to spend time at. The huge plunge pools here offer a respite from the heat and are great for bathing & swimming. Don’t miss to try boating at the nearby pond. There are also numerous shops around the falls that sell knick-knacks, hot cups of coffee, and snacks. 

Distance from Rishikesh: Approximately 93 km

Best time to visit: During the summer months from June to October.
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Tiger falls (153 Km from Rishikesh)

Located in Chakrata near Dehradun, Tiger Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in India. Nestled amidst the rustic wilderness and untouched beauty, they offer a secluded soothing respite from the chaos of the busier tourist places. They are reachable after a 5-kilometre long trek, which takes one through charming villages, paddy fields, cliffs and views of snow-capped mountains in the backdrop.

One can even hear the rush of the water long before the falls make themselves visible. Enjoy a long relaxing dip in the plunge pool or just soak in the views as you listen to the thundering yet calming sounds of the water falling. 

Distance from Rishikesh: Approximately 153 Km

Best time to visit: Post monsoon starting mid-September to November.

Corbett Falls (213 Km from Rishikesh)

One of the best places to spend camping surrounded by the serenity of nature, these are amongst the most beautiful waterfalls near Rishikesh. Located near the Corbett National Park, they are still unspoiled by crowds. It is an amazing sight to see cool glassy waters thundering down to the rocks from a height of around 65 ft.

The vast lush areas around the falls offer a great spot for spending a day picnicking with your friends as you are surrounded by the sounds of birds and the breeze rustling through the trees. To reach, you can either trek for 3 kilometers from Kaladhungi or take a shared cab. 

Distance from Rishikesh: Approximately 213 Km

Best time to visit: January to May, and October to December. 

Vasudhara Falls (300 Km from Rishikesh)

Located in the holy city of Badrinath, this gigantic 400 ft. waterfall is one of the most alluring places to visit near Rishikesh. Since the falls are reachable after a difficult trek starting from Mana Village, not many people visit the place, making it one of the most secluded and serene waterfalls near Rishikesh.

Spending time near the thundering sounds of water amidst the rugged mountainous terrain, sharp cliffs, and lush greenery is sure to make your visit memorable. Spend time soaking in the cool mists of water as you are enveloped in crisp breeze and pristine surroundings.  

Distance from Rishikesh: Approximately 300 Km

Best time to visit: The falls are approachable only when the Badrinath Temple is open for the public from mid-May to November. 
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"Nestled in the midst of 9 hills offers breathtaking views of the Ganges. The camping experience is great. Hospitable staff. Food is decent. Weather is great. Its a little far off and drive might be a bit tiring considering lot of stoppages in the road up here due to road construction. If you expect it to be along the river on a beach then you shall be disappointed. In fact its located at a steep height from the road and for guys from the plains it shall be a pretty steep climb of 50 odd steps with luggage. For the price it offers a lovely memory. "
31 August 2019
Camp located around hills which gave such a amazing view.. Gaurav and staff was so good..and so helpful and make us comfort so we can enjoy our full. Food, camp, cleaning and view all are amazing.. Thank you guyz..the camping was unforgettable for me and my friends..
25 June 2015
The trekking experience was fine and good. To be honest, the trek was really good. We had a great time. It was one of the really nice treks that I have had.
13 June 2015
We were hoping to feel tired and worn out but surprisingly despite the tough trek it was nice and enjoyable and we were with high energy levels even after the trek. This was definitely a nice trekking experience. We had some great memories to take back home and share. I really loved the whole travel too as it was a road trip for us.
10 April 2015
I am out of words. This was a great trekking in Uttarakhand. The place is splendid and classy beauty. This is what a perfect vacation looks like.
Overall it was a nice experience at the camp. The members were supportive & cordial. The foods were tasty & good too. But the reception needed to improve soon as we reached Rishikesh for rafting.
26 February 2021
The operator has enjoyed monopoly in India in bungee jumping for more than a decade now and truly deserves the same because of their world class infrastructure, equipment and trained staff. As for the activity, it is so thrilling in itself that gives the person a lifelong bragging right. The only suggestion I want to give to the operator is to manage the jumps of their guests on a strict first come first serve basis using a token number or something like that to avoid arguments among the guests at the jumping site.
08 February 2021
It was an awesome experience overall. We went through the picturesque canal road and reached there. The camphouse was huge and the best part was that we were the only one there. The food is one of the best we've had in the Himalayas and I have visited the entire himachal. The breeze, the river view and pool are best. They took us to a nice small trek in the evening. Easy access to activities also. Service wise also these guys are the best, they let us connect our phone to the speakers for our music. Tents of nice qualities. Amazing time we had there.
15 January 2021
Had a great experiance. We did trekking, rafting, bonfire and the place, view was really nice.
Amazing experience. Has a great view of Ganges, surrounded by hills. The drive from Rishikesh isn't that great because of ongoing road construction plus reaching the campsite itself would be a small trek for some people. Great staff, good food. I traveled solo, met an amazing family there, so all in all it was a fun trip.

People Also Ask About Rishikesh

  1. How do I get from Rishikesh to Neer Garh waterfall?

    Neer Garh Falls lie around 5 kilometres from Lakshman Jhoola. If you like to trek, the hike will take around 30 minutes and will take you through dense forests and cliffy areas. Alternatively, you can opt to drive yourself, hire a private cab or share a taxi. By road, it will take you around 15 minutes to reach.
  2. How can I go to Patna waterfall?

    Patna Waterfalls are located around 6.5 kilometres from Lakshman Jhoola in the Patna Village. You can trek from Lakshman Jhoola, which will take you around a kilometre into Rajaji National Park. Else, you can opt to self-drive or share a cab with others.
  3. How can I reach Phool Chatti waterfall in Rishikesh?

    To reach Phool Chatti Waterfall, you will have to trek a distance of 4.5 KM. The trek for the waterfall starts from Garuda Temple, which is 4 KM away from the Lakshman Jhula. Reaching Garuda temple from Lakshman Jhula is easy and one can easily cover this distance on foot. Reaching Lakshman Jhula from the centre of city is not a problem as you can easily find many local transportation facilities and can easily proceed towards your trek.
  4. What is the best time to visit Neer Garh waterfall?

    Mid September to November is considered to be the best time to visit Neer Garh Waterfall. Around this time, the monsoon comes to an end thus filling the waterfall with lush water streams. Around this time, you can easily enjoy the views of wild flowers growing along the track and click some beautiful pictures around the wooden bridges.
  5. What is the best time to visit Garud Chatti waterfall?

    Visit Garud Chatti Post Monsoon and enjoy a fun filled trek while marvelling the views surrounding you. Around Mid - September to November, the weather here remains pleasant and temperature stays somewhere around 25 degrees making it the best time for you to take a dip in its huge pools and thundering water streams.
  6. What is the distance between Triveni Ghat and Neer Garh Waterfall?

    The distance between Triveni Ghat and Neer Garh Waterfall is about 9.1 KM which can be covered in 30 - 40 minutes if you take National Highway 7. This whole path will go through Ram Jhula, Khara Short Bridge and Madhuban Ashram. The distance can be covered either by taking a local transport or hiring a four wheeler.

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