20 Places to Visit near Nagpur - 2024 Updated With Distance

Tourist Places near Nagpur

Sanchi, Kanha National Park, Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Bhimbetka, Pench National Park, Pachmarhi, Lonar, Waki Woods, Chikhaldara, Khekranala and many more.

From a plethora of lakes and wildlife sanctuaries to a multitude of temples and historical monuments, there is a huge number of amazing places to visit near Nagpur. No matter if you are searching for a nice picnic spot for a family get together or are looking for some good pilgrimage sites to seek the blessings of the almighty, be sure that the options are not limited. There is ample amount of alluring places to visit around Nagpur and each place is sure to offer you a significantly unforgettable experience.

The breathtaking national parks like Pench National Park and Tadoba National Park can let you witness the beautiful biodiversity of the country. The serene religious sites like Ramtek and Sanchi can let you seek blessings from the almighty and connect to spirituality. The majestic historical places like Bhimbetka and Ajanta-Ellora Caves will offer you an excellent insight about the glorious history of Nagpur and its surrounding areas. The spellbinding picnic spots like Waki Woods and Lonar can make for great destinations to spend a nice time with your family and friends in the wilderness.

Here are some of the best places to visit near Nagpur:

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Sanchi, the pride of Madhya Pradesh is home to several Buddhist temples, stupas, monasteries and the Ashokan Pillar has received the UNESCO World Heritage site status for the Mahastupa which is one of the oldest stone structures in India dating back to the 2nd century.

The four gateways also referred to as the Toranas are heavily embellished with intricate stone art.  Intricate carvings from the life of Buddha and his followers, important relics of Buddha, Emperor Ashoka’s childhood and the art and history of the Mauryan period have been displayed throughout Sanchi.

Distance from Nagpur: Approximately 400kms via NH47 and NH46.

Attractions: Sanchi Stupa, Mahastupa, Udaygiri caves, Gupta temple, ASI Museum and Chaiyta Vihar.


Kanha National Park

One of the famous Tiger reserves and the largest National park of India is situated at the heart of our country which was Rudyard Kipling’s inspiration for his famous literature, The Jungle Book.

Kanha tiger reserve takes pride in preserving the rare and exotic animals of India like the Royal Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, Sloth bear, Bara Singha and Indian wild dog in their natural habitat.

The authorities have marked it into 4 zones, Kanha, Kisli, Sarha and Mukki along with 3 other buffer zones, Khatia, Sijhora and Khapa which can be accessed by tourists for Jungle Safari.

Distance from Nagpur: 260km via NH44 which takes close to 5.5hours.

Attractions: Jungle Safari at Kanha Tiger reserve, Stay at Kanha National Park and Kanha Museum.


Ajanta and Ellora Caves

Ajanta and Ellora caves of Aurangabad are very popular places to visit near Nagpur and have also made their way to the UNESCO world heritage sites famous for its rock cut sculptures.

The 30 rock-cut caves of Ajanta built in the 2nd century are basically masterpieces of Buddhist religious art which later influenced Indian art and culture. The paintings on the caves depict lives and rebirths of the Buddha inspired from the Jatakamala along with other Buddhist deities.

The jaw-dropping Ellora caves will keep you enamoured for it is the largest rock-cut monastery temple cave complex in the world featuring Hindu, Jain and Buddhist philosophies.

Distance from Nagpur: 412km, which takes approximately 9 hours by road.

Attractions: Ajanta Caves, Kailasanatha temple, Buddhist caves, Ellora Caves, Grishneshwar temple, Jain caves and Aurangabad cave.



The unique rock shelters of Bhimbetka is an interesting place to visit as it has a rich history which dates back to the prehistoric era. Excavated by Dr Vishnu Wakankar in 1957, the 500 caves amidst lush green forest area have paintings done by ancient men to communicate with each other.

A few paintings are said to be as old as 30,000 years old is a testimony to prehistoric mankind and their lifestyle. Out of the 500, only 12 caves are open to the public for witnessing the vivid paintings done with natural colours.

Distance from Nagpur: 312km via NH46 and NH47 and takes close to 6 hours to reach.

Attractions: The rock caves, Hoshangabad and Bhojpur.


Pench National Park

Image Credit : www.penchnationalpark.com

This National Park in Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhyapradesh must feature in the list of places to visit near Nagpur due to its sprawling greenery spread across 758 Sq Km offering the finest Wildlife experience.

The National park is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, Wild boar, Sloth bear, striped bear, gaur, antelope, Indian wolf and a host of other flora and fauna. A jungle safari during the winters along the meandering path is an exhilarating experience to indulge in.

For a cosy and a comfortable stay, there are numerous hotels and resorts in and around Pench National Park offering breathtaking views of wilderness around.

Distance from Nagpur: 100km via NH44 and takes 2 hours to reach.

Attractions: Jeep Safari, Elephant safari, Bird watching and Rookhad Wildlife sanctuary also referred to as the Bison Sanctuary.



Pachmarhi, also referred to as the queen of Satpura in Hoshangabad district stands tall with all its glory embellished with several waterfalls, caves from the Buddhist era and tons of history tucked within.

The tallest hill station has featured in the list of UNESCO Biosphere reserve for its rich flora and fauna. Locals believe that the 5 Pandavas of Mahabharata had stayed in the caves of Pachmarhi during their exile.

Distance from Nagpur: 227km via Chhindwara road and takes approximately 2 hours to reach.

Attractions: Rajat prapat waterfalls, Pandava caves, Jatashankar caves, Dhoopgarh, Satpura National park, Hando Kho, Chota Mahadeo, Churches and Chauragarh temple.



Lonar lake was believed to have been taken shape from a crater formed some 50,000 years ago due to the collision of a meteorite. This mesmerizingly beautiful lake which is 6000 feet wide and 500 feet deep is an important site for scientific research and educational importance.

The only saltwater lake on the basaltic rock in the world looks magnificent, especially during the monsoons surrounded by greenery. Nestled between dainty hills all around, Lonar Lake looks like a priceless green jade with the natural abundance that is unmatched.

Distance from Nagpur: 350km and takes 7 hours to reach.

Attractions: Lonar Lake, Gomukh temple, Kamalja temple, Shankar Ganesh temple and Daitya Sudan temple

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The spellbinding marble rocks alongside the Narmada, creates magic especially on moonlight nights, where the entire area gets dramatic with its natural beauty and flawless setting.

Bhedaghat has stood the testimony of time and archaeologists have found Dinosaur eggs in several ghats of this interesting place. A boat ride on the serene Narmada surrounded by white marble rocks will transport one back to a tranquil space.

The 10th-century temple of goddess Durga at the Chaunsath Yogini Temple adds to the mystic beauty of this place.

Distance from Nagpur: 280 km via NH34 and NH44 and takes a little more than 2.5 hours to reach.

Attractions: Marble rocks, Chaunsath Yogini Temple, Banda Kudni and Dhuandhar Falls.

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The holy town of Ramtek is believed to be a halting-place of Lord Rams along with Lakshman and Sita from the Ramayana, thus making it a pilgrimage places to visit near Nagpur.

The Vakatakas also happened to reign this place during the 2nd to the 4th century, thus the town is adorned with several edifices and beautiful structure of relevance. Ramtek is thus a destination of choice for both history lovers and pilgrims making it a hotspot during the weekends.

Ramtek is dotted with hillocks, breathtaking lakes and temples done up in Hemadpanthi architecture making it picturesque.

Distance from Nagpur: 56km via NH44 and takes a little above 1hour to reach.

Attractions: Ram-Laxman temple, Kapur Bawli, Shantinath Atishaya Khestra, Ram Temple, Khindsi lake, Ramtek Dham, Sur river and Kamthikhairy Dam.

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One of the largest and oldest National parks of India, Tadoba National park is just 3hours away from Nagpur. Tadoba-Andhari Tiger reserve attracts a lot many visitors round the year due to its wide variety of flora and fauna making it a destination of choice amongst nature lovers.

Besides the 40 plus tigers residing in the forest, it is home to leopard, sloth bear, Gaur, Sambar, Barking deer, flying squirrel and a host of many exotic animals and birds.

Distance from Nagpur: 146km via NH44 and takes 3 hours to reach.

Attractions: Tadoba National Park, Tadoba Lake, Tadoba-Andhari Tiger reserve, Moharli and Kolsa.

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If you are looking for places to visit near Nagpur for adventure and some fun-filled moments, your next short trip should be at Khekranala nestled on Chhindwara road near Khapa. Tourists are often attracted by the tranquil lake and the Dam which is enveloped by dense green forest area.

It is an ideal setting for nature lovers and adventure seekers for trekking, camping and nature trails making it a destination of choice, especially during the weekends or even for a picnic with family and friends.

Distance from Nagpur: 56km via NH47 and takes close to 1.5 hours to reach.

Attractions: Khekranala Dam and Shiv Temple in a naturally built cave.



The only coffee growing region in Maharashtra, Chikaldhara boasts of serene lakes, acres of coffee plantation, cascading waterfalls, forts and a rich reservoir of flora and fauna tucked in the dense forests. Chikaldhara is an extremely picturesque location dotted with the gifts of mother nature abundantly.

The place is also of historical relevance tucked into the many bricks of the forts like Narnala, Teliagarh and Zafragarh situated on the hills of Satpura.

Distance from Nagpur: 231km and a drive down the Aurangabad Highway and takes 4.5hours.

Attractions: Bhimkund, Narnala Fort, Melghat tiger reserve, Muktagiri, Gwaligarh fort, Bir lake, Kalapani lake, Panchel point, Amner fort, Gugamal national park and museum.

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Waki Woods

Scouting for places to visit near Nagpur for a break from the monotonous city life? Your search ends at Waki woods, where nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts flock in huge numbers to witness the beauty of the woods.

Trekking, boating, archery, bird watching, photography, village walks, picnics are a few of the activities here to be one with nature and experience the wonders of the place. In the last few years, Ecotourism in this area has evolved manifolds providing eco-stays and sustainable accommodation for visitors.

Distance from Nagpur: 33km by road.

Attractions: Waki River and Waki Taj Darbaar.

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Nestled atop a tiny hillock is the shrine of Lord Ganapati in all his glory. A small trek of 100 metres takes one to the shrine to offer prayers to the elephant god. A 360-degree bird’s eye view from the hillock offers a splendid landscape of the region.

The major attraction is towards the eight Ashtavinayak Ganapati Temple standing tall with a looming magnitude. Visitors also spend a day with family and friends gathered at the various picnic spots close by.

Distance from Nagpur: 40km via NH47 and takes less than an hour.

Attractions: Adasa Ganapati Temple and other temples.


Amba Khori

Planning for a picnic during the weekend? Amba Khori is one of those hidden places to visit near Nagpur  where locals come in hordes to spend some soulful moments on the lap of nature.

Situated on the banks of river Pench, one can spend hours just in awe of mother nature and her splendid beauty. Several Bollywood movies have been shot here amidst this exotic location with irresistible charm. The flowing water of Pench just adds to the serenity of this place enveloped in various hues of green.

Distance from Nagpur: 1078km and takes a hectic 21 hours to reach.

Attractions: Totladoh Lake Dam, Meghdoot reservoir



Located in Telangana as its second-largest district, this erstwhile royal place gets its name from Yusuf Adil Shah, the ruler of Bijapur. This offbeat destination, perfect for nature lovers and heritage aficionados, is a beautiful juxtaposition of scenic natural beauty, historical grandeur, ancient crafts, stunning Mughal, and Maratha-style architecture and customs.

Distance from Nagpur: Approximately 196 kilometres.

Attractions: Visit the beautiful waterfalls like Pochera and Kunthala. and Kawal and Sivaram Wildlife Sanctuary to spot tigers, panthers, wild boar, sloth bear, etc. 



One of the most important industrial and financial centres of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur is one of the most popular places to visit near Nagpur known for its natural and historical attractions. It is a common belief that this erstwhile British cantonment area is the birthplace of the game snooker. Jabalpur is a great place to see the festivals and customs of several Indian communities like Marwaris, Sindhis, Marathis, Gonds, etc.

Distance from Nagpur:
Approximately 274 kilometres.

The major attraction here is the almost 100-ft Marble Rocks at Bhedaghat that jut out of the Narmada waters and the Balancing Rocks that defy gravity andTake a cable car ride at the massive Dhuandhar waterfall and see the 11th-century Madan Mahal Fort. 



Located on the banks of the River Tapti, the historical city of Burhanpur dates back to 753 AD and is amongst the most intriguing places to visit around Nagpur. Changing hands between the Mughals, Marathas, and finally, the British has left an indelible mark on its architectural landscape and can be seen in its beautiful gardens, palaces, and hammams. This is the place where Shah Jahan’s wife Mumtaz Mahal died and it was here that the inspiration for building the Taj Mahal was born.

Distance from Nagpur: Approximately 274 kilometres.

Attractions: The Mughal-era Shahi Qilla for its Persian-style hammam where Mumtaz Mahal died, intricate paintings, and majestic courtyards.


Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary

The perfect place for people who love the wilderness of nature and exotic wildlife, this sanctuary is located in Vidarbha’s Chandrapur District and is one of the most scenic places to visit around Nagpur. Its unique landscape comprises wetlands formed by the Park Kota and Pamalgautam rivers, grasslands, and thick forests of bamboo, mango, and Jamun trees. An erstwhile hunting ground for the British it is now an important natural reserve for a variety of species of animals and birds.

Distance from Nagpur: Approximately 234 kilometers.

Attractions: Spot exotic wildlife like leopards, wild boar, sloth bear, flying squirrel, etc. and See the settlements of Gond-Madia tribes around the sanctuary who depend on the forests for their survival. Enjoy a night stay amidst the wilderness at the sanctuary’s forest rest house.  


Dhapewada is the exact place that houses the famous Vithoba Temple where people visit very often. Lying peacefully on the banks of River Chandrabhaga, this picnic spot is very close to Ramtek hill. Once people bow their respects before the holy shrines, they move to Khindsi Lake nearby to spend some passive time by the quaint water.

Activities: Water sports

How to reach: There are regular state bus transports available from Nagpur, or you can drive down to cover this distance of 36km.

Best time to Visit: October to March

People Also Ask About Nagpur

  1. Which are the popular one-day picnic spots near Nagpur?

    1. Ramtek: Perfect for a daylong picnic, Ramtek amazes you with its lush hills, beautiful lakes, and centuries-old temples. The top attraction here is the 600-year-old Rama Dham where Kalidasa is said to have written the epic Meghdoot and the beautiful Totladoh waterfall for a fun picnic lunch.

    2. Khekranala: One of the best picnic spots near Nagpur, this is a picturesque dam site surrounded by the Khapa hill ranges and a calm lake. The lush greenery and several rugged trails make Khekranala the perfect picnic place for adventure and nature lovers.

    3. Amba Khori: A picnic near a waterfall makes it even more fun. Amba Khori, located amidst lush greenery and close to the Pench River, is a great place to spend the whole day with your friends. You can enjoy long swimming sessions and picnic lunches near the beautiful plunge pool here.

    4. Adoni Fort: A must-visit with your family, Adoni Fort is one of the largest forts in the country. This 14th-century fort, built during the Vijayanagar regime, has walls as long as 50 kilometres is a collection of 12 small forts and one can see the ruins of a temple, a dargah, a mosque, and a water body. 

    5. Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary: An exciting place for the entire family to explore the lush beauty of nature and wildlife like tigers, panthers, gaurs, giant flying squirrels, Indian rock python, cobras, etc. The sanctuary has several watchtowers, watch cabins, and a small museum inside. 

    6. Japanese Rose Garden: Spend the whole day with your family at this great picnic spot surrounded by thousands of roses, plants, and well-maintained promenades. This is a great place to enjoy picnic meals and games in the beautiful shaded spots here.

  2. Which are the best hill stations near Nagpur for a weekend trip?

    1. Chikhaldara: One of the best hill stations near Nagpur, this place even finds a mention in the Mahabharata and is the only coffee-growing area in Maharashtra. Visit the Gugamal National Park to see tigers, sloth bears, and birds, Bir Lake for a picnic, and forts like Gwaligarh and Muktagiri.

    2. Igatpuri: This stunning hillside escape, surrounded by the Sahyadris, is most loved for its dense foliage, misty valleys, and beautiful trails. Visit the Camel Valley dotted with 5 waterfalls, the highest peak in Maharashtra Kalsubai Peak, and see panoramic views of the place from Tringalwadi Fort.

    3. Bhandardara: This riverside hillside resort village is tucked amidst the majestic Sahyadris and is famous for stunning attractions like the Arthur lake, Umbrella & Randha Falls, Kalsubai Temple, Ratangad Fort, etc.

    4. Jawhar: Cool misty weather, dense vegetation, and natural attractions like Damdara Dam, Dabdaba waterfall, Sunset Point, etc. Don’t miss to see the majestic Bharatgad Fort, Jai Vilas Palace, and the 3rd-century Maratha empire landmark Shirpamal.

  3. Which are the best resorts near Nagpur for a one day picnic?

    1. Tuli Veer Bagh Resort: The resort’s outdoor pool, picnic spots in the garden, and activities like fishing and cycling make it one of the best resorts to enjoy a day out with your family. The resort also offers delicious home-cooked meals from its on-property restaurant.

    2. Le Meridien: Le Meridien promises the luxury synonymous with the Marriott brand by offering amenities that keep the whole family engaged. It has a fully-equipped fitness centre, an infinity pool, and 5 restaurants and bars. The resort also offers a spa that offers holistic wellness treatments, perfect for rounding off the day.

    3. Treebo Trend Chalets: This family-friendly budget resort is perfect for bigger groups travelling together. It offers a sun terrace perfect for playing card games and enjoying a cup of coffee together along with indoor games, excursions, and sightseeing facilities.

  4. Which are the tourist places near Nagpur within 200 km?

    1. Lonar: Lonar Lake is the only saltwater lake that took shape from a 50,000 years old crater on the basaltic rock. It looks magnificent especially during the monsoons as the place appears to be a green jade with all its natural abundance and small hills all around.

    2. Bhedaghat: The spellbinding marble rocks jutting out alongside river Narmada look breathtakingly beautiful during the moonlight nights. You must visit the entire area for the flawless setting and natural beauty it has. You will also find the 10-th century Goddess Durga temple of Chausath Yogini that adds to the place’s mystic beauty.

    3. Ajanta and Ellora Caves: If architecture and history enamor you then you cannot miss visiting the largest rock-cut monastery cave temple complex of the Ellora Caves. Aurangabad’s Ajanta and Ellora caves are world heritage sites of UNESCO and supremely popular for their rock-cut sculptures, and cave paintings depicting Buddha’s rebirths.

    4. Sanchi Stupa: Approximately a few kilometers away the site of Nagpur are India’s oldest stone structures, Mahastupa, and Ashokan Pillar that date back to the second century. This site has also attained the status of UNESCO’s world heritage. You will be amazed by the intricately embellished gateways replete with stone art called the Toranas.

    5. Chikhaldara: Maharashtra’s only coffee growing region has to be Chikhaldara that also boasts of forts, cascading waterfalls, acres of coffee plantation, and serene lakes. This picturesque location is replete with Mother Nature’s gifts that include a wide variety of flora and fauna. You must visit the Narnala Fort, Bir Lake and Bhimkund here.
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