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About Western Ghats Hiking Coorg

Love hiking? There is no better place than the Western Ghats that houses one of the highest peaks and most stellar peaks! With every inch that you trace, you will be welcomed with a sense of fresh air and breathtaking beauties. Make sure that you pull out your best trekking boots as some the trails like the Tadiandamol can be really challenging.

The wide collection of vantage points like the Kumara Parvatha View Point, Iruppu Falls Trek offer the best views of nature that will melt your heart away!. Keeping yourself hydrated and carrying the basic travel things is a must. 

Best Time to Visit Western Ghats Hiking Coorg

The best time to explore the Western Ghats and its vicinities is the month of October.  These are the months right after the monsoons when the lands are rejuvenated and turn up wonderful.

While in the few regions namely Kotebetta, Brahmagiri the temperature ranges between 10 to 15 degrees celsius, in other regions like  Kumara Parvatha View Point it dips down to the freezing temperatures. 

Places to Visit and Things to Do in & near Western Ghats Hiking Coorg

1. Tadiandamol

Nestled at a height of 5,735 feet up the ground level, Tadiandamol is the third highest peak in Karnataka and showcases the dramatic manifestations of nature. In the deeper portions is the Kakkabe town that serves as the base camp of the trek and then the entire trek loop is about 4.5 km long.

Whether you are planning a nature retreat or are looking for an astounding camping place where you can even quench your thirst for a trekking adventure, Tadiandamol is the apt place for you. It is encircled by the majestic Western Ghats and displays variants of plants and fauna. The most captivating fact about the trek is that the route is brimming with misty flora, which will give you a feel of the pathway to heaven!

Location: Kodagu district, Karnataka, India

24 hours open for all

Trek cost starting from INR 3,000.

2. Kumara Parvatha View Point 

Extending the paradisical views of the Western Ghats the Kumara Parvatha is the second highest peak of Karnataka and is a true delight for the trekkers and nature buffs alike. The route is packed with dense forests and water brooklets that make the environment even more beautiful.

On the route, you will come across a variety of reptiles and vibrant coloured birds that will add up to your memorable experience. Though some of the stretches of the trail are quite strenuous, others are just a child’s play. The altitude of the peak is about 1,712 meters and is pretty much doable for all kinds of trekkers.

The circuit of the trek is approximately 13 km that will take 8 to 10 hours to complete. The entire efforts of the hike will pay off at the summit and that’s what makes it a great relaxing spot.

Location: Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka

8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Trip cost about INR 3,000 per person.

3.Iruppu Falls Trek

Descending down from the Brahmagiri peak the Iruppu Waterfalls is also named as the Lakshmana Tirtha Fall. The name is derived from the tributary of Kaveri and offers a blissful landscape of nature. Apparently, the waterfall even has religious significance and it is considered that the water of the fall is holy and is a great place to let off all your sins.

With the onset of monsoons, the water level of the fall rises up and the environs turn even more green that add up to its charm. On the route of the falls, you can even witness the Shiva temple that is right on the banks of the river.  If you are a beginner and are looking for a small escape then the Iruppu Falls Trek is a great spot.

Location: Brahmagiri range, Kurchi, Karnataka 571250

8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Trek cost about INR 1,000 onwards.

4. Galibeedu-Subramanya Trek

Another one-day trekking destination of the Western Ghats is the Galibeedu-Subramanya Trek that is revered by a number of tourists every year. The trekking trail is about 14 km long and one can witness the surreal vistas en-route. Apart from this, the route is dotted with tiny brooklets, beautiful meadows, and trails of lush green plantations that home a variety of fauna.

The beginning stretch of the trek is quite simple but as it goes higher, it gets steep which is not that simple. The peak is even famed as the Scotland of Coorg because of the views it offers!

Location: Galibeedu, Madikeri

24 hours open

Trip cost starting from INR 3,200 per person

5. Kotebetta Trek

Settled at an altitude of 5,400 ft above the ground, the Kotebetta Trek is one of the easiest treks for beginners. It is the third highest peak in the Western Ghats and is located close to Madikeri. The word Kotebetta means “Fort Hill '' in Kannada and the locals believe that the Pandavas used this hill during their exiles.

On the trek route, you will come across the stone-built caves, greenery, and an ancient Lord Shiva temple that is revered by the devotees. The trek circuit is about 10 km long and could be traced within a day.  So if you are looking for a weekend escape then there is no better option than this!

Location: Kotebetta, Brahmagiri, Madikeri, Karnataka.

24 hours open

Trek cost about INR 3,200 per person

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