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A hill station in the heights of Western Ghats of India, Sakleshpur is a small town located in the state of Karnataka. Famous for being surrounded by a surprising number of plantations of coffee, tea and spices, Sakleshpur’s economy thrives on these. Apart from that, with the recent development in the tourism happening around the town, places to visit in Sakleshpur have recently gathered a lot of fame for themselves because of their beauty and the kind of experiences that they harbour, both of which are unparalleled. 

Easily connected with Major cities like Bangalore and Mangalore, Sakleshpur has a bounty of beautiful places to see, both manmade and nature’s gifts. A prime example of that is the ages-old Manjarabad Fort constructed in the form of a star, which is also one of the prime tourist places in Sakleshpur. But that is not the only one, the list of names goes on and on as to where you should go to see Sakleshpur treating you with its best views of natural beauty, sometimes mingling with the manmade structures. 

The 600 year old Sakleshwara temple that sits on the river Hemavathi’s banks is a piece of fine craftsmanship in surroundings that are meant to take your breath away. And taking your breath away brings to mind the Bisle View Point, offering a panoramic view of the region and hills around, as well as the rainforests of the area. You can see as far away as the Pushpagiri, Dodda Betta and Kumara Parvatha Hills.

And no, the hill station is not just about the sights as there is a long list of things to do in Sakleshpur. The hill station knows how to live on the adventurous edge of life too. Sakleshpur is a heaven for trekking enthusiasts, and that is why this town has taken the definition of trekking to a whole new level by introducing something new like Railway Bridge Trekking. You can trek on the 52km long railway track (trek) between Sakleshpur and Kukke Subramanya road junction, which was closed down long ago. This unforgettable experience takes you through the scenes of at least 25 waterfalls.

And as far as the question of staying in Sakleshpur is concerned, nature stays in Sakleshpur are bound to take your breath away with their surroundings, features and comfort alongside the local hospitality that you will experience here. There is no one type in the places to stay in Sakleshpur and that is what makes it worth experiencing. So take your family, friends, or partner and come to Sakleshpur, and even if no one agrees, come solo. But do not think of missing out on so much fun.

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Sakleshpur Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Sakleshpur

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30 December 2015
The home stay was truly blissful and serene and we enjoyed this place a lot.
The place is so beautiful... Met a lot a nice people.. Staff was very helpful
Awesome trek and nature sightseeing, the trip was well-planned and well-managed by our trek leader, nice briefing session about the activity, the walk was very easy even kids too enjoyed the walk, the place is cover with the lush greenery of the amazing mountains, valleys, and plain. Beautiful waterfall and tremendous views. Both ascending and descending go right as expected.
To rent any vehicle from Thrillophilia is always hassle-free, This time we rent a bike the renting price was fair with smooth pickup and dropoff, the bike was in a perfect condition with no problem at all the entire journey
My friends and I have really enjoyed this camp. As on day time, both kids and adults indulge in various activities and at night we enjoyed the campfire with music and no-doubt the foods in this campsite were super delicious
19 October 2020
We had a great time being there and ambience is really breathtaking. I felt like I was in my home and Food was amazing.. Totally worth spending money. I would rather visit again myself along with family soon.
25 February 2020
Beautiful location.. enjoyed all the activities, especially the trekking trip was awesome. Food was also good and room was cleaned. Overall great experience.
We went for family picnic at this place, we were satisfied as there was excellent environment with clean rooms and helpful staff, we enjoyed the day here, the food was delicious and freshly prepared, the activities here is perfect for all age groups as my whole family was smiling on next day as we were returning back. Will definitely come next time. Highly recommended.
The evergreen forest and the unique charm of the hill stations are what makes this trek a worthwhile experience. We had enjoyed the two days we spent in Mother Nature. The trek was exciting while the views were breathtaking and it was so peaceful. We watched a lot of things in between the entire trek and spent some great time during camping.
Simply camp was truly superb, the location was nice and the accommodation was comfortable, the foods came from this camp kitchen was simply delicious, the facilities were great... the wifi connection was fast and the parking area was big and clean... the whole campsite was clean and well-maintained... Actually I really like trekking and nature-walk.... Beautiful place with plentiful sceneries.

How to Reach

  • By Air: You can reach Sakleshpur through all major cities in India and outside. The nearest airport is the Bajpe Airport (IXE) in Mangalore, which is at a distance of 101 kms from Sakleshpur. After getting off here, you can easily take a bus or book a cab to Sakleshpur. Flights can be availed on a regular basis from the Bajpe Airport.
  • By Rail: The nearest station is Sakleshpur (SKLR), located within the city. It is very well – connected to all major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, etc. via regular trains.
  • By Car/Bike: From Bangalore- Bangalore is situated at a distance of 223 kms from Sakleshpur. The fastest way to reach Sakleshpur from Bangalore is by making a small road trip in a car or a bike. The distance can be covered comfortably within 4 hours and 30 minutes.
  • From Chikmagalur- Located on the north side of Sakleshpur, Chikmagalur is a little above 60 kms away. If you are going by car or a bike, it should take you about an hour to reach your destination.
  • From Mysore- The distance from Mysore to Sakleshpur is about 151 kms which can be travelled within 3 hrs and 30minutes approximately if you are going by car or a bike. There are plenty of car rentals available and around travel, booking should cost you around Rs. 2100.
  • By Bus: From Bangalore- Buses ply regularly from Bangalore to Sakleshpur. A distance of 223 kms is usually covered in approximately 5 hours. You can opt for regular or Volvo buses and the fare is generally around Rs. 600.
  • From Chikmagalur- Though technically speaking, Chikmagalur is only a measly 41 kms from Sakleshpur, the curvature of the road makes the total travel distance a little more than 60 kms. The Government, as well as Private buses, can be easily booked at the bus stand. Most buses maintain a steady pace and cover the distance in 1 hour and 10 minutes.
  • From Mysore- Buses can be booked at the bus stand on the day of travel itself. Buses usually take about 3 hours to 3.5 hours to reach Sakleshpur.

Best Time To Visit

  • Tucked away in the soft green mountain ranges of the Western Ghats lies a serene hill station, in the state of Karnataka, called Sakleshpur. The long ranging slopes are covered in numerous tea and coffee plantations that boast of a pleasant and soothing weather all throughout the year.
  • This beautiful place is brimming with easy trails that take you through the well-known Bisle Reserve forest which is home to a few unique species of flora and fauna, including the Pagoda flower, also known as Rakta Pushp, which flowers only in the wet seasons of June and July.
  • November to April (Winter) - Known for its salubrious weather, Sakleshpur maintains a cool and misty climate all year round but we consider the best time to visit this cosy hill station is from November up until April, when humidity levels are low, making for a comfortable travel experience. But do keep in mind that peak seasons bring in crowds from in and around the area, so plan in advance and make prior hotel reservations for a hassle free trip.
  • June to August (Monsoon) - Alternatively, if you are die hard fan of the rainy season and do not mind the slightly clammy weather or a few puddles, you should totally plan your trip somewhere between June and August, the wettest months of the year. So if you have made peace with these two little problems and have finally arrived in Sakleshpur, the majestic hills will greet you with a picture – perfect, lush carpet of greenery making you forget all your troubles at once and the smell of coffee in the air will make you want to never leave this place.

People Also Ask About Sakleshpur

  1. Travel Advice

    • Karnataka is not a high rated crime state, but one must still opt for a certain level of care regarding cash and personal belongings.
    • While enjoying certain activities, make sure to take as good care of your fellow travellers as you would for yourself.
    • Opt for a stay in the beautiful resorts and homestays here. You can also avail for camps for a great night experience as well.
    • Stay away from strangers that act an extra level of friendly.
    • It is advisable that you carry all that you require and any items of personal nature as it is extremely difficult.
    • Make sure your valuables are kept somewhere safe, preferably at your place of stay before you leave for your sightseeing session.
    • It is advised to no go out in the night on your own. Also for a true experience of the beauty and hospitality of the area, avoid the consumption of alcohol or any intoxicants.
  2. What is the best time to visit Sakleshpur?

    Being a hill station, Sakleshpur in Karnataka has pleasant climatic conditions throughout the year. The greens keep the environment fresh and vibrant for tourists to visit in any month with an average temperature ranging around 22 to 23-degree celsius. Mid-May to October receives rainfall from the south ends with June being the wettest month that witnesses rainfall almost every day.

    Similarly, November to April barely receives any precipitation making these months dry. Sakleshpur holiday packages sell at peak during the months of October to March when the climate is dry, fresh and the region has no rainfall and thus, this period can be considered as the best time to visit Sakleshpur.

  3. Drinking Laws

    The legal age for drinking in Karnataka is 18 and above. Selling or serving alcohol to anyone below the age is illegal and punishable as a criminal offence.

  4. Where is Sakleshpur located? How far is Sakleshpur from Bangalore?

    Sakleshpur is located in the Hassan district of Karnataka. To reach here from Bangalore, the total distance that one has to travel is 221kms.

  5. What all should I carry while visiting Sakleshpur for a vacation?

    Things that you should carry while visiting Sakleshpur-

    • Backpack with board straps
    • Sunscreen/cap
    • Track pants
    • Full sleeve cotton t-shirt (to avoid getting sun burnt)
    • Torch (with extra batteries)
    • Raincoat/Poncho
    • Personal Medication
    • Necessary toiletries
    • Shoes with a good grip
    • Sweater/Jacket
    • Insect Repellent
    • Any item of personal nature
  6. Is Sakleshpur a good weekend getaway option from Bangalore?

    Definitely. With a wide variety of activities and attractions in Sakleshpur, it is a must visit over a weekend from Bangalore. It is a small hill station that you can easily cover over the duration of a weekend.

  7. What are the different activities one can do in Sakleshpur?

    If you are looking for some really amazing things to do in Sakleshpur, you are looking in the right place. With some of the most scenic and unique treks that you can find in the region, adventure is defined at these places-

    • Railway Bridge Trekking
    • Murkannu Gudda And Hadlu Waterfalls Trek
    • Ombattu Gudda Trekking
    • Bisle Ghat Trekking
    • Jenukal Gudda Trekking

    And speaking of spots for sightseeing and camping, Sakleshpur is famous for these places to visit

    • Manjarabad Fort, the star-shaped fort
    • Sakaleshwara Temple
    • Magajahalli waterfalls
    • Hadlu Waterfalls
    • Pandavar Gudda
    • Agni Gudda
    • Mookanamane waterfalls
    • Betta Bhairaveshwara Prasanna Temple, Mekanagadde – Maragunda

    Prasanna Rameshwara Temple, Devarunda

  8. What is the ideal duration for a holiday in Sakleshpur?

    For the best experience of the region, a weekend is more than enough for covering Sakleshpur on your holiday.

  9. What are some famous tourist attractions in Sakleshpur?

    Following are some of the most famous attractions in Sakleshpur that you must cover

    • Manjarabad Fort, the star shaped fort
    • Sakaleshwara Temple
    • Magajahalli waterfalls
    • Hadlu Waterfalls
    • Pandavar Gudda
    • Agni Gudda
    • Mookanamane waterfalls
    • Betta Bhairaveshwara Prasanna Temple, Mekanagadde – Maragunda
    • Prasanna Rameshwara Temple, Devarunda
    • Railway Bridge Trekking
    • Bisle Ghat Trekking
  10. What all trekking options we can find in Sakleshpur? Is it a safe destination for trekkers?

    One of the best things to do in Sakleshpur is to take on the beautiful treks in the hills and evergreen forests of this place. Following are some names that you must definitely try your hand at-

    • Railway Bridge Trekking
    • Bisle Ghat Trekking
    • Ombattu Gudda Trekking
    • Murkannu Gudda And Hadlu Waterfalls Trek
    • Jenukal Gudda Trekking

    Yes, Sakleshpur is a really safe destination for trekkers, with all the standard precautions that one must take while trekking.

  11. Which are some famous places to stay in Sakleshpur?

    Like any destination in the naturally beautiful region of western ghats, the best options of stay in Sakleshpur are the resorts, homestays and camps, all of which, you must try your hand at. Following resorts are some of the best

    • Stone Valley Resort
    • The Hills Resort
    • Jenukallu Resort
    • Baalecool Nature Resort
    • Eka Resort

    Some good example of Homestays here are-

    • Kesinamane Homestay
    • Stream Edge Homestay
    • Kadumakki Homestay
    • Brindavan Homestay
    • Ashirwad Estate and Homestay

    And if you wish to camp in the nature, you can try to pitch your tent here-

    • Farmer’s Son Camping Ground
    • Eka Resort
    • Stream Edge Homestay
    • Jenukallu Resort
  12. Which are some good homestays options in Sakleshpur?

    Homestays are the perfect option of staying in a destination that is famous for the loving and caring people and their hospitality, and Sakleshpur is no exception there. Following Homestays are some of the few that you shouldn’t miss-

    • Kesinamane Homestay
    • Stream Edge Homestay
    • Kadumakki Homestay
    • Brindavan Homestay
    • Ashirwad Estate and Homestay
    • Sirimane Homestay
    • JappadhKallu Homestay
    • Koffeewoods Homestay
  13. Which all restaurants are must to visit to taste local cuisines of Sakleshpur?

    To enjoy the local taste of Sakleshpur, which is famous for the nearby Coffee, Tea and Spice plantations, you must definitely be hitting these places

    • Nyritvilla Homestay in sakleshpur
    • Ossoor Vegetarian Restaurant
    • Mythri Restaurant
    • Surabhi's Nx
    • Imperial Heritage
  14. How to deal with any medical emergency we might face in Sakleshpur? Are there any good hospital?

    Medical Emergencies can arrive anytime. And the first thing is to maintain your calm. Panicking will only worsen the situation. And for a quick opinion and treatment, visit one of these hospitals and health centers

    • Shrinivasa Nursing Home
    • Crawford Hospital
    • Karnataka Clinic