15 Places to Visit in Brisbane, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Places to See in Brisbane

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Roma Street Parkland, Glass House Mountains, City Botanic Gardens, Story Bridge, Wheel Of Brisbane, Museum of Brisbane, Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland Gallery of Modern Art,  South Bank Brisbane and many more.

Boasting with a rich history and cultural heritage there are several beautiful places to visit in Brisbane which is the capital of Queensland. The city is cluttered with some of the modern architectural marvels like the Museum of Brisbane, Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, and the Nepalese Peace Pagoda where you witness a combination of tranquility & stellar architectural styles. To keep the excitement up for the visitors this capital city also features some of the best museums, wildlife sanctuaries, and adventure parks.

Apart from these, the Brisbane tourist attractions also include the awe-inspiring Brisbane Botanic Gardens which is dotted with beautiful collections of flora in themed gardens, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary where you can enjoy feeding sessions with Koalas, and various others. With its wide platter of amazing places to see in Brisbane, it is one of the most visited destinations in Australia. Something that you must not miss out on is the Brisbane River as the views extend paradisiacal views and is the most soothing site of the city.  

Here is the list of best places to visit in Brisbane:

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As stated in the Guinness Book of World Records, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the first of its kind and also the largest koala sanctuary in the world. The place is famous for being the home for 130 koalas and it has an experience of 85 years. The place is located in the southern part at distance of 12km from the city centre. Apart from koalas one can see kangaroos, wombats, possums, birds and other Aussie critters. One can enjoy the beautiful animals here and also click some quick snaps hugging the koalas by shedding some extra bucks. There are exclusive buses as well as Mirimar cruises which can be availed to reach the sanctuary based beside Brisbane River. There are several shows organised n the sanctuary which can be enjoyed.

Location: 708 Jesmond Rd, Fig Tree Pocket, Brisbane

Timings; 9am to 5pm 
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Delight your eyes with the magical vistas of the City Botanic Gardens which is one of the most revered places to see in Brisbane. It offers panoramic views of nature and is a great place if you are looking for a day out. The gardens sprawl over an area of 128 acres of land and are set up in different themes to amaze the visitors. The most striking feature of the garden is its Japanese-themed garden which boasts the best collection of Australian rainforests.

This garden even has a dedicated zone for fragrant plants, bamboos, cactus, and various others that will not fail to amaze you. Apart from this, you can also enjoy the guided walks in the gardens or just have a fun time at the Hide ‘n’ Seek trail.

Mt. Coot-tha Road, Toowong, Queensland

Best time to visit:
Autumn season, March to May
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Standing beautifully right in the heart of the Brisbane rainforests is the Nepalese Peace Pagoda. This pagoda was set up in the Nepal Expo and was later moved to Brisbane. It is intricately built on Nepalese-style architecture and is one of the most peaceful places to visit in Brisbane.

This is something that sets this site apart from the other modern museums, buildings, and structures. It is installed on the South Bank which is another best tourist place in Brisbane. This is a three-story high Pagoda and has around 80 tonnes of manually carved Nepalese timber. To your surprise, this mighty structure was all built by more than 160 Nepalese families and took around two years to complete.

Clem Jones Promenade, South Brisbane QLD 4101

Best time to visit:
Autumn season, March to May
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Unwind with the beautiful setting of sparkling golden sands and contrasting sky views at Streets Beach. Famed as one of the most popular yet quiet places to see in Brisbane the Streets beach is a must-visit. It is located in the South Bank and is often called the man-made lagoon of Australia.

The boundaries of the beach are arched with lush green sub-tropical plants and the lagoon is bordered with the sparkling sand, which makes this place a threat to one's eye. It has a number of picture-perfect spots where you can just give crazy or romantic poses with your friends & family for amazing pictures. Apart from this, you can even take a dip into the lagoon to rejuvenate or stroll along the sands!

Stanley St Plaza, South Brisbane QLD 4101

Best time to visit:
Autumn season, March to May
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Feast your eyes with the best versions of artworks at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. Located on the wavefront of South Bank Cultural Precinct the GOMA takes up two consecutive buildings. In all, here you can witness more than 1700 different versions of artworks from different corners of the world.

Some of the main focus regions of these artworks are Asia, Australia, and the Pacific. This dynamic collection of artwork will surely blow your mind away and make sure that you don't miss out on the award-winning glass gallery. Other than the contemporary works, here you can also witness various exhibitions, sculptures, paintings, videos, and photography works from renowned folks. Not only this but you can also enjoy a session of films at the Australian Cinémathèque screens which is located right in the complex.

Stanley Place, South Brisbane, Queensland

Best time to visit:
Autumn season, March to May

Entry Fee:
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Built back at the time of Australia’s Great Depression, the Story Bridge is one of the most popular tourist places to visit in Brisbane. The bridge is entirely made up of steel and can be seen shining even from a distance. The bridge is certainly used as the pedestrian walk path and for vehicles to cross over the Brisbane River.

If you are looking for a place from where you can enjoy the best views of the Brisbane river then this is your place to be. Whether you are traveling with your bunch of friends or family, this is a must-visit spot and turns up even more lit at night. 

170 Main Street, Kangaroo Point

Best time to visit:
All round the year, preferably at night.
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Based across the river, close to the South Bank, lies the extensive Culture Centre Complex which s described as the epitome of cultural significance in Brisbane. The complex includes the sprawling structures of Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art (or QAGOMA), Queensland Museum, the State Library, Queensland Theatre Company and not to forget Queensland Performing Art Centre. The concert halls and the galleries remains well filled with regular footfalls, especially with events organised in these centres. Exhibitions, debates, talks, musical performances, film screenings, theatre, drama all are scheduled in this location making t one of the sought after destination for the natives as well as the visitors. There are so many things to explore in this location that spending some good hours in this location is always entertaining.

Location: Stanley Place, South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland 
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Snuggled right inside the most premier building of Brisbane the City Hall, is the beautiful “Museum of Brisbane”. This is surely one of the best places to visit in Brisbane for history lovers as it has a number of live exhibitions, installations, and other intriguing workshops to keep the visitors engaged.

While touring this museum who can take a deep look into the vibrant culture and history of Brisbane right from the time of convict. Apart from this, you can also address some of the best views of the city from the clock tower which is established right in the front yard of the museum.

Level 3, Brisbane City Hall, Adelaide Street, Brisbane

Best time to visit:
Autumn season, March to May

Entry Fee:
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Enjoy the birds-eye view of the city with the Wheel of Brisbane which is one of the best tourist places in Brisbane. This 60-meter tall wheel extends the view of the entire city while you just sit back on it. The entire wheel comprises several sitting capsules with a capacity of two people in each.

Every capsule is air-conditioned and each ride lasts for about 12 minutes where you can spend one of the best times of your life. The best part about this experience is that while you are revolutionizing it, once you reach the top it is manually stopped and you can take a look at the major attractions from the top and listen to the audio about the attraction.

Russell Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101

Best time to visit:
Autumn season, March to May

Entry Fee:
$14 per head.
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One of the most picturesque places to visit in Brisbane is the Glass House Mountains which is a classic cluster of thirteen different volcanoes that rise above the coastal plains. The site is home to various variants of flora and fauna and receives a large influx of visitors each year.

While all of them are not open to the public, still you can witness the two namely  Tibrogargan and Ngungun take a close look at the volcanoes. To your surprise, you can not only watch these volcanoes from afar but can also walk around them. This site is listed at the Australian National Heritage Site and is must watch for all travelers. 

Glass House Mountains QLD 4518

Best time to visit:
Autumn season, March to May
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 A trip is always incomplete without shopping and there is no better one on the list than the Queen Street Mall. Marking its prominence as one of the most popular Brisbane tourist attractions, the Queen Street Mall receives an influx of visitors both locals and travelers.

The mall is dotted with more than 700 retail stores that are a combination of local, national, and even international labels. If you are looking for a place where you have a quick meal at some of the well-renowned food chains, watch a movie, witness an entertainment show, shop from some of the best brands, or just know the styles and patterns then Queen Street Mall is the place for you!

Queen Street, Brisbane

Best time to visit:
Round the year
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Sprawling over an area of 17 hectares the South Bank Brisbane is known for its delicious food serving joints. One can enjoy the scenic river views of nature and pick some of the local delicacies from the food stalls. Apart from this, the entertainment is high at its notch here some of the other events are ongoing on the site all the time.

The South Bank houses some of the most famous tourist attractions like the Wheel of Brisbane, Nepal Peace Pagoda, and various others. This is one of the best places to visit in Brisbane and was earlier the site of the World Expo. The entire site is crowded with plazas, promenades, complexes, food stalls, and various other things. Not only this but this man-made lagoon also offers fitness classes and biking tracks.! If you are visiting Brisbane, then this is surely an unmissable part!

South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia

Best time to visit:
Autumn season, March to May 

Entry Fee:
$17 per head.
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Another one on the list of amazing Brisbane tourist attractions is the Roma Street Parkland. This beautiful park sprawls over 16 hectares of land and is dotted with lush green coffee and tea plantations. Something that you must not miss out on when it is the walk in the stellar rainforests that will give you the feeling of being close to nature.

These forests are a true paradise for nature lovers. Apart from this, you can also take a look at the various masterpieces that are installed in the garden and are artworks of some of the best artists in the city. Other than this there are even various rejuvenation spots in the garden where you can just sit down and relax out your worries with the esthetic views of nature.

1 Parkland Blvd, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Best time to visit:
Autumn season, March to May

Entry Fee:
$4 per person
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The longest river based in the south west part of Queensland is the beautiful Brisbane River. One of the preferred places to visit in Brisbane is experiencing the Brisbane Riverwalk, a water highway amidst the scenic beauty of the city. One can enjoy a gala view of the city as well as the sounds of rippling waters which makes the stroll more fascinating. The track is much popular for the pedestrians and the cyclists jutting down the way.

 The walkway is about 870m long above the river and what more the distinguished pathways are for both cyclists and pedestrians. About 3.5m path is dedicated for cycling and about 2.5 m for walking. There are few rest shelters on the way which makes the walk more attractive lessening the tiredness of the walk. The stretch is from New Farm area and ends at Howard St Wharves.
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Mount Coot- Tha Botanic gardens is based at a height of 287metres from the sea level, at a distance of mere 15 minutes drive from the city centre. The location is based close to in the popular tourist destinations Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium. One can also view the exotic Moreton Bay Islands from here. To reach the destination one can fetch a bus from Adelaide St which bang opposite King George and the bus drops off before Botanical garden. The place is a beautiful 52 hectare garden offering a picturesque venue to enjoy and photo shoot. Entry in the garden is free and there are free guided tours every day except Sunday from 11am to 1pm. There are licensed cafe and restaurant present in the premises which can be visited for refreshments. The capacity of the restaurant is nearly 150 people so one can enjoy dining with lovely Australian cuisine amidst natural surroundings

Location: Mt Coot Tha Rd, Brisbane 
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People Also Ask About Brisbane

  1. What are the things to do in Brisbane?

    There is a whole wide range of exciting things to do in Brisbane like:

    1. Take the birds-eye view of the city from the Wheel of Brisbane: With this 88 meters tall Wheel you can enjoy the beautiful views of Brisbane and also learn about some iconic attractions of the city when it halts at the top for an audio session.

    2. Attend a history workshop at the Museum of Brisbane: If you are an art lover then this is the best choice for you where you can take a look at the new artworks of budding artists.

    3. Go for a dip at the street's beach: This is the perfect spot for relaxation and here you can take a dip in the crystal clear waters!

    4. Explore the local farm markets: Mostly on Wednesday these farm markets are set up near the Queens mall and one can shop for flowers, veggies, crafts, and a lot more.

    5. River Cruise: Surely a thing that one must not miss is the river cruise on the Brisbane waters to explore the city in the best way.

  2. Which are the best tourist places to see in Brisbane?

    Some of the best tourist places to visit in Brisbane are:

    1. Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA): The GOMA is known for homing 1700 different versions of artworks from different corners of the world like Asia, Australia, and the Pacific and is the best place to explore art!

    2. City Botanic Gardens: Sprawling over an area of 128 acres of land and are set up in different themes to amaze the visitors. The most striking feature of the garden is its Japanese-themed garden which boasts the best collection of Australian rainforests.

    3. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary:  The sanctuary is home to more than 100 different species of Australian wildlife and one can even spot Koalas here which is a rare species. When here you can witness the beautiful wallabies, kangaroos, snakes, crocodiles, and countless other variants of the wildlife
  3. Which are the best places to visit in 3 days in Brisbane?

    The best places to visit in Brisbane if you are planning on an itinerary of 3 days are:

    1. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary: This is the only wildlife sanctuary of Brisbane and is known for its rare Koalas.

    2. Wheel Of Brisbane: This is a huge merry-go-round that you must visit and take a birds-eye view of the city from the top viewpoint.

    3. City Botanic Gardens: This is a true treasure for nature lovers, and owns a combination of various themed parks.

    4. Queen Street Mall: One of the best places for recreation and more than 700 retail stores that are a combination of local, national, and even international labels is what the Queen Street Mall is known for.

    5. Moreton Island: Located at a distance of around 75 minutes from Brisbane is this beautiful island which is the world’s third-largest sand island. When traveling to Brisbane one must not miss out on a chance of visiting this.
  4. What is the best time to visit Brisbane?

    The best time to visit Brisbane is in the months from March to May as it experiences the Autumn season and the weather is soothing for sightseeing. Not only this but it also experiences little rainfall which makes the day a little cooler for the visitors. Other than this, you can also visit in the month of September as it calls out for Spring season where the city turns up more lively. If you are an art lover then then this is a great month for you as it hosts the vibrant art festival of Brisbane.
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