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Adventure In Nepal
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Activities to Do in Nepal

Everest Base camp Trek, Pray at Pashupatinath Temple, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, River Rafting in Upper Seti River, Boating at Phewa Lake, Mount Everest Helicopter tour, Camping at Sagarmatha National Park, Witness sunrise at Nagarkot, Visit Chandragiri Hills, Explore Bardia National Park and many more.

Things to do in Nepal are so many due to beautiful villages, museums, palaces, monasteries, temples, etc that contribute to offering ample activities. Visitors who love visiting temples will be eager to visit the renowned Pashupatinath Temple along with the other beautiful ones such as Manakamana temple, Janaki Temple, and so on. Wildlife lovers would sure go on a jungle safari and enjoy spotting the famous Royal Bengal Tiger along with other animals at Bardia National Park.

They will also enjoy participating in several activities such as ox-cart drive, elephant feeding, etc. Nepal boasts of several sites of significance such as the famous Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, Janaki Mandir, the birthplace of Goddess Sita. For those interested in History, there are the three durbars (palaces) in Nepal that have been declared as World Heritage Sites and must be visited. For nightlife lovers, there are famous casinos. 

Being located between the mountain range of the Himalayas, the list of activities to do in Nepal includes several trekking options for adventurous tourists. Other than trekking, visitors also go for camping, paragliding etc. The Upper Seti river offers kayaking in the non-monsoon season and rafting during the monsoon. There are several places where tourists can enjoy a cable car ride while watching the breathtaking view of the surrounding mountain ranges. With so much to offer, Nepal is a place that has some delight awaiting every visitor.
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Trekking In Nepal Explore All (45)
Explore All (45)

Must Things to Do in Nepal


Everest Base Camp Trek

The trek every trekker around the world has always dreamt to take. Everest Base Camp takes you to the base camp of the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, standing tall with a height of 29,100 feet above the sea level. Taking you through remote villages, Himalayan forests, and rocky terrains, the trail leads you to the point from where you can relish the up-close vistas of the grandest mountain peak. 

17,600 feet is the highest altitude you get to be at on this trek, and reaching at such a height is definitely not a cakewalk. The trek challenges you mentally as well as physically but is surely a rewarding one.

Best Time: April, May, September and December.

Price: Starts from INR 41,500

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult


Pray at Pashupatinath Temple

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A visit to Nepal is not complete without offering prayer at the renowned Pashupatinath Temple. Known to be the most sacred and oldest temple in Nepal, Pashupatinath has found its place in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Pashupatinath, a form of Lord Shiva, and attracts people from all over the world who consider it to be a blessing to offer their prayers at this temple, especially during the Maha Shivaratri festival.

Location:  Goshala, Pashupati Nath Road 44621, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

4 am – 12 noon, 6 pm – 7 pm

Entry Fee:
NPR1000 for foreign nationals and free for Indians
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Experience Tibetan Culture at Boudhanath Stupa

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Feel enchanted visiting Boudhanath (Boudha for short), one of the largest stupas in the world. This magnificent 15th-century stupa is a symbol of peace and is the most important Buddhist Tibetian monument outside Tibet. Visit the place either in the early hours of the day or dusk to watch the daily prayer rituals.

Experience the relaxed and calm ambiance of the place, with low volume chanting of prayers,  and the whole place lit with butter lamps. Admire the exterior of this huge monument with eyes looking at you, making you feel awe-stricken.

Location: Buddha Stupa, Boudhanath Sadak, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

24 hours

Rs. 150 per person
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Adventure In Nepal Explore All (74)
Explore All (74)

Wildlife Safari at Chitwan National Park

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For all the animal lovers Chitwan National Park Wildlife National Park Wildlife Safari. The word ‘Chitwan’ means ‘Heart of the Jungle’ where you will get to see one horned rhinos, deer and monkeys. There are several species of birds which can also be found there.

One of the major comebacks in Nepal is the Chitwan National Park Wildlife Safari. The best way to experience these Chitwan National Park Wildlife Safari is by staying in nearby luxury lodges. The dense jungle and the absolute quietness in the place makes spotting animals much easier.

: Elephant Breeding Centre and Bird Education society are some of the important places to see.

: Rs.1690.

Best time to visit
: January to March.

Difficulty Leve
l: Just follow the instructions of your tour guide.
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Boating in Phewa Tal Lake

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Boating in Nepal is an experience in itself, it lets you calm you senses and lets you bathe in charismatic beauty of Mother Nature. You can however also take a look at some of the most breath-taking glaciated rivers which are absolute show stealers for young travellers.

: You can have the best boating experience in Phewa Tal Lake of Nepal. You can savour some authentic Nepalese food around the lake as there are many cafes and restaurants.

Best time to visit
: Winters are the most preferred time of the month.

: Rs.130 per hour.

Difficulty Level
: Medium
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Bungee Jumping at Hemja, Pokhara

If you are looking for extreme adventure then Bunjee Jumping is surely going to excite you. If you are in Nepal then you shouldn’t miss the chance of trying the thrilling experience of Bunjee Jumping. It can give you real goose bumps at the start but once you are done it makes you feel triumphant.

: Take a jump from one of the 3rd highest natural jump in Nepal where you can experience the natural valleys around it for a longer duration.

Best time to visit
: November through February.

: Rs 5,732

Difficulty Level
: High, however, trained professionals can definitely help you in the task.
Biking In Nepal Explore All (7)

River Rafting in Upper Seti River

Seti is a popular destination for water adventures in Nepal, and one of the best ways to enjoy the thrill is to indulge in river rafting experience. Not only you get to enjoy the fun of river rafting, but also the beauty of nature that will be your constant companion during the experience. The river is surrounded by extremely scenic landscapes. 

There will be a trained guide with you to ensure your safety and to make sure you enjoy the activity to the fullest. Owing to all that it has on offer, rafting experience in Seti River is something no thrill seeker should miss out on while in Nepal.

Best Time: November and March

Price: Starts from INR 3,180

Difficulty Level: Moderate

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Explore the Tea Gardens in Ilam

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Tourists who are tea enthusiasts or love the view that tea gardens offer must include a visit to tea gardens at Ilam district in their list of things to do in Nepal. They can enjoy their visit to the tea gardens by having a cup of tea while admiring the view of the tea garden with a background of hills, fog, fist, and a serene atmosphere. Watching the processes of tea leave picking and knowing about the process makes it more interesting.  

Location: Mechi Zone, Ilam District
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Explore Bardia National Park

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A visit to the largest park of Nepal is one of the must inclusion in things to do in Nepal. This off-the-beat national park has retained its wild beauty by keeping away from modernisation. The park is famous for the 22 Royal Bengal Tigers that it houses. Other animals include around 100 horned rhinos, elephants along with several other animal species and birds.

The park offers several activities to its guests with jungle safari to spot the rare wildlife on the top of the list. Other activities include bird watching, ox cart drive, elephant breeding and bathing, cultural dance by natives and so on. 

Location: Bardia, Bheri, 21800, Nepal

Monday to Friday: 9 am to 8 pm, Closed on Saturday & Sunday.

Entry Fee:
NRs. 1500
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Everest Base Camp Explore All (6)

Try your Luck at Casinos in Kathmandu

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A visit to Kathmandu remains incomplete without trying your luck at one of the famous casinos in the city. This is one of the top activities to do in Nepal during your trip. Feel like James Bond while entering Casino Royal or enter Casino Mahjong, the second largest in Nepal, or visit any of the others like the Millionaire's Club and Casino, Casino Rad, Casino Pride Nepal, etc, everywhere, the fun is unlimited at the various roulette, blackjack, poker, and other games tables. 

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Camping at Sagarmatha National Park

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One of the activities to do in Nepal is going for a camping experience at Sagarmatha National Park, known to be the home for the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. The beauty of the national park lies in its rugged terrain consisting of majestic mountain peaks, glaciers, and valleys.

The rich Nepali culture can be well glimpsed in the Sherpas who are serving the tourists at this place. Tourists love camping at this location with the enchanting scenic beauty in the middle of nowhere where they need to walk to reach the place as there are no roads going to it. 

Location: Solukhumbu District, Nepal
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Take a Cable Car Ride to Chandragiri Hills

Enjoying a 9 minutes cable car ride to reach Chandragiri Hills’ top station is one of the most activities to do in Nepal. Tourists feel mesmerized looking at the magnificent view of the Kathmandu Valley surrounded by the snow-capped mountains such as Manaslu, Annapurna, Ganesh Himal, etc during the cable car ride.

Reaching the top of the 2500 meter high hill, they further enjoy the mesmerizing view from the top. The accompanying experienced driver cum tour guide will point out the various mountain peaks during the ride making it more enjoyable. 

Location:  Kulekhani - Phakhel - Matatirtha Rd, Chandragiri 44600, Nepal

Timing: Monday to Friday: 9 am to 7 pm(12:30 to 1:30 closed for lunch), Sat, Sun and Public Holidays: 8 am to 7 pm. 

Price: Rs. 2300 per adult 
Sightseeing Tours In Nepal Explore All (19)
Explore All (19)

Go to Kathmandu Durbar Square

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Kathmandu Durbar Square has been declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites and visiting it, must be included in the things to do in Nepal. It is also known as Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square due to the statue of Hanuman at the entrance of the square. Some of the temples to visit in Durbar Square are Trailokya Mohan Narayan Temple, Taleju Temple, Indrapur Temple, Vishnu Temple among many others. 

Location: Kathmandu Durbar Square: Digha Pahleja J P Setu Road, Kathmandu 44600

Entry Fee: Kathmandu Durbar Square: NPR 150 per person

Kathmandu Durbar Square: 9 am to 5 pm
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Visit Swayambhunath Stupa

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One of the must things to do in Nepal is to visit the enchanting SwayambhuNath Stupa. Tourists feel mesmerized looking at the whitewashed dome that goes up to meet the gilded spire from where they can see the four iconic faces of Buddha looking at the valley. Each part of the stupa has a special meaning.

While the dome represents earth, the 13-tiers of the gilded spires symbolizes 13 stages of nirvana and the nose-like thing below the eyes is a Nepalese symbol for one - meaning unity and finally the third eye signifying all-seeing insight of Buddha. The base of the central stupa has prayer wheels that tourists spin for offering prayers while they circulate the stupa. 

Location: BHAGANPAU 44600, Nepal

Timing: Open 24 hours(On their Prajatantra Dibas time differs)

Entry Fee: NPR 200
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Visit Bhaktapur

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The small town of Bhaktapur is the third medieval Newari city that is well known as the best preserved place of Nepal. The car-free city centre is a beautiful place where tourists love to take a walk on the winding cobbled streets.

The rich heritage and history of the place can be glimpsed while exploring its numerous temples and watching the local art and craft. One of the most famous temples of this place is Nyatapola Temple known for its architectural beauty. 

Location: Bhaktapur city, Bhaktapur District in Bagmati Pradesh of Nepal.
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Witness Sunrise at Nagarkot

Visiting the popular Nagarkot is one of the must things to do in Nepal for tourists who are nature and mountain lovers. The place is well known for the breathtaking view of the sun rising from the magnificent mountain range including Mount Everest.

Tourists feel awed as they watch the snow-covered peaks of the mountains change color as the first ray of the sun falls on them and gradually the day begins. They don’t mind starting their day at 4 am to watch this glorious view and often stay overnight at Nagarkot to watch the spectacular sunset as well. If the weather is good and there is a clear sky, tourists are rewarded with a rare glimpse of Mount Everest as well.  

Location: Nagarkot, Bhaktapur district, Nepal

Timing: In summers, the sun rises between 5:00 AM to 5:40 AM while during winters, it delays to around 6:30 AM to 7:00 AM.

Explore Patan Durbar Square

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The Patan Durbar Square, one of the three durbars of Nepal, is known for being the ancient royal palace where the Malla Kings of Lalitpur used to live. Declared as a world heritage site, the palace along with its several artistically designed temples, display stunning Newari architecture from bygone eras. Tourists feel delighted looking at these structures while they explore this place. 

Location: Lalitpur 44700, Nepal

7 am to 7 pm. 

NPR 1000 per person
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Mount Everest Helicopter Tour

It is time to be a little intimate with the Himalayas with an incredible mountain flight. It is surely a once in a lifetime opportunity. The mountain flight will let you experience some of the most spectacular views of major peaks and other natural spots.

For all the non-mountaineers, these flight can be the best thing for you to experience. The mountain flight will leave you completely thrilled and exhilarated.

: Mountain flights over Mount Everest offers you some of the best views.

Best time to visit
: September and May because a bad weather can really spoil the mood for a Mountain Flight.

: Rs 14,697

Seek Blessings at Manakamana Temple

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Devotees offer their prayers to the shrine of Goddess Bhagwati, an incarnation of Parvati, in this temple. It is said that the Goddess grants wish to those who offer a goat sacrifice in her name. This 17th-century temple has been built in a pagoda style.

Being situated on a hill, the temple is accessible by a 10 minutes ride on a cable car. The hilltop offers a spectacular view of the Trisuli and Marshyang-di river valleys and also the peaks of Manaslu, Himalchuli, and Annapurna. 

Location: Manakamana, Gorkha District, Nepal

Sunday to Friday: 8 am to 6:30 pm, Saturday: 8 am to 8 pm

Entry Fee:
Rs.6,652 per adult including cable car ride and hotel pick-up and drop.
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Adventure Things to Do in Nepal


Kayaking in Seti River

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A Kayaking experience on the warm and beautiful Seti River is one of the most popular activities to do in Nepal. It is one of the safest rivers to learn kayaking and is preferred by first timers. The route is also very short (35kms) making it ideal for a family trip.

Enjoy the lush greenery of the jungle, hills and valleys on your both sides as you paddle. Birdwatchers would love to spot colourful birds during the trip.

Location: Seti River, Pokhara, Nepal

Timing: 10 am to 1 pm

Entry Fee: Around Rs.3000 per adult
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Go for Paramotoring

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If you want to rule over the sky then there is no better way than paramotor. The flight gives you a chance to enjoy some of the most beautiful sights in Nepal. Don’t miss the chance to see the breath-taking view.

The birth of paramotor took place when paragliders were finding it extremely difficult to take off from a flat ground. It is an opportunity to view the magic of the mountains.

Difficulty Level
: High, for your safety there is a trained professional who will accompany you.

: If you want a basic 5 day course it will be of Rs 30,000.

Best months
: October through May.
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Take a UltraLight Flight Experience in Pokhara

Experience the joy of leaving the ground and floating with the wind. You can enjoy the serenity of being up above the lush green trees. You can be truly amazed with the picturesque beauty which comes along with the sensation of flying.

It is an amazing thing to view the whole world beneath you. The Ultralight sport gives you an opportunity to see the verging beauty of nature.

: Annapurna adventurous camp range around the Fishtail peak is one of the most heavenly experience you can ever have.

Best time to visit
: Early Autumn to early spring is the best time. This exhilarating sport will leave you completely thrilled.

Difficulty Level
: High, you can get trained by professionals to make it easier for you.

: 7,716 per person

Pokhara Mountain Biking

Image Credit : Marc van der Chijs
If you are passionate about on-road adventures. It is time to push back your biking boundaries and take a new turn to experience all the new mountain vistas which you might have never seen before.

For every true rider, mountain biking should definitely be in their bucket list. The unforgettable box of memories that you will carry will be treasured by you for a lifetime.

: Pokhara mountain bike adventure will show you all the trails which you might not seen before that will truly leave you inspired. However you can also go for the Kathmandu valley which is an equally adventurous spot.

Best time to visit
: February and April are one of the best.

Difficulty Level
: High, this is indeed a vary dangerous activity and should only be tried after an regress training

Zip Lining in Nepal

What could be more thrilling and exciting experience for anybody. You can experience the world’s longest zip line which is the steepest and the fastest adventure experience. You can simply sit back and soak yourself in the breath taking views of nature.

The blood pumping ride will leave you completely thrilled in the end. And the picturesque view will leave you totally jaw dropped.

: The best zip line is the one which operates from Pokhra at the elevation of 1592 m.

Best time to visit: Winters are the most favourable months for trying this adventure sport.

: Rs 5,733 per person.

Difficulty Level
: High, all the zip lines are carefully engineered. The weight of the individual passenger should not be more than 120kg.

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Paragliding in Nepal

Image Credit : drburtoni
If you want to fly like a free bird you must try Paragliding which will let you witness the most beautiful landscape from above. You can fly up in the air and experience the beautiful view from above will not let you regret a bit. You will have a feeling that you are floating with the wind.

: Pokhara is however the best place for paragliding in Nepal.

Best time to visit: The season starts in September and ends in early June.

Difficulty Level
: High, the risks involved are huge especially during the take-off and the landing time when there is a sudden change in the wind. However you have a reserve chute for a safe landing.

: A standard flight of 30 minutes will cost you somewhere around Rs. 7714

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Hot Air Balloon Ride over Mount Everest

The hot air ballooning experience will definitely transport you to the most amazing feeling. The moment when you see things from such and altitude, you will feel that everything is even more beautiful. Looking down on the ice caped peak of Mount Everest will be worth a watch.

You can enjoy the beautiful Himalayan ranges at the background. The frosty look of the mountains will leave you totally jaw dropped.

: Hot air balloon ride over Mount Everest.

Best months to visit
: October, November and March.

Difficulty Level
: High, if you want to reach the crossing then you definitely have to prove your physical strength.

Skydiving Above Mount Everest

A perfect mix of adventure serenity and thrilling sensation will leave you with an unforgettable experience. Feel the freshness of the air on your face and enjoy the thrilling experience of sky diving. An ideal experience for adrenaline junkies and it will truly be a life-altering experience.

Highlights: Sky diving above Mount Everest will surely be a terrific experience in Nepal.

Best time for visit
: October is the best month for trying sky diving.

: Rs 3.7 Lacs per person

Difficulty Leve
l: High, if you have any medical condition it will be good if you can take prior approval from the doctor.

Elephant Polo

You might have seen many polo ponies but this elephant polo in Nepal is truly going to surprise you. It is ideally termed as the ‘sport of kings’ and is often associated with the sign of royalty. It is one of the most reputed and not to be missed sport in Nepal.

It attracts thousands of visitor from all around the world because of the adventure and excitement that comes along with it.

: A not to miss thing is The World Elephant Polo Tournament which will showcase the true spirit of this sport.

Best months to visit
: November.

Difficulty Level: High, you have to be trained enough to play this sport and have to also follow some strict rules.

White Water Rafting in Trishuli river

For all the adventure enthusiasts it will be truly amazing for you to meet the gushing white water. The adrenaline rush of the white water rafting will wash all your fears. It is truly thrilling to see the flow of untamed waters.

The unexpected rapids will give you a challenging task which will make you want more. Just imagine the experience from the breath-taking heights of the Himalayas.

: Trishuli river can be the best water rafting spots.

Difficulty Level
: High, however with the help of the trainers, people of all age group can experience white water rafting.

: Rs 4,410

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Canyoning in Rupa Taal

Explore the deep ravines and indulge in the thrilling experience which you will never experience anywhere else. The adventure filled expedition will leave you with some of the best memories you would have ever had in your life.

It is a completely beautiful mind and body experience which lets you unleash some of the forbidden places.

: The stretch between Kathmandu and Pokhara on the way to Chitwan is the best place for Canyoneering.

Best time to visit
: November and December is the best time for Canyoneering.
: Rs 6243  

Difficulty Level
: High, since it involves travelling in rugged settings and needs route finding travel skills too.


Hand Gliding in Sarangkot

You might have boarded a plane many times but it’s time for you to try the exciting Hang Gliding experience which will let you experience of riding your own plane. You will get a chance to witness the picturesque landscape on your own.

This thrilling sport allows you have bird’s eye view of mountains and other scenic beauties.

: Sarangkot is the place for these flights to take off for all the hang gliding experiences. You can simply have a majestic view of monasteries, temples and mountains.

Best time to visit
: November and December.

Difficulty Level: High, the weather is an important consideration for hang gliding and many professionals say that hang gliding is more about the attitude than the skill sets.
: Rs 10,000

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Rock Climbing on Nagarjuna and Khumbu Mountain

There are times when you like taking things to your edge and set yourself free. It is truly an inspirational moment to walk on the toughest of terrains.

You will feel as if you have accomplish something really great. Climbing rocks will make you feel that there will be rough times in your life but it is upto you how to overcome them.

HighlightsNagarjuna and Khumbu rock climbing are the popular spots for rock climbing.

Difficulty Level: High and you need to be physically fit to undertake this sport.

: Rs 3,300 which includes lunch, transport, equipment and instructor.

Best time to visit
: Spring is the most favourable time for such activities in Nepal.

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Best Treks to Do in Nepal


Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Offering delights for adventure junkies in many forms, Annapurna Base Camp Trek is counted among the most popular treks in the world. The world’s 10th highest peak is a part of the Annapurna massif, which makes this trek all the more fascinating for trekkers and compels them to test their mettle in the realm of Himalayas. 

All through the trail, snow-blanketed towering mountains surround you, offering ample opportunities for landscape photography. The most prominent peak you get to witness in all its glory while on this trek is Machapuchare. The trek starts at Ghandruk near Pokhara. From culture to nature, there is a lot for you to enjoy on this Himalayan trek.

Best Time: March, April, May, September, and October.

Price: Starts from INR 27,000

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate


Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

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One of the very popular activities to do in Nepal is the Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek which takes the visitors through lush green forests along with the charming red rhododendrons. This easy to moderate level trek offers an enchanting view of some of the majestic Himalayan Mountains like Annapurna South, Hiuchuli and Fishtail along with several hamlets and villages.

Trekkers also get an opportunity to interact with local Gurung tribes and know about their daily lives during this trekking. 

Location:  Poon Hill Marga, Ghorepani,33200, Nepal.

Around 7 days

 Around Rs.16,989 per adult
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Explore Khumbu Valley

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Khumbu Valley, the region of the Nepalese side of Mount Everest, is a part of Solukhumbu district. The valley consists of a town called Namche Bazaar as well as several villages. A famous place to visit in this valley is the famous Buddhist Monastery at Tengboche. Trekkers on their way to Everest base camp pass through several parts of this beautiful valley.

Location : Solukhumbu district, Nepal

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Langtang Valley Trek

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A Langtang Valley Trek is one of the top activities to do in Nepal. Being the most accessible trekking route from Kathmandu, Langtang Valley Trek is one of the popular choices among the trekkers with only 5-6 hours of walk daily.

Syabrubensi at 1503m is the lowest point on the trek and Kyanin R at 4773m is the highest point on the trek. While passing various villages situated in the valley, trekkers get a glimpse of the Tibetian and tamang culture. The Langtang National Park, with its variant flora and fauna, adds to the enjoyment. 

Location: Syabri Basi, Everest Base Camp, Kathmandu, Nepal

Duration: Around 10 days

Price: Around Rs.36,500 per adult
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Manaslu Trek

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Feel an adrenaline rush while you embark on one of the most adventurous activities to do in Nepal,  a Manaslu trek. This trek, also known as manaslu Circuit Trek, is the ultimate off-beaten path trek with the most rugged topography.

The trek is known for its enchanting scenic beauty that includes the view of the Larkya La Pass. Trekkers can get a glimpse into the local culture while interaction with the localities at the village of Sama. 

Location: Mansalu mountain, Gurkha, Gandaki Province, Nepal

take 14-20 days

US$2495 per person
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Gokyo Ri Trek

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Gokyo Ri Trek is one of the top activities to do in Nepal, especially for those trekkers who are looking for an alternative trail to Everest Base Camp. This moderate trek offers the trekkers a view of the Himalayan peaks such as Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, and Makalu, along with beautiful lakes and glaciers.

The trail passes through several villages such as Namche, Dole, and Phakding where the trekkers can learn a lot about Sherpas and their daily life. 

Starting Location: Kathmandu

Duration: 10-11 days

Price: Around US$ 500 - 1000 per person
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Island Peak Trek

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One of the best trekking and peak climbing destinations that must be included in the list of activities to do in Nepal is Island Peak, situated at 6160m above sea level in the Khumbu/ Everest region.  Trekkers get a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains while on the trek towards the base camp of Island Peak. From the Island Peak summit, an amazing view of Lhotse and Makalu can be seen.

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Around 21days

Around 1,70,101 per adult

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Poon Hill Trek

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One of the popular things to do in Nepal is a trek to Poon Hill. The trek starts at Ghorepani and continues till Poon Hill. The splendid view of the Annapurna Mountain Range along with other mountain peaks of Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Machhapuchhre, etc during the trek has made this activity an enjoyable one.

The trail through dense fir and maple forest increases the excitement of the trekkers.  While passing Nepalese villages, they come to know interesting facts about Nepalese culture and their daily lifestyle.

Timing: Around 6 days

 Rs.10,500 per adult
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Visit Upper Dolpo

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One of the popular things to do in Nepal is to explore Upper Dolpo, the high altitude region known for its rich and authentic Tibetian culture. Tourists feel thrilled meeting tibetian nomads and visiting buddhist sites with their help. A popular place that is a must-visit in Upper Dolpo is the beautiful Phoksundo Lake which is known to be one of the finest lakes in the world. 

Location: Dolpo District, Karnali Pradesh, Nepal

The permit cost will be somewhere US$700.
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Other Things to Do in Nepal


Witness The Beauty of Sarangkot

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The small beautiful village of Sarangkot is known for its natural beauty.Being located in the outskirts of Pokhara city, the village boasts of a stunning view of the beautiful and majestic Annapurna Himalayan range. Adding to the beauty of the place are some other mountain ranges giving an orange hue. One of the activities to do in Nepal is to go for paragliding in Sarangkot.  

Location: Sarangkot is Ward 18 of Pokhara, Kaski District, Nepal
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Go Underground at Siddha Gufa

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Image Credit : HJ van W
Considered to be the largest cave in the country, it is also a popular trekking route from Bandipur and back to Bandipur. It is 437m deep and is about 50m high with the shape of a cathedral lined with stalagmites and stalactites, making it a beautiful creation of nature.

You can easily complete the trek to and from Bandipur in about 90 minutes one way or can take a hike from Bimalnagar and reach the cave in about 45 minutes.

Location- Bandipur, Nepal

Entry- Rs 200 for adults only

Best time- Throughout the year
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Visit the birthplace of Budhha -Lumbini

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Lumbini is the birthplace of Prince Siddhartha who was later named as Buddha and founded Buddhism religion. This place has been listed under the World Heritage List and visiting here is amongst the best things to do in Nepal.

The place has attracted tourists and Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world due to its monumental, spiritual and cultural significance. The highlight of Lumbini is the Maya Devi Temple, the place where queen Maya Devi actually gave birth to Prince Siddharth. 

Location: Lumbini Zone, Rupandehi District, Nepal

Entry Fee: NPR 200
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Try Local food

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Nepal is known for its different varieties of vegetarian and nonvegetarian food which are unique. Trying different Nepali foods is one of the must things to do in Nepal. The most well-known food of Nepal is Momo which is available in both veg and nonveg variants and is available everywhere around Nepal. Other famous Nepali foods that should be tried are Barra, Sel Roti, Gundruk, Yomari, Thakali, Tongba, etc. For breakfast, there is thukpa, Chatpate etc. 

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Visit Namche Bazaar

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Image Credit : gordontour
A small yet beautiful and well-known town in the Khumbu region of Nepal, this place is famous for a good number of reasons, most of which are related to tourism. Most of the Sherpas in the travel industry of Nepal come from the Namche bazaar area.

It is also the gateway to higher Himalayas and some of the most dangerous altitudes of the world. It is replete with small cafes and lodges for people who come trekking in this area. Because of such close proximity to Everest, it is also a place to acclimatize on the way to the Everest Base Camp.

Location- Province no. 1, Nepal

Entry- N/A

Best time- March to May and September to December
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Pony Trek Expedition

Image Credit : John Pavelka
If you always wished for a horseplay then the best thing would be to go for a Pony Trek. There is absolutely nothing more enjoyable than feeling the fresh air on your face and riding the house, it is like a dream come true. And you also get the chance to take the reins in your hand and ride as per your own wish.

: Pokhara to Sarankot, Pokhara to Begnas Lake and Jomsom/Muktinath are the best places for Pony trek in Nepal.

Best months to visit
: Mid-September to Mid-November is the best time.

Difficulty Level
: Medium, the basic that is expected out of you is to be physically fit and should be well versed with mountain climbing.

: Rs 5,000

Do Checkout: 11 Days Nepal Tour Packages

Explore International Mountain Museum

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Tourists interested in mountaineering and wishes to know more about the majestic Mount Everest and other Nepalese parts of the Himalayan must include an exploration of the International Mountain Museum in their list of things to do in Nepal. The museum has a wealth of information regarding mountains, their flora, and fauna as well as all human activities in the range. 

Location: Pardi Bazaar, Pokhara 33700, Nepal

8 am to 6 pm 

300 NPR
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Enjoy a stay at Panauti

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The artistic town Panauti is located at the point of confluence of  Rosi and Punyamati rivers and has Gorakhnath Hill on its north-east side giving the place a breathtaking view enjoyed by tourists during their stay in this town. This town of the bygone era showcases the culture and tradition of the 13th century which reflects in the enjoyable hospitality that visitors receive during their stay.

Tourists love the relaxed pace of life that the town offers and feel delighted in visiting some of the well-known attractions of the place such as Gorakhnath Temple, Indreshwar Mahadev Temple, Triveni Ghat and so on. 

Location: Panauti, Bagmati Province, Nepal
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Worship at Janaki Temple

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Janaki Mandir is dedicated to Devi Sita, the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. It has been constructed in Mithila, the place where Devi Sita was born. Tourists visit this temple, the biggest in Nepal, to worship Devi Sita and know more about the legends of Ramayana.

The three-storied building with the Hindu-Koiri Nepali architecture is stunning to look at. The interior of the temple made of stones and marbles with engravings, paintings etc mesmerises the devotees when they go around the temple. 

Location: Janki Chowk South of Janki temple, 00977, Nepal

Open all day from 7 am to 11 am and from 4 pm to 7 pm
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Visit Narayanhiti Palace Museum

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Tourists with an interest in the history of Nepal must include a visit to the Narayanhiti Palace Museum in their list of things to do in Nepal. This palace museum with its opulent interiors serves as the public museum of Nepal and has much to narrate about the royal lifestyle before the revolution. Visitors feel awed looking at the vintage furnishing, crown jewels, and other royal belongings that are still there in the museum. 

Location: Narayanhiti Palace Museum, North Gate Road, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

Thursday to Monday 11 am to 4 pm.

Rs.500 per person
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Explore the Beautiful Newari Town- Bandipur

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The beautiful Newari town Bandipur, located at the foothills of Himalaya, is well known for its old-time Newari culture. A visit to this place is one of the top inclusions in the list of things to do in Nepal. It is a perfect location for those tourists who want a break from their busy life and spend some time in an off-beat location.

The traffic-free quaint town with its cobbled lanes and townhouses on both sides is a pleasure to explore. Some of the places to visit in this town include Khadga Devi Temple, Meditation Cave, and Unnamed Monastery, Tindhara, Tundikhel, etc.  
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Shopping at Thamel

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A shopping expedition is a must inclusion in the list of the things to do in Nepal and Thamal is the popular destination for indulging in this activity. Popular items to buy as souvenirs from Nepal include Pashmina Shawl, Kukri, singing bowls, Rice Paper products, Thangka paintings, glass pipes, incense sticks, Nepalese jewelry, etc. Do not forget to bargain with the sellers to get the items at 2/3rd of the quoted price.

Location: Central Kathmandu, Bagmati Province, Kathmandu 44600

Timing: 10 a.m to 8 p.m
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Go to Khawalung Monastery

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The Khawalung Monastery preserves, upholds, and disseminates the general teachings of Buddha. Visitors include a visit to this monastery in their list of things to do in Nepal to view the impressive Buddhist style architecture and learn more about Nepali culture. The monastery includes a school for children and also for monks and offers free food and clothing to them.

Location: Khawalung Tashi Choeling Monastery, Simaltar, Boudha - 6, Kathmandu.
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Wander at Garden of Dreams

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Tourists must include a visit to the Garden of Dreams in their list of things to do in Nepal.  Also known as the Garden of Six Seasons, this stunning garden with beautiful fountains, ponds, pergolas, urns, and the marble inscriptions from Omar Khayam’s Rubaiyat, is just the place for visitors to spend some quiet and relaxing time. There is an amphitheater and three pavilions in the garden as well. 

Location: Tridevi Sadak, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

Open from 9 am to 10 pm. The last entry is at 9 pm.

NPR 200
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People Also Ask About Nepal

  1. What are the adventure things to do in Nepal?

    1. Camping at Sagarmatha National Park: Sagarmatha National Park is the home of the world’s highest peak Mount Everest and spending a night in the camp surrounded by mountains in the middle of nowhere can be adventurous. 

    2. Paragliding at Sarangkot:
    The beautiful location of Sarangkot offers paragliding opportunities for tourists to indulge in. Enjoy the best view of Nepal as you glide in the sky for 30 minutes. You can also opt to fly from one valley to another or enter clouds by going for cloud blustering. 

    3. Safari at  Bardia National Park:
    Tourists with a love for wildlife adventures must include a jungle safari in their list of things to do in Nepal.  Feel thrilled while spotting the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger, Rhinos, elephants, etc during the safari.

    4. Kayaking or Rafting in Seti River:
    Seti river offers a kayaking option to its visitors during non-monsoon seasons when the river is calm. During the monsoon, the river becomes in turmoil and becomes more suitable for rafting. 

    5. Go Trekking:
    Nepal, with its Himalayan range, offers varoius trekking and mountain climbing options to its visitors. Visitors love to go trekking to Poon Hill, Manaslu, Island, and so on.
  2. What are the romantic things to do in Nepal?

    1. Witness Sunrise at Nagarkot: One of the top things to do in Nepal for couples is to witness the sunrise at Nagarkot. Couples love to start their day together watching the captivating view of the sun rising amongst the snow-covered mountain peaks. 

    2. Take a stroll at the Garden of Dreams:
    The Garden of Dreams is just the place for a romantic stroll together or sitting in one of the pavilions or the amphitheater to enjoy some peaceful time together.

    3. Spent some time in Bandipur:
    The quaint traffic-free town of Bandipur is an off-beat location where couples would love to spend some time away from their daily life. The spectacular view of the Himalayan range along with beautiful Newari houses and cobbled street creates a romantic atmosphere which couples are sure to enjoy.

    4. Go Paragliding in Sarangkot:
    Adventurous couples would love to include tandem paragliding in the beautiful location of Sarangkot in their list of activities to do in Nepal. 

    5. Trekking to Poon Hill:
    Going for a trek together through dense fir and maple tree forests can be exciting and romantic for couples who are keen on adventures.
  3. What is the best time to visit Nepal?

    The months of September to November are best for a visit to Nepal. During this time the weather is dry with a clear sky after the monsoon is over. The mild temperature makes it very pleasant for a trip and sightseeing. Those who wish to go for some of the best activities to do in Nepal such as trekking or mountaineering, will find the period from mid-October to mid-November to be the best time.
  4. What are the best things to buy in Nepal?

    1. Pashmina Shawls: One of the most popular items to buy in Nepal is the Warm Pashmina Shawl. The variety of this shawl ranges from water pashmina to silk or cotton-blend to 100% Pashmina variety.

    2. Khukuri:
    This traditional Nepalese knife which is known for its unique style and slashing edge, is favorite item tourists love to buy as souvenirs. 

    3. Nepalese Ethnic Jewellery:
    This jewelry, which is century-old art, is a must-buy during a trip to Nepal. Also famous are the Yak bone jewelry. 

    4. Thangka Paintings:
    One of the best souvenirs tourists buy in Nepal are the Tibetian Buddhist paintings on cotton/silk applique.

    5. Rice Paper Products:
    Varieties of interesting products such as calendars, lampshades, writing pads, etc are available for purchase that are made from rice paper, a handmade paper made of lokta bark. 

    6. Singing Bowls:
    The metallic singing bowls, either plain or engraved, with a wooden stick for making vibrations for meditation and healing.
  5. What food is famous in Nepal?

    Momo dumplings with minced meat, vegetables, dairy fillings
    Sekuwa, a dish of grilled and skewered lamb, chicken, pork, or goat meat.
    Sukuti, made of dried meat 
    Gundruk, made by fermenting and drying leafy vegetables
    Yomari, a molasses stuffed rice flour dumpling.
    Kwati, a traditional Nepalese bean stew.
    Sel roti, a Nepalese doughnut-like bread.
    Choila, a type of grilled meat. 
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03 May 2017
Having trekked in the Sahayadris for over 4-5 years now and after doing two himalayan treks in the previous season, I wanted to do a more challenging trek. So finally I decided to climb the base camp of the highest mountain in the world. The majestic mountain range had been in my bucket list for many years. Now seemed to be the right time, and so I set off in search of the "Everest". I always thought how difficult could it be to climb mountains, after all, it just takes putting one step ahead of the other. I was wrong, it indeed turned out to be more difficult than I imagined. This is due to the rarefied air in the atmosphere, that makes breathing difficult. Even a nominal gradient while ascending seems to be a task. But thankfully I wasn't hit by any symptoms of AMS ( Acute Mountain Sickness ) which makes the mountaineer's job tremendously difficult at high altitudes. On the trek, it was the promise of some awesome photos, that helped me carry through many steep climbs. But, the sheer beauty of the barren mountains with clear blue sky in the backdrop and the ferocious Dudh Koshi River inspired me not to give up but to keep climbing. During the climb of Kala Patthar, I learnt the importance of balance and concentration, even when you are exhausted beyond limit. On the Kala Patthar summit day, I set out at 4 in the morning, climbing through the mountain with a 50-70 degree gradient; sub zero temperatures, chilly winds and freezing weather. It was total dark and the only thing I could see through my head torch was the next step. From this moment till 6 am in the morning, I only thought about the awesome feeling of summiting and achieving my goal. As the air was thin, I concentrated on breathing properly and adequately and took synchronized baby steps. And, finally at 6:30 am I reached the Summit (5643m)! The view of the sunrise on Everest was just spectacular and the feeling of having summited, exhilarating!! The Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar expedition made me realize that to achieve a goal, it is important to believe in your own efforts and strength (Both Physical and Mental).But more than that, we should be grateful towards the ecosystem around and factors beyond our control which play an equally important role in our journey to achieve anything.
30 July 2018
Trekking the adorable Himalayas is always a must on the “to do” list of an avid trekker. After trekking over the Sahyadris and taking a few treks in Karnataka I decided to place my foot on the Himalayan Mountain Ranges. Going through the various options from Chadar, Sandakphu, Roopkund, Hampta Pass, etc. I finally narrowed down to the Everest Base Camp. The very thought of following the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay thrilled me to the core. The sight of having a close encounter with the highest point on earth just pushed further my excitement levels. After a series of e-searches and consulting with other fellow trekkers, I finally made up my mind to enroll for the 14 day EBC Trek with Thrillophilia. The EBC Trek was by far my best trek so far. Though the thin air made the ascent difficult and more challenging, I am glad that I was able to complete the trek. The amazing view of snow clad mountains, the vast greenery and above all the company of similar fun-loving folks made the trek a memorable one. Kudos to the team at Thrillophilia. The trek was not only organized well but the pricing was also reasonable. All the questions, concerns, doubts and apprehensions I that had were properly attended by the travel consultant at Thrillophilia, Miss Madhuri Mathur despite some of them being repetitive. The representatives Mr. Subid Sahoo and Mr. Nitish Singh as well as the trek Guide Mr. Bijay along with his assistants were all friendly and helpful. I will definitely suggest my pals to go for this trek. I wish to do it again sometime soon. Cheers, Vignesh
20 October 2014
Rameshwar Bharadwaj Everest Base Camp Trek
A good trek at a very reasonable price is what I need to say about this trek first of all. I had a comfortable and good stay at the base camp. The camping was a great fun and I enjoyed to the core. Heard that this was the most challenging trek of Nepal and so I decided to try this out. This was obviously challenging but I could make it out till the end. it was just out of the world experience
23 September 2015
Sucheta Namboothiri Everest Base Camp Trek
The mountains were brilliant and nice, the clear sky after the summer monsoon had dusted away the dust and we hence got a chance to have a clear view of the whole peak and the adjacent places. The days we spent at the camp base was cooler even though it could have been more long.
15 April 2019
Manjunath Manjunath Annapurna Base Camp Trek
The trekking was very good. Also as we had a small group all the arrangements were good. As we did not expected more snow it was fun walking in snow for full day to reach the ABC. The view was spectacular at the base camp and got quiet good photos. Guide/Porter was very co-operating and helped us a lot while walking in the snow (as we did not had proper shoes to trek in snow :) )
I booked this tour as my first solo trip and I was amazed by its execution. We covered many old temples and monuments in a perfect span of time. The trip truly was amazing from the places to the people and the team were all very friendly. The food was delicious and pure. Will definitely plan our next trip with you.
I booked this trip from India to Nepal with my family. Nepal has best surroundings with cool environment and the highest mountain peaks. Everything mentioned was good and taken care of, the best thing was the time management, the staff and driver were friendly and gave a feel f home. It was an amazing trip which we visited and truly worth it. Would recommend anyone visiting, would try and visit with Thrillophilia.
We booked this tour after going thoroughly to the plan and it was interesting, so we finally decided to pick it and it. The places are filled with ancient temples and cool surroundings. All the transportation mentioned were managed by the team and it was on time, with a well-behaved driver. It was wonderful and absolutely recommended.
We booked this tour with our friends from Chennai. The great mountains range in Nepal make the whole trip more beautiful and scenic. Everything for the trip was well planned and specially the food served was mouth watering. Totally recommendable.
Nepal has it all being it spirituality, nature, adventure and history! It was fun visiting the summits for the sunrise early morning. The hotels were really comfortable which drained out all the tiredness of the day and freshens us every next morning. It was a fun a trip looking froward for more.

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