15 Best Tarkarli Beach Resorts - 2021 (Photos & Reviews)

Beach Resorts in Tarkarli

Blue Sea Beach Resort, Visava Beach Resort, Aai-Shubhangi Beach Resort, Tian Beach Resort, Shripad Beach Resort, Siddhivinayak Beach Resort, Sai Raj Beach Resort, Fantasea Beach Resort, Golden Sandhya Beach resort, Swami Samarth Beach resort, Omkar Deluxe Beach Resort and many more.

Having a gala time in one of the Tarkarli beach resorts is the best way to satisfy your craving for an upgraded beach vacay. Tarkarli is encircled by beautiful sandy beaches and mesmerizing landscapes making your holidays amazing and memorable.

Well-equipped with modern amenities these resorts have evolved over a period of time. Tarkarli too is now a popular destination, especially among foreign tourists. The beaches here are vast and wide that stretch till the borders of Goa. Rated as one of the best and safest beaches, Tarkarli surely is one of the most sought after places in Maharashtra

There are many beach resorts in Tarkarli you can choose from. All the beach resorts open to sparkling blue waters and offer spacious accommodations. Some beaches invite the grace of great crowds but if you are a private person and prefer seclusion, you may choose resorts which will offer you the pleasure of private beaches.

Tarkarli is surely a place that is blessed copiously with clear white sand beaches, calm backwaters and abundant greenery.

Here are some of the best beach resorts in Tarkarli: 


Blue Sea Beach Resort

Walk a few steps from Tarkarli Beach, and you will be in this serene Tarkarli beach resort! Within a stone's throw from the beachfront, Blue Sea Beach Homes is among the most traditional tidy and visitor-friendly retreat in the entire of Malvan.

Located centrally in the sandy retreat, it offers rooms that are carefully crafted to suit visitors from almost all the walks of life. Whether the members of a family, group of friends, couples on the spree of pleasant moments or large groups, everyone can enjoy much of fun-filled moments at the Blue Sea Beach Homes.

Visit this leisure home in Tarkarli, get indulge with a number of exciting water games and activities. In addition to an array of beach activities, you can also go for dolphin spotting, touch the sky with parasailing and discover the magical beauty of Tarkarli's marine life with scuba diving. 

Scuba diving, parasailing & dolphin spotting and beachfront are some of the amenities provided by this resort

Near Tarkarli Sai Mandir, Malvan taluka, Tarkarli, Maharashtra 416606

Price: Starts from INR 2300


Visava Beach Resort

Offering amazing views of the outer world, the warmth of a homestay, all modern amenities and luxury facilities; Visavasa Beach Home Stay is sure to make your holiday much more splendid! Located within the heart of Tarkarli, a vacation in this holiday home is a matter of salubrious moments, tranquillity and serenity. 

Though not exactly one of the Tarkarli beach resorts, but a typical homestay, the amenities, and facilities available in this leisure home offers the same of a resort's experience. Moreover, as it is well connected with railway station and airport, it truly deserves a thought while you decide your vacation.

Beach activities & massage, room service, laundry service & parking are some of the amenities provided by this resort

Road To Tarkarli Beach, Wayri Bandh, Tarkarli, 416606

Price: Starts from INR 3300


Aai-Shubhangi Beach Resort

Image Credit : http://www.aaibeachhome.com

There are very few Tarkarli beach resorts that can fulfill all your yearnings to romance the sea and the sands! However, if you have picked up the Aai-Shubhangi Beach Resort, you will definitely find all your dreams coming true!

Standing at the heart of Tarkarli Beach, this holiday destination boasts of its endless stretch of the azure waters, playful sands and a serene ambiance. In addition to this, the affair between the Arabian Sea and Karli River will add some more to your stay in this beach resort.

Snorkeling, beach activities, dolphin rides & sightseeing, outdoor sitting area and Malvani cuisine are some of the amenities provided by this resort

Devbag Road, Near St Peters Church, Devbag, Malvan, Maharashtra 416606

Price: Starts from INR 1500


Tian Beach Resort

Though all the beaches in Tarkarli are secluded and least crowded, some of them are still away from the hands of commercialization. One amongst these beaches, the Chivla Beach is the home to Tian Beach Resort in Tarkarli. Fringed with lively coconut groves and located within a reachable distance from Sindhudurg Fort, this retreat is a must for those who seek silent yet profound moments. 

Visit this holiday home with your family, friends or colleagues; stroll along the shoreline, enjoy its enchanting beauty or get indulge in an array of activities and make your vacation an extremely fun-filled affair.

For the foodies, they can soothe all their gastronomic desires at the multi-cuisine restaurant that serves authentic Malvan and Punjabi dishes. The nature lovers can make it to the tree house called 'machan' and enjoy the sprawling beauty around the vicinity.

Snorkeling, beach walk & dolphin watch safari, Sindhudurg fort & Rock Garden visits, tree house experience & multi-cuisine restaurant are some of the amenities provided by this resort.

Dhuriwada, Malvan, Maharashtra 416606

Price: Starts from INR 1200


Shripad Beach Resort

Image Credit : http://shripadbeachresort.in/

For a comfortable and luxurious stay in Malvan, you must head towards the Shripad Beach Resort, Tarkarli. Located ideally amidst scenic groves and evergreen thickets, this beach destination can be easily reached from any corners of the town.

Offering five different cottages that are laced with all modern amenities, it proves to be an ideal destination to stay aloof from the usual crowd and enjoy secluded moments! Within this Tarkarli beach resort, you can laze around the hammocks, enjoy delicious foods in the dining area that faces the pristine beach and curate some of the most pleasing moments during your holiday.

For the fun and thrill lovers, they can enjoy snorkeling along with several other exciting activities like scuba diving and visit the historic Sindhudurg Fort. For the shutterbugs, this resort offers ample of opportunities to click some promising shots and bring home an array of sweet and candid memories.

Snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming & dolphin spotting, nature photography, fort & island visits are some of the amenities provided by this resort.

Tarkarli Devbaug Rd, Malvan, Sindhudurg 416606

Price: Starts from INR 1200


Siddhivinayak Beach Resort

Image Credit : http://www.siddhivinayakbeachresort.com

Among all the Tarkarli beach resorts, Siddhivinayak Beach Resort is such a name that is perfect for every season and occasion! Located away from all the humdrum of city life, this amazing retreat in Devbag, Malvan, accounts for a salubrious holiday amidst the untouched beauty of mother nature.

The peace that tranquillity that exists in this beach resort can be hardly found anywhere else in Tarkarli, and also assures you with all the luxury and comfort required to make your vacation more eventful and engrossing. Also, its array of activities like dolphin safari and snorkeling will surely hold you captive and get you closer to the pristine beauty of nature!

Snorkelling, dolphin safari, beach activities & boating, Malvani cuisine & internet facility are some of the amenities provided by this resort.

Devbag Mobar Road, Near Mahapurush Mandir, Malvan, Dist. Sindhudurg, Devbag, Maharashtra 416606

Price: Starts from INR 1400


Sai Raj Beach Resort

With aesthetically designed cottages jotted by coconut groves, Sai Raj Beach Resort entices the visitors to Tarkarli like any other resorts. Spacious enough to accommodate larger groups, it stands firm on the Devbag Beach in Malvan and boasts of its bucolic ambiance.

While in here, do not miss out on exploring the mystical beauty of the confluence of the Arabian Sea and Karli River! Also, the azure waters and the tepid sands around this beach retreat tempts its visitors to participate in several fun-filled activities like swimming, sunbathing, scuba diving and picnics.

Like the other Tarkarli beach resorts, Sai Raj also has arrangements for other activities like water scooter rides, jet skis, bumper boat ride, and others. And those, who want to explore the vicinity, they can always opt for visits to Tsunami Island, Tarkarli Beach, Bhogwe Beach, Light House, Golden Rock and Sindhudurg Fort.

Water sports: water scooter, scuba diving, bumper boats & jet ski, swimming and Malvani cuisine are some of the amenities provided by this resort.

Devbaug Beach, Tarkarli, Maharashtra 416606

Price: Stars from INR 1600 


Fantasea Beach Resort

Image Credit : http://www.fantaseabeachresort.com

Set amidst lively coconut groves and other lush greeneries, adorned by the swaying beauty of the waves and elegantly built, Fantasea is one of the best among all the Tarkarli beach resorts. Facing the majestic ocean, this retreat on the Devbag Beach is where nature meets luxury, comfort, and peace of mind!

Located around 40 km from Sindhudurg and 400 km from Pune, this holiday resort offers two elegantly designed cottages to its visitors. Adding more to these cottages, there are private sitting and dining area, all modern amenities and facilities that will make your holiday delightful.

Built in true Konkani style, Fantasea Beach Resort has a lot to offer its visitors. While here, you can indulge in several exciting water sports and activities. For the water sports lovers, this Tarkali beach resor
t simply proves to be a treasure trove!

Scuba diving, snorkeling & boating, dolphin spotting, Devbag Sangam visit & island tour, private sitting & dining area are some of the amenities provided by this resort.

Tarkarli Devbag Rd, Devbag, 416606

Price: Starts from INR 4800


Golden Sandhya Beach resort

Image Credit : www.shreeganesharesort.in

Whether you are here for a romantic getaway or a family gathering the Golden Sandhya will make your trip extremely memorable. A home away from home, the resort offers comfortable stay options with rooms overlooking the magnanimous seas.

Engage in early morning walks along the coastline immersing your feet in salty water or go adventurous with the Scuba diving activities organized by the resort, this self-effacing resort arranges everything you wish for. High-speed internet with complimentary breakfast is offered here.

A lovely resort with mouth-watering food and courteous staff, the resort surely features in the must-visit beach resorts in Tarkarli.

Location: Home no727, B, Tarkarli beach

Price:  From Rs 3,500 per night


Swami Samarth Beach resort

Image Credit : www.shriswamisamarthbeachresort.com

A tropical wonder situated near the charms of seawater, this resort is one of the most private and intimate Tarkarli beach resorts. Spacious beach cottages bordered by coconut palms define the sprawling property.

12 out of 15 rooms are air-conditioned with free internet connectivity. One of the special features of the resort is the traditional Malvani cuisine served here as a speciality. You can spend an ideal holiday here with lots of spots within the resort to sit and have a relaxing chat.

If you love engaging yourself in some adventure sports, then the resort offers in house water sports facility organized at the Tsunami Island off the Devbaug Sangam point. Banana ride, jet skiing and bumper rides and Parasailing are amongst the most demanded rides.

Boating too has caught the eye of the guest with mid-sea barbeque is organized for groups.

Location: Devbaug Mobar Road, Devbaug

Price: From Rs 3,800 per night


Omkar Deluxe Beach Resort

Image Credit : www.omkardeluxebeachresort.com

Located on the Devbaug beach the property consists of 6 large air-conditioned rooms and 2 large airy rooms without the need for air conditioners. You open the door of your room and you can see the beach beauty just 100 meters away from you waiting to be explored.

Home cooked vegetarian and non-veg food is available in the resort with authentic Malvani seafood delicacies being their advantage. Day excursion or local sightseeing plans are also put forth by the management for an enjoyable day.

You can go for a beach walk along the glistening coastlines and lounge on the wet sands for ultimate repose. Water sports activities at the beach are available for those who love to keep themselves entertained.

Location: Devbaug, Taluka-Malvan, Sindhudurg

Price: From Rs 1,100 per night


Silica Beach Resort

Image Credit : www.malvancity.com

This new property has 3 rooms and is located only one minute from the Tarkarli beach. A large Banyan tree is the highlight of the zone which defines the site. A beautiful hammock in the resort can be used for your tea and coffee conversations.

All but two rooms are air-conditioned and have been simplistically designed. The food served here is extremely delicious and the staff is courteous and helpful. The hotel management aids every guest in indulging in water sports activities like scuba diving at dolphin point at unbelievably reasonable rates.

Many travellers visit this place often for the great food served here. Spend some wistful moments in the resort and feel your senses revivified.

Location: Near Tarkarli Beach

Price: From Rs 1,900 per night


Coconut garden Beach Resort

Image Credit : www.coconutgardenbeachresort.com

This unique homestay option provides 8 Non AC rooms and 4 AC rooms with attached bathrooms. Great food is the strength of the resort with local Maharashtrian dishes served with love.

Snorkelling, Dolphin tour, boating and Scuba diving are arranged by the resort owners for a fun-filled time. For those who also want to take some day tours, you can visit Darshan Museum, Trishunda Ganesh temple and Lal Mahal Chitra located very close to the resort.

High-speed internet and free parking is also provided along with the option of buffet breakfast.

Location: Tarkarli Devbaug Rd

Price: From Rs 1,200 per night


Vasant Vihar Beach Resort

Image Credit : www.malvancity.com

Vasant Vihar Beach resort has been elegantly designed to keep in mind the leisure needs of explorers visiting Tarkarli. One of the most budget-friendly Tarkarli beach resorts, the hotel offers wide, well-lit and spacious rooms. Express check-in facility along with 24 hours operational desk assists you round the clock.

The in-house restaurant serves all Indian delicacies especially sea-food varieties that are specially made in the kitchens here. Rollaway beds with well-equipped bathrooms are available in all the 4 rooms of the property.

Located very close to the Tarkarli beach resort it is well-aware of beach activities that the guests want to engage in. Keeping in mind the needs of the guests, the authorities arrange for specially priced adventure activities package along with day tours to keep you amused.

Location: Near Tarkarli beach

Price: From Rs 2,300 per night


Shyam Sundar Beach Resort

Be it a quick weekend getaway with the family members or a long vacation with them, all you need is a pleasant ambiance, ample of exciting things to do, delicious foods and all the marvels of nature! Shyam Sundar Beach Resort is one such place that will cater to all your needs, requirements and will make your holiday a pleasant experience.

Overlooking the majestic Arabian Sea, this holiday resort in Devbag, Malvan, that hosts only families, is an ideal destination in Tarkarli. While the delicious home cooked foods will complete the essence of staying close to your home, its array of exciting activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and other similar will keep you engrossed with unlimited fun-frolic with your family members.

Scuba diving, snorkeling, island & fort visits, boating, parasailing & beach activities are some of the amenities provided by this resort.

Devbag Sangam Road, Devbag, 416606

Price: Starts from INR 1900

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Highly recommended adventure to all the people who love thrill... This experience really worth everything the money, time, and energy.
The best experience, our coach was very professional and knowledgable and as well as has very good experience with this activity which makes us felt safe and secure and very kind enough to help us throughout the dives. I can see many cute creatures, the beautiful and colorful corals were truly breathtaking lots more I experience during this activity. The best part also was that the package was included with a picture and videos and just after the activity shared with us and I must say that they are good photography as well...Overall it was a good and amazing experience...
Thank you so much for this best tour. The price is already cheaper and that also very beneficial as the package offered by Thrillophilia comes along with the complimentary videos and pictures which was really great, we were so impressed... we took part in this Scuba diving and I must say that this activity was much far better than snorkeling. We have a wonderful experience with good photos to cherish for the whole life. Grab this package and have fun...
Super fun! the expert was very nice and accommodating always there beside me and help me with the activity, The day I took part on-this the weather was good and the seawater was very clear in which I get to see many colorful fishes and the water world was truly beautiful than I can't even imagine... Totally worth the experience.
One of the best experiences for a life-time with my whole family. We had a great time in the water and really appreciates the professional instructor who was doing a very good job. Best thrilling adventure to cherish. Worthy Experience.
Definitely an amazing experience I ever participating, Scuba diving is truly awesome and breathtaking, Would recommend this really to all.

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People Also Ask About Tarkarli

  1. What is the lowest & highest price of beach resorts in Tarkarli?

    The lowest priced Beach Resort in Tarkarli is Omkar Deluxe Beach resort, costing around INR 1100 for a day. On the other hand, providing all luxuries, Fantasea Beach Resort offers a stay at INR 4800 per night, which is the highest price here.
  2. Can we smoke or drink at Tarkarli beach resorts?

    Yes, smoking and drinking is allowed in many Beach resorts, but they have designated areas to do that. Also many resorts here have Bars where you can easily enjoy a drink. Doing these things in your rooms are not allowed.
  3. Which are the best beaches to visit in Tarkarli?

    Best beaches to visit in Tarkarli are:

    1. Tarkarli Beach: A perfect combination of sand and blue waters, this scenic beach offers the best views of sunsets and has many restaurants serving top delicacies.

    2. Achra Beach: Enjoy a day filled with fun activities including swimming, rafting, scuba diving and many more while staying in some comfortable and well equipped beach resorts.

    3. Tsunami Island Beach: Accessible only by boats, this beach is famous among thrill seekers as it provides numerous water activities and best sceneries.

    4. Nivati Beach: From playful white sand to scenic fortresses standing on rocky bases, this beach will offer you the best comfy surroundings and loads of seafood.
  4. What facilities will be provided in Tarkarli beach resorts?

    From basic amenities to the luxurious items, every major facility will be provided in the beach resorts in Tarkarli. Some facilities provided there are:

    - Swimming pools
    - Beach activities like scuba diving and snorkeling
    - Laundry service and parking
    - In house restaurant
    - Spa and massage areas
    - Tree house experiences
    - Well equipped rooms and bathrooms.

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