Northern Lights in Finland | Watch Aurora Borealis in Finland
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Northern Lights Tours In Finland

Northern Lights Finland

Northern lights in Finland are one of the magical natural occurring phenomena that travelers can view clearly from the comforts of specially designed viewing spots. Heading out to this place with your loved ones for a holiday vacation is definitely worth it as you will be able to spend time in the middle of the picture-perfect natural beauty.

Finland's northern lights can be best viewed from a number of locations like Rovaniemi known for its unspoiled views over the Northern Lights over the Northern Forests and Utsjoki which lets you get the views even after lesser activities. While Kemi lets you take a road trip to reach the camp, Nellim offers you wonderful views of the northern sky from the sled.

If you wish to capture some of the mesmerizing views of the Northern lights of Finland, then you can choose to spend in some of the popular resorts like Apukka Resort which offers unique accommodation in the midst of two lakes, and Arctic TreeHouse Hotel popular for its cozy environment and top-notch amenities.
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Essential Information about Northern lights in Finland


What are the Northern Lights?

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In reality, Northern Lights are caused by the sun when the particles emitted by the sun strike the atoms in the atmosphere of the earth. The bombardment causes the spark and the atoms light up producing some beautiful colors in the night sky. The name Northern Lights was coined by Galileo who is a great name in celestial discoveries.

As per historical beliefs of the Finnish people, the Northern lights of Finland were caused due to the firefox, which is a creature that runs swiftly across the snow and sparks were clicked by the paws. As per mythological evidence, Northern lights in Finland are because of the spouts sprayed into the sky during night by whales.

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Best Time of Year to See the Northern Lights in Finland

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The phenomenon of northern lights Finland can be viewed all through the year. The chances of getting the best views of Aurora changes with the seasons. In the autumn season, you will have greater chances of seeing the northern lights from Late August to September.

You will get the best ever views of the phenomenon in the dark sky after the autumnal equinox. Winter also brings a great possibility for viewing northern lights. In the course of shoulder season, the skies remain dark and the northern lights are perfectly visible in general.

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Conditions to witness Northern Lights

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The sky needs to be dark and clear of any clouds. When the skies are clear, the temperature tends to drop.

Can be viewed from 5:00 PM - 2:00 AM.

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How to reach Finland

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The best way to reach Finland would be reaching its capital city Helsiniki. You will get direct flights from major cities around the globe to Helsini. The major airport carrier to Helsinki is Finnair. If you are travelling to Finland from Estonia or Sweden, then you can take ferry services.
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What causes Northern Lights?

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The Finland northern lights phenomenon is caused by the process in which the earth’s magnetic field pulls the charged particles emitted out of the sun towards the poles. In the course of this activity, the particles collide with the atoms and molecules of earth’s atmosphere and then photons are generated.
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How can I photograph the Northern Lights?

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If you wish to capture some amazing photograph of the Northern Light phenomenon then do follow the following steps:
Set your camera to Manual
Set your lens to Manual
Turn off Image Stabilization as well as your Flash setting
Set ISO setting to ISO 1600 
Set the aperture to f-2.8 or the lowest f-number you can get
Set shutter speed at 20 sec
Mount your camera on a tripod
Set to the infinity symbol, if you have one: ?
Pre-set your focus during the day
Zoom in on a star or the Moon, set the focus and zoom back out
Remotely release the shutter

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Unknown Facts about Northern Lights

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The spectacular activity in the dark night sky is caused by the collision of the charged particles of the sun with the atoms and molecules of earth’s atmosphere.

The color of Finland northern lights is dependent on the atoms with which the charged particles have collided. Different atoms produce different colors.

Northern lights are at all times present however it is only visible in the dark sky.

As  per the legends, the northern lights phenomenon has been witnessed for a long time. The first reference to Northern Lights dates back to almost 500s by Gregory of Tours and then by Galileo Galilei and Pierre Gassendi in the year 1621.

Various sunspot activities affect the Northern Lights phenomenon.

A thin sound wave is also generated when this collision takes place and the sound waves reach the ears almost after 5 minutes. 

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Places to stay for Northern Lights in Finland


Apukka Resort

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Apukka resort is one of the most sought after destinations in Finland where you can spend time with your loved ones in a cozy setting staying under the Finland northern lights and experiencing some of the arctic activities. You will get to spend time in the middle of two remote lakes located at the edge of unspoilt wilderness.

Spending time in the unique accommodation will be just magical. Kosmo Suite will surely impress you with its unique design and luxury which are inspired from the ancient culture of Lapland.

Tutkijantie 28, 96900 Rovaniemi, Finland
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Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

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Arctic TreeHouse Hotel in Finland is very well known for offering a unique blend of luxury and comfort in the heart of Arctic nature. You will get to spend time in the middle of modern scandinavian design relishing some of the unique Lappsih traditions.

You will get a nest like cosiness and experience panoramic views of the natural phenomenon from the large window panes. You will surely fall in love with the views of the forest and Arctic skies. The inhouse restaurant also serves delicious culinary delights to the guests prepared using Arctic ingredients.

Tarvantie 3, 96910 Rovaniemi, Finland
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Arctic Circle Wilderness Lodge

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Arctic Circle Wilderness Lodge is located in the midst of the beautiful rapid of River Raudanjoki close to the lush shoreline forest and pristine nature. The resort is known to offer traditional Finnish log cabin accommodation in a romantic atmosphere.

You will get to enjoy the sound of silence and delectable cuisine for a perfect holiday vacation. Staying at this place, you will be able to indulge in some hiking activities as it is easy to access all through the year and it is just about a 15 minutes drive from the Rovaniemi International Airport.

Vaattunkikönkään Tie 219, 96900 Rovaniemi, Finland
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Wilderness Hotel Inari

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Inari Wilderness Hotel offers an exquisite blend of modern comfort and rustic wilderness. Located by the side of Lake Inari, it is one of the perfect places to stay for getting clearer views of the Northern Lights. The large window panes give you a panoramic view over the lake.

You will be able to relish top quality accommodation in the midst of pristine nature and arctic activities. You will get to stay in specialty wilderness rooms, aurora cabins, inar panorama chalets, and log cabins to experience a once in a lifetime feel.

Inarintie 2, 99870 Inari, Finland
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Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

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Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort happens to be a one of the most sought after place of accommodation to view the Northern Light as it offers a wide range of accommodation facilities to the guests such as glass igloos, logo chalets, snow igloos, queen suites, wedding chambers, traditional houses, sivakka, and gold digger’s chalets.

Staying at these specially constructed accommodations, you will be able to admire the northern lights twinkling up in the sky with your loved ones. You can come over to this place all through the year and get to relish some of the distinctive treatments and experiences.

Kiilopääntie 9, 99830 Saariselkä, Finland
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Wilderness Hotel Muotka

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Wilderness Hotel Muotka can be considered as an ultimate destination that offers endless possibilities to quench your thirst in Finland. You will be able to relish some of the magical landscapes taking a slow hiking tour through the forests.

You will surely fall in love with the taiga forest and tranquilizing nature.  Hotel Muotka has special arrangements for the guest to capture the scenic Northern Lights Phenomenon  such as private balconies and large windows panes. Even the rooms in the hotel are designed in a way that you will be able to capture the views simply lying on the bed.

Location: Muotkan Tie 204, 99830 Sodankylä, Finland
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Places to see Northern Lights in Finland



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Rovaniemi, the capital city of Lapland in Northern Finland happens to be a modern city as well as the official home town of Santa Claus. It is also very much popular for viewing the natural occurring Northern Lights Phenomenon. Heading over to this palace, you will be able to explore the museum, science centre and historical places of Finnish Lapland.

The museums and exhibition halls exhibit some of the beautiful captures of the Northern Lights over the Northern Forests. Watching the Aurora phenomena is surely one of the magical experiences that you will surely wish not to miss out.
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Utsjoki happens to be a municipality in Finland which is the Northernmost part of the country. It is a lapland that borders Norway as well as the municipality of Inari. The best part of visiting Utsjoki for viewing Northern lights in Finland is that you can still capture the views even if the activity remains low.

You can find a cozy cottage accommodation to stay and capture the aurora dancing across the sky. During your stay at the cottages, you will also get a chance to relish the local delicacies and learn more about some of the legends from the experienced tour guides.
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Kemi is yet another beautiful place to capture the spectacular Northern Light Phenomenon. Heading over to this place, you will get to learn more about the Nordic Mythology from the experienced tour guide while you watch the natural light show. You will be taking a road trip to reach the viewing location in the way you can witness the rural landscapes.
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Nellim is a village which is located on the shore of Lake Inari. This place is popular for its three distinctive cultures Finns, Skolt Sami, and Inari Sami as well as loads of adventure activities. You can enjoy unlimited wilderness and beautiful sceneries. You will be comfortably seated on a sledge that is pulled by the snowmobile of the tour guide.

You can enjoy the northern sky all the way till you reach the camp. In the course of observing the dark night sky, you can also indulge in some of the fun filled activities like campfires. As there is no light pollution the view of the phenomenon is undisturbed.
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Kittila has got a delightful list of things to do during your Northern lights in Finland tour. Coming over to this pristine arctic wilderness, you can indulge in dog sledding, reindeer safari tour, snowmobile safari tour during your Northern Light phenomenon.

You can also choose to stay in snow igloo to get some unforgettable experience of the northern lights. All the tours that you will be taking in the course of your stay at Kittila are meant to offer you picture perfect views of the natural phenomenon while taking part in some activities.
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Saariselka happens to be one of the best places to sight Northern lights in Finland.  You will get to enjoy an amazing experience of pristine nature under the green glow of magical phenomenon. During your visit, you will get to enjoy cross country and downhill skiing. You can choose to stay in a glass roof resort from where you can capture the beautiful setting from the cozy interiors.
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Other things to do in Finland


Sleep In A Glass Igloo

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Finland is nicknamed as The Land of the Midnight Sun and sleeping in a glass igloo gives you a chance to capture some of the amazing visual phenomenon in the night sky. In the summer months, the sun doesn’t set in the northern parts of the country and in the winter season, the sun doesn’t appear for months. However in this phase of the year, it is not completely dark and you can capture views of the moon, stars, and bright snow.

The best way to experience all this phenomenon would be sleeping in a glass igloo or a cottage in the lap of alluring nature.  The glass igloos are designed specially to offer a 180 degree view of the northern light phenomenon by just lying on your bed. This can be considered as one of the most relaxed ways of indulging yourself in this once in a lifetime experience. The walls of the igloos are made up of see through glasses fixed with each other like a mess. During your stay at these places, you will be offered some of the delectable dishes and exotic drinks as well.
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Visit A Lighthouse Island

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Finland is home to a large number of archipelagos in the world and there are a number of lighthouses in the islands as well. You can take a day trip as well as make a night stay in these places. Bengtskär, located on the western coast is an amazing sight to behold as it is the tallest lighthouse in the Nordic Countries and presents a wonderful sight of the beautiful island.

For travellers heading over to Helsinki, Söderskär is a must see destination. You can take a boat ride to reach this place and then climb up to the lighthouse to have a cup of coffee and capture the scenic beauty all around.
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Stroll Around An Old Wooden Town

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In the times gone by, the houses in Finland were used to be constructed with wood as the majority of the county is covered by forests. At the present time, you can also find some old wooden houses that date back to almost 300 years. You can visit Helsinki districts to reach Käpylä and Vallila to find these houses. If you wish to stay in these beautiful wooden houses, then you would need to visit Rauma in the west and Loviisa in the South.
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Visit A Unesco Site

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Finland is home to almost seven world heritage sites accredited by UNESCO out of which six happens to be cultural sites and one is a natural site. The most sought after location in Finland is fortress island Suomenlinna in Helsinki. It was added to the world heritage site list in the year 1991 because of its unique military architecture.
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Meet The Real Santa

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As per beliefs Santa Claus hails from Finland. The best part of taking a trip to Finland is that you can actually meet him all through the year. The official site of the Santa is located on the mysterious Arctic circle in the city of Rovaniemi. You can also spend time chatting private with him and revel in the enchanting atmosphere.
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People Also Ask About Finland

  1. Where can I see Northern Lights in Finland?

    You can capture the brilliant views of the naturally occurring phenomenon of Northern Lights at Northern Lapland, Rovaniemi, or Kakslauttanen.
  2. Can I see Northern Lights with naked eyes?

    Yes, you can definitely see the Northern lights in Finland phenomenon with naked eyes. The natural formation of the lights is mainly due to the bombardment of the atomic particles of the sun with the atmosphere of the earth
  3. Are the northern lights better in Finland or Norway?

    Both Norway and Finland happen to be some of the best places in the whole world to capture the scenic views of the naturally occurring phenomenon in the dark night sky. Viewing the Northern Lights in Norway will give you a once in lifetime experience of capturing the dancing aurora show above the spectacular fjords and waterfalls.

    Tourists love to spend time in glass igloos in Finland which are purposefully built to capture the nature phenomenon. In order to capture the phenomenon in Norway, you would need to travel to certains spots in the middle of the night. The night skies in Finland are very less cloudy whereas the night skies in Norway are cloudy which means you will at all times have better visibility in Finland for a longer time as well.
  4. Is Finland expensive to visit?

    Yes, Finland is an expensive place to visit in Europe. A vacation for a week would cost you around €845 for one person. Travelling in the course of shoulder season will give you some relaxation on the costs.
  5. Do the Northern Lights happen every night?

    The Northern lights in Finland are present all the time no matter if it is day or night. The lights are caused by the charged particles from the sun hitting the atoms in the earth’s atmosphere and releasing photons. But, the phenomenon can be only visible in clearer dark nights.
  6. What colour are the Northern Lights?

    The colors associated with the Northern Lights are Pink, yellow, green, violet, blue, orange, and white. The most common colors of the lights are yellow and green as they are produced with typical collision of the particles with oxygen.
  7. When do the Northern Lights occur?

    Northern lights in Finland occur all through the year due to the collision of the charged particles with the oxygen atoms of the earth’s atmosphere. The best time to see this phenomenon would be from the month of September to the month of March.

    Heading over to capture the dancing Northern Lights in between the months of January to March would be just amazing as the sky remains completely dark but you would need to withstand the strong cold weather.
  8. Does it have to be cold to see the Northern Lights in Finland?

    No, it doesn’t need to be cold to see the Northern lights in Finland. The night sky just needs to be dark without clouds to view the aurora zone between 65 - 72 degree North. However, the night sky needs to be clear of all clouds to see this magical effect. As per science, when the sky remains cloudless, the temperature of the region falls down.
  9. How long does Northern Lights last?

    The Northern Lights most commonly appeared between 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM. These light effects do not exhibit for long and the good display of the phenomenon wont even last for more 15 - 20 minutes at a stretch. If you are very much lucky, then you can capture the views for a few hours.
  10. What causes Northern Lights in Finland?

    Northern lights in Finland are especially more prominent in the Northern Hemisphere as the charged particles coming out from the sun tend to be attracted towards the poles. When these charged particles collide with the earth’s atmosphere, the atoms and molecules found in the earth’s atmosphere move to a higher energy state. These atoms release light when they tend to come back to their original lower energy state.
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