Sweden in Winter: Weather, What to Pack & Things to Do!

Things to Do in Sweden in Winter

1. Go Dog sledding
2. Admire the Northern Lights
3. Experience Ice Fishing
4. Try out snowmobiling
5. Mountain Biking
6. Enjoy sightseeing in Stockholm
7. Alpine Skiing
8. Kayaking on the Coast
9. Go Skiing
10. Enjoy an outdoor Fika

Sweden in winter gets transformed into this magical wonderland that will entrance and enchant any traveler. The powdery blanket of snow offers a wide range of exhilarating activities such as alpine skiing, dog sled rides, snowboarding, riding snowmobiles, ice skating, ice fishing and so much more. 

This beautiful country has some of the most spectacular natural phenomena that should definitely be part of your visit especially in winter. One such spectacular phenomenon is the amazing Northern Lights which is one of the most mesmerizing experiences you can enjoy here. You can stay in Ice Hotels where rooms are carved out of ice and offer ice bars and delicious Sami cuisine. 

Another experience in Sweden that you should be a part of is the famous Fika where people take these short coffee breaks to indulge in hot coffee and some delicious snacks like the cinnamon bun. Sweden is the land of vikings, beautiful archipelagos, eye catching landscape, amazing music and extraordinary phenomena such as the Midnight Sun and it offers some of the most unique experiences that should definitely be in your bucket list.

Here are the some of the best things to do in Sweden in Winter:

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Go Dog Sledding

Exploring the fantastic wilderness of Sweden in winter on a dog sled is nothing short of living a fantasy. The mesmerizing landscape covered in a thick blanket of powdery white snow will give you the feeling of being part of a fairytale. Riding a dog sled which is being pulled by a team of majestic Alaskan or Siberian huskies is without a doubt one of the best things to do in Sweden in winter. Besides taking in the stunning landscape you may get lucky and get a glimpse of the really rare Arctic fox or reindeer, wolverine or the Arctic hare.

Location: Swedish Lapland

Admire The Northern Lights

One of the best things about Sweden in winter is the incredible view of the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is one of the most magical phenomena that you can view on your trip to Sweden. Behold the wonder of colors and the beauty of the shimmering arcs of light that are displayed across the clear, dark expanse of the Swedish skies. Head to the Swedish Lapland which is rather remote and you will have a better view of the Northern Lights from here. Sit back and relax while you enjoy one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing shows of nature.

Location: Kiruna, Aurora Sky Station in Abisko National Park, Jokkmokk, Lulea

Experience Ice Fishing

Swedish winters are long and glorious and offer fantastic conditions for ice fishing. Some of the most unique things to do in Sweden in winter that you will enjoy with your ice fishing expeditions are walking on a frozen lake, drilling a hole in the ice and waiting for the fish to bite. Pikes, Arctic Char, perch and trout are some of the variety of fish that you can catch here in winter. The mesmerizing landscapes and the peaceful quietness of the surrounding area is an added bonus that comes with the adventure of going ice fishing in Sweden.

Location: Krokom, Vemdalen, Are

Try Out Snowmobiling

The best way to explore the incredible landscape and wilderness of Sweden in winter is on a snowmobile. Your ride will take you across snow-covered forests, frozen lakes and snow capped mountains looming in the background. Go hunting for location to spot the Northern Lights or maybe spot a reindeer or the Arctic Fox on the way. On snowmobile tours you can go ice fishing, or visit mountain lodges or enjoy campfires in the wilderness.

Location: Kiruna in North Sweden, Rikgransen, Jovattnet, Salen

Mountain Biking

Sweden has many mountain biking trails and the best part about these trails are the variations. You can go from long flow trails to extremely challenging tracks with rocky and uneven terrains. This is one of the best adventure things to do in Sweden during winter with Finale Ligure being one of the top destinations for mountain biking in Sweden in winter. It has become one of the winter hotspots for bikers from around the globe. Some of the best bike parks in Sweden where you can test your prowess in the sport are Äre Bike Park, Järvsö, Gesunda Bike Park and Vallasen Bike Park.

Location: Finale Ligure, Äre, Järvsö, Gesunda

Entry Fees: Starting from INR 2000 per person

Enjoy Sightseeing in Stockholm

Enjoying the beautiful attractions of Stockholm is one of the best things to do in Sweden in winter. You can visit the world’s longest gallery which is the subways of Stockholm and famous for its Subway Art. Go on a guided tour of Gamla Stan, watch the Royal Guard Ceremony at The Royal Palace, go skiing at the Hammarbybacken Ski Resort or visit the intriguing Fotografiska Museum. While in Stockholm do make time to go on a food tour of the city and make sure you indulge in outdoor Fika with your friends and family.

Location: Stockholm

Alpine Skiing

Sweden in winter offers an amazing variety of ski runs, accommodations and entertainment for those yearning for the powdery white slopes. This magnificent country has some of the most welcoming and vibrant ski resorts in Europe and you can enjoy much more along with skiing in these resorts. You can indulge in ice climbing, food tours, be part of several events, kayaking and free riding. Some of the best places for alpine skiing in Sweden are Salen, Riksgransen, Swedish Lapland and more. After your skiing adventure head to the nearby town and enjoy some local craft beer along with some delicious Arctic cuisine.

Location: Are, Riksgransen, Lapland

Kayaking on The Coast

Solitude, peaceful environment and interrupted only by an occasional sighting of a coastal village along the way is what you will get with kayaking on the coast of Sweden in winter. As you head into the dark coastal water, in the distance you will be able to see the typical red and yellow houses that are characteristic of Nordic and Scandinavian countries. Kayaking along the Swedish coast is one of the most peaceful things to do in Sweden during winter. This expedition will sharpen your senses as you paddle methodically and maybe enjoy the company of some seals looking for food.

Location: Stockholm Archipelago, Gothenburg Archipelago, Skane

Go Skiing

Considering that this beautiful country is covered in a white powdery blanket of snow during winter, some of the best things to do in Sweden in winter is skiing. The slopes here are fantastic and you can look forward to over 1236 km of amazing ski slopes. If you are traveling with your family then you can enjoy this sport together as there are several ski trails that are kid friendly as well as those ideal for beginners. You can also try out heli-skiing, ski tours or just enjoy skiing in wide open spaces that are absolutely breathtaking.

Location: Are, Salen, Hemavan, Vemdalen, Duved, Tandalen, Stoten, Riksgransen and Romme

Enjoy An Outdoor Fika

Your trip to Sweden in winter is definitely going to be incomplete without indulging in a traditional outdoor Fika experience. Fika is a coffee break that Swedes take which they enjoy with some light snack like cinnamon buns or some cookies. Outdoor Fika is just more fun because your pot of coffee is boiling on an open fire with the great outdoors to keep you company. The beauty of the Swedish winterland and the intoxicating aroma of hot coffee will warm your soul and you will definitely come away with one of the greatest memories of your trip.

Location: Sweden

People Also Ask About Sweden

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Sweden in winter?

    1. Stockholm - For a perfect city break you can explore the beauty of the Vasa Museum or the Royal Palace in Stockholm. Visit the open air museum Skansen, the Abba Museum, the Stockholm City Hall and take a guided tour of Gamla Stan. While exploring this beautiful city do remember to include a well guided food tour and indulge in several rounds of Fika, in the traditional style. 

    2. Ystad - Ystad is a beautiful Swedish town quite close to the Baltic Sea and exploring the wondrous attractions that this beautiful town has to offer is one of the best things to do in Sweden in winter. Some of the must visit places in Ystad are the Ales Stenar, Greyfriars Abbey, Charlotte Berlin’s Museum, St Peter’s Church and many more. 

    3. Lapland - The Swedish Lapland is one of the best places to visit in Sweden in winter. From here you can get a great view of the Northern Lights, you can go snowmobiling or ride a dog sled in the snow covered wilderness. Places you should visit in the Swedish Laplands are the Abisko National Park, Kiruna, Jokkmokk, Gallivare, Kebnekaise and Jukkasjarvi.

    4. Gothenburg - Gothenburg is one of the best cities to visit in Sweden in winter. The whole city turns into a magical place with fairy lights all lit up and the city preparing for all kinds of winter festivities. This is particularly true if you are visiting between November and December. You can visit Liseberg, the wonderful amusement park, explore the various Christmas markets, enjoy a traditional Swedish sauna or go indulge in a Fika in the many unique cafes around Gothenburg.
  2. What is the average winter temperature in Sweden?

    Sweden winters can be harsh with temperatures dropping to a phenomenal -22°C below zero. The temperature usually ranges between -22°C to -3°C. In the main cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg temperatures usually do not go below -5°C but remain below zero at all times during the winter season. Due to the snowfall the entire country is transformed into a magical winterland between November to March.
  3. What is Sweden famous for?

    Sweden is famous for its beautiful lakes, incredible green spaces and fascinating islands. It is known for its extreme temperatures and the mesmerizing Northern Lights which attracts visitors from around the globe. Sweden is also famous for their food, music, fascinating Christmas Markets and Fika. If you are visiting this beautiful country then do not forget to add a food tour and multiple rounds of Fika on your trip. The country is also famous for its grand palaces, down to earth Royals and the charm of the old town Gamla Sta
  4. What is the best time to visit Sweden?

    Sweden offers unique experiences and extraordinary attractions in every season. The best time to visit Sweden is between May to September when the temperature is pleasant and perfect for outdoor activities. If you wish to experience the Midnight Sun then visit between June to July. 

    However, if you want to see the Northern Lights, go skiing and ride on dog sleds then visit Sweden during winter between November to March.
  5. How to reach Sweden?

    By Air -  This is the most convenient way to travel to Sweden from any part of the world. The airport at Stockholm, Arlanda, is well connected to major cities in Europe, Asia, America, etc. 

    By Road - Roads are well paved and maintained all over Sweden and you can enjoy a wonderful road trip from any of the neighboring countries near Sweden. You can take a road trip from Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Poland and many others. You can also take a bus to Sweden from any of these countries. Operators such as Eurolines, Nettbus, etc have regular buses running on these routes.

    By Rail -  The Eurail connects all of Europe and Sweden is part of this expansive network. You will get trains to Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg and other cities of Sweden from major European cities.
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