20 Romantic Places In Macau For Couples In 2024

Macau Romantic Places

Macau Tower, The Venetian, Lou Lim Lok Park, Senado Square, Guia Fortress, Chapel of St. Francis Xavier, House of Magic, The House Of Dancing Water, and many more.

Romantic Places in Macau make it tough to make a selection when there are so many beautiful sites in Macau to choose from for honeymoons and romantic holidays. Macau has all you need for a luxurious romantic getaway to blow your sweetheart off their feet, thanks to the city's brilliant colours and flamboyant culture, which infuses the architecture. Of course, you'll have to put in some effort, but the beauty of the setting will do the rest of the work for you.

Although Macau is known for its bustling nightlife, there are plenty of romantic retreats where you can spend some quality time together. While Macau Tower will wow you with its picturesque views of the Pearl River Delta, Macau Peninsula, and Taipa, Coloane Insula, Lou Lim Lok Park will enchant you with its waterfalls and scenic splendour. 

Here is the list of romantic places in Macau:

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Macau Tower

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Visit Macau Tower, the city's most recognised landmark, which is undoubtedly the most romantic site in Macau. It stands 338 metres above sea level. All of the Pearl River Delta, Macau Peninsula, and Taipa, Coloane Insula may be seen from the observation platform.

In the morning, the sunrise is spectacular, as is Macau's fantastic nightlife. On clear days, you can see the majestic Mangyang Hill, the Lisbon Casino, and even the boundaries of Hong Kong. The Macau Tower can be climbed to the top.

If you are at the highest point in Macau, you will have another amazing experience because you will see a completely different picture. There are also bungee jumping and Skywalk X facilities here.

10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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The Venetian

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On Macau's Cotai Strip, the Venetian Macao is a high-end hotel and casino complex. The Las Vegas Venetian is the hotel's sister casino. It is the world's second largest casino, Asia's largest single-style hotel, and the world's sixth largest building by floor area.

The most notable feature of Venice is the canals, which have earned the nickname "Venice of China." A romantic ride on an authentic gondola around the Venetian shopping canals would be an ideal way to spend an evening.

Take a photo with you as a memento of your wonderful vacation. The gondoliers serenade you throughout your romantic gondola tour. Discover the great Italian stories and beautiful views to make your experience unforgettable. This is one of Macau's most popular romantic spots.

s/n Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperança, Macao
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Lou Lim Lok Park

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Lou Lim Lok Park is a 4.4-acre garden designed in the Suzhou style, which is unique to Macau. The landscaping is breathtaking in every direction. When you relax and experience the spectacular tranquilly of the Yangtze River South, it surely distinguishes you as one of Macao's most romantic sites.

Water cascades gently into the pool from atop the cliffs, and a school of fish hide amid the lotus leaves. It was originally Macau's largest privately owned garden and one of the city's three most beautiful gardens. As a result, the site grew increasingly popular.

Estr. de Adolfo Loureiro, Macao

6:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Senado Square

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Senado is one of Macao's largest squares, and it has long served as the city's urban centre, hosting a variety of events and festivals. In 2005, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. It's pretty lovely, and the square is flanked by lovely pastel neoclassical houses.

Hundreds of residents and visitors contribute to the lively ambiance and dynamic attitude. There are a number of interesting attractions in the vicinity of the square. There are numerous shops and cafés to tempt you. Macau Cathedral Church and St Domingo's Church are located at the end of the paved road to the east of the square.
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Guia Fortress

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To protect the Portuguese from intruders, the Guia castle was built on Macau's tallest point. When you enter the fort, look for the bright white Guia Lighthouse, which is illuminated every night. The Guia Chapel, established by Clarist nuns to provide religious services to the troops, stands nearby.

When the chapel is flooded in light in the morning or afternoon, it is the ideal time to view them. When the sun rises or sets, the most magnificent moments to see the fortified wall and lighthouse in the Macau region are morning and evening. The lighthouse is open to the public on May 20th each year and is one of Macau's most romantic locations for proposing to your loved one.

Guia Fortress, São Lázaro, Macau, People's Republic of China
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Chapel of St. Francis Xavier

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The Chapel of St. Francis Xavier is one of Coloane Village's main attractions. This chapel's baroque facade is painted in a dazzling yellow and white to match the style of Macau's great churches.

The chapel has some of Christian Asia's most valuable relics, including the bone from St Francis Xavier's arm, which he used to travel throughout Asia evangelising in the 1500s. Because of St Francis Xavier's popularity for converting the Japanese to Christianity, many Japanese Christians now attend church.

Many of the bones of persecuted Japanese Christians and Catholic priests murdered in Nagasaki in 1597 are also housed in the chapel. It is open to the general public at all hours of the day and night. It is completely free to attend. Rather than just sitting and soaking up the atmosphere of this magnificent and tranquil chapel, hire a local guide and discover more about this little slice of heaven.
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House of Magic

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Franz Harary, the world's most famous illusionist, hosts House of Magic, a realm of electrifying magic. Allow the magic to transport you to another world and take you on a mind-bending journey. Its stage is full of deceptions, with multiple acts running at the same time.

After this amazing 90-minute tour, you can dine at Shanghai Magic. The House of Magic offers a 300-seat chamber, the "Mega Magic Theater," where guests can watch exceptional illusions and magic tricks made by The House of Magic, in addition to the two 150-seat parlour magic theatres, the "Majestic Theater" and "Lair Theater."
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The House Of Dancing Water

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"The House of Dancing Water," a water show in City of Dreams Macau's state-of-the-art theatre, is sure to impress. It's a Cirque du Soleil production that uses acrobatics, drama, and a pool to portray an epic love story.

A storm sweeps a fisherman into a fantastical realm of pirates, princesses, and other characters, setting the stage for an epic romantic drama. Stunning acrobatics, motorcycle feats, high dives, and much more are featured in this magnificent presentation. With bright water jets and multimedia theatrics, the scene is artistically amazing, making this one of Macau's finest romantic spots.

City of dreams, City of Dreams, Estr. do Istmo, Macao
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Travessa da Paixão

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Despite the fact that Travessa da Paixo appears to be like many others in Macau, it is distinguished by its name. The Portuguese word "paizo" implies "passion" or "love." Travessa da Paixo was designed to represent catholic devotion to God, but it became Love Lane due to a mistranslation.

It goes without saying that it is now one of Macau's most romantic locations. The alley has been featured in a number of TV shows and films, and is a favourite site for dating and wedding photo shoots.
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Performance Lake

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As you watch the little fountains and plumes of fire float smoothly towards the sky, you'll be dazzled. In this Performance Lake, each element is perfectly matched to music ranging from Broadway show tunes to traditional Chinese songs, creating a continuous ballet of water, colour, and fire.

This exhibition uses a wide range of emotions, moods, and rhythms to captivate travellers. Each performance lasts about three minutes, with a 15-minute break in between. You may enjoy this amazing show by taking a walk around the performance lake after sunset. As a Wynn Palace guest, you can view it from your hotel window.
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Taipa Grande Hill Elevators

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The Taipa Grande Hill elevators, a pleasant attraction located on the southwest slope of the tiny mountain directly near to Taipa hamlet, offer breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. A short, scenic trip up the mountainside to the Grand Taipa Viewing Platform can be enjoyed.

The scenery is breathtaking, and it's even more enjoyable to behold as you ride up and down the mountainside. From the neighbouring Viewing Platform, you can view the two lifts going up and down very well, which is the most exciting part.

5H46+5H6, Macao
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Eiffel Tower, The Parisian Macao

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The Eiffel Tower situated at the heart of the city of lights and romance, Paris, The Parisian Macao is a glowing symbol of modernity and prosperity. It is located in the heart of the city of lights and romance, Paris.

This tower, which is both a work of art and a popular tourist destination. The nightly light display, where jazz music fills the air and the tower is lit from top to bottom, giving an incredible romantic glow, is a must-see. If you're looking for a classic proposal for your sweetie, this is one of Macau's most romantic spots.

4HV6+CWC, Macao

11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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Skycab Cable Car

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Are you looking for some breathtakingly amazing sightseeing and entertainment opportunities? Get out of your turtle shells and go on a day excursion to Wynn Palace to enjoy and discover the cable car journey.

The Skycab Cable Car leads you into the upmarket resort's garden, offering a spectacular view of the illuminated dancing mountains and nearby hotels. This air-conditioned Skycab cable car has an inbuilt audio guide that describes the beautiful vistas, which is illuminated at night.

If you're seeking for a romantic getaway with your loved ones, don't miss out on this incredible sight-seeing experience in one of Macau's most beautiful locations.

4HX9+6QP, Macao

4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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Seac Pai Van Park

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Reconnect with nature by visiting one of the most popular parks in the city, Seac Pai Van Park, which has the Macau Giant Panda Pavilion. Seac Pai Van Park is Macau's first country park, encompassing gorgeous scenery as well as scientific and educational aspects.

If you're looking for a fun and instructive place to take your kids on the weekends, this is the place to go. You can embark on a tour of the Natural and Agrarian Museum, which beautifully displays farming relics from the past.

Another popular sight in Macau is the Macau Giant Panda Information Centre, which is dedicated to providing fascinating facts about giant pandas' lives. One of the most romantic places in Macau, come and enjoy it with your loved ones if you are hell-bent of a nature lover. 

Estr. de Seac Pai Van, Macao

6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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Tree Of Prosperity

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Wynn Macau's Tree of Prosperity pays homage to the four seasons, honouring thoughts of happiness and prosperity as well as a dash of good fortune. This magnificent blend of music, video, and light begin as the golden dome opens to display a spectacular 11-metre chandelier composed of 21,000 lighted crystals every half hour, alternating with the Dragon of Fortune located inside Wynn Macau Casinos Rotunda atrium.

Almost at the same time, an 11-meter tree rises from the ground, each of its 60 limbs containing almost 2000 branches and 90,000 leaves adorned in 24 carat gold and brass leaf. State-of-the-art video technology provides the illusion of changing seasons as the tree elegantly spins, from vivid green in the spring to a golden summer, red in the fall, and finally, an icy winter.

So don't miss out on this enthralling encounter, which takes place at 30-minute intervals throughout the day and rotates with the Dragon of Fortune.

Wynn, Rua Cidade de Sintra, NAPE, Macau
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Xanadu Theater

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Visit Xanadu, the popular bar of the Sands Macao Hotel. On the main floor, a drop-down screen and numerous enormous flat-screen televisions accompany sporting events and offer enthusiasm to clients and gamers.

A bar with a sufficiently large stage that hosts live events, arts, entertainment, and dances and is ideal for a weekend out with friends. You must pay a visit to this theatre with your significant other to be amazed by the dance performances performed by world-class professional dancers to make your honeymoon truly exceptional.

Sit back, relax yourselves, chill out and admire the performances from local as well as international performers.
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Hac Sa Beach

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The Hac Sa Beach is one of Macau's most popular tourist destinations. This beach may be found on the Coloane island's southeast flank. Tourists and tourists are drawn to it by the captivating landscape, sunbathing, and aquatic activities.

The beach is well-known for its unusual sand colour. This beach features a distinctive dark grey-hued sand, which stands out among the adjacent beaches, which are all the same natural colour. Macau's famed dark sandy beach attracts a lot of attention and visitors.

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A-Ma Statue

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Enjoy the bird's-eye view of Coloane Island while gazing at one of the largest statues of the Sinitic female deity of the seafarers. The A-Ma Statue, also known as Tian Hou, is one of the highest marble statues.

The statue stands nearly atop a 170-meter-high pinnacle on Macau's Coloane Island's summit. Visitors to the A-Ma Cultural Village can find a variety of places to enjoy. The Cultural Village is surrounded by a lovely park and numerous roads that go to recreational fishing areas, the Arboretum, and the main hub of the Coloane Hiking Trail.

A-ma Goddess Statue, Coloane, Macao
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Flora Garden

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The Flora Garden, as the name suggests, is a flower garden with European influences that is located at the base of Guia Hill in Macaw. It is the largest public park in Macau and one of the most popular romantic destinations in the city.

The Flora garden offers a plethora of things to entice visitors. The miniature zoo, a walking avenue with small-scaled waterfalls, and a gazebo are the garden's main attractions. The Guia Cable Car, which is attached to the peak of Guia Hill, is another beautiful sight at the botanical park. The 3-4 minute journey provides breathtaking bird's-eye views of the Macau peninsula.

Av. de Sidónio Pais, Macao

6:30 AM - 10:30 PM
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Macau Tower 360° Café

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Macau Tower 360 degree Café is one of the best places to visit with your loved ones for a fine dine experience. You will get to enjoy a beautiful and stunning bird's eye view of The East.

You can have a delectable buffet dinner while admiring the city's scenic charm from all possible vantage points. The reeling restaurant's entire open glass windows provide 360-degree views of Macau.

Convention & Entertainment Centre, MO 60/F, Macau Tower, Largo da Torre de Macau, Macao

11:30 AM– 1:00 PM, 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM, 6:30 PM – 10;00 PM
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People Also Ask About Macau

  1. What are the romantic things to do in Macau?

    1. Visit Eiffel Tower, The Parisian Macao: The replica of the iconic Eiffel Tower at Parisian Macao is the ideal location for you and your loved one to experience a sense of Parisian romanticism in Macau. Take in the mid-night light display, the beautiful Parisian environment, and the panoramic night views of Macau from the top, which will definitely steal your heart and leave you dumbfounded.

    2. Gondola Ride at Venetian: Enjoy a romantic serenade on an open-air Gondola canal ride at the Venetian Macau. Gondolier boat rides through a maze of canals, gliding down the enchanting bridges of 'Venice,' are a must-do. With your loved ones, take a romantic melodic gondola boat trip and receive a true sense of Italy through its traditional music.

    3. Macau Open top Bus Tour: Discover the city's rich cultural and historical background on an open-roof bus. Resting your head on the shoulders of your loved ones while taking a pleasant city tour with an expert who will present you with interesting facts about various locations.

    4. Admire the view At The Hac Sa Beach: If you want to spend some time on the beach with your sweetheart in Macau, head to The Hac Sa Beach. It is beautiful with its peculiar blackish and yellow sand and natural wonders. Take in one of the most beautiful sunsets, a stroll along the beautiful Beach, and a lifetime of happy memories.

    5. Visit Guia Fortress: This historic fortress offers a breathtaking sunset and a panoramic view of the city's monuments. Visit Guia Stronghold with your Valentine to admire the scenery and reminisce at an amazing chapel and lighthouse on the fortress.

  2. Which are the best places to stay for couples in Macau?

    1. Wynn Palace: The most fascinating and magnificent five-star hotel in Macau creates the ideal romantic setting. Once you've checked in, the spectacular skyline transportation will take your breath away. This opulent location pampers you with a wide range of services, amenities, and requirements.

    2. Luxury casino living: Reserve a room at one of the city's most opulent hotels. You're going to enjoy the best service you've ever expected. The perfect place for your fantasy vacations in Macau, from a comfortable hotel to lively entertainment and delights of Macanese cuisine.

    3. Hard Rock Hotel: Check into this stylish luxury hostel with retro furnishings and a stunning view of Cotai. This hotel features several sections for all kinds of indoor activities inside its boundaries, in addition to the normal opulent amenities. Throughout the premises, there are several tributes to rock legends, so feel lyrical every now and then and stay upbeat.

    4. Artyzen Grand Lapa Macau: Artyzen Grand Lapa Macau would not disappoint you if you desire a cosy and warm staycation for your romantic getaway. This is a magnificent hotel that has a domestic feel to it without losing its opulence. Couples enjoy a romantic evening while swimming in a heated pool with a pool bar nearby.

    5. Top floor apartment: How does it sound to sip your wine while taking in breathtaking views of renowned casinos? Set your vacay on the top floor of this magnificent property, just a few minutes from the Cotai Strip. This hotel provides guests with access to an open kitchen where they may prepare their own meals as well as an outdoor swimming pool with a panoramic city view.

  3. Which are the best restaurants for couples in Macau?

    1. Mezza9 Macau: On the outdoor terrace of Mezza9 Macau, you may wine and dine with your beloved while enjoying a variety of platters. Intimate garden settings are ideal for couples to unwind and spend some time in relaxation. This perfect place for dates is complete with unique tunes, mood-setting candles, and gorgeous tablewares.

    2. Trattoria II Mulino: You've probably heard the saying that the road to a man's heart is through his stomach, and that couldn't be more true. With its lively gourmet specialties that embody the legacy of Italian flair, this location brings an amazing romantic evening to a close. Enjoy some time grabbing the delectable seafood of your choice.

    3. Banyan Tree Macau: Enjoy an exclusive and romantic stay at Banyan Tree Macau, which is nestled within the tropical gardens of the world's largest resort deck and surrounded by Osmanthus trees. While enjoying the delicacies, you will be charmed by the majestic strains of traditional Kheem.

    4. Man Ho Chinese Restaurant: Take your loved ones to the famed Man Ho Chinese Restaurant for a delicious meal. Couples enjoy the comfort and opulence of the five-star Chinese dining establishment, which features innovative presentations and mouth-watering delicacies at affordable pricing.

  4. What is the best time to visit Macau for couples?

    The autumn season in Macau, which lasts from October to December, provides a pleasant climate that is neither too dry nor too hot, with only a few typhoons, making it an ideal time to wander around and have a fun Macau tour. The post-summer and pre-winter seasons are the perfect times of year to make the most of your trip to this vibrant destination.
  5. What is the speciality of Macau?

    Macau is the world's second richest region and the only area in China where gambling is allowed, making it a popular destination for gamblers from all over the world. Macau is often regarded as the world's most prosperous casino centre.

    It is influenced by Portuguese and Chinese cultures, and one of the world's endangered creole languages, Patua, is spoken there. The gambling industry has taken a significant hit to its economy, with yearly casino revenues three times higher than in Las Vegas.

  6. What are the various day & night tour packages that you can book with Thrillophilia?

    Here are the various day & night tour packages that you can book with Thrillophilia:
    1. Macau Tour Packages For 4 Days
    2. Macau Tour Packages For 5 Days
    3. Macau Tour Packages For 6 Days
    4. Macau Tour Packages For 7 Days
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We were a group of 3, and we got our seats together. The attendants were very friendly and served us well. I must say Cotai water jet is a good way of transfer from Macao to HK
19 February 2020
I was on a business trip and I wanted to go from Macau to Hong Kong and the flights were not available. I searched for alternative ways and thank god I found this. The time slots were flexible so I found a ferry at my time. I was very fast, comfortable and cheaper than the flight.
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What a place it was! We were on a honeymoon and I booked this ticket to surprise my partner. Even I was surprised after going there. It was really a paradise for food lovers.
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Spotlight buffet in Studio city was the best dining experience I ever had. Studio city was an amazing place. I thought it would be very expensive, but price at Thrillophilia is good.
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Amazing aerobatics! I booked the C reserve tickets and I got a good view of the stage. I was amazed by the performance. Thank you
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I saw Mandarin's House from the bus. It was amazing. the prices are also cheaper than other websites. Great experience.
19 February 2020
Chinmayananda Desai The Venetian Bamboo Buffet, Macao
Thanks thrillophilia for giving us the tickets at this cheap price. I searched many website but your price was the cheapest. My family was very happy after tasting food at the venetian macau.
19 February 2020
the venetian macau was a very good experience. I am a food lover and got to taste a lot of different dishes.
19 February 2020
I didn't know it goes like figure 8. I was surprised! Amazing experience.
19 February 2020
Chandrabhaga Bhattathiri Golden Reel Ferris Wheel Tickets
I heard about the Macau golden reel ferris wheel before and I wanted to ride it. Found the best price at Thrillophilia so I booked it. It was a good experience. The city looked beautiful from the top.

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