Manila Tourism, Philippines: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2023
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Manila, which is considered to be the capital of the Philippines, is located on the Luzon island and spreads along the shore of Manila Bay at the Pasig River. The Pasig River divides the city into the southern and the northern sections as it flows through the middle of the city.

Manila city is known for its natural landscapes and unadulterated environment that keep the visitors in awe of its breathtaking beauty. From the breathtaking valleys to vibrant beaches and jagged mountain peaks, you’ll find some of the best bounties of nature over here.

The city is also famed for its top-notch attractions that keep the visitors entertained during their trip and help them unearth the unknown facts about this city. From the historical museums such as the Money Museum and National Museum Complex to iconic churches such as Quiapo Church, you’ll be astounded to see the plethora of attractions over here. You can also tour the Manila Ocean Park that is home to around two seventy aquatic species. And if you’re looking for a digital detox, then you can visit the Arroceros Forest Park that is known to be the green lungs of the city.

You can also try tons of enthralling activities in this city for an out of the world experience. If you’re a shopaholic, then you can stock up souvenirs from Divisoria Market that is known to be the Mother of all markets, and if you’re a foodie, then you can try delicious food at a bunch of restaurants and cafes. You can also enjoy water sports activities such as scuba diving, swimming, and banana boat ride at the stunning beaches in Manila.

Manila experiences a tropical climate with relatively high temperatures, plenty of rainfall, and oppressive humidity. The average temperature ranges around 29.5°C and January is considered to be the coldest month of the year.

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People Also Ask About Manila

  1. Which are the places to visit in Manila?

    1. Fort Santiago: This is an iconic landmark of Manila that was designed to protect the newly formed city. It is the oldest fortress in the Philippines located next to the mouth of the Pasig River.

    The stone walls of this fort have many astounding structures, including the Rizal Shrine that has a museum and some humble houses. You can also find here manicured gardens, lily ponds, fountains, and a few sunny plazas.

    Location: Intramuros, Manila, 1002 Metro Manila.
    Entry Fee: Rs 100.
    Timings: 8am-9 pm.

    2. Rizal Park: 
    This manicured park, also known as Luneta Park, is the largest urban space in Asia that is considered to be the best recreation spot for the past two centuries.

    It houses many monuments and statues paying tribute to the rich history of Manila. You can also witness here the Narra tree, which is the national tree of the Philippines. It also houses a lake where you can witness ducks and a huge variety of birds.

    Location: Roxas Blvd, Manila, 1000.

    3. Quiapo Church: 
    This is one of the most beautiful and oldest Catholic Churches in Manila that is visited by a huge number of visitors every year. This century-old church organizes a novena every Friday in honor of the Black Nazarene.

    The architecture of the church is extremely spellbinding, with floral motifs adorned on the walls. It also conducts hourly masses the entire day, which you can attend to seek the blessings of God.

    Location: Plaza Miranda & Quezon Blvd., Quiapo, Manila, Luzon.

    4. Manila Ocean Park: 
    Discover the secrets of the underwater world at this Oceanarium that houses around 270 marine species and 14,000 animals.

    It is one of the biggest aquariums in the entire world where you can enjoy animal shows like the Penguin Show, the Seal Lion Show, and the All the Bird Show. It is also home to some of the interesting exhibits like the World of Creepy Crawlies, the Sharks and Ray Encounter, and Birds of the Prey Kingdom.

    Location: 666 Behind Quirino Grandstand, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila.
    Entry Fee: Rs 526.
    Timings: 10 am-8 pm.

    5. Robinsons Place Mall: 
    This is an absolute paradise for the shopping enthusiasts who’re looking to stock up souvenirs for their friends and family members during the Manila trip.

    Whether you wish to give your house a facelift or you wish to give your wardrobe a complete makeover, this humongous mall should be your ideal stopover. It has both branded as well as local stores as well as cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy delicious food.

    Location: Pedro Gil Corner Adriatico Street, Manila, Luzon.
    Timings: 10 am-9 pm.

    6. Money Museum: 
    This is a fascinating museum where you can see the collection of Philippine money over several decades. You can also witness here artifacts, various currencies, and old coins on display that help you in understanding the changes in money over time. The museum is tucked inside the Philippine central banking authority, and it celebrates the fifty years of central banking in the Philippines.

    Location: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, A. Mabini St & P. Ocampo Street, Manila, Luzon.
    Timings: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm.

    7. Malacanang Palace: 
    Known to be the official residence of the President of the Philippines, Malacanang Palace exudes the utmost royalty and grandeur. This palace was built in the eighteenth century in the Neoclassical and Bahay na Bato style.

    It also has a museum and a library that gives the visitors information about the various dynasties that have ruled Manila since its independence. The palace also houses a landscaped garden that has a fountain as well as varied varieties of flowers and lush green trees.

    Location: Malacañan Palace, JP Laurel Street, San Miguel, Manila.
    Entry Fee: Rs 771.
    Timings: 8 am – 5 pm.

    8. Manila Baywalk: 
    Spanning across two kilometers, the Manila Baywalk stretches from the American Embassy to the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The sidewalk is extremely renowned for its golden skies, palm trees, calm bay waters, and ornamental plants.

    It also houses various cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy some of the most lip-smacking delicacies. This beautiful seaside esplanade overlooks Manila Bay, and it is the popular site to witness breathtaking sunsets.

    Location: Roxas Blvd, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila.
    Timings: 5 am – 12:30 am.
  2. Which are the best things to do in Manila?

    1. Get ready for spine chilling adventure at Asylum Manila: Walkthrough morgues, creepy laboratories, operating rooms, claustrophobic hallways, and crypts at Asylum Manila, where you’ll come face-to-face with the demons and the monsters similar to the scariest characters in movies. Moreover, the Asylum experience is similar, like watching a horror movie, and the entire tour will last for at least an hour.

    Location: E Rodriguez Sr. Ave, New Manila, Quezon City.
    Price: Rs 1076.
    Timings: 4 pm- 12 pm.

    2. Enjoy a Malabon tricycle tour: 
    One of the best things to do in Manila is discovering the breathtaking beauty of Malabon by enjoying a tricycle tour. During this tour, you’ll get to know about the rich heritage and the delicious cuisine of the city.

    You’ll also get a chance to interact with the owners of the galleries, restaurants, and ancestral houses that you visit. You can opt for a heritage tour consisting of ten sites or a culinary tour to six dining facilities.

    Location: 15 Liwayway Street, Acacia Malabon Malabon.

    3. Shop till you drop at Divisoria Market: 
    Your trip to Manila can’t be complete if you don’t enjoy shopping at Divisoria Market that is considered to be the Mother of all other Markets in Manila.

    Located in the heart of the city, Chinatown, this flea market houses everything ranging from accessories to clothes to footwear and cosmetics. The bustling market is also dotted with some cafes and lively restaurants where you can gorge upon yummy treats.

    Location: Plaza sans Luis complex, General Luna St, Intramuros, Manila, 1002 Metro Manila, Philippines.
    Timings: 7 am-9 pm.

    4. Experience the vibrant nightlife at Makati’s Poblacion: I
    f you’re a night monger looking to dance away your night on to the thumping beats, then Makati’s Poblacion should be your ideal stopover as it houses umpteen number of cafes, bars, and nightclubs.

    From Agimat to Dr. Wine to Antidote, there are numerous rooftop bars here that are known for their neon light displays and innovative drinks. You can also throw a party at any of these nightclubs if you wish to celebrate your anniversary or birthday.

    Location: 37 Polaris Street, Poblacion, Makati.
    Timings: 9 pm- 2 am.

    5. Enjoy the craziest rides at Star City Amusement Park: 
    Get ready for the never ending thrill and amazement as you enjoy the thrilling rides at Star City Amusement Park. This is the biggest amusement park in Manila that has attractions for people of all ages.

    The kids can play fun games in the gaming arcade while the adults can enjoy the ferris wheel as well as the Viking Ship ride. You can also play in the snow at Snow World, which is another major attraction of this amusement park.

    Location: Vicente Sotto St, Pasay, Metro Manila.
    Price: Rs 645.
    Timings: 2 pm – 10:30 pm.

    6. Appreciate flora and fauna at Arroceros Forest Park: I
    f you wish to seek refuge from the constant hustle and bustle of Manila’s city life, then you must enjoy a tour of this beautiful park that is considered to be the green lungs of the city.

    You can witness here around sixty different tree species and over eight thousand plants. The park is also home to around ten species of birds, rabbits, and ducks. This park is also considered to be an ideal venue for wedding photography owing to its Instagram worthy beauty.

    Location: Antonio Villegas St, 659 A Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila.
    Timings: 7:30 am-6 pm.

    7. Get up close and personal with animals at Manila Zoo: 
    One of the most interesting things to do in Manila for kids is exploring this zoo that is home to varied species of animals ranging from Bengal Tiger, Hippopotamus, Monitor Lizard, Malyan Civet, and many more.

    Within the campus of this zoo, you will also find an Arboretum and a Botanical Garden where you can witness a wide variety of plants belonging to the ecology of the Philippines.

    Location: Adriatico St, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila.
    Price: Rs 132.
    Timings: 8 am-6 pm.

    8. Enjoy the Old Manila tour in Intramuros: 
    If you wish to discover the details about the history and culture of Manila, then you must enjoy the Old Manila tour in Intramuros. Intramuros is the most popular tourist attraction in the city as it houses Spanish era landmarks, fortresses, and old walls. You can also enjoy the ride of kalesa, which is a horse-driven carriage while touring the famous attractions of Intramuros.

    Location: District of Manila, Philippines.
  3. What are the most romantic things to do in Manila?

    1. Enjoy a couple spa: Get ready to relieve your tired body and soul as you enjoy a couple massage at the famous spa centers in Manila. These spa centers are known for their peaceful ambiance and expert therapists who will offer you the best spa treatments and massages.  The fragrant aroma and traditional drinks served while taking the spa sessions further elevate the entire experience.

    2. Walk hand in hand with your partner at Nacpan Beach: 
    If you and your partner are beach bums, then you can enjoy the sand, surf, and the sun at Nacpan Beach, which remains uncrowded during most times of the year. The clear water and pristine surroundings make it an ideal destination for honeymoon seekers.

    3. Propose your better half at Lumina Rose Garden: 
    Spark up the flames of your love by claiming your love for your partner at Lumina Rose Garden that is known for its beautiful surrounding and peaceful ambiance. It houses more than a thousand species of roses, and the best thing is that you can even buy the rose of your choice over here to propose to your partner.

    4. Have a candlelight dinner at a rooftop restaurant: 
    Take your love to the next height as you enjoy a lavish dinner date with your partner at a rooftop restaurant in Manila. The unmatchable food, along with serene views and lively ambiance, will make you go head over heels in love with your partner.
  4. What is the best time to visit Manila?

    December to April is considered to be the best time to visit Manila as the temperature remains mild, and you can try tons of adventurous activities during this time of the year.
  5. How to reach Manila?

    Ninoy Aquino International Airport is the only airport in the Manila area. Manila is connected with thirty countries through flights.

    As many islands are located close by, few international and local carriers, roughly forty airlines use this airport. International airlines like Omar Air, Qatar, Qantas, and Korean Air, connect the Philippines to all the major cities in the world. The local carriers such as AirSWIFT, Cebgo connect Manila, and Cebu Pacific connect to the popular islands like Cebu, El Nido, and Puerto Princesa.
  6. What is Manila famous for?

    1. Rizal Park: This is the biggest public park that spans over one forty acres and has ornamental gardens, a Central Lagoon, statues of historical figures, and musical fountains.

    2. Fort Santiago: 
    This is a centuries-old fort that is known to shape the history of Manila as it has witnessed various wars. It has stone walls and is highly acclaimed for its Spanish architecture.

    3. San Agustin Church: 
    Built-in 1586, this church has undergone many renovations and is known for its striking Baroque architecture and Sunday mass prayer.

    4. National Museum Complex: 
    Discover the history and traditions of Filipinos at this museum that houses centuries-old artifacts, sculptures, and paintings.
  7. What can I buy in Manila?

    - Pearls
    - Coconut Wine
    - Philippine Jeepney
    - Bamboo Baul
    - Abaca Basket
    - Salakot Ashtray
    - San Miguel Beer
    - Manila Wood Carvings
    - Dried Mangoes.

  8. Do I need a visa for Manila?

    Yes, a visa is required to stay in the Philippines for thirty days or more. The Embassy of the Philippines has stated that U.S. citizens must have a valid U.S. Passport. A travel visa is required for U.S. citizens who plan to stay more than 30 days in Manila.
  9. How many days should I spend in Manila?

    Four days are sufficient to explore the splendid attractions of Manila.

    - On the first day, you can explore the museums and art galleries such as Casa Manila and Museum of arts.
    - On the second day, you can enjoy the beach hopping as you explore the famous beaches such as Pundaquit Beach and Laiya Beach.
    - On the third day, you can visit San Agustin Church and Fort Santiago.
    - Dedicate your last day for shopping at Divisoria Market and exploring the nightlife of Manila.
  10. How much would a trip to Manila cost?

    A Manila trip will cost you around 1,10,000, including flight, food, accommodation for five nights/6days trip.
  11. Is Manila safe at night?

    Yes, Manila is extremely safe at night, but make sure not to travel to uncrowded places at night and always travel in a group rather than touring the city alone at night.
  12. Which are the best adventure activities to do in Manila?

    1. Scuba Diving: Discover the dark secrets of the underwater world as you enjoy scuba diving at Apo Reef that is known for its rich macro life and clear water.  While diving here, you’re bound to see the sharks, manta rays, and other beautiful water species.

    2. Hiking: 
    This is another adrenaline-rushing adventurous activity that you can undertake from Manila to Banaue-Ifugao. The best thing about hiking in this region is that the trails are well-marked and you’ll be greeted with stunning flora and fauna during your adventure trip.

    3. Mountain climbing: 
    Challenge your climbing skills and test your limits by mountain climbing at Masungki, which is known for its uneven and jagged peaks. Once you reach the topmost peak, you can enjoy the surreal views and appreciate the glory of nature.

    4. Banana Boat Ride: 
    Get ready for a rush of adventure as you enjoy a banana boat ride with your family and friends in Panglao Island. Strap on your life vest and hop on to the giant yellow inflatable boat that will take you through the giant waves with seawater splashing all around.
  13. How is the nightlife in Manila?

    The nightlife in Manila is extremely lively and vibrant, and you can have the best nightlife experience here.

    1. Dance endlessly at the Nightclubs: 
    If you like loud music and endless dancing, then the nightclubs in Manila will be an ideal spot for you. Royal Night Club and Club ZZYZX are some of the best nightclubs where you’ll experience an intimate and upscale ambiance along with breathtaking food and drinks.

    2. Enjoy dinner at a rooftop restaurants: 
    If you’re looking for a unique nighttime experience, then you can enjoy a lavish dinner at the rooftop restaurants in Manila. Z Hostel Roofdeck and Sky deck are the best rooftop restaurants in Manila that offer stunning views as well as delicious food during the nighttime.

    3. Drink endlessly at the bars: 
    If you’re a wine fanatic, then your journey to Manila can’t be complete without sampling the best wines at the top-notch bars. Sky High Bar and Firefly Roofdeck Bar are some of the most lively bars in Manila, where you can enjoy ravishing drinks and great food.
  14. Which are the famous museums in Manila?

    1. San Agustin Museum: This is one of the oldest museums in Manila, where you can have a glimpse of the fabled riches of this country and its people. The museum is considered to be a treasure house of antiquities, and you can witness here quarters of Friars, statues of saints, and more.

    2. The Mind Museum: 
    This science museum will leave you amazed with its interactive exhibitions that provide information about the different areas of Science. The museum is especially a must-visit for the kids as it offers them an extraordinary educational experience that inspires their understanding of Science.

    3. Casa Manila: 
    Built-in the year 1980, Casa Manila is an awe-inspiring museum that has been constructed in Spanish colonial architecture as a replica to San Nicolas House. The museum exhibits a unique collection of ornaments and antique furniture from Europe and China.

    4. National Museum Of Fine Arts: 
    If you’re an art enthusiast, then you should definitely visit this museum as it houses the impressive work of great artists of the country. You can also witness here centuries-old paintings that depict the rich history of the city.
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