15 Festivals in Hong Kong - 2022 (Month Wise Updated)

Hong Kong Festivals

Cheung Chau Bun Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Hungry Ghost Festival, Chinese New Year, Spring Lantern Festival, Tin Hau Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Hung Shing Festival, Qingming Festival, Chung Yeung Festival, Winter Solstice Festival, and more.

The abundance of festivals in Hong Kong and the enthusiasm they are celebrated with are evident to the fact that this autonomous territory in Asia shares a rich cultural history with Mainland China. While these festivals bring joyful days and merriment for the locals, they also compel a huge number of tourists to travel to Hong Kong and bask in its colorful aura.

For outsiders, these festivals serve as a wonderful passage into the cultural treasures of Hong Kong, which are rich with ancient rituals and the positive attitude of its inhabitants. Hong Kong festivals are known all across the globe for their cheerful festivities, bright decorations, and vibrant shades they add to the atmosphere. While some of these are dedicated to commemorating and worshipping ancestors, the rest of the festivals involve engrossing cultural performances and activities.

Pamper your eyes with an exceptionally graceful firework display on the occasion of National Day, devour scrumptious meals on Winter Solstice Festival, and take in the sights of dazzling cityscape on New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong. Pick one festival that interests you the most and plans your Hong Kong trip accordingly to make your break extra gleeful.

Here are some of the best festivals in Hong Kong:

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Entry for leisure travel is restricted in Hong Kong. Although, rescue flights are functional from Doha, Taipei City, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Melbourne, London, Jakarta, Los Angeles, Manila, Moscow, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh, Vancouver, Bangkok, Toronto, Osaka, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Hanoi, China and 5+ other destination.

  • All Non-Hong Kong residents arriving by air who are not arriving from mainland China, Macau, and Taiwan will not be permitted to enter Hong Kong
  • All inbound travellers are required to submit health declaration form offline on arrival and online
  • Mask wearing is mandatory
  • Public gathering restricted up to 4 people
  • Dine In services in restaurant open from 6 PM to 5 AM
  • 14 day quarantine compulsory for all Hong-Kong residents on arrival
  • Travellers who have visited United States within the past 14 days should have a hotel reservation of not less than 14 days and should undergo 14-day quarantine in a hotel facility
  • Travellers who have travelled to high incident places or have been in close contact with confirmed COVID-14 should undergo 14-day quarantine in government-designated facility

Rescue flights for Hong Kong are available from Doha, Amsterdam, Taipei and 20 other destinationsSee more.

Local Transport
  • Public transport like Mass Transit Railway, light buses and taxi are operational
  • Attractions like the Peak Tram, the Peak Tower and Sky Terrace 428 are open for visitors and are safe to visit as proper safety precautions are taken by the authorities. However, Thrillophilia advises you to maintain appropriate social distance and ensure wearing of mask.
Entry of international travellers restricted until further notice Updated: 21 Aug 2020

International travellers are not allowed in Honk Kong due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rescue flights are operational from selected destinations. Read More.

Disneyland Hong Kong reopens Updated: 17 Aug 2020

Hong Kong Disneyland has officially reopened after a major drop in coronavirus cases in the Chinese territory. Advance reservations will be required and only limited attendance will be allowed at the park, one of the pillars of Hong Kong’s crucial tourism industry. Read more.

Hong Kong's Ocean Park reopens after four-month closure Updated: 17 Aug 2020

Hong Kong's iconic theme park Ocean Park resumed operations after being temporarily closed for more than four months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The park has reopened with various safety measures bad social distancing enablers in place to keep the visitors safe.Read more.

Hong Kong to make public transport safe by extending COVID testing for Taxi and PLB drivers Updated: 17 Aug 2020

The transport department of Hong Kong starting from August 4 extends the COVID-19 testing service for taxi and public light bus (PLB) drivers to public transport safer. The test is free of charge and voluntary. Read More

Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels planning to reopen eight resorts under safe place label Updated: 17 Aug 2020

Post COVID-19, the Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels have planned to reopen its eight resorts. Moreover, with its new safety standards and group has earned the safe place label.Read More


Cheung Chau Bun Festival

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If the cultural richness of Hong Kong has ever caught your fancy, you should definitely visit Cheung Chau and take a first-hand experience of Taoist ceremonies through Cheung Chau Festival.

This festivals in Hong Kong is iconic particularly to the people of the island who leave no stone unturned in making it a grand affair. The history of the festival goes back to a plague that was eradicated with the help of the rituals that are still performed here.

The celebration goes on for an entire week and involves buns, colorful costumes, a bamboo tower, a parade, and a lot of Taoist rituals and customs. Two of the highlights one should watch out for are The Bun Scrambling Competition and The Piu Sik Parade. 

Month & Date: 27 April to 1 May 2020

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Mid-Autumn Festival

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Quench your thirst for a cultural exploration of Hong Kong by planning your visit in the eighth lunar month because that is when the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated.

The modernization of old rituals pertaining to the harvesting season has given Hong Kong this joyful festival that is celebrated in almost all parts of the territory with great enthusiasm. Since the festivities take place on the full moon night, it is also known as the Moon Festival.

Apart from the pretty decorations in streets and marketplaces, a number of interesting cultural activities and performances are also worth checking out. Some of these include Fire Dragon Dance, Lantern Displays and Carnivals, and Folk Shows. 

Celebrated At: Victoria Park, Hing Fat Street, Hong Kong

Month & Date:
1 October 2020

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Hungry Ghost Festival

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If the Chinese mythology is to be believed, the seventh month in the lunar calendar is when spirits and ghosts roam freely on the earth, and humans are supposed to appease them through a set of rituals.

Making sacrifices to their ancestors is the major ritual, so the locals can be seen offering food, faux money, and other things to the ghosts of their ancestors for their afterlife. This festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar in a few countries in Southeast Asia and it is one of the famous festivals in Hong Kong.

A lot of other cultural performances are also organized during the festival which makes it fascinating for the visitors.

Month & Date: 2 September, 2020

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Chinese New Year

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The arrival of a new year experiences delightful revelries all over the world, but the festivities of Chinese New Year in Hong Kong are a class apart with unique customs and celebratory feels engulfing the whole territory.

The kind of vibrancy this festival adds to the cityscape of Hong Kong is exciting to witness. Recent additions to the ancient customs make this period a fun-filled joyride for all. This is one of those festivals in Hong Kong that experience overwhelming participation not just by locals, but also by foreign tourists.

The celebrations span over a period of three days during which exciting spectacles like night parade, fireworks, and horse racing competition amuse people soaked in festive vibes.

Month & Date:
25 January 2020

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Spring Lantern Festival

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Being in Hong Kong in the first lunar month gives you a chance to witness one of the most beautiful festivals in Hong Kong – Spring Lantern Festival.

This festival marks the first full moon of the new year and offers various kinds of treats to couples, tourists, and people seeking an opportunity to extend their festive mood. This is also the last day of the New Year extravaganza in Hong Kong, and thus experiences overwhelming participation.

Hong Kong looks pretty with colourful lanterns hung in the markets, streets, restaurants and trees. The illuminated public spaces during the festival are mesmerizing to one’s senses and can cheer anyone up. 

Celebrated At: Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Month & Date: 8 February, 2020

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Tin Hau Festival

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Tin Hau or the Goddess of the Sea has an unrivalled significance in the cultural and spiritual dynasty of Hong Kong, so this festival dedicated to her is naturally considered a big event by the locals.

The territory houses more than 60 Tin Hau temples, and each one of these temples displays an elating dynamism on this festival. Counted among the most colourful festivals in Hong Kong, Tin Hau Festival sums up the vivid culture of the place and demonstrates it to the world.

Parades, dances, and other cultural performances add to the festive mood of the place. Without a doubt, the Tin Hau Festival is the most recommended time to be in Hong Kong if you are interested in enriching your heart with a stimulating experience.

Celebrated At: Fung Cheung Road, Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Month & Date:
27 April, 2020

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Dragon Boat Festival

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It is a festival where several teams participate in a sensational race of dragon boats while the spectators cheer them up, watching the live action from the banks. Locals believe that this traditional race is being carried forward since the 3rd Century.

Whether you are a culture vulture, an adventure junkie or a photography buff who is interested in defining the soul of Hong Kong through some pictures, Dragon Boat Festival is an opportunity you should not miss out on and it is one of the best festivals in Hong Kong.

Owing to the adrenaline pumping activities it brings to life, some find the Dragon Boat Festival to be one of the most exciting festivals in Hong Kong. For the most rewarding experience, you can go to Victoria Harbour and Stanley Main Beach where these races and other activities are organized.

Celebrated At: Central Harbourfront Event Space, Lung Wo Rd, Central, Hong Kong

Month & Date: 26 to 28 June 2020

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Hung Shing Festival

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Falling on the 13th day of the second lunar month, Hung Shing Festival is the birthday celebration of Hung Shing Tai Wong – God of the Southern Sea. Owing to the reverence that Hung Shing enjoys here, this has to be one of the most significant among Hong Kong festivals.

This is the perfect occasion for foreigners to visit Hong Kong to absorb its festive vibes and join the locals in their celebrations. There are nearly 20 Hung Shing temples across Hong Kong where various traditional activities and shows are organized.

If you are wondering which would be the best place to witness the true spirit of this festival, the temples in Ap Lei Chau, Tai Kok Tsui, and Ho Sheung Heung are recommended.

Celebrated At: Hung Shing Temple, Fuk Tsun St, Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong

Month & Date: 6 March, 2020

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Qingming Festival

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Qingming or Ching Ming Festival is one of the ancient Hong Kong festivals, majorly celebrated by Han Chinese in many countries in Southeast Asia.

This is another occasion involving ancestor worshipping. People go to their ancestors’ graves and tombs, sweep them, weed them, and light incense. Pouring wine on the graves of ancestors and making food offerings is also an important ritual observed by families during the festival.

If you are in Hong Kong during the third lunar month, you can join a family on their course and satisfy your curiosity regarding the local culture.

Month & Date: 4 April, 2020

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Chung Yeung Festival

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A memorial day cum festival that majorly involves the ritual of ancestor worshipping by congregating at cemeteries, Chung Yeung Festival is well-regarded in almost all of Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.

As it is celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth moon of the Chinese lunar calendar, it is also called the Double Ninth Festival. The most important and popular custom on this day is climbing up the hills and paying homage to the graves of one’s ancestors.

A lot of families also go out on picnics and share some light moments with their dear ones on Chung Yeung Festival. Eating special cakes called “ko” in hope for heavenly rewards is also a common custom.

Month & Date: 25 October 2020

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Winter Solstice Festival

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This festival is celebrated in Hong Kong on 22 December when the day is the shortest and the night is the longest. An essentially Chinese festival whose significance is derived from the concept of Yin and Yang.

Winter Solstice Festival is an occasion to inculcate a feeling of optimism and welcome light. Among the customs that characterize this day, a special family dinner is most significant, owing to which most of the good restaurants in Hong Kong remain fully booked for the evening.

The lavish dinner spread usually includes a variety of delicious Chinese dishes, each with unique auspiciousness.

Month & Date: 22 December 2020

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Buddha’s Birthday

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The birthday of Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, is naturally one of the greatest festivals in Hong Kong. This day is celebrated either in the month of April or May, depending on when the eighth day of the fourth lunar month falls.

All major streets and markets across Hong Kong can be seen painted in the festive shades of the occasion for at least an entire week. A lot of overseas tourists also come and participate in the festivities.

Cultural enthusiasts are suggested to visit Po Lin Monastery located on Lantau Island to learn about various rituals and witness the celebrations from a closer distance, as this temple holds an unrivalled reverence.

Celebrated At: Po Lin Monastery, Ngong Ping, Hong Kong

Month & Date: 30 April, 2020

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Monkey God Festival

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Celebrated all over the territory with zeal and reverence in the month of either September or October, Monkey God Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Hong Kong.

This festival is celebrated to honour Monkey God, who is a well-celebrated character in Chinese culture and mythology. In bygone times, the festival is believed to have had involved supernatural acts and many ancient rituals.

In the present times, the most commonly observed customs of Monkey God Festival are walking over hot coals, burning incense, and present offerings. For the most authentic experience, you can visit Monkey God Temple in Sau Mau Ping. 

Celebrated At: Po Tat Estate, Po Lam Road, Sau Mau Ping, Hong Kong

Month & Date:
2 October 2020

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National Day

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National Day is celebrated to mark the anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China and is one of the most significant Hong Kong festivals. This is the time of the year in Hong Kong when you can see it at its vibrant best.

Although the flag-raising ceremony and parade are essential parts of the affair, it is the spectacular firework display on Victoria Harbour that steals the show. The grand celebrations attract travellers from different nooks and corners of the world come to witness the glory.

So if you plan on visiting Hong Kong during this time, make sure to get your booking done well in advance as hotels and restaurants run almost full.

Month & Date: 1 October

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Christmas and New Year

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This is that time of year in Hong Kong when a sense of happiness cloaks the entire region and motivates people to create some wonderful memories with their loved ones.

Along with the rest of the world, Hong Kong also observes a week-long period of revelry on the occasions of Christmas and New Year. While the prettily decorated street markets and shopping malls boom with good bargains, nights become dynamic with parties all over Hong Kong.

So, if you are planning to tour Hong Kong, it would be a wise decision to schedule the trip around this time so you can get to experience an embellished version of the territory.

Month & Date:
25 December to 31 December

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People Also Ask About Hong Kong

  1. What festivals are celebrated in Hongkong during Summers?

    Hong Kong is known all over the world for its vibrant culture and celebrations. Some of the festivals that Hong Kong celebrates during summers are:

    1. Dragon Boat Festival:
    one of the most important festivals of Hong Kong, the Dragon Boat Festival is said to be celebrated since the 3rd century. In this festival, many teams participate in a race of dragon boats. 
    2. Hungry Ghost Festival: This festival celebrates the ghosts and spirits which roam freely on the earth in the seventh month of the Lunar calendar. Locals also offer food, money, and other things to their ancestors to appease them. 
    3. Monkey God Festival: Celebrated to honor the Monkey God, this is one of the biggest festivals in Hong Kong. In addition to burning incense, walking over hot coals, and presenting offerings, people also visit the Monkey God Temple in Sau Mau Ping. 
    4. National Day: National Day marks the anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. The day is celebrated with great pomp, with a flag-raising ceremony, followed by a parade, fireworks, and more. 
  2. Which are the most famous festivals of Hong Kong?

    Some of the most famous festivals in Hong Kong are:

    1. Chinese New Year:
    This festival marks the arrival of a new year, with unique festivities and customs, vibrant decorations, fireworks, lip-smacking food, and festive vibes. 

    2. Spring Lantern Festival: 
    This festival is celebrated on the first full moon of the new year and is a sight to see. With colorful lanterns hanging everywhere, from the markets and streets to houses and trees, the ambiance is an entirely festive one.

    3. Cheung Chau Bun Festival: 
    The Cheung Chau Festival is a great way of experiencing the Taoist ceremonies and soak in the cultural vibrancy of Hong Kong. It is also known for the Bun Scrambling Competition and the Piu Sik Parade on the island. 

    4. Buddha’s Birthday:
    One of the most significant festivals of Hong Kong is the birthday of Lord Buddha, who founded Buddhism. On this day, people visit the Po Lin Monastery on the Lantau Island and participate in the rituals and celebrations here. 
  3. Which are the local festivals of Hong Kong that you can enjoy with your family?

    1. Hong Kong Arts Festival: This is Hong Kong's yearly meeting of artists from all over the world, including mainland China, and Hong Kong. Drama, dance, global music, Chinese and Western classical music, and Chinese opera are the main genres represented at the festival.

    2. Ghost Festival: It's one of the unique Hong Kong festivals that is a celebration and veneration of the deceased, especially familial ancestors. On this day, the spirits of the deceased can cross over to Earth, and people honor the dead by lighting candles and joss paper.

    3. Le French May: The Le French May is one of the annual festivals in Hong Kong organized by the French Embassy in Hong Kong to promote and popularize French art and culture, demonstrating the global nature of festivals in Hong Kong. The festival includes acts such as visual art, opera, classical and contemporary music, and dance.

    4. Lunar New Year Fair: The Lunar New Year Fair is a part of the New Year ritual that sees tens of thousands of Chinese people descend on these streets and markets. A prominent Cantonese pre-celebration of the Chinese New Year is the Lunar New Year fair and it is known for its magnificent flower stalls that sell a variety of flowers.

    5. Lantern Festival Hong Kong: The Lantern Festival in the Spring season is one of the most beautiful festivals in the world held in Hong Kong. The Chinese festival, which takes place on the last day of the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations, has been a part of Chinese culture for over 2000 years. One of the festival's most important customs is the release of lanterns into the sky, which is traditionally done by youngsters after solving a puzzle.

  4. Which are the best places to visit in Hong Kong?

    1. Star Ferry - Victoria Harbour is a swarm of activity, with ships of all sizes and kinds passing through. You would get a chance to experience the particularly pleasant sea wind, and the wide-open areas are an excellent antidote to the city's constricting boundaries.

    2. Hong Kong Skyline - Hong Kong's skyline is one of the most iconic and magnificent in the world. As the sky darkens and the city lights fill the landscape, the skyline takes on an entirely other personality where it's stud with lights instead of stars.

    3. Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha Statue) - Witness one of the world's largest buddha figurines with an exemplary height of 34 meters. This man's marvel took 12 years to complete and now stands amidst the lush green forest.

    4. Repulse Bay and the Beaches - A day spent here is complemented with the luxury and style that is unique to Hong Kong. Trendy restaurants and stores surround the strip that runs along the seaside that faces the vast beach.

    5. Hong Kong Disneyland - Call it the wonderland, but this place is not an awestruck location for kids only, but it houses the most interesting rides and your favorite Disney characters walking alongside you live.

  5. Which are the famous night markets in Hong Kong?

    1. Temple Street nightlife - As the sun sets, the market comes alive with locals and tourists looking for a good time. Whether you plan on visiting Tin Hau Temple, a tour of the bustling market that surrounds it is a must-do. You will get to relish a wide variety of Chinese local cuisine as well as shop footwear, blankets, antiques, and a lot more. 

    2. Ladies market - The marketplace is frequently busy and it compensates you by offering fantastic deals on a wide range of products. If you prefer negotiating and street shopping, this market will provide you with some enjoyable moments while filling your bags with a variety of items.

    3. Shanghai Street - Shanghai Street, one of Hong Kong's most prominent night markets. It is a long and crowded street dedicated to kitchenware. There are dozens of classic-style shophouses in the street market where you can get anything you need to make your kitchen more equipped and stylish.

    4. Jade Market - The jade stone is valued in the local culture and is thought to bring good fortune and health. Likely this market is also very much popular for having shops and stores selling jade jewelry and miniature Buddha sculptures. The lively ambiance of the market is enhanced by the colorful jade collections.

  6. What is the best time to visit Hong Kong?

    The best time to visit Hong Kong is from late September to late December when the nation enjoys Autumn and winter seasons. You will find the climatic conditions moderate for outdoor activities and sightseeing tours. You can also come over to this place all through the year to be part of a number of activities.
  7. Which festival is the most popular in Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong celebrates festivals throughout the year and it is hard to pick just one. So here is a list of the most popular festivals in Hong Kong:
    - Tai Kok Tsui Temple Fair
    - Dragon and Lion Dance Festival
    - Chinese New Year
    - Tin Hau Festival
    - Cheung Chau Bun Festival
    - Dragon Boat Festival

  8. What is the Chung Yeung Festival in Hong Kong?

    The Chung Yeung Festival in Hong Kong is celebrated in the month of October as per the Western Gregorian Calendar. During this celebration, families climb the hills in order to visit the graves of their ancestors. This festival is celebrated on the same day in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.

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