40 Places to Visit in Hong Kong, Tourist Places & Attractions
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Other Attractions

Nan Lian Garden in Hong Kong is a serene oasis nestled in the urban jungle. This meticulously landscaped classical Chinese garden offers tranquility amidst the bustling city. With its lush greenery, koi-filled ponds, and traditional architecture, Nan Lian Garden provides a peaceful escape for visitors seeking respite. The garden follows classical Tang Dynasty design principles, showcasing the beauty of nature and harmony in its meticulously arranged features.

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Po Lin Monastery in Hong Kong is a revered Buddhist retreat and a cultural landmark. Nestled on Lantau Island, it is renowned for the Tian Tan Buddha, a majestic bronze statue. Visitors can explore the monastery's tranquil surroundings, ancient architecture, and partake in spiritual practices. Po Lin Monastery is a sanctuary of serenity and a symbol of Hong Kong's spiritual heritage.

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Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong is an interactive attraction based on the iconic board game. Located at The Peak Galleria, it offers a mix of augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. Visitors can explore Mr. Monopoly's world, including the Bank, Train Station, and Water Works, while engaging in immersive games and activities that bring the classic game to life.

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The Sky100 Observation Deck in Hong Kong offers breathtaking panoramic views of the cityscape, Victoria Harbour, and beyond. Located on the 100th floor of the International Commerce Centre (ICC), it stands as one of the highest indoor observation decks globally. Visitors can enjoy a spectacular vantage point, interactive exhibits, and a unique perspective of Hong Kong's dynamic urban landscape.

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The School in Yaumatei stands as an emblem of educational excellence in the heart of Hong Kong. Nestled in the vibrant district of Yaumatei, this institution has been a cornerstone of learning for generations. Its red-brick facade exudes a sense of tradition and permanence, while the classrooms within buzz with the energy of curiosity and intellect. The School's commitment to holistic education is evident in its diverse curriculum, nurturing not only academic prowess but also fostering creativity and critical thinking.

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The Old Clock Tower in Hong Kong stands as a timeless testament to the city's rich history. Erected in 1915, this iconic landmark overlooks Tsim Sha Tsui and harbors memories of a bygone era. Its elegant design and enduring presence make it a cherished symbol, resonating with the heartbeat of Hong Kong's past.

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The 1881 Heritage in Hong Kong is a historic site that once housed the Marine Police Headquarters. Now a luxury shopping and heritage hotel complex.

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Na Tcha Temple, nestled in Hong Kong's bustling St. Lawrence Market area, is a historic gem. Dedicated to Na Tcha, a Taoist deity, the temple's intricate architecture and serene ambiance offer a tranquil escape from the city's vibrant energy. Visitors can explore the rich cultural heritage and spiritual significance within its sacred walls.

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The historic Walls of Macau in Hong Kong stand as a testament to the city's rich heritage. Built in the 16th century, these fortifications reflect a blend of Western and Chinese architectural influences. Today, they offer a glimpse into the region's past, surrounded by the vibrant energy of modern Macau.

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Senado Square, located in the heart of historic Macau, is a vibrant public space renowned for its Portuguese-inspired architecture and lively atmosphere. Surrounded by pastel-hued buildings, cobblestone streets, and charming shops, it serves as a cultural and social hub, reflecting the unique blend of East and West in this UNESCO-listed city.

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West Kowloon Art Park, located in Hong Kong, is a vibrant cultural hub spanning 23 hectares along the Victoria Harbour. It serves as a dynamic public space for artistic expression and community engagement. The park features a diverse range of outdoor art installations, green spaces, and cultural amenities, creating a unique blend of nature and creativity.

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Popularising itself as Kowloon’s busiest districts, Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the giant shopping bazaars of Hong Kong. Located at the south of Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui faces the Central. It is encircled by Victoria Harbour in the southern region and Austin Road towards its North. This place has museums, live street performances, shopping, dining, galleries and more.

If you are visiting Tsim Sha Tsui for the first time, start your tour with an evening ferry ride or simply stroll along the banks admiring the glittering Hong Kong skyline. Those who are movie-addicts should definitely plan their visit to the Avenue of Stars. You can spot the footprints of some of your famous movie stars.

Nathan Road is well-known as the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. Be it either weekdays or weekends, Nathan Road always tends to be crowded. St. Andrew’s Church is one of the historical religious landmarks marking its presence here. People love to spend their evenings here to explore the cultural delights of the amazing city of Hong Kong.

Amongst other attractions of Hong Kong are Star Ferry Pier, Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Chungking Mansions, The Peninsula Hotel, and Kowloon Park. Hong Kong Museum of Art and Chungking Mansions will help you to explore the cultural history of Hong Kong. These museums and mansions inject cultural aspects to the present glory of Tsim Sha Tsui.

Shopaholics can make their way straight to Harbour City Mall, Silvercord, DFS Galleria, 1881 Heritage, and The One. Right from entertainment to branded products, you will find everything here. Foodies can crawl around The Drunken Pot, Spring Dell, Shang Palace, Hutong, Scarlett, Felix, Whisk and some other dining points. You will get a blend of both local and international flavors here to perfectly calm your appetite.

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Essential Information

Location: Tsim Sha Tsui, South Kowloon, Hong Kong

Timings: Tsim Sha Tsui does not have any time restrictions to explore it.

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Places to visit in Tsim Sha Tsui

1. Nathan Road: Nathan Road forms the main street of Tsim Sha Tsui. You have many shopping malls, and restaurants lined up here. There are also some historical landmarks throughout this road. Followers of Jesus can visit St. Andrew’s Church – one of the oldest English protestant worship place to adore. If you are fortunate enough, you might even find some live street performances to entertain yourself during your evening stroll.

2. Kowloon Park: A well-known military barrack, Kowloon Park features both cartoon and comic stars from the land of China. Out of all its attractions, Avenue of Comic Stars is the prime one. Locals prefer to visit Kowloon Park for a relaxing evening stroll. It homes many beautiful plants, birds and aviary lake and is encircled by skyscrapers.

3. Victoria Harbour: Victoria Harbour gives you an excellent opportunity to admire the glittering skyline of Hong Kong city. What makes it more impressive is its night light show which is scheduled every day at 08:00 pm. There are a light and laser show which lasts for only 15 minutes but mesmerizes everyone. Victoria Harbour Hong Kong Night Tour, Flat 20% Off, Book Now!

4. Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens: This is the oldest zoological gardens across the world. There are many animals, birds, and plants within the garden. Somewhere inside, there’s a memorial arch which is entirely dedicated to the Chinese soldiers who were a part of both the world wars.

5. Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade: Stretching across a land cover of 1.6 km in length, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade has many ancient buildings to explore. Hong Kong Space Museum, Avenue of Stars, Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower, and Hong Museum of Art are some of them.

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Things to do in Tsim Sha Tsui

1. Engage in watching birds at the Kowloon Park: Kowloon Park is located at a 5-minute walking distance from the K11 shopping mall. It is the best place to stroll as it is entirely covered with green plants. Flamingos, parrots, cockatoos are some bird species to spot here.

2. Strolling along Avenue of Stars: Avenue of Stars features the best scenic backdrop of Hong Kong city. Lying next to Victoria Harbour, this place features an iconic skyline to adore for long hours. Throughout the walkway, you can find movie memorabilia, celebrity handprints, and commemorative plaques.

3. Shopping at the K11, Art Mall: K11 is a massive six-storeyed building featuring some fantastic art exhibitions lined up throughout 365 days of the year. From fashion to lifestyle and beauty products, you have everything to buy here. Popularising itself as the world’s first art mall, K11 Art Mall perfectly integrates the essence of both art and nature.

4. Sailing in the iconic Star Ferry: Evening sightseeing at Tsim Sha Tsui merely is incredible when you cruise through an iconic Star Ferry. As you sail in between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, you will be witnessing some beautiful sights of the Hong Kong City harbour. It is best to opt for evening ferry service to see the city’s shine during the transitioning phase of solar light. Star Ferry Harbour Tour, Hong Kong @ Flat 22% Off.

5. Satiate your tummy with delicious Korean food at Kimberley: Kimberley Street is well-known for its countless Korean restaurants where you can sit and dine. Korean barbecue and authentic japchae are well-known servings to invest in here.

6. Witness the magical world of Hong Kong Cultural Centre: Being a multi-purpose performance facility centre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre hosts a lot of dances, operas, and live musical performances. Its primary concert hall can accommodate around 2000 people at one go.

7. Quench your thirst with an Aqua Spirit cocktail: Located on the streets of Peking Road Shopping Arcade, Aqua Spirit presents some astonishing views of both Victoria Harbour and skyline of Hong Kong. It has got some moody lighting, sophisticated décor where you can sit and enjoy your favorite cocktail.

Besides the things mentioned above, Nathan Road, Star Ferry Pier, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Chungking Mansions, and The Peninsula Hotel are some additional points to explore in Tsim Sha Tsui.

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Malls and shopping Street in Tsim Sha Tsui

Here are some shopping points to explore in Tsim Sha Tsui - 

1. Harbour City: Harbour City is the one-stop destination for all your fashion, beauty, gourmet, art, culture, and home accessories shopping. The shopping and dining options here are meant to cater to all your personal requirements. Although they may sound expensive, the quality is really worth what you invest in.

2. 1881 Heritage: 1881 Heritage at Tsim Sha Tsui features elegant dining options, luxury shops, and hip bars. There’s also a heritage hall where you can explore its historical findings. Besides routine shopping and dining activities, make sure that you stay up-to-date with their seasonal and unusual happenings.

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3. iSquare: iSquare is a 31 story shopping complex wherein you will find all major and minor, local, and international brands for all your essential needs. Watches, jewellery, fashion accessories, lifestyle, entertainment, healthcare products, are some of the central attractions here.

4. The One: This is an all-in-one retail complex where you can expect a complete family entertainment under one roof. Movies, exhibitions and The One Club are chief attractions of this place.

5. Silvercord: Silvercord is a 6-story shopping centre featuring food courts, shops, and restaurants.

6. China Hong Kong City: This is a modern style shopping point with spectacular park and harbor views. Internationally renowned sporting and fashion brands, electronic products, personal care products, top pharmacies, and dried grocery store club to represent this massive shopping centre. Do try The Food Garden for a quality family food time. It overlooks Victoria Harbour and hence makes an excellent dinner venue with some stunning views.

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Places to Eat in Tsim Sha Tsui

Eating at Tsim Sha Tsui is a phenomenal experience as you get to choose from a wide array of international fine dining options. Here are some must-try food points at the Tsim Sha Tsui - 

1. The Drunken Pot: The Drunken Pot accounts as the first choice for dining in Tsim Sha Tsui. You have a plethora of soup flavors to try here. Soup dumplings, baby chickens, sliced Angus beef are some extraordinary delicacies to try here.

2. Spring Deer: If you want to try something different, head towards Spring Deer. You’ll get a Cantonese style tender cooked duck which accounts as their signature dish. For ages, Spring Deer is known to serve some finest quality Peking duck preparations in entire Hong Kong.

3. Shang Palace: Yet another excellent Cantonese eatery in Tsim Sha Tsui is Shang Palace. Wagyu beef fried rice is a meticulous delicacy to try here.

4. Hutong: Hutong presents a perfect blend of flavors from Sichuan and Northern China. Red lanterns and antique entry doors make the ambience of Hutong an adorable one. People visit here to taste their Sichuanese food preparations.

5. Scarlett: If you are looking for some French wines, Scarlett is the option for you. Plan your family lunch here as the menu is quite cheap with a wide selection of both cuisines and wines.

6. Felix: The Peninsula Hotel, Felix offers a pleasant ambience and tasty foodstuffs in Tsim Sha Tsui. This eatery is known for its seasonal European food preparations. There’s an American bar upstairs where you can enjoy your favorite drink.

Besides those mentioned above, Wooloomooloo Prime, Whisk, Epure, BLT Steak are some other dining options to explore.

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Hotels near Tsim Sha Tsui

Here are some hotels near Tsim Sha Tsui to accommodate yourself during your tour - 

1. Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong: Featuring elegant comforts, Kowloon Shangri-La is an excellent option to accommodate yourself during your Tsim Sha Tsui visit. This luxurious hotel features around 688 rooms, 7 restaurants, lounge, bar, deli. Its waterfront location makes it a perfect weekend retreat for your family.

2. Royal Garden, Hong Kong: As the name suggests, your stay here is truly going to be a royal one. This hotel marks its presence in the list of top 5 luxurious hotels of Hong Kong. There are around 450 refurbished modern rooms and 54 luxurious suites here. Besides a sophisticated stay, Royal Gardens, Hong Kong is also known for its high-quality cuisines and top-notch hospitality services.

3. Hotel Icon: Ranked at the top of the table amongst other harbor view hotels, Hotel Icon homes to some stylish and spacious rooms. Rooftop pool, panoramic harbor views, in-house spa centre, and a sophisticated health club are amongst other attractions here.

4. Royal Pacific Hotel: Featuring astonishing views of the Victoria harbor, Royal Pacific Hotel, is a perfect blend of both comfort and connectivity. Here, you have 673 well-facilitated guest rooms to choose from. 24/7 fitness centre, club lounge, and a business centre make it worthy for your stay.

5. Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts: Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts in Hong Kong is recognized as one of the best hotels in the world. Located along the Kowloon waterfront, rooms here offer some spectacular views of the surrounding scenic beauty. You have classic rooms, executive rooms, and suites to choose here for your comfortable stay. Harbourside, the Lobby Lounge, Rech by Alain Ducasse, Yan Toh Heen are some of the exotic dining options available here. Shoeshine, Turndown service, private limousine, and business centre service are some other services to explore here.

6. The Langham, Hong Kong: The Langham of Hong Kong offers you around 471 spacious rooms and 27 private suites for a comfortable stay. Tang Court, Bostonian Seafood & Grill, Main St. Deli, Palm Court, Artesian, The Food Gallery, Afternoon Tea with Wedgwood, Langham Supper Club are some of the best dining options available here for your stay.

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Best Time to Visit Tsim Sha Tsui

The best time to visit Tsim Sha Tsui is during its dry weather as the temperatures will be comfortable and you need not struggle during your visit. So, plan your Tsim Sha Tsui visit anywhere between November to April. Once you reach here, do step out on the Tsim Sha Tsui streets during the late afternoon or early evening. Sailing in the ferries here offers some beautiful evening views of the harbourfront to capture with your DSLRs.

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How to reach Tsim Sha Tsui from Airport?

There are seven options available before you to travel from Hong Kong Airport to Tsim Sha Tsui - 

By Subway: Airport Express (MTR) runs between Hong Kong International Airport and Kowloon MTR station. From Kowloon MTR station, Tsim Sha Tsui is at a walkable distance. Your subway ride will cost you around 800 to 1000 INR per head.

By Bus: Cityflyer provides regular bus services from Airport Ground Transportation Centre to the Prudential Centre. From Prudential Centre, you can easily make your way to the Tsim Sha Tsui by walking. Your A21 bus ride will cost you around 300 to 420 INR per head.

By Taxi: If your group is big enough, it is always wise to prefer taxi ride from the Hong Kong International Airport. Your taxi ride shall cost you anything in between 3000 to 4000 INR per trip.

By Direct Drive: If you opt for a direct drive from Hong Kong International Airport to Tsim Sha Tsui, you will have to pay an approximate fuel cost of 400 to 600 INR per head. Tsim Sha Tsui is located at a distance of around 32.8 km from Hong Kong International Airport.

By Towncar: Jayride provides Towncar transfers from Hong Kong International Airport to Tsim Sha Tsui at an average cost of around 5000 to 7500 INR.

By Shuttle: You can opt Jayride’s shuttle service to travel between Hong Kong International Airport and Tsim Sha Tsui at 3000 INR per head.

By Uber: Lastly, you have Uber services that run between Hong Kong International Airport and Tsim Sha Tsui at 2000 to 2500 INR per trip.

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Q1. What does Tsim Sha Tsui mean?

Tsim Sha Tsui means sharp sandy point. It is derived in this manner – ‘Tsim’ represents sharp or pointy, ‘Sha’ represents sand, and ‘Tsui’ represents the mouth. So, you can say, that the name Tsim Sha Tsui on an average speaks about the geography of the region.

Q2. Is Public toilet facility available in Tsim Sha Tsui?

There are no public toilet facilities available in Tsim Sha Tsui. However, they are available at all MTR stations, in shopping malls, and attractions of Tsim Sha Tsui.

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Q3. What is Tsim Sha Tsui famous for?

Tsim Sha Tsui is well-known for featuring an iconic view of the Hong Kong city’s harbour. In addition to Victoria Harbour, Tsim Sha Tsui homes to a lot of gorgeous attractions. Kowloon Park, Avenue of Stars, K11 Mall, Star Ferry, Kimberley Road, Hong Kong Cultural Centre are some other key attractions of Tsim Sha Tsui.

Q4. What is the history of Tsim Sha Tsui?

This region marks its presence from the times of the Ming Dynasty. In those days, Tsim Sha Tsui comprised of only small villages and seafronts. More or less, it was one of the incense exporters. Thereby, it came to be known as Fragrant Harbour. It rose to prominence as a major trade route in the early half of the 19th century. In the same period, it was a major residential place for all the European settlers. Since 1st October 1910, Tsim Sha Tsui became a major tour and trading point of Hong Kong with the railway establishment between Kowloon to Canton Railway.

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Q5. Why is it named Tsim Sha Tsui?

Tsim Sha Tsui’s present name is highly inspired by its shape. Tsim Sha Tsui translates to the sharp sandy point. However, there, is no proven evidence behind the reason why and how it received its present recognition.

Q6. How long will it take to reach Tsim Sha Tsui from Central Hong Kong MTR?

Central Hong Station is at a distance of 13 minutes drive via Route 3. However, if you opt for Route 4 and Route 1, you will reach your destination within 25 minutes.

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Q7. Why Tsim Sha Tsui is the must place to visit?

Tsim Sha Tsui offers the best iconic view of Hong Kong’s city harbor. This shopping district homes to a wide array of shopping points. Right from designer boutiques to bric-a-brac stores, Tsim Sha Tsui has it all. Besides, Tsim Sha Tsui district of Kowloon features galleries, museums and occasional live performances of many great artists. Admiring the beauty of glittering skyline by sailing through the junk boats along Victoria Bay makes Tsim Sha Tsui a must-visit place for all the first-time visitors.

Q8. Is it a night Market?

Tsim Sha Tsui is a nightlife shopping district of Kowloon with many eclectic local shops and eateries for visitors to enjoy their leisure time. The night light show on Nathan Road is worthy to watch. Occasionally, you might come across live street performances by many artists. Victoria Harbour’s beauty itself is praiseworthy during the night-time.

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Madame Tussauds is one of the most hunted tourist attractions of Hong Kong which boasts of being the first wax museum of Asia. The museum houses over 100 realistic wax figurines of distinguished national and international celebrities with which you can spend some special moments. It also has 11 interactive zones across several floors of the museum where you can spend time with your favourite icons. The museum was opened for the visitors in 2000 inside the Peak Tower of the Victoria Peak which is counted as one of the major tourist attractions of beautiful Hong Kong.

Inside the museum is an altogether different world where you can take selfies with the most powerful monarchy of the world Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, share the stage with Lady Gaga, show your kung fu skills with Bruce Lee or immerse into the pop culture in the K-Wave zone. The list of wax figurines of the Madame Tussauds museum keeps changing from time to time. There are a number of new figures added to the museum’s grand collection while the old ones are replaced or updated.

After touring around the different floors your star-studded trip ends at the souvenir shop where wax collectables are on display for sale. You can take your best picks from a wide range of gifts and buy some knickknacks. There are different packages on Madame Tussaud's museum day trip on which amazing discounts are available on online booking. After visiting the galleries and spending some real fun time with your favourite celebrities you can enjoy a complimentary meal from the food joint inside the museum.

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The Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong is a waterfront promenade located along Victoria Harbour in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Inspired by the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it celebrates the achievements of Hong Kong's film industry, paying tribute to notable figures with plaques, handprints, and statues. Opened in 2004, it quickly became a popular tourist attraction, offering stunning views of the Hong Kong skyline and the bustling harbor.

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 Hong Kong’s Lamma Island is known for its laid-back experience. Locals visit Lamma Island either to relax during their free time or to try some adventurous trails. There’s some sort of free-spirited and multicultural vibe which makes Lamma Island stand out from the remaining Hong Kong attractions.

For all newcomers, Lamma is all about rustic villages, local temples, seafood restaurants, and adorable coastal scenery! Exploring Lamma Island on foot allows you to meet and greet the local community here. Meeting them could be a turning point in your life as you will get to know their culture and tradition.

Amidst all its natural and man-made excellence, Lamma Island is famous for its hiking adventure in Hong Kong. Your hiking trail begins from Yung Shue Wan which is in the north-west region and ends at Sok Kwu Wan towards the south. Sok Kwu Wan is the place where you’ll find ample dining options to serve you some of the most excellent quality seafood preparations. Tin Hau Temple of Lamma dates back to the 19th century is a worthy place to visit.

Amongst beaches, Lo So Shing Beach and Hung Shing Yeh Beach add on to the glory of Lamma. Both are characterized by their crystal clear silent waters and glittery golden sand. Swimming and sunbathing are two popular water activities here. And guess what? These beaches have secret BBQ spots where you can cook your own family meal.

Sham Wan is the only bay of Lamma nestling some endangered species of green turtles. Kamikaze Caves and Fisherfolk Village are two other essential destinations to adore at Lamma Islands. Lamma Rainbow, Tai Yuen Restaurant, Bookwork Café, and the Waterfront Restaurant & Bar are some places for you to sit and dine. Alternatively, you can step in at Herboland for some organic preparations. Sweet tofu dessert is yet another traditional cuisine to try when you visit Lamma Island.

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At the elevation point of 552 m, Victoria Peak is the highest hill in the entire expanse of the Hong Kong Island. Though, the summit of this peak is closed to the general public. However, nearby parks, hotels, and other attractions in Hong Kong are what sum up to be called The Peak by residents and tourists across the world.

Otherwise, this spectacular hill station of the World’s Most Vertical City-Hong Kong is also called Mount Austin. The historical evidence proves that back in 1841-1997, this Peak was a different neighborhood with non-standardized ways to commute. However, now the whole situation has turned around.

Today, the Peak is preferred by tourists across different countries. They plan their trip to Mount Austin in advance for their favourite weekend reliefs. At the Peak Tower, just in the neighbourhood of the Peak, plentiful tourists line up for amazing dining and shopping experiences in Hong Kong.

And as evenings set in, the crowd feels delighted with the over the top view of the Hong Kong Island city. The sky turns orange or faded pink, welcoming a beautiful sunset instance. Whereas, the Peak Tram, which is no less than a heritage transportation service for reaching the Peak, is often travelled by thousands of passengers daily. And if the riders are on time, within 7-8 minutes of the commute, they get to check out the famous skyscrapers of the Island.

Adding to that, there are trails at the top of the Peak to hike at the early hours. This starts at the Hatton Road and ends at the hilltop. Normally, hikers are also found around the Circle Walk; an area commonly known for travelling to the commercial hub of Victoria Peak.

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Essential Information

Location: At the western side of the Hong Kong Island, China, this Peak stands over the 552 m height over the sea level.

Timings: This is a residential premise where there are no exact timings. Though the Tram starts to run from 7 AM till late at night for the whole week. The pinnacle of this hill station is prohibited for the public to enter.

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Places to Visit In Victoria Peak

1. Peak Tower: It’s Hong Kong’s epitome of touristy attractions. With space-age design and architecture, it has been snapped on the postcards, selfies, albums, and so much more. In fact, this tower is the exact top point of the town! In here, tourists spend their time for a delicious treat to their shopping and binge-eating habits. The magnetic city backdrop flatters the travellers to extend their stay while enjoying the ambience of cafes and restaurants. It opens from 10 AM to 11 PM on weekdays, whereas the timings to visit this attraction is from 8 AM to 11 PM on weekends or public holidays.

2. Sky Terrace 428: As clear from its name, this terrace is located inside the premises of the Peak Tower. Standing above the seal level of 428 m, this platform is the highest point with 360-degree panoramic view in entire Hong Kong. Also, it has the same opening timings as the Peak Tower. The price of a single ticket for Sky Terrace 428 is HK $ 42 for an adult whereas it’s HK $ 26 for children of 3-11 years or senior citizens of 65 years or above.

3. Madness 3D Adventure: At the level of the Peak Tower, you will find the brilliant 3D artworks series created by the local Hong Kong artists. You can click precious memories here. And the background of 3D art will make it look almost real. Some of the fantastic 3D art examples are Peak Tram, The Panda, Sky Terrace 428 Bunjee Jumping. So, when you try a photo shoot, the whole scenario will look like you are actually pulling the cart or jumping from the Sky Terrace. The entry is free for everyone and it opens from 10 AM to 11 PM every day, including public holidays. But make sure the kids are of 2 years or more age. Infants are not allowed here.

4. The Peak Tram Lower Terminus: This Tram starts from the Garden Road, Central District of Hong Kong Island and stops at the Peak Tower. Therefore, commuters can travel from the main towns of Hong Kong Island up to this hill station easily. A one-way ticket price for this tram is HK $ 37 for an adult, whereas for others it’s HK $ 14. Otherwise, a two-way ticket costs HK $ 52 for an adult; HK $ 23 for children (3-11 Years) and Senior citizens (65 age or above).

5. Victoria Peak Garden: Currently, under the control of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, this garden is located extremely near to the Victoria Peak’s summit. This garden has become one of the top-most attractions because of the designs of the park. These designs can be related to the origin of the British & Chinese styles. So to say, visitors can enjoy their day time exploring the gazebos, pavilions, lush bushes, and parks.

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Best Time To Visit Victoria Peak

The climate of Victoria Peak is mostly subtropical, which means tourists experience both extremes of the weather amongst the diverse seasons. Therefore, we recommend visiting this place in pleasant weather, i.e., during summers or winters. The reason is that the rainy season does nothing good for anyone in general. Your travel would not execute on the slippery roads. And in mild summers or winters, the temperature is not that irritating, giving you a chance to explore more at once.

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Places To Shop In Victoria Peak

Crocs: You can check out casual footwear at this retail store. This brand is very well-known for its comfort and durability. The Croslite is the reason behind its top-notch delivery. It is located at the G level of the Peak Tower and opens from 10 AM to 9:30 PM daily.

Giordano: This fashion retail has got everything to make every buyer feel good. The quantity of the accessories is worth buying at least once. This shop is also located on the G floor of the Peak Tower, and you can find it open from 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM on weekdays.

Hard Rock Café Shop: Here you will find the most famous items from the branded t-shirts to magnets and limited-edition accessories. As you must be aware, this brand is known for its quality and hip-culture around 51 countries, so you can trust this shop with your time and money.

Peak Post Office: Do you want to send something back to your family and friends? Go visit the post office at the P1 level of the Peak Tower and send the postcard with letters you have been waiting to send home. But keep in mind, it opens from Monday to Saturday only. Sundays are closed.

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Places To Dine In Victoria Peak

1. Wildfire+: Located at Level 1 of the Peak Tower, this restaurant is famous for its thin-crust pizzas. And be it tasty homemade Gnocchi, or a 24-inch pizza, chefs try their masterpieces to give an unforgettable delight here. Moreover, your average cost per person would amount to be HK $150-200 for lunch and slightly 100 dollars more for dinner.

2. LÚ FĒNG: If you are craving for authentic Cantonese or Hong Kong food with traditional ambience, this place fits the bill in a heartbeat. Which is also proven by the Chinese calligraphic paintings and lanterns with Chinese scripts. Our recommendation is to try dim-sums and seafood while you visit this restaurant at the 2nd Level of Peak Tower.

3. Pacific Coffee: Being awarded as “The Best Coffee Shop Of The Year,” for 7 years, this outlet is a must-visit for every tourist. They’ve got the backdrop view of the hills and the village, the aroma flares in the air, and you know ultimately how it feels to gulp down a sip of authentic Hong Kong Coffee. They charge HK $ 40 – HK $ 50 per person on an average for the coffee and snacks. You can find this outlet at the G level of the Peak Tower, a perfect spot itself for the spectacular views.

4. Hong Kong Day: This dine-out has an array of classic dishes from fried rice noodles to French toast, milk tea, and egg noodles. This restaurant is open daily for at least 10 hours, from 12 PM to 10 PM. So, you can visit it for a quick bite whenever you want to. Also, this restaurant is not difficult to find as it is located at P1 level of Peak Tower premises.

5. MIMI Desserts: Are you craving for a perfect dessert after your meal? Walk down to the G Level of the Peak Tower to find this mini outlet. They charge approximately HK $ 70 per person for the snacks.

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Hotels Near Victoria Park

1. Two MacDonnell Road: This hotel is about 800 m far from Victoria Peak—the nearest till date. Also, it has been reviewed as a fabulous place to stay. The reason for such a fantastic rating is the amenities. This hotel provides air-conditioned rooms, LED TVs, microwaves and refrigerators. So, the visitors would not have any trouble staying here. They can warm their snacks on time while surfing their favorite channels.

2. Hotel Madera Hollywood: You will find this hotel at a distance of 1.3 KM from Victoria Peak or Mount Austin. This hotel is given the best tag in Hong Kong for its services. These include free Wi-Fi, fitness centre, and even a 24-hour call for help from the front desk. So, as a visitor, you would not have to worry about any problem here.

3. The Murray, Niccolo Hotel: This is a massive hotel 1.3 KM near The Peak, with 25 storeys and spacious rooms. So, large families or a group of travellers can stay here comfortably. In fact, this hotel has everything from a swimming pool, in-house gym, spa centre to free Wi-Fi.

4. The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel: If you are a couple travelling to Hong Kong Island, this hotel, which is 1.3 KM away from Victoria Peak, is quite suitable for your stay. They will provide you with a great buffet and aromatic coffee while you are visiting its restaurant. Otherwise, you can enjoy fine drinking at the bar with your partner, while your car is parked at the parking lot with the utmost security.

5. The Jervois: Within 1.6 KM distance of Victoria Peak, you get to stay at this hotel, which is best for two-travellers, exploring Hong Kong together for the weekend. To prove the point right, this hotel has a vast variety of amenities for two people, for example, free Wi-Fi, private lobbies, windows with enlarged views, free calls to foreign countries.

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How To Reach Victoria Peak From Airport?

There is no direct way to reach Victoria Peak from the Airport. You would have to take the Airport Express train first to reach the MTR or Hong Kong Station. From there on, you can hail a bus, taxi, or reach Garden Road for using the Tram.

Bus: From the Central Pier no. 8, you can board the bus no. 15C to reach Victoria Peak within 40-50 minutes. It’s the last station for the bus, you would not need to check for every station.

The Tram: It’s the quickest transport to reach Victoria Peak, only taking about 7-minutes, if there is not a queue already waiting to get cleared. Otherwise, it could take up to 2 hours as well.

Taxi: Hail a cab which takes about HK $ 100 or so for taking you to Victoria Peak within 20-30 minutes.

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Q 1. Can I Walk Up Victoria Peak?

The summit of the Peak is not allowed for the general public to enter. But you can hike up to the area nearby. You would also need to take the Tram Peak for commuting till the Peak Tower point. From there on, you can walk around or hike to the area that is allowed to be explored at Victoria Peak. Also, if in case you have children along with you, then it would not be convenient to walk all day long.

Q.2 How Long Is Peak Tram?

The Peak Tram, starting from the Central to the Victoria Peak Tower, covers about 1.4 KM of distance at the height of 400 meters above the ground level. Other than that, it takes about 7-8 minutes to reach the top. But, depending on the crowd, it can also take 1-2 hours with a lined-up queue in front of you.

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Q 3. Can Octopus Card Be Used On The Peak Tram?

Octopus travelling card comes quite handy for travellers in Hong Kong. From stores, railways, buses and other public transport, this card saves a lot of your money during the travel. And yes, you can surely use your Octopus card while you wish to commute to and fro the Peak Tram. This will help you go forward from the unending queue. You can buy this card online in advance with free cancellation facility. Otherwise, you can purchase queue jump packages online, helping you and your group of travellers commute easily through the Peak Tram.

Q.4 Are There Any Baby Care Facility In Victoria Peak?

Victoria Peak itself does not have a baby care facility. But you don’t have to worry. You can visit Peak Tower for the same issue. They have nursing rooms where proper nannies or nurses take care of your babies. You can call up the Peak Galleria or Peak Tower helpline number any day for further clarification on the same. Otherwise, you will find the customer care centre on the ground floor of the Peak Tower. So, if you are already around somewhere Peak Tower, you can reach out to them right now.

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Q.5 Is There Any Car Parking Facility At The Peak?

There is no provision for parking your cars at Victoria Peak because it is a residential district. But you can always park your rental cabs or private cars inside the Peak Tower parking area. It might cost you some Hong Kong Dollars, which you can inquire about on the spot; the charges might be updated. For further information, you can contact the Peak Galleria executives. Dial 2849 4113 for the clear and right information.

Q.6 Is There Any Locker Facility At The Victoria Peak?

Unfortunately, there is no locker facility available at Victoria Peak or nearby. Even the plaza of Peak Galleria or The Peak Tower does not have such storage facilities for your belonging or the luggage. Therefore, you need to put all your belongings at the lodge or hotel you have paid to stay at. However, you can always carry a travellers backpack with you while travelling near Victoria Peak. Though, there is a parking facility for the cars at the Peak Galleria, which is pretty safe. So, your shopping bags and other regular stuff can be kept inside your parked car. However, there is no point in packing for a whole weekend if you are travelling only for a day or two. So, you wouldn’t need a locker facility either.

Q.7 What Is The History Of Victoria Peak?

Firstly, Governor Sir Richard MacDonnell built his summer home back in 1868 at Victoria Peak for enjoying the quiet time here. Then the others followed his trend and built their respective houses. People used to travel by sedan chairs back then because of the rotten roadways. Though, from 1904 to 1947 the neighbourhood of this Peak was designated only for the expatriates. In fact, until 1881, the peak saw no development. It was because of Alexander Findlay Smith, who took the initiative to draw a petition in front of Sir John Pope-Hennessy to start the Tram services.

Also, Mr Findlay hoped that the Tram would increase the footfall at the Peak Hotel, which got demolished in 1938’s fire. But a little late, the Peak Tram picked up speed and became the regular source of commute to and from the Victoria Peak or The Peak Tower.

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Q.8 Is Baby Stroller Allowed In Victoria Tram?

Yes, the baby strollers are allowed inside the Tram, but they should not be wider than 26 inches when they are folded. However, if there is any issue, the staff is ready to provide help.

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Q.9 Is There Free Wi-Fi Services At Victoria Peak?

Yes, you will find free Wi-Fi at Victoria Peak, as well as, Sky Terrace 428 and the Peak Tower.

Q.10 Is It Possible To Watch Victoria Harbour Firework From Sky Terrace 428?

Although the view is gigantic from Sky Terrace 428, on the day of Fireworks, crowd control measures might be put on. And due to that, the Sky Terrace 428 might be temporarily unavailable. The authorities do not confirm the dates when it opens next. Victoria Harbour Hong Kong Night Tour, Flat 20% Off, Book Now!

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Opened in the year 2005, Hong Kong’s Disneyland is one of the largest theme parks in Hong Kong. This must-visit venue is a land filled with magic, adventure, laughter, and fun. Hong Kong’s Disneyland witnesses an annual expansion plan which contributes to new additions. Crowning itself as Asia’s second themed destination, it is much inspired by the customs, cultures, and traditions of China and the visitors visiting here, rate this place as a real marvel to explore from the best attractions in Hong Kong.

Across the world, Hong Kong’s Disneyland is recognized for its unbelievable fun and fascinations. From kids to couples to families to senior citizens to differently-abled persons, Hong Kong’s Disneyland serves the purpose of everyone.  There are seven different wonderlands – Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch, Tomorrowland, Mystic Point, and Adventureland. Every single wonderland here has got a different story to narrate.

Fantasyland has a wide array of attractions for your entertainment. Begin your journey from Cindrella’s Carousel and then have some fun at Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Get to know the secret behind the Pandora’s box at Fairy Tale Forest, or enjoy your tea party at the Mad Hatter Tea Cups. Besides the attractions above, there’s an exciting opportunity waiting for you to meet and greet your favorite Disney character here. Moana, Tinker Bell, Donald, Mickey and Minnie, Iron Man, Woody, and others are ready to meet you.

Moving further, there’s thrilling rides, mystical museums, great entertainment, and dining options. Live performances and street shows add on a different flavor to your Disneyland visit. Chef Mickey, Dragon Wind, World of Color Restaurant, Enchanted Garden Restaurant, and Royal Banquet Hall are the usual dining options at Hong Kong’s Disneyland.

Before walking out from here, do not forget to shop for some souvenirs from here for your loved ones. Celebrity Gifts, the Trading Post, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Kingdom Gifts, Professor Porter’s Trading Post, Merlin’s Magic Portraits are some shops to hop-in here.

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Known as the giant ecological preserve of Hong Kong, Lantau Island, is the biggest of all islands in Hong Kong. What adds to the beauty of Lantau is its lush greenery, unspoiled countryside, and a giant Tian Tian Buddha statue. Dramatic oceanic views, picturesque villages, gorgeous hiking trails are key attractions of Hong Kong's western island.

To begin your journey through Lantau Island, start with the Ngong Ping Village. Here you will witness a traditional style of Chinese architecture, restaurants, shops, and small tea houses. You can opt for a hiking trail which starts from Ngong Ping 360 and ends at the Ngong Ping Village.

If hiking is not your cup of tea, you can take the cable car ride. Riding a Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride, you can have an aerial view of the entire Lantau Island. This ride is a quick way to drive you from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping village. You can capture some beautiful pictures of the South China Sea and the North Lantau Country Park with a bird’s eye view. As you are done with your cable car ride, Tian Tian Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, Tai O Fishing Village are some places to see. All these activities to experience in the cultural hub of Lantau Island.

Towards the end of your Lantau Island visit, do not miss on their eateries. Enchanted Garden Restaurant, The China Beach Club, Bahce Turkish Restaurant, Tai O Crossing Boat Restaurant and OLEA are some top ones on the list.

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Tempted about the glittering and glamorous sites of Hong Kong? Then you should definitely check out the Temple Street Night Market. Located in the Yau Matei and Jordan areas of Kowloon, Hong Kong City, the place is specifically renowned for its busiest flea market at the night hours.

The place offers cheap merchandise and delicious food stops and is also commonly found more crowded with tourists as well as locals during the dusk hours. It is also called as the ‘Men’s Street’ because of the large variety of men’s fashion found here.

The street begins to charm its customers from 2 pm but the actual crowd starts to flood in the market in the evening time. It has more than 100 stalls selling items on carts amidst the beautiful and colourful lighting. The market has sellers with a collection of a huge variety of merchandise from clothing to gadgets like mobile phones and watches, etc.

Not only that but the Temple Street Night Market also has shops that offer products that are affordable and in addition to that, there are also vendors that sell second-hand stuff like videotapes, cassettes, antiques, and old newspapers. One can also check out the variety of shops on the street market that usually get hidden behind the many small stalls.

The Temple Street Night Market holds a mark in the historic era because of it being built during the Qing Dynasty and so it got named after the Tin Hau Temple built near the market. People can also get entertained by the Cantonese Opera show while shopping around in the market. The market is not only known for the buying of apparel but also for the Chinese clinics and their traditional medicines for treating diseases and these clinics have been on the run for a long period.

The Temple Street Night Market does not only provide you with great shopping experiences but also serves you with some mouth-watering snacks. You shall also find some delicious range of seafood in addition to some traditional cuisines representing the unique culture of Hong Kong. Many people also find this location as a very suitable site for filming as the place portrays the life of the people of Hong Kong. So, get here and rejoice in the fun of a whole new way of shopping and experience the culture of the busiest streets in Hong Kong.

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Essential Information

Location: The lively Temple Street Night Market is located on the bustling streets of Hong Kong's Temple St, Jordan road offering you a wide range of things and delicious variant food at very affordable prices.

One can visit this solid night market on the bustling streets of Hong Kong during the evening hours of 5 pm till 11 pm operating on all days of the week.

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Places to Visit Near Temple Street Night Market

The glamorous city of Hong Kong has a lot more places to offer near to this lively Temple Street Night Market just like the following:

1. Victoria Harbour
Known to be a top-notch attraction to visit in the city of Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour is an amazing site when it comes to enjoying the mystique views of skyscrapers, harbours, star ferry, the symphony of lights and Avenue of lights. It is known to be a natural landform harbour that separates the humongous Hong Kong Island from the Kowloon Peninsula from the south to the north. One should surely think of taking a visit to this gorgeous place in the city of Hong Kong when wondering about places to visit near the Temple Street Night Market. 
Victoria Harbour Hong Kong Night Tour, Flat 20% Off, Book Now!

2. Jade Market, Jordan:
 Wondering about where to go next? Then do explore the jaw-dropping Jade Market, offering you the flawless collection of jewellery and the bewitching 'Stone of Heaven' that is the Jade stone. One will find stunningly crafted jewels made of Jadestone. It is meant for the travellers and the people who are highly fond of jewellery and handcrafted items. You will find the place very attractive and entertaining as the shopkeepers are quite friendly at the Jade Market.

3. Tin Hau Temple: 
This temple is a beautifully built piece of architecture. It was certainly built during the Qing Dynasty era and is so renowned since then. The Tin Hau Temple is known to be the reason for naming the street night market as the  Temple Street Night Market. It is the Tin Hau Temple around which the market has been built and so also is known to be the main highlight of the market. The temple is a structure on the square that instils five different temples in a row and is now known for its historic existence in Hong Kong.

4. Hong Kong Space Museum: 
Built in the 1980s, this is a known place for everyone to learn about astronomy, science, and space. It is a very fun museum to be at and is especially an informative one for the kids or even college students. The Museum holds a lot of interactive displays and exhibitions that keep you engaged and entertained. It also provides services and eases to the disabled so that their visit is a memorable one.

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Things to Buy from Temple Street Night Market

Wondering about what things to buy from this famously known Temple Street Night Market? Then here is the list of a few must-haves that one should surely check out if not buy.

1. Trinkets: 
Well, one should unquestionably check out the trinkets available at the Temple street market as these little pieces of art are a must-buy at this place. These small jewellery bits can be seen in different shapes like that of a dragon, stars, etc. and are loved by everyone.

2. Teaware: 
If one wishes to decorate their kitchen or their tea/coffee tables with beautifully crafted teapots and teacups then one should for sure look out for the teaware at this place. The shops at Temple Street Market have gorgeous pieces of teaware.

3. Electronics: 
One should take a look at electronics collection like mobile phones or laptops at the Temple Street Market as they offer a large variety and latest technology selection at very affordable rates.

4. Watches: 
Searching for some great watches? Then do not miss out on the collection by the tradesmen at the Temple Street Market. They offer a great variety of watches for all men, women, and kids at amazing and affordable rates.

5. Jades: 
The highlight of this market is usually considered to be the ‘Jades’ and the piece of jewels in which these Stones of Heaven are embedded. One should surely visit the Temple Street Night Market as you can find various vendors who will provide you with real Jade and the jewellery made of it.

6. Antiques: 
If you are searching for historic bits of art and antiques to preserve the ancient feel and decorate your houses with the same, you should definitely check out the Temple Street Market that offers a great variety in the art of antiques.

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Places to Eat in Temple Street Night Market

Well, hunger is a sure thing to happen while walking on the streets for hours so to satiate your hunger one can find many places to dine in a proper meal or to munch on a snack at the Temple Street Market. Check these out while you visit the place:

1. Mammy Pancakes, Jordan: 
If you are craving for a sweet bite after all the spicy options then the Mammy Pancakes at the Temple Street Market offers you a great variety of waffles and pancakes along with the spicy street food options. One can also opt for this little cafe that provides you with not just pizzas and noodles but also with a variety of delicious desserts.

2. Shau Shau Shau: 
Serving you with the cuisines of Thai and Asian culture, this place is a paradise-like a restaurant to have a meal at. The staff will provide you with the best services and also they offer you these ravishing meals at very affordable prices. You can prefer grabbing a bite at this restaurant at the Temple Street Market.

3. Club Noodles: 
If not in the mood for a proper meal and in search of a place where you can just munch upon some snacks then this is the place for you. They offer you various cuisines like Chinese, Asian, Deli, Pub, Gastropub and Street Food to which one cannot say no. It is a warm and welcoming place where one can go with friends or family after the long hours of shopping at the Temple Street Market.

4. Bedana’s Filipino Restaurant: 
If looking for a place to have a proper meal then one should drop a visit to the Bedana’s Filipino Restaurant in the Temple Street Market. They offer you cuisines of the Philippines and Asia at this small yet welcoming restaurant. The place has great ambience and top-notch service. One should definitely visit this place to satiate their hunger for good food.

5. Mr. Stone Congee and Noodles: 
Rated among the best hotels at the Temple Street Market this place offers you Chinese and other Asian cuisines under the range of 280-430 INR. One should surely visit this cafe cum restaurant and taste the delicious porridge and noodles.

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Highlights of Temple Street Night Market

If looking around for the things not to miss at this alluring Temple Street Market, then check out for the following list of must-see things:

1. Savour the taste of local Chinese street food: Satiate your hunger for the best Chinese food on the streets of Temple Street Market as the food vendors serve you with the best and authentic taste. Even the local street food includes many variants like rice in a clay pot or chicken noodles and much more other than the regular stuff you eat and it will surely leave you delighted.

2. Do acknowledge yourself about Traditional Chinese medicines: The main highlight of the Temple Street Market is the traditional Chinese medicines that were and are still today preferred by the local people to cure serious illness and diseases.

3. Variety of electronics and antiques: The Temple Street Market not only brings you the basic experience of shopping fashion, jewellery, etc but also the great digital pieces are available here. Unlike the local vendors, this market also has some shops that will sell you authentic branded pieces of electronic apparel and all are worth checking out for sure. Not just those but the collection of the art of Antiques available at this market is a not to miss feature of the market.

4. The grand Cantonese Opera Show: At this colourful and beautifully lit Temple Street Market, people are not just serving you with flavourful food or exclusive shopping experience but also provide you with the melodious songs sung at the Cantonese Opera show. Their songs make you feel light and joyous amidst the bustling of the market.

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Hotels near Temple Street Night Market

If in the search for a homely place to crash in for a day or two after wandering around in this extremely wonderful Temple Street Night Market, then do consider these hotels nearby for a cosy stay:

1. Evergreen Hotel, Kowloon: Located just a few meters away from the Temple Street Night Market, the Evergreen Hotel is a beautiful place for a stay. Providing you with not just basic amenities but also with a good size of a room at the price of approximately INR 1800. They provide you with an ironing board, electric kettle, work desk, and an electronic safe. This hotel is also near the train station and there are many Indian cuisines restaurants located near the hotel.

2. The Kimberley Hotel: The Kimberley Hotel offers you a luxurious stay at great prices along with decent services. They have some delightful massages and relaxing spa therapies at the hotel and after a long day out in the city of Hong Kong, shopping at the Temple Street Night Market one can experience the peace at this homely like hotel. You can find great rooms at a very affordable price of INR 3440.

3. Best Western Grand Hotel: This one is a well-built hotel to make your stay the comfiest and a memorable one. With amazing hospitality and 24-hour luxurious services, this hotel is a great place to stay in when visiting the Temple Street Night Market. They also serve you with free breakfast, club area for kids, a pool area and restaurants with delicious and authentic meals. The staff at this place is multilingual so that tourists from any part of the world do not have a problem communicating.

4. Best Western Plus Hotel: One who visits the Temple Street Night Market and is looking out for a great place to land for relaxation then the Best Western Hotel is the place for you. Just a km away from the main market, this hotel offers you amenities like free wi-fi, parking, spa area for relaxation and great hospitality. It is a modern hotel with an Italian restaurant at very nominal prices.

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Tips for shopping at Temple Street Night Market

When visiting the busiest street of Hong Kong that is the Temple Street Market with friends or family the following tips should be kept in mind beforehand so that you are known about the place:

- One should always look out for the shops that get hidden behind these multiple little stalls as the shops will offer you products of much authenticity and better quality whereas the stalls shall offer you the non-branded products and maybe with fake tags of brand names on the merchandise.
- Do check out for the difference in the prices of local products and branded products as the vendors sell the local ones with brand tags on them at high prices.
- Keep yourself bargain ready, as the merchandise being sold at the Temple Street Market is very cheap and sometimes second-hand material so bargain as much as possible according to the quality and buy the products at much cheaper rates.
- One who wishes to buy souvenirs that are cheap and affordable can try buying the trinkets and other stuff similar to those as they are available at much cheaper rates.
- One who wishes to buy affordable products should check out the second-hand merchandise at the Temple Street Market sold by the shops that provide you with second-hand products only.

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Best Time to Visit Temple Street Night Market

Dropping a visit to the most renowned and busiest streets of Hong Kong and wondering about the suitable time for that? Well, then one should keep in mind that the Temple Night Street Market operates every day from 2 pm noon till 11 pm. Although it has been observed that usually, the shoppers give a visit during the evening hours. The market is seen to be flooded with people since then and the vendors will be at service providing you with a wide range of products to shop, food to munch on along with entertainment.

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How to reach Temple Street Night Market from Airport?

Searching for conveyance for a trip from the airport to the classic Temple Street Night Market? It might be right for you then to choose from the following:

Train: One can opt for the Airport Express train that can be found inside the airport building itself at Tsing Yi station. The train will take you to the Central but make sure to get down at Jordan MTR Station and then walk for 3 blocks and you will find the Market.

If you wish to get there by means of the bus, then take the A22 Airport CityFlyer that will pick you up directly from outside the airport and drop you at Shanghai Street shop from where one can walk two blocks and reach the Temple Street Night Market.

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1. What’s so unique about Temple Street Night Market?
Taking you away from the idea of regular shopping experience and serving you with some ravishing street shopping hours, the Temple Street Market is uniquely famous for keeping the culture of street shopping alive in the glitz and glam of the city of Hong Kong. the most unique features of this market are that the place offers you with all kinds of antiques and souvenirs and also the cultural dishes at food stalls.

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2. Is there anything special in Temple Street Night Market?
After when the sun sets down in the city of Hong Kong, the colourful streets of the Temple Street Night Market get lightened up by the traders setting their stalls and the fortune-tellers start to emerge and the opera show begins. The speciality of this classic street market is everything it displays from antiques to the fashion apparel, from electronics to the souvenirs like trinkets, from the tasteful street food to authentic Chinese cuisines the market has all of it.

3. What is Temple Street Night Market famous for?
The Temple Street Night Market is famously known for its collection of Men’s fashion and is called the Men’s Street because of the same. The market has a great collection of men’s wear and also is known for the Tin Hau Temple after which it was named. People are deeply attracted to this place as it has also been a great background for filming movies, theatre and Chinese festivals.

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4. What is the history of Temple Street Night Market?
The Temple Street Night Market holds a mark in the historic era for it being built during the period of the Qing Dynasty and also got named after the Tin Hau Temple built near the market. People even today worship and celebrate their Chinese festivities at this temple. The historic architecture holds the culture of those times and people are seen rejoicing in its presence because of it being the highlight of the Temple Street Night Market.

5. Why is it named Temple Street Night Market?
The Temple Street Night Market is not just renowned for its street style shopping experiences but also because it highlights the traditions through the Tin Hau Temple which defines the true meaning of this place. This humongous yet ravishing market gets its name from the historic era of the Qing Dynasty during which this beautiful temple was built. The Temple Street Night Market derives its name from the same as the market surrounds the Tin Hau Temple and has, therefore, become the main highlight of the market area. Most people even visit the market because of this divine temple and its architecture where the ethnic traditional Chinese culture is until today followed.

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6. Is there any place to eat street food near Temple Street Night Market?
Yes, people can find various places to eat the common street food at the Temple Street Market and as well as near to it. One can find many places like Spicy Crab Restaurant, Tong Tai Seafood Restaurant, Manakamana Nepali Restaurant and many more that serve you with mouth-watering dishes like the clay pot rice and seafood noodles. One can also explore the Shanghai market just 4 blocks away providing you with some great street food dishes. The Jordan road has many such places where one can find various food outlets to grab a bite.

7. Is Temple Street Night Market a kid-friendly place?
One does not have to worry about taking their kids to the Temple Street Night Market as it is unquestionably a kid's friendly place. It may occur at the beginning of losing sight of their child in the market but this night time market will relieve you of that frown on your head as the place is a delight for the kids to rejoice in and to keep them engaged. The little differently shaped trinkets and the savouring street joints will never fail to attract your child. So, one should without any doubt visit the Temple Street Night Market with their kids as the aura and colourful decorative market will keep the kids delighted.

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Ngong Ping 360 tops the table of Hong Kong’s chief attractions. This 5.7-kilometre-long cable car ride presents some breath-taking views of all the surrounding beauty. Ngong Ping cable car or gondola cable car connects Tung Chung Town Centre with Ngong Ping Village.

As you ride from the Tung Chung Town Centre, first you will be crossing Tung Chung Bay and then trespass Airport’s steering station. From here, your cable car will take a 60-degree turn towards North Lantau.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to grab a bird’s eye view of overlooked Hong Kong’s green doors. As you continue your cable car ride, you will be able to capture some pictures of the mightiness of the South China Sea and North Lantau Country Park. Your entire journey will last for around 25 minutes, offering you some stunning views of Lantau’s unrivalled beauty.

This cable car ride will finally conclude at Ngong Ping Market. This ride lets you explore Hong Kong’s famous tourist points – Big Buddha or Tian Tian Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, and many others. You can experience Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride in three ways – Standard Compartment, Crystal Car, and Exclusive Private Box. A standard round trip Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride will cost you around 235 Hong Kong dollars per adult and 110 Hong Kong dollars per child.

Essential Information

Location: Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Timings: Ngong Ping 360 is open 24/7 for visitors. However, if you are planning to go for a Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Ride, you will have to be present between 10:00 am to 06:00 pm on weekdays and 09:00 am to 06:30 pm on weekends.

Places to Visit Near Ngong Ping 360

After you are done with your Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride, here’s where you can wander for some more fun - 

1. Tian Tian Buddha: This forms Lantau’s iconic attraction. Cast with 250 tonnes of bronze, Tian Tian Buddha is a must-visit for those who seek enlightenment. Right-hand mudra of this statue indicates fearlessness; whereas the left-hand mudra indicates fulfilling wishes. Within the pedestal, there’s a 3-storeyed exhibition hall where you can explore Buddha’s relic and other Buddhist items. Locals visiting here offer flowers, ointment, lamp, incense, fruits, and music to seek Lord Buddha’s blessings.

2. Po Lin Monastery: Po Lin Monastery is located in such a way that it overlooks the Tian Tian Buddha statue. Earlier this monastery was known as Big Thatched Hut. The prominent architectural structures will surely indulge you in its beauty. Besides the central axis, there’s a Hall of Skanda Bodhisattva, Buddha Shrine Hall, Bell Tower, Meditation Hall, and the Drum Tower as some key attractions.

3. Wisdom Path: As you start walking down the wisdom path, you will see giant wood columns on both sides. These are around 38 in number and resemble the symbol of infinity. At the entrance, there’s a phoenix sculpture. Adjacent to it, you will find a getaway to take you to the Lantau Sunrise point.

4. Ngong Ping Piazza: This architecture is highly inspired by Buddhist style. Bodhi Path leads you to the doors of Ngong Ping Piazza. The structures surrounding Ngong Ping Piazza reflects the Chinese aura of antiquity. There are four lotus ponds inside which caters to hosting the religious ceremonies.

This was about the cultural beauty of Ngong Ping Village. Moving ahead, we will see some natural points for the hikers - 

1. Nei Lak Shan Country Trail: This trail is a 5km long trail and is generally considered to be the best one for novice hikers. Your path will commence from East Mountain Teaching arch and ends at the Ngong Ping 360 cable car station. As you keep on trailing further, you will be trespassing the Sunset Peak which is entirely covered by silver grass. In the presence of sunlight, this grass shines golden. If you want, you can further continue to make your way to the Ngong Ping Village by joining Ngong Ping Trail.

2. Lantau Trail: This 70km long trail has 12 sections to enjoy. Section 1 or Mui Wo Ferry Pier is the beginning point of your Lantau trail. Your path ends in section 12 or Mui Wo. If you are physically fit to endure this trial, then it’s a real-life adventure for you. Just make sure that you carry plenty of water with you.

3. Ngong Ping Trail: This is a rugged mountain trail connecting Tung Chung with Ngong Ping. Ngong Ping trail is parallelly aligned with your Ngong Ping Cable Car. As you descend yourself towards the exit of this trial, you will see the Tian Tian Buddha. Isn’t it a perfect conclusion for a strenuous trail?

Places to Shop in Ngong Ping 360

Besides its scenic biodiversity, Ngong Ping 360 has a lot to offer for the real shopaholics. There are shops selling both international branded items and Ngong’s hand-preserved speciality. Here’s a quick tour of some shops in Ngong Ping 360 -

1. Pop Vague: This is a clothing retail store where you will find both minimalist and contemporary style clothing. Besides the premium local fashions, you will also find Korean and Japanese accessories here.

2. Citygate Outlet: This shopping outlet is adjacent to the Terminal of Tung Chung Cable Car. Citygate Outlet accounts as Hong Kong’s only outlet mall. You will find the presence of more than 70 internationally recognized brands. Being people’s first choice for an incredible shopping experience, Citygate Outlet offers a huge discount every day. There are local and international brands of sportswear, children’s clothes, branded handbags, cosmetics, and accessories.

3. Tai O Dried Seafood Market: If you are amongst seafood lovers, this place is meant for you to crawl for long hours. At one of the oldest fishing villages of Hong Kong, you are surely going to find a lot to satiate your hunger for some exceptional quality seafood. Aromatic salted fishes, shrimp pastes, dried seafood, textiles, herbs, and fruits are some of the critical products of this seafood market.

4. Hong Kong Market – Yat Tung: Hong Kong Market is a recent one in Ngong Ping 360. No sooner you step in the market, you will mark the presence of numerous paper planes flying here and there. These are exclusive creativities of the local paper-craft masters. Throughout the Hong Kong Market, there are road signs, signboards, school advertisement, street posters, and so on. There’s a mini food square next to this market where you can find some delicious and inexpensive food to eat.

Places to Eat in Ngong Ping 360

Ngong Ping has got some excellent dining options where you can taste the local flavours of Hong Kong: 

1.Zaks: This fresco dining area provides the best dining option in town with some splendid sea views and ocean-side dining experience. There are long wooden benches, love seats, sun chairs, and family areas to drive you back to the traditional era of Hong Kong. Tropical cocktails served here are delicious. Innovative fusion cuisines are their chief serving and ZAKS Surf & Turf, and baby back ribs are their signature dishes.

2. Koh Tomyums: To have your meal here; first, you need to head towards the Discovery Bay’s D Deck zone. Koh Tomyums features a traditional style of Thai architecture with some contemporary panoramic views for a relaxing dining experience. This restaurant’s cuisines present a perfect blend of local herbs and spices which imparts a deep flavour to your ordered food. Fresh seafood is their prime centre of attraction. If your tummy still has some space left, do go for a Thai contemporary fusion serving.

3. Carampa Mexican Cantiana: Carampa Mexican Cantiana has a casual ambience with sun-washed colours. You sit on the natural woods here amidst some upbeat music to make your presence lively and energetic. Guests love to couple their Mexican food with some unique drinks served here.

4. Midam Korean Restaurant: Midam Korean Restaurant is a perfect place to replenish and recharge after a cumbersome and stressful Ngong Ping village visit. The venue is quite spacious with tall ceilings, where you can witness sunlight peeping in through the window panes to warm your heart. There’s a wide array of authentic servings here with Korean Kimchi Wraps being their signature dish. Ginseng and Chicken soup is yet another side serving to try here.

5. Po Lin Monastery: Po Lin Monastery is a place where you get to see the blend of traditional architecture and sculptural arts with a tinge of Buddhist culture. Vegetarian delicacies and tea are best to try here. To enjoy their regular or VIP meals, you need to purchase a meal ticket before climbing the steps that lead your way to the Tian Tian Buddha. Soup, vegetable, rice, and deep-fried delicacies usually combine to form their menu. Occasionally, you may have pastries, sweets & savouries, and noodles coupled with it.

6. Tai O Crossing Boat Restaurant: For some novel Lantau food dishes, Tai O Crossing Boat Restaurant is a place for you. The aroma of their steam cooked rice wrapped in lotus leaf leaves you craving for some more food to try. Baked seafood pumpkin, cuttlefish patties, charcoal roasted goose, and rice cooked in the bamboo steamer are their unique servings.

If you are here in Ngong Ping for a more extended stay, you may try one restaurant at one time. The above list is just a glimpse of what Ngong Ping wants to feed you. There are more additions to the list where you can enjoy some international flavoured cuisines too. Solo Balcony, Ki Kei, Shrimp Pastes, Speciality Seafood, Giant Cuttlefish in Marinated Sauce are some of them.

Hotels near Ngong Ping 360

Here are some hotels to accommodate yourself during your visit to the Ngong Ping 360 -

1. Regal Airport Hotel: Regal Airport Hotel is the best stay place near Ngong Ping 360. This hotel is well-equipped with some stylish rooms and state-of-art technology. There’s air-conditioned access to lead you directly to the Hong Kong International Airport Passenger Terminal. Restaurant, bar, and pillarless banquet hall forms the central attractions of this hotel. Luxury spa rooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pool and massage centres add on to complete their recreational facilities.

2. Hong Kong Sky City Marriott Hotel: This hotel is recognized as an award-winning hotel situated on Lantau Island. All its 658 rooms offer stunning views of the South China Sea. You can even schedule your corporate events here as this hotel homes to some 11 corporate meeting rooms. Besides, there are 5 restaurants, a 27-meter swimming pool, Spring Spa centre, 24/7 fitness centre, and some other facilities to ensure a comfortable stay for you.

3. Hong Kong Disneyland Resort: This is yet another luxurious stay destination of Lantau Island. This resort homes to three themed hotels – Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, and Disney Discovery Park for your pleasant stay. Furthermore, you have conference venues, dining options, and entertainment and event spots.

4. Silvermine Bay Hotel: This hotel is at a distance of 5 minutes from the Mui Wo Ferry Terminal. With your accommodation here, you can enjoy some beautiful sights of the sparkling beaches. Facilities such as outdoor swimming pools, sauna, and steam bath centre club to make this hotel a peaceful stay place.

5. Return to the Countryside: Return to the Countryside offers you some sophisticated rooms well-equipped with everything you need to feel the comfort of your own home. The staff here is quite co-operative and renders excellent hospitality service. You will witness the bliss of Nordic minimalist décor here.

6. Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association Liang Shaorong Resort: This place provides a tranquil environment where you can enjoy your holiday with some adventurous fun. Rock climbing, archery, rope nets and so on are their chief outdoor adventurous interests. For added fun, be a part of their camping activities.

Besides those mentioned above, Silver View Resort, Hong Kong Discovery Bay Hotel, Ngong Ping Davis Youth Hostel, Novotel Citygate City, and Tai O Heritage Hotel are some more accommodation options to explore.

Best Time to Visit Ngong Ping 360

If you are a regular Ngong Ping 360 visitor, you might be well-versed with the temperature variation here. June to August are the hottest seasons in Ngong Ping 360. June accounts for a higher humidity whereas October for the lowest. Concerning the tourism sector, April, September, and October are the peak seasons here. The weather throughout this period is ideal for exploring every nook and corner of Ngong Ping 360.

You may experience a hike in both flight and hotel booking rates. To avoid the last-minute hustle, it is better to pre-reserve your Ngong Ping 360 accommodation well in advance. If you do not want to be a part of the crowd, you can plan your visit to the Ngong Ping 360 during December.

How to reach Ngong Ping 360 from Airport?

From Hong Kong International Airport, you have two options to reach Ngong Ping 360 - 

By Taxi: First, you need to ride a blue Lantau taxi to reach Tung Chung Cable Car Station. This station is located at Ngong Ping 360. Your journey from Airport to Tung Chung Cable Car Station will last for around 10 minutes, and you need to pay 40 Hong Kong dollars (366.96 INR) per head for the same.

By Bus: You have four bus alternatives before you – S1, S56, S64, and S64 X to travel from Hong Kong International Airport. These buses will drop you at Tung Chung Bus Stop which is situated close to the Tung Chung Cable Car Station. Your entire journey shall last for around 10 minutes.


Q1. Does Ngong Ping 360 provide baby-care facilities?

Yes. Ngong Ping 360 provides baby care facilities. To avail these facilities, you need to contact the Ngong Ping 360 officials. You may be charged additionally to avail these services.

Q2. Does Ngong Ping 360 have a luggage storage service?

Yes. Ngong Ping 360 has luggage storage facilities. During your cable car ride, you can approach 360 Tourist Information Centre or Tung Chung Cable Car Station to avail the same. You do not need to make any prior reservation for the same. For your baggage storage, you will be charged around 100 Hong Kong dollars (917.18 INR) per piece. If you have light and portable items, you can carry those along with you while you enjoy your ride. However, if your baggage size exceeds that of 48cm x 34cm x 23cm, you have to store it with the luggage storage service. For any technical queries, you may reach their hotline at (852) 3666 0606.

Q3. Do children have to be accompanied by an adult to take the cable car?

Yes. Any person willing to ride the Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride is subject to follow specific regulations as prescribed under Tung Chung Cable Car Bylaw. According to this bylaw, children under the age of 12 years are supposed to be under the moderation of a person aged above 15 years.

Q4. Can I eat in the cable car?

No. You won’t be allowed to carry any foodstuffs within your cable car. However, you may bring your water bottle with you. For baby food, you need to enquire about it at the visitor support counter at Ngong Ping 360. It is still advisable to feed your child either before the start of your cable car ride or after you are done with your ride.

Q5. Can I bring my pet to Ngong Ping 360 together?

No tourist is allowed to bring in his pet and enjoy the Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride. Only, internationally recognized medical dogs are permitted within the Ngong Ping 360 cable car. Other than that, you may occasionally find the presence of a guide dog there. This is just for security reasons. In case you bring in your pet, you need to leave him with the security until you finish your Ngong Ping 360 cable car experience.

Q6. Will the bad weather affect the cable car service?

Yes. You may witness the effects of bad weather on the cable car ride service. In the event of storm or thunderstorm, the Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride may undergo a temporary suspension. Keep their hotline number handy with you. This will help you to check the availability of the cable car ride service during such extreme weather conditions.

Q7. Is there a parking lot there?

Ngong Ping 360’s parking lot is reserved only for the coaches to be parked. In case you are planning to bring in your personal vehicle here, you can approach the parking space located at Citygate Car Park. Nominal parking charges may be applicable. You need to connect with the Citygate Car Park authorities to know their parking charges.

Q8. How long is the Ngong Ping cable car ride?

Your Ngong Ping cable car ride shall last for around 25 minutes.

Q9. Can the round-trip cable car tickets be used separately for 2 days?

No. You are supposed to use your round-trip cable car ticket on the same day when it is issued. If you fail to do so, your ticket will be deemed to be invalid on your next visit.

Q10. What are the unique instagramable places in Ngong Ping 360?

Ngong Ping 360 is loaded with heaps of unique instagramable places. Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cabin, Bodhi Tree, Wisdom Path, Tian Tian Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, HK Market Yat Tung, Sunset Peak, Ngong Ping Piazza, and Tai O Fishing village are some of them. Ngong Ping 360 homes to some beautiful natural ecosystems. Maitreya Mountain Trail, Phoenix Trail, and Ngong Ping Plank Road are amongst them. If you are highly spiritual, head toward the Baolian Temple to experience tranquillity.

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Ocean Park stands amongst the largest marine-themed amusement parks in Hong Kong. Spanning across a land-stretch of 915,000 square meters, this park features marine animals, thrilling rides and live entertainment shows. With constant expansion and new additions, this Ocean Park crowns itself as one of the most visited tourist places in Hong Kong.

World-class thrilling rides, land, and marine zoo areas, state-of-the-art aquariums all add to the uniqueness of Ocean Park. Whether you are a child or someone with some physical disability, Ocean Park cares for all your entertainment. Right from children to senior citizens, this park greets one and all.

Adventure in Australia, Amazing Bird Theatre, Arctic Blast, Bouncer House, Bumper Blaster, Cable Car, Castle Of Redd, Crazy Galleon, Flying Swing, Expedition Trail, and Garden of Joy are some of the attractions you will find here.

Ocean Park allows you to witness some of your marine friends such as walruses, dolphins, capybara, tamarin, penguins, sea lions, giant panda, seal. For years, this park has been hosting wedding ceremonies, graduation bash, birthday parties, and VIP premium tours. Besides personal events and celebrations, you can plan your corporate events here. One-day company outing, corporate evening party, corporate training schemes, and evening charters are some similar past events.

Fun and entertainment at Ocean Park are not only limited here. They do organize an interactive event called Ocean Park Summer Water Battle, where you will witness some classic scenes from the anime series – One Piece.

Lakeside Chill Bar, Aqua City Bakery, Neptune’s Restaurant, Ginger Grill, Club Panda, Tuxedos Restaurant, and The Terrace Café here will take care of your appetite. In case you feel like going for some quick bites, head towards food kiosks. You will find many of them throughout the park. Popcorn Cart, Chick n Chill, Tapas Bar, O So Sweet, Chan’s Noodles, Yaki, Happy Snacks are few such names.

Lastly, you may end your visit to Ocean Park with shopping. Panda Kingdom Shop, Sichuan Treasures, Deep Sea Traders, Shutters, Waterfront Gifts, and Mystique Treasures will have everything you want to take back from here. As Hong Kong’s Ocean Park supports environmentalism, you should carry your own carry bag.

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Dividing the island of Hong Kong into two main regions, Victoria Harbour is the modern-age harbour, visited by thousands of vacationers every year. The coastline of this harbour has everything from the scenic promenade, overlooking the lapping water waves, to enigmatic skyline views. Many of the corporate buildings like HSBC and IFC Two Tower stands near to it, contributing to the everlasting importance of Victoria Harbour.

In fact, earlier it was known by the name of “Hong Kong Harbour.” The history related to this harbour dates back to the 1st and 2nd Opium War, which China lost to Great Britain. Afterwards, as a tribute to Queen Victoria, this harbour got its current name. Also, multiple reclamation projects on both sides of Victoria Harbour have helped reconstruct its infrastructure to what it is today. Many of the local residents have stood up against the reclamation construction because of environmental issues. Despite that, this harbour has remained top-most attraction sight amongst the global visitors

In fact, you can sit down and relax with no one to disturb and enjoy some more relaxing activities in Hong Kong. The whole scenario of this harbour is picturesque. There are multiple glass buildings around, some of which are top restaurants, shopping centres, and others are the leading business houses. Whereas, on the other hand, you will see the vast expanse of the seawater floating and crushing against the numerous ships and vessels docked at the corner of the promenade.

Moreover, a rather famous show called “Symphony of Lights” takes place at this harbour every day at a fixed time. It has been in the media so much so that it had won the award from the Guinness World Record itself; the title was “World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show. During the show, the skyscraper buildings famously beam out laser lights, tuned with the background music, every night at either side of the Victoria Harbour. Symphony Of Lights Cruise, Hong Kong @ Flat 18% Off, Book Now!

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Essential Information:

Victoria Harbour is in the south of the main Hong Kong land. It basically divides Hong Kong into two parts. At the north is the Kowloon Peninsula. Its proper address or location would be Hong Kong Island, China - 999077.

Timings: You can visit Victoria Harbour at any time of the day. But visitors prefer at 8 PM for watching the Symphony of Lights show at night.

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Places To Visit Near Victoria Harbour

Here are some of the places that are near Victoria Harbour:

Symphony of Lights:
 Stay near the Victoria Harbour for the world-renowned Symphony of Lights where the tallest building around the promenade, lighten up with the laser and other colourful lights. The musically lighted show lasts up to 14-15 minutes every day, starting from 8 PM. This is a must-watch show near the harbour.

Golden Bauhinia Square
: This is mere 2-minutes’ walk away from the main Vitoria Harbour lane. This is a national emblem of Hong Kong. This is actually a golden-coloured flower, gilded at the frontend of the harbour itself. The Hong Kong Cultural Center is right behind it, a few meters away.

Hong Kong Arts Center:
 This centre is at the 2 Harbour Road of Wan Chai. Multiple works of art by homegrown artists are exhibited here. This institution is Hong Kong’s only non-profit centre for multiple arts like performances, exhibitions, plays, as well as screenings. Recently, it has completed 40 successful years of its establishment. Till date, it has presented more than 2000 events through different artistic mediums like plays, exhibitions, visual arts, etc.

Lennon Wall: 
Near Harcourt Road, this wall is nothing but a state-of-the-art mosaic. This is a historical site where you can see the stickers and artistic expression of views by the public during the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. The whole wall is covered with notes, poems, memories, speeches, and so much more. People have literally poured their hearts out about their sufferance during the freedom war.

Tamar Park:
 This is a modern park around the area of Admiralty near the Victoria Harbour itself. It is widely stretched with 17,000 sq. meters. The majority of this park usable and accessible to the general public. It has an amphitheatre along with a wooded area for live performance. The circumference of this area is wide open for 240-250 people to be seated at once.

The Cenotaph:
 It is a quite respected war memorial of Hong Kong, located at the middle of the State Square and the City Hall. It has written the names of the soldiers who died in the 1st and 2nd world war. In fact, this Cenotaph is almost the exact same copy of that one in London. This memorial tomb is purely made out of limestone.

The Hong Kong Observation Wheel:
 This wheel is located at the centre of the Harbourfront, consisting of 42 gondolas. Wherein, each gondola has air-conditioner and communication service to handle emergencies. Within 15 minutes, this Ferris Wheel spins 2-3 times with a maximum capacity of 8 people in normal gondolas. Hong Kong Observation Wheel Ticket, Hong Kong, Book Now!

Avenue of Stars:
 It is tucked at the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, straight at the opposite of the Victoria Harbour. It takes about 12-15 minutes to reach premises of Avenue of Stars. This avenue pays a thankful contribute to Hong Kong’s film industry, reaching up to a level where it’s now compared to Hollywood movies and their quality.

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Cruises At Victoria Harbour

Take the best ferries or cruises to explore the magic unravelling around Victoria Harbour.

Star Ferry Harbour Cruise:
 From Hong Kong Island to the Kowloon Peninsula, this mostly-ridden ferry has been operationalizing since 1888. This ferry operates from 3 tiers, namely Tsim Sha Tsui, Central Pier at MTR Hong Kong Station, and the Wan Chai Pier. As of now, this cruise service has around 12 ferries’ fleet. 70,000 passengers aboard this cruise daily. 

In addition to that, music systems, air-conditioned rooms, and furnished decor are things to be found on this cruise. This cruise is, in fact, like a hidden gem that  National Geographic Channel has featured once to increase its presence. From thereon, tourists have chosen this cruise for quality time with their families. Star Ferry Harbour Tour, Hong Kong @ Flat 22% Off, Book Now!

Duk Ling’s Cruise: This cruise sails from two piers: Tsim Sha Tsui and Central Pier 9 from Hong Kong Island. And the ticket price of this cruise is calculated to be HK $ 150-200. Within this cost of a regular course, you get a complimentary drink and free commentary from the tour guide about this junk’s historical background. 

This cruise also offers other short journeys where the cost might be different. The examples are Birthday special and cultural voyages. Moreover, it also has a provision of booking tours 30-days in advance. 

Aqua Luna Cruises: Did you know that Aqua Luna was a famous pirate of his time in Hong Kong? His loot and endeavours have been marvellous enough to name a cruise after him. This is one of the traditional wooden junk boats left in mainland Hong Kong, China. It sails the sea between Tsim Sha Tsui Pier No. 4 and Pier of the Central Queen. Amazingly, you can also hop on the blue and white sails for this cruise.

But for the specific red sails, you might have to wait a minute longer around the junk. The total trip of this cruise stretches up to 45 minutes or so with one complimentary beverage added in your ticket. There are journeys under the flagship of Aqua Luna namely Day Tour, Stanley Cruise, Dim Sum Cruise, and also the Symphony of Light Cruise.

Try Wing On Water tours also if you do not want to go on a cruise extensively. This boat is quite laid back, but it surely has a tenfold benefit with your entry ticket. One of the many benefits is that you get unlimited drinks. Aqualuna Evening Sail, Hong Kong, Check Now!

Bauhinia Cruise:
 It tours around the harbour of Victoria for 2-hours straight. You can enjoy a nice dinner or a show on the cruise itself. The price of this ticket can be moderately high ranging from HK $ 350 to $ 510. But you get to taste one of the most scrumptious meals around Victoria Harbour on this cruise. Bring along your partner or a bunch of friends. None of you will ever forget this evening, we know that.

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Hotels Near Victoria Harbour

Intercontinental Hotel: This 5-star hotel is located at the waterfront of Victoria Harbour. Your stay here will be remarkable with endless amenities like 3 infinity pools. Spend your free hours on its lounge on the upper floor with a panoramic view of the harbour.  This hotel is known for its I-Spa offering a myriad of services like sauna and hot tubs.

The Salisbury: Travellers have loved this hotel for its staff, maintenance, amenities, decorations, and so much more. You will reach this hotel within 30-40 minutes from the Hong Kong international airport, whereas it is half a KM away from Victoria Harbour itself. Easy ways to enjoy your stay at this hotel can be through squash courts and gym centres inside the hotel premises.

Grand Hyatt: 
This hotel is very enriching located at the Harbour Road, quite near to the Victoria Harbour in the southern region. It has suites ranging from Grand Suite, Diplomat Suite, Ambassador Suite, to Plateau Suite, and Presidential Suite. Each of these suites has at least 110-degree angle of the view of the skyline as well as the Victoria Harbour. 

Empire Hotel: It’s merely a 15-18 minutes’ drive away from the waterfront of the Victoria Harbour, making a sound choice for a weekend stay. Best reasons to prove this hotel to be a genuine choice are its endless amenities. From suites, bar, free internet connection, to the buffet, conference rooms for attending meetings, laundry and gym this hotel takes care of everyday needs.

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Restaurants Near Victoria Harbour

Ruth’s Chris Steak House at Admiralty: Treat yourself with one of the finest steaks in the house in Hong Kong. It arrives at your tables on the 500° plate. Their bar is another attraction of this steak house. Conduct your business meetings or private dinners at their wide table corners, which you can book in advance.

One Harbour Road at Hyatt Hong Kong: You can switch back in time while dining at this restaurant with your travel partners. Order Chef Tim’s special dish of the day to make the most of it. Moreover, the overall interior is sleek and resembles the era of the 1930s with transparent and effervescent tall windows, and second to none wooden flooring.

Clipper Lounge at Mandarin Oriental: This restaurant is perfect for the international cuisines and fine dining. They have massive sitting space, offering a world-class buffet for more than 20-30 guest at once. Try a cup of afternoon tea while you are here because it’s so healthy and tasty.

Man Wah At Mandarin Oriental: Check this restaurant out for the best business meetings. It’s on the 25th floor, offering finger-licking-good Cantonese dishes at your beck and call. The aroma of the local dishes has found to make long-lasting partnerships here.

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Best Time To Visit Victoria Harbour Hong Kong 

As per the favourable weather conditions, we recommend you to visit Hong Kong from October to December. During this season, the monsoon has long gone by. The summer has also passed. You will be able to roam around much more during this peak season for exploring Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong.

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Tips For Visiting Victoria Harbour Hong Kong

- Buy the Hong Kong Octopus Card in advance if you are taking to Hong Kong for the first time. This card helps a traveller commute by public transport except for the taxi. You can also dine out at multiple places—availing special discounts using this card.

- Wear comfortable shoes while you are strolling around Victoria Harbour. If your primary motive is to explore the central district of Hong Kong by walking, you need them to save you from getting sore feet at the end of the day.

- Keep a raincoat as it protects you from getting drenched by the frequent water splashes.

- Reach the Harbour 30 minutes before the Symphony of Light show starts to grab the best spot.

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How To Reach Victoria Harbour Hong Kong From Airport? 

Train: Take the Airport Express train, which will you drop you off by Hong Kong Island Station within half an hour. You can walk to the front side of the Victoria Harbour, which is a 15 to a 30-minute path away. Otherwise, you would need to hail a cab to reach Victoria Harbour Peak.

Cab/Taxi: You can hire Urban Red Taxi or Green Taxi straight from the Airport. Generally, the cabs take a mix of route 8, 3, and 5 roads to drop you off at the Tsim Sha Tsui side of the Victoria Harbour.

Bus: Step onto the bus starting from the Airport Ground Transportation Center. It departs after every 10-15 minutes from the Airport. It will take you to the Middle Road, Tsim Sha Tsui within an hour or so. It’s the cheapest mode of transport.

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1. What Is History Of Victoria Harbour?

The Victoria Harbour was back in the date called “The Hong Kong Harbour.” According to the historical evidence and speculations, this harbour has been quite prominent since the 15th century. Victoria Harbour majorly dealt with the fragrant wood logs. Their smell was quite recognized by the traders and the woodcutters around the promenade. For a limited period, it was also called the Fragrant Habour because of the same reason.

This harbour holds the significant memorial footprints of the British era.  The moment when Chinese lost the battle of Opium War 1 and then 2, the Britishers recognized this harbour in the name of Queen Victoria. The beauty of its promenade, waterfronts, and the sidewalks draw the utmost attention of the families and solo-travellers. The unending skyline, dipping sunsets, and a reverberating echo of water lapping against the promenade is something every visitor has loved about this harbour for decades.

2. How Deep Is The Hong Kong Harbour? 

It has been calculated that the Hong Kong Harbour is almost 12.2 meters deep. As there is hardly any presence of silt, ships can ride and pile easily for daily voyage and trading. Around 10,000 tons of weight can be carried on the Victoria Harbour sea daily. Therefore, the current depth of this sea is totally apt for Hong Kong’s marvellous cruise trips and other daily naval activities.

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3. What Time Is The Light Show In Hong Kong?

The show called Symphony of Light is torched and beamed across the different corporate building at the backdrop of the Victoria Harbour. At 8 PM sharp, daily, the lasers dance around the skyline and parallel to each other. The lights illuminate the whole expanse of Victoria Harbour and its sea.

Tourists find these 15-minutes show to be the highlight of the travel diaries of Hong Kong. If you are going with kids, they will absolutely love it. Make sure you do all the shopping and exploring in the day, so you can have free time at 8 PM sharp for this wonderful musical and light show.

4. Where Is The Best Place To See The Symphony Of Lights?

Without doubt, of course, Victoria Harbour’s promenade or waterfront is the best side to view this magnificent show. Stand on whichever side of the bank you would like. Or you can be on any cruise at night to enjoy the peaceful dining along with the lights beaming across both ends of the Victoria Harbour.

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5. How Wide Is Victoria Harbour?

After the reclamation Phase III has been constructed and rolled out, the width of the Victoria Harbour has been shortened from 2,300 meters to around 910-920 meters.

6. From Where I Can See The Harbour Views?

Pick a hotel or a cruise, it’s your call because there are so many options to have a panoramic view of the Harbour. Hotels like the Ritz-Carlton, Intercontinental Hong Kong, Mandarin Oriental, and Hotel ICON are one of the best choices for an expanded Harbour view from your suite. Other than that, cruises like Star Ferry and Aqua Luna are famous for their spectacular trips around the Victoria Harbour and sea.

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World’s first full-size replica of the legendary Ark of Noah, Noah's Ark is one of the ideal tourist destinations in Hong Kong for tourists across the globe. Found on the Ma Wang Island, this grand tourist attraction is the situated in the beautiful city of Hong Kong that complements the view of the tantalizing Tsing Ma Bridge. The life-size ark incorporates tons of activities and elements for kids and kids at heart.

The ark also explores various cultural and educational aspects of Ma Wa in a fun and exciting way that provides for an excellent opportunity for tourists to interact with nature. Noah's Ark is home to tens of attractions with the primary motive to educate and enlighten children in an entertaining way.

From the Ark Garden where more than 67 pairs of life-sized animal sculptures reside to the Ark Expo, an audiovisual exhibition that narrates the difficulties our tropics are suffering from. Every aspect of Noah’s Ark is an attempt to make the youngsters aware of the environment in a way that will always stay with them. Natural Garden, Solar Tower Camp, Noah’s Adventure Land are some more examples of the grand spread of awesome activities Noah’s Ark has to offer.

This glorious ark by the bay also hosts various family and corporate events including the Fire Fighter Elite Badge Workshop, Happy Dream Special Agent, Water Adventure and more. Their stay package is creatively segregated into the Solar Tower camp, accommodation for 4 top 10 members; these rooms are minimalistic but comfortable. The visitors can also choose to reside in the Noah’s Ark Hotel and Resorts in their Birthday and Couple Anniversary Room Package or the Play, Dine and Stay Vacation Package.

Taking it a step further, Noah Ark has also introduced Noah’s Academy, a club designed to develop various analytical, life and social skills among people of all ages. The Academy offers a number of programs, camps, workshops, PTA’S and a whole new take on educating children.

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Gudakesa Bhattacharya Hong Kong Macau Disneyland Package
Favorite trip of both adults and kids, My family and I were very happy to see that our booking website offers the best package of Hongkong Macau Disneyland package we gone through with the itinerary it was very rich and satisfying though... My kids are really excited about this package... Once we reached Hongkong from the airport we get picked-up by the Thrillophilia agent and transfered to the hotel and help with all the formalities process of the check-in...The sightseeing in Hongkong was truly breathtaking. The main thing we booked this package is for Disneyland and By God, this is truly paradise, it is more beautiful than I saw in Tvs and photos and the fun inside Destneyland was overloaded... the ocean world with the thrilling ride was just awesome... Nice time spend in Macau with the family, beautiful attractions, great markets, etc... It was a full fun trip throughout...
This was the ultimate vacation where I could feel myself closest to nature. The stay were comfortable and the facilities were perfect. I really recommend trying this to everyone.
It is the most amazing place that we have ever stayed in. It is a delight for travelers. It has serene surroundings. The place is so calm and relaxing that you almost forget the hustle-bustle of your busy life.
Hiranmaya Shah Hong Kong Cruise Package
Best experience I had ever had with trip this trip was a memorable moments captured by my friends they all are very much love these peacefull quite full I had ever experienced
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