Hong Kong Tourism: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2023

Hong Kong is a beautiful juxtaposition of the glamorous and opulent landmarks on one side and unique landscape, ancient temples & monasteries, famous restaurants, and waterfronts on the other.  It is known to have the world’s most gorgeous skyline, scenic hikes, world-famous cruises, rich marine life, plenty of watersports, and glass-cable car rides. Not to mention popular attractions like Disneyland, Ocean Park, and Madame Tussauds. Right from exploring the waterways to walking tours, hop-on-hop-off buses, there are endless ways in which tourists can explore the city. 

One of the most modern cities in the world with a vibe of high pulsating energy, Hong Kong is a once in a lifetime kind of a place. Here is a comprehensive guide on how you can visit Hong Kong and the best places to see in Hong Kong

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People Also Ask About Hong Kong

  1. What are some travel advice to consider before visiting Hong Kong?

    Travel tips for you:

    - You can get to Hong Kong by air and rail. You must, however, adhere to certain laws and regulations laid by the city.
    - The city is clean, so do not spit on the roads.
    - Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities, so do not forget your wallet when you go out or dine at any place.
    - Do not walk quickly in the crowded areas or try to get somewhere quickly as this can cause inconvenience to the side walkers and pedestrians.
    - Do not try eating Pizzas in Hong Kong as the toppings can be meat from exotic animals that you might not eat or feel squeamish about. Always stick to the local cuisine.
    - Learn to say greetings in Cantonese language to get by, even though the locals know to speak English.
    - Do not forget to bargain in the local shops.
    - Hong Kong has many options for shopping, sightseeing, and many other things to do.
    - Do not stick to just one set of things; explore as many options as possible when in Hong Kong.

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  2. What you will like in Hong Kong?

    1. The ruggedly diverse landscape of Hong Kong is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts. Hikes like Dragon’s Back Trail are considered to be the best in Asia. The highest peaks like Tai Mo Shan & Lantau are reachable by foot. 

    2. Hong Kong’s ancient water systems are still alive after centuries and an important part of Hong Kong tourism. Various cruises offer unforgettable views of the famous Symphony of Lights, Victoria Harbour, and other attractions. 

    3. Hong Kong is a paradise for travellers keen on island hopping. The islands, dramatically different from each other, boast of attractions like Disneyland, 6,000-year-old fishing settlements, and structures preserved from World War II time. 

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  3. How to reach Hong Kong?

    Reaching Hong Kong from India: Hong Kong is easily accessible from India. All the major cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, etc. are connected to Hong Kong through several flights daily. Carriers like DragonAir, Thai Airways, IndiGo operate daily flights. Hong Kong is also well connected with all major international cities.

    Reaching Hong Kong by air:
    Hong Kong is conveniently accessible from all the major international locations by carriers like British Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Eastern, Singapore Airlines, etc. 

    Reaching Hong Kong by train:
    Hong Kong is well connected to all the major railway stations in China like Dongguan, Foshan, Zhaoqing, and Guangzhou. The long-distance trains destinations like Beijing and Shanghai arrive at Hung Hom station in Hong Kong.

    Reaching Hong Kong via waterways:
    High-speed TurboJet boats and Passenger Transport Boats from Macau and Zhuhai connect Hong Kong to all the major ports & ferry points. 

    Reaching Hong Kong by bus:
    Regular bus services to/from the Guangdong province connect Hong Kong to all the major locations within China.

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  4. Do I need a visa for Hong Kong?

    Indians can avail of a visa-free stay in Hong Kong for up to14 days. An online pre-arrival registration needs to be completed before visiting. This benefit is not available to people who are directly transiting in the air or those who are not leaving the airport’s transit area. The registrations are valid for 6 months or until the expiry of the linked passport, whichever is earlier.

  5. When is the best time to visit Hong Kong?

    The months in between October to December is considered the best time span to travel Hong Kong. This is the period boasting comfortable temperatures at justifiable room prices. On the emergence of New Year, tourism culls up consequently. Despite low temperatures, the hotel prices are notably high with a lot of tourist rallying up to this spot to spend their vacation. Short spring is another affordable sweet spot for travel. While summer is the most relished and popular time for the travelers, Hong Kong’s weather can be extremely warm and humid.

    Month-wise segregation to decide upon which time of the year is best to visit Hong Kong:

    October to December
    The months in between October to December is the longest and the hottest. But however, the pace of the city never strides down the lane. You are sure to enjoy the daytime temperature in between the month October to December.

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    January to March
    The months in between January to March while cool discourages few of the tourists to flock for a vacation to Hong Kong. It is extremely necessary to know that the hotels increase the rates for around two times of the year during the two New Year celebrations. Also, keep in mind that the snaps covered in Victoria Peak during this time might not appear perfect because the place at this time is swiped and covered with fog over the tranquil harbor during the month of March.

    April to May
    For the tourists the timespan between the months April to May is the best because it is springtime. Spring is the best time to visit, especially for those tourists who are looking forward to neglecting both the summer’s humidity and the winter’s cold weather. During this time, the rates of the hotel rooms are comparatively less, thereby making it manageable.

    June to September
    This is the time span when the summer season is at its worst. Hong Kong at this time of the year is extremely warm, muggy, typhoon prone and hot. However, this is also the time span when the hotel rates are not so depressing for the travelers. Therefore, if you can bear the torturous heat then you most invited to visit and explore the city at this time.

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  6. What are the drinking laws in Hong Kong?

    In Hong Kong you can drink in public areas, you only have to be above 18 years of age to be able to start drinking.

  7. What is the local language in Hong Kong and which are the most commonly used greetings?

    Cantonese is the local language of Hong Kong. Greetings in Hong Kong are as follows:

    Néih hóu- Hello
    Joigin- Goodbye
    Jóusàhn - Good morning
    Hahng'wúih – Nice to meet you

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  8. What are the things to do in Hong Kong?

    1. Live Your Childhood again at Disneyland ParkRevisit your childhood at what is known as the happiest place on earth! Enjoy rides like Cinderella Carousel & Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. Meet Iron Man, Donald Duck, and many more lovable characters.

    Timings: Every day 10:30 am- 8:30 pm.
    Cost: HKD 719, INR 6598

    2. Enjoy Rides at Ocean Park: 
    Visit Ocean Park to see one of the biggest Hong Kong tourism attractions. This world famous amusement & theme park offers amazingly adventurous rides like Raging River, Whirly Bird, Arctic Blast, and Crazy Galleon, Bumper Blaster, etc.

    Timings: Every day 10:00 am- 6:00 pm.
    Cost: HKD 498, INR 4570.

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    3. Get stunning views on Hong Kong Observation Wheel
    This 60 metre high Ferris wheel’s luxurious glass gondolas offer the most beautiful day and night views of Hong Kong and Tsim Sha Tsui. In the evening, see the skies dazzle with millions of colored laser beams during the Symphony of Lights Show, a brilliant highlight of Hong Kong tourism.

    Timings: Every day 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.
    Cost: HKD 20, INR 183.

    4. Cable car ride to Ngong Ping 360: 
    Exciting rides in these glass-floored cable cars is one of the few amazing things that Hong Kong has to offer. This 5.7-kilometre journey gives a bird’s eye view of the Big Buddha and the South China coastline. 

    Timings: Weekdays: 10:00 am- 6:00 pm, Weekends: 9:00 am- 6:30 pm.
    Cost: HKD 235, INR 2156.

    5. Spend your day at Noah's Ark
    See the world’s first full-scale replica of the Ark here. One of the best rides to enjoy here is Raja. It is a huge slide that twists and turns for around 330 ft. before dropping one down a 37 feet plunge. Enjoy thrilling ride experiences in Noah's Ark on water slides like Raja that twist and turn for 330 ft with a 37-foot plunge. See the world’s largest solar vacuum telescope here.

    Timings: Every day 10:00 am-6:00 pm.
    Cost: HKD 198, INR 1817.

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    6. Explore the Cheung Chau island: 
    Cheung Chau, a 13th century Ming dynasty village, is where most of the adventure lies. Hike the Mini Great Wall overlooking the beautiful coastline of the island and in the long dark passages to reach the eerie Cheung Po Tsai Cave.

    Timings: 24 hours.
    Cost: Ferry ride- HKD 26.8, INR 245.

    7. Visit Madame Tussauds: 
    Get up close with amazing life-like wax figurines of icons like Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, etc. 

    Timings: Every day 10:00 am- 10:00 pm.
    Cost: HKD 232, INR 2129.

    8. Feel the view from Sky 100 Observation Deck: 
    See panoramic views of the island from this observation deck located on the 100th floor of Hong Kong’s tallest building. Get amazed by ‘Sky100’s Tales of Hong Kong’ a VR integrated media wall here.

    Timings: Sunday to Thursday: 10:00 am- 9:00 pm, Friday- Saturday: 10:00 am- 10:30 pm 
    Cost: HKD 188, INR 1725

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  9. What is the local food of Hong Kong? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    The best local food of Hong Kong are as follows:

    - Fish Balls
    - Fake Shark Fin Soup
    - Rickshaw Noodles
    - Eggplant with Minced Pork
    - Sago Mix
    - Wind Sand Chicken
    - Steamed Shrimp Dumplings or Har Gow
    - Hong Kong-Style Milk Tea
    - Pineapple Bread
    - Beef brisket
    - Roast Goose

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    The best places to taste and relish the food in Hong Kong are as follows:

    - Sister Wah
    - Ser Wong Fun
    - Hoover Cake Shop
    - Megan's Kitchen
    - Lee Keung Kee
    - Choi's Kitchen
    - Sun Kee
    - Capital Café
    - Lan Fong Yuen
    - Kau Kee Beef Brisket
    - Australian Dairy Company
    - Tim Ho Wan
    - Tai Cheong Bakery

  10. What is the best public transport to commute around Hong Kong?

    The best public transport to commute around Hong Kong are as follows:

    - MTR or Mass Transit Railway
    - Train
    - Metro
    - Minibus
    - Taxi
    - Tram

  11. Our Recommendations: What You Can’t Afford To Miss?

    1. Heritages, churches, and museums

    You can take a day long tours to visit the heritages, churches, and museums. You can visit the Ping Shan Heritage Trail which is one of the ancient sites of Hong Kong. You can also visit the Man
    Mo Temple, Wong Tai Sin Temple, Po Lin Monastery, and the St John’s Cathedral which is one of the oldest churches in Hong Kong.

    You can visit unique museums called the Dialogue in the Dark in Kowloon where you feel the area and the artifacts of the museum in complete darkness using your non visual senses. The Hong Kong Museum of Art has contemporary art in ceramics, terracotta, and also has Chinese paintings.

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    2. Nature and wildlife tours

    You can visit the Lantau Island and enjoy fishing, camping, hiking, and enjoying your time on the secluded beaches of this island. In the waters of this island, you will also find pink colored dolphins. The Sai Kung Peninsula is a challenging coastal area with breathtaking view and scenery.

    You can also visit the Yan Chau Tong Marine Park for many outdoor activities. The Ocean Park is an amusement park that has many activities for kids and family.

    3. Beaches

    There are many beaches that you can visit and explore in and around Hong Kong. The Repulse Bay is an urban beach and has many facilities for children. The Shek O is popular for young people and is sprawled with many eatery joints and easy transportation available. You can enjoy the view of the clear water and go on beach hiking at the Hung Shing Yeh beach

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  12. What we can do at night in Hong Kong?

    1. Ride in Hong Kong Observation Wheel: A ride in 60-metre high observation wheel is the best way to enjoy the majestic skyline of Hong Kong. The glass gondolas offer spectacular views of the world-famous Symphony of Lights Show. 

    2. Explore the Hong Kong in Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus: 
    These sightseeing buses offer hop-on-hop-off tour of the city, the best way to explore its quaint by lanes. Explore over 50 attractions by choosing packages like Night Scene, Market or Heritage route.

    3. Have a Lavish Dinner at Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant
    Having dinner at the largest floating restaurant in the world, surrounded in its dazzling night lights, is an amazing experience. The restaurant is famous for being the Queen of England’s favourite and for 8-course Cantonese cuisine.

    4. Enjoy the City and Harbour Tour
    This 5-hour long tour lets you experience some of the most famous Hong Kong attractions like Victoria Harbour, Kowloon, Temple Street Night market, etc. Enjoy a delicious dinner at the famous Bubba Gump Restaurant, as a part of this tour. 

    5. Embrace the Walking tour of Hong Kong
    The best way to experience the world-famous attractions of Hong Kong is on foot. This 3-hour long tour takes you close to some of the best attractions like IFC Building, Man Mo Temple, etc.

    6. Experience the Symphony of Lights show and Cruise: 
    The best way to enjoy the famous Symphony of Lights show is from the waters of the harbour away from the noise of the city. Enjoy complimentary drinks and delicious dinner as you soak in the sights.

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  13. Which are the best shopping places in Hong Kong and what are they famous for?

    The best shopping destinations in Hong Kong and their specialty are as follows:

    Kowloon Street Shopping- This place is extremely popular for street marketing.
    The Landmark – This market offers chic designer wear showcasing exclusive brands and style to satiate for choice.
    Temple Street Night MarketThis place exhibits various cheap clothes, delicious street food, watches, CDs, sportswear, electronics, and souvenirs.
    Harbour City – Harbour City in Hong Kong is the best beverage outlet.
    Jade Market and Jade City – This place exhibits various kinds of jade necklaces, pendants, rings, and jewellery.

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  14. What are the best cruises to experience in Hong Kong?

    1. Star Ferry Tour: Cruise on the Victoria harbour on the luxurious Star Ferry to see the best of Hong Kong’s attractions in a day or night time, every time gaining a different experience. See the brilliant Symphony of Lights show and the Kowloon light. Book the Star Ferry Tour at flat 22% off.

    2. AquaLuna Evening Sail: 
    High up on the Hong Kong tourism itinerary and one of the best ways to see the Hong Kong night skyline is from these traditional red-sailed Chinese boats. Enjoy a complimentary drink as you soak in the amazing scenery. Get the tickets of AquaLuna Evening sail at flat 20% off

    3. Bauhinia Harbor Cruises: 
    Get spectacular views of the sunset and the nighttime Hong Kong skyline light up during the Symphony of Lights show aboard the Bauhinia Harbour Cruise. Indulge in the delectable international buffet as you cruise.

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    4. Victoria Harbour Cruise on a Luxury Yacht: 
    Experience the amazing splendour of the Victoria harbour from a luxury yacht cruise. Board the Wing on Travel Cruiser, one of the few remaining Chinese junk boats, to admire the world-famous vistas as you sip a complimentary drink. Skip the line and get tickets of Luxury Yacht at flat 15% off

    5. Symphony of Lights Cruise: 
    Watching the world-renowned Symphony of Lights show from a cruise is the highlight of Hong Kong tourism. You can also opt for a tour of Kowloon and Victoria Harbour. Enjoy complimentary unlimited drinks on your journey.

    6. Aberdeen Night Cruise: 
    This cruise tops the wish list of almost everybody visiting Hong Kong. Watch the island come alive with millions of lights and rancorous energy as you cruise the harbour and soak in the views at Midlevels. The highlight is an 8-course Chinese dinner at Jumbo Floating Restaurant, the largest floating restaurant in the world. 

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  15. What are the adventure activities to do in Hong Kong?

    1. Hiking to Dragon’s Back: Hike through the mossy forested trails accompanied by breathtaking views of the South China Sea & the skyline of Chai Wan on this trail ranked as the best urban hike in Asia by TIME.

    Location: Shek O Road near Tei Wan Village.

    2. Ride in Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cabin: 
    Ranked among the top 10 cable car rides in the world, the 5.7-kilometre-long journey connects Tung Chung to Ngong Ping village. The glass-floored cable cars offer magnificent views of the South China Sea, Ping plateau, and Big Buddha.

    Location: Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

    3. Ride in Star Ferry: 
    See Hong Kong from an entirely new perspective as your leisurely cruise on the Victoria Harbour. Named as one of the ’50 places of a lifetime’ by NGC, this is the best way to see the Symphony of Lights Show and is one of the most popular activities to do in Hong Kong.

    Location: Tsim Sha Tsui, Central, and Wan Chai.

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    4. Kayaking at Lamma Island:
    Kayak to this 6000-year-old island to see untouched ancient Chinese villages and the beautiful coastline as you meander through crevices between granite cliffs. The calm waters enable beginners to explore kayaking.

    Location: Picnic Bay on the east coast of the island.

    5. Explore Victoria Harbour in Luxury Yacht: 
    The best way to see the awe-inspiring beauty of Victoria Harbour is from a luxury yacht. Especially recommended is taking a cruise to see the skyline set ablaze during the Symphony of Lights show.

    Location: Between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula.

    6. Rock Climbing at Cape Collinson: 
    Experience the adventure of a lifetime as you scale this craggy rockface surrounded by cobbled beaches and the Big Wave Bay Beach. There are 55 routes to choose from depending on your expertise. 

    Location: Big Wave Bay Beach

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    7. Enjoy at Hong Kong Disneyland Park: 
    Enter into the magical world of Disney and enjoy rides and performances like Pixar Water Play Street, Lion King, Star Wars, etc. Take instagrammable pictures with your favourite characters like Bo Peep, Mickey & Minnie, etc.

    Location: Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

    8. Wakeboarding, sunbathing and swimming in Sha Kiu Tau: 
    Get transported to this haven of remote beauty famous for its brilliant white sandy beaches. The beaches here have calm waters perfect for wakeboarding, swimming or simply spending a day getting a tan. 

    Location: Sai Kung Man Yee Road.

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  16. Which are the most famous night bazaars in Hong Kong?

    The most famous night bazaars in Hong Kong are as follows:

    - Temple Street Night Market
    - Ladies Market
    - Stanley Market
    - Flower Market
    - Ibis Hong Kong Central and Sheung Wan
    - Yau Ma Tei
    - Kweilin Street Night Market
    - Mong Kok Night Market

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  17. What are the best pilgrimages to do in Hong Kong?

    The best pilgrimages to visit in Hong are as follows:

    - Man Mo Temple
    - Wong Tai Sin
    - Che Kung Temple
    - Chi Lin Nunnery
    - St. John's Cathedral
    - Tin Hau Temple
    - Wong Tai Sin Temple
    - Big Buddha
    - Kowloon Mosque Islamic Centre
    - Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

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  18. What are the most romantic things to do on a Hong Kong Honeymoon?

    1. Visit Victoria Peak
    Nothing is better than seeing the beautifully lit up Hong Kong skies from this sky-high vantage point.
    Enjoy a romantic dinner at the Sky Terrace restaurant. 

    2. Enjoy at Ocean Park
    The perfect place for couples who love adventure. Enjoy undulated time of fun while you choose from thrilling water-based rides or animal encounters to see dolphins, sea lions, etc.

    3. Mesmerize in the views from Victoria Harbour
    See the dazzling lights of the Hong Kong skyline and the Symphony of Lights show reflect in your partners’ eyes as you soak in these views from the Victoria Harbour.

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    4. Hong Kong Disneyland
    You are never too old to visit Disneyland! Share unforgettable time with your partner as you enjoy the rides and soak in moments from Lion King and Star War theatrics. 

    5. Ride in Helicopter
    What is better than spending an ultimate romantic day soaring sky-high while you delight at the bird’s eye views of New Territories, Lantau Island, Hong Kong Geopark, etc. 

    6. Dinner at Cruise 
    Indulge in a once in a lifetime experience as you sail on the Victoria Harbour waters and see the romantic sunset with your partner while you enjoy unlimited free drinks on the cruise. 

    7. Have a drink at OZONE
    One thing that you will remember from your romantic Hong Kong holiday is when you had a drink with your partner at one of the highest rooftop bars in the world. Located on the 118th floor of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, it is one of the most popular places in Hong Kong to enjoy a huge array of cocktails, delectable Asian tapas, performances by world-famous DJs amidst smoky blue hues and striking views.

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  19. What are the best islands to visit around Hong Kong?

    1. Lamma Island: Lamma is one of the last threads that hang the futuristic Hong Kong by its traditions and one of the best places to visit in Hong Kong. A 6000-year-old island with striking beaches dotted with charming fishing settlements is a treat to see. Don’t miss to try seafood and visit the ancient temples here. 

    2. Lantau Island: 
    This largest island in Hong Kong has it all- Disneyland, Ngong Ping 360, Big Buddha, Wisdom Path, Tai O stilt houses, and Discovery Bay. Don’t miss to take part in a Dolphin tour and hiking Lantau and Sunset peaks. 

    3. Cheng Chau: 
    Cheung Chau, the perfect daytime getaway from the chaos of the city. Explore the buzzing & charming harbour and the souvenir shops, dried seafood stalls, and authentic Chinese food restaurants. 

    4. Sharp Island: 
    This small island is famous for its two beautiful beaches- Hap Mun Bay and Kiu Tsui Beach. Both of them are perfect for taking long coastal walks and swimming. See the interestingly shaped rocks that look like pineapple buns!

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    5. Peng Chau:
     This is a tiny charming island that sits close to Lantau Island. Since it is located in a car-free zone, it is suitable for spending a peaceful time. Finger Hill peak offers great views of not only the coastline but also of Disneyland, Lamma, Discovery Bay, etc.

    6. Tung Lung Chau:
     This island is the richest in its landscape. Not only does it have amazing sea views, but also has unique & dramatic rock formations. It houses the oldest rock carving, dating back to 5000 years, in Hong Kong. It is a popular place for hiking and rock climbing. 

    7. Po Toi Island:
     Po Toi Island is one of those erstwhile thriving places that now lay almost abandoned. It is the perfect place to take quiet hikes amidst dramatic rock formations, ancient lighthouses, and Bronze Age carvings on the monuments. 

    8. Yim Tin Tsai:
     Translating to ‘Little Salt Field’, this island, which used to be at the centre of Hong Kong’s salt production now lies abandoned. An 18th century St. Joseph’s Chapel greets visitors as they arrive. The beauty of the place lies in its eerie empty alleys and the silent crumbling houses. 

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  20. What are the most famous beaches around Hong Kong?

    1. Tai Long Wan: Known as the Big Wave Bay, not to be confused with the Big Wave Bay Beach, it comprises of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong- Sai Wan, Ham Tin, Tai Wan, and Tung Wan. With sheer drop cliffs and calm waters, it is the perfect place to enjoy surfing & swimming.

    2. Kwun Yam Wan: 
    Famous for its pristine beachside, unique rock formations, and the Mini Great Wall, this is one of the best beaches to enjoy windsurfing, canoeing, and surfing.

    3. Lo So Shing: 
    This is the most beautiful moon-shaped beach on Lamma Island famous for its golden sands enveloped by forested hills. This secluded beach offers the perfect place to laze around or spend time kayaking and swimming. 

    4. Chung Hom Kok: 
    This quiet nook of a beach is perfect to spend a day in solitude. Hidden by rows of trees, it is a small ‘round the corner’ kind of beach great for swimming and sunbathing. It has BBQ pits, a small watchtower, and children’s play area.

    5. Clearwater Bay: 
    Get beautiful views of the thickly forested High Junk Peak from this pristine beach. It is famous for shops selling delicious seafood. You can spend time scuba diving and swimming here. 

    6. Turtle Cove: 
    Locally known as Sham Wan, Turtle Cove is located at the foot of a bluff. It is the home for the endangered green turtles, and is closed from June and October each year to promote their breeding. The secluded beach is perfect for a quiet swim. 

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  21. What are the best spas to visit in Hong Kong?

    The best spas to visit in Hong Kong are as follows:

    - Le Spa by Jan
    - Nude Beautique
    - Holistic Care
    - GoodDay Foot Massage
    - ZEN Massage & Foot Reflexology
    - Suavis Lash Bar
    - Top Comfort Foot Massage Tsimshatsui
    - Zero Gravity Floatation SPA
    - Sense of Touch Tseung Kwan O
    - Ten Feet Tall
    - Melo Spa - Hyatt Regency Hong KongKong

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  22. What are the best places to go hiking in Hong Kong?

    1. Dragon’s Back Trail: Hike on the beautiful forested trail shaped like a dragon’s backbone. Ranked as one of the best urban hikes in Asia by TIME, it offers undulated views of the Shek O Beach and the Chai Wan skyline. 

    Location: Shek O Road near Tei Wan Village.
    Hiking Duration: 4 hours

    2. Tai Mo Shan Trail: 
    This trek takes you to the summit, of Tai Mo Shan Peak, the highest peak in Hong Kong. At the summit you are rewarded with amazing views of the lush valleys and sea of clouds.

    Location: Rotary Point to the Weather Radar Station
    Hiking Duration: 4 hours.

    3. Lantau Peak Trail: 
    When you are scaling the second highest mountain peak in Hong Kong, you can be assured of some of the most spectacular sunrise views, a haven away from the noise of the city.

    Location: Lantau Peak Sunrise Portal near Wisdom Path.
    Hiking Duration: 4 hours.

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    4. Lamma Island: 
    This unique island hike and tour takes you into the inroads of the 6000 year old Lamma Island and lets you explore its intriguing nooks and crannies. Take a slow boat ride and see interesting things like fishermen’s typhoon shelter, ancient feng shui woods, and tunnels from World War II.

    Location: Aberdeen till Central Ferry.
    Hiking Duration: 7.5 hours.

    5. Maclehose Trail: 
    The attractions that one sees on this 100-kilometre trek are so magnificent that it has been named amongst the top 20 dream trails in the world. It traverses through 100-metre tall rock columns and the beautiful Sai Kung beaches.

    Location: Sai Kung District till Pak Tam Au
    Hiking Duration: One day.

    6. Sunset Peak: 
    Sunset Peak, as the name suggests, is famed for offering  breathtaking views of a hillside sunset  . The trails to the top of this third highest peak in Hong Kong are covered in beautiful silvergrass dotted with stone sheds from the British era and the 1942 Luk Tei Tong Watch Tower. 

    Location: Pak Kung Au till Mui Wo.
    Hiking Duration: 4.5 hours

    7. High Junk Peak Trail: 
    This trail leads you to the summit of the High Junk Peak, the highest point on Clear Water Bay. The trail takes you through dramatic views of Tseung Kwan O’s skyscrapers, the coastline of Sheung Sze Wan, and the Ninepin Island on a clear day.

    Location: Ng Fai Tin till Po Toi O Chuen.
    Hiking Duration: 3.5 hours.

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    8. Po Toi Trail: 
    Known as the South Pole of Hong Kong, this trail is famous for its unusual granite rock formation like the Conch rock, palm of Buddha, etc. You will pass through Lighthouse 126 and 3000-year-old carvings on a cliff in Nam Tum. 

    Location: Po Toi Pier.
    Hiking Duration: 2.5 hours.

    9. Plover Cove Country Park: 
    This trail is famed for taking trekkers the closest to ancient Cantonese way of living. See the ancient Hakka walled villages, feng shui woods, a100-year-old hollow maple tree, and a Five- Finger Camphor tree.

    Location: Wu Kau Tang till Lai Chi Wo Pier.
    Hiking Duration: 5.5 hours. 

    10. The Peak Trail: 
    This hike tops the list of anybody looking for the best views in Hong Kong. You will pass through the scenic Lugard Road built in 1913 and Harlech Road to circle back to The Peak. 

    Location: Lugard Road to Harlech Road. 
    Hiking Duration: 1.5 hours.

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  23. What to know before visiting Disneyland in Hong Kong?

    The Disneyland is a thorough delight for the travelers in Hong Kong. Visiting Disneyland in Hong Kong makes a family trip complete. There are different musical and colorful shows that are exhibited on this talismanic land creating an essence of happiness among the children, family, and honeymooners. Disneyland is open between 10.30 am to 9 pm in between Monday to Tuesday and 10 am to 9 pm in between Friday to Sunday.

  24. What to know before attending the Chinese New Year Celebrations in Hong Kong?

    It is a good luck for you if you land up to be in Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is considered to be the most rejoicing and colorful festivals of China. On your visit to watch the Chinese New Year, remember to browse through the markets which are selling auspicious and delectable foods. Also, witness the city of Hong Kong beautifully adorned by the shocking red Chinese lanterns.

  25. What are the best water sports in Hong Kong?

    Night Paddling at Cheung Chau Island: Soak in the brightly lit up skyline of Hong Kong, sunset, and the Symphony of Lights show as you paddle in the night listening to the soft swirls of water.

    Hong Kong’s calm waters, colourful marine life and rocky nooks are worth exploring. The best locations to enjoy this are High Island and Wan Chai.

    Scuba Diving: 
    Hong Kong waters are famous for housing 6,000 species of marine life like seahorses, nudibranchs, marbled stingrays along with amazing wreck sites and coral gardens. The best locations are Tai Long Wan and Breaker Reef.

    Water Polo: 
    Hong Kong is one of the few locations in the world where you can learn & play this amazing Olympic game. The best location is Repulse Bay.

    Must Check: 
    10 Water Adventure Experiences Everyone Should Try in Hong Kong!

    The calm waters of Hong Kong offer some of the best spots where one can enjoy wakeboarding. Enjoy it at Tai Tam Bay and Sai Kung Harbour.

    Wind Surfing: 
    Hong Kong waters are so calm that one can enjoy hours windsurfing feeling the cool ocean breeze on your face. The best spots are Sai Kung and Stanley Island. 

    Enjoy this wonderful watersport on the calm Hong Kong waters that combines the thrill of paragliding, surfing, and wakeboarding. Enjoy it at Lantau Island.

    Surfing is a popular activity in Hong Kong, even though the waters don’t have huge waves. Enjoy surfing on a sunny day at Sai Kung, Shek O, and Lantau Island.

    Enjoy the adrenaline rush of this extreme watersport as you hover over the waters at high speed. Depending on your experience, you can go as high as 45 feet on the water. Enjoy this at Lantau Island. 

    Explore rich marine life, freshwater lagoons, and hidden coves in the serene waters of Hong Kong. Enjoy it at Tai Long Wan, Ninepin Island, and Breaker Reef.

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