35 Places to Visit in Indore 2024, Tourist Places & Attractions
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Luxury Resorts In Indore

Tourist Places in Indore

Rajwada, Lalbagh Palace, Sarafa Market, Central Museum of Indore, Patalpani Waterfall, Annapurna Temple, Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary, Chappan Dukaan, Choral Dam, Tincha Falls, Indore White Church, Mandu or Mandavgad Forts and more tourist sights. 

The glorious past of the city blends homogeneously with its modern vibe to establish its distinct identity. Situated in the tabular land of Malwa, the
Indore city flaunts a pleasant weather throughout the year which quadruples the joy of exploring the vibrant streets & majestic monuments of the place. Due to its uncanny resemblance with the hybrid culture & architectural splendor of Mumbai, it is also mentioned as ‘Mini Bombay’. It is the largest of all the cities of Madhya Pradesh & forms a major industrial hub of central India. Most of the Indore tourist places narrate the story of its historical past dating back to the nineteenth century. 

Apart from exploring the famous places in Indore, one can’t miss out on the mouth-watering street food that the city offers. The lip-smacking taste of Poha-Jalebi, Samosa, and Dal Bafla will certainly leave you in an awe of the food choices of the city. From Johny Hot Dog of Chappan Market to popular Indori Namkeen, the list of food specialties goes on and on. 
If you happen to visit Indore during winters, you might also relish the crispy and spicy snack called Garadu which remains an integral part of Indori winter delicacies. With so much in its reserve, the city definitely is a paradise for travel buffs. So, let us explore this commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, and learn about its prime parts which make it the pride of Central India.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Indore:

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Rajwada is subdivided into two major parts. One part of it is a temple and another part is a grand palace. Built by the Holkars of Maratha Dynasty, the Rajwada palace is a 7-storied structure situated in proximity to the Chhatris. The palace remains crowded by locals & outsiders throughout the year.

The lush green garden at its entrance leaves the visitors mesmerized by its splendor. Cradled between the vibrant streets of Khajuri market, it faces an enticing garden which flaunts the statue of Ahilya Bai & numerous beautiful fountains. Because of its beauty and history, visiting Rajwada makes it to the list of things you should definitely do in Indore.  Due to its historical importance and picturesque offerings, it is a prominent name among all the Indore tourist places.

Famous For: It has gained utmost popularity with its unique architecture & royal grandeur.

Timings: The palace remains open for the visitors on all the days of the week between 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM except on  Monday.

Entry Fee: The visitors need to pay the nominal fee of  INR 10 to spend some peaceful time here.

Distance From Indore Airport: It lies at a distance of 6.3 Km from the Indore airport & hence, can be reached within a short span of 20 minutes.

Location: Rajwada Circle, Near Holker Cloth Market, Rajwada, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 452002


Lalbagh Palace

If you wish to catch a glimpse of the ancient Indore during the reign of Holkars, this palace deserves a crucial place in your travel itinerary. With its detailed architecture and spectacular surroundings, it has bagged a name among the popular places to visit in Indore. 

Perched on the bank of Khan river, the palace depicts the lifestyle of Holkars. The prime reason behind the construction of this building was to facilitate comfortable meetings between the key personalities of the kingdom. The palace spreads over an area of 28 hectares and bears a striking resemblance with the Buckingham Palace. 

Stained glass windows, chandeliers, and marble columns further add to the charm of the palace. You might also discover some secret shrines here.

  • Famous for: This architectural heritage of Indore is popular for its similarity with the Buckingham Palace of London.

  • Timings: The palace remains open for the visitors on all the days of the week between 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

  • Entry Fee: The entry fee for the palace is INR 10 per person.

  • Distance From The Indore Airport: It lies at a distance of 7.5 Km from the Indore airport & hence, can be reached within a short span of 20 minutes.

  • Location: Nai Duniya, Revenue Colony, Indira nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 

  • Where to Stay in Indore: Here are some of the best resorts to stay in Indore.


Khajrana Ganesh Temple

One of the most sought-after places to visit in Indore, Khajrana Ganesh temple was built by the Ahilyabai Holkar to safeguard the Lord Ganesh idol from Aurangzeb. The temple comprises a Ganesha statue & several smaller temples which are dedicated to the other deities.

The idol is composed of bricks, jaggery, limestone, mud, soil, and water. The intricate paintings inscribed on the upper sections of the Garbhagriha give a glimpse of different festivals that are celebrated in India.

The nearby dargah of Nahar Sayed further adds to the religious aura of this tourist destination. The serene atmosphere of the temple takes you a step closer to the world of spirituality. If you wish to steal some peaceful moments, this temple might do the trick.

  • Famous For: Khajrana Ganesh Temple is a religious spot which is a popular name among devotees who believe that whoever comes to this temple with a wish never goes back disappointed.

  • Timings: The temple remains open for the visitors on all the days of the week between 05:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 04:00 PM to 08:00 PM.

  • Entry Fee: There is no entry fee to visit the temple.

  • Distance From Indore Airport: It lies at a distance of 21 Km from the Indore airport & hence, can be reached within a short span of 40 minutes.

  • Location: Khajrana Rd, Ganeshpuri Colony, Khajrana, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 452016


Sarafa Market

A visit to Indore is incomplete without serving your taste buds with the food delights of the popular Sarafa Bazaar. The market saw its origin some hundred years ago when the shop owners encouraged night bustle & offered the area around their shops to the local food vendors. 

The market turns into a vibrant street during the night. The night market attracts a large number of natives as well as tourists who love to explore the local taste of the city. The neon sign boards, lip-smacking food stalls & an enthusiastic crowd define the usual scenario of the Sarafa market. 

Bhutta Kees served with coriander Chutney & lemon juice forms the special dish of the market. You can also relish the taste of crispy garadu, khopra patties, egg benjo, jalebi, and ratalu.

  • Famous For: The popular Sarafa Market has gained attention for its delicious local dishes & street food.

  • Timings: The market remains open for the visitors on all the days of the week between 08:00 PM to 02:00 AM.

  • Entry Fee: One can enter the market without paying any fee.

  • Distance From Indore Airport: It lies at a distance of 6.6 Km from the Indore airport.

  • Location: Sarafa Bazaar, Near Maharaja Tukoji Rao Holker Cloth Market, Indore, Madhya Pradesh


Central Museum of Indore

If you have a strong fascination towards the historical heritage, Central Museum of Indore is a must-visit place for you. The museum is situated in proximity to the General Post Office & stores some of the finest remains of the Parmar sculptures. The main features of these sculptures cover stone depictions and proportioned figures. 

Being one of the prominent places to see in Indore, the Central Museum boasts a collection of the pre-medieval & medieval Jain & Hindu sculptures in Madhya Pradesh. A door frame adorned with ornaments & figure forms the most remarkable architectural remains of the museum. 

The entire museum is subdivided into two galleries. Gallery I stores the artifacts from the prehistoric period and the gallery II displays the intricate carvings based on Hindu mythology. Apart from this, you can also see a collection of armor, arms, and coins here.

  • Famous For: The museum is popular for its beautiful sculptures & architectural beauty.

  • Timings: The museum remains open for the visitors on all the days of the week between 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

  • Entry Fees: There are no entry charges for anyone.

  • Distance From Indore Airport: It lies at a distance of 11 Km from the Indore airport.

  • Location: Near GPO Square, Navlakha, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 452001


Patalpani Waterfall

If you are looking for a scenic picnic spot in Indore, Patalpani Waterfall might put an end to your search. Situated 35 Km south-west from the Indore city, this place is a favorite weekend destination for travel junkies and one of the must-visit waterfalls in Indore

The gushing waterfall falling from the height of 150 feet makes this place an ideal photography spot too. During the rainy season, the pristine beauty of this place multiplies & offers the most surreal views. Due to its connectivity to the cities such as Indore, Mhow, and Ujjain, it can be reached by train as well as the road. 

You can find many other nearby attractions to the Patalpani such as Maheshwar, Bagh caves, Ujjain, and Mandu. With its breathtaking landscapes & proximity to other tourist spots, it is certainly one of the most beautiful places to see in Indore.

Famous For:  This splendid waterfall near the Indore city is popular as a common picnic spot during the rainy season.

Timings: The waterfall remains open for the visitors on all the days of the week between 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

Entry Fee: The entry to the waterfall is free of cost.

Distance From Indore Airport: It lies at a distance of 24 Km from the Indore airport.

Location: Kekariya Dabri, Madhya Pradesh, 453441

Where to Hike near Indore: You can check here the list of best hiking trails near Indore.


Annapurna Temple

Built as a tribute to the goddess of food, Annapurna temple bears a striking resemblance with the Meenakshi Temple of Madurai. It is also regarded as the architectural heritage of the city due to its intricate carvings & detailed paintings. The ornamental gate featuring four elephants stands as an epitome of architectural brilliance. 

The holy shrines of Hanuman, Sivan, and Kala Bhairava add to the popularity of the temple. Every year, a bountiful of pilgrims & tourists visit the Annapurna temple to offer their prayers to the food goddess. 

With a combination of religious importance & architectural marvel, it has emerged as one of the famous places in Indore. If you are a history buff or god lover, make a compulsory visit to this temple.

  • Famous For: Annapurna Temple is devoted to the goddess of food. It has gained widespread popularity for its religious as well as architectural importance.

  • Timings: The temple remains open for the visitors on all the days of the week between 05:00 AM to 12:00 PM & 02:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

  • Entry Fee: There are no entry charges on the visit to this temple.

  • Distance From Indore Airport: It lies at a distance of 8 Km from the Indore airport & hence, can be reached within a short span of 25 minutes.

  • Location: Kranti Kriplani Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 452009

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Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

Established in the year 1981, Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the oldest wildlife sanctuaries in Madhya Pradesh which is a home to different species of animals and birds.

If you are a nature lover, you will find this place a paradise. With a wealth of plants such as bamboo, teak, eucalyptus, saja, and babool, it boasts a rich biodiversity. For exploring the insides area of the park, one can use a car or bike.

The joyous camel ride is something which cannot be missed on your visit to this wildlife park. In addition to this, you can also find a hunting hut which is marking its presence since 1905. This hut was constructed during the Holkar reign and now has been altered into an information center.

The months from October to February remain the best time to visit here as the weather gets pleasant and offers the most charismatic views. If you are a wildlife lover, you can also go through our list of must-visit national parks of Madhya Pradesh.

  • Timings: The sanctuary remains open for the visitors on all the days of the week between 09:00 AM to 06:30 PM.

  • Entry Fee: One can visit this wildlife park by paying a nominal fee of  INR 5.

  • Distance From Indore Airport: It lies at a distance of 20 Km from the Indore airport & hence, can be reached within a short span of 30-40 minutes.

  • Location: Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary, Mirjapur, Madhya Pradesh 452020

Chappan Dukaan

Named as the best place to visit in Indore for all food junkies, Chappan Dukan offers a combination of Indian snacks & street food. The street teems with life from morning 6:00 AM & treats your taste buds with the delicious poha for breakfast. 

This market serves visitors with a wealth of food items including chaat, hotdog, momos, and beverages. The popular food outlets of Indore namely Agarwal sweets, Gangaur sweets, and Madhuram sweets also have their outlets here. In the evening time, the market witnesses a flock of visitors including couples, youngsters, kids, and families. 

With a total of 56 shops serving you toothsome delicacies of Indore, the place got its name ‘Chappan Dukan’.

  • Famous For: This place constituting 56 food outlets is popular for its tempting food specialties.

  • Timings: The shops remain open for the visitors on all the days of the week between 06:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

  • Entry Fee: There is no entry fee for enjoying the food delicacies of the Chappan you need to buy the food if you want.

  • Distance From Indore Airport:  It lies at a distance of 9 Km from the Indore airport.

  • Location: Chappan Dukan, New Palasia, Indore, Madhya Pradesh


Choral Dam

Blessed with awe-inspiring surroundings & waterfalls, Choral Dam is one of the prominent places to visit near Indore. Being a new MP tourism development project, it has all the modern-day amenities that have developed it into a recreational site. 

The delicious food of the restaurants and warm hospitality of the staff adds to the fun of the trip. Situated 45 km away from the Indore city, the dam also has a bungalow & enticing garden setting. Due to its panoramic landscapes & recreational facilities, it has become a popular picnic spot for travelers near Indore

The serene environment of this place will certainly sweep away the negativity of your stressful life. If you are searching for a hassle-free spot away from the city life, Choral Dam will quench your thirst for peace.

  • Famous For: Choral dam is famous as a recreational site which flaunts magnificent waterfalls & facilitates enthralling activities such as paddle boating.

  • Timings: The palace remains open for the visitors on all the days of the week between 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

  • Entry Fee: No entry fee

  • Distance From Indore Airport: It lies at a distance of 45 Km from the Indore airport.

  • Location: Choral Dam, Mhow, Indore, Madhya Pradesh


Tincha Falls

What can be a better weekend getaway than a place surrounded by splendid waterfalls? Well, the city of Indore houses a number of such destinations, and Tincha Falls is one among them. Located at a distance of 25 Km from Indore & 10 Km from Simrol village, the place is popular for its roaring waterfalls which offer alluring views in the monsoon. 

The water emerges from the altitude of about 300 feet and provides a relief from the humid weather. With the abundance of natural beauty, Tincha Falls captivate hearts of photography lovers & adventure seekers. 

This is a popular scenic destination for locals as well as outsiders who need relief from their stressful lifestyle. If you want to catch the most stunning views of the place, visit during dawn or dusk.

  • Famous For: Tincha Falls is famous for the magnificent view of the milky water that sprouts from a height of 300 feet.

  • Timings: The palace remains open for the visitors on all the days of the week and can be visited any time of the day.

  • Entry Fee: The entry fee for Tincha Falls is INR 30 per car.

  • Distance From Indore Airport: It lies at a distance of 25 Km from the Indore airport & hence, can be reached within a short span of 30-40 minutes.

  • Location: Tincha Falls, Berchha, Madhya Pradesh 452001

  • Also, go through this guide of the most beautiful waterfalls of Madhya Pradesh.

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Indore White Church

Indore tourism is a perfect blend of history, religion, tradition, culture, and scenic beauty. One of the monuments which give a glimpse of the religious values of the city is the White Church.  Built in the year 1858 by Sir Robert Hamilton, this church depicts the European style architecture. 

Being the oldest church in the city, it hosts several festivities throughout the year. However, 9th August is regarded as a special day when Christians organize a procession. In the afternoon, the church is decorated with festive lights & the mass prayer is attended by a plethora of people. 

You can also find many restaurants and cafes in the nearby area which serve their customers with local food items. White Church is located on the popular AB road which is a 33-minute ride from Holkar airport. With its tranquil atmosphere and religious value, it is one of the most sought-after places to visit in Indore.

  • Famous For: Indore White Church is the oldest church in Indore and it captivates people’s attention with its intricate architecture.

  • Timings: The church remains open for the visitors on all the days of the week between 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM.

  • Entry Fees: The entry to the church is free of cost.

  • Distance From Indore Airport: It lies at a distance of 10.5 Km from the Indore airport.

  • Location: Pipliyahana Road, White Church Colony, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 452001


Mandu or Mandavgad Forts

Located in the Dhar town of Madhya Pradesh, Mandu is known as the fortress town. The town is perched at an elevation of 2079 feet on the Vindhya ranges and takes you into a world of ancient Afghani architecture. 

From Roopmati Pavilion & Baz Bahadur Palace to Rewa Kund & Taveli Mahal, there are umpteen notable places here which make it a historical paradise of India. The Hindola Mahal is another ancient treasure of the district which was built during the reign of Hoshang Shan. 

This is the first monument which appears while heading from Indore to Mandu. The architecture of this monument is a unique blend of boldness, simplicity, & aesthetic appeal. Mandu district is a hub of countless palaces, fascinating canals, artistic pavilions, and baths. 

You might also get to see rock-cut caves which have beautiful paintings decorated on their ceilings & walls. With a widespread textile, home decor & handicrafts market, Mandu is certainly a paradise for the shopaholics.

  • Famous For: Mandu is a small town popular for umpteen forts which depict the Afghani architectural style.

  • Timings: The forts remains open for the visitors on all the days of the week between 06:00 AM to 07:00 PM.

  • Entry Fees: There are several forts in the town of Mandu & the entry fees for all of these forts vary.

  • Distance From Indore Airport:  It lies at a distance of 96 Km from the Indore airport & hence, can be reached within a short span of 1 hour 30 minutes.

  • Location: Mandu Forts, Dhar, Madhya Pradesh

  • What to See: Here is the list of most amazing places to visit in Mandu.

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Janapav Hill

If you have never been to the highest point of the beautiful Malwa plateau, it is high time to plan your trip to Janapav Hill. Also known as Janapav Kuti, this place forms a perfect getaway for adventure seekers & nature lovers. The challenging trails & ardent forests invite a flock of trekkers throughout the year. 

The dense forests of Janapav are home to several biodiversities & rich flora & fauna. The hill is perched at a height of 881 m above the sea level & is a common picnic spot for the residents of Indore and Mhow. Another reason for the popularity of this place is the fair that is organized every year on the occasion of Kartik Purnima. 

Janapav Kuti is also a famous historical spot which is said to be the birthplace of Lord Parashurama. Located in the outskirts of the city, it is reckoned as one of the most famous places in Indore.

  • Famous For: Janapav Hill is a popular getaway for all the nature lovers. It is also a must-visit place for trying out several adventure sports in Madhya Pradesh.

  • Timings: One can visit here at any hour of the day.

  • Entry Fees: There are no charges applicable to the visitors.

  • Distance From Indore Airport:  It lies at a distance of 45 Km from the Indore airport.

  • Location: A-B Road, JanaPav Kuti, Near Manpur, Indore, Madhya Pradesh


Kanch Mandir

You might have visited several temples which have got the fame for their detailed architecture but the city of Indore has a temple which stands apart with its unique glass and mirror work. Built in the 20th century by Hukumchand Seth, this temple is a sacred destination for the Jain community. 

The temple comprises a Lord Mahavira idol which was made from the black onyx. With the intricate mirror work on the walls, floor, ceiling, and pillars, the temple also holds a lot of aesthetic appeals. The glass chandeliers & Chinese style lanterns enhance its beauty by manifolds. Kanch Mandir is situated in close proximity to the Rajwada area which is one of the most famous places in Indore.

  • Famous For: The mirror and glass work of the temple is what makes it popular among the tourists. Kanch Mandir is a religious spot for the Jain community.

  • Timings: The mandir remains open for the visitors on all the days of the week between 05:00 AM to 12:00 PM & 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

  • Entry Fee: The entry remains free for the visitors.

  • Distance From Indore Airport: It lies at a distance of 5.8 Km from the Indore airport.

  • Location: Hukumchand Marg, Beside Sheesh Mahal, Itwaria Bazaar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 452002

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Also known as the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Regional Park, Pipliyapala is one of the best Indore tourist places and has been developed by IRDA. The park constitutes a canal which covers the entire park. The spectacular beauty of the mist fountains visible from the bridge over this canal takes you on a journey to peace. 

Apart from this, there are many other attractions in the park including French Gardens, Musical Fountain, Boating, and Mist Fountain. You can also enjoy a ride in a speedboat, paddle boat, and tiny cruise called Malwa Queen and it is one of the best places in Indore for couples to spend some alone time.

The cruise has 2 decks which can accommodate around 80 people. A 36 minutes drive from the Indore International airport will take you to this regional park.

  • Famous For: Pipliyapala is a scenic spot in Indore which is known for its beautiful displays such as French Gardens & Mist fountains. It also offers several recreational facilities in the form of paddle boating & speed boating.

  • Timings: The park remains open for the visitors on all the days of the week between 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM.

  • Entry Fee: The entry ticket costs INR 25 for the adults & INR10 for the kids.

  • Distance From Indore Airport: It lies at a distance of 12.8 Km from the Indore airport.

  • Location: Pipliya Pala, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 452020

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Krishnapura Chhatris

Nestled on the banks of Khan river, these chhatris have gained tremendous popularity for their architectural marvel. These cenotaphs provide a vivid glimpse of Maratha architectural style with domes and spires that leave the tourists awe-inspired by their grandeur. 

The Krishnapura Chhatris was constructed in the memory of Holkar rulers during the late 1800s. There is a total of 3 chhatris among which the first one is dedicated to Maharani Holkar and the remaining two were built as a tribute to Maharaja Tukoji Rao Holkar II and Shivaji. 

One can also find several figures of Goddesses & Gods on the exterior walls of the Chhatris.  If you are planning a visit to Indore city, don’t forget to include this place in your travel itinerary.

  • Famous For: The Chhatris are regarded as the most enticing architectural heritage in the city. It was constructed as a tribute to the bravery of Holkar rulers.

  • Timings: The place remains open for the visitors on all the days of the week between 06:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

  • Entry Fee: There is no entry fee for the travelers.

  • Distance From Indore Airport: It lies at a distance of 7.3 Km from the Indore airport.

  • Location: Mahatma Gandhi Road, Rajwada, Maharaja Tukoji Rao Holker Cloth Market, Indore, Madhya Pradesh


Asirgarh Fort

Popularly known as Asa Ahir Garh, Asirgarh Fort was built by Asa Ahir. The fort is perched at a height of 701 meters above the sea level. It is mainly divided into three parts namely Asirgarh, Kamagarh, and Malaygarh.

Situated on the splendid Satpura Ranges, it covers more than 60 acres of area. With a perfect combination of Turkish, Persian, and Islamic architecture, this fort depicts a strong Mughal influence. It also houses a small temple called Gupteshwar Mahadev & an ancient mosque. 

One might also see the ruins of British graves, human-made ponds, & balconies that reflect ancient Indian architecture. The best time to visit this fort is from the month of October to March when the weather is pleasant.

  • Famous For: This is an Indian Qila perched on the Satpura ranges. It is considered as one of the prime historical spots of India.

  • Timings: The fort remains open for the visitors on all the days of the week between 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

  • Entry Fees: One need not pay any entry charges to explore the Asirgarh fort.

  • Distance From Indore Airport:  It lies at a distance of 170 Km from the Indore airport.

  • Location: Asirgarh Fort, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh

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Lotus Lake, Gulawat

Generally known as Gulawat Talab, this is another hidden gem near Indore, and is an ideal place for photographers. It is essentially a lake in the valley of Gulawat that also happens to be the home to in numerous lotuses.

The scenic beauty of this place makes the experience of boating in the calm waters of this lake, teeming with lotus, truly unforgettable. Most importantly, since this is one of the offbeat places, you will not find herds of tourists altering your fun and spoiling the serenity for you. The presence of dense bamboo plantation and exotic birds it attracts makes the place all the more enticing.

Famous for: Views, boating, photography, etc.

Timings: Open 24 hours.

Distance from Indore Airport: It lies at a distance of 17 Km from the Indore airport.

Location: Gurda Khedi, Gulawat, Madhya Pradesh.

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Indore Zoo

If you are a nature and wildlife enthusiast, Indore Zoo, owing to the wide range of exotic wildlife it houses, deserves to be on your bucket list. Despite a range of wildlife parks sitting at short distances from Indore, this zoo is extremely popular among the locals and tourists alike.

The lush green atmosphere of the zoo makes adds a feeling of serenity to the affair. Developed in an area of 51 acres, the zoo features 56 species of animals including Asiatic Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Wolf and Sloth Bear. An impressive range of birds can also be found here, making it an ideal spot for bird watchers.

Famous for: The zoo is famous for wide range of bird and animal species

Timings: 9 AM to 7 PM. Closed on Mondays.

Entry Fees: INR 10.

Distance from Indore Airport:  It lies at a distance of 11 Km from the Indore airport.

Location: Agra Bombay Road, Navlakha, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.



If you're looking for a spiritual reset and a treasure trove of soulful experiences, then ISKCON Indore should be your ideal destination. It is a chain of temples managed and developed by Hare Rama Hare Krishna mission.

The walls of the temple are designed with various arts and beautiful paintings. It is one of the best places to visit in Indore to uncover the city's inherent tranquillity. It houses the deities of Radha and Krishna that have been made purely from marble. You can enjoy here the melodies of Shri Krishna's hymns that will heal your soul.

Timings: 04:30 am - 08:45 pm.

Near Advance Academy School, Hare Krishna Vihar Colony, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.


Gommatagiri Digambar Jain Temple

Gommatagiri Digambar Jain Temple is the city's biggest draw owing to its serene ambience, breathtaking architecture, and attractive frescoes. It was built originally in 1526 and has received many additions and modifications several times.

This Jain temple houses twenty-one feet idol of Lord Bahubali and has many attractive frescoes depicting the life of Bhagwan Mahavir, who was the founder of the Jain religion. It is one of the best places to visit in Indore, with twenty-four shrines dedicated to twenty-four Tirthankaras.

Timings: 10 am- 9 pm.

Location: Indore 453112, India.

Bijasen Tekri Temple

Connect with your spiritual side by visiting Bijasen Tekri Temple that is a great specimen of architectural brilliance. It is one of the best tourist places in Indore, and it is believed that if you pray here with complete devotion, you can get your lost eyesight back.

This temple is dedicated to Bijasan Mata, who is known to be an incarnation of Durga. The temple was built around 1920, and it stands atop an 800 foothill. You have to climb up more than three hundred staircases to reach the temple.

Timings: 8 am-8 pm.

Location: Hilltop 7 Km From Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Nehru Park

Nehru Park is located in the heart of the city, and it consists of a wide variety of flowering plants and trees. It was earlier known as Biscow park, but the name was changed to what it is known to be today during pre-independence.

It is one of the best places to visit in Indore, housing a reading room and a library where you can read various books. The kids can enjoy a miniature train ride around the park. Children can also explore the hobby centre and drive battery-operated cars making it one of the best tourist places in Indore.

Timings: 9 am-6 pm.

Entry Fee: Rs 20.

Location: A B Road | Between Naulakha And Chhawani, Indore.

Meghdoot Garden

Get drenched into a limitless adventure by visiting this beautiful garden that offers recreation at its best. Luxuriously dense landscapes decorate the premises of the garden and give you the perfect environment to relax with your near and dear ones.

It has a special kid's area and beautiful misty fountains making it one of the most popular tourist places in Indore. It is an ultimate paradise for nature lovers due to its lush flora, peaceful ambience, and variety of colourful birds.

Timings: 8 am-10 pm.

Entry Fee: Rs 5 per person.

Location: Near Sayaji Hotel, Scheme No.54, Vijay Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452010.

Mohadi Falls

Take a refreshing break from your monotonous life by visiting Mohadi Falls that is enveloped in rocky cliffs and lush greenery.

The splendid beauty of this waterfall, combined with the green atmosphere, will urge you to capture the beautiful scenery. It is one of the best tourist places in Indore where you can enjoy breathtaking views and an unadulterated environment. You can also enjoy a jungle trekking experience at this waterfall.

Timings: 9 am- 6 pm.

Location: Mohadi, Madhya Pradesh.

Gandhi Hall

Made of Seoni, red stones, and white marble, Gandhi Hall is one of the best places to visit in Indore.  It was established in memory of Mahatma Gandhi and is renowned for its Indo-Gothic architecture and impressive design.

The hall can accommodate up to two thousand people, and it is the major venue for various cultural and art exhibitions. Earlier it was named King Edward Hall and was inaugurated by George V in 1905. Bigger events, like book exhibitions, handicrafts, and Mango fairs, are also organized here, making it the best places to visit in Indore.

Timings: 10 am- 8 pm.

Location: M.G. Road, Near Regal Cinema, Indore.

Bamniya Kund

This is a beautiful waterfall falling from a height of three thousand feet. It is nestled in the depth of lush green forests in the Malindi region and is considered to be an ideal destination for camping.

It has a cascade and a beautiful campsite where you can have a close interaction with nature. It is also the perfect spot for a family picnic and photography. You can also bathe in the cool and crystal clear water of this waterfall..

Timings: Anytime.

Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh.


Dharampuri is a small town near Indore that is said to be the abode and birthplace of River Narmada's daughter Roopmati. The quaint town was established by Yudhishthir and is renowned for its legends and folklore.

It is also home to stunning architectural marvels of the medieval period making it one of the best places to visit in Indore. It also acts as a gateway into the lives of celebrated queens and kings that resided here centuries ago.

Timings: Anytime.

Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Crescent Water Park

This is the best destination for the fun-lovers and families looking to have the best adventure and thrill. It has water rides, splash pools, and spray grounds where you can have the best time of your life.

The water park also features a rain dance area where you can shake your hips to your favourite songs. You can also play indoor arcade games like air-hockey and video games. Kids can have ultimate fun at the kiddies pool, or they can even accompany you on the family slide.

Timings: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Entry Fee: Rs 430 per person.

Location: Gram Jamniya Khurd Kampel Road, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Chhatri Bagh

Chhatri Bagh was earlier a cremation site for the Holkar Kings, but now it has been transformed into a park. It is located near the Khan river and features dome-shaped chhatris of cenotaphs. The cenotaphs have pyramidal spires on the top, and they are lit in the evening to showcase their full glory. The bagh also features a beautiful fountain that is set in motion during the evening.

Timings: 08:00 AM - 07:30 PM.

Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Sirpur Lake

This lake was created in the early twentieth century by the Holkars of Indore State. It is a splendid mix of aquatic habitat, open fallow land scrub jungle, and garden.

The lake is surrounded by big old trees of tamarind, fig, and Gulmohar, making it one of the most picturesque places in Indore. Transitory winged animals visit this lake each year, making it a must-visit site for nature lovers.

Timings: Rs 100 person.

Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh.


This is the best amusement park in Indore that is a must-visit for adventure enthusiasts and fun lovers. You can enjoy here various activities such as bungee jumping, paintball, go-karting, etc.

It is one of the best places in Indore where you can get in battle mode at the biggest Paintball Arena. It also houses a party zone and food street where you can enjoy lip-smacking food and party endlessly. You're also provided here outbound training programs to improve communication skills, leadership, planning, and teamwork.

Timings: Rs 100 person.

Entry Fee: Not Any.

Location: Near Medi-Caps College, Indore.

Devguradia Temple

If you're craving to have the best spiritual experience, Devguradia Temple should be a must-visit as it echoes divinity and spiritualism from every corner. It is one of the most religious places in Indore, built in the seventh century and dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The temple is surrounded by water bodies, and it comes alive during Mahashivratri. A whopping 12 feet Shivalinga is located in the middle of the temple. The highlight of this temple is that the water opening has been designed to represent 'Gomukh' or the shape of a cow's mouth.

Timings: 08:00 AM - 07:30 PM.

Location: Nemawar Road 8 Km From Indore.

Geeta Bhawan

If you're a spiritual enthusiast craving to enlighten your mind and heart, Geeta Bhawan should be a must-visit destination. It houses idols and pictures of different gods, and the walls are decorated with beautiful paintings of the epic Puranas, Ramayana, and Mahabharata.

It is an intrinsic part of the cultural landscape and offers a peek into the lifestyle of the people of Indore. This religious shrine welcomes people of all faith and religion, giving them the message of unity in diversity.

Timings: 7 am- 9 pm.

Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

People Also Ask About Indore

  1. What is there to do in Indore at night?

    1. Treat your foodie soul at Sarafa Bazaar: Get ready to enjoy the best delicacies during the night hours at Sarafa Bazaar that functions as a jewellery market during the day and a vibrant food market during the night. This famous food market begins at 8 pm and continues till 2 am.

    2. Enjoy camping at Safari Adventure Park: 
    Get ready for an adrenaline kick by enjoying a camping trip to Safari Adventure Park, where you can enjoy a campfire at night and sing and dance with the fellow campers.

    3. Enjoy a regular music event at Woodstock Lounge: 
    If you're a music enthusiast, you should definitely attend a live musical night at Woodstock Lounge, where international and local singers perform regularly.

    4. Hangout at Trance The Pub: 
    Chill and unwind on your favourite beats at Trance The Pub that is a hotspot of entertainment and fun for the visitors. You can also enjoy here luscious drinks and lip-smacking starters.
  2. Which are the best places to visit near Indore?

    1. Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary: This is one of the best Places to Visit in Indore where you can enjoy rare glimpses of flora and fauna. You can also enjoy activities like camel safari, bird watching, and bike ride here.

    2. Patalpani Falls: 
    Whether you wish to have an amazing picnic or a thrilling trekking experience, Patalpani Falls should be a must-visit destination. This picturesque waterfall is surrounded by lush green foliage, and you can even bathe under its cool water.

    3. Mahakaleshwar Temple: 
    This is one of the best tourist places near Indore where you can seek the blessings of Lord Shiva and be a part of Mahakaal Aarti.
  3. Which are the best historical places in Indore?

    1. Rajwada Palace: This is one of the best places to visit in Indore owing to its stunning architecture, majestic garden, fountains, and waterfall. It was built two centuries ago and is a popular venue for cultural and religious events.

    2. Central Museum: 
    This museum gives a peek through Indian history at the national and regional levels, and features interesting artefacts and exhibits. It was established in 1928 and houses objects that span from present-day to prehistoric times.

    3. Footi Kothi: 
    This is a temple that has a rumoured haunted history due to which after building its first floor, the construction was abandoned. According to a popular legend, all the doors of the building were removed every time they were installed.

    4. Sukh Niwas Palace: 
    Sukh Niwas Palace is famed to be one of the best tourist places in Indore owing to its impressive western and Indian architectural design. It is surrounded by lush gardens and has an underground tunnel.
  4. Which are the best places for couples in Indore?

    1. Rajwada Palace: Show your partner your lovey-dovey side by getting a couples photoshoot at Rajwada that is the finest example of architectural skills and royal grandeur in the city.

    2. Pipliyapala Regional Park: 
    Enjoy a stroll with your partner at Pipliyapala Regional Park that houses beautiful gardens like the French Garden and Mughal Garden. It has jet fountains and lights, making it an unmatched sight for the couples.

    3. Choral Dam: 
    Spend some quality time with your partner at Choral Dam that carves its way through the magnanimous mountains to give way to spellbinding waterscapes. It is one of the most romantic tourist places in Indore with an enticing garden and a bungalow.
  5. What is famous about Indore?

    1. Namkeens: Indore is renowned for its variety of namkeens, called sev that come in unique flavours.

    2. Ganesh Mandir: 
    This is one of the oldest and most popular temples in India.

    3. Shahi Doodh Shikanji: 
    This is an excellent thirst-quencher with a unique combination of dry fruits and milk.
  6. Is Indore worth visiting?

    Yes, Indore is worth visiting as it has everything ranging from beautiful forts and monuments to national parks, temples, shopping halts, and waterparks. The amazing culture, unique diversity, delectable food, and splendid attractions of this place make it a worth visit.
  7. What is the best time to visit Indore?

    October to March is the best time to visit Indore as the weather remains pleasant, making it ideal for sightseeing. There is no possibility of rain during these months, making it comfortable to enjoy outdoor activities.
  8. What food is famous in Indore?

    - Dahi Bada
    - Poha Jalebi
    - Khatta Samosa
    Mawa Batti
    - Moong Bhajiya
    - Bhutte Ki Kees
    - Dal Bafla
    - Jaleba
    - Sabudane Ki Khichdi
    - Johnny Hot Dog
    - Indori Namkeen
    - Kulfi Faluda
    - Garadu
    - Khopra Patties
    Dal Batti
    - Lassi.
Newly Added Indore Experience
03 December 2018
amazing company trip with Thrillophilia, nicely managed by hotel staff, camping was very comfortable starting from things were very hustled free just enjoyed a lot team Thrillophilia was very supportive and learnt a lot from all, and got a new lesson on posing in thrillo style from Satya.
27 October 2018
I attended Mahua camp which fascinated me to come here from Bhopal to Indore great plan by Thrillophilia and well executed by Satya Rajput.
"the Experience of this trek was amazing and memorable.\nThis is the first time i have done night trek ... \nbut our trip organiser rizwan and achal made it so easy. \nfood and stay was amazing \n"
02 December 2018
We came in the team but team bonding games made us closer .... Nightlight trek was the best experience we had .. Very well managed things food quality was ... Humble staff ... Nicely executed by Satya and his complete team .. Love for camping.
02 December 2018
Thrilling and soothing experience perfect getaway for a weekend. Night trek and morning off-road ride activities and swimming pool just memorable day ...things very well briefed well managed by Thrillophilia. Waiting for more ......from Thrillophilia.
07 December 2020
Harsh Agrawal Fundore Enertainment Park
This is the best park i have visited in Indore with lot of adventure activities.It has the best Go-karting indore with the most reasonable price and has superb hospitality. My kid dropped the plate of the momos that i bought so they served me complimentary momos.Cowboy cafe has really good momos in fundore.
Gajbaahu Kakkar Rental In Car
Nice services without any problems and better way to roam in the city and visit various tourist places.
Ekalavya Abbott Rental In Car
The service was very good. The staff is really kind. The vehicles they provided were in good condition because of which we were able to complete our trip effortlessly. We appreciate their service.
Vasudev Sethi Bike Rental
Nice services without any problems and better way to roam in the city and visit various tourist places.
Chandrakin Mukhopadhyay Bike Rental
The service was very good. The staff is really kind. The vehicles they provided were in good condition because of which we were able to complete our trip effortlessly. We appreciate their service.

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