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What to Do in Seychelles?

Explore the famous Mahe Island, Scuba Diving at L'ilot, Meet giant tortoises on Curieuse Island, Gaze the famous beach Anse Lazio, Vallee De Mai Tour, Stroll the Victoria Bazaar, Candlelit dinner by the beach, Biking along the coast, Snorkeling at Bird Island and many more.

From exploring its marine life to indulging in on land adventures, you will find numerous things to do in Seychelles to make your vacation more happening. Home to glittering beaches and sizzling lagoons, Seychelles makes sure that not a single second of any tourist goes by without having fun. Its virgin jungles and rolling hills turn out to be the perfect sites to indulge in hiking and trekking. 
Famous for its boulder-strewn beaches, Seychelles becomes the perfect spot to indulge in water sports.

From parasailing to scuba diving and from snorkelling to aqua jogging, you will find an array of water based activities to do in Seychelles. For leisure travellers, a cruise ride towards the horizon is a must try activity. 
What to do in Seychelles is never an issue as its rich culture and heritage lets you take part in various historical events. From traversing through the lanes of Leprosarium to visiting the Vintage Coconut house, one can find numerous entertainment options here. If you are planning a vacation to Seychelles, then make sure that you indulge yourself in most of these adventurous activities. 

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Must Things to do in Seychelles


Explore The Famous Mahe Island

The biggest  Mahe island in Seychelles is famous for its beaches, mountains, treks, and rich wildlife both on the water as well as on land. The island of Mahe is the capital of the city, Victoria.

Pack your bag and set out on an excursion to appreciate the sublime perspectives on the island of Mahe and it should be your priority for things to do in Seychelles. Find bright winged animals and fascinating vegetation on the path and explore the unseen flora and fauna.

Location: It is located in Seychelles.

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Scuba Diving at L'ilot

The islands are rich with stone and coral reefs. These islands offer a thrill-filled set of activities to do in Seychelles like the majority of us haven't seen before, a flourishing world under the water and a great environment that makes it an ideal spot for the admirers of natural life and for scuba drivers making a plunge at the beaches.

L'ilot offers a profundity of 30 meters, an out-of-the-world evening scuba diving experience. The encompassing water has striking varied vegetation of different kinds with its dividers shrouded in coral.

Location: It is located in north of Beau Vallon beach

Meet Giant Tortoises On Curieuse Island

Are you still wondering what to do in Seychelles?
Then An outing to Seychelles without seeing the goliath turtles would be a blunder. These delicate creatures are a pleasure to meet on either Curieuse Island or Cousin Island. The other spot these turtles exist is in the Galapagos Islands.

From Praslin, you can take a boat ride to Curieuse Island where you'll discover turtles with extreme shell size. You can see more turtles on Cousin Island, as on the coral atoll called Aldabra. The atoll is more distant and requires booking so don't forget to add this to your list of things to do in Seychelles.

Location: It is located near to the north coast of Praslin Island

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Gaze at The Famous Beach, Anse Lazio

The beaches in Seychelles are the best on the planet and every island is drenched with staggering coasts and little alcoves. Among the islands' most alluring beaches are close to resorts.  Anse Georgette has stunning trademark rock stones with luxurious stretches of white sand.

Anse Lazio has all the more impressive waves and breathtaking nightfalls. On La Digue, visit Anse Source d'Argent and Anse Cocos, on Mahé visit Anse Intendance, Beau Vallon, Anse Louis, Petite Anse. A visit to any of these beaches will make your trip even more worthwhile and it is considerd as one of the best activities to do in Seychelles.

Location: It is located in the northwest of Praslin Island

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Vallee De Mai Tour

Vallée de Mai is a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated on the island of Praslin. Home to the native habitats of Seychelles' unique palm wildernesses and with more than 4,000 trees of the incredible Coco de Mer, this noteworthy hold has been depicted as the 'Garden of Eden' and it is considerd as one of the best activities to do in Seychelles. An evening in this supernatural backwoods sees you lounging in the green shine of the palm trees, which are endemic to Seychelles.

With the biggest and heaviest seeds on the planet, the female tree creates a heart-formed organic product like the state of a lady's pelvic area to spot out rare flying creatures, for example, the Seychellois bulbul and the uncommon dark parrot.

Location: It is located in Praslin Island.

Visit Aldabra - The World's Second Largest Raised Coral Atoll

The atoll's islands sustain a huge range of extraordinary greenery as the world's biggest populace of 150,000 goliath turtles and its tidal pond flaunts the most dynamic marine existence of the whole archipelago and trust me it's one of the best things in Seychelles.

First given its name by Bedouin sailors, the atoll's brutal, sun-prepared climate and the quick streaming waters of its tidal pond kept everything except the boldest adventurers under control. There has been a little lasting settlement on the island since 1874, mostly contractors from Mahé drew in at various occasions in fishing, mining guano and creating coprah available to be purchased on the territory.

Location: It is located in Aldabra group of islands

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Cycle Around La Digue

Cycling is the most ideal approach to investigate La Digue – on the off chance that you see someplace you need to stop, drop your bicycle against a tree and investigate. Try not to stress over bicycle robbery, it doesn't occur. Cycling to the well-known Anse Source D'Argent and the surrounding is so easy that most amateur riders including kids can arrive by bicycle.

The hardest trip is the slope over toward the south shore of the island. There you'll discover Anse Cocos, Unimposing Anse and Great Anse. The award for the hard ascension is that you'll have not very many individuals to impart the seashore too, it is considerd as one of the best things to do in Seychelles and you must include in your Seychelles trip. 

Location-: It is located in Seychelles

Golfing at Seychelles Golf Club

The Seychelles Golf Club founded in 1972. It takes about only 10 minutes to reach, from the Seychelles International Airport. This Club is about 4992 yards and has 9 holes. It is the only Golf course in Mahe.

It is surrounded by coconut palms and takamaka trees around a mangrove marsh. This golf course doesn't need to be pre-booked (except for Thursdays and Saturdays).

Location: It is located in Seychelles

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Take A Helicopter Tour Of Seychelles

The fabulous magnificence of the islands of Seychelles can best be explored from the air by taking an exciting helicopter ride around the islands. This helicopter tour of Seychelles allows you to witness the shades of white and turquoise blue at the Mahe islands due to the sand and water.

You can en route it to the trekking route to explore the rich wildlife in the woods and mountains from an birds-eye view. The night view of Seychelles from a helicopter cannot be expressed in words it just needs to be witnessed.

Location: It and around Seychelles

Enjoy A Full Day Boat Tour

One cannot go back from Mahe Seychelles without a boat tour and one of the best activities to do in Seychelles. For those with restricted time, various boat organizations offer entire days with lunch where you can visit islands, for example, Cousin Island, Curieuse Island and St Pierre.

For those with free time, picking a couple of islands and spreading out a couple of days among them so you can truly investigate and get a vibe of seizing the moment. Don't forget to add these three to visit: Cousin Island is overflowing with assorted untamed life, Curieuse Island follows not far behind with superb mango backwoods and St Pierre is well known for its stunning swimming spots.

Location: At Mahe Islands

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Explore Victoria Bazaar

Seychelles' most celebrated market is, in its capital Victoria. It's known as the Sir Selwyn Clarke Market. The market's enthusiasm marks it as the genuine heart of the capital and shows an agreeable mix of the old and new Seychellois lifestyle. Seychellois love to share their energy for nearby Creole food and culture.

Booth and counters are likewise dissipated all through the market with sarongs, seasoned oils, and craftsmanship. The market is open Monday to Saturday from 4 am to 5 pm. you can find similar shopping zones like  Victoria Bazaar on each Friday at Market Street, Bazar Labrin on Beau Vallon seashore each Wednesday and on the last Saturday of the month.

Location: It is located in Mahe

Street Food Tour

Takeaways are a major piece of the way of life here in Seychelles. Seychellois eat them often for lunch and supper. With numerous individuals having a six-day working week, Creole takeaways are the best example to overcome hunger with taste in every bite.

Creole takeaways serve extremely customary food, for example, curries and barbecued fish. For the most part, these are fish yet you'll additionally discover chicken, pork and hamburger and even bat. There is likewise beginning to be an expansion in more Western sort takeaways with food like pizzas, fried chicken, and burgers being served. These are getting massively famous in Seychelles.

Location: At Seychelles

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Explore Rich Diversity Of Flora And Fauna at Morne National Park

While the astonishing coastline of Mahé is without a doubt the island's fundamental fascination, its bumpy inside is an emotional scene that is magnificent to investigate. The amazing Morne Seychellois National Park includes a noteworthy 20% of the land territory of Mahé and contains a wide assortment of environments, from beachfront mangrove timberlands up to the country's most elevated pinnacle, the Morne Seychellois (905m).

Stifled in thick woods, the mysterious focal piece of the recreation center is abandoned and must be reached by strolling trails; the trailheads are for the most part open by the street.

Location: At Seychelles

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Sunbathing At Anse Source D’Argent

Anse Source d'Argent is rumored to be the most captured seashore on the planet. With its delicate white sand, clear turquoise water, and enormous stone rocks formed by the components and time itself, it isn't hard to perceive any reason why photographic artists and movie producers love to come here.

The main attraction at the beach is the sun Bathe. The beach is shielded by the reef, and is quiet and shallow, with just sand underneath which makes it ok for youngsters and couples of all ages.

Location: It is located in South West of La Digue

Hike Around Anse Georgette Beach

Mahé Island holds some delightful nature hikes around Anse Georgette Beach, which takes you through untainted scenes of energetic untamed life and dazzling perspectives across the island.The simplest of the islands' path is the Copolia Trail, which is found in the Morne Seychellois National Park and takes you 500m above ocean level. Expect a 2-hour climb for certain precarious areas.

Morne Blanc Trail is another worth visiting trek. Since it's a little hard it requires around 45 minutes. one gets to see some stunning stone developments, a nice nature walk around the Anse Major Trail, which is moderately simple and takes around 90 minutes. The adventure seekers need to note it down in their bucket list as things to do in Seychelles.

Location: It is located at Praslin Islands.

Romantic Things To Do in Seychelles


Spend A Day At Petit Amour Villa

Image Credit : petitamourvilla.com
Seychelles has a stay to suit everyone's pocket. If you are on a romantic holiday or honeymoon then book a lavish stay like Petit Amour Villa, where you can enjoy a luxurious stay. Seychelles offers the most sumptuous lodgings on the planet. Request a room with a balcony to the beach or a choose a stay with a private pool.

What to do in Seychelles, especially when it comes to staying?

Our proposal: Split your time and attempt to encounter the two sorts of rooms. Pick one with a private pool on the island of Mahé and one that opens right to the seashore on the islands of Praslin

Location: It is located in Sorento ,Glacis

Go For Sunset Cruises at Cousin Island

This is among the most favorable things in Seychelles among couples when you're on honeymoon. Although this is not a monetary route for finding the different islands, it accumulates for an exceptional encounter where you have the extravagance and comfort of being in a personal ship and the alternative to sail to any of the available islands.

Presently various organizations in Seychelles offer personal ship insight yet each day leasing charges for an essential yacht can begin from anyplace between 1000 to 2000€ (for 2 to 8 individuals) and can go any higher depending on the size of the vessel, onboard offices and number of individuals it can oblige.

Location: It is located in west of Praslin

Beach Walk at Anse Intendance

Mahe’s famous Anse Intendance sprawls across half a mile of the island's southern coast — approximately 20 miles south of Victoria — luring beach bums with the promise of sparkling sands, swaying palms and beautiful views.

Though it's one of Seychelles' most popular beaches, Anse Intendance isn't the best place for a beach walk and offers multiple activities to do in Seychelles.

Location: It is located in South of Mahe

Get A Couples Massage At Fregate Island

Fregate Island's Rock Spa is the ideal spot to both unwind and rejuvenate the whole self, one of the best things to do in Seychelles. Drawing on age-old ability and the mending properties of nearby plants, the spa's specialists offer excellent medicines, back rubs, and yoga guidance in a genuinely quiet climate.

We have collaborated with a Seychellois organization "Sustained by Nature" and use natural products from the Fregate Island to provide you with a natural healing treatment. The items which are made in Seychelles offer a definitive relaxation, rejuvenation, detoxification.

Location: It is located in Seychelles

Candlelight Dinner By The Beach

Aah is there something else that is pretty much as pleasurable as a romantic candlelight dinner on the seashore? I think not! In case you're in the mindset to get your spouse something romantic on your honeymoon at that point demand the inn to set up a unique shelter for you at the seashore.

Most inns offer this assistance at a little additional charge. On the off chance that not, at that point simply request room support and appreciate it in the balcony room at the seashore. We guarantee you a view – that you will be not able to get yourself distracted from the scene.

Location: At Mahe

Sipping Champagne While Watching Dolphins On A Boat

Just imagine – you're having your favourite cocktail in a little boat that bounces all over on turquoise waters. Over the long haul, daylight progresses down. It's the ideal opportunity for dusk and as the sun is about to bend down, the sky is in shades of hue.

Abruptly somewhere close to two minuscule islands in no place, you spot 5 fun-loving dolphins bouncing all through the sea. As the day transforms to dark and your back to ashore, you keep thinking about whether it was a fantasy you just saw and to conclude this was fulfilling your desire list of things to do in Seychelles.

Location: At Mahe

Take A Walk Through The Garden Of Eden

As Seychelles was once accepted to be the first Garden of Eden, it has uncommon and extraordinary types of plants and blossoms that thrive in this tropical climate. These can best be knowledgeable about curated gardens, for example, the Seychelles Botanical Garden in Victoria or Le Jardin du Roi Spice Garden in Anse Royale.

Find out about the homegrown and therapeutic benefits of different plants and bushes in Seychelles' houses and appreciate a dinner arranged utilizing local spices and flavors and is a must activities to do in Seychelles if you are a gastronomist.

Timing: The Seychelles Botanical Garden is open every day from 7:30 to 5:00.

Location: It is located in Mahe

Biking Along The Coast

The most romantic experience one could indulge in during honeymoon to Seychelles is to lease bicycles and investigate a little island at your speed. It is not difficult to lease bicycles on little islands, for example, La Digue and Silhouette.

Go through your day trekking around at a relaxed speed according to you and your spouse. Find treasured seashores and mountains, caves, stop for a feast when you feel like it, or simply enjoy a reprieve and go swimming.

Location: In and around Seychelles

Adventure Things To Do in Seychelles


Snorkeling at Bird Island

Bird island highlights momentous snorkel spots and the most tremendous touring places. Particular types of birdlife and nautical life are the claims to fame of Bird Island. Enjoy swimming and detect the green turtles in the ocean universe of this island as it is a must for thrill-seekers and don't forget to post it on your social profile with hashtag things to do in Seychelles. Snatch this chance to encounter the excellence of submerged marine life and stunning amphibian animals.

Walk a couple of yards from the shore to witness snorkeling. Straight off Hirondelle Beach, a 30 meters delicate swim and you will wonder about the brilliantly shaded coral heads and the many reef fish. It's difficult to keep check of the quantity of intriguing and unordinary fish you will discover. This submerged movement makes for an incredible involvement with Bird Island; secured by the reef, swimming is simple and safe.

Location: It is located 30 kms away from Mahe.

Rock Climbing At Constance Ephélia

While Seychelles may invoke pictures of days spent on a great pivot of sunbathing and swimming, Constance Ephelia has plenty of alternatives for things to do in Seychelles for those who are on a mission to explore. There is a completely outfitted exercise center with an outside pool. Here is likewise rock climbing and zip wire accessible — skim through the mangrove woodland or hook to the highest point of a rock face.

On the off chance that greenish-blue sea is calling your name, the boat shelter has paddle boards and kayaks, or you can take off on a jumping outing to the close by Port Launay Marine Park. The Trois Bank is appropriate for more experienced vast water jumpers as you'll plummet up to 75 ft to see reef sharks, octopuses, barracuda and moray eels.

Fledglings courses are accessible, as well, and evening time plunges. There's likewise a children's club for kids four to 11 years old with the best activities in Seychelles.

Location: It is located in Port Launay road Mahe

Go For Copolia Trail in Mahe Island

The last climb in the north of Mahé that we suggest is Copolia, which requires around two hours altogether. The way is set apart with blue and yellow markings, and runs generally in the shade of the tremendous stone peak, which offers a splendid 360-degree perspective on Victoria, the east bank of Mahé, the air terminal, and close by islands.

This visit permits you to see a significant part of the rich Seychelles greenery very close, some of which are just found at these elevations. Flavors, for example, cinnamon and vanilla can be found en route, while at the highest point, you can see various flesh-eating pitcher plants that are local to the island and eat different creepy crawly species.

Location: It is located in Mahe

Ziplining at Constance Ephelia Resort

 What to do in Seychelles if you and your partner are adventure seekers?

Adventure seeker couples will need to put this as the first spot on their list of must to do things  in Seychelles. After you've seen the miracles underneath the ocean, it's an ideal opportunity to get your adrenaline siphoning with a touch of experience in the wilderness like Tarzan.

You two can go zip lining through the wilderness, and rock jump on the stone outcropping of the mountains. If you cherished the film, you will need to witness this adventure.

Location- It is located in Seychelles

Hiking at Anse Marron

Are you and your partner nature lovers then book yourself a beautiful hike at Anse Marron and witness Seychelles' sublime nature for yourself. There are a lot of hikes on every island except there are two that we would suggest. The difficult Copolia Trail on Mahé Island closes with a bluff-top that offers a staggering perspective on Seychelles' turquoise blue waters and the encompassing islands.

Vallee de Mai home to the uncommon Coco De Mer offers a 3-hour hike through an estate. We are pretty sure that the finish of the hike scenes will leave you in awe and definitely would be a suggestion to your fellow travelers that this is a must thing to do when in Seychelles.

Location: It is located in the Southern Tip of La Digue


Cast your fishing lines off the shores of the internal granitic islands encompassing Praslin, La Digue, and Mahe and you may simply get a rainbow sprinter or a silver bonefish on your excursion. A lot of good times for fishers and fledglings the same, the beaches around the islands are overflowing with fish and make for an extraordinary campaign.

You can attempt fishing in shallow waters or give remote ocean fishing a shot at one of the numerous new fishing boats accessible.

Location: In and around Seychelles

Windsurfing at Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach is Grenada's most mainstream seashore and one of the best things to do in Seychelles, with its tremendous compass of white sand and clear blue water. It is home to a decent decision of watersports administrators and some pleasant, changed conditions. Beginners will locate some great breeze and level water close to the seashore throughout the entire year.

It is regularly disregarded by explorers searching for a touch of sun, ocean and sand, for greater names, for example, Barbados. However, that is OK: Grenada is pretty, enchanting and an incredible spot to windsurf. Go on a Grenada windsurfing outing and you will appreciate one of the Caribbean's most pristine nations, and appreciate some awesome windsurfing.

Location: It is located in Southwestern coast of Grenada

Kayaking at Port Launay

The vast majority of the Seychelles island's unique mangrove timberlands have been cleared for improvement, which makes kayaking through the excess mangroves additional exceptional. Port Launay has one of the last and best excess mangrove backwoods on the principal island, Mahé.

You can likewise kayak through the seaside woods in the Constance Ephelia Resort at Port Launay, as you investigate nature in this serene and elective manner.

Location: It is located in North West of Mahe

Climb to Morne Blanc Trail in Victoria

Morne Blanc is a 2.1 kilometer trek situated close to Victoria, Anse Etoile, Seychelles that includes an extraordinary timberland setting and is appraised for the same . The path is utilized for climbing nature and is open all year.

Incredible minimal out and back slope move with perspectives to crave for, even when it's somewhat shady. Stopping by the Tea Factory if necessary. Ideal little climb before dropping into the Resort for lunch or at that point a dip on the reef.

Location: It is located in Mahe

Hike to Eagle’s Nest Mountain

This way makes certain to test your perseverance and coarseness, and the prizes are shocking in reality! Each adventurer's fantasy, the Nid d'Aigle journey includes climbing right to the Eagle's Nest, the most noteworthy top in La Digue, coming to more than 1090 feet above ocean level.

There are two intentions to approach the climbing trail in Seychelles - you could either travel from La Passe town till the highest point (which is longer and more demanding), or you could take a taxi to Belle Vue café (the midway imprint) and journey from that point.

We suggest the last mentioned, as it is simpler and you can save your energy to ascend the mountain. It takes you through fragrant pine timberlands, stone rocks and distinct red soil, and includes climbing past an edge to arrive at the culmination. You are guaranteed amazing perspectives on Praslin, Marianne and Félicité from the highest point.

Location: It is located in La Digue

Things To Do in Seychelles at Night


Try Your Luck At The Casinos in Mahe

This African nation is world acclaimed for its seashores and slopes. You can discover here numerous tropical timberlands that are essentially out of the world. A Seychelles excursion has a great list of things to do at Seychelles to turn the table around. Alongside the grand magnificence of the seashores, there are discos, clubs, bars, and strip clubs. To locate this one necessity to visit Mahe and Praslin. One can book extravagant lodgings and appreciate this get-away jumbo!

The majority of these clubs are acclaimed worldwide yet we picked a rundown of not many which offer a ton of games at their premises. The incredible thing about these clubs is they additionally give the chance of playing live poker with world celebrated poker players.

Location: At Mahe

Enjoy A Movie At Deepam Cinema

What to do in Seychelles if Netflix runs in your veins?

The Deepam Cinema is the lone Seychelles film. It is situated in Victoria on the island of Mahe and it screens late American motion pictures, in addition to Indian, French, and Chinese titles. The structure is a stone development and has a bow-fronted inlet which is upheld by a progression of sections, between which is the passageway at ground level and windows on the upper level.

It could initially have been a theater that contained seating in boxes and gallery, however sources today give a seating territory as being 'higher up'. The theater is furnished with a DTS and Dolby Digital Sound framework.

Location: It is located in Victoria

Bar And Pub Hopping

Seychelles is a center point for spending fun evenings. With a few bars, discos, and gambling clubs, it is a focal point of entertainment for its guests. As the sun says farewell, life in Seychelles takes an entirely different cost. The clubs invite you with everything that is in them guaranteeing you an exceptional evening.

Behind the showers of magnificence lies a fulfilled nightlife of the island country. Individuals living in or visiting here wanna adorn the night beauty then don’t forget to add this to your things to do at Seychelles.

Location: It is located in Seychelles 

Clubbing at Katiolo

This is an open-air nightclub with an oversized dance floor. It is located in Anse Faure between the International airport and Anse Royal. It’s open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. It’s free for ladies on Wednesdays, so ladies add this to your Wednesday night as a must thing to do at Seychelles.

The club maintains a strict dress code and there is no exception to the rule. The music is diverse and covers a wide range of genres – 70s, 80s up to recent hits, R’n’B, local tracks, and Rock's Roll. It is also the only nightclub serving hot snacks.

Location: It is located in Victoria

Sip & Dine at The Beach Bars

Seychelles is notable for its nightlife, there are some extraordinary spots to relax, snatch a drink and unwind. Most of the bars here are connected to lodgings; however, you don't ordinarily need to be a visitor to appreciate them.

Numerous inns are glad to permit outside visitors, although it's best to call ahead to check, especially during weekends. Visiting these bars you'll end up seeing fabulous dusk views, appreciating the white sand between your toes, and blending in with local people. All with a remarkable drink to close by.

Location: It is located in Seychelles

Shop at Beau Vallon Night Market

A sky loaded with stars and hands loaded with shopping packs! Goodness, what a superb combo! You can have this for yourself at Beau Vallon night market. A market set at perhaps the most engaging seashores in Mahe, this night market will make you go insane.

There are around 20-30 slows down to the shop and eat from. You are furnished with everything from the farm produce, street flavors, fish, workmanship, and cultural things, to handworks.

Location: It is located in Coral Stand Road

Other Things To Do in Seychelles


Find A Secret Waterfall - Praslin

Because of its nonattendance on google maps, the Vallee de Mai Praslin is known as the concealed pearl. This confined cascade will make it worth avoiding the seashores in Seychelles.

The tricky rocks, huge coverings with sunbeams discovering its approach to make delightful rainbows and the consistently satisfying sound of the cascade will constrain you to invest some energy here and take a stab at photography.

Location: It is located in Praslin

Go to La Digue’s Coconut Plantation

Before you leave for your Seychelles vacation, commit yourself to things to do at Seychelles and don't forget to add La Digue island, where you'll discover L'Union Estate ranch, an 'amusement park' for Seychellois' set of experiences. Coconut farms are the center of attraction and guests will see a bull-fueled oil extraction machine, the memorable Old Plantation House, vanilla estates, a pioneer time burial ground, a boatyard and a turtle pen.

Lease a bike and investigate the homestead and afterward head to the celebrated Anse Source d'Argent seashore, which is similarly pretty much as shocking as individuals say. Request a piña colada and discover a spot on one of the three seashores, where debris dark stones line and speck the greenish blue-hued waters making for a stunning view.

Location: It is located in La Digues 

Visit Local Villages

What to do in Seychelles if you are a countryside lover?

Victoria may not fulfill your quest of typical fantasies of a tropical paradise, but the town does well as the vibrant, bustling hub of Seychelles, especially when you scratch beneath its surface. With about a third of the population residing in this town, this would be the place to observe local Seychellois life.

See the clock tower, a silver-painted copy of that on London’s Vauxhall Bridge Road, which came to Mahé in 1903. Wander around rows of attractive and colorful Creole-style buildings, through markets and manicured gardens. For a little history, visit the excellent National Museum of History. Look out for the town’s impressive backdrop of towering granite mountains as you stroll around.

Location: In and around Seychelles

Explore The Ruins Of The Leprosarium

Plan a visit to Curieuse Island on your Seychelles travel and investigate the vestiges of the Leprosarium. Curieuse Island is a little stone island, found exceptionally near the North Shore of Praslin Island.

The spot is known for its uncovered red earth and displays an extraordinary nature so historians and archaeologists need to highlight this as your thing to do in Seychelles.

Location: It is located in Seychelles

Indulging In Authentic Creole Cuisine

The abundance of Creole takeaway stands on any of the Seychellois islands never fails to disappoint and is one of the best ways to try the local cuisine. The most famous and common dishes are a box stuffed with rice, seafood, and green papaya.

Due to the islands’ colonial history, a large part of the country’s population is of Indian descent, meaning the local cuisine is a delightful mixture of diverse cultures, lookout for the octopus chapati which is worth searching for. The rule of thumb here is to stick to seafood rather than meat, as it’s almost always guaranteed to be fresh.

Location: At Seychelles 

Plan A Visit To A Famous Hindu Temple, Tempio Hindu

Tempio Hindu is perhaps the most popular and primary attraction in Victoria, the capital city of Seychelles. This temple additionally passes by the name of Arulmigu Navasakti Vinayagar Temple and it was made 240 years after the primary Indians arrived at Seychelles. Tempio Hindu adds tone to the assorted social society of Seychelles as it is unmistakably situated on the bustling central avenue of the town which has the background of three glorious mountains behind the town.

This little and excellent temple in Seychelles exhibits a fastidiously cut gopuram with complex models outwardly and the insides of the temple are as luxurious as the outside which together are the star highlights of this stunning temple. You can say that this eye-getting monument stands apart among its adjoining structures.

Location: It is located in Victoria

Explore the Famous Mission Lodge Lookout

Ocean and mountains from the view from Mission lodge Post, a celebrated vantage point offering a scene of lavish rainforests and coastline.

Carry your lunch to a concealed and quiet bind of a gazebo, a separated post toward the finish of a lovely picturesque climb. Watch the winged creatures and sit amid natural trees.

Location: It is located in Victoria

Stroll On Moyenne Island

Arranged in the Sainte Anne Marine National Park near the North Coast of Mahe Island. Moyenne Island is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Moyenne, an exclusive island, was bought by Brendon Grimshaw in 1970. known as Moyenne Island National Park, this wild park has a blanket of lavish green vegetation including 66% of all endemic plants to the Seychelles.

You can also spot a few endemic birds alongside 500 endemic turtles that occupy this island. Enormous rock stones and white sandy seashores add to the superbness of this island, protected by coral reefs. There are a lot of different attractions like privateer graves; a fortune burrow, antiquated remains, an exhibition hall, and a turtle tidal pond on this island.

Location: It is located close to the North Coast of Mahe

Try the Local Takamaka Rum

Takamaka is a rum that is made to be shared past the limits of probability. The untainted and delightful archipelago that is Seychelles keeps on rousing the particular rums. The island is the spark for creative techniques and to find new mixes, ingredients and flavors.

Rum is produced using sugar sticks from an agreeable of three dozen nearby ranchers. When reaped we squash, mature, distill and age our stick rum, all at La Plaine St. Andre. So the drink lovers don’t forget to pamper yourself with the fusional and extraordinary rum in case you forget  it's advisable to pen it down as first and foremost things to do at Seychelles.

Location: It is located in Pointe Au Sel Seychelles

People Also Ask About Seychelles

  1. What are the best romantic things to do in Seychelles?

    Some of the fun things to do in Seychelles on a honeymoon are:

    1. Sunbathing: rest over the white sand with rays above you and your spouse

    2. Scuba Diving: Dive into the beaches to explore the aquatic flora and fauna

    3. Candlelight Dinner: Book a table with a scenic view and a nice wine.
  2. What are the best watersports to Do in Seychelles?

    Some of the best watersports at Seychelles are:

    1. Swimming: Live the life o a fish

    2. Snorkeling: For some adventure

    3. Sailing: Check your balancing strategy and float over the waves and tides.
  3. What should you not miss in Seychelles?

    There is a long list of things to of what to do in Seychelles but don’t try to miss these

    1. Explore serene La Digue
    2. Unveil the secret waterfalls at Praslin
    3. Visit nearby islands
    4. Try delicious Street Food
    5. Search for the world’s heaviest seed
    6. A glance at the colorful birds that once saved an island
  4. How many days do I need in Seychelles?

    At a minimum, you need a week as there are a hundred plus beaches along with different attractions like a trek, glass boat tour, water sports, etc.
  5. How much does it cost to visit Seychelles?

    The expense of vacation at Seychelles relies upon various factors, for example, the selection of stay, adventure, food, travel, and so forth By and large, it can cost you around 50-75k per individual + flight charges.
  6. What is Seychelles famous for?

    Seychelles, with 115 beaches is famous for its dark blue waters and white sand seashores, and colorful ocean life which makes it famous for honeymoon and what do in Seychelles is again a tough choice with so much flora and fauna.
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Places To Visit In Seychelles
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Tanushri Shah Seychelles Package From India
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